I'm Now a Munro Bagger! My First Two Munros

I'm Now a Munro Bagger! My First Two Munros

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Oh. Hello. In Scotland, today. Here. With Nick a youtuber. Plumb off. And. Today, I'm going to bank my first one role and do my first while camp on top of it, so, that's going to be good for, so. We've just stopped. To have a look at this block behind me. Brock's. Called done, Donegal. It. Was dry stone walling it's. Really impressive so. That's the hill were headed up then. Hope for the most normally, one row in, Britain. What. Better mountains, to back for my first one row and. Have a first world cup water and. The most more relief welding, in Britain a northern. Wave. Welcome. To Scotland. So. That's the way up. On. The top are there. Nice, cascade the. Midges of God. Takes. A hell of a difference from the full puck. Completely. Different to well, being walking up to now a lot. More hard work. This. Is physically, exhausting. It's. As hard as the Newlands watershed. Walk I did not. Actually, find. That far to be honest to. Go wit they call just. Doing it in full packet and. It's quite warm and humid as well. Making. A really tough. Then. I'll give you an idea how far was cool, not. Far at all. Good. Morning, and. The. Wind has died in the night and, we've got mid jeez ha ha. I'll. Do the Bill of vidhura didn't do any last night. All. Right so. Let. Me tell you what happened yesterday. As. Well be walking up with our big facts and, the. Weather came in really, hard, and. Was very windy and. Were, battered, with the red. We. Were really struggling. Especially me and Mick with our big, heavy packs. Of. Our babe was actually quite light compared. To everybody else's. But. It was still quite heavy for what. Ours used to. So. I had a base weight of about eight point five kilos, and then, about. Four. Cables and liquid, I'll. Say liquid not water. So. You'll know what I mean and, then. On. Top of that we had food. Brought. Too much food they. Need anywhere, near as much as I thought I would, and. So. Any case I was carrying out up so, I. Wants. To be in about. 13. Comma, 14 kilos. And. Then we, got to second. Fall, summit or the false summit before the, end so. Like the, fall summit then as I never, bit before, the you. Back the the mountain. So. Me and Mick decided, to ditch our packs and. Make. A bid, for the summit. And. Was absolutely wild and, I. Made, quite a few mistakes and. Basically. I was quite foolish and got myself in trouble. Well sure done was such a took, a base layer out of my oh, my. Pack I took. My wind. Jacket at least my pack and headed, up but, instead I headed up with just my poncho. Nifa, long-sleeve. T-shirt and, then when the weather came, in on the top, came. In really hard and, I. Was in. Trouble basically. So. I made, a quick. Head. Down to get my pack. Initially. We took the wrong way and, we. Ought to use mix. Sat-nav. Faith to. Get down to the back, to our packs I mean, as soon as I got to the packs obviously, I was fine, because then I had some extra layers to put on hot, gloves etc. But. It. Was a lesson learned when, you leave your pack make sure you take some. Bits with you don't, just leave your pack. And. We. Dropped, down a couple, of levels and. Was. A little bit of a plateau, we. Had initially, plant the camp, but. I, was. Still really, in trouble like house shivering. Cold. Mick. Was starting to shiver for cold. So. Me. Mick and Mick, son decided, to head. Down to the bottom of the mountain and we. Camped. Where. More. Or less on the edge of the carpark. Paul. Who's the other lout who were with and his daughter they camped up on the top because. They didn't want the meat cheese and we've. Had a winter all night but, the winds just died in the last half hour or so and the, midges of Korean force. So. Mixture. Sedna not as bad outside the. Bar inside my ear between. My layers, of my tent feel like. That's. Where the most I'll be trapped. Between. My inner and outer. But. This, is my first welcome I'm first one robbed, a. Lot. Of lessons learned a hell. Of a lot of lessons learned. Definitely. And future need to bring a spare pair of trousers that's, what most. Because. My trousers what happened basically. Scottish. Red gets, everywhere, I, like. The midges. There. Was a bit, of me but wasn't wet when. I got down the bottom. So. Look around a towel in the car, so I dragged myself off, but. I. Would have been in trouble on the top if I camped on the top couldn't, have done it. Hi. So. Lessons. Learned lots, of lessons learned so. First. Monroe first, while camp and. Very. Steep. Learning curve, but. On. What's an upwards as they say where, I still end up on the hill there. I'm. Glad I'm not coming up there at the moment, despite the midis here. Got. All our gear drying, out while. Camping. You know it doesn't make sense. Okay. So that's where I was set up last, night just, a bit flat and grass no, trace as they say.

