I Interview Westlife on Reuniting, Touring & Fatherhood

I Interview Westlife on Reuniting, Touring & Fatherhood

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Hey, guys I'm, Vicky from honest mom calm, and I don't need to introduce these guys I'm, here with Westlife. Hey. Much. For being here today now you've, had a little bit of a, gap. 8 years and you're back together can you tell us like. What it feels like to, be it, feels it feels amazing it, feels very exciting, you, know we're just talking about the earlier like the since. We've been away like the fan base has never kind of gone, to sleep on us you know and they've, welcomed us back with open arms and the, reaction so far toward all to the new single to the tour has, been mind-blowing. Really and so, we're just we're kind of booked very excited now to get into it all and China get, on tour and see the fans in person and you know it's just it's very exciting very very good thing Wow, hey it's Blaine by like, cheetah. Yes, and no I think you know when you when, you kind of like jump. From when we used, to be in Westlife to today it feels like a very short period of time but I suppose, when you look when you sit down and think about it and you and you think about all the things that we've all done as individuals, or you know if had babies, and you. Know they've all grown up and stuff like that you kind of go well actually it is quite a long time but. I, think at the same time you know it feels quite natural and quite normal, to be back doing this and cause. We kind of did it for such a long period of time I think you, know from our late, teens all the way till our you know young. Thirties I suppose we did, it and then, we had that date the gap and, now we're back you know just all, of us scratching 40. They've. Gone wild, for, this video. And, your new single hello my love. And. You. Know like we were obviously all very excited, when it came to sort of deciding, to do. This comeback and the reunion and. Recording new music and put on new gigs and stuff and but, obviously then when I got closer to the point of releasing the song and the video and everything we were like wait a minute what, if like all those. Fans that were there before not. They're, not all gonna be there again or what, if it doesn't go down just as well as we hope it will and stuff you know it's just very natural. You. Know it shows that we cared we cared a lot about it you know what meant a lot to us pretend no, it's like doing a test or going for a job interview it's like well if it doesn't go well you know so. We've just been so overwhelmed. And overjoyed by. The, positive. Reaction from her fans and also, kind. Of started to find that there's even some people that maybe you. Know we're at a different age or point in their life - last time we were around and you. Know there's a lot of like kind of lads and stuff that maybe when there were 20, they, wouldn't have like admitted - like I'm Westlife wherever I know they're like 28, and they might be in a relationship and they're all like definitely.

Going To your gigs and all this you know so, it's interesting to see kind of maybe some new people that have come on board but more, than anything it's great to see that our fans are all still there you. Know in their droves and you, know not only in the UK and Ireland but like all around the world you know luckily we have social media and we can have. This sort of direct connection, to all our fans everywhere, in the world or most of them, it's. Just so nice to feel the love from them you know absolutely. I shared out to my readers, that worldwide, and it was just overwhelmed. Like you broke in there like an army yeah, they really are and they love you and like you say they've grown with you they've not gone anywhere I'm, just excited and it's such a beautiful, song, and it's really moving the, videos gorgeous, ed Sheeran, racer right yes yeah him and Steve Mac yes or him and Steve Mac I was Steve Mac would have done an awful lot of her biggest. Hits like flying without wings and swear it again world overall and all the kind of early, day stuff so. To have him team up with obviously a cheer and who's in his own right obviously the amazing. Superstar I would ever bought he's such a great songwriter and. To have that I suppose. Combination, coming back. Because. Like we said coming back it wasn't just about a tour we wanted, to make new music and what we wanted to make brilliant music and try and make possibly. The best music we've ever made and so, there are probably two of the hardest people in the world that could, possibly write a song for Wesley so it's it's, a dream start and, the song has gone down unbelievably, well and you. Know it's it's and. We've more to come we know what the obviously the next single is and we, feel it get stronger as it gets to the album so it's you, know it's it's gonna be a good year we feel so far if it keeps going it's going well and what I love obviously I'm honest ROM and I'm all about honesty is that the lyrics like Nicki they're quite honest aren't they as well and they're saying you know we might talk.

