HOW TO TRAVEL HONG KONG - Cheap Travel Possible?

HOW TO TRAVEL HONG KONG - Cheap Travel Possible?

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So how, do you affordably travel, one of the world's most expensive, cities well it goes a little bit something like this. What's. Up guys and welcome to your weekly loss Leblanc fix it is time today to dive into the city of Hong Kong an incredible, destination, now this is actually my second, visit and I spent about 10 days on this trip to make sure that I found the best restaurants. The best view points the best places for you to go and explore and I wanted to give you some tips and tricks to saving some money on this upcoming trip so without further ado let's start right, where you're gonna start your trip which is in the Hong Kong Airport, it's, actually cheapest, to set your phone up in the airport very rare to see that but that was the case for me I paid around 65, Hong Kong dollars for the sim card and the data plan who has definitely worth well especially, because of how heavily I relied, on Google Maps throughout this trip we have been at the airport now for about two hours looking, around the web sites from Agoda of booking comm Airbnb. And we, have finally found the solutions so I'll show you what it is we're heading there now. We. Need. Now typically, there's two main areas people like to stay in Hong Kong, there's Kowloon, and there's, Hong Kong Island Kowloon, is very much the conventional. Asian, feeling hub almost like the Time Square of Asia and it tends to be a little bit cheaper now going on to the island the downtown, hub this is actually the formerly British side of Hong Kong this side feels a slight bit more modern and it's got the iconic, Victoria, Peak hour, and 15 minutes later the dark outside, with. All the lights - feels like it's daytime play go Times Square of Hong Kong now food it's, gonna be one of the biggest parts of your trip to Hong Kong Melissa and Alejandro, did their research they were proactively, searching, for the best restaurants, in the city and even though we can try all of them we have so many incredible restaurants. To share with you our first meal in Hong Kong started, off at the internationally. Renowned Din, Tai Fung. It's, time our first Hong Kong meal and if you don't already know dim sum is like one of the top Chinese foods you need to try so tonight. We're. Getting the finest of it and then we'll show you the hostel, we booked so, truth be told this is not exactly the cheapest place to go but, that's kind of why we chose to stay in a cheaper place we wanted to have our money like, allocated, to doing the best experiences.

And Really seeing Hong Kong cheers to that. So, good I was, okay it, is time for our room tour and, the. Room tour is now over because this is everything, except for a toilet right over there now this cost me 125. U.s. dollars for two nights and if, you don't know this already Hong Kong is the second, most expensive place, in the world based, on real estate prices and the amount you'll pay for hotels, and rents reflect, that Cathy's gonna stay here do bit of work but I'm gonna be going to meet with Ally and Melissa, to show you guys one of the best desserts in Hong Kong or, so I've been told. Thank. You. We're almost there the city so, many smells sights things. Going on it is, I don't. Know if I could ever live here but strictly as a visitor, it's, so cool to experience. Humming. Ah wah wah wah this. Is kaki, Gordy a dessert that changed my life and became part of our nightly routine in Hong Kong shaved. Ice thank you very much and, this is the Oreo flavoured one I've now at strawberry, matchup, but Oreo is my favorite and it's awesome, it's a tea Hong Kong dollar which is quite a bit but it's very much worth it and you could probably split it, we. Only mess with the best and so we were constantly going, to Shari Shari there's, a few of them located throw at Hong Kong but, the incredible thing is they actually import, their ice from, Japan you will love it or your money back, terms. And conditions may, apply so, we just got our Metro heading back it's $14. Instead, of 177. Which is what it would have costed if we took the uber so overall, you save a lot of money with Metro just go back see, you guys in the morning. Good. Morning guys and welcome, to another day so it's actually not even close to morning it's actually 4:00 p.m. right now we, had a really late start because we had a really late night we went out to the line fight fallen which is like one of the craziest places I've ever gone out. We're. Taking you to this really beautiful. Beautiful housing, project, area where they have subsidized, housing for people here in Hong Kong it, costs us $150. To get here which is pricy as, uber, started, at 115. But then actually I checked again and it surged up to 180. But we have just arrived so let's go explore boy, huh. Chou-heung. And, so. This, is what draws in people like myself photographers. Videographers it's, a beautiful, pastel, rainbow that they have going on and this, is actually home to like between, 18,000. And Katzie red 43,000. People but, what is for sure is that there's a lot of people living, in a very small quarter, kind. Of worked out it's about to start pouring we thought it cleared the entire basketball, court and only. The dedicated. Remaining. Basketball. That. Used to be captain of the team so she claims. She. Said she used to be the tallest in her class. Oh. Cathy, made a new friend hello. Carol. Arrow, so, one of the things I love about Cathy she's got like such a big heart I was shooting around getting shots with the drone and Cathy looks over and sees a little boy getting beaten up by some other little kids and like, she immediately stepped, in like when to like comfort the kid be there she's just been hanging out with him for the past hour, clearly opened up now and now they're just playing basketball.

Let's. Go team what does she our, journey home joy is over so now we have to head to that black to the black market to the night, we. Have to head now to the night market so we're gonna do it in a formal way and we have to take the stuff. Hello. How. Do you say hello let. Me say hello. I. Was, explaining to her what we do and she's like she beautiful, you smart. We. Finally arrived to Temple Street and that's the beginning of the night market Seoul entrance. And the market is over there. Is. That real Louis Vuitton oh wow. So. That right there is a $10, Louis Vuitton and she's even said it's real so. The. Savings are unreal we need to clean child Kristin it's a brain oh my god. 6e, guava, mamacita. We didn't just make fun of everything we actually bought something. It's. Not a popular, opinion but they do say, that China, is the leader of all fashion trends, very, fashion-forward, it is the newest collection, the surf collection, buy my reggae it's a constant, reminder to always smell. From. The moment we got there the people were incredible. And even though from time to time there is a language barrier you definitely can get by because they're more than willing to help they. Were so nice and, we have literally, just, now reached the end of Temple Street alright guys we were at my favorite, restaurant ever where a tiki, noodle cart and the reason we came here is because there's one item on the menu that I just absolutely love. They have my all-time favorite. Meal oh my gosh it's got beef belly it's got pork intestines, pig blood and fish, balls all in wine mmm. Deep-fried, three, kinds, balls. This. Was only $20 for everything, that you saw here pretty awesome deal I even got myself two, of these soy milk teas because they're freaking awesome all. Right um I'll let you do your thing. I'll. Have to make a hole in my path don't get too comfortable good, now, let's go home. Hey. Guys it's a little reminder don't, forget to hit the like button, okay see you in a bit. 45. Minutes outside of downtown and, we are going to an area known as psyche cone, this is Bosco, he is from Hong Kong and he's showing us around today, Bosco drove us about 45 minutes outside of, Kowloon, downtown, Hong Kong area but, the interesting thing is that in order to get passed right. Here this checkpoint you actually need to be either a local, or have a permit, to drive people in so that's why we actually have to take a taxi beyond. This point. Guys. If you come here you gotta find and use the best he's made my day already he was the happiest, men I know, he's so cool this is actually something I should mention is that in Hong Kong it's not customary to tip people I tried, to give him a twenty he, basically.

