Humber Spring 2019 Convocation - School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism

Humber Spring 2019 Convocation - School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism

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Morning. Ladies and gentlemen we are Humber, music and we're here to entertain, all. Of you this wonderful morning and celebrating, our lovely graduates, at, this year's. Ceremony. It's. Like a favorite, song that you love to, say. Every. Time we. Hear the music, but, don't you know that we're. All. Together. We. Got the kind of last forever. This. Together. It's. Like berries. On the vine, it. Gets sweeter all, the time. It's. Like raining. Candle. I. Was. So romantic. We. Got the whole thing working now so right. Yeah. It's. Just the. Way we planned it. Together. Together. It's. Like berries. On a vine, biggest. Sweet. Berries. Of the. Together. Bear, easily by bigger. Swing. Thank. You. Making. My way downtown walking, fast, faces, pass, on, a more bound. Lastly. Ahead make, him aware making. My way through the. And. I need you. And. I miss you. And. Now. See. Tonight. This. Always sounds like this when, I think of when, I wonder. If you ever. So. I think I belong running. Around in, your precious. And. I need you and. I, miss you. And. Now I. If I could. Time. Would. Pass me by. The. You know I walk. A thousand. Miles if, I could just, see. Tonight. Don't. Wanna let, you. Drown. In your, memory. I. Don't. On. My way downtown walking, fast, faces, pass, and I'm home bound. It's. Tara playfully, ahead make, them away make them away through, the crime. I. Still. Need you I. Still, miss you, and. Now I, was. If. I could, fall. Into. The sky. Do. You think, sign, will. Pass me by. Babies. You know I want. The, thousand. Miles, if, I could just, see. Do. You think. As. A yuna, I walked. A thousand. Miles of, I purchase, see. To. Just. See. Tonight. Round. Like, a circle in, a spiral, like. A wheel within a wheel. And. Never ending, or beginning. On. Ever, spinning. Wheel. Like. A snowball, down a mountain. Or. A carnival. Ball. Like. A carousel, that's, burning. Running. Rings around the. Moon. Like. A clock whose heads a sweeping. Past. The minutes of its face and. The. World is like an apple. Were. Like silently, in space.

But. The circles, that you find. The. Women. Of, your mind, like. A, tunnel, that you follow. To. A tunnel, of its own. Down. The hollow to a cavern. Where. The Sun has never shone. Like. A door that keeps revolving. And. A half forgotten, dream. All. The ripples, from a pebble. Someone. Tosses in, the stream. Like. A clock OHS hands a sweet babe as. The minutes of its face. And. The, world is like an iPod. Orlick, silently. In space. Like. The circles, that you find. If. The witness. Of. Your mind. Keys, that jingle in your pocket. Words. That jangle in your head. Why, did summer go so quickly. Was, it something that I said. Lovers. Walk along a shore, and. Leave, the footprints, in the sand. It's. The sound of district rummy. Just. The fingers are. Like. A circle, with a spiral. Or. Refract meant of a song. Remember. Nibs and Tracey's, but. To whom do they belong. What. You do that it was over. We. Suddenly aware. That, the autumn, leaves attorneys. To, the car. Like. A circle, in the spiral. Like. A wheel within a wheel. Never. Ending, or beginning. On. A never spinning. Reel. Like. The circles, that you find I. Say, images, and wine. The. Whitman. Of. Your mind. A spiral. Like, a. Wheel within a wheel. Never. Ending, or beginning. Ever. Spinning, reel, like. A snowball, down the mountain, or. A carnival. Balloon. Like. A carousel, that's, burning. Rings. Around, the, moon, like. A clock O's had the sweet baby I. Submit. It's of his face, and. The. World is whirling an apple. Whirling. Silently. In space, but. The circles, that you find. In. The windmills. Of. Your mind. With. Me. When. Windmills. Of. Your mind. Oh. Wake. Up everybody. No. More sleeping, in bed. No. More backward. Thinking time. For, thinking. The, world to change so very, much. What, do you Sabine. There. Is so much hatred. War. Poverty. We. Got all the teachers, try, the teacher, no, way. Maybe. The, listen. To. What you have to, say, cuz. They're the ones who's coming, up the world, assess my hands. Where, did teach the children teach. Wake. Up all the doctors, make, the whole people. Well. Here's. A one to. Catch. On. I. Know. If. We. No. If, we just met. Boyka. Everybody. It's next to know about the Ziegfeld. Spire. Wonderful tune Coltrane's. Featuring. Is Gabriella Rodgers. Now. You you go you. Say, you. Want your freedom. Keep. You. Play. The, way you feelin. Wilson. Carefully. To. The side, over. Loneliness. Like, a heartbeat, drives. Japan, in. The stillness. What. You had. And what you. And. What you have. And what, you. Love. Only. Happens. When, it's waiting. She will live they. Will come. See. Toby. I. Keep. My vision. It's. Only me. Wants. To wrap. Around the. Dreams. Have. You any, dreams, like. Say. Dreams. Alone. Is. Like a heartbeat, drives. Instance. What. You have. And. What you love. And. What you have. Only. Happens. When, it's raining. The, same. But. But. Thank. You. We. Were walking on the edge of, time. I'm, glad you're mine I know. You stay, this time. Three, words riding, in my ear to my. When. Will I find. My. Treasure Amos. My, heart. Oh. By. The war I could, see it's hurting. Build. A one in the morning a feeling, funny. Well. I know that I know I believe. In something. And a door down the road that love is coming. Are. We going wrong. In. The world of day. Put. Your hands, on the rod kick. It here with the wind my chain. When. You walk you true you. Carry, on. It's, for everyone. Felt. You under, daddy every, time. Into. My life. I felt. My paradise. Running. In circles we, will arrive. My, fragile. Mine. I miss, the knife be ha, ha, ha, ha. Oh. By. The war I could see it's hurting. Build. The water in the morning I feel it funny. Well. I know that I know I believe. Is something and, I know down the road that is love is coming. Are, we going. In. The bar today. With. Your heads on the water can. You hear what the wind might say oh. By. The way will, you stand up. With. The walking true. You. Will carry on the in love. How to look, into these walls. I've. Been, looking through these windows. To. The highest. Oh. Look. At this. To. The times world. Are we going wrong. In. The world. With. Your hands are the water kept. You here with the women. When. You walk into it, we, will carry on. It's. For everyone. Oh. It's. For. Everyone. It's. For everyone. Thank. You. Sir. Robert since, image académie, de Gras, tilapia prevention. Considers, happy Ella my. Brokerage, in, the. Time of a person Akif la ba la. Culebra. Slamming. And apparel design Hamburg Commissioner. Mondavi. Era servo. Turner, with Delta and lahardee curvature. Messner. A fabricator. Considered. A via ferrata, see, little Mubarak, Joe. Honey Thiele. The, genom de una tienda Blair. Felicitations. Diplomat. Safari. On abroad Padma, Baraka.

