HUMAN BONE FOUND in World's Weirdest Cemetery | Bangkok, Thailand

HUMAN BONE FOUND in World's Weirdest Cemetery | Bangkok, Thailand

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There's. An open, plot, there. Is a coffin year I open. Grave and what we believed to be human. Bone fragment, because they believed that there were too many ghosts, here so what exactly did, you see shadow. Figure, this, area, is why. Is. That fun guys, definitely fun yeah. Hi. Guys thank you for tuning in to amy's crypt I am currently in Bangkok, Thailand and, I have moved my way to a very haunted, Chinese cemetery just, right behind me and I'm excited to check it out cuz it has some cool stories. Those, donuts night that was a big I. Don't. Know what breed it was a big black snake so. Kind. Of, what we wore today, bit. Bucks. Okay. So I'm just about to take you into the, formal. Area, of the cemetery, and I'll explain. That. Section. Which. Is. Supposed. To be haunted this section also, is, but. We're. Looking forward to exploring it, it's. A lot more overgrown, it it's not maintained, it is completely open to the public and it, looks very very spooky, but. We. Just in a big. Bloody. Black snake, slithering. Through, all. Of the plants. And we both wore thongs today because, it's super hot and muggy in Thailand, so I don't know that we're going to be able to go. Heaps. Pie in into speed of the cemetery, that scares me. Alright. Guys we actually just got into the cemetery which, is now, a public, park and I'll explain. How that will come about but, I can see that this area of, the cemetery, is much. Larger more expensive than, what is outside and, you can kind of see the grapes behind me. There. Are a lot more maintained, and looked after and. There's. A whole lot of things. To explore here and look at. All, right so we've, been in the cemetery, we have a, little, coffee, cafe. And then we have a mai. Tai gym. There's, a full gym in here, crazy. As. We just entered, this, large section, of graveyard, we. Were, walking along one of the aisles through, all the graves and we've noticed that there's. An open, plot so. It's. Very overgrown, in that as well I. Don't. See a body or a coffin or anything that looks like there's quite a bit of water. In the grave I don't, know. Why. It would be. Open. Or anything like that but. It's. A little, bit odd. This, guy's very throwing out this night. There's. Kind of never open, one here. Jarred. Cam you want to get in alright, just. Bring them, I'm.

Curious If there's coffin in there something to bring. Mm-hmm. There. Is a coffin there yeah. It's. Creepy, okay so walking, through, the cemetery that is the second, open, grave that we've seen this, one you can actually see the coffin in that, tells me a few things, for. One it's kind of dangerous in, here so we really need to watch where we're we're. Stepping I don't, know that it's Robert. Rubbery kind of stuff I highly doubt that's the case I'm. Not sure why they would be like exhumed, this one looks like maybe it just fell through the other, one looks like maybe, the body was exhumed but. I'm. Really not, too sure about it it does, give. The place, that. Are extra creepy touch though the fact that these are just opened. There's. A little butter in this tray as well it's, quite cute, this, tree is crazy. Just, root systems, just springing, up everything. Around, the. Footpath and some of the grades I. Guess. It's a pretty old tree I. Really. Want to give you, a bit, of background information, on. The history and the alleged hauntings, of this cemetery, which, is known as the Teochew, Cemetery. Basically. It was. Created. In the very very early 1900s. And it was a place here, in Thailand, where Chinese immigrants. Could all be buried and be buried together as. You can see there were quite a lot of interment, here but, in the 1990s. The cemetery, started to fall into disrepair and, actually became a very, feared, place, here in Bangkok, the, reason being people believed that it was very very haunted, so, as a cemetery, fell. Into disrepair, it started to break and decay people, became more scared. Of it and there was a lot of ghost sightings here to, the point that apparently, taxi, drivers refused, to pick up or drop off anyone, in the area because, they believed that there were too many ghosts, here there's also fought to be quite a bit of negative, energy. Surrounding. The area and it, became such a problem here in Bangkok, that authorities, fought you know let's, change this and do something about it, so the cemetery, was, actually, converted. Into a public, park so you guys would have seen as we came in there's a gym as a basketball court there's a lot of other facilities, here that are wound into. The, cemetery itself, there's kind of graves scattered, all throughout the park and we're going to go explore that and see where they are now even though the park is here many people believe that that has kind of created a bit more of a happy environment for the spirits, the, spirits remain there, just a lot less negative, so, that leads me to wonder and, think about, the spirits, that, we of.

The Graves, that we encountered. The front of the park there, lifts just in a bit of decay they're, not really, cared for they're really neglected, which, you could have seen however grown they were. So. I wonder if there's maybe some hanging around out there nevertheless. We're, going to hang around until tonight and try. And do some paranormal. Investigating, of course you, guys are going to see that in, my part two video which. Will be up very soon so if you're interested in that make sure to subscribe today. We're going to do a bit more of exploring. And see what we can uncover around. The park itself. So. One thing I have just noticed is there's a lot of these bricks. Or stones on top of the graves you can see one, over. There too I don't, actually know what that is for if anybody. Knows the reason, please. Leave me a comment. All. I'm thinking is maybe you. Burn. Incense under, it or something I don't, know all. Right so we're not even that far into the park and there's a lot of different places, here we've, got basketball courts a playground. Possibly. Badminton. Court open yeah I'm not really sure then, we also have. Behind. Me a massive. Temple. Or, shrine and. I. Did just miss it but there was. Prayer. Coming over a big loudspeaker, or, four out of the park, just before so, and. Something, pretty. Cool to. Be listening, to here in Bangkok Thailand. Well. There's, so many more graves over here. Right. Now I'm, sitting, here at well. What I believe is a chess table, I don't know that much about chess, but we've, got two tables here just. Over here we have a nice. Like public picnic dining, area food, prep space and. Then behind me is more, cemetary and it's. Just interesting to me when I travel, I love to investigate. The paranormal from, different, cultural. And social perspectives. But. The same thing with cemeteries, cemeteries, are, completely. Different all around the world they all you know share similar aspects, but it's, just really cool, and unique this, isn't something I would encounter back, home is. You. Know coming. Somewhere. For leisure or a bit of competition or, to picnic. At, a graveyard like. Graveyards, back. Home and usually you, would just go there to. Pay. Respects, to a loved one you don't actually hang out there and I mean, even when I was in Mexico and parts, of Central America. I mean graveyards seemed like a more. The place, where, all, of the grapes were painted bright. Pastel, colors, and Families, would actually come on the weekend and picnic, at, the gravesite of a family member you know they're still spending time with, their family there so I don't. Know it's just very, different and really cool to learn about I, don't. Know if anyone watching is from Thailand or maybe China and she. Can shed some light on this for me in the comments, it's just something that I find really intriguing. So. We're in a different part of the cemetery and the. Grapes in this area actually I mean to me they look a bit newer and more modern they're. All pretty, much exactly the same all, lined up some. Of them have photos on them some. Of them have. Little. Areas. Of offerings. Or, to you, know burn incense, I assume, things, like that, but. Yeah there's a lot of them just like here in the middle of this park. I've. Never, visited a park like this before. So. This one has a, witch's, broom. This. One has a kiddy I'm. Calling that one Salem, Salem. I'm. Not here to hurt you, hello. Darling. You. So, pretty. Datapad. Him Demi, oh. Good. Kitty. Good, kitty I'll, leave you alone now.