In A very polite way said oh that's okay like it's not necessary. Even though tipping is not customary every now and then when you meet someone special and, they really make your day I see no problem with leaving one. So. This is why we walked all the way down to the beach because, this is a side of Hong Kong you probably, didn't know existed this, incredible. White sand beach on some, days can have beautiful blue house water out there when the Sun is perfect, and today, it's pretty, good actually considering, this morning was so great but, there's something I need to show you and this is because of the recent typhoon that came through this whole walkway, has been devastated. When you look past the destruction, you see the incredible, natural beauty here, Bosco so what is this on on the left here well it was a helicopter pad that is caused by the typhoon go, Kathy, you got this thanks you better to jump thanks. Lena all right so this is why we drove about an hour and a half to two hours outside of Hong Kong walked, about an hour down a hill up a little bit of a treacherous passage. And this is what you get one, of the four rock pools here and the incredible, thing is there's, only five of us here right now because we had grey clouds this morning and, it's a weekday we, got this place basically to ourselves. Somehow. A meters. Okay. What's. A family we are on our way back after a really. Really tough hike back up the hill now you may have noticed this isn't the same car we came in. Hmm. Dropped. My keys. See. You later dude see you later so. We. Got a warning that we might not fit in our room three, bags he's trying to upgrade us I don't, know if it's true none. Oh. My. God, this. Is nice you can like look at me. Yeah. When I go to the bathroom you can just be like chat with me it's, not that bad that well it's, nice big, Megan I don't care whose leader is nicer than anything, we have had it's. Just so quiet so, funny, this place is 75 a night but, it's modern it's clean and as, long as you know the person you're sharing, a room with it should be okay.

And. Guess what there's. Nothing, to talk privacy. So this is my view. All. Aboard, taking. The midnight bus going anywhere so, we just paid the equivalent of like a dollar fifty to get to our destination the. Transportation, system is really good there's so many buses they run so frequently you, can literally see it all over the street these double-decker buses so, I have to say that taking a bus or the metro are both great options. So. On the flight over to Hong Kong we met this random guy from Toronto we asked him what restaurants, we should check out here in Hong Kong he told us to check out crystal Jade and right, now I just had, these handmade. Egg, noodles, with, a spicy. Sauce and peanut, sauce and it is amazing. But. When I do I complain, about how early it is the entire way through we've. Just arrived here at the top of the mountain above the Hong Kong island, known as Victoria's, peak and we're, gonna be showing you guys what. We hope to be a beautiful sunrise otherwise. This will not have been worth it what's up party people I'm, the party person. Alright. Guys after an incredible, sunrise this morning we're now taking one of the coolest ways you can get around Hong Kong it is the tram car that runs all the way down from Victoria, Peak back, into the downtown side, all, aboard. Good, slope right now it's like this you, can't tell them this. Is way better than taxi. That's. Basically, what it's actually like right now. That. Was super cool definitely, take the tram at least one direction, alright guys so we have saved arguably, one of the best things of Hong Kong for last, after, doing sunrise, at Victoria Peak we had a long AF nap we woke up around midday around, 1:15, p.m. and, now we just got into a taxi to, go to. Lantau, island we're. Going to tung chung station, from there we're gonna be taking one of the world's longest gondolas. Up a mountain to what is arguably Hong, Kong's most recognizable. Sights we got 25, minutes to get to the top and, we're gonna have some incredible, views. So. This is the pathway that if you hadn't kick in the gondola you would follow all the way. We're. All in agreement that that was one of the highlights of Hong Kong so far the gondola, is spectacular. Bit of an update guys we've been looking for Alejandro for like an hour now I'm, really not sure where he went because like, I looked back and then he was gone and then.

There. He is okay. You can't keep running away like that man. Alejandro, has never looked so. Good yeah, a little, bit horny. Wow. You. Better move out, of the way. As. I previously mentioned one, of the best things about Hong Kong is the food, and with that being said we, didn't get to try every, one of the best restaurants, but we did try a lot, of them and I wanted to share some, of my top choices with, you first honorable, mention is definitely, going to the, cupping room if you're looking for an awesome breakfast, or brunch it's right, in central Hong Kong and it is delicious. Alejandro. Is a coffee connoisseur. He loves drip coffee and for him to give a big thumbs up to the coffee says a lot the coffee the food it is a double, thumbs up another, incredible, breakfast spot on the Kowloon side is Studio caffeine, and this is another trendy, restaurant, Cathy and I both got incredible, breakfast sandwiches the cappuccinos, were fantastic. And that's, all I'm gonna say another, great breakfast spot that I ate at twice is called urban coffee roasters, it was right across from my hostel conveniently. Located and, so it was a awesome fine the last breakfast spot I want to share with you is perfect if you're craving like an American style diner experience. It's called brunch club and supper, kind of a weird name but the food is fantastic. Cathy actually claims it's one of the best omelets she's had now if you're having a night out in lan kwai fong a place that you should definitely start your night at is no jokes called, holy. Fook, now, I don't know if they're trolling us but either way the food is it's. Like this kind, of funky, Chinese. Style restaurant, and it's done up in a rather modern, and hip way I really, enjoyed my meal there, and the drinks were also great when, you're ready to take it up a notch then just walk a block away and go, to quinary, for a couple cocktails before, your night out I have to say some of the best cocktails I've had are right here and it's actually internationally. Renowned as one of the best cocktail, bars or so, I was told on the theme of incredible, cocktail, bars one of the most beautiful, bars I have ever seen in my life is this one right here it's called goes and if, you want to have a drink some appease this would be an awesome spot to do it it's like this grand Victorian, theme with, a side of like steampunk, and edge you, just gotta check it out it's so beautiful, Carl as Mia we've come to Yamcha.

