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I like it stinky - Taipei 1

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Oops I just touched on this but I think that I noticed. It's a superlight, packing, for me there's, no DSLR. Camera, I am. Just going on a trip for five days so. I'm trying to pack lights I need to go down because taxi is coming. Yes. Have, a long time ago, they have been canceled, think you can pay $300. For it but how my condo her they looking, for food to me I propose. To yungshao but, we, don't have enough - trip I just gave my honest the best advice she wants a Big Mac and said it's a bit unhealthy only all Airport food isn't health images no true so they used to have McAfee. Here, but they don't win. Assignments, don't you. There. Are many choices these, are the McDonald's, or fried chicken I think, fried chicken should be better a better. Of two angles. This. Amount, nutritious, chicken wing. I. Never. Sleep well on the plane she. Doesn't, say she. It's. The, late time, we're. Supposed to be arriving in demand, we're, still not mine. First, time in my life we are buying. Idol. And, neither do my aunts, so, here fine were her friend my. Lucky number low. That's. My. Look. At here oh. My, god. Super. Money exchange, in Taipei, is when. You hit the conveyor belt there, is a place here my, cousin, says this. Is the cheapest, place for exchange. I have, already exchanged, it in Hong. Kong actually. Before you go through the custom there are two more banks you can exchange on either side I never really know how, to so. From, Tony's dollars, is three. Point seven thirty three, three. Point eight four, eight alright, we have got our luggages. I. Like. This number this is the mystic I always seek because the bus to the city you have to go down so. When you come out from the conveyor belt you, turn left hand side and then you go down this where you get the bus you can buy tickets over there you, can still buy those. Tourist. SMS. Card if you are taking. The MRT. Which is the subway or Metro you. Need to turn left, so. Compare back out when. You come out for a custom turn left and left even high speed rail is that way it's. Only when you're taking taxi or bus when you go down but. Every single, time I would, have gone down with all my luggage. So after time you need to keep the second even though you have come out from the custom because when. You are getting a SIM card when, you're traveling often time you have to give them your, tickets. And if, you have bought travel, insurance if you need to claim anything, they, need to see you have actually, boarded the plane so, you, need to keep both the, departure.

Ticket. And the, one that is returned and you have to keep them why, am i doing the tram man so my mother took my cousin. So. When you're attacking Maya Maya Lydia, so you need to take this instead, of those. Escalator, all those are really fun you, can go take a whole cart down but, after you've gone down you. Need to return, so, it's better to just go down from this, elevator. This. Year. I have. No change so I need to. In. Typhoon. Shiitake. Time remember. To pick the purple, Express, train. I'm. Tired, and it's a bad thing because, I'm. Just putting wool my god. Look, at all these fancy houses. Take. The taxi, it's. Like most of the old they're, not old station but some of the exits have no. Escalators. Or elevators, so. May just as well flip the taxi is pretty inexpensively. Right, picked. A long elevator. When. You should come over the escalator, turn, right here, we go when you see the yellow sign. Female. Driver I like it off until she. Resumes, the face they were too high man this, changed out were there. As, the ladies are, inside, checking in totally, crashing, their place so I better, just walk around that. Over there it's where people come to, shop and, we're next to seamen Station. Seamen. Yes, so that's the night. Market, that great for shopping for shoes or clothes. Food-wise, it's. Not, where I'll go oh but. We are very close to one market. Absolutely. Love. Pretty. Washington. Street good small. That, so everything. Clean. And, if you want to wash your. The. Machine. This. Place is for one time three four four people, modem you know so I'm not really sneaking, and I am inside, Wow. Yamada-shi. No more enticing more. It's. Made with bits of real panther very. Ticking this human station. And, we're going to dime so it. So. We are now in densely, there's, actually, quite a lot of places to go but which going to that Street over, there. Right that's the scene, de Molay on middle. An. Alumnus, see there, is the streets, just go there an eight I love, their, barbecue. Stinky. Tofu it's, my favorite, blue fish. Balls Joe. Chiodo Sakai, opinion. Wow. You Santina. Yes Antoine. She puts on some, super. Sauce it's, really, hot I mean real what's that hands. There. Was a lotta Lotta. Mom. Say. Lucy what's Pocoyo. Good. Boy. That. Looks so good. Oh my. God is sizzling. Like, it. That's, mine. I don't, know how I can meet and film, at the same is, too, hot. I. Come here all the time just for this it's. Such, a great texture. This, is too tasty this, stinky. Tofu stink it's basically fermented, tofu, okay, Hong Kong one is very strong in outdoor but this one it's.

