i only ate DISNEYLAND foods for 24 hours

i only ate DISNEYLAND foods for 24 hours

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This is overwhelming okay. Good. Morning, guys we, are going, to Disneyland I am so, excited you, might be wondering Disneyland. Is the happiest. Place on earth, how, have you've never been there and the answer is it's, also the, most expensive place, on earth so, you can probably guess by the title, but it's 6:00 in the morning right now and until tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. as well I am only gonna be eating foods, from Disneyland so I'm basically gonna be spending the, whole up to die at Disneyland. I'm gonna be a Disneyland, from, 7:00, in the morning all the way up to midnight basically. It's like almost a full day it's almost sad how seriously. Excited I am about this because, it's always been a dream of mine as a kid to go to Disneyland. And it just you know it really is really, expense I never had the chance to do it before so I am so. Happy right now that I'm finally gonna be doing this my sister is also here Dona come say hi you've also never been to Disneyland before. By, excited, yeah I did. Hear that the food is a very very, expensive so, what I think we should do is put the price tag of everything. We're gonna eat the, Sun is rising right now so we're just gonna go and get in our uber and go. To Disneyland. Yay. This. Is the one that, I wanted to get if I wasn't. Self-conscious. Of everyone looking at me if, I was a hat this place is called Market House and I think this is where we're gonna get breakfast, I'm pretty sure this is a Starbucks because it smells like a Starbucks, it looks like it oh my god guys this is beautiful, look at that I think I might get this one for breakfast, but there's so many, options that's the only Starbucks logo that you can find that's really weird isn't it, I will crucially, got my Disneyland, breakfast, and this is basically like Starbucks, except they've got exclusive items, for Disneyland, so I tried to pick things that they don't have at the normal, Starbucks, so we're gonna start the cookies, this is go like the Starbucks logo in the front but then in the back it says well. I really, try not to break it, holy. Schnitzel. That, is beautiful. These fought the difference games are becoming very difficult that looks truly incredible. I think this is called a shortbread, strawberry. Cookie and it's like a double, layer with jam in the middle strawberry. Jam time, to reveal the second, item that I chose before this is freaking, adorable. It. Smells, so. Good and it's more chocolate, than cookie, if you look at the thickness of it it's literally, more chocolate, than cookie, which I am here for some might say that this is too much sugar for breakfast, but I guess you're only at Disneyland, once so. I'm gonna enjoy it I say there's about literally, everything it's, got the Disney logo like everywhere. Which is very extra, but exactly, what you'd expect from, Disney, do, you remember the name of. Is. This strawberry something. Yeah I think this is like an exclusive strawberry. Drink from the Disney menu I'm gonna break this because I think this is gonna be so, satisfying, I feel. Like a child is gonna come in here and start screaming in me I'm like I've got plenty of that in the comment section of my videos oh. We're. Home. It. Tastes like bubble gum. I've. Eaten the whole Center with the strawberry jam did you want some of it I guess, you don't have an option anymore, I'm gonna try the Mickey Mouse strawberry, frappuccino now. That's. So, sweet and, when I say that something is sweet like I really mean that, nobody. Wants to be healthy in Disneyland, and this is a lot of sugar but I loved it I would have probably not order. This on my camp daily faces and saving the very best, one for last here, we've got the Mickey Mouse Kirk did I break it again. Now. I shouldn't do it's gonna ruin my, sister's getting a photo of the cookie first because, Instagram. Before my videos of course but then I'm gonna just, eat it. Why, is everything, literally. Incredible. Oh my god I can't, I'm. So worried when someone snatches your wake me trying to improve my face finally let's, give this a try I think this is white chocolate. Oh move, on the, drink is really really good but I would say that my favorite one was the strawberry, jam this is really good I don't think they have this at Starbucks, like in a different shape. My. Sister's gonna try the cocaine, what. Do you think you. Have to be loud. Which, was your favorite, now. Is better I alright. So my Pirates of the Caribbean now I. Excited. Yeah, very I'm, sitting right thinking about food when we just. Give. The video a like guys if you want to watch that we. Actually booked lunch but it's a lot later on and, we wanted, to get some snacks because it's still like six hours till lunch not six but like a long time so, we actually imported some more items are like breakfast, tea items, so I'm going to show you everything that we got that.

Is, One. Of the most beautiful. Things I've ever seen, I think the lady called is the Minnie Mouse Apfel. And. It's freaking, beautiful it's so heavy this should be actually illegal, here it's got caramel, in the bottom it's covered in chocolate and I think this might be marshmallow, but I got something else as well let me show you before we try it mean, wishes are gonna be sharing all the foods that I buy in this video oh and, if I have to tell you the prices as well so this is the other item, that I bought and this, is the, most beautiful, piece, of edible anything. I have ever seen it's a rice krispies treat as you can see on the outside but then the front is covered, in chocolate. Wow, that. Really is sour it's not very sweet which I wasn't expecting but, it's like it's refreshing, cuz you're at Disneyland is so hard there's so many people, we're all sweating, and this is like very refreshing, it's not sweet at all, we're like. Human. Golf. Over. I, am. In disbelief, Wow. If, you figured a photo of your Rice Krispie part which is like 80%, of it it's really not that sweet it's like very buttery, and like delicious, but it doesn't have that much sugar it's hard to believe but then the, front is go like so, much sugar it's like a really good quality milk chocolate, so before I get back to that which I will I'm gonna try, this one on camera I just realized, that I don't think I've ever tried, a candied apple and I think it's got like caramel and the insides like a traditional, candy, apple, is how you pronounce it even this is overwhelming okay. Only. On. This, is healthy right I mean. It's literally an apple. You're. So, messy to eat though it's so, worth it I know it's an apple on the inside but you can't even taste Apple you just taste, so. Much sugar I'm ready, to go on every, ride. Yep. It's. Marshmallow and it's, literally the best marshmallow. I've ever had like it's got this like vanilla, flavor it's really, good it's seriously. Better than most marshmallows. I'm gonna try to remember to say the price of everything throughout the video so the price of this, breakfast.

Was. $29. Which is very expensive for three items, but you know it's Disneyland. I'm. Trying to protect my. So. There's this going on right now but, this is a place that we're at and I think this is where I'm gonna get lunch because I actually like a lot of the items they sell and it's very quick loose at the other places so. Many, people, so this is kind of what the menu looks like. We. Sat down to eat our food and look at this little duck here. It. Is finally lunch, salmon for lunch what we actually decided to do was just to go and grab like small bites so I've gone something that I got from the place I just showed you but I also want to get a corn dog after, just if I'm hungry we didn't want to go to like a restaurant, because one the waiting times were. Insane -, we had to make reservation this looks. Incredible. This is a bowl of chili, inside. A freaking, piece of bread like how crazy is, the hand they also give you like the top and the inside so you can just dip in the Chilean, eat it which is kind of what sold me on it and here we've got the kids menu kind of just wanted to show you what it looks like they give it to me like a little paper. Bag like you're going to school so. Tracy. Just come back so we can. I thought. Maybe was gonna come with some toppings, or cheese let's try the turkey hotdog. Wow. I. Think. They've put toppings and everything that you can put on top but obviously it's very Drive but I'm just gonna eat the sausage for now, the. Bread is a little bit drier, for. This is so working I. Will. So incredibly, frustrated, earlier because, we went to Indiana Jones which turned out to be my favorite ride, and as soon as we're getting on it my, camera, stops, recording because. The battery died imagine. If I just fired into this like like, casually, just walk around until and like, it's. So hot outside that the cheese on top actually melted. Wow. Let's. Begin. I. Can. Film this without buying this. My. Sister was saying they have a pizza planet from Toy Story here, do you want my orange juice. Can. You try it on camera because I had orange juice. It's. Actually very good yeah I had, hot. Dogs a regular, one we have divided, post the camera. Close. To the. I. Actually. Really enjoyed lunch was just a little bit small cause like the hotdog was so tiny was your hotdog tiny as well what, was the price of all of this. $33, I think was 33, we're gonna go in some more rides now I mean ordering we're gonna bring the camera if the rights are too crazy I don't wanna like drop you guys but. It's not even 3 p.m. yet and we're practically, gonna be here until midnight so we've got a long way to go a lot of foods to try we're going to Space Mountain and now I'm, really looking forward to this one because a lot of you guys really. Good. It. Was very very dark in there so you guys who'd be able to see anything but, I would say that was probably, my, family so far we spent the last two hours on rides but now we, are freaking. Out because, this. Is Pizza Planet from, Toy Story which, is probably, my favorite like Disney movie ever, this. Is so incredibly, extra, space, X is shook Ellen musk is retiring, delivering.

