I'm an American living in Isan, Thailand. Daily trip diary! Cave temple, Monk Ghosts and more.

I'm an American living in Isan, Thailand.  Daily trip diary! Cave temple, Monk Ghosts and more.

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hey guys welcome this little quick episode of robert and grapes uh just wanted to take you guys with us we're going on a motorcycle ride today uh had a small little accident with the truck just a little bit they put a pole in the wrong place on the road exactly so so it's not not her fault not her fault just an accident but uh yeah the government's fault we like to we all like to blame the government every country um but basically uh uh brought the motorcycle just a uh 300 cc and we normally drive it around town but right now it's our main transportation so right here is kind of where we're at and it's just so beautiful northern thailand isan is uh i like to say it's jungle not beach and uh for me we actually just got back from peepee island in phuket and uh it's really beautiful but we really think it's prettier here so all right so i'm gonna turn around oh you're okay okay so we're gonna go up the stairs so let's go all right so let's do a let's do a time lapse okay so i'm gonna get ready in in the count of three we'll do a time lapse ready set go all right [Music] okay so made it got up to the top of the stairs and let's check this place out [Music] these stairs were long still catching my breath and we're definitely going to be hitting the gong i love homes and then here it's a pretty big sized buddha and you can see where people come up here and make offerings they're a little bit a little bit old now maybe a week i love how you have like mini statues with the big statues but really beautiful and uh the view pretty magical and it's winter right now so it's [Music] getting toward the end of november so the weather is really great perfect for motorcycle ride and since we're up here let's take a look around and just see what we got this is interesting plant looks like it it's actually part of the tree or kind of symbiotic or parasitic with the tree i'm not sure but it's cool and there are so many beautiful colorful flowers here i always wonder if you know someone planted them a long time ago or if they're just natural jungle you know flowers but there's just so many areas with color you know just out of the green it's really cool it kind of looks like not a lot of people have been coming here lately which is cool for me oh this is a cool place and uh happy for the chance to explore and get to exercise and thank you guys so much for coming with me uh i've had a lot of supporters over the channel to the channel over the past year and i just want to thank you guys a lot really appreciate that and i'll try to be better about putting out more videos and what we're going to do next is we heard there's a dam that's open nearby they've been closed for like two years so we're gonna finish riding the rest of the way up there i'll catch my breath and uh so you guys come with us and we'll go check it out oh and i didn't forget let's uh let's ring that gong let and good know we're coming back okay and i think you're supposed to do it in threes okay let's try one more hard one okay that's cool oh wow guys look at this wow i didn't see this on the way up beautiful i saw the mountains ahead but not those and uh for those of you who uh remember my drone and uh losing it in the jungle uh you know several months ago now almost a year um i'm picking up one of the new ones uh one of the mavic 3's so um pretty soon we'll start to explore some of the jungle in areas that we can't get now for those of you interested we'll do that wow on the way up i was kind of focused on uh survival i'm not in the best shape since covid started but i kind of missed out on some of these flowers beautiful you know so cool all right we're back down how's it going good does your butt feel rested so you can drive more all right that's one thing about the motorcycle is your uh your rear end gets a little sore okay here we go we're gonna go up to the next step uh to the dam sorry how do you say that [Music] i forget it doesn't matter it probably just means gonna be closed for kobe den yeah we'll see we'll see if we get lucky all right so let's get going and let's check it out [Music] [Music] yeah there's nothing better than riding a motorcycle through here it's amazing thailand i'm using thailand and if uh people watching our video can feel the air here it's miracle yeah that's true yeah the air is so comfortable i love it so anyway let's keep going the sun's almost down got about 20 minutes to get to the dam so fingers crossed check it out okay guys this place here i'm not saying we're gonna see some elephants here but this is where we've seen them before yes i saw one also and if you mean i saw it two times oh already right yeah together we've seen elephants in the wild twice we found another place kind of interesting uh we're not really in a hurry and that's probably one of the best things about being in thailand is don't have to don't have to really rush um we found another place and found another place yeah good all right let's check it out yeah so let's go explore another place on the way to the dam all right so this is kind of a shrine on the side of the road and uh that sound behind us is one thing you'll hear a lot in thailand motorcycles they love to modify them and look at the ruler of this place it's a rooster that's cute [Music] wow you know every place is very unique there's no template for buddhist temples and shrines wow look look as we look up here and this may be a place where monks live up here they get a little bit of isolation and then goon likes to say so they can patient themselves and so we'll go up here i'm going to go