My. Cousin took his tent down yet I. Thought. Our tape went down when what a bit of a breeze and the midges were gone. Still. Waiting on Paul coming down. He's. Up there and, all that Clarke. What. And, there's a couple of whales Cottman spots yeah like. That's. One over there one. Down here. On. The beach itself. What. A peach. After, my wild adventure. We're. Now in other, pool at a campsite. So. We're. Going to wait out the weather a bit and, see. If we can get another Monro. Or two done. We'll, see what happens with the weather though so, this year's the campsite. Good, morning and this is what we've woken up to last. Night was a lot better than the. Wild come tonight but. Rained. All night, that, wasn't a bother. Biggest. Problem was, seagulls early in the morning I will. Free clock the started, right outside the tent it's. A nightmare. But. Still. Showers. And toilets and stuff yeah you know makes it a bit more, comfortable. So. I'm gonna see if the sauna lifts this fog and then. Decide. On what kind of Hill we're going to do depending on how far it lifts, so. See. What happens we're, parked up we're. Going to check to see what the conditions are like for, an chalak as. We're driving in the tops were covered in cloud, but. We're not sure if we, can get above for cloud or not. So, we're going to climb. Up sail. Whatever, I have. All the Gaelic names written on a bit of paper and how to pronounce them but. That. Went in. The rain I'm Ben hope I got. Disintegrated. So. We're gonna go up the sail. Whatever and. Have. A look to see what the conditions are like, and. Then. Possibly. Tackle. The ridge I'll, take the bypass hopefully. And. Or. If, the conditions, are too bad we'll just come straight back down. Still. On and off red so. They still have to keep the camera in its box, but. I'm. Really struggling on this I'm holding the others back. It's, not a car do this walk of doing much harder, but. It's. Then. Hope just killed us my legs are just jelly, in the hurting so. I'm really struggling hey. Guys I have to put the camera here cuz dr. Viet again. I'll. Fill you in about what happened today. We. Went to, angelic. And. We, were hoping but we could get above the rain and the clouds. We. Got the base of the hill and I. Slipped on a bit of red quartz, and, I. Don't know what happened but by, 10:00 we got to the base of the hill, my. Knee was. In absolute agony. So. I, soldiered. On up the hill kept. On to having to stop so, I was, causing. Everybody delay, and. I wasn't really happy about that. We're, getting close to the the. Top of the false summit. And. We sat down for another arrest on. My behalf, and. I. Made, the decision but, I was gonna turn around and head back because. I, was, holding them back you know that they could have been at the top and. Then checking out the weather and hopefully above, the clouds and, I. Was older than back with my gummy knee, and. I needed the way back so, they. Time I got back to the car they would have been. Halfway along the ridge or something you know, so. I. Made, that decision and.

I. Would, have stuck by it, however. The, weather came in really, hard while were busy waiting and. It's. The wind picked up and it was really was. Just really miserable in the house. Company. Was nice good, company but the. Weather was just so miserable levy, still time the wind stopped or the rain stopped, the mideast cave it. Was a typical. Scotland, yeah, so. Yeah. I wouldn't, have made it I wouldn't, have made it to the top not with my bad knee I mean I might have been not to push myself right to the top of that hill but I would have struggle to get back down and, I would have definitely would have had to have ruled out the ridge and stuff, so. Yes. That's where we are at the moment so. At the moment sitting on the beach giving this vlog, and. Hurting. Really, really really, hurting. I'm, trying to put on a brave face I'll put a knee brace on some painkillers, but it's I'm. In pain, but. We'll, see what happens tomorrow, good luck my name might be alright but, I'll. Make a decision in the morning I'll see how many years. But. At the moment the plan is to go and try and do another one row weather-dependent. Not. Angelic for. So. I'll, decide, that in the morning so. Catchy in the morning. That's. What the view should look like. And. That's the view we got today all, the clouds. No. Carnival, today all. These we're going to go and have a look to see if it's possible that's. What the weather is again but. This, time if, the weather's bad we're going drop down and see the caves instead. My. Knee still hurts, I've, taken some painkillers, and I've. Got some more for, later on so. Hopefully that'll do the trick and I've started, off with a knee. Brace on as well so. Onwards. And upwards they're. The. Caves over there I'm. Gonna try and hit them on the way back this. Area is a geology, hotspot. It's. Where they worked out how. The different. Plates overlapped. Each other. Vintage. Geology, was, a place to come history. Was made here. The, tops still covered. But. We need to go. Up. Along there, it's. Like a little bit of a cliff up got clay and, a, bit of a scramble and. Up the top. The. Puffs swollen this little waterfall, keeps. Going into the path. There's. A place. All right core, of the way up we're going to views. It's. Done it, these. Waterfalls. Beautiful. Just, waterfall, after waterfall, and let's walk. Really. Nice. So, I've got a bit of a scramble to do now and then on to a ridge, so.