Wonder. If he knew the owner. Or. The, person, in. This. Grave. What. Do you think happened to that one. Incense. Burnout you reckon, Oh. Check. Out this guy. It's, making me feel guilty. There's. Another shrine here as well. Not. This, one looks cool it looks like they actually set it you know light that shit up I. Don't. Know if I should. Be. Wow. They really have little oh look. Some. Are say the bloody gate fell off. What'd. You find. Overgrown. What Oh graves. Whoa. Man this, was a big Cemetery. Whoa. Still is. This. Is water. You. Trust this bridge. This. Is just like. Mad. Hose. Okay. We made it across. So. This part is massively. Massively. Overgrown. But. Parts. Of it aren't as, so, this part here just to my side. These. Have. Definitely had some love compared. To this one. And. We have just seen a guy up here kind of working, on the, area so, he is probably. Helping. To restore the place like, maybe they're going to redo this whole part, of the cemetery. To. Mirror. The other side where it's neat. It's not overgrown, like. It's, just how. To be loved better respect to it. So. It's so cool in here we've just come towards the back of that overgrown area, and, they've. Done such a fantastic job already. You. Can see they've uncovered so, many graves here, there's. A, lot to go just. Crazy you can sort, of see that overgrowth, here behind me but, this is all right, in the middle of the city of Bangkok, so, we got I don't, know some kind of shrines here. Some. Skyscrapers. Around me all. Sorts this look like housing, over here and there's. Just this overgrown, covered. You. Know Cemetery a lot of it you can't even see it's like that overgrown, it's, not so. It's nice up there bringing. Them back to life in. A way you, know. What's. Called a note as well by these graves is this little waterway. So. One of the big beliefs, about spirits, as they can use water as almost. Conductor. Of energy, and they say a lot, of the most haunted places are, always near waterways or a water source. Kind. Of like that there's this what. A channel is just all, flowing for this park and the cemetery. On. These. How. Did it go in the sauna my food. Not. Happy. Disgusting. Hi. License, on your foot. Well. Maybe Noah did you get my back as well I don't know I, think. See, any telling, you it's okay, could've. Been on your face. This, area, is way more spooky it's, getting. It. Looks older. Less. Symmetrical. More. Ruined, and more and more overgrown. I. Think see, how, hollow. This tree is and this one this. One I. Guess. That. Moment. Right. Near the back of the cemetery and people. Actually. Living, here with, you. Know the view their, backyard is a, cemetery. I really call it a cemetery, jungle, because it's so poor groaning come looking and, I've just spotted. One. Of the graves. Has a big, great, hole in it so. Maybe we should go and check that, out it looks really spooky, in there is that there's maybe. Pots or something in there for some reason. What. All. That is a phone oh. Yeah. Okay. There are bones. So. Is that bone that's definitely a bone yeah that, looks like a yeah. Just. Watch where you step in. Okay. Honestly. This. One looks empty, Rob. Do you reckon. It's. Odd I've seen a couple with, these big. Holes at, their base just like, this one and. I mean they look old I don't know why it. Would be opened. For. Any reason it's. Peculiar, there's two buckets, in here a, smaller. One here and right, at the very back there's. Quite. A large bucket. So. No. I don't know what we should be commandos. Little ant fire, ants everywhere. Are. They fired yeah, yeah. Okay. Cool. Go. In. So. I mean that was creepy we seen an. Open. Grave and what we believed to be, human. Bone fragment. So. I'm really not sure what to do if that is. All. Right guys now. We. Just got to the karaoke, stage yes. This. Parks, our cemetery, has a karaoke, stage, and. We've also just reached this field of many, many more graves and. It's. Just remarkable how many there are here I didn't expect, it to actually be this big. Big. Black dog on the floor I didn't even see it when I came in. So. Dog or Pig we talk maybe look. Big. Dog Jesus, it is oh. There. Was a pig Oh Jared. This. Is kind of at. The very back very. Very back of the cemetery. One. Of its flat corners, and I believe these are. Were. Cremated. People. Would, be stored and. A. Lot of them are broken open I don't know if they were just never sealed or they have been broken open some. Of them are sealed and it, looks like maybe there's some offering, or. Other. Things stored on these shows. This. Huge pots, down there big. Spider - I. Believe. This has its lid. It's more ants. There's. So many of them that, all the way along here. What's. Behind all. I. Know. Is. That more. Someone's. Bed. Oh there's.

The Roosters. Yeah. I think this is where someone keeps it chickens let's go. In. The corner of my eye are seen a guard standing over here but there's probably nothing probably, probably. A road look, the sun shining in my face, there. Is a lot of people around, was, it a joke oh no. Sorry. There's no know there's. A lot of jokers. So. What exactly did, you see, shadow. Figure, just. Like curve, I look, like I was a car standing there you, swear by it. Do. You believe it was a ghost. What. Do you think is, sun. Shining in your eyes and, you're in a creepy haunted cemetery, so you thought that you seen something so that creepy there's buddy karaoke, bars and a oh you, look right here and this was creepy, well, this parts quiet and we did see that bone. That. Is true there. That bone belong to from that grave, that the hole in it I don't. Know I mean maybe. Wasn't even human, that. Was human bone at about deployment necks like, your spine or something no I was, thinking more. Yeah. I don't know vertebrae. Skeleton. Doctor. You. Know medical oh. Fuck. Human by name know I've seen human bones Eleanor, er we've seen human bones I've seen what they had a girl's real, human bones for I've seen them, sorry. This. Might be the coolest looking part this. Looks like, some. Kind of zombie apocalypse. You. You. You. You. The. Karaoke stayed out we're. Going up, this. Big shrine surrounded, by these water fountains, and it's really. Lovely. This. Park has everything. Everything. This. One is spooky you've seen a lot of trees, growing. Up alongside. The. Tombstones. Getting. Its water source from within. The grave. Do. You think that's the most overgrown, cemetery, you've ever seen. Maybe. Highgate. Was pretty, Highgate. Cemetery in, London is pretty overgrown too it, sounds kind of bad though, parts. Of it. Second. Real jungle, in here. How's. That. Feeling. How. Did you die Kenny, tap. It, said that the spirits were disgruntled, with the state of their cemetery. At. This point we are just waiting to lose sunlight and the karaoke, to stop so that we can do some paranormal, investigating. If you are interested in seeing that make sure to hit subscribe I'll have a part two video dropping really, soon otherwise, thank you so much for watching I hope they enjoyed this video if you did please remember to Like comment share and subscribe, if you're looking for a bit more reading on haunted places that I visited head to AMI script calm I remember, guys until, next time.

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Amy I might have some info for you why them graves are open in some places there have oven crypts. When there put them in after a year if it's a family crypt there push the bones down and next one goes on top off each other idea is you get reunited. With your family members. Cultures do this Amy that's why some are high up I not sure on historical off where that is in some places there not beleave or allowed creaminting.

Hopefully, you saw nonpoisonous black rat snake, for the stones, on the tombstones, if the deceased was Jewish, then rocks or stones were place on top to prevent diseases from rising with the spirit. Remember, they do have bad storms, that's why the cemetery is big

That is the coolest video this week. Some grave area are very nice. and some are very creepy. Yea very over grown graves there too. That Cemetery is so massive there. Nice Cat there too. And of course that silly dancing guy lolz. Can't wait to see part 2 for the investigation. and One more thing you didn't say "Stay Spooky" at the end of video. it got cut off. Did you forget to say it???? lolz see you soon and Stay Spooky

Every place you go is what I wanted to do and travel to all these haunted locations I'm loving these vids you need your own TV show shoot it's that lit keep up the awesome vids!!