Few Of them in the area there, like a big franchise, and they have some really really, funny dim sum it's. Awesome. So. The food was really good but the bill was extremely. Shocking he spent about $40. US per person, on what was a relatively, big meal but I didn't get a drink we didn't get dessert it was just a really really expensive. The last one I want to share with you is a little bow and if you've never had a bow before it is a chinese-style bun, with pork, inside sometimes, chicken with that being said it wasn't my favorite meal just because I'm not that big on boughs but if you're looking to experience something new hip, and trendy check, out a little bow what do you call a wrapper that just had an incredible bow, bow. Wow. Just. A strong independent canine and walking himself across the street you don't need no man now the original, reason that we went to Hong Kong was actually because, of this. That, right there is Carter, Street con it is basically, a conglomeration. A community. Of smooth. Handed, magic. Loving, card. Movers, I think that's the best way I can put it personally, I love immersing, myself in, new situations, new communities, new cultures, and this right here is a very interesting, subculture. I'm the Cardus of the year I won the award. Why. Hey. Hey. Yo what's up man oh sorry. Guys my hat was on its side and that, just about wraps it up guys I hope you enjoyed today's video, if you're new to team you lost don't forget to subscribe you, know Hugh, next Saturday, love you guys so much hit the bell button hit the like button hit all the buttons and don't. Forget to come back next Saturday so I can tell you to press some more buttons and let's. Feel off again in the next one okay. Hey. Yo Felipa where. My money where. My mum, sorry. Okay clay back camera. Still rolling.

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I saw 10 tips about Bali. You said the Gili's are not belong to Bali, but they do. You said about Nusa Ceningan it's belongs to Bali and it doesn't also Penida and Ceningan. For a guy who travels all the time it's a Big fault to don't this!

Wow hk❣

Please promote genuine universal suffrage for Hong Kong

I live in hk

Your drone game is on point, man.

Cinematics are amazing but would have to disagree with all the food recommendations mentioned except Din Tai Fung which is technically Taiwanese food. When in Hong Kong you need to try local authentic food, street food and actual Chinese food, none of that fusion stuff.

Great video. Very Professional. Your the best at video’s. Very Entertaining. ❤️

The best couple in the youtube game

New sub brah.. love ur style and editing is so lit!! Love from Malaysia!

Ésta clase de Luisito comunica me agrada

Damn nice video man, u shld try to do this in singapore which is the most expensive city to live in


Nice video, next time u should come to not too popular places in HK

Informative vlog thank you

Wow your video of Hong Kong is amazing and very entertaining.

How much on average would you spend for a trip like this?

Actually service in asia is considered a highly regarded thing and is inclusive. Leaving tips may even come across as an insult, as it implies that he or she is doing her best just to get extra money, which in their eyes is not the case, they are not some sort of circus act or beggars, they genuinely want to provide the best service there is, even without reward. So when you tip in asia and when they refuse it, then be respectful and leave it at that, as it could avoid some very awkward situations. In other words, respect other peoples culture, don't force yours on theirs.

I'm pretty sure a lot of taxi drivers would defitnely take the tips lol viewer from HK here

Why did you take taxi so much? You can go to Lantau by MTR (subway/metro/tube) too.

when u go to theyr country and the are really nice but then they come to usa and they are mean

Omg! That voice for the like button is gold

Makes me want to go back to HK so bad! Thanks for sharing!

Great vlog.your so much happier with your new girlfriend.seeing the real you at last.she must be amazing.wr have booked to go to Hong Kong for Xmas with our daughter.take care

Ho Lee Fook this was a fun video!

As much as I miss your more frequent travel videos, I have to admit that this makes up for the "frustration" of not seeing your epic videos more often. I can imagine how challenging this was to put together but you definitely "nailed" it. When I saw those drone shots I knew it was worth the wait. Your narration of HONG KONG and the travel you did while there was very well balanced. I don't know where you got the silly character at the end but who cares. It's nice to add a little comedy/humor to a video and you have been doing that for quite some time. I'm not saying it's been all that funny but that in itself is what makes me laugh at your corny jokes. I probably will never make it to most of the places you travel to. I am doing all I can just to get back to the Philippines next year but I have learned a lot from you over the last couple of years. I now have a used drone that I hope to be testing out very soon; and I have all your videos to learn from for ideas. I guess that's enough for now. Thanks Christian. Looking forward to your next one.

i live in hong kong and the train price actually changes not just $1.7

There's actually two types of shaved "ice" desserts. There's shaved ice which actually feels like shaved ice, and then there is shaved snow which is supper light, soft, and almost like a cotton candy like consistency (my fav).

I’ve been to Hongkong two months ago and I absolutely loved it. Just found your channel today, your content , your videos and your editing is just damn... on another level

where did you stay at?thanks

NICE TIPSsss..btw what song r u using (in the background)?

Seria genial si el video tuviese subtítulos en español :D

Awesome videos! Beautiful couple! Que alegria ver a una pareja tan linda viajando por el mundo y orgullo que es una latina

Hey man, amazing channel i just found. Awesome quality and videography is on point, i can see this channel blowing up.

Did you guys not pass by Macau? It's beautiful!

We've been living and Vlogging in Hong Kong for the last few months, and you've definitely done it justice. Great video as always Christian!!!

Oh!! Hong Kong! Welcome to Hong Kong

I live in HK

That intro got us absolulely hooked! Definitely agree on the Kakigori from Shari Shari - That shaved ice is perfect for the heat and humidity of Hong Kong. Thanks for sharing and newly subbed! :D

New subscriber. Your video was amazing. Hope to visit Hong Kong one day

Omg! I mean the view would not that be amazing if without the best cameraman and the editor of the vid. The video is sooooo lit!

16:38 wtf is this giant looks so retarded hahahahah

just wanted to say you killed this review of hk, thank you and keep it up

Do y'all know what cheap means? Great video though! One of the best!

Nice vid but missing file 11:56

We had a terrible experience at Temple Street Night Market. Glad they're really nice with you guys!

I already gave the LIKE at the beginning of the video but that moment @16:16 (Pity LIKE) just made me unlike and re-LIKE this video. That earned a genuine giggle from me. I'm still awed at the personality you shared. Thank you

Nice kung fu panda background music

So basically. Hong Kong is expensive no matter what

Din Tai Fung is a Chinese food restaurant chain from Taiwan

So I see that you guys are into food!! Welcome to Taiwan since our entire population is made up with foodie

Thanks! Welcome to teamgetlost

Appreciate Katy!

Thx for introducing Hong Kong

HAHAHA that small hotel room with the toilet n bath just in front of the bed is so funny! Not to mention its clear glass too

"A little bit hornier than usual" :DD

viewer from Hong Kong

Actually this isn’t actually the cheapest. You should’ve took the octopus card.

i hope that ur channel will grow up as fast as the quality of ur videos. Great content, nice editing. Good job guys

Very cool video with important information for anyone who wants to visit the place. Thank you and continue to share your content.

awesome video!

Believe it or not Puerto Rico its the most expensive city in the planet. Old San Juan and Condado. Yes, is more expensive than Hong Kong.

