Howl-O-Scream 2018 Opening Night | Busch Gardens Tampa Bay | Part 1

Howl-O-Scream 2018 Opening Night | Busch Gardens Tampa Bay | Part 1

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Typically, their scenario. What's. Going on everybody, hey duo, here back with another video. Today. We, got a vlog. Yeah. Hey. Guys. We. Made it to Busch Gardens, so. That's where we are. Everything. Kind of looks. Kind of nice because I've, been here in a while howl-o-scream, officially, started at 7:00 so we came early to like walk around the park into the right. So that's where we are right now we're gonna buy we're about to go check out a gift shop. It. Was a snakes that are he. Better just that lighting oh. If. You guessed it like we're week what then. Congratulate. Your. At Busch Gardens not. What. The heck. Oh my. God guys look at it, closely. You. Doesn't, lie. Yeah, that's. Out of kids a time. Did, you get a safari hat oh my. Gosh Oh guys. Into. Little snake. Play. Y'all while it, that's. Things out here can't. Wait to see the yeah. You. Got to see my bags. Guys. I'm. Prepared to get like summer, strange looks cuz we're. Vlogging here. When. People like. Camera. It's. Not even anybody on the end of this, who. Cares we're, here to have fun yeah and, we're bringing you guys along, right. They're, bringing you guys along. Discord. You. Thank. I netting good to say. Because. I'm using. As. Well oh wait. I love, these actually, nothing, to crack on me but I love the big eyed one oh yeah. Guys. Look at it. Know. Whatever. Parrot, yeah ghee. And. Whaley's. Where's. One I, more. Out there to vote. If. They gonna make my favorite thing so he's making good. Okay. Yeah go broke in a gift shop I know but. They spent all our money in the gift shop reading whose are you where's. It's over it's, not manual focus. Yeah, let. Me report you. I'm. Guessing they got water eyes. But, have you been to Busch Gardens before yeah, yeah. Remember. Wait a second. Two one I was showing you online remember. He's, like one of the Popeyes, one yeah. Guys so I'm a video out we, didn't bring any sunscreen or gonna here but. It's nice. Okay. You, say. Bubbles. Oh. My. God I can't wait to write news I. Don't. Even know guys we're, probably not gonna. Because. Have. You seen its, about final destination, like I'm not mad it. Was a camera that did it yeah it was.

Yeah. They. Probably won't see us running on camera dude yeah, that's. Why we have a strap, on the camera yes. Yeah. You. Wanna stop now look around and in 15. So. We're. Gonna wait on, what. Garden for. Tampa. Yeah. Especially in Florida. You should've allocated last time this is where would we exclude the Penguins, are over there all, right she says the Penguins here well believe. Nice she's that big thing right there. I. Know. That ain't really how to get you up later oh yeah, oh goody, oh hell, no little, real Oh. No. No. No, wait sweet is not going over there when, I came last time there's like 50 there's no bow that's not real that's, not real girl, maybe, that plastic I know. That a real. No. Y'all. Look it is. I'm. Gonna zoom in faleaka see. What. There is that oh. And. There's another one over there apparently. I'm. Filled in the water, decided, to, all the way back back right there watch. Other look, on camera, is. That one right there. I. Don't. Even know is. Moving. For you that long right here. It. Doesn't like it yeah see that right. Okay, that's too much, so. Apparently. No oh that's. Too oh there's. Another one right there. How. Are they talking about these things a huge room they were late filming right up right near. The. All you can see this they. Nava. Well I, ain't. Really a fans about. Wicked. Oh my god close-up shot. Here ya go. Oh no, by yeah but it's the closest I want to be a targeted I mean good name I'm mad too, you. Know hey I see. Some food. How's. That bird just walking right there. Get. On shot out, here nobody, gonna get this on the top can. We even pose all you do there's a bunch of turtles in there it some would like I guess value don't I, want to see it cuz everything. Ladies, and gentlemen, for the comfort, all, are exhausted, I roll across this. Right. Now somebody passing, out y'all right, now somebody passing out. Please. Help us tweak on. So. Hey. Guys so we just found the, penguin tank where they keep the penguin look, at them and they're not swimming around right now they look tired. This. Glass is a reflected, light it, is you, can barely see. There. It is. Yeah. I want to swim right now guys just. Relaxing, up there. Great. Yeah. I thought I came with the brothers. Look. At that car. Oh. It's. Oh it's a thing I, think. O'Connor, you want to go close because next you know some pop up on me. What, that right over there I remember, that wouldn't ya, let's go find it. Wait, I don't think goes that way that's. Like last time I came up here they were just like a, monkey. Oh girls I'm like that. We're. In the front. It's. Been that long, now. We're coming up on the elephant's. Look. At this little one. Look. Oh my gosh. Leading. Any. Fun thing oh my. Gosh, look guys. He. Or she I'm not really sure. There's. Some more over there. Her. Like. Sleep eating. Eat. Your vegetables future. Greens. Like, Bosch. Welcome. To Kentucky. And. Tokyo. Did, you get scared when. You saw it a lady. Oh no. I didn't. They, will come out as early. Well, yeah they will yeah. Yes, gay man guys. Shocking. Theory. That. Gonna be our first the riding. Done, let's, add some if they open though oh my. God babe right here right. Here, hey, just a Falcon furious, good. Thing that goes up in the sky and drops you oh no.

