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Oh here she comes. She, is a handful. Hey. Good morning everybody and welcome to. The vlog out, the start of your day is absolutely, amazing. Amazing. Amazing, I wanted to kind of do a new tour of the reptile zoo for you guys because we've gotten a bunch of new animals in and I wanted to just kind of show them up in a bunch you guys have been asking like can you do a cage, by Kate Shore so I'm gonna do the best I can do to kind of hit every cage tell you a little bit about the animals show you what the cage you're like what the animals like and all that type of stuff I hope that you guys will enjoy it what do you say we push our problems aside for the next however long this video is and have an amazing day together now, obviously as soon as you walk into the rep teryn you see Bowser's, enclosure. Right here. It's almost a thousand, gallon, tank that has three waterfalls, that are actually on three flooville canister. Filters, that keep it nice and clean files are kind of cruise around keeps, over here in the corner we've been actually thinking about adding something else whether it be another snapping, turtle or possibly, even a bunch of fish I'm not 100% sure but I think it's a great feature when you walk through the door that the rep tear to see something so absolutely, beautiful, and not to mention we do have our little. Is. That really a snake of course, it's just our PET plastic snake, is it of course to the left when you first walk in you have our tortoises. We have speediness, on cava tortoise, franklin, the leopard, tortoise along, with my old girl over here and another little male over here these guys are absolutely incredible not only do I love tortoises, but it's so cool that kids can come in and feed, the tortoises definitely one of the big hits at the repped area then there's my big girl Lucy's, cage look at how gorgeous she is looking, today and of course this is a 10 foot by 6 foot by 8 foot tall Cape has a bunch of terracing, in it has a nice water feature over, here and yes a lot of people have asked me will I ever fix the waterfall that comes down from the banyan tree yeah that's something that I play just have a lot going on it's gonna take a day or so to really get in there and figure out how to do it because basically what happens is we have an intake, right there that goes for the waterfall, and whenever she defecates. In the water it actually clogged, the pump so I have to make some sort of a cover over here for the intake so that no debris gets into the pump and actually breaks the pump if that makes sense but nevertheless I Love Lucy she, definitely loves, this absolute, enclosure and it's definitely a really showstopper, as soon as you walk into the rep Theriot some people that come to the rep terram actually miss the fact that there is a community, came in over thousands, times in the course that is guacamole, to Mellors chameleon, the second largest species, of chameleon on the planet guacamole. Isn't it great handling, animal but sure is gorgeous, this is certainly an underrated. Lizard, right here of course this came from my friends force and Desiree down in Indianapolis. Of course this is an alligator, lizard or no Boronia, just, look at the color, on this one this thing is so absolutely, gorgeous. And of course this is the king jet there and now they, have automatic misting. Systems they have lots of caves and crevices, all kinds, of places to hide and they absolutely are thriving. Here, a couple cages when you walk in are actually nickels, the Biak ring tree python, and then we have a male veiled, chameleon, or coop trotta's, that is a little bit of a feisty, little monkey but absolutely, incredible. Then we have our Jackson's, chameleon, cage we have one male in here and a few females, kind of cruise around you could see the male right back, there he's absolutely, incredible, and of course with the Jackson's the males have the horns the females don't and there are live bearing, chameleons, we actually have four horned.

