Hunting Kentucky Whitetails in Velvet Part One

Hunting Kentucky Whitetails in Velvet Part One

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Yamaha. Presents the, whitetail, Diaries. Chronicling. Hunting, adventures, of the most plentiful and intelligent. Big-game. Animal, in North America, join. Top whitetail, hunters nationwide. Embark. On the amazing, adventure, that, is hunting. The whitetail, deer. Kentucky. Known for its bluegrass. Bourbon. And a special, season to go after a buck in velvet. Kentucky. Is home to Salt River Outfitters and that's, where we'll find Wade and Steve Nestle for this episode. You. Know hunting camps are all unique and different all across the nation I've been, in big ones I've been in little ones and I love them all because you get to meet people that are generally very similar, minded to you Georgia's. Camp the coolest thing about it is these, guys come from Michigan, Oklahoma. Louisiana. They come from New Jersey they come from all over but. They met at this camp years ago in the all became buddies and many of them many many of them have been back every year I don't know a couple of them have to miss a year here and there because the wedding anniversaries, are stuff like that but they all come back and they all know each other and they know each other by first name, and that's a unique thing you don't see in a lot of hunting camps and because. They they love this style of hunting and you know when you get there everybody's, shooting their bow they're, grilling hamburgers they. Got some shrimp on the grill they've, got you know live music, playing that night I mean, it's just a it's, a cool environment it's what you wish you could see every, day before opening, day anyway. We. Went over there the night before opening. Day and and hung out with those guys a cool, group a big group the guy does a lot in the area he he's. Got a good outfit he's got a good operation, he's got a lot of returned hunters who just are just ate up with being out here at early season, hunting. Whitetails in velvet and I think, really appreciate the way George and his crew run run, their business because is incredible. Kentucky. Is is pretty, much the only state in the central. Part of the u.s. pretty much that has, trophy, you know trophy deer with the velvet this early so that's kind of why everybody looks to come to Kentucky we love outfitting, here in Kentucky there's so many deer the the deer per square mile population, is just through the roof here so you're already seen a lot of deer there's so much other things to do in the area so.

All That stuff goes it goes along with the hunting and the hunting really is amazing, here. So. Now if you've always wanted a velvet buck and take on the challenge head. Over to world wide trophy, adventures, to book your hunt with Salt River Outfitters go. To world wide trophy, Today. Alright, now we'll head back to our crew as they're setting up camp for the week, how. Many people it takes you to figure out how to put up a safety person. No. Beard rubbing his eyes Michaels, reading drapes and shaking heads, pile. Of stuff right here on the ground right now. They're. Obviously. Out of their element right now but I'm, kind of hoping they get it figured out because I'm working on food right now and that's my bed later so I'm hoping that that is my bedroom is completed, but the, Sun, is quickly, sitting, over there, so. Our camp set up which was really, gonna be pretty cool the camera guys need a lot of stuff and, we've been working with George for a couple of months on finding a location where we can be remote to be able to do what we needed to do he. Had two places in mind one of them was an old abandoned, farmhouse, that basically, we could set up right in front of didn't. Have any electricity didn't, have any water anything but it would provide a good backdrop for us and so we brought a travel. Trailer all the way from Texas we rolled it in rolled. Out some Yamaha generators, bit of power that the camera guys would now have access to everything that they needed to be able to keep all the gear going we would have the ability to sit in there watch a little football if, we wanted to have. An air conditioner for the camera teams but Steve and I I mean there's not enough room for everybody to to. Get in there and I like to go to bed before those guys do anyway so we pitched tents, out in front of it really comfortable Cabello stands through some cots in there while, we were somewhat, roughing, it we also, had some pretty good creature comforts. Out here on there. That, looks like a we'll have a bedroom. Out. Even. Without, reading all the direction so showed you just how easy it is because it's. About. Anybody can do it after. The, break we'll look at the conditions, the guys will be facing this we can get out into the woods we, return. Now fit yourself for your next camping adventure we'll, visit your local Cabela's. Or go online to, Cabela's, calm, the. Yamaha, whitetail Diaries his. Brought to you by Yamaha. Has proven off-road, ATVs and, side-by-sides. Eagles. Bass. Pro Shops, and Cabela's, your, adventure, starts, here. Garmin. Zero leave, the guesswork, behind. The. All-new, Yamaha, Wolverine, x2. With. The compact chassis perfect, works boring tight technical terrain, in. Ultra, quiet and smooth 850. Class twin cylinder engine, and next, level versatility. With a 600-pound, dumping, cargo, bed no, other side-by-side, delivers, this level of proven opera performance, the all-new, Wolverine, x2, from Yamaha. As. People, who love the outdoors. We. Know what we stand for. We. Stand for Fish Wildlife, and, conserve, in the places they call home, we. Stand for the traditions, we inherited, it and, that we must pass on. We. Stand for great gear fair prices, expert, service, and memorable, experiences. At, Bass Pro Shops in Cabela's, we, stand together for, you. Welcome. Back to the Yamaha whitetail, Diaries with. Wade Middleton. You. Know the backdrop, for a, hunt like this is really cool you know you look around at, the terrain in Kentucky, you got these rolling hills where. We're hunting this year there's some bean fields down in the bottom lots of hay fields, lots. Of ridges, and some incredible bedding, areas up on top of some of those even down in some of the valleys the various stands, or you know are well-thought-out in, place all, season long in the off season by George and his team to be ready for you, know that's, good as you can be for wind changes, and where, the deer are gonna be and, you know this time of the year what you find so often is deer kind, of ganged up you know you've got bachelor, groups and they don't travel to and from very far a couple.