Refreshment. To a thirsty, galaxy, so this is the menu for those of you interested this. Is the sailing and pizza planet. A whole. Pizza cost. $39.99. The, only thing out of this world here is literally, the prices, this, is the pizza area there's so many people ordering a. Moose's. New salad, area like, literally. You know one single person here so I think we got a try, it's called the super nova pizza, and it's literally, a cheeseburger, on a slice of pizza I've, never seen anything like that how, could I ever say, no to this. Beautiful. Creation this, is the best afternoon snack of my journal ever hopefully. My sister's gonna let me try this because this is her afternoon snack Fairless blackberry parfait we, were trying to find a table with good light so you could see the pizza in all of its glory, I wasn't even too hungry but then I saw all these slices of beads are that he actually looks amazing, and now I'm very hungry so I'm really looking forward to this. Wow. It's. Pretty good. I've, never had two cheeseburger, pizza before so I wasn't really sure what, to expect from this. I like, it the light is terrible. But. I'm too hungry to move again guys I'm sorry. I think, the pizza planning Pizza is definitely the best thing I've tried so power this, is officially, my favorite food at Disneyland, it's been the pizza planet pizza, and I really want to try the dessert if my sister lets, me have. Some we're, probably gonna have a very, small tender because this, is a lot, of food in one girl how amazingly, satisfying does, that look let me just get. A spoon. That, is at. Least to me this is insanely, satisfying. I want. To eat one of the eyeballs, before, I make my final decision there's, so many layers to this. It's. So freakin weird but to me like, this tastes like bubblegum as well like so many things that tasted, like bubblegum so far this looks really cool the, flavor is very subtle so I was, a little bit disappointed, with this for, the pizza the pizza is everything. The, pizza alone is worth coming here over, the food that I've tried so far in the video obviously I'm spending a lot of money because this is for the video and I wanted to be great so you guys can have a good idea of the food's here but if you just come and you just get one food I would 100% recommend. The, pizza I'm gonna be in a food coma after this and I'm not gonna eat anything, until, like tonight, I'm pretty sure that for the next like eight hours I'm not gonna eat anything and, next time I see you guys will probably be a lot later for dinner and, hopefully, it's gonna be dark it's past 7 p.m. I, think and we, are very, tired right now it's been such a long day I'm drinking coffee right, now because I, need caffeine I need the extra energy because, we still wanna film dinner so we're gonna stay here actually.

Until Like midnight because, I really, want to do like the whole as. Long as I can here so next time you see you guys it will be dinner time it. Will probably be a little bit darker, but I'm, gonna make good choices because I've already seen some things that I want to try it looks so pretty and nice. I think. This is probably like the nicest, view, of the whole like Disneyland. Car I wouldn't. Go into the pics up here and, try to find something for dinner I'm just gonna get something small I just looked at myself in the camera, I didn't look so, freaking. Tired because we are, exhausted. It's been such. A long time I thought I was gonna like it I didn't realize I was gonna love it as much it truly is like a magical, place maybe, she could like spend some place I ate a lot of bread and a lot of sugar today so I didn't want to get anything too big for dinner but, this actually my last meal until tomorrow, morning's breakfast, so I also want to eat something because otherwise I'd, get home and be super hungry so this is what I call a poor, dog this is like a proper. American-style, corndog thick that is wow, that is really thick it sounds like it's gonna be so crispy, as well so I'm very excited with that and then and then he came with impressed with great. I appreciate, it wasn't counting on that and my sister had some pizza earlier but, she's, done with it and then if we're gonna see the fireworks and then that's it for us or to die if it has, water. Die. On one. Wow. It's, more important, than sausage, about it's very salty about, any good wife I couldn't even reach the sausage, because it's caused so much better. Wow. That's. So crazy buff a very flavorful, obviously, he seems too big and heavy and two, bites and it's practically, gone why is this a story of my life some of these bits are a little bit doughy but the sausage is the best part I do like the corn, to. Call it like a cornbread. I'm. Probably the first person ever doing this but, I removed the rest of the cornbread and I'm gonna eat it separately. Because. This. Is so good. Oh. Now. Grease. All over my phone I think this is officially, my last meal until tomorrow morning and that concludes.

Well, When I wake up 24 hours of only, Disneyland, foods as long as I wake up at like 6:00 in the morning I'll be fine no exaggerating. This is probably one of my favorite, days of the whole summer like it was honestly, so much fun and did you like it yeah did you expect to like it. Yeah. I also didn't think it was gonna like, it as much as I did I know maybe, it's because like we're older like it's gonna be like. A little bit for children, but it was so fun, don't leave the video just yet because I'm gonna show you guys the fireworks, because it's supposed to be like one of the best parts and I really want to show it to you guys or really quickly I just wanted to say that if you guys like this video please don't forget to give me a like also. Don't forget to subscribe and switch that notifications, on because, if, they don't switch the notifications, on YouTube. His look at mr. than my videos and this is like the most important, part about my channel did I forget something I always. Wear something. The. Price yeah. Nine dollars 50, and I didn't get a drink so that's the price for just the hot dog and there's you know an. Expensive, day an expensive. Video, what. I'm gonna say it's more than you know what's and this in positivity, because, I did have a good time I was actually thinking that'd be so much fun if you guys did one thing for me which is leave a comment down below in the comment section and let me know what, is your favorite, Disney movie, because when I do my fictional, food videos I could come to this video for ideas, so leave loads of comments with your favorite Disney movies or TV shows we also took so many Instagram, for us today so if you guys wanna go and watch them out I'm gonna leave my Instagram down below and. My sister's Instagram as well because she only agrees to being in these videos, if. I credit her Instagram, otherwise she wouldn't be here so go, and leave some love on the photos that we took at Disney let's go see the fireworks because. We've got like 10 minutes.

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Cringe video title

Plz make a video on india

Lilo and Stitch is my favorite Disney movie but I’d love to see a Pirates of the Caribbean food challenge as well

He looks so cute and humble.

Your sister has the most perfect skin. Wow!

This a Mukbang?

I feel like that’s Disney world I went there 5 days so fun and I went on the pirates of the Caribbean ride same one seems the same


Can I just say sometimes the most trashy people are the best people (love your channel Raphael

Beauty and the Beast

the hunchback of notre dame is my fav disney movie

I think the cheese on the chili was supposed to melt lol

Ava Dr i wasn’t gonna say anything but i literally thought that as soon as he said it

Bro where's the dole whip and foot long mack and cheese hotdog lol

Eduardo Sanchez lol he said this is just the first video of while their in Disney so maybe we'll see them soon lol

drei ki and the turkey leg

Your just a hater army is good did you go to war thats you opinion if you dont have anythingto say thats not nice dont say it at all

Ghazan Rafique what it is this comment talking about


R u talking about BTS?

Frozen or like rapunzel but some of the songs in frozen are really annoying


This is what I don’t understand do you live in the uk

same i thought he live in united kingdom

Am i being dumb or is it Florida Or Paris someone tell me tyyy

If you have nothing to say thats not nice dont say it at all hater thats your opinion just dont watch his videos then

Its healthy right? "I mean its literally an apple" btw u forgot its coverred in chocalate and caramel oh and fodan and marshmello

Cars! All three movies.

please make a food video on tom and jery

Can i join da trash squad?

Only eat Roblox foods next!!!

the little mermaid !!!

I Was In DisneyLand To

He didn’t try a Churro or a Turkey Leg

Do Australian food ❤❤ u need to try Vegemite with toast & butter

The little mermaid and my fav show is American horror story

I have a love hate relationship with your videos don’t get me wrong your videos are awesome but when I watch them they make me so hungry. (like if you agree)

Pfffft,i am sure you can't eat only bread one day

U talk to much u know that

Did you wants some? Well i guess you dont have a choice


I left today and sorry for the caps lol..