I wonder what would be more scary, the ghosts or the karaoke singing? lol Seriously is that cemetery f*cked up or what!! I imagine it's one of the largest you've been to? Hmm..could that have been a paranormal shadow figure that Jarrod saw. What a cool shot @7:13 (and very cool temple/shrine). That skyscraper to the right looks very odd!! Appears to be holes on the one side. Possibly in the construction stages I guess. That guy @ 12:40 LOL.

You forgot the “stay spooky “ at the end . But I still love and u!

Hope I've once again I've answered alot off your questions. Amy.

26:05 did jarrad say “skeleton butter” ???

From what I understand the stone is to prevent the spirit from rising. Also if Jewish showed respect that you visited them. :-)

20:00 fire ants will eat bodies. Also may be it was moved and that bit off bone was dropped out. The trees could have caused it to collapsed the grave

19:00 it's part of the spinal column. Deffanatly human. I think from animals as got In some how and was hungry that's why its left there Amy

15:46 you could be right as water conducts electricity we all electrically conductive. The Heart works from sodium. Potassium chloride. And we do have our own electric magnatic field arround us. Amy

12:15 interesting about the cat possibly knowing the deceased. I happen to strongly dislike cats. As displayed, per usual, the cat just laid there acting like it was a privilege for u to pet it. Zero interaction. Zero sign that it was happy to be seen/interacted with by a human. I feel like all cats do is judge you/me/us Whereas a dog would’ve had its tail wagging, tongue out, happy to see and please you. It would have gotten up to greet you. Cats just lay there and act like you’re an inconvenience. That goes for all cats. Sorry cat lovers. They’re just no fun. As Red famously said in an episode of “That 70s Show,” : “best case scenario: we get the smartest cat in the world still craps in our house. How about this? We’ll all just stop flushing for a month. It’s the same thing!!!”

11:59 the cat he or she staying in shade probably with heat. And he or she lives there probably to catch rodents.

10:15 i feel like the birds are agreeing with u or trying to tel u something. They are heavily and loudly interfering and I take that to mean something personally but to each their own. Just my own opinion that they must be agreeing with something you’re saying. Love u and Thanks amy (and jarrad)

3:43 could be grave robbers looking for tressures. That could be why. Looters. Amy or it could be animals. Or ground become unstable with trees that's geology. Trees do take moisture out off ground. Depending on what soil it is and heat. Would cause it to dry out more.

Creepy watery open grave wow!! So, it’s Way too personal and intrusive for me to ask how u guys can afford to travel 24/7 SO I won’t ask the question we all wonder about but instead I’ll say, humbly, as a hard working full time nurse, I’m soooon jealous lol and soooo happy for u. Shine on and keep broadcasting! Love from sunny Florida. Sarah. Xoxox

Amy and jerrard to identify bones all bones have a honeycomb structure that's what makes them. Strong if it's not got a honeycomb. Structure it's not bone.

“Heaps far “. You’re so adorable

Thrilled to watch another amy and jarrad video. Love u guys. Xoxoxo from sunny Florida USA

Bangkok Thailand is have a lot of Urband Legend... and they are so many paranormal expert visited in that cemetery.... and One of the thai elders knowledge is don't get night at that Cemetery.... its more than creepy than you expect..... and i think i spot something i will find it

Amazing to see the different cultures you explore, to actually have a park in the cemetery is quiet interesting, thank you Amy, looking forward to part 2 Cheers from Australia

see ya next video

if i was burried in there i would be angry with the sad state of the place

Love it


Wow that is a lot of graves. I can't believe that human bone was outside of its tomb. Great video Amy and Jared thanks for sharing

looks like a spine bone creepy gross

that broom is for someone who needs a ride to heaven or hell poor kitty cat but a pretty kitty

they don't care about poor dead people

i think all people should be incinerated we would save alot of land what do you think?

maybe they should just lay the bodies out on the ground and be done with it. it does not matter that there are open graves

open grave that is sad a little respect

let me guess no lawn mowers

cemetery looks like a jungle

snakes i would wear combat boots some snakes might bite though them

careful of the snakes

Open graves are a bit common here in some graveyards.Part of the fun when exploring! It never gets old trying to see if there is anything to see in an open plot. We don't usually see caskets in open plots because there are grave robbers who steal them.Then there are magick practitioners who actually remove certain bodies from their graves. We also have people who do rituals ,steal dirt to do spells etc. Magic is heavily practiced here in my country.To hinder these types,the cemeteries that have gates now close and lock them at night,and those without erected some.We also have new cemeteries that do not do the traditional burial,but use grass plots,so there's nothing above the ground.Haven't been in a cemetery in years though,even though there are at least 2 in 10 or less walking minutes from where i live. Countries that have been 'Westernized' have a totally different concept of death than other parts of the world ,this is why it seems so strange when encountering other countries and the way they deal with everything having to do with death. The cat may be a protector of the grave.Cats are very sensitive to negative spirits,and will protect their owners from them.I know from personal experience. I like that all the graves are exactly the same.

Look ned Kelly u and husband made another good video Thailand is a wonderful place I was station there in 1970 and later on in 2005 before I retired from gov service

The bone looks like a vertebra. You can tell by the cylindrical looking part on the anterior and the protrusions on the posterior section. Hard to know what part of the spine it is from without being able to examine it closer, however. I would guess human, considering the size and the fact that it was located next to an opened grave, but not positive. It's been years since my osteology classes. :-)

I can't help but think of the people who've been laid to rest there not being able to rest peacefully with karaoke singers, Cafe goers and gym junkies disturbing their peace. I'd be haunting it too! Jarrad didn't seem convinced it WAS a shadow figure... I LOVE that you guys keep a skeptical mind and always offer up reasonable explanations for what you see. And the poo HAHA! Another great installment to your crypt can't wait for part 2 X

Haha, that is funny about the karaoke singers! There is so much to do at this cemetery! He really is skeptical about a lot of things. Poor Jarrad, lol. Part 2 is out on Wednesday, see you then!

I watch your videos long time I love them keep up good work

Thanks so much, Natures Baby!

Awesome video Amy and Jarrod. Love your dress Amy. Can't wait for part 2!

Thanks so much, Karen! I'm excited for Wednesday so I can share part 2!

I tried the comments first, but you have many and I'm going cross eyed trying to read them on this phone.... any idea on the buckets or tubs or whatever? That was more odd than the rocks. Thanks for the video. And the place is cool, can't wait for part two.

Thanks so much for watching and for the comment, Kathy! I haven't come across a commenter that has been able to explain those tubs yet. I'm wondering about them myself too! Sorry, I can't help more! Part 2 is out on Wednesday!

When i visited my second cousins in Melb one of them asked me if i had seen her thongs, and i thought she was talking about her undies which seemed awkward to me...... cause i didn't know you called flipflops thongs. :-D

Haha, Zulphur! Yeah, I think I've been caught out a few times saying that before and people have gotten them mixed up, lol. So funnuy!

Seeing cemeteries in disarray like this makes me sad.... It's nice to see they are doing some work to it, I just feel like places like this should be kept up more. At least for the sake of the passed ones memories. I do, however, like how they have turned it into a park. Making it easier for families to remember the good times past.