up and check this out and take off my sandals and these are called flip flops they're like the like the gucci of uh sandals like 120 sandals i never spent more than five bucks on tunnels before but now it is pretty dark in here but these are jade buddhas and of course golden buddhas and the most famous the one of the most famous buddhas in bangkok was actually like a kind of a not very pretty buddha it was a plaster buddha [Music] and about like 70 years ago they were fixing that plaster buddha and they looked inside and saw something shiny and it turned out to be solid gold underneath they covered it with plaster to make it ugly so that uh they were coming across a bad time they wanted to hide the gold and keep it safe and so that's one of the temples that we're going to be visiting in bangkok soon and there's a lot of allegory to that but a big part of the allegory is that you know you can't really judge something by the outside you know you never know what's inside oh wow look at this now i realize there's a lot of reflection here but this is something i'll try to get a good angle this is something kind of new and uh when i say new i mean like the past 10 10 years i'll try to get closer a little scary but uh these are photorealistic or realistic statues so um if if you're a really well-respected and well-known monk you may have a realistic statue and you've probably seen some of my other videos where they have sunglasses and one more thing just to show you how fluid buddhism is these are actually hindu statues as is the elephant that we're going to look at in a minute so a lot of thai culture is a mixture of indian and chinese and of course khmer so what you see is instead of rejecting the parts from the other cultures as they take their favorite parts and keep them and to me that reminds me of my country a bit in america we're kind of a combination of a lot of different cultures and the idea is to take the best parts huh i've actually never seen uh i've never seen decorative rooms like this outside of you know halloween or something like that oh but this gong is huge check out the size of this kong here and i'm standing next to it wow so that's a really big beautiful gong wow there's a lot of a lot of unique treasure in this well it looks like a shed very cool and uh traditional drum and i i don't really understand or know about this but it's awesome and so one last look around and let's go to the let's let's climb up a little bit and check it out up the hill another interesting thing about buddhism is they believe uh similar to kind of my ancestors in some ways they have some beliefs that to me sound a little bit on the pagan side so they believe that they don't worship trees but which is what pagans would do but they believe that there are spirits that protect and surround beautiful things like trees and so they wrapped them with scarves in order to uh show respect and thank the spirits for uh letting them you know put the temple here and uh you know to show appreciation hey sweetheart you doing okay okay almost done thanks honey okay wow this is cool all right let's go up the stairs but appreciate if when you hear me dying for breath earlier i appreciate how vertical this is okay guys so be nice to me look how vertical this is yeah okay so wow all right let's go check it out first step and i could be wrong but i think this is a hindu elephant when i was in malaysia um i stayed at a hotel next to a hindu temple and i saw things a lot like this wow crazy interesting yeah look at that and uh there's a lot of little a lot of little things that are kind of interesting and cute don't know the significance here but to me really cute all right let's see which way should we go oh i guess we gotta go this way let's go up to the monk's house i actually see anybody i have to put on a mask and it looks like if we get up here we've got some more statues [Applause] interesting i'm not sure but my guess is this probably talks about like some virtuous type things some uh monks come here to patient themself and be isolated so probably some good things to scripture or something wow this is interesting wow this is like indiana jones level stuff really try this out so here there's like a shrine in kind of a little cave and you might think it'd be easy to think this is litter but it's not they give spirits water and food so um usually they give them like a red drink and that's why in my bang like a strawberry soda she won't drink it because that's like the color you give to spirits right so i can buy her green in any other color but she doesn't want to drink red all right this is wild ready let's check this out i can't believe that i just pulled over and found this place look at this this isn't on google maps nothing wow i'm gonna try turning on the flashlight and see if it helps okay turn on the flashlight because it's almost pitch black holy look they've got this here to block you the heck what's up there they don't want people to go up here so let's check it out wow wow why is this go i'm not gonna lie this is actually a little freaky crazy i should have worn my sandals this is as far as i think i can go because i'm i'm kind of too big wow look at this see how it shines beautiful okay so this is it so we made it to the end so guys don't tell anything about this okay this is so cool looking though you know a lot of people post videos about unseen thailand and then they show some like really tourist spot this is unseen thailand guys it's unseen by white dudes uh non-thai people i should say [Music] okay good wow look at this forgive my breathing guys this is a little more challenging than it probably looks on camera i'm having to dock wow can you see the glitter wow so in the future this is probably going to be something cool i can stand up in here now oh