Traceyyyyyyyyy! Oh my goiiiiii come back!!

You should make a video where you only eat foods from children’s books for 24 hours

he already made a video on this

Fav Disney movie: Beauty and the beast

When I went to Disney I got a turkey leg it’s so good if you go there you should get it

My favorite Disney movie is *beauty and the beast* they have a lot of food in the cartoon one, *be our guest scene*

*You should own Disneyland but the name gets replaced by Raphaland*

I’ve never been to any Disney place...

do indonesian food pls!!

I know this is totally not related but are you from Ireland Because u sound Irish

I think he's Portuguese

This video brings back many Disney memories, both of parents worked and met each other at Disney so I used to go to Disneyland everyday. Untill we moved of course ❤

Did you just eat a hot dog with no condiments.... wtf

U should've gotten a turkey leg

So what?

That frappe is called a serious strawberry frappe, & it not only at Disney but everywhere & it’s soooo good ❤️

I love toy story

Did you happen to go on july 10th? 'cause I went that day and did not see you

Last time i went was when i was a baby

High school musical

ehem ehem ang cute niya ehem ehem

Man I haven’t been to Disney land in like 3 or 2 years I remember we got lemon flavored ice cream and it was sweet and only a bit sour

more videos with your sister


Are you family of selena gomes

DINAND 59 Selena gomez

Love your vids.❤❤❤❤❤

Raphael I've had a way bigger caramel apple in Las Vegas

Oh God I haven’t had a corn dog in years

I've been there when i was 3 and it was on my birthday and I live 20 hours away

DisneyLand is not the happiest or most magical place in the world Disney World is

Love this! You aren't the only one to take the breading off the corn dog! No worries :)

I love your videos so much!!!

I’m going to Disney in a few months!! :)

mishlopez lucky

Did you go to the Disney park in California or the one in Orlando Florida

Kevin Hernandez California

Kevin Hernandez I’m pretty sure he is in California cuz the one in Florida is Disney World

When I went to Disney in December my corn dog was pretty much the sausage covered in batter


Joseph_ Nguyen LMAO

This video was cool and all but you probably ruins the whole trip for you sister. Every time you put her on camera she looks like your trying to make her be on the camera

Hot dogs are NOT called SAUSAGES

Kellie Powers ... He is British they have different words


Please try Filipino foods for 24 hours WITH your sister PLEASEEE??

No shaqs house on the florida shore is the most expensive

Whe shoughldhuv thook hgai phgotho ghof thgis

Finding Nemo


That’s what I hate about some YouTube channels.I only say oh my gosh or oh my goodness

The Rice Krispies at Disney land are amazing!

you should try eating Dominican food for a day

My brother works at Disney and he hates it cause (in his words) “kids are so fu****g annoying” he says that because they little kids scream on the finding Nemo ride(he’s the submarine driver) but my brother just gets annoyed really easily

Lion King and princess and the frog.

I went to Disney too.

*this is healthy right?*

can you try Arabian food please Like if you want only

Favorite movie: beauty and the beast. Favorite ride at Disney is Indiana Jones!

No its a new strawberry frappucino witch is fkg yummy

I have too many favorite disney movies. Beauty and the beast, frozen, radio rebell...

Holly shnitzel... I'm just... I can't even... How is it flipping possible to be that amazing?

The Starbucks drink is a strawberry crepe frappe and it is in every Starbucks

Come here in hershey park pennsylvenia please


I love your videos

I went to Disney world in Florida and I enjoyed it so much

Go visit to the burger in real life

My fav food from Disneyland California adventure is flos fried chicken :3

I went to Disneyland the day after this ;-;

You ate Mini’s butt !!!!! Mickey is so going to get you!!!

Space mountain is the best ride

Chocolate is the best.....

That candy apple is literally my life

What Disney land is that??

Little mermaid


My favourite Disney movies are The Little Mermaid and live action Cinderella. Also do Marvel movies count as Disney? If so then The Avengers

You said you were too hungry to move places then you ate one slice of pizza and you are gonna go into a food coma

Omg he should totally do a video where he only eat foods from honey boo boo!!!

Only cause I have to tell you something

Never missed an upload. DM me in IG plz and thank you

Wo kommst du?

alice in wonderland....on shrooms


Ghazan Rafique best army


lol thought you were talking about BTS cos people say army to talk about BTS army, people don’t say BTS army.

And don't try an lie and say you wasn't talking about me because my notifis went off more because of your reply.

i wasn't hating so hush.ItzJustNick calls himself Trash 2 There is no hate in these comments/replies so stop trying to start shit and carry on with your life.

Toy story 3

One of the most common questions of channels of these kinds the ones that where people eat a lot but they are not fat *How Are You Not Fat*

EveryDayIsGay HAYNT the new "comment in every mukbang"


Hey!! I love your videos

how didn't you eat a churro?!?!??! like if you agree

all disney movie is memorable!

Diabetes you can go in his body it’s free

That's my favourite SB drink.

U are looking like mickey..damn cute


Please keep your blonde hair forever


I’m Hungry

I go to japan's disneyland and i eat turkey leg and drink buterbeer

Where is frappy

In this video,it seems that Raphael is always having trouble eating

All of the Toy Story 123

I’m so jealous of that apple I wish I could bite into that ....... brace problems

jessica morgan I feel you girll, I got braces too



I like before I watch your video

Me too

anyone else eating chilli during this video?


Toy story is the best movie EVER

Omg I was there the same day!!! If I knew you were there I would have said hi!!!!!

Your actually not the first person to take the bread off of a corn dog I always used too but i love if now !

Disney is so expensive, just food wise

I am fucking so in love with you I love your videos you are awesome

Lol, obsessed much

I love your vids

You had a caramel apple not a candy apple a candy apple is coated in sugar and a caramel apple is coated in caramel and sometimes chocolate

I wish I could afford to go to Disney Land ;-;

And my favorite Disney movie is WALL-E and the Incredibles both 1 and 2

Hehe u just see a teenagers walking around with Mickey mouse ears and carrying a video camera walking around Disneyland going into every food place just eating

When I went to Disneyland I ate 4 Mickey mouse pretzels.

Surprise Disney gave u Cavities for Beckfeast I also saw u at Disney

Toy story

This was posted on my birthday :)

Anita Ho happy birthday

Eating like Matilda the movie for 24 hours

Itati Obando haha he would have to eat a GIANT chocolate cake

Him trying to be friends with the duck is like me trying to find friends at a party

“It’s so hot...we’re all sweating *wearing long sleeve jacket*

It’s serious strawberry Starbucks drink

Can you do a filipino food for 24 hrs challenge?


I had adobo for dinner last night

Watching him eat a corn dog and hot dog without condiments was close to torture!! His poor, dry mouth

Your sister is so pretty and you should do more 24h food challenges cause when i wake up at night i wanna watch your 24h food challenges and you should do a "I only ate vegetables for 24h" because i want you to be healty but these vids make you eat soooooo much sugar so can you please do it? Its for that too that veggies are worth it they dont cost much :) i really care about you so please. Bye!

which disneyland did u go to???

Crafty Pikachu a

Kathleen Carroll ok thank you!!

It looks like Disneyland, which is in California. Disney World is in Florida, and speaking from experiance, it doesn't look like Disney World.

Dude American Dad Foods like in the morning the macaroni and egg omelette

i fullscreened for the fireworks and thats all i got?? what did your battery die? lol

Is it crisp or chips. Your confusing me Raphael

Only eat fast food items for 24 hours!

One like = prayer for his toilet

U act like eating a certain type of food for a day is so hard but u can go longer then a fuking day without eating food like holy shit ur mad annoying

S0G3 calm down

S0G3 you need to calm down dude. It may be hard for him. Like don't jump to conclusions


Please do I only eat South Park foods for 24 hours

Nope ive been tacking the pancake of the corn dog for tow yours

Holy snitzel!

the drink is strawberry cream :)

Lucky you

Talking about magical tho

This is my favourite video everrrr❤️❤️❤️

Tracy just come back so we can film

Obvoiusly Disneyland is expensive lmao

that chili bread look good ash

hi little ducky

Also I really like Atlantis the lost Empire

Also I like goofy movie and extremely goofy movie

All these foods looks so yummy

Ohh god you're so cute..!!!

my favorite movie from disney is Big hero 6

Haven't been to Disney Land but have been to Disney world

Rachelle Hamoton me 2

I love the movie Brave

My favorite Disney movie is descendants

I will go again

Only eat anime food

We should go on a cruise with my family. We're beautiful :) Please stop thinking.