2:16 Din Tai Fung is actually Taiwanese but wow awesome editing!

you miss to write down the account of Melissa and Alejandro. :(

A very comprehensive guide!! Appreciate your effort !!! will definitely try the shaved ice! thank you !!

Love your video, great editing! And welcome to Hong Kong!

It’s big pity if you haven’t eaten egg tart,pineapple bun and egg waffle in Hong Kong.

Din tai fung is Taiwanese food

Excellent footage!

Hahahahah the taxi driver singing to Beyond the band lol

Its too fast :(

Ho Lee Food

Love the base in your music.

Din Tai Fong is actually a Taiwanese brand restaurant. May be you can consider to have a trip to Taiwan in the future.

Stan Loona

Whats with your obsession with Times Square..

16:12 imagine if the glass breaks and all of you were standing on the glass floor

Hi may I know which hotel or motel yoy guys checked in to? Thanks

I have a question,may I share your video on my Facebook?

best video ever

I miss Hong Kong

I miss Laura


I wish your gf was mine :P can i please have such a happy and goofy gf god!!

Good job Leblanc! Been to HK dozens of times including twice in the last month and you did it good service!

Choi Hung chinese actually means rainbow lol...all is fake in night market

Lost 'Missing file' LeBlanc :)

if u gonna have a trip of food for the next time travelling in HK, the N.T area(the biggest part of HK) will be your best choice, also the islands.

Why am I even watching this right now? I'm from Hong Kong and I have an exam tomorrow

Thank you for bringing up the good aspects of HK, you boost my waning out enthusiasm of working here

great editing

Din tai feng is from Taiwan btw

Thanks for coming to my home, hope you enjoyed it. But honestly you can get even cheaper if you want in terms of transportation, for example Sai Kung, you can take the buses into the restricted area and it only cost roughtly $1? from the place you parked the car and $3 from the nearest mtr station. We had the BEST transportation system in the world u can literally take mtr or buses to every part in hk and they only cost a little comparing to taxi. If you had little bit more time, i would suggest you visit some even more local area like Tsuen Wan or Yuen Long, there arent that many foreigners in these regions and there are so many great and cheap local food. Also, locals may get a bit rude sometimes, i apologize for that coz we are always in a rush, haha. But anyway thanks for coming to HK and we welcome everyone around the world to visit us.

hey man!! loving your vids, you are actually one of the only few people i subscribe to on here. im planning a trip to HK and was wondering if I go to choi hung and wanted to shoot hoops, do they have balls there or you have to take your own??? thanks

6:44 she meant Choi Hong. Funny for a local to hear Hong Choi instead :p

2:25 Broo those are called Momo's in Nepal and you can get them at around 1.5/2 USD and they are the most famous snacks here . And the test of Nepali Momo's is amazing

Not sure how you guys do your research. But eating at din tai fungi is like eating at chipotle in Canada.

I'm from malaysia and I think I wanna go to Hong Kong soon, thanks to your legendary editing!

I have 9hrs to kill in Hong Kong next month...happy I don't have to pay for accommodation.

Ha I definitely will need a lifetime's saving to travel to Hong kong

It is too expensive to take a taxi to lantau island, you can take the subway to tung chung station instead

Hi ,I come from Hong Kong


Dude you travel all the way to Hong Kong and the first two meals you show are franchises from Taiwan and Japan, Boring

Enjoying Hong Kong on a budget is definitely possible

Love the video! How do you meet all these people to do these activities with you while you're at each city/country?

Go to Tai O for the traditional sleepy fishing villages, not as crowded as Cheung Chau or Lamma Island and it has an amazing beach as well

lol, over $100 USD for taxi. they ripped you off by taking longer routes ;D

Hong Kong is not that expensive just compare a 5 night stay at a 4* downtown hotel in Vancouver, London or New York. I've been to Hong Kong many times and cost has never been an issue.

It's not expensive here it only cost 10000 hkd to rent a house a month

Its terrible to go to china and tip people. You think you can go in and change their culture.

Second? I’m pretty sure Hong Kong’s real estate is #1 most expensive in the world by far...

Is he canandian

Great video what was the name of the hostel?

This video was shot amazingly well. Thank you for all the hard work you two put into it. Makes me definitely want to visit Hong Kong. Didn't know Katy was such a good basketball player (hoop dreams). The food looked yummy x 2.

"ni hao" in Hong Kong + trying to tip with 20 HKD (US$ 2.5) lol...

I really don't know why anyone see HK as a beautiful place now. People are rude, rush, fxxking noisy and too many outsiders (mainly from mainland china). Not many places are worth to look at, dirty places, many people sneeze with wide mouth open and spit whatever and wherever they want. Really poor hygiene in most locals. I can assure you, all are my personal experiences not heresay.

Is it legal to fly a drone in hong kong?

first time ever i saw people traveled to hk and played Basketball and Table Tennis ??? wtf ?

this is what im looking for dude Awesome!!

Love your channel. Honestly refreshing and fun. Thanks for helping me out on all my travels ! Thanks to you I’m 8 countries down , lots to go!

poor White Color

WOW ! SUPER AWESOME vlog , this was so immersive and well , I am planning a trip to Hong Kong , and I am so glad I found your channel , everything is awesome about this video ! , There are so many vlogs about Hong Kong and I think yours is the best , it might be the longest video I have watched on YouTube without skipping any parts , although I only have 3 days in hk , I'll try to check out most of your recommendations in these three days , also your gf is SO CUTE and pretty , keep creating great content like this in the future ! Subbed

Firstly you have a really perfect accent about english so congrats i hope you will come to turkey :)

Hello I am from Hong Kong and I like your video so much! and TBH before 1997, Whole Hong Kong is belong to the British, not only the Hong Kong Island, and Hong Kong mainly separate to three different parts 1) Hong Kong Island 2) Kowloon 3) New Territories , support!

Hong Kong is using Cantonese instead of Mandarin too, so greeting is Nei Ho instead of China using Ni Hao

I’m in HK. I think I can get a tour to you

Hi I just started following --great video!

Thank you for an awesome video, Christian! It really showed all the different sides of Hong Kong! Just a little note, actually both Kowloon and Hong Kong Island (and the whole of Hong Kong) are formerly British. Also, when the shopkeeper was teaching you to say "hello", it's actually "lay ho", which is Cantonese, not "ni hao", which is Mandarin. But it's a really great video overall and I'm glad you liked your visit to Hong Kong!

You gave me another angle to see the place I live. As a Hong Kong people, I still enjoy watching this. Thanks

err... din tai fung is not hong kong food.... it's Huaiyang cuisine...and a chain started in .... taiwan. kinda sad you guys thought that was hong kong food.

How high quality this video is!!! Why still not that much people to watch

Welcome to Hong Kong

Well, your idea of cheap needs some revision.