Of Spots we had identified. Really. Based around trail. Cam pics and shooters that we we, knew were in the area so the first night for me there was a real tall. 8 still. Involved it at least last bossam after. Visiting checking, cameras, I really loved the spot. Alright. Let's kick our Kentucky hunt off with Yamaha Steve Nestle as he heads to his stand in the all-new, Wolverine. X2, side-by-side. We, get to drive the Wolverines directly out of camp I wake up every morning I look out and see the all-new Wolverine x2 it's, the first time I put it out of it and just cool quiet, ride that's, just the next generation, of side-by-side. Yeah, the Yamaha, is offering, and it's it's a versatile, workhorse. Hunting. Vehicle. Chore, vehicle, recreational. Trail ride vehicle it's a do-it-all machine it really is and, we, took it for granted just. How quiet and smooth I mean we had fun in it we took it to the creek we took it to the stands we took check cameras with it we used it for what we what, we build it for for me the beauty of it is when it's there and you're using it and you don't think, about it too much that's, when. You know that it's playing a major role in what you're doing you take it out of the equation you're trying to figure out how to get to some of these places in the truck and all of a sudden you've got a lot of stuff working against you so the new Wolverine x2 two-seater, with the dumping cargo bag we got the four seater. Having fun in them to working. With them and if, you match the work and the fun up together and you get hunting it's kind of how I look at it they're handy to have but. They're a heck of a lot of fun to hunt out of -. Its. 3:30. The. Afternoon of opening day sorry. For the whispering but we're probably. 400. Garnish Barnard yards ish. From. Our stand I've got the Wolverine bark gentle way, away out of sight and. We're gonna walk the rest oh that's a hot it's so hot so. We're. Trying not to sweat too much carbon, in reach in case we need to get with mr. Wade later we. Really haven't seen much in the last few days. But. We know there's deer here so. It's. A sweet setup as you'll see once we get in, looking. Forward to getting there it's. Just it's gorgeous in here man it's really really nice so. That's. Before, then we're near probably our. Our. Dead before the deer really supposed to another cell. Now, it's just trying to calm down stay, quiet. Way. To show up I. Really. Love the spot this me and Jeff go sit back to back up, in a tree kind of remote field off to our right section. Or strip of woods and then a hay field off to our my laughs and it's, just way, up in a stand and we had we could shoot out of both sides and I, loved, the way it looked I love the opportunity afford I love that there was a big shooter buck in the area, though, he had been mostly active at night I mean, just getting outside first, night first opening. Day you. Get excited what are you gonna see I'm, gonna see something right and so about, an, hour and a half two hours into this hit deer started showing up the. Main thing about that first night was we had deer on both sides of us and we were on total. Lockdown couldn't, move I felt. Like we did a really good job as hunters is not getting spotted because the deer we're looking at each other through the woods and all they had to do is look a little bit up all, we had to do is move a little too much and we would have been busted you, know a few fawns few doze a few bucks and still, really cool to see some Bucks involvement even though we had a you know small little, eight. And then a nine came, in later cool, mainframe. Eight it'll be probably. Pretty nice next year if not the year after if he survives. But. Not our shooter but, the first night was in the books so, we went back to camp see what we've done and talked about the next day.