Why didnt u get the apple cut?

Ewww Shorts

ChezzyFTW ?

My favorite is toy story and lilo and stitch

Go to seaworld!!!!!

Can you do I only ate universal studios for 24 hours

Toy story and Mulan !!!!

Did you go on splash mountain

Do a video of I ate WALL-E food for 1 hours WALL-E has only cup cake drink in the movie

can you do a 24 hours of eating food from hati or hation food pleeeeeaaaasssseee

Favourite Disney movie is the Jungle Book

I wish I could go to Disney but Donald Trump...

Zeba Khatun How?

My favourite Disney movie is brother bear and moana

You do realize that your killing Mickey and Minnie right??? Right...?


I only ate bad foods for every day

Only eat foods that are carnivorous for 24 hours

Did u change your shirt at the end? lol




Watch his video!

He moved.

Gina Lovegood oh ok ty x

sky xo California's

If it's bts army I'm in

Orin Marciano mukbang*

pirates of the Caribbean foods yes but what would the foods be?

I only went to disneyland once it was a dream come true i felt beutiful i felt magical i loved it and I'm gonna go another time!!!!!!

Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite movie ever!

Heey is it Disneyland PARIS ??

My favorite Disney movie is incredibles 2

my fave disney movie is Tangled!!!! :)

"was your hotdog tiny as well"


Shes the cutest

I have never met a person that has never been to Disney Land

Cinnamon Hart you met me now! I never been to disney land!

I've never been to any Disneyland I live in india

Cinnamon Hart I've never been un Disneyland Orlando, I've been in Disneyland Paris

I love going to Disney I’m there almost every Thursday and Sunday for fun and pins!!!

you have to be lying right?!

It's from pixar but at this point Disney owes Pixar so, my favorite Movie is Monsters, Inc

Safari Nacar I've never watched it but I heard it's cool

Majo Meseguer yup it was before tho it just reminded me whenever I see "Disney" it always reminding me of Jake paul

Safari Nacar the Disney Channel series?

Majo Meseguer do u knows bizardvark?

The little mermaid is my favorite Disney movie

In Australia we call it a hotdog dipped in batter

Plz do “I ate Australian foods for 24 hrs” ❤️

Why's you Starbucks name paul

Favorite Disney movie is Toy Story

Yooooo mine to

I was in Disney the same day

How is that a challenge

Princess and the frog and frozen

Princess and the frog


He says omg like 9999 times wtf

cars is the best disney movie i've seen

Peter pan and Descendants

Peter Pan!

Dude, you are so not the first person to eat the corn bread on a corn dog separately from the hotdog. I am 20 and I used to do that for many years in my childhood. Brings back memories. lol!!!

Moana is my favorite disney movie . I really liked you're video by the way. Subscribed!

Moana! ~

*eats candy apple smothered in chocolate and doused in sugar* “this is healthy, right?”

How dare you brake that precious baby cookie! xD, even though I never saw how big the cookie is... I'm so cringey, oml. :D

Is he German and spanish?


Egg sackington Europe

Finally someone who knows the meaning of 24 hours

lilo and stitch is the best movie ever I don't care what people say it is

Raphael eat mcdonalds foods for 24 Hours

I don’t like that pizza planet pizza, and Pixar pier next to Goofy‘s sky school there’s this Mexican place and right next to it it’s an Italian place called Boardwalk Pizza is bomb. And it’s my opinion it is better than dominoes, shaky, Little Caesars, Alfredo’s and more. I really suggest boardwalk pizza. FYI I went there today July 18, 2018


Not hating but this challenge wasn’t very hard to do, if u r at Disney u have to do this challenge but no effort gang

I´ve always wanted to try a Corndog but I don´t think we have it here in Germany? I don´t know

Stop saying “this is everything” you say it all the time

Lark The Unicorn don’t watch him then

@ Anne Baker then don’t watch him that easy


It is annoying I agree..


every time you mean something OMG THIS IS SOOOOO SWEET AND I MEAN IT that is achauly what you do lol

forgive me about spelling errors

He says oh my god to every thing

Monsters Inc and university

Did you know the Skelton,s on the pirets of the Caribbean ried are reall

*ride (sorry this triggered me as it is not a fact besides the one that is on the bed a therefore I had to correct you)

They used to be, Only one is real now, Its on the bed

If you ever get to go again definitly try the dole whip in adventureland and I highly recommend the Turkey sandwich at the bakery cafe in California adventure down to the side of the pier. Those are both of my favorite foods there.

Rest in peace micky

There is SOO many places to get food in Disney! You didn’t even eat at the best places! Of course some of the best foods are the MOST expensive. In my opinion, California adventure (the second Disney park there)’s food is WAYYY BETTER.

FostersSaveLives ,

fav disney

trash williams ❤️

I want there too

"Tracey just come back so we can film" lololol

Mulan and Andi Mack and Suite Life of Zack and Cody:on deck

Ellen Musk

The Toy story movies

okay this is insane, i thought you had stopped making videos, BUT YOUTUBE HAD UNSUBBED ME WITH MY CONSENT WTF

That awkward realization when your the only one who hasn’t been to Disney Land

Briseyda Azevedo I’ve never been on any vacation at all, let alone Disney

My favourite Disney movie is pirates of the caribbean


"it's so hot outside the cheese actually melted" lol no the cheese melted because the chili itself is hot.... 

I’m so fortune to go to Disneyland twice as a kid

I'm glad you and our sister enjoyed Disneyland

My favourite Disney movies are Hercules and The Nightmare Before Christmas (I think Disney owns it...right?)

I like ur smile

Tracy just come back so we can film Me: LOL! Plz heart this ❤️


You could go to universal studios and eat harry potter foods for a day

Which Disneyland Florida of California?

RaidMaster Lol Stop Reading this Lmao it’s Cali Disney


I’m hungry now

Disney use to be SO MUCH CHEAPER ... It frustrates me how much they've risen the price for food..


My favorite Disney movie is Tangled and UP!

It’s funny because I ate at the same place for my lunch at Disney too and I saw the ducks

I haven’t been to Disney either



Star wars is my favorite fictional movie


IKR he eats so much

I can't pick a favorite Disney movie I love them all

So you basically had a normal day at Disney


Your sister is so cute and gorgeous, I'm happy to see also her in your videos! And this was an amazing video, I dream to take my little sister too to Disneyland one day

i was just at disneyland a week ago, lmao.

Disney is promoting diabetes?

My little brother calls donuts Diabetes,and he doesn't even know what it means..lmao

Mulan is my favorite

U should try a calorie challenge

One of my favorite Disney movies is ratatouille

Universal foods for 24 hours pls

Do universal next

I LOVE Disney! I'm really glad you got to go! ❤️

WOAH is that you I thought you had a brother and that was him lol

Mine is Rec it Ralph

I give you all my youtube love to you but in a good way

And now you have diabetes.

Maxwell Mical

We went to disny world for a whole week and are going back maybe in 2020

Wig officially SNATCHED



You look so young but your actually 26


Wow. What a challenge. Go to Disneyland and eat the food there.... like you wouldn’t eat food there if you went on holiday there

Ghazan Rafique No wonder its called trash XD

Ghazan Rafique have you seen the show where they play lilo and stitch and stitch runs over top of your head

Ghazan Rafique w

God take meh in there amen XD btw I love your videos!

I love your videos!!!!!!!!!! God take me there amen XD......

I love your videos!!!