Frogs We have strawberry, pineapple, here, a really, gorgeous, horned, frog and then of course we have the, famous snoop. Frog this, thing is absolutely incredible it's actually a fantasy. Frog and then we have a little male up top as well as another normal ornate female we have snazz here, the normal Burmese, python, that was actually donated to me by my friend Rhonda and you can see he's got a pretty cool cage he can crawl up on these rocks over here he's got a few crevices, over here but to be honest with you he spends most of its time either in the water or just hanging out on the hot spot in here he is an absolutely, incredibly, tame animal and one of our favorites to pull out for people to hold we have the mata Mata Turtles in here this tank and the one thing I really wish that we had more of at the rep terram was more aquatic stuff we have a handful, of aquatic, tanks but I absolutely love, it and I wish we could add some more turtles to it but the mata Mata is are amazing, of course we have my good girl Daisy here, what a beautiful, thing, she is so absolutely. Incredible, right now she's hugging the heat right now there's, actually a hog pad underneath, right here as well as the hot spot up top and she's absolutely loving. It she had a nice big meal the other day so she's digesting, over here she is definitely one of the gentle giants that we can pull out for sure people love, her here's my boy Fetty WAP right here and this of course is his cage and this is basically the reptile Prime cages that we will be selling for ball pythons, and bearded dragons and even some leopard geckos this is one of the designs right here you can see he has some stuff to climb up over here you can get right over here on the alleges, for the hot spot he can get into a cool spot a little hiding spot over here if he wants to he absolutely seems like he loves it and he is an absolute sweetheart, you. Guys know that I absolutely love, my dark rocks we actually have three species of King Taurus these electric blue ones are absolutely, ridiculous. And I definitely want to get some more tart frogs in my future there's a whole bunch of different species and subspecies that I would love to work with but these things are absolutely incredible and everyday I just love feeding them because they are such an amazing. Animal to watch I absolutely love this animal here this is actually a pure, Darwin's. Albino, carpet. Python. Absolutely. A stunning. Snake, always, talked about I want to give people the opportunity to see things that they're not gonna see very often in zoos and certainly, not going to be able to handle in touch so this mole indoor fire 100 flower rat snake certainly is one of those animals it's absolutely. Stunning and certainly not something that you're probably going to ever get a chance to hold almost anywhere, else this albino poo nursery Island rat snake would certainly fall into that category as, well something, that you don't see hardly ever and it's just really cool that you can take it out and handle it's a little bit hyper but it's not a bite or anything like that so it's absolutely. An amazing snake, we have a couple cages, of gargoyle geckos with two female goggles, in each of them absolutely. Cool animals, and these guys are probably going to be out of the zoo here pretty soon because they'll move back over to BHB, for the breeding season and we'll have to replace them with something else but we still have some other cool geckos here always say that about 80%, of the animals, that the repped harem can actually come out and get handled and certainly, when someone comes in that's not very experienced, or it may be even a little bit timid about handling snakes honey the pastel, piebald ball python is usually, my go-to snake I absolutely love, the cage and I actually think it's maybe one of my best cages when it comes to reticulated, python you can see Sunfire up there at the very top and basically there's just so many ledges, and places, for her to go where she can come down here she can go way up by the light all the way over to the cool side and that's really what a lot of retakes in the wild do they do a lot of climbing into crevices and stuff like that so I absolutely love, this cage and Sun fires in shed right now but she is becoming a really sweet snake then there's my guy Alba suit who over here it's definitely very food aggressive think I like about this habitat, is again all of the clips in area that she can climb on she loves to get way up there by the light and get a nice basking, area but she can also be down here in a big water bowl is really good and oh here she comes whoo.

That's. Like what she, is a handful, she is always hungry, but she is a super, cool animal, and of course this is a night Nile monitor, which is a melon is they clutch like two slits the black dragon, but this is an African Nile monitor we're toothless, is an Asian, water monitor. Everyone. Loves potato of course the centralian, Blue Tongue skink definitely. One of the fan favorites when people come out and people all the time always, will come in and say this is the one that escaped, yes potato, is the one that escaped thankfully, we found this little cheeky monkey but this is where he presides, in his beautiful, cage what, a great animal this is flaming hot cheetos enclosure. Right here, he is just such an absolutely, beautiful animal. And again it gives some opportunity, for him to do some hiding some climbing he loves it up here where he can actually get right underneath the basking, light and again comes out all the time with kids it has a little bit of sharp nails other than that a great, animal of course my girl Bella here needs no introduction. Whatsoever. She is absolutely amazing. And I showcase, her so much if you guys are watching the vlog and don't, know who Bella is the Rhino vana then you haven't been watching long enough because live. Beautiful animal and she's definitely a jealous, little monkey - whenever Elvis, or any other lizards are out she is always super, jealous of them another animal that doesn't need any introduction is my boy Elvis here what's up buddy, of course my Asian, water monitor that, is just a puppy, dog same animal, and again one of those animals you take out and people are just like what is going on here you just don't think of an animal that is like this that is just so curious so friendly, so absolutely, awesome we have my extremely. Fresh, headed, Casper, here literally, just shed this morning looking absolutely incredible. Much like so many of the habitats he loves to climb on all of these little crevasses in here yeah it loves they have that but he's a great snake to get out because he is so darn gorgeous, I absolutely love these little alien, type geckos, right here these are course our gyro Plante's from Brianna the giant, leave tail geckos, absolutely. Stunning and there's such great camouflage that, literally there's one right in the back over here and you can apparently see it just blends right in here's our Cuban Knight anole jumper, over here he's absolutely, cool and a lot of Cuban Knight anole czar not very tame this guy is super super docile, he definitely likes to run a little bit that's why we call him jumper but other than that he's a great, great animal, and as I'm going through and giving you guys a tour do me a favor go down in the comments, let me know what animals you're really excited about if you ever come to the rep terram which ones you guys want to see and if you want me to do highlights on specific, animals a little bit more now that you're getting to see more and more what's at the zoo here's my little do Murrells boa getting, a nice crown boa that comes from madagascar that eventually get eight or ten foot long but she's just a little girl right now but she is super, super calm and really, a beautiful snake and speaking of an absolutely gorgeous snake of course there's this D Albert's Python I've talked about it before other just absolutely, super iridescent, beautiful snakes and typically, not the Thema stuff snakes this one here happens to be a puppy, dog came one which makes it absolutely incredible, and then, we have Tiger, Lily the Brazilian, rainbow boa I absolutely, have to have at least one Brazilian, rainbow boa or because, they're not only unbelievably.