Any More guys. Thumbs. Up if you want him to go on it. We'll. Come back to it we're not gonna start off with that. This. Stuff guys, I specifically, looked at that one after whatever that is I'm going. Last, one I went to if everybody knows his doctor. Universal. That's. Just saying I ain't. Gonna do it again yo. I almost died. Goodbye. Oh, my god. You're going all the way up there and dropping, down. Oh guys somebody bonded out and a mother died. We. Honestly on the first qualities. I. Just. Pretend I'm on it just pretend online you see me I'm going all the way up there oh. My. God I filled out oh look, at that look, at that that's, why. That's, why we're not going. No one they ain't got nobody on it that's why the wait. Oh my. God. I'm. Gonna make him come on the ride with me, but. That one hurt, I'm playing I you, know I got. Hey, come on it's just the lockers over here. We don't even know where we're going, we. Don't even know how to get there to copy Locker is tomorrow. It calls for beers it's not welcome here yeah, so, you better go on this first right y'all can't see it in the background. All. Right. Y'all. Pray for me ya got a paper. Hi. Guys. Alright. Y'all so we. Went on our first ride that. One right there, Spanish. It baby go. The writing. Is. Like he's like a baby right you know we. Like the thrill, it. Was it was nice. So. Now we're gonna find our next yeah. So now, I'm. Going on that, know, y'all, plan that. One so. We. All find our next was. There one over here oh what's. That is, that a woman. Well. We find our next victim. Hopefully. It's you know. A little, bit scarier than that Oh. But, to spend how, is even will. Never win anything, we already got our words, people. Yeah yeah oh it, is it is that a big one I. Can. See. The. Face like. Okay, LeBaron Ellen. Now y'all can see it but somebody. Else died. I think, this one I can't hear the first time I think we saw all my money here I was trying to win like a Playstation or something like that you do this so. I used all my money here. Can. You go the kitchen. But. I guess, I was doing that's what the goal was for at. Least for the machine so. All right so. Whenever you find this next where I really. Found. On next ride which, is, Congo. River like. Let the Congo, River. Yeah, so we find our next ride. So. We're just trying to get it lucky right now. That. Beautiful locker footage. Is. Or. Occasionally. One. Hour. But, I tell you the TV. Turn. $1 for each additional, hour when. You're Howard. We're never come behind. Yeah it's. Probably all good you know let's just put it in here and then go to boat and. I guess, maybe we'll come close to writing wow I really do matter. Rent, a small offer for two hours. All right. Okay, oh so the.