I'm so jealous right now.....i want too eat free food cuz "FREE FOOD IS LIFE!"

if u didnt say "incredible" atleast 2000 times,im really shocked.lmao

Bruh I was dying these things look soooo good

I never had 24 hours in Disney land but I have eat lunch there like chicken tenders

I enjoyed the vid

This video is totally "DAEBAK"

Holy schnitzel

I like ur kind of breakfast..at least the Apple makes it nutritious..lol

the little mermaid & adlain top disney favs

Lelo and Stich and Coco

I can watch this trash but not the one in the garbage. (p.s he calls himself trash so no hate but love his vids)

I haven't been to Disneyland either bc I am in a family of six me being the youngest and it is very expensive do I haven't gone yet

same I'm the youngest of my family of 6

i love that you consider cookies and candied apples as breakfast food lol

My favorite Disney/Pixar movie is toy story

“ellen” musk

Sooo swe3t : takes another sip

That toy story alien reminds me of Logan Paul's trip to Japan

Raphael: Oh no I'm not nervous I'm totally fine *people screaming* O_O help lol

I was literally there a day before our friendly local trash can


his personality is as bland as cardboard but I can’t stop myself from watching his videos


Bruhh am soo mad becouse i was in Disney like 4 days ago and i dint see rapha

my favorite part was when he went when someone snatches your weave i started dying

You should do a 24 hour hotel Transylvania like if you agree

Jelly Elle yessss

Raphael: It's *chilli* Raphael 2 minutes later: It's so hot outside the cheese *melted*! Me: *Face palms*

Demigod_official its a food a chili is a food!!!

I remove the batter from the corn dog because I don’t like the batter

When I went on the space ride I didn’t know it was a ride so I had a panic attack

He probably spent like at least over a hundred dollars just in Disney food.

Robert The 3rd obiviously

Is BFG a Disney movie if so then that or Pete's dragon

Raphael Gomes makes my day when I'm so sad or mad

My janitor gave me that rice crispy mouse as a thanks for helping her all year. I want to go to Disney land so bad.


they have literally the same eyes

and nose....

Does Starbucks drink is not an exclusive Mickey Mouse strawberry drink it every where ok and the name of it is serious strawberry

The drink is a serious strawberry frappuchino

*"Was your hotdog small aswell?"*

"This is healthy right?" *eats a giant chocalate apple* Me: "There is litterly like 3 pounds of chocalate on that apple"

i laughed so hard when they all shouted at the ride *AAAaAaA*

How to get diabetes 101:

Kenji 249 hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Diabetes ain't funny people suffer u jerk bit yea ur funny


I've been to Disney world and it's bigger than disney land.


Kawaii Universe because it's a resort

Kawaii Universe I wonder why...

How can I just choose just one !!! But my fav is tangled

In England you don't traditionally put the chocolate over the caramel apple. We have like a reddish,hard coasting on an apple and that's it

Jett Maguffin I know but he wasn't in England!!

That’s a candy apple here

nerdgirl22 j hes from england...

Yeah that's the same in Australia it's toffee over the Apple and its super sweet

That stuff looks soooo good especially since I'm starving I'm getting hungrier every second I watch this

Disney is expensive

where are the turkey legs, dole whip, beignets!! Mickey pretzel!! Funnel cake, fried pickles... Starbucks for breakfast?! Really!!?


Disneyland foods are AMAZING

sourqueen 95 ikr

“Tracy come back so we can film”

Big Hero 6 is my favorite Disney movie!

Bruh right when he said “don’t leave the video just yet” I clicked off. Whoops

did your sister eat at all

At the start of the vid for brreakfast Me:WHY TF R U EATING URSELF XD

I am truly trash, I think that cheap stuff tastes better than expensive and like gas stations food tastes better than homemade and etc...

You made me sooooo hungry in a good way

You and your sister have the exact same eyes!!! You guys look so much alike!!!!

:b I’m hungry! Gosh Raphael why did u get the most delicious things!

FYI if you ever go to a Disney park again: you can ask the shop to cut your candied/caramel apples for you. I can understand that you wanted to show it off as a whole first. =)

ITS 12 HOURS NOT 24 *face palm* everyone clickbaitin’ these days ugh

icønìc cc basically 24 because Disneyland closes down at 12 :p but I get what your saying

I wish I looked like you Raphael!!! D:

OMG YESS! Please eat Pirates of the Carobbean food for a day☠️❤️❤️ I love that movie. The videó is so soo good OMG

Disney land food is so expensive


Ooh i Like iT but i realy Like it

No Disney world is more expensive

monster kidslayer yep. I've been there when I was 9

Love your videos

Disneyland! A parents bank account nightmare

raphael when he eats something; mhmmomagah... Next bite. MMMomagah >>> Next bite ohhmagahd this is so good

Lilo and stitch!!!

On the pirates of the Caribbean ride my family and i were on it and one boat got jammed so when ours can we hit their boat thing. It was really scary

Rachel Fulford that’s normal. The boats have bumpers. It’s to pace the boats

Shunquala Rodgers well toy story and Disney worked together and so.....u kinda wrong not to be rude

if i was in the trash army.... but im a picky eater. ;w; I don't want to be a picky eater ;w;

Ghazan Rafique nah

Bts army** -.-

You mean Bts Army** -.-

Noukey wut?

I love his hair

The parent trap

i love your video but you know that it is expensive then why did you go there

what time does the night parade and fireworks start???

Are you bluepandas brother Even tho he have none lol

the jungle book i luv your hair and beauty effects

Now do a video recreating these foods?

The Jungle Book is my favourite Disney movie! Like this if your the same

On every thing he eats oh meh goood


U love food so much don’t you

FBG-NICK lol Eugenia Cooney

Rosie gamer girl Lol who doesn't?

I love The Three Caballeros

My favorite right now is incredible 2

My favorite movie is wizard of the wavely place and show zack and cody

Tangled, princess and the frog, Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, sleeping beauty,mulan

in some vids i notice u have a camera man/woman is it ur sister?

Divine Gaming yeah thats his sister

When it has so much sugar its soo much sugar raphael gomes 2018

The best places to actually eat is mostly at California Adventure.

Did anyone realise he changed shirts!?


Lol he said he was going to take a small bite of his sisters snack? He ate so much of it!

Sleeping beauty

he did

do u ware makeuo

Did anyone relies he changed shirts or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Omg I came back from Disney yesterday


I haven't been to Disneyland in so long

I’ve never been to Disney land tooo :c

Fox Lady *either

Y are they no like on the comments

When he said that it was so hot that the cheese melted. No it melted because the chili was hot lol

I like the caramel frappe and the vanilla bean frappe from Starbucks and like 1 more

I have went to Disneyland like a year ago when I was in 5th grade for the last day of school I went to Disneyland I'm about to be in 7th grade now

your sister is so cute ¡!

Mulan and Tarzan are hands down my favourite Disney movies! And Pocahontas for the amazing soundtrack!

**When someone snatches your wig** Lol that was so funny.

that drink is the serious strawberry frappuccino! it isn't exclusive to disneyland :)

I don't like Disneyland, I like Disneyworld way better. ;)

Im so triggered over how he ate the corn dog

I live near Disneyland I always go and you can tell from my profile pic

I’d be broke

Lilo and stitch

The bananas dipped in chocolate are the best

omg delicious

You should do “ I ate only military foods for a day”

U lakke ffahhoy

I was at Disney land with him oml

the corndogs are the beeessssttttt

Jennifer Robertson what

Jaiden Gamer what


disneyworld and universal

Once I was trying to find the pumba parking and a worker lied to me that there was no busses going so we would have to walk... got lost till 3 am and had to give Disney security the license plate and the car then they took me and my friends. I at least got free candy

You should try Turkısh foods and dessert ! I promise you love everything! Goodbye❤️

do i "i ate only healthy foods for 24 hours" like if you agree not sence i am begging for likesbut so he can see this comment

i ama vegetarian so i cant eat the pizza sence it has meat and cheeese

Do you mean vegan

junior bailey cheese is vegetarian

Andi Mack

Do undertake next!!!!



13 and have never been to Disneyland...I understand your dream

“This is healthy right? I mean it’s an apple?” Lol me on a cheat day

I'm going this week

Or 24 hour military food for a day lol idk

Soooooo cute!


How have you never been in 13 and live in the uk and have been to Disney world Florida 3 times and Disney land Paris 2 times and I’m going to Disney land California next year it’s the best thing in the world x

Hemie Parkerpayne you should come it’s awesome

Ok but this isn’t 24 hours. Man I’m tired of clickbait. It makes me not want to watch you

I have chili in a bowl at school lol

"look at this little ducky here, hey little ducky" hahahah

I think for me The Lion King or Brother Bear are my favourite animated films!

