How to travel Ukraine: Hoverla and Chernivtsi. Discover DestinationUA: Episode 6

How to travel Ukraine: Hoverla and Chernivtsi. Discover DestinationUA: Episode 6

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Today. We, have arrived at a beautiful, and interesting, place which, is one of the most popular, tourist, destinations. In the Carpathians, this. Place is named O'Dare, la and it's, the famous symbol, of Ukraine, most. Tourists, try to climb to the top of the highest mountain, in the country and we. Decided. To be one of them sounds. Tempting doesn't, it. Hello. Hello. Well. We, are here where, we are now we, are at the bottom of Mount go. Gorilla yeah, it's, the highest mount in the Ukraine it's, around. 2061. Metres above sea level, yeah, and we're gonna climb that's why we, dress up like that, yeah. Yeah but, its proper outfit. To get there. Mum. And dad doesn't really say what's going on but I'm gonna try to, climb, do. You like it yeah. I. Climb. The volcano once, yes oh, so. I'm, pretty excited for, this this, mountain I can feel it here by evening, so. How. You sure, we want to do that instead. Of going to another city but yes our, route. Gonna, last for four hours. Actually. How, about the weather the. Weather conditions. Can change a. Lot but. Now in the summer it could the temperature will be like. 35. Degrees as, the, highest, and. The lowest is. 10. To 12 degrees okay. And they told us that it might be sunny or windy, or rainy you, never know. So, are you prepared enough, yes I'm very prepared and ready yeah. I'm. Not. Let's. Do this I'll, support you yeah for sure we're friends okay, come. On let's go the. Root 2 over list, top lies through the most stunning, landscapes. In the Ukrainian Carpathians, Oh fair, luck climbing will give you a great, sense of lightness and freedom. It's. Not for me. Be. Sure to take enough water and food, wear. Comfortable, shoes. The, first section, of the brute is the easiest, one it. Passes through the forest, you'll. Go across an area of shrubs and reach the beautiful. Meadows it's. The best place to enjoy the beauty of, unspoiled. Carpathian. Nature. Newberry's. I recognize. The leaves. But I didn't see any blue bows before. Need to go a bit. But. Still it's blueberries, at night. Can. You see the cloud over there, that's. The hill that we are going now. Yeah. We. Come pretty far. Mm-hmm, we, are more than the half, of the route back. There go, to the Barrow to them to, the mountain, but. I shall already exhausted, and. My. Biggest fear is the weight back because they told us that the way back is harder than they. Support. Each other you will manage to you. Won't regret going. Up there you, will see they told us that there might be coffee. And sugar, and. There's. A guy around seventy, years old but. Something, every day close to every day he goes there, imagine. Going up every. Day for like doing. I'm just by, born. I actually cannot, helicopter. And go there for job you know just selling water but. My. Helicopter. Okay. The. Length of the route is about four kilometers, and it takes approximately six. Hours round-trip and, but the, top, of Mount Oh Bella gives, you a unique opportunity. To enjoy the, surrounding. Landscapes. Be. Aware that the weather on the top of ho Bella is, unpredictable. Even. It's at the bottom it's sunny and pleasant on, the top it might be rainy windy, and, cold. What's. More the name of old Velma originates. From Hungarian. And means, Snow. Mountain because. The top is covered with snow for, most of the year this. Reason all tourists. Should take warm, clothes, and raincoats. Well. We. Are here actually. In the top of nowhere. Because. We are in the highest Ukraine, mountain, the name is go, very low, yeah and it's in Carpathian, Hills right yes, you're, right all right it was, really tough to get here we have climbing. For more than close to four or five hours, but. It was the, road like that it. Was a kind of difficult terrain yeah. Yeah. It's the. View deserves everything we have to accept it right III. Mean, I have to say that I enjoyed the cab yeah I did I actually didn't, enjoy it a lot because, it was my first time and I have to say that, because it was the first time it was really tough, for a beginner, but. Hopefully. Our production. Team and all the company, that we are working for that lovely. Project, helped. Me a lot and I, never felt alone yeah, that's good, but, you, were strong, no. You helped, me a lot. Like. No I can't, yeah, it. Was an experience, I'm not sure if I'm gonna suggest it to anyone else. What, I mean is that okay in case you're just with your boyfriend, or your girlfriend or, whatever and, you are afraid of heights, and edges, don't. Do that to yourself, okay, trust. Me don't I wouldn't do that so. Yeah. We. Are about to look more enthusiasm. But. We. The, time we arrived there was there, is a local guy here, who, sells coffee, in the middle of nowhere yeah, that was still like me. How. To get out of the talk. But. After that coffee we, just have a rest, like 20, minutes now under, the sunshine last. Night but, on the way here it wasn't signing it was windy, and close to rain and. Now. We are a bit of tired I am a bit of tired what about you.

