I need to live on a beach. // Santa Teresa, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

I need to live on a beach. // Santa Teresa, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

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I would, love for you, to help, me compile, a list. Other. Kids had collected a whole bunch of hermit crabs into this coconut, shell and. Harper was very distressed, by this, because. She was trying to explain that that was not where they live, she said they need to be out and about on, the beach. We. Cannot capture them, so, she freed, all the hermit crabs. Perfect. Oh my, gosh. 3,000. Miles from home, trying. To say. That, I will get better soon. 30. Days, I walk, down. This way. Singing. My madness to the moon a. Medic. At all the tree and. It taught to me, about. Things, we don't see. I asked. It how do I know which. Is the right, way to go, to. Get me home. And. It's at Dollywood, father. Reason. Dog farm. Another. Cuz anyway. We'll, get, you home, you, can get, lost, if, you don't, know where you've gone and. Anyway. We'll, get, you. He's, right. Ladies. If you just start. No you are. Just, go, and, trust, your. This, place, is. Every. Dog I'm, so lost in. I got never all right my. Perspective. Was wrong. I don't, know where I'm going I. Can get lost. This, way, is my. Is the right bye. You just. No you. Trust yours. Mainly. To. Not. Get. Will. Sleep on. Everybody. Has come out to watch the sunset it, reminds, me of Key. West and Mallory Square, when. Every day there was a big celebration, for the sunset and Erica. Jessie's. Got a wee, little window, while. He's waiting for some files to upload so, he, gets to enjoy, the beach for a bit this morning oh my gosh there's a tiny little crabs over, here. See. If I can get him on camera it's, right in there. But, he's hiding from me because I look like a prisoner. Alright. You. Know that meme or you know the like, I like long walks on, the beach and, glob about well I do like, long walks on the beach and since, Jesse's here to, play sandcastle, but, that is what I'm going to do and I thought I'd take you with me so let's go for. A long walk on this, beautiful, beach. Standing. On the corner. Where, you smile, inside. My head, and. I'm. Singing. Through the people. Passing, by. The. Lucky. Pen is, with big, wheeshes in, my bed, just, enough. To, buy new, strings, for, my guitar. Making. Wages. In. The Stone. Remember. How you told. Me let, us, grow. You're. My, son you're. My shelter. I. Was. Lost before, I made. Now. You're. You. Standing. On the, stage with. Your, words, inside. My. If there. To watch me from, the crowd. Mine. Be, gracious from. That best. Just. Enough, to, buy new, wings, when needs, to laugh. Me. That's the. Me. You're. Our. Shores. You're. All. Right off to work bye. Daddy. All. Right come. On it's not that deep baby girl it's good right here, so. The. Possum, thing is that. We. Have pretty much been. By. Ourselves. The. Whole time, we've been here and. Coming. Over to these rocks. At, low tide in the morning it. Is. Kind. Of protected, from the waves and so you get all these little tide, pools but you can just sit. In and relax and the. Water is cold. My. Hair, is. So, full, of sand, and. Salt. That, like. When. I take it out of this ponytail, or fun. It, just like six. Street yeah. You. Guys something that I've realized. On. This trip is just how. Important. Water. Is, to, me like and, I grew up in Florida so I feel like my, heart. Needs. Water. So. I'm currently scheming. To. Try to figure out a. Way that I can spend at least winters, in, a, beach town and I, need your help because. So. I'd move here in a heartbeat but two, problems. Costa. Rica's a, little. Pricey. For, our budget right now and. The. Bigger problem is, that the internet, here is just not, as fast as we need it to be for Jesse's work I would. Love for you, to help me compile, a list of all the beach towns that, we need to visit we. Need. Safe. Safe. For kids safe, for Harper we. Need a, nice. Clean, beautiful beach. We need a high-speed Internet, and we, need affordable I. Know. There's got to be beach towns in Mexico that fit this bill and possibly, elsewhere, so please.