Any of them

You know what they say an apple a day ceps the doctor away But this gives you the denist insted

Zivka1234567 lol when you I read this he said incredible lol

Caroline Driggers yas lol

Eduard Serquina Good for you

I don’t think Disneyland opens for 24 hours

snow white

Which disneyland

only eat universal studio food

*Magically Expensive*

Peterpan is my favorite


and you missed the turkey leg! it's totally awesome

What is an apkle

I got a cavity just by watching this video.

my favourite disney movie is monsters inc

Who else watches these videos at night time and then gets really hungry?

Have u got a accent ?????? Plz answer back

Pastel Blue Panda MSP And?? What’s your point??

Well he doesn’t sound British

Śkööter Bröś Wtf is a accsent?????? He doesn’t even remotely sound like he has an American ACCENT hun.

The best *_-E-_* He sounds American ✌

Śkööter Bröś he’s British

What is a smarshmellow

My favorite Disney movie is toy story

My mouth is watering

I wish i can eat that!

I have been 2 Disney but I didn't get 2 eat that good food

I love all of the Disney movies new and old

Lilo and Stitch

my fav disney movie is pocohontas and sleeping beauty

The creator of Disney never got to see Disney land open

"The happiest place on earth have become a whole lot trashier" anybody remember his post

Did his sister even eat anything or did Raphael just eat it all!!!

Is this Disneyland in Paris

Toy storys a fav

He said it's so hot outside that the cheese actually melted logically isn't the chili hot LOL!

I really don't understand you you kept saying you and your sister will share everything yet when you got stuff you ate 3/4 of it like damn

i never been to disney land but i always go to disney world

Leafeon: The best Eeveelution same

that mickey mouse rice crispy looked like diabiteis

I’ve never been to any Disney related place and I’m turning 11 In 6 days

Disney food is gross and expensive lol

Abigail Rose Vlogs keep ur opinion to urself.

I wish i could be your friend ❤

Parent : do you want to go To Disneyland ? Child : yes Parent : me to kido

dude wet n wild is like only like 100$ for season pass and parking is 20 like dude dang thats so cool.

My favorite disney movie is Beauty and the Beast

You should do recreating Disney foods

I remember I was feeding the duckies and everybody started yelling for no reason. like dang he looks hungry I’m trying to be nice. Thank me

My favorite movie is. Toy story

i was there once the food was good!

Where you in the Disneyland in Florida or in Paris?

Los Angles, California


Anya Mohiden he’s in California at the beginning of the video he says he’s going to Disneyland in that’s in California Disney world is Florida

Apple 2 Ok thanks

Isis Galindo what do you mean it’s super fun

Where is disnyland located?

DRAGON BALL SUPER Florida California Paris and Tokyo

Why am I watching your food challenges I’m so hungry but I’m at my grandparents house and they speak polish and I don’t but I’m here by myself and I don’t have connection for google translate

“jestem głodny” means “I’m hungry”, it is pronounced “jestem goldene” (I think)

Er.....U managed to comment but Google translate won't work?

Wait so how much did he pay for all of that???

He takes such big bites lol

The Little Mermaid is my fave Disney movie.

You should've tried the turkey leg, it's delicious

I have be to Disney World it was amazing

I so wanna try that alien or am I the only 1

Movie moana show andi mack

Favorite Disney movie is definitely Frozen.

Is mulan

Your sooo cute!!!

He can be so humble why are ppl so mean

Serious strawberry frap?

you shouldv'e went on mount everst

Oh no its at Disney world not Disney land I get mixed up a lot

There's no Mount Everest at Disneyland do u mean Matterhorn???

Bruh him with blonde hair! He looks just like Justin Bieber now

the most expensive vacation EVER

NarwhalxCookies i loooooooove your pfp

Diabetes right there

ur annoying

Barisha Ali then don’t watch his content

Barisha Ali hey he is cool!!!

I love these 24 hours only eating *insert name here* food

My favorite Disney movie is meet the robinsons and wreck it Ralph

Your in Orlando so am i

Who is paul

Stop clickbaiting you ate food for breakfast lunch and dinner that's just an hour

Franky And it's not me

The360ProOfDoom someone's jealous

Great....I'm soooo hungry now. I need a snickers

Oh my god

I recommend trying the mac and cheese cone

do you live in the US now or are you on holiday/vacation?

isn’t that the pinkity drinkity


I think we eat Disneyland 24hours all the time so this video is not really exciting

I meant to put food in there

I Love fruit but not sweet

You Look Like Justin Bieber.

ItzChase Playz nah don't really see it

that caramel apple would be the only way you could get me to eat fruit

take a shot everytime he says “omg” when he eats and you’ll die from alcohol poisoning hahah

What a coincidence,I'm going to Disneyland in November! I litally love Disney I'm the biggest fan ❤ So excited and it is really expensive!

same I've never been to Disneyland, but I have gone to Disney world 3 times

Disneyland is in Anaheim, California that's is about an hour away from Los Angeles California

Kat Gene. I agree with you

„You have 24 hours to live“ Me:



You look like Justin bieber

Muhammad Khan The 99 cents version

We Bare BEARS & the amazing world of GUMBALL is the best

How do you go to Disney and not eat a turkey leg

I can't wait to ride the increditcoaster

I'm going to a disney land hotel on August 20 and until 2 August 21

I could live for a whole month with my family just with the money you have spent there... LOL

Wow!! Nice talking to you

Well, kinda fluent but it’s hard to pronounce long Arabic words but I can speak Arabic it was very nice to talk to you!

good for you =), so you are fluent? or not yet?

Cool, I am currently living in the UAE and I would love to visit Florid... Tallahassee, Miami and Orlando, I love Orlando

So I learned arabic

Actually no I’m from Florida but I lived in UAE for a year

+Squashy Gamer XD yes I am :) How about you

حبوب الحبوب عربي؟

It's Disney Land.. Why do you want to eat healthy food???

I ate lunch in Tomorrow Land right by the BuzzLightYear Blaster ride

I can’t wait to go back to Disneyland in October this year I really want to try the chili it looks sooo good!

never been to disneyland

Omg you were soo close to where I live ugh I wish I would’ve met you

My favorite disney movies are brave, pocahontas, mulan & Hercules

Did any one know that Disneyland use real human sketon bone on the pirate of the carbean

Tre Davis sad

Not anymore

I have been to Disneyland once... It was fun

More like: “I ate only DISNEYLAND food and had fun for 24 hours”

the little mermaid and winnie the pooh

Space moutain is the best

I absolutely love your excitement about going for the first time! I absolutely feel you on that. I’ve never been either and I dream to go to Disney land & world. Hoping one day I can! I would be just as excited. Subscribed!

Woah woah woah Raphael boi let me guess which Dinseyland you went to : Disneyland Resort Anaheim /Santa Ana Ca

Constant smile I go to that Disneyland

The duck might give you luck (bonusduck)


Toy story is my favorite movie

When i w3nt for my birthday because my dad also got like the bread and the the chili but some of the bread was sour ans tge reat was noy

My favorite movie from Disney is the lightning thief

Suck the balls on mickey mouse

Favorite Disney Movie: Aladdin Favorite Disney game: Epic Mickey Favorite Disney Show: Gargoyles

Me to

"This is healthy, right?" Famous last words.

Anaheim California

California, Paris, and Tokyo, and Hong Kong. Florida has disney world

They are in California Paris Tokyo and Hong Kong and Disney worlds in Florida you uncultured swines


Maria Widdows Florida is Disney world not land

I would love to go to Disney land just for a day


3nity none of your business

3nity he's rich sooooo a lot

guadalupe hernandez I love turkey legs they are soooooooo good I eat them at fairs

Good job my friends XD

But- he didn't anything else for the 24 hours, einstein.

Read the comment bro that's the reason

The360ProOfDoom H- How is he clickbaiting?? Like tf

I already did

The360ProOfDoom u tell yourself that

Yeah but he woke up at 6 am and he only ate those foods until he woke up the next day at 6 am.