Humber. A shop graduate scheme Amy our own, eco-villains, and Janet's been and NVIDIA tio mullets, out when forced, on tour of lips vomit. Graduate. Summa. Kalla Tony okra Hamburg. Convocation. And. I really believe this and you often hear it at convocation ceremonies. But people start off and I often do myself saying, it's the best day of the year at the college. On. The day of the graduates, ceremony. They will arrive at the Toronto Congress Center where, they will be down in the regalia that fits their program, that they're graduating from they'll, be marshals into, a venue at, the time in which their name is called they will cross the stage shake their hand with our president, and board of governors at the events, conclusion. And they will have the opportunity, to get together, with their guests and family, the. Real highlight, and the significance, for me is standing on the stage because I get the privilege of, shaking. Hands and when. They cross the stage to receive their diploma, and there's, and there's nothing, better than then. Looking, over and watching the next person, walk, across the stage because. You get every, mix, of emotions, some are terrified, some are really savoring. The moment it, is a celebration for, sure, of our students, but, it's a celebration, of everyone's. Contribution. Towards student success as well. Jennifer. Donais, it carefully Callahan oh no no both broad word I'm from, there and I phoned earlier my visa. Felicidades. Colorado. Congratulations. Graduates. I. Can. Say clearly, now. Rain. School. I. Can. See all, obstacles. In. My way. Gone. On the dark, cloud. Had. Me, blame. It's. Gonna be a bride. Gonna. Be, bright. Sunshiny. Day. I. Think. I can make it, now. Pain. Is, gone. All. Of my bad, feet. Disappear. There. Is a rainbow. Before. You, know. It's, gonna be a ride. Gonna. Be, bright. Sunshine. But. Come around. Everybody. Look. Straight ahead. Nothing. But. Sky. Sky. Look. Straight ahead. Nothing. Below. I. Can. See. I. Can. See. Stickles. In. My. It's. Gonna be. Gonna. Be right. Sunshine. I'm, gonna be your bride. Gonna. Be, bright. It's. Gonna be a. Son. Thank. You. Thank. You so much for listening to us this morning we are Humber, music and we're here to entertain the. Wonderful, graduation, party. This morning. Imagine. The smell. Of a session. Is, it. Nothing. To kill, da. You, know. You. May say, I'm. A dreamer. But. I'm not the only, one. I. Hope. Someday. You. Will join me. The. World. We'll. Be. Imagine. There's no. It's, easy if, you try no. Hell. Below, us. Above. Us. Only sky imagine. Imagine. No, possessions. I. Wonder. If, you can. No, need for greed or, hunger, a. Brotherhood. Of. Imagine. All the people. Cheering. You, may say I'm a dreamer. But, I'm not the only one. I, hope. Someday you will join us. I. Wonder. If you can. No. Need. For greed or, hunger. Imagine. All the people, sharing. All. The. You. May say I'm, a dreamer. But, I'm not the only, one. I, hope. Someday you will join us. Are. You. We. Are like, children were. Painted, on canvas and. Picking. Up shades, as we go. We. Start off with gesso. Bashed. On by people we. Don't watch, your, technique. As you go. Step. Back head and buyer buy. Views. Can. I use the colors, I. Choose. Do. I have, some, say what, you use.

Can. I use, submarines. And, some. Fools. Will. Pay by the pigment. Of paint. That is put, upon our, stories. Are, told by our, hues. Black. Fondly, and. These. Masters, of beasts, and layers. Of. Our and. Time. Step. Back headed. By. Can. I have, some say what, use. Do. I have, some say what, are you. Can. I get, surprised and, so cool. We, are like, children. Were, painted, on, canvases. Picking. Up shades, as we go. We, start off with vessel. But. Start by people. We don't watch. Your ticket. Step. Back and. You. And, I have to say, what. You. Step. Back and admire. We're. Just, like children. What, painted, on. Children. Can, I have some say. Wow. Yes. Do I have, a say. What, you. What. And. Can I you surprised. And. So, blue. Just. Like children. We're. Just, like children. Or. Painted. On. Canvases. We'll. Just, like, children. Oh. Can. I have some say what you you. We're. Just, like children. Or. Painted, on canvas. We. Are here for a convocation class, of 2018, we, are so happy, I love, Humber I. Just. Want to thank all my professors they, all did an awesome job chef Kumar chef, Sergio and, chef. Ku and. Chef Gonzales for, all their ongoing support and coaching I. Would. Like to thank all the professors because. They really helped me and guided me through, I even, feel proud that because, of me I graduated, and my parents got to come to Canada from, India and they. Came with me to celebrate this day I. Am. So, proud of my students, this, is like, the, culmination of, so much hard work and, it's such a joyful, time to see them so happy and and it, for teachers, it's, it's. A really proud moment for, us they, know what to expect and they know what to teach us and what will be really helpful in the industry so they were really helpful to guide us in the right direction the, people the teachers I love, everything about it. A. Lot. Of hard work put into this program and now. I'm, at the end and, ready, to start my my. Career and future I chose, Humber because well. My parents chose Humber as well I did the landscape program, and, I was in the fashion marketing, and business program in 1988. I do. Want to thank my parents for being so supportive and, my family they were always there when I, needed, it and they. Kept on pushing me forward you can do it. It's not expecting, that my parents will be here but, it's, a great opportunity for me I'm feeling blessed today so now I'm done with my internship so now I'm full-time working there I'm thinking to come back in a Humber College again and to complete my bachelor's degree also it's, incredible. The fact that I've gotten here through like our program is really really heavy so. The fact that I got here I have so much family support, it means a lot to be here we're, very proud of her yes now we are Humber are. We are Humber. So. Time. To our lives, we. All have pain we. All. Have sorrow. If. We, are wise. We. Know that. Is. Always. Tomorrow. When. Your does so. I'll. Be your friend I'll. Help. You, carry. On. He. Won't, be long. Somebody's. Swallow. Your. Pride, I. Have. Things. That. YouTube. No. One will feel. Those. Of, your things. That. You will let.