I Have to put the camera away until, just to the very top. Well, having it is slightly eat or a Scrabble. Up here and. Up the top. Okay. We're just about to pack up and leave on a pool and it's. Time, to say, you to Mick alright hello bar anytime Nick pleased you enjoyed it sorry but. I can't do nothing about that alright thanks. For bringing us all off and thank you good - yeah. Jeez. When. Paul's. Away. You.

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What is the best way to get rid of miggies

You can't... nowt works. Get a midge net to keep them off your face. But you can stop them biting you... Care Plus 20% Icaridin (Saltidin) works in stopping them eating you alive... but don't forget to put it on your temples, ears, and back of your hands ( https://amzn.to/2vOKaOR ). The good thing about Care Plus is that it is deet free and it works really well on flies and ticks too. But you need to keep refreshing it because it washes off easily with sweat.

Always wanted to do one of these. Love it cracking video

Northern Wayfarer I've done nevis and broke new boots in on the day. Killer. Good tho loved it Scotland is by far the Toughest walking country

Thank you... they're harder than the Wainwrights. There are more than a few Wainwrights that feel like you are walking up stairs rather than climbing a mountain. That said, I think I've approached them the right way... the hills of Northumberland, then doing a few of the highest Wainwrights, and now starting on the Munros. The Wainwrights and Cheviot provide good training before heading into Scotland.

That's what i Iike Nick when doing munros, to summit camp murder isn't it lol I must be mad. Wish I could say it gets easier but you get to accept the pain and you know you can do it. Scotland can be a uncomfortable place with the weather and the insects. Well done on the munros TBH I would call that a car camp but you got camping for a few nights so you've started a wild camp just further out. My first wildcamp/camp was a solo nightmare but I still enjoyed it. ATB and welcome to the clubs of munro bagging and wild camping.

Northern Wayfarer Its all learning I always show the bad weather and the insects I like to show the reality of my trips. It's a combination of the the good the bad and the ugly. I've done alot of carcamps but I don't add them to my total lol. It's all camping and it's all getting out that's the main thing. I very rarely take spare trousers for 1/2 night camps always for longer trips of course. I always take waterproof trousers and any chance of rain I put them on. Yeah Nick you only learn so much from watching utube vids doing it uself is when it all starts. Take care.

LOL, yeh, Mick and Paul both said it wasn't a wild camp. Considering it was my first camp outside my garden, I was happy. But I couldn't of camped on the mountain having left my towel in the car. I would've been in trouble. A lesson learned for next time. I was not so bothered about the weather and insects... it just means that next time I will need to go better prepared for the weather - although that said, the trudge in the endless rain to An Teallach was depressing. A thing they don't emphasise enough in the hiking guides, walking reports, and YouTube videos, is that quick drying gear needs a period of no rain to dry - lol - seems like commonsense when I write it down like that. Next time, I will pack a towel in my bag instead of leaving it in the car, a full set of clothes to leave in the car, and a set of dry clothes for the tent. I don't need as much food either. One thing I will say... I've got a much better appreciation of what you and Andy do now. atb Nick

Nice one buddy the country i hike in more than my own is scotland done a good few now but not been since i started my outdoor store Ironic lol

lol - it is always the case. The catch 22 situation of having the time but not the money or having the money but not the time. Stores are time consuming places and customers never appreciate that sometimes you need a day off too.

