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Hey everyone hope you're having an amazing day at smart Queens I'm in Tijuana, Baja California. Mexico and, today we, are driving from, Tijuana, to, Ensenada, and there's. A couple stops that we're gonna make along the way a couple food stops one is for meat but the main goal today is we're going to a place where, they have their, there they've, saved for us a Pacific. Spider. Crab hopefully, a giant, spider crab and, we're gonna eat a lot of amazing seafood, especially a, spider crab. So. We're still in Tijuana right before we start driving we're, just getting a little quick breath a quick seafood, breakfast, at this stall right here, and. They. Specialize in a number of different things especially toast eyelids what's in season the seafood that's in season the crab, crab. Tostada. Awesome. I can't, wait. Here. It is this. Post nada is just beyond. Belief I. Put, on a little mayonnaise on the bottom the crab onions. Salt, and pepper avocado, and a little. Unbelievable. It's. So fresh and juicy. Nothing, overpowering, it oh the lime juice in there the. Salt and pepper the. Creamy avocado the, pickled onions spectacular, stunning. Blowing. My taste buds for breakfast in the morning right now. And in that crab there's almost milky. All. Stunning. This. Is a famous, cocktail, of clams and oysters and, it's famous for being great for hangover, cure, a legendary. Legendary. Immediately. After eating that tostada the crab, tostada we are ordering a cocktail and it's a live station, he's making it in front of us dee showing something some giant clams and nothing Tigers chopping, them into bite-sized pieces and then worth we'll see what he does next. Here. He. Hands it to you literally, in a, chalice, look, at the sight it's like almost the size of my head, but the live I mean he he chopped up straight, up the fresh oysters, and clams then, into the cup into the chalice there were already cucumbers. Tomatoes maybe, some onions put their shellfish in there and then, on top of that some, salt and pepper and then avocado, on top that is gorgeous. Add. Some of this yeah. They're. All going in will, Violette, either just like that turn to life. Really. Will. Bring you back to life. That's. A fattest, boy stur I've ever put in my mouth. The. Shellfish, is shined, the. Onions, the, freshness, of it with. Something like this it, has to be fresh, there's, no compromising. Nothing. Covering it up that, is just that's. The greatest like. Cocktail. Seafood. Beverage. That. You could ever want. The. Lime a little. Bit of chilli the onions the pepper in there it all comes together in a beautiful harmony, I love the contrast of the textures with the like kind. Of like slimy. Shellfish, and the crunch of the cucumber and onion. We. Were on our way walking, to the van but. One more dish that we had to try this one is our tea lid they come out on this water chilly water I think. They're, using chillers day chill - Pete from Sonoran, sprinkle little chili on there. The. Chili water is incredible, with. The cream of the avocado you, can taste the dry smoky, chilies in it and then just like the seeds are floating around you taste the raw shrimp would have just only been cooked by the acid similar to ceviche, it's, only cooked by the acid, of the lime while, that's outstanding. Yes. Let's. See that real fast, Venis. Corn. Cake Vico, will love this thank. You. All. Right and we're looking good for football and. Football. Those where the lighter. Crab Marciano's, see, all the Martians the, main mission, is to promote left for the giant spider crab called, Martian awesome partnership, I'm another planet. They're. Huge they're have. A photo of my 3 or then three year old holding one up and it was about the size of his body the size of a three-year-old. There's. One there's, one stop, that, we have to make I mean it would be horrible to miss this stuff because it's on the way right yeah it's. Not seafood right no it's steak. I. Noticed you didn't have this taco in Mexico City because it's kind of yeah, regional. Taco from here in snore it's called a taco de prony and it's, a big taco a large, flour tortilla, with, plenty, of air Achara steak guacamole. Onion. And. Good. Salsa. We're. Somewhere, in between I, think what about 28 we took about 20 minutes to get here from, Tijuana. And this, little town puts. Cotton asada on the map for Baja California. And, it's called tacos hello yakky. Oh, that. Mesquite a. Fresh. Batch of meat is going on the grill I believe they're burning Mesquite. And, he's just stopping that fire even, it like raging. Hot, and smelly aroma, of the of that wood burning and, he just put on an inspire layer covering, the entire girl, they're like meat they're like blankets, of beef.