Me. Know me. When. You're that strong. And. I'll be your friend. I'll. Help you, carry. On. It. Won't, be long. Till. I'm gonna need, somebody. To. So. Just come. Brother. Sweet. Aldi, somebody. That. You, understand. We. All need somebody. No meat. On me. When. You're not strong. I'll. Be your friend. Help, you carry. On. Ha. It won't be long. Somebody. You're. Not strong. Somebody. To. Me. It, won't, be long. Don't. This. Car only, brother. And. You need a hand, cuz, we all need, somebody. To. You know, I. Just might have, a problem, that, you. Understand. As, we all need, somebody, to. Lean. On me when. You're. Not sure. I'll. Be. I'll, help, you carry. On. It, won't be long. Somebody. To, me. Call. Me. Call. Me. Call. Me. Just. Call, me. Many time. Ladies. And gentlemen, please, welcome to. The stage Brianne. Cole. Good. Morning everyone welcome. To the 2019. Convocation. Ceremony, the. Music you have been listening to this morning has been performed, by third and fourth-year students. From our internationally. Acclaimed Humber, music programs, this. Year we are profiling, students from our Bachelor, of Music. Degree program. Who, have been immersed in performance. Composition. Songwriting. And production in. A variety of musical genres including. Jazz pop. Contemporary. R&B. Latin. And world music. Showcasing. Their amazing talents, today are five up-and-coming. Artists. Gabriella. Rogers and tarik Henry on vocals. Jeremie. Hoot salon Keys. Bassist. Jared, Craig. And. Ben. Green on drums. Graduation. Is an occasion, that is very important, to the graduates, and their families we, ask that you respect the occasion, and remain, in your seats for the duration of the ceremony, and refrain, from talking we. Ask you to please turn off all cell phones and personal electronic. Devices fire. Regulations state, that we must keep the back aisle of convocation Hall, clear, so, we ask that you not stand in that area. In. The event of emergency please. Note your nearest exits and follow the staff and. Now. If you are able please, rise to welcome our 2019, graduates, and the platform, party. For. You. There. Might be another, Sun. But. Through my eyes a pile. Of you, is. All I see. For. You. The. Song. But. All my heart, can. Hear is your man. Without. I. Never. Wonder. Stan. Break. My heart in, two. For. You. Oh. But with his mind. Freedom. But, with your, time I. Shall know. The. Toes. But. I will share. I'm. Going. Home the day I. Believe. I miss it every fails, get. There and play my music. Turn. On every, love light in the place. It's. Time I found myself. Totally. Surrounded. In. The circles. My. Friend. Please. Celebrate. Me. Home. Give. Me a number please. Bring. Me, home. Play. Me one more, song. That. I love is in number and. I can recall whenever, I found, myself to, all the wrong I can, say this. Busy. Highway. Travel. Where, the westerly, winds can fly. Somebody. Try to tell, me is but. The man forgot, to tell me why I. Got, a Caribbean, gone, come, on Lord come. On dad. Watch. A war for, me. And. I'll, be, with. Please. Celebrate. Me, home. Give. Me another plane. Celebrate. Me home. Give. Me one more, song. That. I'll always remember. And. I can recall, whenever. I found, myself to wallow. Bring. Me, home. Give. Me enough. Please. Shuttle. Brainy. So, that. I'll always remember, and. I can recall. Wow. Please. Celebrate. The. Celebrate. Raymie. Wow. Baby. Shuttle. Baby home. Celebrate. Me. Celebrate. Me, home. Good, morning please, be seated. Welcome. To the 2019. Convocation. Ceremony for the graduates from the School of Hospitality recreation, and, tourism. My. Name is Willie fish baja acting dean for the school of hospital, recreation, torsion, it is my pleasure to serve you as a master, of ceremonies today we. Would like to begin the ceremony today by acknowledging the, Humber College is located within the traditional, and treaty, lands of the Mississauga's, of the credit known. As Etobicoke, the place of the black elders in the Mississauga, language the region is is uniquely situated along. Humber River watershed, which, historically, provided an integral, connection, for the Anishinaabe, arena. Shawnee and wended, peoples between, the intera lecture and the Lake Simcoe Georgian, Bay regions, now. Home to the people of numerous nation Etobicoke, continues, to provide a vital, source for the interconnection. For, all today. We acknowledge, and honor the land we're walking, on the. Moccasin, tracks of, our ancestors, and the footprints, of the future generations, to come I would. Like to begin the ceremony by, introducing our platform, party please. Hold your applause until the platform party members. Have been introduced.

Dr.. Asha Patel, program coordinator school of hospital, recreation, tourism. Da. Gonzalez member support staff Union. Ryan. Stafford, vice president, lakeshore, Ignite. Stacey, Merritt, president, faculty, Union. Janet. Stewart admission of advisors, office of the registrar. Arena. DaSilva professor, scope hospital, recreation, tourism. Dr.. Noah Kenton our program coordinator school of hospitality creation. Tourism. Shin. VF Mayu program, Cornell school Hospital recreation. Tourism. Dr.. Christina Liske professor, Scott hospital recreation, tourism. Adela, Marchesa director, advancement, alumni. Tina. Chu member, Board of Governors. Thomas. Parlo member, Board of Governors. Ian. Cruikshank Dean of Students. Denis, Gardner associate, dean school of hospital recreation, tourism. Christen. Linke art associate, Dean's Cove hospital, recreation, tourism. Talk. To Mark Hanna associate, E in the business school. Peter. MoDOT associate, in the business go. Aaron. Cosmos acting director English Language Center school, of Liberal Arts and Science. James. Putin is program coordinators. Philosophy. Hill. Townsend, reader School, of Media Studies information, technology. Barbara. Reach associate, vice president enrollment. Management and, registrar. Chin. Antonacci. Associate, vice president academic. Jason. Hunter vice president students and institutional, planning. Ronnie. Tally wall senior vice president transformation. Strategic, partnership. Dr.. Chris Whitaker president, and CEO of Humber College Institute of Technology, advanced learning. Anthony. Longo chair Board of Governors. Dr.. Jason Powell Dean School of Health Sciences. Dr.. Alvey Anacostia Nadine, the business school, Jason. Parsons honorary, degree recipient. Everyone. Your platform, party. At. This time I would like to invite mr., Anthony Longo to bring greetings from the Board of Governors. Good. Morning everyone. Graduates. Honorees, parents. Family members friends faculty staff. And. Honored guests it, is my pleasure to bring greetings from, Humber's Board of Governors. First. And foremost congratulations, to. All of our graduates for achieving, the success that. We are celebrating today, you. Have worked very hard to complete your programs and we. On the board are proud of your achievements, well done. Second. The board wishes you success in your future endeavors, you, can move forward in your chosen field with, the confidence, of having being educated at, one of Canada's preeminent. Colleges, the. Knowledge and the skills that you have developed at Humber will, provide an excellent foundation for. Your future success and I. Would be remiss if I, did not also recognize, and thank, all of those present at this ceremony that, have supported our graduates, in their studies at Humber the. Board of Governors understands. The important, and crucial role, played, by the parents, family. Friends and. Other key supporters, in each student's life. Congratulations. To our graduates, and best wishes for the future. Thank. You mr. Longo I, would. Like to invite president Chris, Whitaker to, say a few words to the graduating class of 2019. Well. Good morning everyone and thank you very much Rudy for that warm introduction. And thank you for your leadership as, associate, dean with the school of HRT. So. I sense, there's a lot of energy in the room this morning almost feels like I'm walking into a Raptors. Celebration. Party or something, Wow. So. Let's see if we can do a little better than they did yesterday. All. Right here we go, members. Of the platform party, honored. Guests faculty, and staff family. Friends and, especially our graduates, who, are looking very fine by the way it's. My pleasure to welcome you to today's graduation. Ceremonies. This. Year we'll recognize, more than 10,000. Graduates across ten ceremonies. And this is the very first one a significant. Number and certainly. A reason, to celebrate thank. You all for being here with, us to mark the occasion. Yeah. And you can start clapping. Thank. You as well to all the Humber employees, who helped make this event happen a day, like this takes many people to produce from, when our grads arrive and receive their gowns - when they cross the stage in a few minutes you, our faculty and staff work tirelessly to, make this date memorable. For our graduates, and their families and, we are grateful for your efforts. I've. Been a part of many convocation. Ceremonies, as a professor, as a president, and most, importantly, as a parent, I share. The many emotions, that we're all feeling today, the. Pride of achievement the. Joy of success and, yes. The relief that this significant, day has finally come. Convocation. Is my favorite, time of the academic, year because, it's a time for our community to celebrate our students, achievements and to look ahead to the new beginnings, and abundant.