Never hurts to carry some "Liquid"

LOL... yeh, midges are very tiny biting flies, because of their size, they get everywhere and they swarm you and your gear. They're attracted to the carbon dioxide of your breath. There are no repellents that will stop them swarming around you, but a good repellent with Icaridin (Saltidin) will stop them biting you. That part of Scotland is stunning. There are so many adventures to be had there, not just climbing the mountains. atb Nick

What a great adventure Nick despite having to go down because of the weather and the risk of hypothermia mate been there done that lol, you still had a good time and you told the story well whilst laying cosied up in your tent mate, you had a brilliant guide with Mick he spends more time up there than the blumming Scots do, very enjoyable Nick, ATB George.

I couldn't have asked for a better pair of guides than Mick and Paul. Not only did I learn lots of useful little hints but the banter was great too. I didn't just go to bag my first munro and my first time camping, I went with the purpose of listening to what Mick and Paul had to say and to learn from them for next time. atb Nick

Very nice film Nick, some lovely scenery and you can’t go to Scotland and not get wet trousers. Cheers ⛺️

LOL... I think that's the reason they used to wear kilts. It wasn't just the trousers that got wet, nothing worse than sitting in a car with damp underpants. But lesson learned... next time I will have a full two sets of dry clothes... one to carry with me for camping, and one to stay in the car for emergency back up. The scenery was stunning. Such a beautiful and wild place up there. atb Nick

I had to laugh with you at the Seagulls Nick. I was camping the other night and for me it was Pigeons. Driving me nuts! Getting to the beach though was a great adventure. Ben Hope had some teachings for you. Good going though. I'm really sorry to hear out it turned out later though. I truly know how you feel. You must see your GP and organize a visit to the Physio and you have to be totally dedicated to getting it strong. Ice and heat at night - every chance you get in fact. Go see the Physio Nick. An arduous but good trip. Lots came out of it. Very enjoyable for its honesty. All the best. Mark

Thank you Mark. I've got an appointment tomorrow. First thing I did on Monday morning was book an appointment. I don't think it is actually my knee that is the problem. I think it is the arch of my foot. I hurt it on the Weardale Way and it was aching a little on the Newlands walk but I think it might have been aggravated with the increased weight on Ben Hope. I had a small slip on the way to Sail Liath but I doubt that was the cause. I learned loads on this trip. I will be better prepared and hopefully fitter if Mick is kind enough to invite me another time.

We had a blast in Scotland a few years ago...such a great place to walk! Ha love the fly net!

It is an awesome place. Not just the mountains... we were passing waterfalls that would be tourist attractions in Northumberland but nobody thought twice about them. The geology too... I could've spent an entire day with a rock hammer at the base of An Teallach. I came home with a few lumps of rock. I carried a piece of quartz the size of half a brick down from the top of Ben Hope. LOL - you need a midge net when you are up there. I came well prepared for the bugs, and only had two bites at the very end when we were packing to go home and I couldn't find my repellent. I was positively stinking of insect repellent - lol.

nick what a introduction to scotland & wild camping.the good thing is you've took all the bad bits in one hit so it can only get better. (says he lol ). you looked fed up early on then your spirits picked up. i remember going on my 1st outing with peter all them years ago on a 2 night bothy & wildcamp trip to gregs hut & high cup in november & had to bail out the next morning after gregs hut due to lack of gear. peter went down to high cup on his own lol.it just made me better & stronger (i think).you'll be back with a bang when you get that knee sorted.. you kept at it & ticked a couple of summits off. a few more trips with the heavier pack you'll be sorted.best of luck.

I've got an appointment with the doctor about the knee tomorrow morning. I think the problem is the arch of my foot more than the knee itself. I picked up an injury on the last section of the Weardale Way and I think that has been aggravated either with the increased pack weight or the small slip I had... and I reckon I am overcompensating in my walking which is causing the pain in my knee. That was the only time my spirits really dropped. I thought that it might've spoiled the trip for me, so I was glad to get up Conival. I need to improve my speed though, my pace is a lot slower than everyone else. It was a brilliant learning experience. I went packed for a thru-hike and I didn't need to do that on this trip. I could've taken a few more comforts to keep in the car. In terms of my pack on Ben Hope, I took too much food... I didn't need anywhere near as much. And I should've took the towel with me in my pack to dry off. And a spare pare of dry clothes is a must for Scotland. The trouble with watching the American thru-hikers is that the weather is not as changeable as it is here. We started on Ben Hope complaining about the heat and humidity, and by the time we got to the summit it was rain, borderline sleet, fog, and freezing wind. I thought the Cheviots were bad for changing weather but they can't hold a candle to Ben Hope on that day.