there's more wow a lot more this is cool and guys it's pitch black if it weren't for the iphone i wouldn't be able to film let's take a picture okay nice okay well that's it how do you guys hear that i thought i heard that i heard like monks chanting [Applause] yeah this isn't meant to be like a paranormal video or anything but it could just be me but i thought i heard mungs chanting really interesting okay all right here we are let's grab a picture all right let's go explore the rest unfortunately back outside and here's the main buddha here it's beautiful sorry that's supposed to be funny wow oh huh one more place i probably shouldn't go but looks like this is like a meeting place also i'll say that longer sorry awesome all right oh that was a lot more adventurous than i expected it to be i was just thinking about would be walking up to see like uh a golden statue had no idea there'd be caves had no idea about all the other stuff that was up there so you know sometimes you just gotta really get off the road and try something and uh i do this so much that i kind of feel like i know probably more than most thai people about thailand just because when you live at a place you never really do this and explore every little nook and cranny but even though i live here now i still feel like a tourist so i've been here four years by the way almost um so a lot of people might ask like am i still having fun here is this still interesting and it is you know it's it's very uh talent is it's a very full life um in the us i didn't really ride a motorcycle and i didn't really kind of have the businesses and stuff that i do here and i mean i've got a lot of stuff going on you know i've got you know court cases i've got uh you know starting new businesses starting uh most recently we're going to start a eyebrow kind of tattoo and eyelash place and um so it's been a challenge but and it's not perfect here but it's just never boring so never boring is all i ask all right made it down the hill and uh just gonna show you one more thing and we're out of here we're gonna see if we can make it to the dam so my phone's almost out of battery but uh here check this out look what it just grows on the trees here i can't touch it too hard because it it hurts but look at that that's jackfruit that awesome for sure the monks or somebody planted this here a long time ago but uh you can find this all alongside of the road you'll never starve in thailand all right sweetie ready okay say hi to the puppy see the puppy back there there's a puppy [Laughter] he's coming he's a bear hey buddy can he want to say hi oh he look like you want to say hi maybe you pee on my tire we'll see so we're up at uh we're up at the dam and they're letting something happen yeah handsome guy he he's worried about the elephant so he's telling us to be careful change he's he's very nice so he's letting us pass the checkpoint here and um because it is nighttime uh that that is when the elephants come out so when you're driving up here i didn't film them because we're trying to beat the sun going down but uh there's signs everywhere to watch out for the elephants okay so we made it to the top of the dam the green sign says uh beware of the elephant and this is the name of the dam to uh hold on to lava horn damn no probably not really she's just being nice so let's go well guys we made it we made it all the way up here and uh and goon's job is to take photos because look how breathtaking and awesome this is and here it is this is the dam last time we were here the water was really low and now it's not so this was a really fun ride uh a couple things to apologize you know it's kind of like i feel like when you see when you hear about bigfoot hunters they always got close to catching bigfoot but they never do right we saw deer we saw monkeys and just wasn't just wasn't fast enough in my camera it was too dark to focus and i just cannot get it to focus but i'm buying a new camera really good one soon so uh in fact if the truck didn't just get wrecked i'd be already have it but uh it's okay it happens but did you have a fun ride honey yeah yes are you getting some good photos yeah of course they take you this this more camera buddies we're good we'll see the picture i take all right okay we'll show you guys but so that was the objective guys is really this was the destination uh the chaletpon where is it link in the description damn we got it um but on the way we stopped by some places had an adventure and still arrived in time to see this guy on fire for an epic beautiful sunset so we just wanted to thank you guys so much for for coming and uh you know please come with us on our next adventure and please like and subscribe if you enjoy the videos uh just show some love for the channel i have a job i don't need your money but just knowing people watch the video is appreciated so we'll see you guys on the next one yeah bye-bye all right just a little bonus footage i just want you guys just to take a second and listen to the sounds here you can hear the monkeys you can hear stuff in the forest and last time we were here another thing we saw like a harry potter sized owl like so so so so if you listen carefully you hear monkeys and you hear occasional like deep cracks like something broke a big piece of bamboo or something like a deep this is as close to jurassic park as you can get cool hey thanks for joining us and we'll guys see you on the next video all right hey it's so dark there's no way you can see anything but we found some friends all right cheers cheers all right yeah they're very nice so we're just here next to their truck [Music] yeah let's see what i mean thailand's fun i know you can't see anything [Music] what oh it has light yay [Music] you

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