Possibilities. That await our graduates. Yeah. And. Before. We recognize, their accomplishments I'd. Like to take the opportunity to thank those who helped our grads along the way, to. Humber's faculty, and staff thank, you for your dedication, and commitment our. Students, wouldn't be here without your support wisdom. And encouragement let's, give our faculty, and staff a big. Thank. You also to friends, families, and loved ones for supporting, our graduates, through, those inevitable ups and downs of college life your. Support comes in many ways, financial. Emotional. Financial. Lending. A helping hand and did, I say financial I. Think. You deserve a round of applause as well. And. Now. To our graduates, you. Did it you've, earned the spotlight, you're receiving today. The. Spotlight is on you not just because of what you have achieved but. Because you, are the leaders of tomorrow. According. To an article published last year in the Harvard Business Review great. Leaders are confident, connected, committed, and courageous. A lot, of C's there all. Of these attributes are within each of you you. Have spent the last weeks, months, and years honing. Your skills and, knowledge in classrooms, and in workplaces your, experiences. Have helped you grow your confidence, you. Are connected, you have network, to fellow students, faculty and industry representatives. Throughout your program you. Are also now part of the growing community of Humber alumni around the world who are making their mark and making. A difference. You. Are committed, you made, the decision to change your life through, education and, have, put in the work to get to this day. You. Are courageous, as students. Each of you came to Humber from somewhere else from. High school or another post-secondary. Institution. From. A job from, another city or even, another country it. Took courage to reach this point and it, will take more in the future as you are faced with new situations, and environments. Some. Consider courage to be an any character, trait something. You are born with others. Consider, courage to be a skill something. That you can develop and can strengthen over, time I. Believe. It's a choice, here. At Humber we choose to make courage one, of our core values we. Need to be bold to chart, course when it comes to education, to. Change our programs, to ensure they are relevant responsive. And anticipate. How the world is evolving to change. How we operate, to give our students more choice and flexibility. We. Believe everyone at Humber should feel empowered to make bold choices tackle. Inequity and try new things and, we want the same thing for our graduates. We. Want you to leave Humber with the courage to act to, take risks, and to fail and if, you fail to have the courage to get up learn, from what you did and try. Again. Right. Right. Now there's a special on Netflix by, University, of Houston research professor, brené Brown called. The, call to courage and yes. I'm almost hip, enough to know what's trending on Netflix. According. To brown Courage requires, two things. Vulnerability. And involvement. Vulnerability. She says is not about winning or losing, it's having the courage to show up when, you can't control the outcome. It's. Having the courage to admit you don't have all the answers it's. Pushing yourself, outside of your comfort zone, because. That's where, you'll learn the most it's. The courage to let yourself change. And grow. Courage. Is needed now more than ever and you, have the skills and knowledge to, lead the way. We. Live in uncertain times, across. The globe we are all grappling with political, tensions, climate, crisis, and changing, economies, I encourage. You to get involved and be the, change you want to see in the world. Remember. That global, network of Humber alumni I mentioned, let. Me give you an example of someone who did just that. Raoul. Singh graduated. From Humber's paramedic, program, in 1993. Soon. After, he was backpacking in Nepal when a series of landslides. Wiped out a village. He. Ran a disaster, response team to help manage the crisis, but found that most of the funding got lost in administration. Before, getting, to the people who needed it he. Changed, that by founding, global medic an organization. That provides efficient, and cost-effective disaster. Relief. Globalmedic. Has led more than 50 missions in more than 30 countries since. They started their efforts have helped countless people, around the world survive life-threatening, situations. Following, catastrophes. In. 2009. Raoul, was named one of Canada's top 40, under 40 and, in, 2010. He was included, on Time magazine's list, of, the, hundred most influential, people, in the world, all. Of that because, he had the courage to be the change he knew would, benefit others.