Thanks for watching, Jessica! I am the same, I hate to see cemeteries in such bad shape. They really are doing a lot of hard work to bring this place back to its original state, which is nice. So cool you appreciate the idea of making it a park too! Cheers!

Hi Amy it seems a bit strange turning a grave yard into a park but there again we're I live in Leeds England back in the 1970s there was a small grave yard near church were we lived they took all the bodies out and made it into like just a green area l just think the dead should be respected as much as the living anyway thanks for another great video and another cute kitty

Thanks for watching, Edward! It is a little different to change a cemetery into a park, haha. Interesting to know about that cemetery in England. I totally agree about respecting the dead too! Cheers and glad you liked the kitty too!

Nice one Amy, thank you.

Thanks so much, Johan!

Maybe the old empty grave that was open was where someone escaped? Hello, Jarrad. And it was not a human bone. It was a chicken bone. A big chicken bone. :-) As much as I enjoy the videos. It is really sad to see those in such disarray.

That is certainly a creepy thought! That was a pretty big chicken bone, haha. Glad you enjoyed the video, I am much the same, always sad to see cemeteries in bad shape like this!

What’s Up Amy ? I Love This Spooky Video

Yeah I Don’t Like Snakes

Hiya Camrine! How are you going? So glad you liked this video! Snakes are alright, but I don't mess with them, haha. Cheers as always!

Creepy feared and haunted and at the same time, a place where people can have a good time...amazing vídeo!

Thanks so much, Graça! It was a little creepy there! Glad you enjoyed this one!

Hi Amy, beautiful video as always.

Thanks so much, Sheryn!

Such amazing graveyards thanks for the take along yall take care

No worries! Thanks for coming with me!

Cud of been a black mamba one of the worlds deadliest snakes just manged to watch latest episode lol the dead have facilities to keep fit plus Id love to get in n tydy up the graves

Thanks for watching, Simon! That is so creepy that is could have been a Black Mamba! It was a super weird place, haha. Cheers!

Great video and you are the greatest you tuber person out of the one I been are number 1 on my list.can't wait to see part 2.

Thanks so much, Richard! So glad to hear you enjoy my content and this video. That is so awesome to hear! Cheers.

The graves remind me of rows of beds like you would have seen in old sanitariums or something. It's a HUGE cemetary. It would be interesting to come back in several years to see if they got all the graveyard cleaned up. One of the most interesting park/cemeteries I've seen. Actually the only one I've seen.

I can kind of see that! Super creepy. I really hope it all gets cleaned up, it seems like that is the direction they are heading with it all, I agree, that place was super interesting. Cheers, Lori!

They open them to use human bones as to do rituals satanic rituals becareful yall should get a cleansing

That is super creepy!

Yes very pretty cat awwww

+AmysCrypt I'm a dog person but I love all animals except roaches jijijiji

Thanks for watching, Patricia! Haha, the cat was super pretty! I love cats!

I was born in bangkok but thank God I live in Finland now

Thanks for watching! Very cool you were born in Bangkok. I actually had a great time there!

Woohoo! That was an awesome cemetery adventure...with snakes too! Black snake could be a cobra. The overgrown parts are wonderfully creepy, and I'm eager to see what happens when darkness sets in. Thanks Amy! Cheers! :-)

Ah, that's good! I'll be waiting for it. Please you guys do be careful when exploring overgrown areas like that in Asia, there are many varieties of snakes out there, some are small but deadly. A cane, walking stick or even a piece of tree branch can always come in handy for poking around. Just saying. :-)

Thanks, Neil! Part 2 will be out on Wednesday, I am excited to release it too! So creepy that snake could have been a cobra! Oh my!

The stones on top.of the headstone means someone visited the grave amy

Thank you for the info, Alex! That is very nice to know.

The dead light district eh!! Lol!! Always a pleasure to travel with my YouTube fam!

Thanks, Richard! Let's hope it was good luck for Jarrad, haha!

Thanks Amy and Jared this is a really interesting cemetery! I think there might be enough people to actually maintain the cemetery but they are too busy singing the karaoke. Weather that happy Park makes the ghost happy or not I really kind of doubt it. hopefully I'm wrong but I've always thought that people have to carry the same burden that they did throughout their life and whatever caused their death. I suppose if you were able to make a ghost ticked off in chillingham Castle then maybe a happy person could make the ghost happier? this is a excellently creepy cemetery and you do the usual excellent job covering it. Thanks so much?

Thanks so much, Werckle to basic! It really was an interesting one, haha. You might be right about the karaoke, it is very popular over there, lol. An interesting theory that you have about death, cheers for sharing that! Cheers!

The longer video really captures the feeling of the contrast between the living and the dead areas. You show us places I can’t even imagine; exist. It is comforting to know a place can’t be haunted if Karoke is present. Interesting Jarrad tried to rationalize what he saw. After seeing enough, you can’t rationalize it away... the paranormal is very real...even in daylight. Stay spooky

Thanks, William! Glad you liked the longer video! It is so cool to be able to share these amazing places with you! Jarrad tried to rationalize everything, which is a good thing for the most part I think. Awh, national drink beer day, so awesome, haha!

I found this video very very fascinating this Cemetery is amazing I know it's overgrown and I know some parts of it are in quite a bad state but I've never known a cemetery to have a gym a karaoke and a bar where you can have something to eat showing we don't have something like that in in England as you mentioned in your video Highgate Cemetery is quite overgrown that Cemetery is overgrown quite bad I look forward to seeing your second part video stay spooky Amy Mark

Thanks so much, Mark! It was a pretty strange and interesting one. Like no cemetery I have ever seen before, haha. Part 2 should be out on Wednesday!

There could quartz deposits under the ground affecting things.

AmysCrypt Ty Nots directed me.

Could be! Thanks for watching, Abe!

Haha, so right!!

That’s CREEPY!! However, when you said part two

Thanks, Tracy! Yes, I cannot wait for part 2! It will be out on Wednesday!

Amy the stones are a way of letting your ancestors know you visited and they are remembered.

Thanks so much for sharing that with me! I love that, so sweet!

Jaja sweety


cool video thanks for sharing

No worries! Thanks so much, David!

Omg this was the best graveyard ever wish I be there love creepy and finding Bones keep making awesome videos love it Amy

Thanks so much, Patty! It was such an interesting place. That is super creepy about your leg going through a grave!

I'm adding this I live in Canada in BC k I lived in Lytton BC 5 yrs ago I was exploring this really old cemetery and I fell thru a grave jus my leg was soon creepy but loved it

Very creepy place

Thanks, Michael. My Part 2 video coming out on Wednesday was filmed there at night!

That's too big and spooky cemetery. Eager to watch your investigation on this one....Interesting though

Thank you, Payal! The investigation is coming on Wednesday, I'm excited for it!

I think this is my favorite cemetery you have visited, it was so beautiful even in it's partial abandonment. I love that it's right in the middle the city surrounded by life, like they remember their dead and keep them close. I do wonder if so many open graves are the result of grave robbers. Ppl are often burried with jewelry, even here in the states the family and friends can place items in the coffin to b burried with their loved one, we did when my dad died and that was 16 years ago so...or maybe the graves are open due to the dead rising like vampires or zombies

Thank you, Love Price! Glad you enjoyed this cemetery, it was a pretty beautiful place. So interesting too! I'd never seen a cemetery like that one before. Such a sad thought to think of the grave robber possibilities.