Probably. The. Good thing the bad thing is that when you get on the top of a hill it's. Nice but, the way down makes. You feel more tired, for me it. Can be a bit harder, to go down but still. It's quite worth the effort because the scenery, and the views, is really. Nice. Really. Nice vibes here. Thank. You for watching us and let's. Continue the. Way to the way back hopefully. We're gonna be, back and have a sound they, told us that we're gonna have a sour night, yeah. Yeah in case we don't have I, knew. Someone, that I can call and give, me sound okay. Thank. You so much thank, you any, you girl. Without. A doubt, Oh fella, hiking will become one of the most vivid, memories, in our lives it's not, easy but, it's a must-do. Thing in the Carpathians. There you can make a new friendship, between, different, countries. Almost. Everyone. Can climb hvala, and take, a selfie, from the highest point in the Ukraine but, it's, time for us to go down to explore a new point, of destination a. Carpathian. Farm, which, produces, natural. Cheese this. Farm is located, at the foot of the mountain. Cooper, exit another one. So. Repeat this out Sarah I. It's. Four five. Yeah. That's actually even better. That. Takes even more like, it, this. Is like the Greek musica, I don't, know if in other word Sabri traditional, cheese meant for fights. Yeah. I. Really. Like. Oh. What an Akiko that the last ones on me please repeat. The Sara. Yes. Great. Mmm. Music. From. Parmigiana. Yeah. Very. Salty. I love it. It was good but a bit too salty I think, I. Like. This one. Well. A really tiring day comes. To an end, what's. Your feelings, my. Feeling, is I, feel, quite, refreshed. Because. I really enjoyed this walk. Up to the Kabbalah, so. I'm, happy that we did it how, about you I'm. Happy that achieve, it because, I was, thinking that I couldn't, make it but. Now I just want to go back to the hotel and have a rest, yeah. So. Good, today actually, made a hole. Because. Of y'all so, thank. You for watching us subscribe. Our Channel and keep. On for the next step shot yes see, you bye bye.