So. No pressure but. The world is count on you and I. Know you're up for the challenge as, you. Move on remember, to think critically to question. And challenge with some accept at face value and, seek, ways to contribute, give, back and get involved, you. Leave here with the strength and ability to make sense of the world to. Make the right choices to engage and make, a difference, for yourself and, others, even when. It isn't easy as, a. Humber student you've been part of one of Canada's, most diverse, and inclusive institutions. So. Embrace diversity in, all its forms, from, race religion, place, of origin culture, sexuality. Gender identity. Age, to, economic, status and more it's, up to each of us to acknowledge and seek, ways to understand, these differences and build. Bridges and establish. Common ground you, are, now one of the more than, 250,000. Alumni who are the college's, reputation, in action I encourage. You to continue, in their footsteps by, making your mark on the world doing. Your community, proud and of course keeping. In touch with us we'll. Keep an eye on your Instagram, stories. Everyone. Here is proud of all you've achieved you. Are now and forever part, of the Humber family, and no, matter where you go our doors, are always open and, you're, always welcomed, home so. Be bold be. Brave be. Amazing. Because. We know you can, thank, you. Thank. You president Whitaker today, we are presenting an, honorary, Bachelor, of Applied Science studies degree - Jason Parsons is, with great honor that I would like to introduce to, you mr. Jason Parsons as this year's recipient of the honorary, degree chef. Parsons, surrounded, himself with hospitality. And culinary mentors and teachers since, the very early days of his, career mr.. Parson has been a great ambassador for the industry, and as an alumnus from the apprentice cook program we are very proud to have such a passionate, dedicated, professional, as a recipient, of the honorary degree you. May recognize chef parson from shows like cityline were inspired many along with chef Michael Bonnie Cheney and masiva Carper to cook with, farm fresh local ingredients from, the Niagara Peninsula, Alina, co-authored. A book with, them that, won the dazed Canada, award above. All mr., parson has been an inspiration, to many young up-and-coming, culinary, talents, please. Join me in recognizing and, congratulating. Chef Jason Parsons, for his accomplishments. And contributions, to, our industry, we. Kind of request that you turn your attention to the screen at this time as we play a video highlighting Jason's, outstanding, achievements, and contributions, and. His, words to the graduating, class. You. Know it's been so long since I've been in school and people will say what is the value of a good education and. You. Know that core, is the foundation, to everything, you do. I'm. Very proud of but it's also been quite a journey to get here I started. Out in a little Roadhouse cooking. Food and microwave. And then I discovered the real thing it was one of the opening chefs that Langdon Hall in, Cambridge, and, from there I traveled the president England, a couple times a two Michelin star restaurants. I was in Bermuda for a while I even did stars is with Charlie Trotter in Chicago. So, it's been a journey you know and what, I found was no. Matter how much I travelled around the world. Canada's. Home you. Know it's funny as I get older I find that chefs tend to kind of bond together we all look for ways to build. A community and one, thing is if you went to the same college you know you tend to bond. What. I find as awesome as the fact that Humber, does the connection one, of my old instructors, that when I do my apprenticeship, actually came and spent some time in one of my kitchens supposed, to talk to somebody now and they're thinking about getting a career in culinary iniquity, which college should I go to is the best advice I can give them is go out and talk to people that have been in that program Humber.

College Is an amazing, place to go for content you need to get into a kitchen and you need to experience the world you need to see what's going on and and see, what you're getting yourself into because that's the trade you're gonna do but you also need to take time away from that in a classroom with, instructors, that are experienced, and have. That time to question everything and learn the basics without. The basics, you. Nothing. When I got into the school and realized, a structure. Discipline. And. The future that I had ahead you, know it put me all the time they really kind of made me understand, that I've got something special here take. It seriously you, know I always think how can i impact people, that are in Humber College right now and the students and I think you know you will joist you know I wanted to work in the new on, the beach I did, and I mean we had tuna pulled out of the boat and I want them to know that that, when you're at that school it's like this, don't. Go back if I was talking to a graduate, right now I think, I. Think. I'd have to tell them that whatever, your biggest, goal is, double. It and then double it again you. Know like, dream. Big. Just do it nothing, is holding you back what's. Stopping. President. President. Whitaker, mr. long it is with great honor and pleasure that we ask you to confer upon mr. Parsons, the spatula of applied Studies degree. We. Have to Achievement Awards to present today the first award is the president's medal which will be presented by President Whittaker, the. President's medal is given to one graduate, in each school has made a significant. Contribution to, their school and to, Humber by demonstrating, leadership and participation in. Both the academic and, student life of the college while maintaining a strong, overall academic average, the. School of hospitality creation. Tourism is pleased to honor Michael, Matthews with, this year's president, medal. Michael. Has been constantly, striving to gain theoretical, knowledge and practical skills in all he does he is the first to offer help or guidance to any of his peers both, in and out of class he's. Outgoing and inquisitive nature allows, him to be very successful he. Recently completed his fourth semester internship. With a community, group in Nunavut, Michael. Takes great pride in giving back to his community both. At Humber volunteering. At school events and at home.we has helped raise, awareness. And donation, money in support of the Make A Wish Foundation it, is with great pleasure that discove Hospital, recreation, tourism presents, the 2019, presents medal to Michael, Matthews. Our. Next award is the Board of Governors achievement. Award which will presented, by Anthony Longo this, award is given to one graduate, in each school who, has achieved their, academic, goals while participating, in significant, number of college, community. And personal commitments, Disko. Of hospit the School of Hospitality recreation, and, tourism is pleased to honor Michele, Prasad with this year's Board of Governors achievement, award. Michalis, teaches describer as a true ambassador of the tourism travel, services management, program she, demonstrates, a high level of professionalism and dedication to. Her work just, proven that she has a strong passion and understanding of the tourism industry while, being a wonderful role model and peer mentor during.

The 2018, trip planning course to Portugal, she, showcased her ability, to communicate and, network with many industry, partners, Michele's. Pursuit, of excellence professionalism. Eagerness, to learn and dedication. To her peers and the, program creates success in all she does it. Is with great pleasure that the school of hospital, recreation, tourism percent the 2018, Board of Governors achievement award to michelle prasad. We. Now have reached a moment that all the, graduates, have been waiting for the, awarding of their credentials, with. The graduating, class please, stand as you're able. Graduates. Today you're admitted into a proud Fellowship of the graduates, of the Humber Institute of Technology, and Advanced Learning an honor, bestowed only, upon those, who have met long-established, standards. Of conduct and learning in the, name of Humber College I hereby, charge you to. Safeguard, the professional, dignity and ethics of this fellowship, to. Cultivate, the spirit of inquiry and experiment, to. Maintain the fresh point of the demand, in age of rapid change a technological. Advancement to. Contribute, generously to, society. And the community around you, president. Whitaker mr.. Longo may. I present to you the graduates, of the School of Hospitality and. Tourism, we. Also ask that you acknowledge those unable to attend to, the ceremony, who are graduating, in absentia, I certify. That each graduate, has met all of the academic requirements for the credentials, that are about to receive and we ask for your provable on behalf of Humber's Board of Governors. Thank. You we, now ask the first row of graduates. To proceed to the stage to receive the, credentials. The remaining Rogers can now be seated, to. Ensure that everyone, is able to enjoy the ceremonies, and hear the names of the garages as they are called we ask that you hold your applause under. The list of names for each program has been completed and to, remain seated throughout the ceremony we. Will also be announcing the academic, achievement award for the top student, in each program please. Turn to page 19. On a convocation, program, for the first group of graduates. The, morning ladies and gentlemen, graduates. Members of the platform party I build Townsend it's my distinct pleasure to, be able to announce the names of each graduate. It's. My pleasure to first introduce the graduates, from the School of Hospitality recreation, and. Tourism and the, graduates specifically, from the Baker apprenticeship. Program, why. Ching, Sonia, Lee. From. The cook apprenticeship, program, Joseph you Jose. Joel. Coloma. Shanice. Crosley. Victoria. Foligno. Maria. Hadouken. Hannah. Lehman Ava woloson. Clarice. Refugia. The, radar scrawly. Sarah, Walter. Please. Join me in congratulating, the, graduates, from the Cooke apprenticeship.