Nice job Nick. What a place! So many changes in weather etc to keep you on your toes. Lessons are always learned the hard way it seems. Beautiful place even with the cloudy weather. Thanks brother!

The weather changed so fast on Ben Hope. I was complaining about it being hot and humid at the bottom, by the time we got to the top I was on my way to getting hypothermia with the cold. Cloud is always a funny one... it looks dramatic but it robs you of the views but not having the views makes it easier to cross ridges and walk along the edges but the cloud makes it damp and slippy. I can live with the cloud and wind but the rain... urgh. The area is a stunning place. The camera does not do it justice.

Great account of our trip Nick. Once again the weather wreaked havoc on our plans, even the MWIS got it wrong saying Thursday was going to be terrible when it was in fact the best day lol. Scotland can be brutal even in the height of summer and having dry gear to put on once in your tent is essential so dropping off the hill was the right call for you. I've been up An Teallach twice before but the third time to get up that fine mountain remains elusive, as you say we'll get it next year for sure. Conival was a great 2nd choice and very enjoyable even if the weather kicked us up the ass again lol. The Munro's present you with the toughest walking in Britain and now your off and running you will be back stronger. P.S. It's not always this bad haha. Thank's for your company up there bud, enjoyed every minute despite the weather. Till the next time. Mick.

Many many thanks Mick, for inviting me on the trip. I really enjoyed it a lot, despite the weather. I need to pick my pace up though to keep up with you and Paul. It was an amazing learning experience and the scenery was out of this world. It wasn't just my first munro but it was my first time camping in a tent, ever (except the one night in my garden). LOL... the weather coming off Conival... I can only say, I am very glad we did not get hit with that half way across the ridge to Ben More Assynt. But to be honest, I love being on the hills in the wind and walking through a storm a like that on the way back was immense fun. Albeit, it left me with no dry clothes at all (BIG lesson learned on that account). I've got an appointment with the doctor tomorrow about my knee, so hopefully will get referred to the hospital to see the physio. I don't actually think it is my knee that is the problem. The arch of my foot has been aching since the last walk of the Weardale Way and I think the heavy pack on Ben Hope has aggravated the injury which has in turn caused me to overcompensate my walking by putting more pressure on my knee. I will see what the physio says... that was the only downside of the entire trip for me. I expect midges, I expected more clegs - only saw the 2 at the end of Conival, and I expect the weather to be unpredictable and the forecast to be inevitably wrong. At least MWIS got it closer than the MET... what I didn't expect was for an injury from the previous month to flare up again. I learned loads from you and Paul. I couldn't have asked for better company. Thank you very much for the invite. I had a blast. Nick

Welcome to Scotland! Lessons learned indeed, what a mare! In-between the rain, the wind, the clag, the wet, the cold and the midgies, it looked like you enjoyed it and to be fair, you got some stunning time - lapses. After the first night, you did the right thing by flying off to the Caribbean and stunning yourself on that superb beach before flying back for your second Munro. Shame about the slip and your knee and on wet rock, so easy to do but you make the right call by coming back and resting it. Hope it has not put you off wildcamping and I get laughed at but I am proud to be a fairweather camper. Great watch, cheers Alan

Oh, it didn't put me off. I moan a lot but it is all in good fun. I am not sure the slip was the cause of the pain. I think it is the arch of my foot and that is causing me to walk funny which is impacting my knee. I've got an appointment with the doctor tomorrow and he will refer me to the hospital so I can get to see a physio and perhaps get my foot x-rayed. My foot arch has been aching since the last Weardale Way walk and I just think it might've been unfortunate that it impacted my knee at that particular time. That was the only downside of the trip. Well I learned that you must have a full set of dry clothes when in Scotland and on a trip like this you could do with 2 extra sets of dry clothes... one to keep in the car. Camping in the rain is not so bad. I've still got no desire to camp in snow. Despite the pain and getting absolutely drenched to the skin, I enjoyed Conival more than Ben Hope. Conival is a great mountain to climb, the route in is stunning, there is a bit of scrambling, a little bit of ridge... it just ticks all the boxes. AND, I will have to do it again in order to do Ben More Assynt. An Teallach is scary as hell but I reckon once I have that done, it will make all the ones that come afterwards seem a lot easier in comparison. Cheers, Nick