Beautiful Snakes, but oftentimes just really, Placid, and Tiger Lily certainly, fits that bill there's, a couple animals you guys see all the time of course this is Night Fury and this is night Furies, habitat, and people ask me sometimes with and comes to some of the animals, like Night Fury or toothless. Or salt and pepper like what's gonna happen when they get big we, have plans to grow their size enclosure, so for now Night, Fury is fine in this cage but probably within about two months he's gonna need something bigger and of course toothless is another animal as can eventually get much much larger than his habitat which is completely fine he's going to get his biggest Elvis and even bigger he is absolutely, incredible and as he grows will continue to grow his habitat there are two giant day geckos and this cage fell suma grandis, absolutely. Gorgeous, little dudes they're hiding at the moment but when they come out all my, gosh and when you feed them their hunting is amazing definitely got to film that soon we actually have a pair of the lychee on it's the biggest gecko in the world of course this is my female Big Bertha that's only about a year old the male is about 6 months younger than her so he's still a little bit small but she is, absolutely. Stunning, I've talked about the Gator tank a lot do all 6 of the Gators are out right now they're all kind of like begging for food if you can know I mean they're waiting for that clicker to cut clicking so that they can eat they are absolutely, all amazing. I've said this before this, enclosure. Is one of my favorite enclosures, in the entire zoo of course these are where our monkey tail skinks live and they are all over the place right now right in that corner that is actually, the female down there the male I think is way up top there but every day I just get such a kick out of it because in the morning they're always right up front they're eating or drinking stuff, like that and then they slowly migrate, back to kind of hiding throughout the day and then about 6 or 7 o'clock at night they come back down and they hang out right here again usually right underneath that leave they're. Just such goanna like chicken, strip he is getting so, big, it's, amazing. Just since we moved over here to the zoo you know five six months ago that he is like triple, his size he is doing so well and like I've talked about he actually has mellowed out a lot we take him out almost every single day so he is getting better and better with age what, an absolutely incredible animal, my argaman.