Program. In. Culinary skills, soba. Schwar Bihari. Kala. Homes. Brandon. Tai. Stephanie. Velasquez. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, from the culinary skills program. The. Next group of graduates, from the baking, and pastry arts management program, we're starting with ran. In Abdul. Nag. Am Abu Dharr gam. Vanessa. Osito. Danielle. Asthma. Michaela. Asquith. Jamika. Beckford. Faith. Brigante. Michaela, brown. Pro, - Leah Codrington. Emily. Calico. Vanessa. Crusceni. Luciana. Quello. T. Dow. Jonah. Danke. Jacob. Foot. Mabel. Gaitan. Florencia. Gonzales. Tiana. Haydar. Allaha. Seba. Catherina, he no Quinn. Rebecca. Howard. Fraga. T Carnac. Son. Kim. Melissa. Nappin. Evangeline. Lemieux. Evangeline. Is the baking and pastry arts management academic. Award of excellence recipients. As. Kanaka. Lockwood. Micheline. Mignon. Nina. Mandic. Megan, Ogilvie. Lauren. O'Hearn. Emily. Perez, a. Man. Patel. Van. Portugal. Vanessa. Ruiz. Natasha. Sanderson. Sassy. Ciccone. Jian. Shao. Samantha. Sims. Victoria. Simon. Flavia. Stan. Liana. Stater. Natalie. Tran. Nigel. Villa more. Sure. An Jang please. Join me in congratulating, the graduates, from the baking, and pastry. Arts management program. Our. Next group of graduates, is from the culinary management program. First. Up Anjali, Anjali. Daniyar. Bill. Salina, / hain. Devinder. Jeet Brar. Hardeep. Brar. Celina, Carnevale. Cacharel. David. Caiied. Diba. Prick, Paul dally Wow. So. Preet Dhaliwal. Harmon. Danis, our. Steven. Fratty. Shame. Our Gordon. Grove. Goomba. Isaiah. Hackett. Amanda. Hadfield. Fish. Swung. Teeth. Wong. Gihan. Farag. Sarah. Hoback. Inderjit. Core. Pale. Preet Kaur. Jazz. Frite core. Sandeep. Core. Sonam. Core. Suman. Deep core. Kiran. Deep Kyra. What. Was the count there. And shul. Kumar. Ravi. Kumar. Nightly. Stuart. McLaughlin. Man. Indrajit man Inderjeet. Reggie. Melendez. Montek. You Morgan. Chloe, win. You. Win. Young. Win-win-win. T. Win. Chanel. Alexis. Stefan. Oliveira. Muhuali. Patel. T, fam. T, fam. A cash, sing. Yogesh. Signee. Gillian. Sanders. Herman. Sanders. Harpreet. Santo. Prabhjot. Sandhu. Pal. A visa Gao. Gurpreet. Singh. Harker. At Singh. Harmon. Deep sing. Jazz. Frite sing. Mandeep. Singh. The. Shan sing. So. Preet Singh. Tarun. Deep Singh. Tehran. Shot sing. You. And Smith. Jemelle. Smith. Sonali. Soy. Alex. Wallace of Athena. To, end wrong. Brennan. Tower, bowring. Joshua. Hall. Roopinder. Verdi. Please. Congratulate, the, graduates, from the culinary management, program. Our. Next group of graduates, is from the fitness and health promotion program. Carlos. Abrego. Ferris. Abubakar. Roots. Agbayani. Ahana. Phil. Alabaster. Oh. Christian. Twala Diaz. Neha. Bomani. Gary. Burley. LaSandra, and radhe. Sandra. : go. Chris, - Chowdhury. Surjeet. Chauhan. Krissy, Allah of Christian. Zeal. Christian. Song. Ghoul. Megan. Coelho. Bhoomi. Contractor. Barbara. Martinez. Janelda. Wotty. Atia. Daya. Francesco. De Bona. Debbie. DRM. Suhail. Diwan. Look. Out Feliz. Christina. Tech Sara. Ben. Sorry, Shaw. Olivia. Karachi. Alexander. Jallow. Ashley. Gordon. Daniela. Grant. Christopher. Kinto. Delphine. Heli. Olivia. Hill Hanlon. Daniel. Ayyanar, Ella. Leslie. It. Jazmin. SR. Kijun, Jackson. Michael. Johnson. Roach. Paloma. Pen gene a. Man. Short car. Gurpreet. Core. Camel. Deep core. Samantha. Kenny. Lamar. Kinch. Trinity. Lockheed. Jesse. Major. Ryan. Martin. Michael. Matthews. Michael. Is the fitness and health promotion academic. Award of excellence recipient. Alicia. McKay. Samantha. Man DITA. Mateo. Never adds. Caitlyn, Morgan. Christian. Navarrete. Noorani. Nehru, Lingam. Margaret. And Jenga. Teodoro. Oppress coup. De. Pan cheap. Enshou-tachi. Parmar. Sir. Man panu. Disha. Patel. Peanut. Patel. Crude. Ali Patel. By, day he Patel. David. Polo. This. Schwa pajara. Jared. Quaglia. Maya. REM marine rostrum. Needy. Revolve. Lakshmi. Rough Naren. Hiren. Cigar. Gita, cement. Is. Shawni Sancho ah. Reassure. Daniel. Sheffield. Russ. Aang Sony. Samantha. Staffie air. Anamarie. Static. Gabrielle's. Striker Ian. Sutherland. Renata's. A bow. Franco. Thierry. Carla. Marino. Justin. Tran. Aisha. Trivedi. Forum. Boshy please. Join me in congratulating the, graduates, of the fitness and health promotion program.