Love your videos. If you're ever in Utah, you should check out the Glennwood Cemetary in Park City. I don't think it's necessarily haunted but it's really overgrown and has an eerie feel.

Thanks so much for watching and the recommendation! That place sounds cool! Appreciate it!

Good on you Jarrod - I use random leaves when I’m out and about too. Have Muck - have leaves - Muck gone. All those holes in graves Very Weird.

Haha, that is the way! Cheers for watching, Sam!

Great video again Amy and Jarred!..Thanks!.. Surprising the fact that the cemetery was turned into a park..I won't see that where i'm living! culture thing i guess!..:-)

Thanks for watching, Roger! Haha, yeah this wouldn't be something we would do where I am from. It certainly was an interesting place to put a park.

Who went to the prom with skeleton nobody

Haha, that's a good one! Just shared that with my Dad, lol. Thanks, Tyler!

Can't wait for part 2. It's so awesome this videos almost 30 mins. long. I love watching behind the scenes. The son school is next to cemetery & said to be hunted. Be safe on you guys adventures.

Thank you! Glad to hear you are looking forward to part 2! I'm super excited about it too! It should be another long one too! Oh wow, right next to the school, so creepy!


Thanks for watching. Not sure I understand your comment?

It amazes me how people will put parks anywhere! Cemeteries.....prisons....who knows where else. This place is very creepy! Look forward to part 2.

Thanks for watching! Yes, it was pretty interesting to see some of those types of parks in Bangkok! Certainly something different, haha. Glad you're looking forward to part 2! Cheers!

i love it when you bring diffrent culture into your videos and a bit of fun aswell keep them coming both of you

Thanks, Kevin! It makes me so happy to hear that you enjoy those aspects of my videos! It is something that I think is important and so very interesting! Cool that you enjoyed the fun parts of the vid too! Appreciate you so much!

HI AMY, like your video, someone should maintain the place.

Thanks so much, Mike! Very glad you enjoy the videos! I agree. I think they are finally getting around to fixing up all the worn down graves!

Great tour of the cemetery

Thanks guys! You are always so amazing to me!

At a guess, I’d say the stone racks were for placing ashes and family offerings to the loved one

I think that's a pretty solid guess! Thanks for sharing it with me!

Kinda creepy. Do be careful and try not to fall into one of those graves

Thank you! It was pretty creepy! Haha, this was one of my fears as I was walking through the cemetery!

Gorgeous, pretty and so beautiful. You're looking stunning in that dress.Brave and beautiful. Thanks for your awesome videos. Looking forward to more. Any Japanese shrine videos you covered?

Thank you for watching! I'm not sure if I have any Japanese shrines, but I do have some other shrines I've visited that are allegedly haunted!

Such a beautiful place. Just think, each of those laid to rest had their own lives and stories to tell. Under each of those stones is yers of history...

Thanks, Paranormal Voice! That is so true, I love to think about all the people at rest there and what their lives would have been like! Cheers for watching!

Amy why where dress notice,oh travel where best pizza,in town make a video of that,you look sexy

You're G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.

Amy you are wearing a pentagram in circle which is drawn during satan worship n satanic rituals. Don't wear them if you truly believe in God(Yahuah).

So very sad to see the state of the cemetary. Looks like a huge area for the creepy crawlies to settle. Be safe guys.

Have you been to Shaniwarda fort, Pune? If you get back to India I recommend going to Chittorgarh Fort. It is said that Rani Padmavati and The rest of the women who lived in the fort (more than 100) all killed themselves by juahar ( burning themselves).

I have! I loved it in Pune! I'll have some episodes on this place coming up soon! Cheers for this other suggestion. It sounds pretty brutal and interesting, I'll have to look it up!

In some Asian beliefs particularly malays and indonesians, a huge black snake is usually depicted as jinn in snake form. Some even say they are guardians and some believes they torment the dead bodies of evil people in their graves. Grave robbers are more common in Thailand cause of blackmagick. Mainly fresh corpse are used a lot. Maybe they rob old corpses for bones who knows. Maybe a robber dropped that bone while robbing and didn't realize it.. Anyways great video as always Amy! Looking forward to part 2.

+AmysCrypt Thank you for always replying. Warms my heart to know you do read comments and take time to reply. That's truly awesome!

Thanks so much for watching and sharing this info with me. I found it pretty interesting, especially about the snake beliefs! So cool to know you're looking forward to part 2 as well!

Hi Amy good one again careful and thanks for good and creepy video god bless u guys love u always take extra care xx..Anterjit singh from UK

Thank you, Anterjit!

that's a creepy vlog but awesome thank you mssamyscrypt

Thanks so much, Leon! Glad you enjoyed it and also found it creepy!

You are looking for restless spirits, while you are already one of them. You are restless spirit as alive, and you will be restless spirit after your death

I guess we'll find out when I die.

Great footage of that empty grave! Sad that someone or something moved the bones! Very creepy cemetery! Never seen one so overgrown! Thank you Amy for a cool video!

Thanks so much as always, Bill! Yeah, I really am interested to know the story of how that single piece of bone made its way there, very odd!

Looking forward to part 2!

Yay! So glad to hear it! Thanks!

Well, darn! I was hoping to see Amy pop into the the Muay Thai cage and show us some of her moves! Maybe next trip, eh?

Haha! Nah, I'd just show them all up, lol. Thanks, Kevin!

Thanks Amy !! Definitely a creepy cemetery! I watched Caitlin Doughty’s most recent YouTube video, “Oven Crypts of New Orleans” (*channel is called-“AskAMortician”) and she talked about how Asian Countries lease burial plots from yearly up to 20 years and if your family stops paying the “lease/rental fee” of the burial plot they will dig up the coffin & dispose of the remains. So that could be a possibility for the first one. The second hole could be animals smelling the decomposition as the coffin did not look like it was deep in the ground.

Thanks for sharing this, Amy! That is super interesting and make a lot of sense. I'll have to check out this channel. It sounds super interesting! Cheers!

I have 2 questions:how is my english? I meand i write corect and gramatically? And question nr 2:what is The name of cameraman?

+AmysCrypt thanks

Hey, Gabi! I think your English is fine! If you are learning it as a second language, good work! My cameraman is called Jarrad! Cheers for the questions!

I'm a big fan, i watch your videous everyfuckingwhere:at kitchen at bathroom in my room, in bus at school evrywhere, nice work,

+AmysCrypt it's your fault, because you make good videous

Haha! That is so awesome to hear! Thanks, Gabi!

so bizarre to see a picnic table next to graves , they must have moved graves to create the park too surely, in the town where i used to live they converted an old chapel of rest into flats ,no such thing as sacred ground anymore lol

Thanks, Nicholas! It was a little odd, haha. I'm really not sure, though it seems like some may have been moved. Yeah, that seems to be happening in a lot of different places all over the world. It is a shame.

Excellent & creepy video! What an unusual cemetery/park/temple/etc... Looking forward to part 2

Thanks so much, Steph! I'm super excited to release part 2 now! Can't wait! This place is so unique!

Amy, love all your videos

Thanks so much, Robin! So glad you enjoy the videos! Haha, different is the perfect way to describe the cemetery! Cheers, we'll stay safe!

You didn't like the bones did you?

Nah, I love seeing the bones. I was just surprised to find it and really confused as to where it may have come from. Thanks for watching, Brett!