Leave Me a comment. Help. Me, get to a beach. Like, a bird on, a tree. I'm, just sitting, here I. Got. Time. It's clear to see. From. Up here. The world seemed small. We, can sit together. It's. So beautiful. You. And me. Meant, to be. The. Great outdoors. Forever, three. He's entire - need to go. Take a step. See the truth. You. Meant, to be. And. To be. In the radar. We, started, out in the morning, at the bakery which. Is. My. Favorite, restaurant in. Costa. Rica ever, in. Life it's, so. Good. I, had. A latte. And. This. Amazing. Breakfast. Of poached. Eggs and, bread, and. Olives. In guacamole and, tahini. And, salad. I was. So good. Jesse. Had a breakfast, bagel and, then Harper, Jesse and I three-way. Split a. Delicious. French toast, so. Good Harper, had a strawberry. Mango smoothie. And. There, was a cat named Martina, who, sat, with us and it was just delightful. Actually, the. Truth. Is that we sat with Martina, um, she. Was already at the table and we sat with her and then. And, then she left later that's. Okay, we. Love cats, just, as they are so today, Harper. And I are going to soak up as much vitamin. D as we possibly, can, because. After, this we're going back to winter. So. One, of my favorite youtubers, is this woman who lives in a yurt. New Zealand and. They, just have this like two really dreamy life and, she. Was talking in a recent video about, the concept, of SMS. Finding. Sites. Of mutual, satisfaction. Where. You, and, your, child. Both. Can, be fulfilled. And, excited. By what you see and engrossed, in where. You are and what you're doing. And. I gotta say the, beach is. Definitely. Definitely. An, SMS, for Harper and I for. Harper and me we. Are both, so. Happy, at, the beach, we are so happy, when. There's sand to play and and water, to look at and. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yes yes yes yes, yes. Baby. Okay. We're gonna have our rape. We. Have found a little, hidey-hole. Here. In these rocks there, is this big rock here, and it's. Kind, of protecting. And shading this little area, which is going to be the dinosaur's swimming, hole and. It's. Especially nice, because of my back got, a. Wee. Bit. Sunburned. My, poor crispy. Pale, British. Skin. So. My back will enjoy being in this nice Jade well these dinosaurs, play. We. Took an afternoon break, for, lunch and some quiet time and. Now we are back for our last evening. On, the, beach, this. Will be our last sunset, ascent, that the data. Harper. And I are building sandcastles. So that we can watch them get knocked down by the waves. We. Just built Chichen itzá over. Here and. People. Are coming out with their dogs and, the. Dogs are playing. Playing. Fetch with driftwood. And, playing. Ball with coconuts. Pretty. Great. Now. You're. Looking at now sir, everything, that happens now is, happening now what, happens in. Winter. Wear. It down go. Back to them. Habaneros. We're. Gonna sit here any dinner and watch, the, sunset. You. We, just finished a, delicious. Dinner and, barbarous. Made some friends, and is playing and I'm just standing here. Looking. At the water. This, is so. Perfect, and. So, bittersweet because this is the end of, our time in santa that i sat and. Very. Nearly the end of our time in Costa Rica. Well. I'm gonna stand here and enjoy this view at for as long. As I possibly. Can. They're. Collecting, hermit crabs I think. So. Oh. You've, got a little, animal. Forex activist, here. Because. Other, kids had collected a whole bunch of hermit crabs into this coconut, shell and. Harper was very distressed, by this. Because. She was trying to explain that that was not where they live, she said they need to be out and about on the beach. We. Cannot capture them, so, she freed, all the hermit crabs oh. So. Cute.

2019-01-26 23:21

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I'm happy that you had a great time in Costa Rica, but I'm very much looking forward to your videos from Mexico.

Beach City for Families & Digital Nomads: There's a wonderful podcast episode from The Expat Chat about a family living in Playa del Carmen, their experience in that community and unschooling their children: http://theexpatchat.com/martin-and-lorena-cagnotti/ Also, I remember hearing Chris the Freelancer speak very highly of Playa del Carmen for digital nomads. Here's his video review of its prices, coworking spaces, etc: https://youtu.be/UQNG7JyCWIU Your request for recommendations helped me tie both of these sources together - they came to mind immediately :) Hope this helps, and best wishes to your family in all your adventures. Thanks for sharing with us!

Mexico has so many options, but a few of my choices are: Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Playa del carmen, Manzanillo, Sayulita, San Pancho. Keep having a great time! Saludos.