So. They cut that side is straight from the grill to, the next dirty work you just chopped, up like an entire stack, of state and the main thing you order here's one which is we're gonna watch them at the Assembly right now but if you chops up the steak he adds in some broth chops, data reduces. It rehydrates it filled, into a tortilla with cheese and Vilas. Look. At the size of this yeah it has to be like 2 to 3 times the size of a regular taco just, loaded, there again. They're so fast at making this they dumped in that cotton asada that's already reduced, and rehydrated, they add on some soft beans, there's beans in here too some, salsa some cilantro, and onions, and then some guacamole, and. I'm gonna and you can even feel like this thickness of that tortilla as well I'm gonna just dump on a little bit of salsa on the top the, top move. I had, totally forgot about the cheese in there look at the amount of juice in this taco, there's just outstanding. The Biff it's so tender and smoky it's like being juiced that binds it together and. They're no tortillas are like thick. Don't hold it together. Again. That was just a bonus on our way to eat the Martian. Giant. Spider crabs and so we're on our way back on the were jumping in the van we're on our way to probably, another 20 minutes down the coast until we get there. Welcome. To Portland, which is this is an amazing. Like Peninsula. Just. Filled, with little restaurants, little seafood stall surrounded. By the like. Crashing. Waves of the Pacific Ocean, it's spectacularly. Beautiful and. Scott. Has arranged. For us to meet a lady who has reserved. Us who has saved us some of the Martian spider crabs and. This. This. Is her whole place, went all the way on a platform to that SUV. Vehicle, and burned, down like, a couple weeks ago so, we are here to. Show the support of, one of the great ladies of Ensenada. Seafood. Levana, come through you know so it's a sad story. Just. A couple weeks ago her restaurant, which is right here facing the sea it burned down in a fire and. So now, kind of like a makeshift, tent. With some umbrellas here but, the restaurant is called last today she's gonna rebuild, and when. You come to her. Anywhere from Tijuana to Ensenada let's show our support come, visit her come. Hang, out with her come eat at her place she's gonna rebuild, and. She's gonna make for us the, spider crabs. Starting. Off with a clean bite of foodies fresh, sea urchin just, opened she put it under the plate there's some avocado, there's some, cucumbers. And some tomatoes, and some onions on top and that's served with chips this is just like a appetizer to get us started. Oh it's. So cheesy and so much lime juice in there. That's. Amazing yeah just okay. Ready. Anyway, just taking one bite because we're gonna go to the seafood market now and somebody, is reserved. Is, holding, the, spider crabs for us. These are rock-cut. This. Is whitefish. So. You come down to the beach and it's like an entire seafood, market, fresh from the fishermen, there's, just tables, full of fresh, fish, there's the spider crabs and, there's also a beach there's seagulls, it's, an amazing. Fish market seafood, market and so you can actually buy seafood and then, take. It back to the restaurant to cook it yes you're actually gonna buy one of these. Yeah. Spiders. From Mars Martian. Landing a. Spider. Crab sakala Marciano's, presented like Martians. In. En, espanol Marcion. Marciano, Marciano. Which literally translates in Marshall because they do look like Martians, yeah. Sneijder, true have we. Got one and then I think a couple more than back in it pre-ordered all in one stops seafood. Just. Everything, you can imagine seafood. You buy, your fresh seafood here they chopped them up right here, the boats are right here the beach is right here and then yeah, we're going up back, to allodynia or, he's gonna fry up the Martian crabs. Oh. Right, as we were about to head up the. Fishermen had just come unloading, an entire boatload, of the Martian crabs. One, was the one that got me in the finger. Straight. After being clean they go straight, into hot bubbling, oil there or they're gonna deep-fry deep-fry, the crab oh. And. You, can you already immediately, see the color changing although they almost have a blue color to them when they're they're, raw but you can immediately see them turning bright pink in that hot oil.