It's a Portuguese accent.

Cooper Howe Yes he did. There’s plenty of videos showing Walt there on opening day giving a speech to welcome everyone. He did die before The Pirates of the Caribbean was finished though. Disneyland opened in 1955 and Walt Disney died in 1966.

Abdelrahman Mostafa He said they shared everything

Jao bro It’s in Anaheim California

Abigail Rose Vlogs It really depends on where you eat. I have an annual pass so I’m there a lot. There are some food items that aren’t that great, but there’s also a lot that’s really good. The prices can be pretty high, but you can get some really good deals too. Some places have very large portions so you can actually share with someone. The Plaza Inn is a great place to split a meal with someone. If you like fried chicken,definitely go there. It’s so good! It takes a little research, but do it before your next trip and you can find some really good places to eat at that won’t cost you a fortune.

My sister has been taking the cornbread of of her corn dog long before this video

He always says omg when eating


Eat tacobell for a day and McDonald’s and KFC

I want to go to Disneyland so so badly

Those mickey ears look cool on u

He's so cute

Kronk’s New Groove

You should have tried the big turkey leg

You've gotta dip the corndog in mustard and ketchup!!!!

I am shook

The beginning of the video, the background looked like he was in Disneyland.

could u please stop saying oh my god every bite

I went to Tokyo Disneyland

“When someone snatches your wig” That’s when bts mv choreo and the vocals and visual snatches my wig

Hahaha “me when I skip lunch”

On July 14 it was my b day and I wanted to go their

Dora Sánchez happy birthday for July 14. You'll go one day.

Noooo you forgot to bring me you said US YOU LEFT ME BEHIND BEHIND

Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty,and Ariel are my favorite movies I don't watch Disney anymore but I like all the original princesses

I tried the deep fried corn dog but I really don’t like it it taste like soap

CyFi Fam I wanna try any corn dog

I know how you feel I’ve never be ether

Im 8 and i wint 3 times

tover luis cool

My favorite Disney movies are Zootopia, Emperor’s New Groove, and The Princess and the Frog. OwO

500 Niles mine are actually two of those! Zootopia, Princess and the frog and Moana

dude you eat a lot of pizza in your videos. it must be your favorite food. It's mine too

You should eat food from the Disney movie Brave

My FAV Mulan

i love eating candy apples all sorts of candy dots all that candy you can maginze


The Laura Channel just stfu

Space Mountain I want to write 500 million times my parents hate that sold my brother but I loved it when I was in Orlando I love it

On of the places you went I do to

U went on thunder mountain I think

I loved the Pirates of the Caribbean and I was there

your sis is so cute (im a girl)

I went to your Instagram and there was no pictures of the food there :/

The beauty and the beast is my fav Disney movie

I have never seen someone eat a corndog like that

Um all his videos are food related

Raphael! You made me so hungry just watching this!

*BREATHES* “OMG, this was literally the best air i’ve breathed”

Love that he refers to a caramel apple as breakfast.

I just went to Disneyworld and it was $7 for a ice cream cone

*I* *C* *O* *N* *I* *C*

Well my sister went to Disney land but I never went cuz well $h!+

I never saw someone's facial hair grow in a video before. 5 o'clock shadow is real. So cute.

Tre Davis they still do because I work at Disneyland and I know

They still use the skull

Inessa Branan I can say turkey leg is one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten

But- he didn't eat anything else for the 24 hours, einstein.

Ghazan Rafique l0 lm"

My favorite Disney movie is probably beauty and the beast.

I love your hair color ! It suits you very well ❤

You look like a human version of Shrek

How does he eat so much food and not get fat?????

Well he eat healthy things also.

Avenger infinity war is the best

All thing that you like to eat I like to eat trash team

Avengers infinity war

Try to find one of his videos where he doesn’t say “Oh my god”

greyfriars bobby

Great video

My favorite Disney movie is Avengers Infinity War

Disney makes the best rated R movies

Tean titens

i am still wondering where is the breakfast when you said you had a snack

Do a lady and the tramp only foods

My favourite Disney movie is beauty and the beast

omg u always make me hungry LOVE YOU BOO XX\

You ate most of your sister's food and she let you have the first bite, she must love you

“Oh my god” count - IIIII IIIII IIII (14)

3 likes pls

Take a shot everytime ralph says oh my god

My all time favourite Disney movies are hurcules and beauty and the beast

Its so happy! Looks at top 10 s Nevermind

Alice in Wonderland! ♥️♣️


My favourite Disney lovey is moana

Pizza Planet was mad in Disney for Pixar Fest. So it won’t be around much longer

How was your shit the next day?

***don't you mean...how was it at the park

K Jade magical

My favorite Disney movie is Tangled

My favorite Disney movies are Frozen, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast... I have soooo many

Is it in Paris or Tokyo or whatever... cuuuzzzz... I WANT TO GET THERE!!!!!

It's in California

Sunshine Sky smh I can’t lol ...

I just said that

Disneyland is in California Disney world in Florida

Syrai Manimoi, the original Disneyland is in Anaheim, California, Walt Disney World is in Miami, Florida.

Angelina MSP it is in Miami


i was there a few days after now i am back home in Saudi Arabia

Morfa Vlogs yep

Me And My pug I did to

I think its called the strawberry and cream frappe

my favorite disney movie is moana

lol Disneyland ain't that expensive compared to other theme or amusement parks. I am an annual pass holder so I would know XD.

Like anyone from Disneyland... umm

I do that all the time with my corn dog

how can you live off a few cookies a bag of chips a corn dog a pizza and a hotdog in a day, I can eat that all for lunch and still be hungry

You should have tried the turkey leg, it’s HUGE!! It’s the best!

My favorite Disney movie is probably Alice in Wonderland

He should have gotten the dole whip

I think he is hot

bailei Brown I know he’s dreamy handsome cute and manly! This is me right now

All those foods look so delicious

You should do universal studios 24 hour challenge!

I'm not one to cry easily and Coco did it several times and does it every time I watch it even if I watch them more than once a day

Coco is not only the best Disney nor the best Pixar but the best movie I've ever seen in my life!

My parents and I will go to Disneyland but I need to train well first my dog Parker cause he's kind of not well educated, and he needs to stay home with the dog sitter.

What color is your hair in this??

Beauty and the beast

*He said OMG like around 50 times LMAO*


Forever sad because I can't afford to go there :( the food there looks so good

Raphael do a video about eating vegetables  24 hrs lmaoooo I dare you!

just like every other person who stays at disneyland overnight

Do I eat vegetables for 24hrs or cheese

Is raphael Gòmez rich but cheap or just poor?? He has more than 1 million subscribers how isnt he rich??

Is raf

O my God

disney mickey mouse club house show

nice food eat good

Lol everything u eat is "Soo good"


I love his savage deadpan humor

I went to Disney World for a WEEK and ate ONLY disney food. hmmmm

Omg he went on space mountain thats like my favorite ride ever at disney

Where the turkey leg at?

and you look like Shreks foot!

im confuse.

Ghazan Rafique Nl , The

I think a great 24h food I die would be recket Ralph please do it or amazing world of gumball thanks

I do the same thing I take the cornbread separated from the hot dog

This video is probably the cutest one you've done

My favourite disney movie is Tangled

Favorite Disney movie of all time would be The Little Mermaid because I used to watch it every single day as a child however I love all the newer movies as well, who doesn’t love Disney? ❤️

Do 24 eating only dessert

I wish I ate all that

Kid: oh look it's Raphael Gomez Raphael: Hello kid Kid: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Did you notice that it was written Paul on the Starbucks cup

sparkle sisters ya I did☺️

I can hear the disney sounds in the background and I really miss disney


Honestly I’ve watched this video 15 times, 1 because I watch all his videos that much and 2 because I hope it makes him more money so he will keep making videos

my favorite disney movie is ALADDIN

i wanna go through the screen and give you a big hug


this is the first video im watching from you and i wanted to say keep up the AMAZING work

Not healthy Disneyland

Matthew Zou there are healthy options

The Minnie mouse apple looked so good !

Y do u look like Tom Daley?