Not. Much else needs to be said one of the most entertaining, animals. I own this is an animal I probably don't talk nearly, enough about it's absolutely. Incredible this is actually Darwinist, centralian. Carpet, python what an absolutely. Gorgeous animal, and again his habitats, really cool because they come from areas where there's a lot of rocky, outcropping. And this is kind of perfect for him to kind of thermal regulate get way up on the basking heat or stay down here on the cold side and again I really should highlight him a lot more when animal maybe I highlight, too much is my girl pretty to here but again she is just so amazing and I hope that you guys don't mind that I highlight her so much because she is truly, a stunning, snake and again you can kind of see her habitat multi-layers just like Sun fires you know lots of places for her to climb to change her thermoregulation. As far as temperature goes and of course we have our arachnid. All that is coming together with any luck here later this week we'll have it completely done or at least within the next couple weeks and we can have all of our bugs in here I think it'll be really cool to have kind of one central, area where you can see everything. We. Have Riki the jamp hair dwarf, reticulated. Python of course it's lavender albino, which means that it's actually half male and half Jamm pea but he's about eight years old and only a little over ten foot so I don't think he's gonna get much better he loves hanging out right up there it's kind of cool because he's got a little bit of in the hot spot he's got a little bit on the cool spot but there's lots of different levels and layers that he can go in this habitat someone asked me about Verde, the other day said why haven't we seen Verde recently, she is still doing absolutely well and yes she is one of those animals that as she gets larger, it's gonna get a larger and larger habitat, eventually, one that is heavily aquatic, for sure but she has still had live chicks, that's all she'll eat but she at least is eating really well the other frogs we have other than Horned Frogs of course are chunky monkey the African, bullfrog are what they sometimes call a pixie, frog he is actually a male so he's not gonna get nearly as big as say a female that'll probably get about twice maybe even two and a half times his size he's, pretty much full-grown, but he is certainly gel B and there's my guy crackle. Of course snap crackle, and pop Scouter parts, over here and of course now we have the female crispy, black, head pythons are really, quite amazing and again they'll come from that area with lots of rock crevices, and places for them to climb so crackle uses them a lot this is a little snake that I don't show off nearly, enough I mean look at how incredible that is this of course an Asian, vine snake and just look at how it keeps that tongue stuck, out and as I move the camera it actually, moves towards. The camera really, intelligent, snakes, really quite, amazing, I mean that, thing is ridiculous. It's gonna get quite a bit larger but right now it's doing really well it's eating fish they love to eat little house geckos stuff, like that so they believe. Oh very, interesting, and very peculiar. Snake but when we let it go in this environment, it literally, just disappears. Into the trees, and you can literally have a hard time sometimes even spotting, it what a cool little snake and I know there's gonna be some animals that you guys see all the time and then there's other animals I don't show nearly enough but sweetie is one that you guys probably remember of course the super tame blood Python and look at this this is deep in shed look at the eyes just come clouded, over and still sweetie, is an absolute, sweetheart so, she is absolutely, changing, people's minds about amazing blood pythons, a couple clue bird snakes really quick that are really good animal ambassadors, first with the peaches the hypo, Honduran, milk snake whoo doggy that is one gorgeous snake and then the other one would actually be Maisie the corn snake no both peaches, and Maisy were donated, to us by a friend of ours that did educational.

Shows With these two for many years so now they're at the zoo making, kids life's happy, and everyone else that comes then so it's good that they were always educational. Animals, and now they are really, getting handled a tremendous, amount and a lot like the monkey tails Kincaid bobbing said that this emerald tree boa habitat. Is really, one of my favorites. When it comes to the entire repped area you guys know tazzy the Argentine, glutton, aigoo what, an amazing, animal and he's very predictable, he spends a lot of time hiding right down here under the water dish and then when he's out he'll usually come up and fast right on this top ledge but he has lots of options and he is an absolutely, wonderful wonderful. Animal, this is the actual leopard, gecko cage that we'll be selling at reptile prime the exact same one you know come in a little bit of a like Australian, red desert type of color too but nevertheless the same thing so we have a handful of really beautiful leopard, geckos here that are super habituated, to handling so that when kids want to handle like deco they can handle these guys this is a max note and then over in the corner here this beautiful little monkey is a bold, Belle this is one of our jungle carpet pythons that are on display here and strangely, enough she, was one of those animals, that we have at the zoo when we first opened and she just didn't like it over here so after about a month we had to move her back over to BHB and then she was doing extremely well over there so we decided to give it one more shot and now she's doing great she's eating she's handling, really well so she looks like she's going to be a permanent, picture here at the rep theorem as well a couple more of the usual suspect, that you guys hear a lot about of, course this is hell in the Noahide albino, ball python and this is her habitat, here and I talk about all the time how she climbs, up onto all the different ledges, all the time which I find just absolutely, fascinating. Then of course there is Ben and Jerry probably, the most famous of the snakes that we have right now everyone, that comes in is always just like where's Ben and Jerry because again you're not going to go very many places and get an opportune, to see a two-headed, snake up close and personal now I love that little smiley face on Ben and Jerry they're doing really well and like I had mentioned we up their food to twice a week and it seems like it's already paying off and they're starting to look a little bit more chunky then of course there is salt, over here and pepper is over in the back over there this is where we keep them we're open, of course we keep them still in quarantine and, back when they're off so we can just monitor their food and stuff like that yes they will eventually have to get a much larger cage and I talked about the fact that with our normal alligators, will raise them up when they get too big we send them back together and they send us other ones salt and pepper will stay with us for their entire life so as they get bigger and no longer fit knees they, will go into different habitats, and bigger and bigger all the way until hopefully, they're big adult, alligators. And there's my little guy Nova, over there you know what is going on again a huge, crowd favorite people love when Nova, is coming up look at he's so curious, what's going on buddy he'll literally come right up to the front of cage almost like a Bela to be totally honest with ya so Nova is amazing, then of course there's my girls sunrise now listen I didn't hit every, single cage but I hit the vast majority of cages, so I hope that if you want to come visit the rep teram you have a better idea of what we have here maybe there were some animals, you didn't even realize we have maybe I featured, some stuff you already knew about just wanted Morgan no hopefully you can come visit one day but, sunrise, is certainly always going to be one of my favorites, she is just such an absolutely, docile, beautiful, snake and again oftentimes when people come and they've never held a snake they almost always end, up bulking sunrise just because she's so Placid and absolutely, wonderful, the more or less that has it that is the ultimate rep terraeum, tour cage, by cage you're almost caged I can't use again I'm sure I missed a few things so if I miss something don't get freaked out like oh my god you didn't show this trust, me everything's, okay and I will again that one day you can come visit and kind of hold this stuff because again that's the thing I think that is so amazing, about this journey that we've been on at the ref Terre is the fact that almost everything, that you guys saw today you can actually hold within reason there's a few things you can't but hey listen it is absolutely, amazing and I am loving every minute of it and thank you guys for all your support coming.