I feel like I should’ve taken you on a camp wardle style. Give a few tips like. It’s a massive difference with a full pack like. I can more or less run up any Fell with no pack on but load me up it’s a different story. 18-22 kg average for me. And the weather never plays by your rules. It’s all part of the fun?? Saying that well done attempting the camps and hills in that weather. Good call going with Mick. I reckon he’s a good guide. Dont be put off. Get another Wildcamp in sharpish. I used neoprene wraps on my sore knees for 12 months. I have no pain now. A psyhiotherapist might help too. Nowt worse like. Enjoyed the vid. Lovely scenery mind. Atb.

LOL... need to get some of this stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22wrvQRWBpw

LEAVE THE ALCOHOL??? There’ll be nee wardle camps.

Cheers Andy. It hasn't put me off. I moan a bit but it is in jest. For me the only real downside of the trip was the pain in my knee but I think that it is really the arch of my foot that is the problem. I've got an appointment in the morning to see the doctor and he will refer me to a physio. I saw one a couple of years ago about pain in my knees and it turned out to be the insoles I was using. Removed the insoles and the pain went, just like that. Mick and Paul were awesome guides. Full of useful tips and information. Mick seemed to know all the hill names, their routes, the views that can be seen at the top. Paul's done some epic stuff up that way too. I was in good hands, I paid attention, listened, and learned. Not bagging An Teallach was a bit disappointing but to be honest, that is a scary mountain, so there was a bit of relief in not doing it too. But perhaps next year we will try again. You were not kidding about the difference between full pack and day pack. It is a huge difference. I guess you get used to it after a while. I would've struggled on the PW had I done it this summer. I definitely need more training with full pack and I probably had the lightest pack. 18-22kg is nuts. I was thinking I could probably get mine down to 10-11kg with water by changing the food and leaving the alcohol behind. I will see what the physio says, and if things are not too damaged, I will try and get a wild camp in the next couple of weeks in the Cheviots before my family come back from Japan. Cheers, Nick.

The experience of this trip will serve you well Nick. What a fantastic video, mountains, mist and rain, man iv'e got to get to Bonny Scotland soon. The NW500 is right at the top of my list and judging from the scenery i might be gone some time when i get it together. Part of the wild camp experience is lugging all the gear up, so in my book you did it mate. Well done on your first ever wild camp, first of many i hope. Wonderful stuff. Cheers and ATB. Jim.

It was a great experience. I was with two masters of the Scottish mountains with Mick and Paul. I listened and observed and learned. The NW500 was incredible. We only did about half of it and we didn't stop at all the points of interest because we were there for the mountains... there are caves, waterfalls, geology, and amazing view points to observe. It is high on my list to return with my family for a road trip. Mick said that if you do the NW500 to add the Wester Ross Coastal Trail or the A832 loop to your trip. Thank you, Nick

Andy Wardle,

Eat them first.

Andy Wardle : Aye of course but didn’t think JBP down south would understand especially as I type in an Essex twang.

You mean breeks surely mike.

my wife is going through hell with plantar fascitis .sterted in hip then went to knee now foot.she was seen by a really good doc at the hospital who said she is compensating due to one leg 5mm longer than other.he said he will sort her but will take time.the answer is rest for it to repair but that's not easy.. you could try some orthopedic insoles nothing to loose.