I make my living online and have a wife and two young boys. We're looking to move to Mexico, and after visiting Puerto Vallarta, Buceríus, Nuevo Vallarta, Sayulita and San Pancho, we are going back for a longer stay in San Pancho. I don't require the same bandwidth that Jesse does, but I need reliable Internet. If San Pancho's Internet is ever having issues, then I know I have Sayulita 10 minutes away. In a worst-case scenario where both are down, I know I can always find high speed Internet in PV. http://vallartacowork.com has 100 MB Internet.

Ohhh that sounds good! We need to get over to that area this year!

I need to live on a beach too Erin, you should see what it looks like here... we got a blizzard, 30cm of snow just dumped everywhere... I love winters in Canada! Enjoy your sunshine.. beautiful video!

Ok There is Pacific Ocean Mazatlán, all the Nayarit Riviera, ( Rincon de Guayabitos, Lo de Marcos, Sayulita, Punta Mita, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle) Nuevo Vallarta , ( Bucerias) Puerto Vallarta, Mismaloya etc., etc.,

Hi Erin have you been in Nuevo Vallarta? Bahia de Banderas? Lost of small towns, ex-pats there.

Michoacan! Oaxaca, mazatlan, even Tabasco has some nice beaches

Puerto Morales is a thought. It is a small fishing town, very safe, with plenty of beautiful beaches. It is close enough to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, but is not nearly as touristy. The locals are beyond friendly. My husband and I traveled there last April and think it will be our retirement destination.

Beautiful beach Erin! Lovely that Harper is so conscious of the rights of animals. That is great!

Hi Erin. I've read about Merida Mexico. Cheap and not crowded yet. Check it out for safety and cleanliness...not sure on that. Love your videos! Also Puerto Escondido.

Try Todo Santos on the Baja

That beach looks so blissful! And those hair flips were excellent haha I think some parts of Cancun have fiber optic internet. It probably won't be as cheap as Guanajuato but definitely cheaper than Costa Rica! And the beaches are gorgeous! ;)

ps. I'm still searching for in home, decent wifi here in Puerto Vallarta. Expats or people who are not permanent residents are shut out of telcel and AT&T. I'm sharing my neighbors but need to search outside the modem

Gorgeous shots! Love the song track, perfect choice

♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪

Beaches? Go to nomadlist and use their filters. Budget, Families, Internet, Safe, Beach, Month, etc. The use of 5 filters or less is free. Tip: Use of the good for "nomads" filter will include good internet. Save the good wifi filter for something else. The visa free filter, under passport (not counted as a filter), can come in handy too.

Absolutely heavenly...!

Awwww. Harper really loves those doggies.

She sure does!

Just like Enrique Iglesias. Once u get more u forget mexico.

Well that’s a first! I’ve never been compared to Enrique Iglesias before! I’ll take it. But we’re actually back in Mexico already, so I’m guessing that I’ve lost the comparison to EI.

Hahaha all mexicans (like me) Mexico have beachs!!! Please relax Erin comeback to Mexico and I learn english in this ride.

Beautiful video!

Sand to play with, lots of beautiful water, pelicans, hermit crabs(sorry, Harper says catch and release,lol), even lizards, iguanas and of course Man's best friend, our canine buddies! Harper enjoying the beach with her dino buddies,....glad they're only toys and no live compys(procomsognathids), remember those little lizards that appeared on the beach in Costa Rica, Jurassic Park novel and movie? Seeing ya in the water enjoying yourself, you're mermaid competition my dear buddy, as for Jesse, he too had fun in the water but considering his beard and masculinity, reminded me of Neptune, rising from the sea to hold the clashing rocks apart so Jason and his Argonauts could cross safely. You're probably thinking the imagination this Mexican has..lol! As for beach towns, Puerto Vallarta is nice, Rincon de Guayabitos Nayarit(just across the Jalisco/Nayarit stateline)is also nice, back in '95 we went there wasn't any Internet at the resort, cottages for individual rent as well as 2, maybe 3 hotels if I remember well, but times change and I'm sure they also have Internet there as well. And to think right now, not shivering, probably sitting next to Jesse and Harper and your kinfolk sipping hot chocolate and enjoying a cozy night next to the fireplace. :)

You should try mompov.com

Puerto vallarta or bucerius!!! Both are all of the above!!!!!