And Excitement. So, the the crab is deep-fried until. It yeah just like brightens. Up turns orange pink almost deep-fried. Stuart crisp and she, pulled them out and that's woman half I thought it was all of them over so you put in a whole nother batch there's a whole nother batch drying three. Martian. Crabs. Whoa. He's. Still steaming. Nothing. The meeting nothing, above me I can. I got, that aroma is gonna do better than the job for sure it's. Got. Delicious. It's. Surprisingly, sweet this is such an ugly it's. Such an ugly beast. I'm. Just hearing like moans and groans coming from the way. Down everyone. Has gotten silent now. So. Again, unbelievably. Fresh literally. Boat, that, was right down there. To. Our table, which. Is right here, that. Is zero kilometer, in, fact I think we can call that like. 20. Meter 20 meter crap only minute rub it's going to get our craft go. To they. Don't crush the crapper. You what they give you as a stone. Yes. One. Giants. And that shell is so hard to. Look. At the stringiness, of that clock. The. Recipe, oh. It's. So hot to stringing. Apart. I. Think. That has to be the. Most like Street. Crap I've ever had in my life look at the pieces like they're like you can actually like see, like the grains of it feel the grains of it look get a close-up on that. Okay. I've. Never had crab that's, that stringy, and just silky and melts in your mouth and, just, the. Sweetness, the flavor the. Freshness unbelievable. Yeah. So. Pure so fresh. Unbelievable. Yeah. It's. So fun to hang. Out. Margin. Margin drumstick. Drumstick. Time that little that little it's like the joint between the body and the leg, coming off the Martian leg coming off is like a drumstick, just, full of me full of can it get to me it also has that fried layer. Because it touches the oil. No. Good. So. Much meat they're, so incredibly, medium and. It's just so much fun hanging out everybody, the. Bridge of the ocean the wave is coming in the. Smell of the sheave the. Straight, fresh crab and just banging, everybody banging, with their stones every now and then like every minute every second, the table just rocks back and forth. That. Just makes you money more. Yes. It is the greatest single bite. The. Freshness the distinctive, flavor of. These Martian crabs I mean. If, we were to compare to another crab it's, similar to a king crab. Yeah. Yeah. The. Texture get bullied of it and. While the king crab leg is just better I think this knuckle is as good as anything yeah. Yeah. It is a new. Category world-class, knuckle. Oh straightest. Knuckle. But. We didn't know if fingers could possibly get better Loden, yes she brought over the, head these this is the Tama Lee this is the head butter from all three crabs condensed. Into one head, and served, in the Martian shell like, a soupy. Gooey. Condensed. Crap all that smells incredible. It's. Just like the crab soup. And juices, and homily. Head butter just, all curdled. In the head. The. Essence of crab. Of. Course yes the essence of crab here we go. And. Unimprovable. It's. So sweet. In. Crabs, when extinct, this would bring them all back to life. Literally. It. Tastes like they're like that sugar inside of it it's so sweet. That. Is the crab had mercies and buttered one or two hands to do a single leg shelves here into. The sea no Martian, craps dull. Straight-up, pudding, yeah, that's briny good. Yeah. That's like, three whole nights are beyond that's like the bibliographic, experience, I've ever had in my life it's, the best pudding I've ever had in my life. The. Braids all the innards and everything just kind of stopping, the other month oh sorry. I'm gonna do I'm gonna try to your face it's amazing. It's. Actually, you're, ready that, would get, me started about look. This is something I've always wanted to do in my life. College. It's even better that way I want. To give it a mark Wiens here. Delicious. That's. Killer yeah, actually. I want to try that jealous. Yeah. That was, the. Birthday cake. Yes. We're. Up our. This, is one of those mules that just got us into a like.

Non, Fully. Functioning. Not. Fully alert or thinking, straight state. Of minds that crab, was just the. Freshness, and, that chalice, of juices. And head butter at the end just that was the icing on the cake that just topped it off, drinking. Out of the shell it's so rich it has this like slight. Bitterness, that contrasts. The sweetness but unbelievably. Sweet creamy. Rich, bitter, sweet. I think I said that like three times but it, really was like three times sweetness, all. Men. That. Was dessert that, was dessert in papote la Martian. Crab dessert. And. So. That brings us to the end of, this tour of papote LA especially. Focusing, on the Martian, the, Martian crab are also known as the spider crab huge. Thank you to all my friends a big thank you to Scott fro, he's the gringo in Mexico I'll have his link in the description he offers tours he does social media he's an expert on Mexican. Food and he is an amazing his, passion, about Mexican food and also thank you to Sebastian, who, got the crabs for us who arranged that for us and to Jeffrey Mehra Hugh I'll. Have his link in the description. Box go check all of them out and thanks. To all of my friends for, bringing. Me here for taking, me to Papua at La big thank you for watching please. Remember to give this video a thumbs up leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed click, subscribe now and also click the little bell icon so you immediately get notified of the next video that I published goodbye, from Popat LA and see, you on the next video and from here we're driving straight to Ensenada, for. The next seafood, Street, food tour so, stay tuned for that. Muchas, gracias. Thank. You check. It out yes we talked about yeah and one more quick thing before we leave Lord Enya her stall is called last today as she's gonna rebuild, come, here show her your support she's. An amazing cook and she's so friendly so nice. Poppet, la Mexico. Baja. California.

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