Well. When we return we'll, see how Wade fared on his first hunt this year in Kentucky. The, Yamaha whitetail Diaries is. Brought to you by, Thompson. Center, America's. Master gun, maker. Konquest, sets hunting. Scents and dog training sets, still. Cam digital, scouting, cameras, proven. Walker's. Protected. Or lose, it. How. Do you aim a 36-yard. Shot. With. A 30-yard, fixed, pin, at. A 15, degree angle. With. A seven-inch holdover. Without. Moving, a single pin. Easy. You. Get one of these. Zero. The. Auto-ranging, digital. Bow site, from. Garmin. Many. Said that we were just obsessed, when we started that. There had to be an easier, way to smoke, food, as. Time fast the Bradley family created, a lineup of Bradley, electric, smokers that has made it easier, for the novice, or even expert, chef to get perfect, results every, time, they use it grab. Yourself, up Bradley smoker, and take, your cooking, to an all-new level. Welcome. Back to the Yamaha whitetail, Diaries with. Wade Middleton. We're. Hunting in Kentucky, for velvet bucks now this is Steve's first time in Kentucky but wait well he's, been here before, last, year he encountered, the perfect, buck in velvet but, we'll let Wade tell the rest of the story. Our. First night last year in Kentucky. Come, up in the stand and we're. Sitting there and you know when you're making TV shows the, TV, the. Camera guy has to see everything if the camera guy doesn't see anything you got a radio show he didn't happen you know you can talk about it all you want and, I'm sitting there Bose hang in a couple of those in come by man, I mean it's just a very peaceful evening, nice, rolling hills and I, off to my ride, I catch a glimpse of a buck coming in and, here he comes and he just freezes, and, I. Know when, he's where, he's at that Kevin, can't seem as good as I can I mean I've got the perfect angle to get a shot and he's, barely. See bits, and pieces and glimpses, and we try every time we had to, get the best we, want the best shot we can't loose buck I could, have shot him for 15 minutes Kevin. Could not get the perfect angles through the trees or whatever and I'm thinking this year is gonna come right to left anyway doesn't matter. The. Deer turns right and goes up he's, staring, at me he's, on alert that's a shot that I can make but he's staring, into my soul I mean he's looking into me like yeah make a move buddy and I'm gonna blow and go and, keep in mind I've only been in the stand about an hour at this time and I'm like it's nothing that's not the shot you you know I'm eyeball to eyeball based, on the terrain level with this deer I can't move I can't, get a shot and he just kind of ambles and walk - what'd you. Just, spend the entire week, that, I'm here in Kentucky, last year and it just kind of fades into memory but. That memory has. Continued. To inspire me to look forward to the. Hunt that we planned for this year and there was a lot of planning that went into this hunt to be able to build it to the situation, where we're at now. As. We start going through the scouting camera pictures oh my god, I like that oh I like that do I like that dear I mean all of a sudden on my wall I love. That, dear this, magnificent. Ten point I mean wide tall. Tines. Mature. Anything. Velvet he, captivated. Me he drew me in I was just in love immediately to, the point that we went and got some more stands, and threw him up in an area we thought we had a chance to get.