Beautiful Erin. What about Baja Mexico? My sister lives in Rosarito.

+Erin's Travels it is amazing.

Ohhh yes! Baja is on my list to visit this year. I've heard it's gorgeous!

Hey Erin! Did Harper grow a foot-and-a-half and double her vocabulary since the last video? As to a beach, you may have seen that Tangerine Travels says that Puerto Morelos is their favorite beach town in Mexico; they are there now.

Right?! I swear she's literally growing up overnight! And OMG I love that shirt idea! Totally using that. Jesse and I are working on some shirt designs right now. xo

And when you start selling t-shirts, your first one can be "Free The Hermit Crabs!"

Love the dinosaurs swimming

Beautiful video

Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo

Erin, check out Sayulita. I have a friend from the U.S. who lives there with his family. He had pretty much the same needs you talked about.

You made me miss CR. Our fave area of CR is the Uvita area, in the Southern Pacific. Beaches are wonderful and there are fewer foreign tourists. I don't know about internet speed, though. There is a city that is close to the beach, San Isidro De El General...but not on the beach. Loved the video.

Where’s Jesse? I just saw a Tico wearing La Liga jersey!! Lol That country it’s definitely beautiful but it has gotten expensive but still love it.

I really enjoy your videos and love your music selection. Also, you look very happy in Costa Rica.... Maybe more so than in Mexico. Thank you

I think it's the beach!

Beautiful.  I want to be there. Really happy you guys had a good time !

Erin, Nicoya is beautiful something like that in Mexico is Sayulita, relaxed , to the pacific ocean.

Have you thought about Panama!?!

I’ve never been there but it was on our initial list of places to check out!

Hi Erin, thanks for the video, nice! As for your beach question...it's hard to answer because likely there's no place in México that fulfills all of your requirements at once. All beach towns have pros and cons; it's a trade-off. So, let me suggest something a bit different, if I may: Mérida, Yucatán. It's not on the beach, but it's reasonably close to several beaches, so you can come and go to them at will. It's a reasonably medium-large city with many services and things to do besides going the beach (movie theaters, restaurants, bars, parks, better Internet than a small town, etc). Mérida's airport's got direct flights to the US (Cancún airport 3 hrs away will do too), it's the safest city in México, the food is amazing, Mayan ruins are all around, and more. It would also give you guys the chance to explore the whole Yucatán peninsula at your own pace....just a suggestion. :-)

Excellent! Have fun and safe travels!

Hooray! I just booked tickets to visit Mérida last night! What a coincidence.

How can somebody dislike this video? Well, I love all your videos and all the songs on them. I love to see you all, as a family so happy

Lovely ❤️

Beach living is fun until mosquitoes and humidity get under your skin (or on your skin,lol)

That's true. I think winters at the beach would be perfect... but I don't know if we could handle summers.

Think about Zacalac just down from tulip at end of peninsula.

Pretty beach and looks like a nice textured sand. The higher prices in costa rica are a deal-breaker for us, tho... We are planning to stay in La Pineta during the winter in an RV with a mobile hotspot for my work on the internet. We really think Guanajuato would be perfect for us in the hot season but we'll probably need to rent a little place since there doesn't appear to be much in the way of RV parks there. As you know, Tangerine Travels is really loving Puerto Morelos right now and prices appear to be low there and BEAUTIFUL beaches. I'm kind of eager to see how that works for them over the long haul. It's my understanding that these nice beach towns are WAY too hot in the summer season for our tastes. I think Jessie has requirements for internet speed and bandwidth that are higher than mine...I just build custom Wordpress websites so not a lot of gigantic files being uploaded. The mobile hotspot will be our backup solution but it won't work if there is no cell service in the area...

Well, my personal desire has always been to work towards living in two or more seasonal locales. Initially, the Oregon coast in the summer and eastern Baja in the winter but 1) Internet/cell reception is crap there 2) Things have just gotten too expensive for me to take off and pay for the trip plus my apartment rental. Sucks. Well and 3) I'm older and the chronic fatigue kicks my ass if I work more than about 25-30 hours a week so I can't just add more work hours to raise the money like I used to. So, downsizing to the RV it is!