Sorry about that Ding tai fung is from Taiwan

*At the end you said hit all the buttons

err... went all the way to hong kong only to eat at din tai fung and crystal jade???? err... din tai fung is not hong kong food.... it's Huaiyang cuisine...and a chain started in .... taiwan. hopefully people don't do the same when they visit HK...would be such a waste

Can you tell me the names of the hostels/ hotels you stayed at?

Hong Kong used to be British colony now it is part of China which is sad...: ( Hope for the best for Hong Kong people.

Nice video

Planning my trip to HK next month, from HCMC, and am loving the tips! Getting SO excited!! One of my fav videos of yours :)

No exact amount of cash need! Try the optopus card which work for almost all transportation except taxi. You prepaid the card and at the time leaving can get full amount of refund on the card deposit. Every customer service transit available.

Katy's so precious!

Din Tai Feng is great but it's actually from Taiwan, I recommend Lin Heung Lau or Luk Yu Tea house when you visit again. They are both iconic and historic traditional dim sum places in the city.

Love this... Had me from the opening shots!

Everything I love about Hong Kong embodied in this video!!

Having a good amount of money to enjoy my life freely but I still LOVE to travel as cheap as possible, only for the sole fact I get more into the culture and people. I don't care about staying in the nicest hotels eating 5 star. I do enjoy that sometimes, but I enjoy being deep into the culture.

good point on tipping. I do that as well esp if that person has made my day extra special. Its good to help them from your heart. Even if they accept or not just give it, it is a great help for them. God bless u man!

Best videos ever!! Dont ever quit this job your amazing!!!!!

I thought you were KHS for half the time! (

....$120 for a hostel...???.....Hong Kong might be too expensive....

welcome to hk :)

Big fan of your videos! LOVE this video of my city!! It's so rich and you managed to fit so much in! There's also a free app produced by the Tourism Board called QPoint which shares quality assured shopping and dining offers. Think it'd be quite useful too: :)

Love the part where you stood up and spent time with the kid! That taxi too, I have literally never seen a taxi decorated like that in my life in HK .. that driver is awesome!

This was without a shadow of doubt the worst HK video I've ever seen. I eat better food here in London Chinatown and why would you want to look so ignorant? How do you say Hello in Hong kong? Smh You could at least have learned how to say a few basic words like Hello and Thank you on the plane or something. By the way, it's Exist not Excisted dummy.

Ignore his comment about leaving a tip you absolutely do not do that simply praise them if you had good service as in Asia they strive to do their best and make you happy and tipping implies they do it only for money and is considered offensive

Becstarz Salway Oh good to know, although in some places they do treat tourists and locals differently

+Millennial Travel Confessions not in Thailand and hk is a no my sister in law lives there

Becstarz Salway I know that’s the case in Japan as we spent quite some time vlogging in Japan but SE Asian counties do expect a tip generally. Not sure about HK though

How to travel cheap, but all I have seen was bloody posh couple...nah totally not my style of video to watch.

Half the shit this guy says is like... tourist shit. It's totally wrong.

4:53 彩虹!

Love this city!!! Coming soon

Love it! I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )

I m from hong kong !...hope u enjoy hong kong...some of the shot and yr editing skills are ....amazing...i havent discover my city from some of your views.....btw, are u using mavic2??

I had a bad first impression with hong kong but would like to try and see the place again after watching this vid

Chinese don't eat bao, that's a hamburger, we only eat baozi

Thank you for not acting like you have an orgasm in your mouth when you have tasty food like most of the YouTubers. Actually, it is common to tip. If you go to higher end restaurants, they would automatically include gratuity on your bill. If you go to fast food or cafe style establishment, you are don't tip. Sometimes I would tip the taxi driver. It depends on how friendly the driver is or if he goes a longer route. After midnight, many of the taxi would only drive you across the bay (HK to Kowloon or Kowloon to HK) because they charge you more and it also guarantees a much longer route. When it is hard to catch a taxi, I would tip the driver. They never refused and always said thanks.

All the restaurants were japanese

If you want to have a Cantonese dim dum meal in Hong Kong, you can go to some other cheaper dim sum restaurants not only 添好運 (Tim-ho-wan).

Din Tai Feng is from Taiwan, lol

Sorry to let u know that Ding Tai Fung is from Taiwan..hahaha.. :)

First time to watch vlog! As a Hong Kong resident I appreciate you introduced Hong Kong to others!

The video is so nicely taken, keep it up

din tai fung is from taiwan.....not local

Excellent video! I’m going to use your recommendations when I go there next Year! Thank you

Wow!!! This video should get an award for such an incredible explanation of every minute details required for first time visitor ! Moreover, the whole presentation idea of the video was brilliant !!!! Loved the way you askEd us to like the video

Is drone legal in hk?

i miss hk

Man, I can only imagine you much time you put in this video. Much respect and a big inspiration for the Roadrebelz!!

sensational welcome to Home of Himalayas now #AlpineRambleTreks

Your new travel guide is very good idea!

The heart and soul of the people of Hong Kong is Cantonese. It is like it keeps on chanting “diao nei lou mou” forever. It pretty much sums up the essence of Hong Kong.

We loved this video!! For everybody else that loved it and loves travel vlogs in general, we are just starting out and would love and appreciate some feedback from you guys, the experts!

No way! You went to Tin Tai Fung? It is a Taiwan thing. You should go to Chuen Lung (川龍)for 飲茶. Check it out next time you come to HK. Also the Crystal Jade, it is just a tourist restaurant. Expensive but nothing special. Next time you should try 腸粉(sorry I don’t know in English)and various types of congee for your breakfast. Also next time go to 飛鵝山 which is another spot for beautiful view of HK at Kowloon side.

DTF is from Taiwan

Ting tai fung is a shanghainese crusine , not dim sum which is a cantonese crusine ...

Hong Kong is quite cheap to travel, airport taxes are ones of the lowest which makes flights significantly cheap. You can find wild range of hotel prices from 15 to eternity USD for a night. Food choice is affordable for all kinds of budgets. Living there is not so affordable tho.

Love your videos but when you insert music, the volume spikes really loud vs when you are narrating. Please try to set the volume more evenly throughout your videos.

This is great! awesome vid!

Very well put together and enjoyable video!! Amazing shots and beautiful views that I wish I enjoyed more while I was there. My only gripe is... Din Tai Fung originated in Taiwan, not Hong Kong... XD

I believe that you can’t use the drone higher than 100m in HK

Wow..that cardistry con 18 footage was wonder alejandro looks familiar..back in the days i used to learn cardistry move by him..awesome travel tips! Be going to hk soon!

that’s a cool video the way you edited try Tim Ho Wan next time for dim sum.

should contact me next time if you're hitting up hong kong again : D

Its the BEST video I have ever watched in similar series. Stylish, funny, nice angles, great colors... well done!