That is so awesome to hear! Thanks, Tammy!

Snakes ahhhhhhhhhhh

Hahaha, this is so right! Thanks, Belia!

Us Chinese women have a saying (man with poop on his foot is man with poop on foot ) nothing mystical that it. But how he get that on his foot ??? I curious.

Haha, thanks for sharing, natures baby! I have no idea how he managed this one! So weird but a little funny!

Wow! That is definitely one creepy place! Would love to check it out though...aww! You come across animals everywhere you go lol....if only you could take them home

+AmysCrypt Right!! I would be the same way! I would love to start a rescue

Thanks so much for watching, Nicole! It was a little creepy there, haha. I know! I love animals so much and always get excited to meet them, hehe. I wish I could take them all home too, I would have a whole farm, haha.

Thanks for watching! So glad you enjoyed exploring the cemetery with me!

How about amys crypt haunts the internet?

Oh my gosh, haha! I need you to create my video titles!

Haha, sure did! Thanks for watching, King Schen!

Thank you! Haha, yeah it was certainly a very different and interesting place to explore. I do wonder about the ghosts thoughts on their new resting place! Maybe one day these will be new additions to the park, lol!

I'm sorry! It'll be out before you know it!

Thanks, Bruce! So happy to hear you are looking forward to part 2! Haha, partying in the cemetery! Cheers!

+AmysCrypt Here's the Humerus :)

+AmysCrypt As you have found, Military Bases are some of the most haunted places on earth. That has caused me some problems in the past. You just can't tell your Sergeant Major the reason why you overslept and missed PT formation (5am) is that an SS son of a Bitch who died in the woods behind your barracks in 1944 comes into your room at 3 am every night and scares the crap out of you. This is what keeps you up all night. I've written up some of my experiences over the years a while back if you are interested in reading them. :)

+AmysCrypt Thanks. Having gone through Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, bones don't bother me much. I've got a few funny stories about bones to tell the truth. :) Cemeteries during the day don't bother me either.But you won't catch me dead in one at night. I've had a problem with Ghosts since I was a kid so I don't try to find them. They always seem to find me. :( More power to you Kiddo but I sure as hell would not go to the places you do without a gun pointed to my head. But I don't mind watching you do it. :)

Oh my gosh, that is pretty crazy that this happens. Good on you for reporting it too! That's very nice of you, Cheers for watching!

+AmysCrypt yea this episode was cool noticed a couple more of remarks it was prety funny

Haha, so funny that you picked up on that! Thanks, Martijn!

That is super interesting to hear! I think they do this in New Orleans a lot. Thank you!

Thanks, Auroratita! I hope the snake wasn't poisonous too! Luckily we weren't really bothered by any more snakes on the day, haha. That is interesting to learn about the rocks, cheers for sharing it with me!

Thanks, Andy! That's awesome to hear! It was kind of creepy there and super, super weird. Glad you enjoyed seeing it. Haha, I was waiting for someone to notice this. I actually didn’t forget to say it but chose to exclude it from my video. I’ve received some threatening correspondence from another larger paranormal channel who also happen to use ‘stay spooky’ as a sign-off. They’ve gone as far to trademark the term and claim to have had other creators and small online stores shut down for using the term. The whole thing is very silly, and quite honestly, I am doing nothing wrong by using the generic term. Regardless, I would much rather spend my time, efforts and money doing what I love and bringing you guys more haunted places and spooky content, rather than squabbling over petty matters like this. It is sad to know the harsh reality of the community I am trying to be a part of – but that’s the Internet for you. I hope you don’t mind that this will no longer be a part of my channel anymore, but don’t worry, we’ve got larger plans to come and we aren’t letting these bullies bring us down

If you come to the states we should collab that would be lit!! But looks like you been everywhere lol

Thanks so much, Brendan! Super glad to hear that you are loving the places I visit on my channel! That is really cool to hear!

Thanks for watching, Scott! Haha, the karaoke was a bit scary. It was a pretty big place too, so much going on. Haha, glad you enjoyed this one! Cheers.

Haha, I was waiting for someone to notice this. I actually didn’t forget to say it but chose to exclude it from my video. I’ve received some threatening correspondence from another larger paranormal channel who also happen to use ‘stay spooky’ as a sign-off. They’ve gone as far to trademark the term and claim to have had other creators and small online stores shut down for using the term. The whole thing is very silly, and quite honestly, I am doing nothing wrong by using the generic term. Regardless, I would much rather spend my time, efforts and money doing what I love and bringing you guys more haunted places and spooky content, rather than squabbling over petty matters like this. It is sad to know the harsh reality of the community I am trying to be a part of – but that’s the Internet for you. I hope you don’t mind that this will no longer be a part of my channel anymore, but don’t worry, we’ve got larger plans to come and we aren’t letting these bullies bring us down

I love verry much when Amy say:"stay spooky"

+AmysCrypt it's definitely a spinal column jerried is right there. Do alot off bone sciences. I do it daily and teach too

Yep! You are awesome! Cheers!

Haha, did he?

Thank you so much for sharing this with me! Fascinating!

+AmysCrypt I have some real animal bones I can email jerrard. On bones I begin teaching again sciences. I don't mind question's. An answers.

Yes! I've been awaiting your verdict on the bone! Been very interested to hear your thoughts on it! Cheers for sharing!

+AmysCrypt that's why there take great care. When working with high voltage power lines. That if you come in between them there jump as you are a second. Electric magnatic field for example lighting.

Yeah, many people believe this theory! I kind of get it!

Hahaha! I gotta say I am way more of a dog person than a cat person. I'm always a little wary when I go to pet the cats as you can never anticipate a scratch or bite from them, lol. I do get excited to see them though, hehe. Totally get all your points of view of them too!

The birds were pretty loud in this one! You might be right!

Thanks for sharing, Ste! It could have been these things! I hate the thought of robbers though!

Awwh, Sarah, you are so awesome! The open graves filled with water were super weird! You are totally fine to ask me this, in fact, I love sharing how we make ends meet with others who are curious. Jarrad and I saved all the money we earned for a long time. We lived a very minimalistic lifestyle too, which helped. Whilst traveling we don't live a grand lifestyle. We sleep in hostel shared dormitory style accommodation, share meals and travel by ground (bus/train) to save money. It can be super hard living out of a backpack, but it helps us to travel further and see more. Ps. so cool to hear you are a nurse, so are my aunty and sister!

Thanks for the info, Ste! I'll keep this in mind for next time I discover bones on my explorations!

Haha, this is a very popular term used where I am from (South Australia)!

Thanks so much, GypsyRock! You are awesome! Oh no, I lost points for my shirt, lol. I'll make sure to wear it next time I head out to film just for you!

+AmysCrypt ohh.... im excited!!! I cant wait..... the problem is i cannot spot that strange lurking black man... but i think p. 2 he will be there

Thanks so much for the info on this one. It was a really interesting place! I have a part 2 night time video filmed here coming up on Wednesday!

Thanks so much, Desmond! I'm super glad you enjoy seeing the differences in cultures too! Part 2 will be out on Wednesday and I'm excited to share more of this place with you!

See ya, James!

AmysCrypt Yw crypt

Thanks, Brandon!

Thanks for watching, Tim! The cemetery was massive and that bone was a really weird find!

Yeah, I think I will be. Not sure it aligns with many people's beliefs though!

I agree! I hate to see them like this, it is sad!