Will, We'd go all in on this buck for the rest of the week while. We wait and see let's, learn more about the Giri used on this trip gear. For this type of a hunt here whether, you're doing it staying at a lodge or dinner Mowgli like this you need a lot of hunting clothes because you're gonna sweat through a lot this early season. You'd. Be able to pair of those clothes man permethrin, is a must out here there's ticks there's bugs or spiders every kind of crawly critter. That bites you lives here I've, sprayed, everything down as good, as I could, sink, control a must, you. Got to do everything you possibly can, and then some I mean, it's just an amazing deal safety, I mean you got to have your safety harnesses, you need to spend a lot of time practicing shooting. Your boat my. Boat set up here is the Cabela's, mode. I'm shooting the Garmin zero site. Instinct. Broadheads, that I found those brothers fly the best for me it's, most similar to my ax my target points. Just. Be prepared when you go on a hunt like this with all the little details, because. Your moment, of. Success. Goes, down to you know a few seconds, when it comes time to that hunt you don't want to be swatting a mosquito, you don't want to be worried about scent, control you want to know your bows and your arrows and your sights gonna perform flawlessly. And. If, you'll get all that dialed in before you get here the rest is just enjoyment. With. This gear ready weight, makes the decision, to go after the big 10 he's seen on the scouting camera. Now. We've driven that in. Here with full rein we're gonna hike around this, we've got the lien coming dad in our face the, deer and the scouting cameras come mr., 18 years I think this set up scenarios, for long I mean it's Kentucky, its, velvet, hunt it's opening, night it doesn't get any better. As I, looked into the weather forecast, and what was ahead, every. Day was a heat index of close to a hundred very. Challenging, for the hunter, but, honestly the deer are used to it they've dealt with it in July and August and, into. Now I mean that's their way of living they have built their patterns, and, their schedule, around. These conditions, we as the hunter have to adjust to that and. We. All prefer to hunt when it's cooler that's the reality deer hunters will talk about that all day long but if you want to do in velvet buddy you got to get in the stand when it's hot because you only have a small window basically, at the end of summer committed to pull it off. Dragonflies. Wait. Situation. Should have a time of the day to get right those big boys get up other thing. When. We return, the Sun is setting and the deer are on the move, don't, go anywhere the Yamaha whitetail Diaries is. Brought to you by Smith. & Wesson Performance, Center performance. When it matters, most. Hype. Is shooting systems, see, what you've been missing. Bradlee. Smoker food. Smoking, made easy. Protect. It or lose it. Protect. It or lose it. Protect. It or lose it protect. Or, lose it. Protect. It. Or. Lose it. Protect. It or lose it. Welcome. Back to the Yamaha whitetail, Diaries with. Wade Middleton. Weight, is set up in a tree stand in Kentucky, for a velvet buck and is about to have his first, encounter you know as a hunter.