And. We have a graduate, from the food and nutrition management. Program, first of all Kristina and and. Jennifer. Anise. The. Sealed Avram. Mark. Garces. Carmela. Isabella. Carmela. Is the food and nutrition management, academic. Award of excellence recipients. Mr.. Joseph. Robin. Preet Kaur. Suka. Mean core. Manure. Moines. Ghazala, wash tag. Hawa. Moti, wala. Sahiba. Nagpal. Philip. Fuu. Harsh. Samaram Zizzi, Jota. Inderjeet. Sing. Cassandra. Veneered. Karl. Villar. Vari, how ahed. Emily. Wallace Chuck. Julianne. Young. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, from the food and nutrition management. Program. Our. Next graduate is, from. The hospitality, event, management program, Lina Brosco. Stuti. Industry. Ashleigh. Birkin. Hana BOINC. GE. Veronica. Calder on. Vanessa. Cappadocia. Katrina. Sapolsky. Kyle. Chaleff, ooh. Miranda. Sharp NCA Weisman. Giant. Chen. The, off Chun. Daanyik. Daily. Caroled. Argento. Carol. Is the hospitality, event, management academic. Award of excellence recipients. Tailored. To Kosta, Boda. Choir. Zoey. Demondo. Elizabeth. Gabriel. Dion. Gallant. Camela. Gorski. Miguel. Mcnaught. Jonathan. Schway, King lu-shi. And. Malcolm, Thomas. Danielle. McKnight. Do. We win. Dana. Marie Pasi a GU. Jillian. Palmer. Melissa. Palin Bella. Anjali. Patel. Jessica. Penman. Nastasi. Episode. Vanessa. Fook. Ashley. Sherman. Natalie. Roba showed. Mercy. All sameen. Shivam. Sharma. Tara. Silva. Harjit. Singh. Ravan. Eat sing. Rihanna. Sing. Alexandra. Snow. Desiree. Steven. Cyi. Turrican. Jew. Hwanhee. Lily, booth. Let's. Congratulate. The graduates, from the hospitality, event, management program. And. Now the graduates, from the hospitality, management program. Byron. Bush baths are. Randy. Callahan. Inderjit. Mogera. Alan. Rogers. Varun. Sharma. Shui. Yuju, please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, from the hospitality, management program. And. Now these are our graduates from the hospitality, hotel, and restaurant operations, management, program, Shirley, Alice Tony. Zoe. Barry. Anisha. Blackwood. Summer. Chin Edwards. Callie. Conforti. Thomas. Kramer. Libby. D'marco. Sebastian. Doh. Jamelia. Downer. Brittany. Falled Ian. Koenig. Is as. Vinayak. Gupta. Huang. Ha. Sang. Ha. Troian. Hackett, brown. Samantha. Harris. And. Ha. Bow. Quinn. Natasha. Ennis. Ryan. Kesler. T. Lee. Anthony. March, SLO. Hailey, McGowan. Samara. McKenzie. Dung. Win. Lamb. Win. Sally. Quinn. Trend. Wien. Chantal. Aldana. Jemaine. Come our Patel. Con. Fam. The. Recipient, of the hospitality, hotel, restaurant, operations. Management, award of excellence. Ryan. Fuma Vong. Ramon. Poncey. Sharma. Leapin Wasi. Maximiliano. Carosi. Takeya. Riley. Fatima. Selita. Alum. Dears our Korea. Gurjeet. Singh. Virgil. Singh. Gujarat. Singh. Jaswinder. Singh. Prince. Singh. Mia. Solan. Del. Seasick Dale. Michael. Stapleton. Honty. We. Intend. Lin, Tran. Young. Tran. T. Tran. Leanne. Sang. Christopher. Tinker. Chiandra. Tomlinson. Gale. Angie. Who I saw. Angela. Van. Ward's. Lin. Phoo. Nirupama. Samman. Isabella. XIV and. Those. Are the graduates, from the hospitality. Hotel at a restaurant operations. Management program. A very. Unpopular group, the. Next group of graduates, is from the nutrition and healthy lifestyle, promotion, program, Matthew, Bohr Lhasa. Serena. Butler. Gloria. Camacho. In. The tendrá Cox. Hugo. Stock Oh. Peyton. Foden. Donna. Geraldo. Chantal. Key the, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle promotion, academic. Award of excellence recipients. Christina, kobzar. Savannah. Melons. Marry. Mendoza. Lie, stone Ella. Rebecca. Pasquerella. Peter. Perez. Tabatha. Piper. Alexa. Tech Sara. Chen. Wang. Karen. Zamora, that. Those are the graduates, from the nutrition and healthy lifestyle, promotion, program. And, now our graduates, from the recreation, and Leisure Services program. Ashley, Aaron. Abbey. Beamish. Cush, want, rar. Christina. Capper, Ella. Brooke. Coulis. Vanessa. Fiore. Ryan. Fleming. Raymond. Phosphor. II. Renata. Jim atrophic. Harleen. Kaur.