I feel like that "a little hornier than usual" joke @ 16:57 went right over everyone's head lol

Hey man, can I ask about their drone rules there in Hongkong? I’am planning to bring one on our upcoming vacation this feb 2019.I’m a little bit worried about bringing my drone there if it’s not allowed in their airport or something. By the way great videos man, I’ve watched a lot of your travel vlogs and the last time you went to Boracay is when we were there too. I wanted to find and take pictures with you but I didn’t have the chance to find you :D. Peace man Godbless.


Great video! BTW, you should definitely visit Taiwan!

Look at the end of my video we had the same singing taxi driver!

same rockpools aswell!

I live here, I don't tip but be very thankful. Giving time, thanks in a rushed day is appreciated. Drivers even return change when we round up. Wages are not tip adjusted here. We also love Crystal Jade-our favorite one is at the Hong Kong airport. Another favorite is Veggie SF in Central, may require reservations and time slot on some days. Next time visit Chi Lin Nunnery and the nearby gardens, entrance is free. There is a also a restaurant in the garden that is delicious. The card information is very cool. I attend the food fairs in HK, takes me hours at the convention center but worth every bite. The feral cattle you met in Ngong Ping and much of that area of Lantau are cared for by a non-profit called Tai O Lantau Island Community Group. For those on a budget the HK government has "free things to do in Hong Kong", museums are economical and fantastic for rainy days. Best, there is no is all a wonderful adventure. Next time come and stay longer!

This is a great video, especially for the video editing skills, cool background music, the great camera angle and your research. This really reminds me how beautiful Hong Kong is. Thank you:) However, I got a warm reminder for tourist would like to visit Hong Kong. The Victoria's Peak is facing to the west and also the Kowloon, so it would be a perfect place for you to take pictures of sunset or the night views of the Victoria Harbour. I would recommend you to go to the Dragon's back which is located in the east side of Hong Kong island and you can take good pictures of Sunrise over there:)

Hello from Hong kong Great vid big hug for you guys

french royal toilette style

valdemoralohimis kitty

jihad from sa royals so rosa and lilium both

please reiki the master

I am going to Hong Kong in March!! :D Do I need a permit for my drone?

Welcome to Hong Kong ~ :D

I am from Hong Kong but I found Hong Kong much more interesting after watching your video, good stuff!!

Awesome video, thanks for the tips! Indeed, South Korea is known for its mix of old and new which can be found in traditional buildings like inns and spas and in cutting edge cities like Seoul. However, there are tourist-targeting scammers and petty crime to be wary of. Do be wary of the ginseng / amethyst / seaweed shopping tour, pickpocketing, indirect taxi routes, tourist prices, cult ceremony scam and many more!

You’ve missed out Mong kok A shopping district

Just found you guys. I'm loving it.

This has only made me more excited to visit Hong Kong early next year! Soo cool, thanks!

hi, this is from HK and Welcome to Hong Kong ^^

Din tai Fung is not a local Hong Kong chain, it's from Taiwan.

that intro tho

Good intention, but never tip asians. We find the act itself an insult

I suggest you to go to RYZE at Quarry Bay. Its a trampoline park and it’s SO FRIKING FUN!

I live in Kowloon, at Harbourfront Horizon Suites & Hotel

I was in Hong Kong just earlier this year and your video introduced me to a lot of areas I didn’t know exist! The next time I visit, I’ll be using your video as a guide. Good video! You earned yourself a subscriber!

hello! really love your videos.What equipment are you using?thanks for answer

Boring video

If you intend to stay in Hong Kong longer or go to Hong Kong often, you should get an Octopus card as it is much easier than paying to take the metro, tram, bus, ferry each time you take it. You pay a $39 HKD and just top it up, and you can also use it at 7-11s, stores, anywhere that allows for octopus payment.

$40 dollars per person for dim sum? ... I would have coughed it up.

I left a pity like.

That’s all I can ask for

Dude, what is that song that starts at 1min 19sec into your video?

I hardly leave comments below a video. But ya, it really tell you put a lot of effort to edit and make this video awesome! Greetings from Malaysia!

...Din tai fung actually is from Taiwan...

my friend lives in one of those Choi hung buildings,ps i live quite near it

Is there a drinking age in Hong Kong? Or is it one of those laws that nobody seems to care about?

holy cringe. please stop trying to floss

that kid r really cute!

Ho Lee Fook LOL

i subbed because i also love SE Asia, glad this isnt the type of channel that goes to joe bananas in kowloon, surprised yall didnt go to macau, but this place, bali, phuket and pataya, manila, being a father of five... i love ballin on a budget.

Please tell me the name of the hotel at 13:00

kristian labiano

Love From Hongkong, it is really a great video

@10:20 beyond! anyone?

Hongkonger here! Love your video

disagree with the tipping cultural no tipping tipping makes awkward especially in Japan or Japanese restaurants my brother from uk didn't know this and tipped in a Japanese restaurant in Australia....AWKWARD!!!!Australia is also no tipping but not with the cultural side as well

22 Minutes experiences in Hong Kong with you guys. Thank you... Now, I have itenary going to HK next year. Thank you so much

Ding Tai Fung is Taiwanese take on Shanghainese food... not dim sum... good job

I like how do you film man Big

What a great video and great editing!! The video is super smooth to watch and got great information! Looking forward to visit Hong Kong even more now!

I watched the full video and I live here

hi how did you get to victoria peak just before the sunrise?hmm cab??

AWW.. i miss HK! went there July and its freakin hot! urgh...miss the food too! :P nice vid..hahah oh and Bosco guy is cute!

Hey Christian. I went to Hong Kong and visited many of the places you visited but I was wondering how do you get permission to fly your drone because in the big buddha palace they told me I wasn't allowed to film with my drone, So how do you manage to film with your drone in prohibited places? Nice video btw.


Great video thanks! Currently in Hong Kong and on a budget but already enjoying this city.

Welcome to Hong Kong!

Im half Asian and half Spanish my mom comes from Hong kong and my dad is from Columbia. next year when I'm in 7th grade my Chinese family and i are going to Hong Kong im real excited

In Hong Kong we say Hello and Ha-llo more often instead of Ni hao and Nei hou

Hi how can i hook up with your guide Bosco going in march 2019 and need a guide to take us round

Most restaurants in Hong Kong offer cheaper food than in Western Europe. Try Vienna, Paris or London.