You. Know opportunities, present itself, and you have to decide to you taking their needle you have to make that determination, the. Very first night sitting, in the stand. It's, beautiful, you're looking up this little draw bedding. Area on the right it's you, know it's. Hot but we're in the deer stand and, there's. A doe coming, in here and there's another one coming over there and I mean here comes this big. Eight-point. Comes. Up this field he's posing out there and I'm looking at him I'm thinking man that's a deer in velvet it's a perfect deer I've been here an hour in. The back of my head there's this little boy sees a little guy little deer camouflage, dude on my shoulder go. I'm. Thinking shut, up I could, shoot him. The. Little dude talked me out of shooting, the eight-point, he. Did he just see talk me out of it I'm thinking okay that's okay yeah that's early, when, you're hunting a Velvet whitetail, your, window. Of opportunity, is very, small when you start looking at the scouting camera pictures, and you'll just start to see every day more and more of them become hard antlers I mean it's just it's a daily progression, so not, only are you trying to hunt Bucks in the early. Early early season. That are somewhat, nocturnal, due to the weather conditions, you're also working. Against, you. Know time because. Those deer coming out of Elbit so, fast and you, know you may have a target, buck that at noon was, you, know in. Velvet and by dark he's shiny, shiny, antler, deer ready for they're ready for the battles of the rut coming up down the road so you know that's always a challenge but, that's, a challenge that's really motivated, me to come on this hunt. Little. Guys kind. Of laughing at me goes hi you could shot one in velvet right there, and. I could of and, I probably should, have at that point but I didn't, I was enamored and in love with this ten point that I was hoping to have an encounter with as, day two day, three and day four begin. To unfold what. A great first afternoon, here you know I kind of gambled a little bit of play to hunch we were, checking in scouting camera and literally like two ridges behind the camp. A, giant. And another, shooter, but I mean one giant, and, still. In velvet I mean a deer that make anybody's, heart pound, pound pound we threw up at Stan this afternoon, we went ahead and hunted it you, know that's always a gamble but sometimes pays off sometimes doesn't know I've seen it work so many times we got up there everything. Felt right wind was good for us it's. All really, nice 8-point came in but after, seeing some bees other deer I thought man first afternoon no way let him go kind of a mess another deer I messed up deer a spike, in a doe I mean it's just a good good, hunting, good set you.

Know Waited until dark got, out of there now. Comes that that thinking, what are we gonna do next we're, gonna try to morrow definitely. Talk to George a little bit see what Steve did they, ought to be coming back think I hear them right now and maybe, they got one and if, not we'll be strategizing, for day two in Kentucky. As. We wrap up the first episode, of our Kentucky velvet, hunter well we had plenty of encounters, and both Steve and Wade counted. Their hunts as success. Stay, tuned for next week's show as more encounters are bound to happen here, on the Yamaha, whitetail Diaries. Shooting systems, knows that your shooting, performance matters. In all conditions. All. High vis shooters, experience. Faster target, acquisition with. Our durable light wave sights. Featuring. Easily, interchangeable, light pipes like. Wave sights give your eyes the, exact, sight picture you, crave. Shoot. High vis see. What, you've been missing. Angles. Got the original high performance cooler, and, a whole lot more. Angle. Coolers go, with the original. Introducing. The stealth NXT. The narrowest, the most accurate 10-point, Rosco ever measuring. An ultra marrow six inches warning their, stealth NXT, unleashes, devastating. Speed up, to four hundred and ten feet per second. Generating. Jaw-dropping. Kinetic energy and match, breakdown range, accuracy all, on, a whisper, quiet shot three. Times quieter, than the competition, they. All new stealth NXT, from. Ten point. We. Plan all year for this. We. Hone our skills. We. Have confidence, in the do we choose. We. Pour over thousands, of images and videos. When. The time comes. Will. You be ready. Introducing. The all-new 4k. Camera, by stealth, game. Proven. When. I was in Special Ops every. Item had a purpose, where, it got left behind it's. No different today. If. It doesn't protect me, or. Help me perform at the highest level. I've. Got no use for it. Otherwise. I don't, come back with. Whatever it is I, set. Out to, get. Wiley. X ballistic. Rated Iowa. What. Does it take to make ever come dear scent it, takes a dear farmer, who raises whitetails, it.

Takes Mixing, the special, blend of ever calm, testing. Each batch that smells. Good and then pouring each container. Once. It's cooled each container, is clean examined. And packaged, for shipping, it. Takes the finest deer herd and a great, team of people to make the best hunting Sun available. Ever. Come from conquest, sense. Purina. Is quick Trump is the perfect, solution for attracting, deer to your location, and providing, them with the essential, nutrients, that will encourage their growth use. These blocks where you can in a promise shit not, only you're gonna see more game but the games can benefit, from you placing it out.

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