Catherine, Macintosh. Fantasia. Meredith. Jordan. Morgan. Joshua. Morrison. -, Anika Pompeii. Autumn. Reynolds. Martin. Sailors. Benjamin. Cyprian. Gerardo. Trollee Oh. Katrina. Victoria. Megan. Wager Megan. Is the recreation and Leisure Services academic. Award of excellence recipients. And. Now. Give it up for the rest of those graduates, in that group. Our. Next group is from the tourists of travel services, management program with Sarah a Brooke next. Beebe, Bacchus. Shan. Barbarino. Mikey. Barrel. Pauline. Bests. Brittany. Bag when Dean. Nicole. Bogdan. Candice. Brown. Michaela. Burned MacLean. Jade. Tamplin. Mehra. Sir Dina. Ye. Jin chen. Shelby. Cowan. Jade. Davis. Patricia. Davis. ADA. Rod read read Rodriguez. McKenzie. DeFreitas. Krizia. Julie we see. Paul. - no. Doubt. In. Devon, Oh Alero. Reilly. Ferda. Pamela. German. Laura. Lee give. Laura. Lee is the tourism, travel services, management academic. Award of excellence recipient. Alejandro. Carranza. Anthony. Greco. That. Sabe, Qian. Krystal. Hall. Laura. Hamlin. Sione. Guan. Yang. Hai. William. Herlihy. Danna. Hernandez. Michelle. Hudlin. Nikolaj, Alonso. Laurence. Isaac. Prince. Emily, Noah. Siobhan. Jackson. Sydney. Jackson. Anna. Albarran. AB. Ajit core. Pretender. Core. Crowd. Jolt kor suk. Jetkor. Mohan. Preet Kaur. Roopinder. Core. Isaac. Kan'u. Emily. McDonald. Emilio. Mallette. Mikaela. Maillot jaune. Hazara. Mohammad. York. Win. Michael. Nabil. James. Miyako. Selina. Oliveira. Sara. Osmond. Olivia. Paulo. Priyanka. Patel. Athena. Ferrando. Carolyn. Petros. Hi, fam. Zephyr. Peggy. Sariputra. Michelle. Prasad. Kimberly. Ramming. Manpreet. Rahal. Amy. Lee Rodriguez. Madison. Rooney. Jane. Salvador. Jordan. Samuels. Or. Neela, Sargon. Ave. Sarna. Nymphets. Asus. Taylor. Seabrook. Jaren. Jeet Singh. Tsukemen. Preet Singh. Mandeep. Singh. Ravinder. Singh. Gurpreet. Singh. Amanda. Smith. Jesse. Stella. Nellis. To boonie. Ruth. To Dale. Sydney. Talbot. Julian. Tavarez. Trung. Though. Delonix. Villa guess. And. Vlog. Monica. Wag Loic. Hannah. Wiccans. Be. Facial. Cassandra's. Varnish, and, those. Are our graduates from the tourism travel. Services. Management. Program. Now. We have one graduate, from the tourism hospitality management. And event planning. Program, Siobhan. Johnson, give it up. And. Now we have the tourism, management travel, industry services, program grads, Elizabeth. Balvin. Beatrice. Vega. Daniela. Roca. Serena. Soup nod. Those, are the graduates, from the tourism management travel, industry services, program. Now. We have our graduates, from the massage there. Alexia. Emslie. Manveer. Gill. And, mall. Gruel. Kareem. Heart. Madeline. Hunts. Rose. In, Chong. Matthew. Isaac's. Kevin. Lee. McKenzie. Martin. Liliana. Masa Raj. Robin. Near-net. Natalia. Vergara. Colleen. Perez. Marisa. Row Venda. Felicia. Reilly. Nina. Kennedy. Neru, Posse Govan. Ashley. Slaney. Aaron. Iya of in Milazzo gam. Chelsea. Wall and those, are our graduates from the massage therapy, program. And. Now our graduates, from the sports management program. Christian. Acevedo. Joshua. Okoto. Ferras. Al yousuf. Carolina's. A morale. Jordan. Arruda. Nicole. Are two so. Anthony. Bandeau. Adriana. Bassy. Brandon. Boudreaux. Lauren. Braider. Evan. Brooks. Eric. Kaplan. Camila. Castillo. Nicholas, Sequeira. Peter. Cheran. Fernando. Chavez. One. Choice. Chris. Crea chiral. Shamar. Cummings. Justin. Curia. Danielle. Da Cunha. Ryan. De Silva. David. De Oliveira. Prahlad. Donnie. Jean-yves. Dutra, sack. Dawson. Fasciae. Joshua. Fall. Sure, al flowers. Vanessa. Fragomeni. Emily. Frances. Brianna. Friday. Mark. Rhonda. Shaquille. Gilbert. Aaron. Glasson. Cole. Goodwin. Chad. Green. Curtis. Hade. Michael. Hall. Jordan. Hansen. Michael. Hills. Ronald. Hollingsworth. Adam. Hussein. Zakir. Hussain. Anna. Jacobs. Megan. Johnston. Brenda. And Kazuya. Thomas. Larter. Brody. Lenox. Oakland. Lock eyes. Tyler. McPherson. Nicholas. Mancini. Joshua. Markovic. Jomo. Mayor's. Yvette. Mayor gah. Matthew. Molinaro. Anthony. Moncada. Brendan. Morey. Marcus. Nowell. Constantine. The tacos. Isaac. Nunez. Benjamin. O'Callahan. Lucas. Palermo. Madison. Plasma. Pietro. Pasqua. Andrew. Paul. Jonathan. Peach. Carly. Ferrara. Tyra. Prada. Craig. Raji. Samantha. Rafael. Andrew. Rob. George. Roby. Mark. Row Carol. Julia. Rolling. Sean. Rook. Keshawn. Ross. Evan. Rutland. Santa. Samson. Anthony. Scaglione. Jonathan. Shermer. David. Sigmund. Philip. Smith. Amber. Somerville. Joel. Spratt. Jordans. Stamper. Damon. Thompson. Joe. Serrano. Kaela. Vaughn the. Sport management academic. Award of excellence recipient. Joshua. Verse wearin. Lube, mcusic. Zachary. Watts. Neil. Welchman. Adam. Wilson and. Andrew. Wilson those, are the graduates, from the sports management program. All. Team, players. Our. Next group of graduates, is from the advanced chocolate, and confectionery, artistry, program who we want to meet after the program, starting. With Elena abalone. Sarah. Is. Samantha. Baton. Joseph. Dellamonte's. Nicole. Furtado. Medora, alacra. Tia. Mystery. A. Month. Greets Sookie. Lindsey. Welsh. Rochelle. Williams, the advanced, chocolate, and confectionery, artistry, academic, award of excellence recipient.

Please. Give it up for all of our graduates, that concludes. The reading of the name, thank. You. Congratulation. Grouches of 2019. Awesome. Sweet finish I. Would. Like to thank each of graduates, guests. Faculty. And all the staff and volunteers for, making this convocation ceremony. Possible, we. Invite all guests, to join us for a reception in, Alumni Hall immediately, after, the ceremony. Following. The singing of o Canada, please remain standing as you're able while the platform party, and the graduates, exit. Congratulations. Again. Oh. We. Or. We. I said. Fine. Oh. Listen. Baby. I. Ain't. No River wide. Baby. You. Need me call me no. Matter where you are no. Matter how, far. It. Just call, my name I'll. Be there in a hurry. Ain't, no. I told, you. No. Baby. Baby. Oh. My. Just. Way. Down in my heart although, we will Bowser when. You ever need. I'll. Be there. Somewhere. Don't you know that. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Getting. Your eyes and, I can, see. If. Love so dangerously. You're. Not trusting. Your heart so, anyone. You. Tell. Me, gonna. Play it smart. We. Through before, besides. And. I, believe, me that we've only just. Gone. When. There's this good is no sing. No. I. Need. Your soul I'm ready to, go. Through. The fire. For. The church. For. The chairs. Ah, you. Afraid. Of what if we use, you. Still eat I'm not, you, and, I, can't, if, you want let. Me try. You. Touch. Me, something. Me, know.

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Hey anyone studying Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle this fall 2019? Contact me, Im nervous but excited

Hello, neat video you've right now.

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