After. Exploring, the Carpathian, Mountains, we, decided to go to the, amazing, city. Genevieve. This, is a modern, city with significant. History and a charming, atmosphere in, its. Beautiful natural. Setting our buildings, of fine architecture. Many. Sculpted, monuments, green. Parks, and, inviting. Squares so, let's, see what we came for. Well. We. Are in the Venice, of Ukraine, its name is Sher nipsey, and we, are actually, in front of the. Prominent, building of 7fc. University. Yeah otherwise it's called like forward of Ukraine, Hogg, what is the, school of Harry Potter yeah and, actually has a kind of architecture. And as. We have been told from, locals, this, city is well known about the architecture, and for. That university, so, let's check out how it looks inside. Yes. Charlie. Scene' national, university, is a public, university in, the city the. University, architecture. Includes renaissance, gothic, and more s Kellerman's, with, emphasis, on the Roman Byzantine style. Well. The Sun is signing we. Get access, inside. The Uni but, it's really nice yeah it's cool yeah see, so, what are you rather being here how, it seems to you I think, it's a pretty cool University. It. Would be nice actually meet some students, but as we said before so they are probably having leave, during the summer but. It's really. Impressing. The building. It, feels like a university, but very. How. Do you say it like proud. University. I'm from, subscribe. I would describe, it as a more cop, university. What, I mean by saying port is that because, of the color of the rooftop. It's. Something. Like a traditional, pattern. That, they use here in Ukraine and. It. Looks like they, they're. Based on tradition, but in a more modern, way that's, why they have painted, the rooftops in that color you can see purples, green. And, blue everything it's quite, yeah. And we said we said before that it looks like a gingerbread house, yeah, it's, early but it's very it's nice it's really nice hmm. Actually. We're really lucky that, we got access, at at the university. Long. Long corridor. As you can see it reminds someone so much like high. Water style yeah it's, really beautiful how, how. Was the name of his, best friend's, girlfriend. It's Hermione. And. The. Girl the, girl is Hermione remind. I. Am Hari, so looking, for the third person soul in, case someone else is. Person. Just subscribe. And join our, team, I'm. Not joking it's really nice here yeah it's beautiful I mean the walls it's, really, really nice I love. It I really it. Makes you to be more devoted in. What you, are about, to do in a union or what I mean generally, speaking that it. Really nice universities. To be as buildings. Quite motivational. For, for, students, you know they, want to study into focus and to spend time here. It's. A nice energy. Sherry, it's a cool cool. Place I could. Even if that aired me too unfortunately. I didn't start here no me neither, but, it's never too late to. Do something else. You. Know hey, they, gave, us a pie but really vibrant, go, they're teenagers yeah. Did. You feel older, no Wyatt. How so long without I don't always like oh you. Know in Greece we'll have a phrase, we say that there every, family, has a person, who, goes with the youngest of. The family I'm. Gonna be sitting. Here in order to feel more energetic, and. We. Were lovely lovely, lovely. Continue. To explore us. Well, after. All that huge. Energy we, met a group of people teenagers. That they, were like a, moving, source. Of energy right, yeah like a moving party, yeah and so where we are now we. Are at, the. Coal. Billions, Kasturi, see ya it used to call to be called pan con right yes, yes, I mean, scream, the. Mainstream, of that city actually. As, we read about that, and. We realized that you can see an apple store and everything so not Apple store but I mean you can find many many shops. And stores or. Even will be torn if sill around all the brands are here, it's, the most how, can you say fabulous. Street yeah most fabulous and most popular, streets yeah. And. In. The beginning, of. The city center story, whenever. A guy or girl wanted to go have, a, partner, or to get married that's all it's. The only way to connect. With people in, a way they've been dressed, up really far Jean yeah and pretend, that they are having fun. Here, and that's how they communicate with, each other, how. Do you find that do you like it that. Way of. Let's. Dress up, really. Right yes, for, the situation. And, who knows they might, be couple we might find real couples yeah we. Might find some comfort but. Because. We're, not sure about that so still. We just have, each other okay, yeah it's. Fine by me it's fine by me to actually. Join. Us. It. Has been a long, day we walked a lot and got, a little hungry so we, wouldn't mind grabbing a bite that's, why we're going to a popular, local restaurant. This. Restaurant, is well-known for seafood. So.

We've Asked DC's, and, then best this is with seafood so let's hop over the first one let's, try it out. Get, redress, now, right pretty, tasty. Oh. Really. Dr.. Jack you Joe. Thank. You. These. Are huge I don't know if you ever put the phone down but let's try on and we won't see right yeah, okay. So. Next plate. We. Go to this one well. They smell really intense, I mean. Surfing. They might be like a barbecue, shirt oh it's. Scratch, chili can you feel it. These. Barbecues, yeah it smells like barbecue the. Only man I can, take some pneumonias, yeah sure give me a second. Normally. We. Weren't able to eat. With our hands but now because we're tires was don't really. Think. About that right I. Think, that boys should have put our hands. What. Waiting. So, alive. Yeah. It's it to take away the part yeah I uh oh no, no how do you think I do that. Here. We are. It's, really taste them yeah very good. Maybe, some souls though. But, I. Think. It might be quite, chilly. I think. So we. Don't eat. The outside fair part no no, you can just like -. Yeah. Like this ones are. Laughter, you think you live it like those who are looking our YouTube channel I have. To say that it's not so cool tweet and to have two people stare, and ear oh. So. Please keep in mind that it's not nice to. Eat and to be viewed by so many people but. Who'd, take. This, third, plate Fergie's, yeah. But I heard it was like, mussels, outside, so I need, to be a bit careful, because. Since. I'm not I can try our means well and the third plate is here is. Mussels. Wait. There. Is the, proper way to serve it. And, now, understand, what it is I can. Show you the sauce I mean I don't need to eat. One. Two. Three, deep, breath, and go. Very. Good that. Amazing. The bread was really nice also cry, together yeah. It's. Like rye bread. But. Try. By. Far this is a bit please. For, people who really love sources. Like me it's. Really, really cool, how our beers okay thank, you so much okay. It. Was a lovely dinner yeah I think it's so. Yeah. Don't. It well, I just wanted, to finish our, this. Episode, maybe yeah so, thank, you for watching us another, tiring. Day came, to an end, subscribe. To our YouTube channel and, keep, on watching us thank you so much.

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