Sharing. Doing all those types of things you guys are absolutely amazing and I love you guys so much can you do me a couple favors before we get out of here can you smash that like button if you like the video can you turn those post notification, on you want to know when I upload a video which is every day every, day every day at 9 o'clock in the morning Eastern Standard Time remember. To comment down below tell me your animal that you want to see more Oh tell me which animal if you came to the rep term you'd want to spend time with be. Kind to someone and I promise, I will see you guys tomorrow.

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Think you for the tour, it was good

U are the bestt!!!!! A burmese python omfg its so dope and i love your nile monitors specially prime hes so energetic the way he jumps and run for mice keep up the good work wish u guys all the success ...❤️

can u make a video about feeding all the animal in reptile zoo? include the snapping turtle and all the turtles u have

Haha your bearded dragon is named fetty wap

I really wanna see Pickles, Verdi, Bella, Casper, Daisy, and Night Fury whenever I go to visit. Honestly, I'm excited to see ALL of the animals! I love your passion and love for these animals and I can't wait until i can get the chance to visit and meet all of these gorgeous animals!!

Add some fish to make it lively, don't add another snapping turtle

How much does it cost for a bearded dragon cage

You should get you some chinese Water dragon. They are awesome animals and super tame when they get older and. They are also super nice looking

Absolutely absolute to the absolutey most absolute power

Brian are those tortoise breeding already

Can u do a video on talking about the different types of gecko morfs please

More on Crackle! Edit: and Asian Vine Snake.

When can we start getting the dragon cages?


I recently started volenteer work at a reptile zoo near me and its really fun and I'm not afraid of snakes now

I can’t wait until his anaconda grows to a adult

Tiger Lilly is beatiful

Your veiled chameleon can die if depression so I suggest you handling it

zozo quiroz they can also die from stress! handling might not be the best idea :(

get an elephant trunk snake plz

You should NOT be cohabitating gargoyles!!! Those poor geckos...

Snapping turtle

you don't care about your anamales

Why does the white lipped python have like the smallest enclosure?

Now that I’ve finally got my own place, I’m wondering what’s a good starter reptile to get? I won’t be gone all the time I’ll be home a good bit, and I’m not really against anything. I love snakes and bearded dragons, but I’m not the type to just go buy something because I think it’s cool when I might not know what’s best for it. I don’t have a terribly large budget but whatever I get I wanna make sure lives really nice. I want something I can interact with, I don’t want something I can only just feed. If anyone has any recommendations or words of wisdom, I’d love to hear. I love your channel Brian been following for years. Keep up the awesome work and content. Have a blessed day

I watched you since I was 8 and I want to see lucy

I love his energy and passion! It's plain to see that he absolutely adores every animal in his care. Amazing video and if I weren't on the other side of the world I would visit the reptarium immediately. And it was great to see some Australian animals from my country!