Thanks, James! Yeah, we wore the worst shoes this day! Was so freaky to see the snake!

Thanks for watching, Satis! Yeah, we had to peer into some of them, haha. So sad about the robbers and magic though! Thanks for sharing that info too, I found it very interesting! I loved the cat and love the idea that they are a protector even more! Cheers!

Yean it was great it the 1970 a lot of wonderful hikes car 15 in hand lol

Thanks, Steven! So cool you've gotten the chance to get to know Thailand a bit! I love it over there too! Cheers!

Thanks so much for watching! Yes, I totally agree about the vertebrae! Very cool to have you give it a quick analysis, haha! Appreciate it!

+AmysCrypt, No problem, as I told you before

Hullo! Enjoying watching this and part 2 tonight. Thanks you rock!

Oh yay! So happy to hear that! Thank you for watching!

Haunted Chinese cemetery? In Bangkok

Yep! It is a cemetery for Chinese immigrants who died in Bangkok during the early 1900s.

Why didn't she say "stay spooky" at the end of the video like she always does

I was waiting for someone to notice this. I actually chose to exclude it from my video. I’ve received some threatening correspondence from another larger paranormal channel who also happen to use ‘stay spooky’ as a sign-off. They’ve gone as far to trademark the term and claim to have had other creators and small online stores shut down for using the term. The whole thing is very silly, and quite honestly, I am doing nothing wrong by using the very generic term. Regardless, I would much rather spend my time, efforts and money doing what I love and bringing you guys more haunted places and spooky content, rather than squabbling over petty matters like this. It is sad to know the harsh reality of the community I am trying to be a part of – but that’s the Internet for you. I hope you don’t mind that this will no longer be a part of my channel anymore, but don’t worry, we’ve got larger plans to come and we aren’t letting these bullies bring us down! Thanks, The Gill!

Hi Amy & Jarrod! Love your videos. Its definitely unique to have a park in a cemetery. Great video.

Thanks so much, Jenny! It really is, haha. I feel like this might actually be one of a kind type of place! Cheers for watching as always!

Love this jumper by the way .Love this video can’t Waite for part 2. What kind of food have you been eating in different countries that would make a cool video .

Thanks so much, Rebecca! Part 2 will be out in a couple of hours! I'm super excited about it! Haha, I've been eating all sorts of food, a video about that would be interesting. I can't be overly adventurous as I'm a vegetarian, but I do like to try as much 'local' type foods as I can. Cheers.

nice watch Amy

Cheers, Tanmay!

OMG GIRL! This so creepy I just got the chills you're so good at making videos!! Can't wait for part 2!! I want to meet you. But i live too far away! But I will always say something under your vids!! Come to Doel if you have time!! Xx love from me and the Netherlands!!

Awwwh, thank you so much, Nina! Super glad to hear you enjoy my videos! That is so awesome! Maybe one day I'll get the chance to visit!

Thank you Amy for another awesome video it’s a shame the family’s don’t take care of there family’s graves

Thanks so much, Mandie! It really is a shame, yet I think they are doing it back up now, which is nice! Cheers.

Its weird how different places treat graveyard. Some places treat them like parks and here u only see ppl in graveyards during funerals and memorial day, thats really about it.

It really is! I love traveling and visiting different graveyards from different cultures. It is really fascinating. Thanks for watching, Morning Star!

I love grave yards!

Thanks so much, Stephanie! So glad you're enjoying these videos, always spooky over here, haha! Loved that kitty!

snakes wont bother you if you leave them alone. if you go to harass the snake or try to hurt it, then they are dangerous but otherwise even venomous snakes wont just bite you for no reason. :)

Thanks, RogerReptile! Yeah, I try to stay out of the way of snakes, haha. I've never been hassled by one before either, which is good!

Hi Rinita! Though this symbol is commonly associated with Santan (when shown upside down) it also has many other meanings. I've worn it for a long time and consider it good luck!

Thanks for watching! Yeah, I always get sad to see cemeteries worse for wear. Good news is that it looks like they are putting some love back in now and doing a lot of it up! Cheers!

+AmysCrypt I hope that your ghost will haunt me :)

+AmysCrypt u should keep hiking boots in your trunk when it come to weeds and strange land they still have not yet found every single spider of species so if there's a new breed and you get bit by something that no scientist know about there's no empty. So you Amy and your cameraman be careful please

Some culture's. Have different beliefs. Like in Peru some cultures. There dig the body up and after so long to celebrate the life. It was on a documentary. Parade it though town. That's there belief. That what there think caused the abola epidemic

+AmysCrypt maybe there do similler there. Amy. But in a different way. Off stacking. Them up. I not sure I don't want to get it wrong as it might affend someone. Before I post or comment I like to make sure I know what I talking about. And it's real. And factual.

AmysCrypt that’s I hear ya it is silly by the trademark. I will continue to watch your videos cuz your channel is still awesome. Got lots of Spooky places to see. See you soon

+AmysCrypt thanks so much! I love watching your videos! I love how you tell the history before you do the investigations. Just keep 'em coming!

Brilliant vid I think it's great making the cemetery into a park they should do it in more countries I think it would make people feel close to they're dead loved ones also I think Jarrad could be right the bone looks like it's from the spine thanks for a brilliant vid Amy xx

Thanks so much, Barry! I really like that you think this is a good idea. It certainly brought many more people out to the cemetery than I would normally see. I think that's where the bone may have been from too! So crazy we found that! Cheers again!

The guy working out is so funny! Haha! My mom does the same thing! And that definitely is a part of human vertebrae! Cool!

Haha, glad you enjoyed seeing the guy working out! Cool to get your thoughts on the bone, I think it is the same thing! So creepy!

In section 19:04 of video the bone is part of a backbone but it appears to be animal remains

Thanks for sharing, Oscar!

In section 8:56 of video the stone on top of the grave may be used to burn incense or candles likely to contain the spirit

Thanks so much for the info, Oscar! Very interesting!

Asian i would tell u the stone acts as a weight for chinese paper money for the dead

Thank you so much! That makes total sense!

love the vid like all ways amy can not wait for the next one

Thanks, Glenn! So excited that you're looking forward to my next one!

+AmysCrypt your welcome.


It’s so sad to see that place like the xoxo Michelle in Australia

It so sad to see a cemetery in that state. The cemeteries in wenatchee are very well taken clear of but that one is sad to see. Love the vid Amy.

Thank you for watching, Eryn! Glad you enjoyed the vid! Yeah, I always get a little sad to see cemeteries in such poor condition too!

Wau kočka ako vždy

Wow, you & Jarred explore overgrown cemetery’s in flip flops, now thats scary

Very sad and creepy cemetery. Jarrod and you are so cool. Stay spooky.

Id like to see you guys go to Finland or Sweden or Norway? Iceland? Surly they have something unique in those areas and those would be very unique!


That other channel you talk about, i know who u are referring too & they are very salty & they are haters, i cant stand them tbh.

What are those things in 23.44 ?place where many bodies stored next to each other?boxes type?

Thanks for watching! I think they are places where cremated remains can be stored, like an urn. I may be wrong though!

Haha, I know! We are freaks! Thanks so much for watching, King Schen!

Your welcome Amy!!

Thank you, Bob! A little flattered you called us cool, hehe!

I would love that too! I've heard great things about all of these places and believe there are some cool haunts to check out over there. Hoping to make it back to Europe at some point again! Thank you for the suggestions!