Hi Nick a really enjoyable video, we have all been there Nick and learned a few things by making mistakes I'm still learning and making mistakes lol, it's always different on each camp, that's why I love it so much, I have camped with Mick a few times great bloke, look forward to more, atvb Ged and Shan

Thank you. We certainly do learn from our mistakes... but I also listened to what Mick and Paul had to say and observed. A great learning experience from two experienced Munro baggers. As you say, Mick is a great bloke. He's very knowledgeable of the hills and was very kind to invite me on this trip. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. atb Nick

I was correct... I've damaged a ligament in the arch of my foot. Nothing wrong with the bones. It will heal regardless but if I want it to heal faster then I need to take it easy for 3 weeks and take ibuprofen for 10 days. I needn't give up walking for that time, just watch the miles and stress on the foot. Or I can just soldier on with the pain and it will fix itself anyway but take a bit more time. There's a couple of big walks I want to do... so I will probably go ahead with those while I've got the time and then let it heal in September with some gentler stuff. Me and Neil are busy looking at starting another thru hike trail at the end of September and we were discussing making the sections shorter in order for my daughter to do the full trail with us. Just need to work out the logistics of it tomorrow.

Hey Nick that is great. Absolutely no point in struggling on - we have to see the people who know a bit more than we do. Indeed, I've just seen the physio because of an old injury in my ankle. So, I've been limping to. Ha ha! Yeah the bio-mechanics of a body is important. I mean flat foot on one side can put strain on the ankle, which hurts the exterior cruciate ligament, which then hurts the interior cruciate ligament on the other side and on it goes. Sounds a nightmare but we can get it right for sure. I trust the appointment went well. What was the outcome?

Nice one Nick..shame about the weather and missing the ridge walk to Ben More Assynt. 2 crackin hills tho and I had better weather so views were great. Btw Ardmair bay just N of Ullapool is a great wee campsite next time ye visit Atb..R

Many thanks... I will mention it to Mick. It was their hike and I was just lucky enough to have been invited to join them. The weather was horrendous. We would've been in real trouble had we done the ridge to Ben More Assynt because we got hit really hard with strong winds and rain that blinded us on the way down. We were having to walk with our hands in front of our eyes so that we could see the path. It would've hit us half way across the ridge... so it ended up being a good call not to attempt it in the wind. There were a couple of other hikers who we met on the top of Conival who had just come back from the Ben More Assynt but that was before the rain hit. BUT... it was still great fun and I had a really good time despite the weather. Unfortunately I am holed up with a foot injury... which was causing my knee pain - urgh... Cheers. atb. Nick

Looked like a really hard trip mate. But my word the scenery is out of this world...

+Northern Wayfarer https://youtu.be/AgFkkzHChfw I watched this earlier today. Really well filmed

I drove to Mick's house and left my car there and then Mick drove up... I was up at 3am and left my house just after 4am on the day we went up Ben Hope. Mick drove from about 5.30am and then straight up Ben Hope. Paul went up in his own car, so did the same as Mick in terms of driving. We headed straight up the A1 to Edinburgh, then across the new bridge, and continued up the A9 to Inverness, stopping at Aviemore to meet up with Paul who was ahead of us. We left the A9 onto the A839, the onto the A836... before leaving that onto a single track road with grass growing in the middle of the road to Ben Hope. The next day we joined the NC500 at the end of Loch Hope and followed it to Ullapool, stopping at the beach, and the pub at Leirinmore for lunch (the steak pie there was unbelievably good). We were there for the mountains... but if I had been on my own, I think it would've took me a week just to drive from Ben Hope to Ullapool... I would've been stopping at just about every view point and point of interest along the way. Nathan, Mick's son, wants to cycle the NC500. It is an amazing road. Mick told me that if you ever do the NC500 try and include the Wester Ross Coastal Trail too... which is a good part of the A832.

+Northern Wayfarer what way did you drive up??? I've just watched a video of two lads cycling the north coast 500, incredible

It is a stunning place. Really beautiful. I barely capture it on camera but I hope it is enough of a taste to encourage others to see for themselves. The weather was bad but I didn't mind that too much. Would've been easier had I brought some extra clothing and just kept it in the car (lesson learned). The only downside of the trip (other than the disappointment of An Teallach), was an injury to the arch of my foot from the last 22mile section of the Weardale Way flared up again. Which is why I have not been out much since this trip... giving it a bit of rest time. Thank you for watching and leaving a comment. atb Nick

So easy to get caught out like that and scary too. Wow the view of that beach! We've done Ben Nevis and would love to add to the list of munros. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos

Yes, I learned a lot of lessons on this trip. The weather came in hard and fast. Thank you for the subscription, I've returned the sub, it looks like you've got some cracking videos of your adventures. I look forward to having a look through them over the coming days. Cheers.

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