Grandees Two hours and I'll tell you all when we get back. Hey. Guys so. We. Just went on two guys. One. One way and, one. Day. Were a headache. Can't. Show now, oh wait, right they can see you like right there that's. Like part of it. There. Was a really. Really. Fun ride I play, myself I went on at twice that. I. Can handle it, so. Now but. You know those two guys in there baby rising yeah, yeah. -. Shaky. Yeah they need it got, your head twisting in to. Do. The physics, right yeah. Yeah. You, gonna talk. Can't. Believe you better. Come. Here whoever, made. The. Right Mme. You gotta say your name, nikoline. What. That's me nicholae Brown all. Right. She, said no matter if. You'd uh, engineers. Of khumba. So. Now we're gonna go find. That turbo ride. Chica, oh dang. What. Do we even go I do. Oh. Is, that we, can't get out there oh oh. I didn't even see that I really. Is I. Really. Did not see that all I saw was like straight up guys I didn't, see here but apparently, there's a pathway so. You. Know what fine chica and. And, we'll get back guys, like I'm so soaked tiny no. And. We got soaked. Yeah. Yeah. It. Closed anyways, like immediately, well I guess, immediately, after we work on the clothes so. 5. 10 minutes after so. Guess. That back part of the forest goes so we're safe or secret. Isn't. The secret, that's. Oh. No. No that's not everyone. Could. Have seen her. Mm-hmm. Oh, I. Remember this one I. Remember. That right looks, like a little baby right I think, we went on it I remember, it oh it. Was like a yeah, yeah this. Like a little circus right, yeah. He's. Right, I hate, those rides guys, if you love those rides the ship like she does, comment. Down below. Cuz. I, don't, know he. Just messes with my stomach too much I don't like it just like I don't like this one, so. Those. Two guys I hate. Oh. Okay. I knew Sudha. Okay, I. Even. Gonna cancel my god oh. Yeah, that's what the house screaming events they started seven though, so. They, have a map now. Mike closes, wait for this area. Mayor. Bag. I don't, have it it's in the back. So, yeah. Yeah. What. Kind of hungry. But. Yeah. But. If, you only want, to go on it before, so. That I. Don't. Know. Put a copy ladies and gentlemen, for, the card of all our guests, Busch, Gardens permit. Smoking, in designated. Areas homeland. Here I am not watching as you refrain, from smoking no. Payback period, please. Over, to your apartment or, designated, location, throughout the park I'm kind of glad you came to. Protect our environment for, generations to, come, Lizzy. We serving, in plastic, and aluminum, in the axillary, recycling. Container this is a map view and. Suggested. That's how bad it is going to be guys. So. Yeah. So. We came back here. We're. Gonna go find this world that, I really hate. Chica. Okay. You know I'm. Really but I'm not to play myself again. Thinking. That I couldn't handle this right right. It's. Gonna be alive honestly. This. Is gonna be a life so, definitely, worth you guys are. Coming. Up with Gardens. We. Might meet up next year. So. There's. Six carosone. One show. Yeah. Problem. Scream, all. Scream 2018. We're. Also going to be going to oh no. Tango. I know, say you know just gonna have to guess. Y'all, just gonna have to guess so. We. Tell y'all when we get back to all where we get to Chico. All, right guys she. Wow. That's, why it's away like it wasn't raining so, guys after. A really long walk, long. As hell we. Made it to Chico, and. As you can see. That. Thing is really, hard. As. You can see so. That pokes. That thing is oh no. No. There's. A closer way no. There ain't no way he'll go. Joplin. That. Thing was right there right that. Thing is right there and really. JIT walked around the entire park just to come back here. Oh. My. God. They, don't use. Ok. Entrance is right there. I'm, guessing, the lockers are probably over there too. Alright. I'll pray for me. I'm. Afraid. But, it's, gonna be fine. Amazing. Here. We find eyes. She only wants my. Alright, so. I. Just want to say before I die it's. Been a pleasure, you guys are an awesome. You. Guys are awesome subscribers. Thank. You. I'm. Pretty sure babe, will continue to YouTube channel without. Me, so. I love, you. Peace. What's. On going. What's. On going. Yeah. We're. Kind of nauseous, what's going on everybody so I. Guess. I made it. Have. Survived barely, you went on it flying, we went on it twice dining, or live rien even get off like we just went on twice, so. I. Wasn't. Sure. So. We. Bought a cool off gets, on you need.

Yeah. Cooled off get something to eat. And. I guess we went out so the scary, stuff starts. We'll, just walk around inside. The scary stuff starts. Now. See us screaming and running. Away. Shot, glasses. Oh I. Thought they had my name I thought I was about to be like I love this place. One. Guy's. The. Missing lady. Oh. Damn. Nicole Wow. They, will have both of our hands. That's, all my stuff. Let's, keep looking. Do. You feel Philly cheesesteak, milk pig. Mouths, chipotle. Chicken and mousse or, burgers, bacon. Cheddar fries talking. This way yeah, or potato on hash and they use ribs, for. Smoke a bunch of old lately. Huh. Was it supposed a pony chicken hand now. So, do you want to go other ones I have bacon cheddar fries and burgers yeah. I'm. Just walking around and looking oh my God look. At those guys. Those. Two. Go back the way we came are. You serious. Anything. Are you serious, oh. My. God. It's. So much walk in. You. Might. Say we could probably talk to you guys. When. We get some food and sit down you guys good yeah we talked to guys so. Yeah. All, right guys, yes.

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