I totally agree, but I think they are working to do it up now, which is nice! Thanks for watching, Michelle!

At the 06:50 mark, near top right corner behind the tombstone, is that a dog or someone crouching down? or something else?

Great video again Amy and Jarrad. Really awesome looking place. Maybe those grave's weren't broken into maybe something broke out lol. Was half expecting Pennywise to poke his face out at you while you were looking into that hole in the grave. Been away for a while so time to binge watch the other 2 videos i have missed.

Thanks, Stevie! Glad you enjoyed this place! That is a creepy thought that someone broke out! Imagine if we saw Pennywise, haha! Have fun binging!

Getting caught up on vids. Great as always amy you an the shaow seeier deserve millions of views on all ur vids dear. Youre camoriffic

Thanks so much for catching up, Camoman! You are so awesome and we really appreciate the support you show us!

You have such a keen eye, Paul! I missed this while editing. Someone else had pointed it out too and I'm pretty sure it is a dog, haha. Cheers for the comment!

It's great to c more people out in the cemetery/park it'd do away with a lot of the morbid feelings people have about the dead xx

Lol haha that would be such an awesome award. Thanks again

+AmysCrypt well you deserve so much more. i got my top ten favs anur one of them.but you risk alot going to some of the shady sketchy locations you travel to in otjer donrt get enough credit an the narriation you do .you deserve a youtube medal of bravery an exellence.

Insanely jealous of the places you get to visit. Love the videos and photos. Keep them coming Amy!

Thanks so much for watching, Frank! I've been so fortunate to see all I have!

Jesus I feel so bad for those Graves and all that that got busted in to.

I know! It is a terrible thought that people might be robbing these graves. Cheers for watching, John!

That’s awesome cool amazing wonderful job Amy you give us every week great videos and congratulations you’re channel is growing up good for you stay spooky Amy

Cheers, Kaya! So cool to have your support! I'm pretty happy and amazed at how far my channel has come! So cool to think about!

This grave field just remeber me how we are mortal. Once we will be covered by weed too. Great video anyway, interesting but little sad place. Good job Amy

Yes, always a little sad to see cemeteries in this type of condition. They are working to do it up though, which is nice! Thanks!

26:20 the karaoke stage needs someone to go reenact Michael Jackson - Thriller video

Haha, that would be awesome! Thanks, Tom!

opened = grave robbers

So sad to think that! Thanks, Tom!

I did not know that Humans were buried in Cemeteries. Wow everday we learn something new and so amazing keep it up.

Glad you learned something from this video!

Amys a pozdrav aj Jarreda je tiež super

Si fakt príťažlivá žena a krásna Amys

Si super baba fakt kočka.

Veľmi rád ťa počúvam Amys strašne strašne rád.

Aww ďakujem moc.

Hello Amy I'm a new subscriber I just want to let you know that the rock on top of the grave is to hold the spirit they're in place to weigh it down so their Spirit don't go off wandering aimlessly yeah that's what the big old rocks mean the way the spirit down so the spirit won't go wandering off

Thank you so much for this information, it is super interesting to learn! Also, welcome to the crypt, Tabetha! Always cool to hear from my ner subs!

@AmysCrypt well you deserve so much more. i got my top ten favs anur one of them.but you risk alot going to some of the shady sketchy locations you travel to in otjer donrt get enough credit an the narriation you do .you deserve a youtube medal of bravery an exellence.

@AmysCrypt your welcome.

@AmysCrypt Thank you for always replying. Warms my heart to know you do read comments and take time to reply. That's truly awesome!

@AmysCrypt thanks

@AmysCrypt it's your fault, because you make good videous

@AmysCrypt u should keep hiking boots in your trunk when it come to weeds and strange land they still have not yet found every single spider of species so if there's a new breed and you get bit by something that no scientist know about there's no empty. So you Amy and your cameraman be careful please

@AmysCrypt Right!! I would be the same way! I would love to start a rescue

@AmysCrypt Here's the Humerus :)

@AmysCrypt As you have found, Military Bases are some of the most haunted places on earth. That has caused me some problems in the past. You just can't tell your Sergeant Major the reason why you overslept and missed PT formation (5am) is that an SS son of a Bitch who died in the woods behind your barracks in 1944 comes into your room at 3 am every night and scares the crap out of you. This is what keeps you up all night. I've written up some of my experiences over the years a while back if you are interested in reading them. :)

@AmysCrypt Thanks. Having gone through Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, bones don't bother me much. I've got a few funny stories about bones to tell the truth. :) Cemeteries during the day don't bother me either.But you won't catch me dead in one at night. I've had a problem with Ghosts since I was a kid so I don't try to find them. They always seem to find me. :( More power to you Kiddo but I sure as hell would not go to the places you do without a gun pointed to my head. But I don't mind watching you do it. :)

@AmysCrypt yea this episode was cool noticed a couple more of remarks it was prety funny

@AmysCrypt maybe there do similler there. Amy. But in a different way. Off stacking. Them up. I not sure I don't want to get it wrong as it might affend someone. Before I post or comment I like to make sure I know what I talking about. And it's real. And factual.

@AmysCrypt it's definitely a spinal column jerried is right there. Do alot off bone sciences. I do it daily and teach too

@AmysCrypt I have some real animal bones I can email jerrard. On bones I begin teaching again sciences. I don't mind question's. An answers.

@AmysCrypt that's why there take great care. When working with high voltage power lines. That if you come in between them there jump as you are a second. Electric magnatic field for example lighting.

@AmysCrypt ohh.... im excited!!! I cant wait..... the problem is i cannot spot that strange lurking black man... but i think p. 2 he will be there

I truly adore and admire your work. The videos are awesome, the history behind is fascinating, love it that you speak of local myths and culture.

Thank you so much! That made my day to read!

Unfortunately China has a big industry in grave robbing.the people who do it think of it as job.most likely the graves were robbed of whatever they could sell.people in China used as to believe in burying their fortunes with most likely they were looking for stuff to take.

AmysCrypt I would imagine it would be unfortunately.

That is sad. Wonder if it is the same in Thailand?

In the U.S. cemeteries where used to picnics and leisure. That was back in the 1800s

Wow I didn’t know this !!!

WAAAAAY STRANGE CEMETERY!!! What an Erie place!.

Some of the graves look pretty nice rest there soul's

It is probably because they didn't have anough money to fix it up maybe love you Amy and Jared great story

There are cemeteries here in NSW that are trying to move away from the negative taboo associated with graveyards. Rookwood is 1 of them, they often hold social activities, art/sculpture shows, they encourage people to have picnics & explore the graves & wildlife etc. They r trying to get the community & tourists coming into the cemeteries like it used to be way back in history, a day out or leisure & relaxation & picnics instead of the cemeteries having the gloomy scary morbid stigma. It looks like this place in this video has done just that & it's beautiful. I think cemeteries are so beautiful & peaceful. I plan on visiting many here in Sydney to learn the history & maybe some paranormal investigation. I bought a book that was written for people interested in seeing cemeteries, enjoy the beauty & histories of the cemeteries to visit in Sydney. I thought I was almost 1 of a kind loving cemeteries but turns out there are so many of us out there. I'm so envious of the cemeteries you have visited around the world, so much beauty & history.

AmysCrypt I hope they do

That is awesome. I don't believe they have started doing that in Adelaide yet, but why not?

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