Just so all you Americans know a bredli Python/centralian Python there not a carpet Python they are a Morelia though the same a green tree Python's and rough scale Pythons so technically it is it's on Python.

Brain I have a question I went to one of my local pet shops and they had a rainbow boa for a hundred and twenty dollars is that a normal price? Also I love the monitors and beardies

Where is the reptarium

You should get a lot more geckos

Do a video with Toothless!!!

Soon I'm gonna come see u


Could u do more with ubusucu

Brian "He defiantly is a runner ,that is why we call him jumper " me ,questioning my whole life WHY?????

Please film the Day Geko feeding!

Brian slow down ,we know your passion ! So do 1/2 each video ! .your missing 4 great ! ! bearded dragons ! take your time,wore they breeding at your zoo,? Man cut back on the RED BULL ! !

Their all so cool!!!! I love how much room the animals have! :D

If my husband and I ever get enough money and passports i would love to come see the reptarium in person.

Brian, I love your videos so much and you really inspire me. Keep on being amazing and I’m actually in awe every day. I’m always watching your videos- you are the BEST.

You should get a red eyed crocodile skink

I dont know if you see this but if your African bullfrog is a male then he can get alot bigger then that :) the males are the growers of their species! Great episode !

I wish i could see RJ one day :(

why is snaz's cage so boring ):

Can we hold the reticulated pythons if we go

I'm really excited to tell you this! I GOT TO HOLD A JAMAICAN BOA! He was so pretty! and pretty tame! and I don't know if you know who george gruhan is ok I don't know how his name is spelled but he has so many rare snakes and almost exstinct snakes and it was just amazing cause he has a pet lynx named Tidus and I love him I'm not sure if it was a lynx or not but tidus is so pretty!

And I want to see more frog

Awesome vlog btw



I love Bella I want to meet her


You have inspired me so much I have love watching you and want to work with snaked and reptiles when I get older

Are you ever going to make a non reptile zoo because your habit tats would be really cool


Is the Asian monitor lizard mentioned what we here in Aus call a Goanna?

Corn snakes please! I have asked my mom for one for my birthday and I’m really excited so if you wouldn’t mind I would like to get more educated on them and I’m sure you have many’s! Thank you

You have 2 snakes names after my favortie dragon in how to train your dragon 1 2 and 3. Toothless the nightfury are one dragon toothless is the name nightfury's the type.

Sunrise is absolutely stunning I really wanna hold her! Maybe one day I’ll leave to UK and come visit

I love how friendly you are with them.. You are so nice to them,but sometimes they bite you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I absolutely love this video this is absolutely the best absolutely video he has on this channel I literally love you absolutely the most

Can you do a hilight video on the rainbow boa enclosure??!!

Can you do more about bearded dragons or if you have done already then could you link videos? I’m interested in buying a beardie myself

I really want to go there

never saw darwin in your zoo and this is my first time knowing you even have him.

Monitors and lizards I had an iguana growing up... Unfortunately I'm renting these daya so can't have one defiantly Would love a tegu or a Rhino iguana

Best video

New drinking game. Any time Brian says ooo doggy one drink any time he says little money two drinks. Any time he says amazing 3

I am Dorian and I like reptiles

I might be coming to the reptarium soon and I want to see bella

I love all ur animal and respect u for showing reptiles can be tamed and freindly

I like the duremas boa

Are guys gonna build more enclosures or add on when salt and pepper get as big as RJ or bigger

If i ever get the chance to come meet you guys i am definitely looking forward to meeting Bella, Elvis, Sunrise, Daisy and Ben and Jerry as well as all the other animals

I would like to see Salt and Pepper

Sorry about the spelling error. My phone has auto correct. Lol

Brian, you and your family and staff are doing an amazing job!I always watch your voucher vogue and it's fun to watch and I have certainly learned so much. Keep up the amazing you do. I have lots of friends here in Des Moines Iowa.

Love Bella! Daisy is awesome too!

Tiger Lily and Ubusuku are my favorites. ❤️

If I came to the reptarium I want to see everything

I love the whole tour and trust me I have never ever seen anyone saying like the way you did at the end to like the video it was fantastic hear that

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