A Bit about perfectionism, and this is a really important, topic she's not young fans you've got people, in my age group in, our 30s, late 30s that we. Feel pressured, online, we want, so. You talk about that and you talk about how there's no barriers, to love so would you yeah. Well. I mean it's as funny as you're touching that because it's been quite an, interesting lyric, where people have kind of I, suppose around those privately, said you, know that that's a kind of bravery to be coming out report I mean edge here and wrote that Eric was Steve Mac so it's not come from our hearts, but, say anyone we heard I think all of us were sold on a straightaway because what's, brilliant about it is it's it's, it's quite it's quite um it's, quick lever to, mean and I think it's it there's not a lot of songwriters out there at the moment like. It that have the ability to write such a such. A current pop song with an amazing, melody with lyrics that make people go well. So not I mean has he really said that like you know I mean that makes people smile at once it puts people in it's. Relative to their own lives and, I think when we hear it was one of the things where we picked up one straightaway it went this is brilliant and and. I think when you're when you're a singer, as well and we're in a band you've got to be able to you, know it because I suppose we're not writing some of these songs so when. You're singing somebody else's song so to speak you've got to be able to believe it you've got to be able to to, actually, feel like you've written it yourself and we'd. Love to have written ourselves you know it, is something that's quite. Clever quite quirky, and exactly probably, where, we needed, to be usable come on back because you, know eight years a long time in anything especially, in the music industry you know all, these streaming you know you, know all the online stuff that we're doing right now it, wasn't as big back then and certainly. How people consume music wasn't like it is today and so. It's new for us too so to come out with a big song occurrence. Of yeah, very exciting and to be stay well fence it that's exactly what social medias about this exactly. Well. I think I think it was a really nice coincidence, that the lyrics, sort, of matched up to something, that we all feel which is you, know especially like you know the lads all of kids and stuff and I think when when you're thinking, about kids. And the world that they're in now, and the word they will be in when they're in their teenage years then, yeah you know all of this kind of. Potentially. Kind of dangerous kind of stuff that happens online and, I don't even mean the more sinister side I mean like body. Image and what what you're supposed to look like what you're supposed to wear you, know I'm. You. Know that can be I think. I've heard all that speak there are various different points where you know it's a world where you've got to look out for your, kids and also they're there for you've got an interest in the, effect of social media and so.

It Was kind of nice coincidence that this song was Pro. Kind of imperfection, and in fact that imperfection, is perfect. Or. So the perfection, actually is actually weird if you don't mean it I think. Exists. It's. A good song for our kids to listen to it's a good you know it's a good lesson for our kids to be singing it. Helps. The whole guys, we we're, talking about fatherhood, yeah. Tell, me how that changed you I mean how can it not have changed you I, think. It's changed dramatically. And I, mean when, Westlife kind of ended I only had a my. Baby was point he was probably about eight months then so, I've had two more since that and Nikki, and Shane obviously were a little bit different they had babies kind, of throughout the last few years of Westlife and stuff like that but. Am. I gonna catch a Westlife, cold, you're gonna catch a lotta, from Kane. Boys. I got it off Shane it's called the Nicky vie high-fives, of lads yesterday. He. Was a coach at, the jam I need anybody that's become a parent yeah, realizes. Whatever. Getting too deep and too philosophical about, and all that really that's why we're here and that's what life is all about victory, and having, children is, the, most rewarding thing you'll ever do in your life um and. Really won't sponsor here, everything, else is secondary, before. That you know you. Get, your knickers in a twist over the most stupid, in the world yeah and and, then when you have a kid you kind of go well why, do I care about that I care. About that you know. Your. Kids, but. Outside your kids it, gives you that calm life in your life revolves around your, whole life every day you get up everything. You do is for your children for, your family now it's kind of like and plus, as well this time around for us with the band like, our children are a lot, of our children are old enough to literally. Be very excited, their dads are in Westlife and it's a pretty cool thing you know and you, know I kind, of think magic if I was chained, and my dad was in Westlife you know it's, tough like a so yeah it's, not just for us to nobody. Exactly. You have to share it with your family's, net words before there were babies they didn't understand it and. Now they're like my daughter's 13 you know on she's she's. All excited you know it's kind of like it's a different world for them so we get to share it with their families so that's I think one of the most exciting things about this they're gonna be there. Like, I'm excited to see their kids seeing, it you mean sort of you. Know as an observer and also you know there's like I've got like nieces. And nephews and. They're. All you, know, like. The coolest Godfather, to have. Marki. Deftly there is that element like you know Nicole anyway from like she, was growing up like I'm Samaras I think, Mac was a favorite. As. Well for them is when the actual tour happens, that. You know the sound checks actually walking on the stage you. Know getting the microphones, and there cuz we were in China or sorry yeah Singapore, last week and, we got these gifts from China of microphones, their. Little obviously kids went cause they can press and you know it's like echo we could put up the reverb and volume, and all is that was soft make it and, they you know the kids you know my daughter G absolutely, she's gone around singing hello my love in the game, so, I think we need it for real and I remember when Rock'em and Jay were mighty twins, when, they were five. Six on the last four never eleven and it is well but when they were 46 they were they were standing on stage in the, o2 in. Soundcheck, looking. Out and you give them the mic and they can they're going hello. And it's like the noise of the room you know so I think. All the kids will probably I've already. Because. When Shane was around my house there. My. Oldest. Fella and changed two young fellas went upstairs and we've liked music, room up there and next thing they were like come on up and here it is come on up here it is and they figured out a song like you know. Patrick. Was on the piano Gandhi doo doo doo doo and Cheney was on the drums going doodle doo I didn't, my father Cole was on the guitar started. Singing the verse it was like we, were like rockin on here and then Nicole was the manager remember I think. The cold and Rocco and junior at that cool 12 13 age we're probably.