Very Nice it. Is, his bowl a barbecue, sauce. So, my ounce decided. To waste her calorie, quota, on, something. Like this, she. Can totally buy it and help out but. Ah-ha-ha-ha. Come oh yeah. I. Really. Like this place where they you. Slide it in your shoes it's perfect. Every, time I come here I put, a pair, for 15 welcome. To American. Best. Chinese we do not give up any chance of having free, food. This is taro not, terrible. I'm at home and, I'm. Long-haul. Being nice, so my aunt's want a smaller one and they have which. Is kind, of similar to our Hong Kong wedding cake that, size month. One this one which is the size of my face. 180. Taiwanese, dollars, that makes. Six. Six American, dollar for, this inside. Which you will find white sesame, with. Salted, a York. That's. Their traditional, wedding cake here, you, can see the Dragon, and the Phoenix the. Candles. Sugar. Candied. Chestnuts. I like. These stuff me, and Holly Museum, Adamas yeah. This. Is, fried. Flour. That. Was. Very tasty. First, Chibs dies. Now. You can try you see, how. Really. I love. This they have this walnut. And, see. I like that one that dates when is amazing. So. I was screaming about how. Its, it's. Tattooed. On it yet it's not print so I mean it's not ink. She, basically Bernadette. Films. Y'all. Oh. This, is what you. Terral, I like, it oh. My. God. And. Very bouncy. Korean, tourists are in law. Sort of ceremony, here. Look at how excited they are she's lucky whoa there's, stuff inside too melting. Shooting. See, stuff. Is coming up right he's actually couple of ladies, moms, it's super excited, no no I see them I saw all. These. Koreans, are very excited. That's cheese this, one is not cheese she. Yeah, being a fireman. Is. In a nigga oh yes. He is giving her the side I'm. Going. To end wine obviously, these personal, as bouncing. All. Right let's try it. She. Really wants the first side. That's. A really pretty moon. Look, right. There. I don't, know if you can see it we have bought a lot of stuff already it's really thirsty Liam Coco I'm oh I'll see ya I don't, want to buy Coco and I don't want to buy drink from the street although I do that all the time. This. Trouble, is the Mike, having, a zoom h4n, is. Sometimes, I forgot, to turn it on so I have a love that's I'm pretty sure I don't have a sound we're, going from one adventure to. The other, and which takes one an hour I'm going to show you how. She she, did not sleep, she, took a nap on the on the plane so she's fine. We. Were in densely, and then all the, way exactly. That, all the way to right. There, we. Are getting off either she. Or. Savi. 101 how, many 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, 10 11 12, 13, 14. 15. 16. 17, 18, 19, 20. 21 22, 23 24 25. 26. Stations. It. Has already taken, 45. Minutes. An. Hour we're, gonna have some washing, ki tofu or it's, a night market actually. They do have it. Some really nice. I mean. It's fruits, sure. But doesn't have. Lucifer. In the year. The. Homo out of that, field, Olay. Oh. Milo. Milo. Of gigawatts. Also. La. Cocina. We're, getting off as except, for we are here at, to. Me and my. Aunt is telling my aunt, to. Walk better, so that she's not going to why, not her knee. Not. Her niece, Bernie. Holy. Was not recording. Look. At how busy behind us. Everybody. Comes here for your feet balling you wouldn't wait home that's, Harold. Edo and that sweet potato and Cher. All right anyway. There's. A long. Row. Man I thought. I thought, I had barley No, it's. Bobby knows Oh. Like. You know I'm just gonna wake up boy. Well, I thought, she's so tired so I wasn't sure if I should drive her all alone here hum oh I'm not. He's, only the Jews at the Agora Jose. I. Could. Have those beans are amazing, I know, to a lot of non Chinese that's kind of girls to have beans as dessert but we Chinese love, that, Korean, and Japanese love, that too. We have very similar culture, that. They, look like aliens. But, yeah most of these shops when they have beans they are just mixing with a lot of flour but this one not, really actually. Have love being there and, that cooks really well so. They're very stuff. Like. That, let's. Call it worse. Bang. That. Lady can eat she has two bowls of it the. Whole month of the year. You. Want. Eating, highs are there. My. Hold on. She. Did call me I feel bad because. Oh my. Thank, you have resizable. My. Today I'm with six. Feet sorry six eat peanut, water, there's so many nuts, in. A. Cup. Holder. I'll. Be, back. Oh. Legalized, I gonna pull a Tony yeah. We're. Different styles she's asking me is a toothpick on my from.

Me Yes I don't. Mean like size-wise I don't like wearing hair loose clothes except the ones I've bought in India, what my long lenses, inside, or that thing, good. Thank. You. Bouncing. Is imam easy. Nose. Enjoy yours when i was in university I wore a lot of these, kids. It's, rite-of-passage you, just have to wear them. Wanama. I. Loved. Anya Anya. Woman. I, think I came here too. Many times dashi so. I have no will to buy any souvenir, I. Didn't. Want to buy any souvenirs, even last time when I was here so I guess, I'm. Just draw a souvenir kind, of person, there are really. Oh. My. God. Nice. Take. A look I. Mean. I like the other one too but I really can't have too many if I could have my way probably. Have like five six pairs of them but I really should not. This. Yeah. Snippy. You. And why UN, it's. Friggin lovely. Yeah go and get Tina did you Encino. Dilek. Wound darling no enjoy that spying. Girly things. My. Windowsill. Pretty. If, I may. Are. You playful. They, use emoji app for that. That's, that's my mom's family went over there they say yes. That's. How my grandma's like. Think, he took me in hotpot was. Stuck. Blood pudding, I. Just. Touched on this but I, think that diagnosis, I wasn't. Touching wood it was just it was very crowded, which. Is the excuse of many men. Most. Of the time for PAL do. You really want to eat a bit more but how to eat the right thing there's. The kind of vegetables I really love but it's hard to find and I never remember, the name because you. Cannot. Find that in Hong Kong. Well. Should the lead wrong. Say. Seaman. Thing Navy end up. The. Driver super. Nice detail, and we come home early I usually, got so super, late at night this is the first time. Before. I love it. I. Guess. Our edits, with the views. Do. You mean.

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Cherry it's good to see you again on YouTube! Miss seeing you on Periscope, This was informative video best to you and your Aunties. Thank You for sharing. Take Care.

Thanks for watching!! :) I miss scopes, too. This summer, I will try to do some :) but mostly youtube for now!

Long time no see. Great video! Taipei looks like a never-ending bazar :)

oyobass so happy you guys are watching!

Myself and my sister's and their family just came back from HK & China last month, but may need to add Taipei on bucket list after this, lot of yummy stuff to try (nom nom nom), we barely got any sleep either but lots of fun and memories, hope you and your relatives have a nice time there

George Y no one ever really sleeps on an adventure!

Your welcome Cherry, thank you for reply. :)

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