That sounds wonderful! Yeah I'm not sure about RV spots here in GTO--it would probably need to be out of town because the city itself is so compact and not very car-friendly. We were initially looking at Merida but the summer heat and mosquitoes scared us off!

Have you seen website nomadlist.com? My son uses it all the time to determine locations for his overlanding adventures.

Yes! I love that site!

Lovely video! Thank you.

Puerto Escondido Oaxaca, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, islas vírgenes...I leave it just there, maybe someone else have more ideas, and all them are in Mexico. Oh PS...dinosaurs don swim

Ya déjala estar donde le dé su p... gana

haha, these dinosaurs evolved the ability to swim! And leap great distances. And talk!

Great video! It's uncanny how you always pick the right music. As for Harper, "You go girl.".

Erin, I am so glad to know you are having fun. God bless you and your family.

Un abrazo Erin's

Beautiful Video . if you Live on the Beach , the humidity and temperature becomes oppressive . great to visit . many expats live up in the mountains where the climate is mild and a short drive to the beach . if you use public transportation , you`ll save a lot of money . great video .

It is a paradise amiga

I wonder why so many dislikes

Maybe they're getting hit by a winter storm right now... LOL. Thank you for being awesome Abel!

Puerta Vallarta might be a perfect fit.

Theres a lot more beautiful beaches in Mexico. Michoacan, Oaxaca, campeche, yucatan. Puerto vallarta is kinda saturated by foreigners

I was there in 1986. It was crowded and expensive back then. Probably only gotten worse over time.

TheRex Report Puerto Vallarta has too much traffic....not safe for a child that runs a lot.

Huatulco has 7 Bahias and on my opinion are very safe for Harper. Regarding Internet not sure about the speed. Puerto Morelos en Quintana Roo puede ser otra opcion para ustedes.

You have to visit Playa del Carmen near to Cancún, Jose Jaime Sánchez says Bacalar, Campeche, Puerto Morelos.

I found that a bit pricey.

Nice place, in Mexico you must try , Puerto Vallarta, Huatulco, Puerto Escondido, or Bacalar .Saludos amiga

I just came across your channel cause im looking to get out of Canada at least 6 months a year and start living

is it a nicer place then mexico?

+Erin's Travels well that's awesome I'm trying to figure out how to secure a monthly income here in Canada so I can come there..if not I'll have to come back here every six months to earn money which bites lol I so want a new life ..I will be foresure be watching your vids

I think they both have their pros and cons. We’re back in Mexico now and there was a lot I missed about here. Both countries are beautiful!

I am not much of a beach person. I it when I am there but don't really think about them that much. I am not big on the sand and salt feeling when the beach day is done.

St Augustine:). Stateside, but “Old Florida”... and much more reasonable than southern part of the state..(and you can still work on your Spanish):)

Oh yay, Florida! I grew up on the east coast of FL and I always loved visiting St. Augustine, but I haven’t spent as much time up there as I’d like.

You threw us a difficult question... which Mexico beach is the best to live? This is hard cause I tried to live once on a beach (Cabo San Lucas) and failed miserably lol. I am someone who might not be able to live by the beach (I get bored and angry after a while to pay tourist rates to live). So my list is the hard-to-please / high-maintenance one. I could see myself in La Paz B.C. (small town and beach town, not as touristic), in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca (or nearby... in the nearby mountains around there or closer to Huatulco where the waves are smoother), in Mérida, Izamal or Valladolid (and going to the beach - Progreso, Morelos or Chelem- or to cenotes on the weekends), Bacalar or Majahual.

They start back this weekend! I'm excited to start filming here again too!

Ohhh thanks!

That's how Jesse feels about it too.

Hermoso lugar amiga saludos y si estas en Costa Rica siempre recuerda decir Pura vida .

Hey Erin, I agree, a beautiful spot! I spent a week and a half there some years ago. (Can't remember when exactly, but the bakery had just opened a few months before.) Don't have any beach recommendations in Mexico - I'm moving to CDMX in a few months - but I'm sure you'll find your sms. Maybe check out Baja.