They'll Be on the phones and on their Instagram whatever they do when they'll be watching, from afar, probably. He's. Seven he, had written a song and he had put it up on his wall and he goes this is Westlife - cost for a single daddy he's, like oh really and he was like that singing this wisely -, cuz yeah, cuz ii constancy because. Me it changed married to my, first cousin so, my, kids had chains kids all very close and. That's. The main thing but you do just want your kids to be proud like I've. Not had any sort, of success comparative. To you guys but when I brought my book mum boss in May my, kids were like signing copies on, my book launch and the feeling, is just right. Yeah, like you said because you know you just you want your kids to think but also you know I think sometimes, you can become cynical if you know when you're busy and stuff attack you know you start realizing, ok it's not all you know fun and games there's other sides to every industry and everything but the kids just look at it as an impure innocent, excitement, way and so brings you back to the moment when, you were starting out and you, felt just pure excitement and you hadn't yet kind of got to know any of the other sides of things you know yeah and, it's. Really cool to see just, a pure excitement, you know I think, it's manage their expectations as well I mean one of my boys from the gander, you know big football fan looking at right now on all these and. He's going that are, you, gonna be a billionaire after, the tour. Your, kids too maybe follow in your footsteps, when, do you think is actually they've inherited your solid and I think everything to do with kids and everybody's, individual and this is that you know yeah, yeah, obviously hope for them to follow, their dreams and their passions, I you. Know my attitude would be with. Life in general with children, and when they grow up to that point I rotate, them as long as you doing something that you love in life so, it doesn't feel like you're getting up to go to work every day to a job that you don't really enjoy then. You're succeeding you know so, whether that's in a in a you, know obviously, what happened with our scenario, is very very, difficult to, make happen to you, know be abandoned, and for, it to actually become as successful as we managed to become back in the day and you know thankfully second, time around it seems to feel as good but, you know you wouldn't, you wouldn't want them thinking that that can happen to them just, like that. In. School our career career, guidance, counselors you know which. I'm sure is in every school um you, know they were like come on lads this music thing you know seriously, you know you need to like you know go, to college or you don't have different plans and stuff and, at the time were we're a bit like. The. Point is when we eventually became successful. Maybe in maturity we were like you. Know you should have let, us do it but actually we, were like one in a million we got lucky so actually they were doing the right thing by telling us - we were very good. Wasn't. Pure luck. Not. To say you don't try and stuff but it's just new.

Expectations. And I think encourage something that they love what about is whether ya playing, the piano or swimming or XLR. If, they love something encourage, that yeah and if that becomes their job well then that's a bonus. But. You know I think it's a parent I think you know even just away from my life I think parent like parents is not easy like you know there's no real book really that you know you can read all the books in the world boy you make it up as you go along and you try to do your best every day some. Days are better than others yeah and but, I think certainly. For me when Westlife ended for example it, was about you know I couldn't, sat back and I could have kind of gone right well I made a few quid oh my I tell my boys at that point we're at that very pivotal age of an. Age, of like where. They gonna wake up and see that Dodgers alone in bed every morning you know I didn't, want that you know I want to dance okay just like you and I grew up well know not. To be in the pop music in G but I think the values. Of getting up out of bed getting, working and all those things they you know we all would have had as kids you see your mama da go to work and I think that's important, for a movie because they're very very impressionable, and I think you need to instill, those and instill confidence and. Whatever role they take whether it's Shane's head or a sport or you know if it's if it's you, know a profession. In whatever area, you. Got it and still an inquiry gonna be there for them reading now we've only got a few minutes left so I've got to ask a few questions from the family I can say just quickfire, questions that. You can just choose the, answer the one that made me laugh was. As. Bad as he's. Worse, on. TV. The. Best answer is he's kind of just like he is on TV maybe TV. Magnifies, things a bit but I mean he's. Like what he is on TV really okay Louis. Great he is great later time because say we've got okay. Six song of, yours a virus, Oh class line with that wings they call it classic immunise were liberal yeah swear it again. Lord. Of the Rings or Harry Potter all right go to the Rings. They. Obtain the whole time yeah. Princess Stevie Wonder okay, right. Any funny, thing might happen on the music video. Well. We flew to California, to California. To. Get the hot air balloon and the Holly brain just didn't take off. It. Ended up taking off and then thankfully we got the shots of a flying in the sky though. Mark. Brought us to a vegan, smoothie. Bar called robbery, which. Is amazing, we're all in there on the, disappeared. Because he wanted to get. A. Husband. Because. There's. A rumor that they're they're coming out of the fridge the defrost can I say I have a feeling we won't. But you know that we have enough Oh Nicky, I. Think he brings this everywhere you. Go, anywhere whatever. Thank you so much guys it's been such a pleasure thank, you guys we're. Already at night thank you thank you guys. I. Get. A guitar without.

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