Gough is an Irish surname and is pronounced 'Goff' (like cough). Thus that one bar is pronounced 'Goff's'


I love it!!!!!!!!❤️

Subscribed ! Katy has such a beautiful soul ❤️ hanging out with that kid who got bullied

What a dork. 1 - Thanks to morons like you who flew their drone eveywhere, now it’s impossible to fly LEGALLY anywhere in the city. 2 - litteraly every square inche in 50 km radius is covered by public transport and still you spend 19 USD in taxi. 3 - Dont listen to this guy

please see my video, My Hong Kong Aqua Luna Ferry. weeeeee....


I actually started watching your videos because of your travel tips for Thailand. I’ve been living in Hong Kong for 7 years now, and was curious to see how you saw my city from your eyes. Absolutely loved this video. Your editing, videography, and tips and tricks are fantastic. Keep it up Christian!! You’re an amazing vlogger!

Excellent vlog! I usually skip through but I loved this one - especially the bit where she said the LV was real!!

I want to live there sm if u live there plz tell me if it is nice

This is a very nicely done video, much appreciated! I’m a Hongkonger and I think this represents the Hong Kong where I grow up in, and the city I used to know. Very good pick of various locations :) - btw, love the song the taxi driver was playing, it’s an old song from the famous local band “Beyond”. I can see there had been some good researches done! :)


Yay!! You recorded my apartment from the drone

Can someone plz explain the body falling.

you missed a key way to save money! get an octopus card at the airport. then you don't need exact cash for the busses or mtr... so much more convenient and you actually get a discount using the octopus card.

actually the great sunrise is in Fei Ngo Shan

she has a big heart and big tits

Use HKD to describe prices. Jesus Christ.

Din Tai Fung is Taiwanese Huaiyang cuisine!! I wish you clarified that it is completely different from Hong Kong / Canton style dim sum.

I’ve heard from a few that Hong Kong is one of the greatest cities in the world to visit. I’d like to ask, how true is that?

Great video indeed . Thumbs up ! It would be cool if one could see the total amount of money spent on the basics at the end of the video . Just so one can make an idea ,before starting to google the places .

Thank you I really enjoyed your video and can’t wait ti go to HK this weekends

Is your girlfriend Latina?

as a Hong Konger, your video really impressed me, great job! hope to see you soon in Hong Kong next time!

Dude. Come on you have to know 你ı好。

But Din Tai Fung is from Taiwan. And it's not even dimsum.

80 Hongkong dollars, and you put 10 in the caption, haaa

Thanks mate , let know about some things beneficial.!!!! ✌️

6:04 - Best part of the entire video. Katy, a beautiful girl to be there for that kid. So awesome.

This video is def. helping me plan my trip. But.. I can't understand why he is staying in these expensive places. I am finding hostels and airbnb's for less than USD 40 a night.

His editing style and voice remind me of yes theory

4:21 pornhub intro

That’s cool! Din Tai Fung are available in Jakarta too!!

what song at 1:16?

every time that bill rings of dollars i get excited because it is the sound of Ebay when you get a sale. Only people who do e-commerce will understand that XD.

Do ppl in Hongkong speak English?

"We actually got this whole place to ourselves" and then appeared 5 other strangers in the background lol

I was watching for HK tips but got dam I had to pause at the moment Katy was being the most amazing sweetheart, thanks for spreading love, Katy.

"Goughs" should be pronounced "Goffs". It's British English.

I think exchanging money at the airport is the biggest scam. Money exchange at Nathan Road/Chungking Mansion is lot cheaper.

How long does it take to edit a video like this one ? It’s amazing

$43 for a dinner for 2 at a nice place is not cheap? Okay, then. lol

Ain't din tai Fung is from Taiwan ~~

LOL @ 3:32 the hostess said "#76 for 8 people" in Chinese but then said "#78" in English haahah

i wrote this not just because ive been found u. no. i already know u since a long time before but.... please post another video. i love seeing all ur travel vlog!!

We used to live in Hong Kong! Check out our Hong Kong inspired shop

where is katy from? i rll love her accent!

Brilliant video!! Thanks for coming to Hong Kong and filmed our beautiful part :)

I appreciate this video so much because you’ve done in-depth research so you know the stuff that usually only local people know!! Guys I’m a university student in Hong Kong and I’m actually learning to make good videos and I hope you guys can have a look on my channel. I would also love to meet new people and bring them walk around Hong Kong. So send a message to me if you’re coming to Hong Kong and looking for someone to walk along with.


Did you travel with your own drone? Is it allowed/legal to enter Hong Kong with it? Will it cause any problems?

Great vlog! You might want to see this...


Great video, so well done! RESPECT!

Omgoshhh i will visit again! Once was solely not enough!

Clicked the video because I was short on money. Stopped watching after 40 USD meal and 10 usd ice cream.

I love your content just saw one of your videos this morning and just peeped watching through out the day man you really are lucky awesome job and a beautiful girlfriend keep making the videos my man

Try this trip!

WOW Missing File ..?? Hahahahaha ❤️

This guy literally deserves million subscribers! Yeah Million!

Yes it is possible , try planning your trip with Awskom .

but kaki mori made in japan,dintaifung made in taiwan. I think it's not hongkong food

I have to disagree that these are the "Best" things to do in Hong Kong. This video content is rubbish. I'm sorry but too many of these young folks buy a drone and a HD camera and they are now "experts". They throw things up on you tube to try and "cash in" or get the most praise and followers without having a clue. Don't fall for it people. If they are this bad on HK, I am sure others videos are worse. especially if you are relying on them for real travel info versus just living your own life through these blind leaders. Just do your homework, book ahead, talk to HK travel board, plan. Phone cards by CSL and China mobile are cheaper in Kowloon and even at 7-11. Transportation: Why not buy an Octopus card, with an airport shuttle pass and free unlimited bus, tram, ferries, MTR travel for a week?? Did I see cash? Savvy travelers don't carry cash. Octopus cards can be used everywhere and many merchants offer incentives and rewards for their use. Bus from airport?? OMG! Train is so much faster and more comfortable. You would have been in Kowloon or Central in minutes. 1.5 hours in an airport looking for a hotel? What? If planning ahead you will find there are dozens of places in Tsim Sha Tsui Neighborhood that are reasonable for both staying and dining, plus you can easily connect to MTR. Down in the lower levels of high rises, shopping malls are hundreds of restaurants, including Dining halls and Tasting courts with great real chinese dining that are cheap and delicious. They also included LKF upper levels...implying cheap?....really? Cheap? Not!!! Most over priced area in HK. Its a hang out for ex-pat banker/business people to gather on weekends. Want a one of a kind real chinese seafood meal, go to Aberdeen and the Jumbo floating restaurant, nothing like it in the world. Or take a double level bus from Central to Stanley (buses 6, 6X, 6A, 66, 260, don't do express or you stay at ground level) it's fantastic and well worth the ride over the top of the mountains and through the hills, and high rises to the stanley market and village. A hydroplane ferry from Central to Lan Tau Island is cheap and scenic, takes you to the world's largest sitting buddha and Po Lin monastery. Kakigori????? You realize that its Japanese and not Chinese right? And speaking of clueless; Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories were ALL British until 1997, Not parts of it as pointed out early on in video. So sad.