When you find that place please let me know. I've been looking for awhile. Sayulita used to be nice but is too crowded & noisy now, dirty beach, too many cars. Puerto Vallarta is too crowded, noisy & the main beach is not for kids. The more they advertise the worse it gets - turning into another Cancun. Nuevo Vallarta is all hotels. Cancun & Playa del Carmen sadly totally Americanized.  What about Chetumal? near the awesome Bio Reserve You would like San Pancho town ( I do) but the beach is deep & dangerous so no boarding or shallow play.   My favourite beach with miles of white sand is Punta de Mita (Alcante) but the local town does not have much to offer in way of rentals/homes. You have to bus to Bucerias which is ok. Locals very friendly. Love the children. I want a San Miguel de Allende on the ocean. Let me know if you find it....I will follow...

Gorgeous beaches n a gorgeous lady!!!

Howdy Erin. I ve been following y'all since i bumped into one of your videos and I love them all. Ironically, you have taught me to love Mexico even, more to be thankful and proud of my country. I love the way you describe corners, places, streets or anything that crosses your camera. You show places I didnt even know they existed in Guanajuato. I enjoy your day to day activities videos in San Miguel de Allende or Guanajuato, that when the video finishes, I want to do the same, visiting those places, alleys or wherever you are strolling. I love the songs you use to make your videos whose lyrics perfectly go well with the scenes you show. I guees you are so sweet and kind and never see wrong on places when in fact they are. Costa Rica is one. Im so happy you decided to settle in Mexico, We love having y'all here. What you do is awesome, people from other parts of the world may too want to come down south the border after watching your videos

Yes! Wouldn’t that just be heaven?

You can get by right where you are for pennies on the dollar. You just need to be a better traveler.

+Sonia P sorry , it was Santa Teresa , CR ( near Montezuma ) . please comment if you find a place in Mexico . GOOD QUESTION , curious too .

+Sonia P this Video by Erin , was in Montezuma , Costa Rica . ( no conosco ) . in the Southern Zone , towns like Tinamaste , Platanillo in the mountains . Bus`s run along the Baru River to beach Towns like Dominical , Uvita ,. 1/2 an hour drive . saludos

Can you plz recommend a town in the mountains that is close enough to travel to the beach, I won't have a car in Mexico so will use public transportation. Thank you!

Honestly........I preferred you live in Costa Rica....... For real.........!!!!!!!!!!

+Sonia P a place like that in Mexico , would be awesome . GOOD QUESTION , curious too . maybe 'Lo De Marcos ' ? or Oaxaca ? quien sabe ?

Ko lanta

No Erin!,... You are the paradise!

This is amazing!! I will be visiting Santa Teresa soon and I was wondering if there are any particular spots/beaches you would recommend please? And also what´s the place at 11:37 called where everyone is watching the sunset? thank you!!

WOW........Erin that video was shot with fantastic editing and production skills and a pleasure to watch. Much peace and love from my family to yours.

Loved this video of the beach, the music is wonderful and works so much better than the soft twinkles. Is Harper learning Spanish?

Slowly but surely! Her favorite Spanish words are all animal names right now. ☺️

So beautiful. I am happy for you.

been to cr and mobile data plans are crap, but if think of settling, you can get 100 even 300 mb internet connection. need more than that? what are you uploading? lol it's very pricy, tho

Costa Rica es un pais donde puedes vivir tranquilamente, recuerda que es uno de los mas seguros de la region, no se puede decir eso de mexico

This was SO beautiful...as a grannie, I just hope that I can make it to a place like this before my time...in all sincerity, I cried it was so beautiful. I watched the doggie rolling in the wet sand...I was picturing myself rolling around like that and then I realized, "wow, I just can't get up!" :-D

I would recommend u check out Baja California from Rosarito to Ensenada beaches and wine country. 1hr south of San Diego California. Pretty sweet area

@Erin's Travels it is amazing.

@Sonia P a place like that in Mexico , would be awesome . GOOD QUESTION , curious too . maybe 'Lo De Marcos ' ? or Oaxaca ? quien sabe ?

@Erin's Travels well that's awesome I'm trying to figure out how to secure a monthly income here in Canada so I can come there..if not I'll have to come back here every six months to earn money which bites lol I so want a new life ..I will be foresure be watching your vids

We loved that area and shot a great video there https://youtu.be/HQlWZvpsy9k

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