Snow white

as a cast member this is my life story

You guys are great! Love your videos

U now have diabetes

"This is healthy right?" Me when eating a burger or KFC

Why is your middle name called trash

Ellpineapple The watermelon same lol

Sydney Slime DIY IKR

So much sugar

When i went i ate alot of sweets i ate the rice krispy and my mom got the apple we also went to the place with the corndog and the bread soup i liked the corndogs bc it was so crispy and well cooked it was a yes plus we were at the disney shoe and fireworks and i loved the pirates of the carribain ride there was 2 drops it was acutally fun my most favorite was riding the cars we meet chewbacca(omg i love him) and some troopers it was the best experience i cried bc i havent been in 7 years it was the best

Well if you are in America you get to put the topping on yourself. So there is usually a stash of ketchup or tomato sauce in the restaurant. Or you could just ask.

Disney World is better but Disney Land still looks great.

Clara Bunny whats the difference?

Witch Disney did you go to? Disney Paris?

I bet he became broke because of this video.

amd Disney world is expensive

maby he did cause that looks cheap and expensive


the candy apple looks soooooo amazing

i have been to Disney and it was awsome have you guys been

Did you know that Uber is illegal?

I didn't know that good to know

The strawberry drink is a limited edition frap at every American Starbucks

Alice in Wonderland

I love high school musical

Literally people be getting diabetes at Disneyland. Not so magical anymore.

Love you hair

the incdibls 1 2

coolgamer boy wut?

Why you say mm mmm is good yeah good you can not even enjoy and do not always eat

Ziovii why is eating ever mmm is good mmm good

I Lost Brain Cells Trying to Read your Sentence.

Alisha Bain amazin world of gumball soooo cool series omg

Matthew Zou most fast food is that way in our outside of disneyland.

But there is more unhealthy food

Billy Frenchbread

Right when you bit into the corndog my phone said low battery

The challenge is what you normally do at Disney land


More chocolate then cookie?? are your eyes working right... the chocolate is the dark part lol

Pizza planet needs to be like Pizza Planet in the movies... with the CLAAAWWW

the little mermaid and beauty and the beast !!

Aladdin is the best Disney movie by far

Boi dawg lookin like a cat on steroids after getting drunk in the trash can wtf that was me typing random crap with autocorrect

no hate how Can you not be fat

hacker gaming that’s an unnecessary comment.

My favorite disney movies are the lion king, the little mermaide

Honestly, this is just a Disney mukbang

My favorite Disney movie is moana lol I'm basic

You really like hot dogs

You’re such a nice eater!

I feel like a child is gonna come scream at me , like I get that enough from my comments on my vids. Throw that shade !!

Well... Enjoy diabetes!

I'm going to Disney land right now

“if my sister lets me eat it “ *eats the whole thing*

o wow..i really appreciate ur devotion for the videos u make...u r awsm...u did all those expenses for us ...u sure deserve a lot more in ur life...god bless u..loads of luv from india...keep it up...

Dude just ate so much of his sisters food .. lol

Once upon a time. Xxx

1. You do not make any sense 2. You are rude 3.if he wants to eat let him be !

that person is me

his teeth are going to be great after this

this is way to much sugar i felt sick while watching him eat it

like seriously every fricken bite omg omg just shut up and re watch your video and u will see why its so fricken annoying

Shabiha Waseem whoa chill my mans

My fav Disney movie is Peter Pan

He must got good teeth to eat the candy apple

my favorite disney movie is mulan hands down

yea you went to star bucks for breakfast it isnt just like it it is it and the pizza and stuff you got is for the pixar feast event it a limted time thing

Am I the only 1 wondering why isn’t he fat yet?

Jasmine Shanel Tf is you talking about i only got the funniest playlists you fucking stalker. Going through my shit. Weirdo


Lauren Burden and Ik u can’t be talkin wit ya playlist

Lauren Burden run me my fade Hoe

Jasmine Shanel Not everybody gets fat from eating food. Dumbass

You look like Justin Bieber!

A caramel apple and a candy apple are different.

Your sister is super cute

I went to Splash Mountain and Space Adventure.

Wow I'm so late anyone else late too?

You HAVE TO try the turkey drumstick at Disneyland. They are so big and delicious

I love Disneyland so much! The next time I go to Disneyland, i'll go visit the disney starbucks and try all those delicious treats.

as a true disneyland fan I wish I could've shown you my favorite and most popular disney foods

An expensive, magical place. Damn right

ellen musk

ThePurplenvy I love turkey legs from the fair I can’t imagine how good they must be from Disneyland.

Mr Meaty I was just touching my auto correct board

Lucas wtf are you talking about

Uncel Boobs You're CREPPY! P.S. Unusual profile name.

Angie Elizabeth Jaramillo thank you

Lily Faith Unique he went to California adventures

sparkle sisters yes that was weird

bailei Brown Ikr he is so hot

in the subtitles when he says that his sister is going to try the cookie instead of cookie it becomes cocaine

We went down to Florida and the morning of our trip to Disneyworld we didn't plan anything. So we went straight there and looked for places to eat at for breakfast. All the lines were packed so we settled for a hot-dog place. A regular hotdog was 10 dollars. REGULAR, SIZED HOTDOG WAS 10 DOLLARS.

When your mom wants you to eat healthy Mom: What are you having for lunch? Me: An Apple Mom: Can I see it? Me: Sends picture of candy Apple Mom:

"This is still like a breakfast food" *buys 2 cookies and a candy apple*

This is the one from Anaheim yes? I recognize stores but I’m still not sure

In germany i eat a pizza with on the top pasta bolognaise that was m'y favorite food and i eat a corny thats likes a sausage of chiken and thats was fried please try it

If he didn't bite the ear of the Minnie mouse apple I would have found a way to poison his food.

Disneyland foods are all sugar!!!

I'm literally watching people eat food

the princess and the frog, and you can try the beignet honey doughnuts tiana makes in the movie!

The best and worst channel because i want that food

Frozen. Yes, I know I'm weird


my favorite movie is duck tale

One of those biscuits would be a big treat.

I'm so unlucky

“This is healthy, right?”

Where is this park?????


looks tasty



Lucas I was about to say

Clara Bunny oh ok

Elyroubin Disney World is larger and has more fun rides and sections.

how do you stay skinny :|

i love all disney movies

Lion king, Moana, and Brave

Oh the cavities


I also hate orange juice

umm.... my fav movie is all the toy storys

Ice cream sandwich from steven universe


toy Story the cowgirl jesse I named my cat after her

I always ask my mom for a camera to vlog more but she keeps saying (we'll see)

"When somone snashes youre wig" lol

Did you say 'holy schnitzel'? xD

Descendants 2

Justin Bieber is it you?

Daniel Halliday I’m watching people eating food while eating food.

Jennifer and Stories it's in california.

Hes colorblind

wow nice~! and u r lucky.

Imagining the people staring at you. Get a lifeeee

I really want to see him livestream 24 hours of him doing this

Awee ur sisters is so pretty

Disney land or world

*Sees Raphael breaks the cookie* *Child noises*

You got no friends and me

Harry Potter world next?

Cool vid


Wow they marked up everything by 4-5x and nobody bats an eye.

Poor Mickey you snatched his weave

Your Lucky To Go To Disneyland Hope You Have A Good Time!



im sorry internet


I saw you at Disneyland

i like NONE OF THEM they are all just gonna have a happy ending anyway so who cares

I never ever went to Disney Land or traveled and rarely watch Disney shows and movies

Rulz4ever lmao

Yes it is.

Did you mean: bolognese

Dude it's a vlog not asmr

Ghazan Rafique oh yeah

My Fav Movie Is Toy Story


Aww u were hereeee

I remember one time I went to Disneyland and I was going to go on Space Mountain, but I was just coughing all day, the line was too long and I didn’t want to be in line coughing all the time. It sucked and that was the ride I really wanted to go on. Also whenever I go to places like Universal Studios, Disneyland or Seaworld with my family, we always just take our own food and snacks to save money.

This made me hungry

People who spend a day in Disneyland do the same thing

Man your luck

I’ve also never been to Disneyland before.

My favorite Disney movie is Mulan

How much did he spent in the all the food ?


Hi Hi I do to but not on pizza

B-but I love pickles

Other news