I want to go to Hong Kong so bad. But it's so damn expensive...

Holy shit. She can ball! Awesome.

I've left a pity like ;) haha jk. Would you say it's better to get the Airport Express card or a standard octopus card?

Great tips and video. I'm amazed how u able to get the building view from the drone. Didnt know the drone can go that far from the mountain. Is there anyway u can share the hotel us stayed at. By the way, u r funny the jokes with the cow and the dog walking independently hahaha

There are a lot of local yummy food in HK. Try more next time :)

This video make me realized that I really have to go visit hk

I live in Hong Kong :)

is it like hot in hong kong during july?????

Greetings from Hong Kong! It’s such an awesome video man! Thank you so much for capturing my hometown in such a cool way. Much appreciated that you guys are interested in learning about the our culture. I guess it’s the main reason of travelling. Respect.

Travels to Hong Kong wanting to eat dim sum, eats at Din Tai Fung. Lulz

Cool video and music mate! What is the title of the music when u were in the airport and after that? Please..

Ho lee fook

I hit all the buttons mostly the upside down thumb thought it was trendy!

The girl is a thot

Hi, I plan to visit Hong Kong in group of 5 person. Do I need to purchase 5 octopus cards or 1 octopus card enough to pay the mtr? Thanks for your response.

Song at 1:17 is surround me by Kevin andersson

125$ for 2 nights???. I spent 120£ for a night :(

surround me- Kevin Andersson :) YOU SHOULD GO TO THIS PLACE TOO!

This was a great intro to HK - witty, visual, and useful. Cheers, Team!

how much dose it cost for rent studio not necessary in town centre?

Your vlog is awesome~

Dope vid. But never wear green cap in hk/ China

11:54 is this "missing file" thing supposed to be there'?

I love Hong Kong. It's so underrated

Nice video but can I mention a few things: 1. Din Tai Fong is from Taiwan and not dim sum so if you are selective in local experience, that’s not the place to go. 2. Same for shaved ice. It’s from Japan. Why not try the “egg son” instead? I don’t know how to call in English. 3. Do not hit chopsticks with each other, it’s rude.

Fantastic editing!

I love living in HK :)

By white people for white people

One of the best vlogs on HK

I have been super stoked to visit Hong Kong for the last couple of years, and I am saving up to go next year! Thank you so much for all the tips and the very funny and entertaining video! Love the effort you put in you videos! As a photographer and film maker myself, I truly appreciate it!

bao wow

in 10:15 he sing 海闊天空 (hoi fut ting hung ) ...... Great Vlog i am from Cambodia , been learning Cantonese by myself .. i wish someday i can go To Hong Kong.

Ain't they a couple of swells?

Is that canon gx5 u using?

you didn't go to the traditional type yum cha ;-;

That was rude with that fan.....but a helpful video

I'm from Hong Kong! This video is really cool! The price is really rising... (P.S. I really didn't know HK was THAT expensive.)

Hey what's the name of the tiny hotel? I'll do that for 75 a nite

Hi, I've just uploaded a travel video- Turkey (Cappadocia). Please check it out Thanks :)

Any idea what the name of those famous apartment building are? I know you know what I'm talking about. Maybe it's not Hong Kong but yea..

yeahh flight with Garuda Indonesia.. my airline ,,,

Hong Kong Victoria Peak Hong Kong in HD View ... See here:

such the ugly people and low standard people should disappear not to pollute anywhere any body any skin and sights !

Din Tai Fung is a restaurant from Taiwan specializes in Shanghai cuisine, it's not dim sun

Learn the best places to travel in Hong Kong & how to travel like a local! Check out my Hong Kong vlog here:

Always favorite travel vlogger

This video is amazing. i love how you incorporate so much of the traditional style of Hong Kong, not just the city life on the main Hong Kong island. I've already been to Hong Kong, but now I'm more excited for my next visit since you've recommended many restaurants and activities that I never did nor knew about when I was there. I'm grateful for travel vloggers like you who are so willing to share everything and anything they know about a trip they've experienced. It shows us viewers how open and kind you are to share with us everything possible you know. Now I can finally travel to Hong Kong the right way, all thanks to you! keep up the great videos!

Way to go on this one!

The little boy is so cute! She did a great thing stepping in and defending him! He reminds me of the little boy from the movie Up!☺️

Great video

6:14 Katy is a real one

12:12 epic

Ni hao is Mandarin lei hou is cantonese for hello

DO NOT STAY AT URBAN PACK! The dorms had bed bug issues that both myself and a friend I met there found out the hard way when we left and got our luggage out under our beds. Also overheard a conversation and found out the owner is racist making derogatory comments on the maids.

Come again!

I loved this Vlog, so so informative and I'll be using it as my guide during my trip to HK! Thanks for sharing xx


20 plus years in hk Only restaurant i know is mcdonal Shame on me

Great videos! I'm going to hong kong in May. I'm excited!

This is already the most expensive city TODAY. Sad acutally! BTW, in Hong Kong when you want to tip them, just pay with extra $$ and tell them no changes.

Ya that's real Louis Vitton LMAO

Snaps! I loved this video

Don’t bother the place is a shit hole

what was the hostel?

Love your stuff brahs just got back from Hong Kong ✊

u both guys should always stay together because both look soo cute together and katy is soo funny , u and katy videos are very good and funny i love them , christian always love she has a good heart and she loves u , u people should stay together always


I live in Hong Kong, I love this place. Your video made me fall in love with this place all over again



Hay I love your video, I’m coming from Hong Kong.

Seems a bit amateur to get a SIM card and cash at the airport.

Do I need some travel octopus card?

Ding Tai Fung is for tourists and expats; locals go elsewhere.

Hong Kong is bunch of haters who think are white.

Also a Must-See in your buck list... China’s Harbin Ice and Snow World

Sorry, bucket list

Hongkongers are so Unrelatable. Why? They are in fact Chinese or Cantonese but they think otherwise. They think they are Hong Kong people who are white in spirit or westerners and that is simply not true. I don't think English Speakers can relate to that.

ever had xiao long bao (pork soup dumplings)

Really belive me people in this places are very odds and not positive !

that was crap food recommendation, none of them were typical Hong Kong food and whats up with going to Choi Hong!! geez, do your research better next time.

I live in Hong Kong and the edit in this video is amazing

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