i saw BTS and had the best weekend of my life | speak yourself tour concert experience + LA vlog

i saw BTS and had the best weekend of my life | speak yourself tour concert experience + LA vlog

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Today. Is, the, day folks I have to get ready now my friend is coming to, pick me up I need to see my reflection hello, it's. 5:40. And, and, I'm, so cold, and tired also this is the reality of my skin, college, does things to you by the way I didn't actually mention what, this video is about I'm going to the BTS concert today, the first one at the Rose Bowl show gonna, be a good time my friend and I are driving, down to SoCal. Fare in NorCal so it's, gonna be a quite to drive yes I guess it's already very early let's, get it. I'm. Gonna check my retainer off and get ready now. Literally. Looks like a UA oh, my, God look this way Oh. Oh. I'm. So tired. We. Maintenance to, Burt 9si where we are we made it to ln we. Berkeley. But, oh. Thank. You. Oh. My. God, Wow it does the job wool. Woody's. Warm Matt oh my god. What did i do powder before whoa. You know my, god I, should have put powder on long, time ago. Oh. Dude. No haven't, even done my makeup okay I'll, do it live. Frank why am I like this, God. You. Yeah. Ra's. Ball. Our. Tissues. Thank. You. Oh my. God, okay. I suck, at vlogging but, basically, Sophia and I walked around like, two, to three times we're just trying to get some exercise but we also met so many of you guys like, I'm still shocked about it and I wish I filmed it but it's all in my memory and everything was way too chaotic for me to film anyway but, we saw so many guys and it was the warmest. Best frigging moment, of my life yeah so thank you for saying hi and I love you and you're in my memory my. Heart is full. Really, cute. Sofya. How are we feeling wait. Oh my god get over though, Wow. We, were in one shot with them my life is complete Oh. I. Also. Want to mention that when we got back to our seats what, are you saying I again I was. Literally so shocked because I usually want to go to my seat you know I just go quietly no, one's looking at me but I didn't, expect that at all like I guess a lot of people knew me in my section so that was really cute and then someone was yelling at me run like way in the back in the balcony and that was just the cutest thing ever I love. You guys okay back, to the vlog. Building. Oh. It. Doesn't. Never end. It's. Never gonna end. I'm. Sorry, I'm sorry. This, is very. Oh. Let us shine. You. Goodbye. Rose bowl. Okay. Yes. Oh. My. God we're stuck in traffic we had. Hot. Cheetos and we're listening to everything. Gifts. Like God. You. So. Beautiful, brick. We're. Just walking around now. This. Is so amazing. They're, delicious. Yeah. Spinach. And I started, humble. How, expensive this is you see I don't even want to know. We. Had a lovely brunch, here. Good. See. You next time, we. Accidentally. Found LACMA. Literally. Rumors, driving. And then like we just thought oh we're gonna take pictures by, the, lamps, this, is amazing we're getting everything in this last day we. Didn't even plan to come to it wow, I. Haven't been here since we succeed. Getting. Some flooring, done. Dang. It oh. We. Just drove by the, BTS. Pop-up, store no huge line so we didn't do it over line dang it said. It's, okay I couldn't afford anything anyway. Do. You see it. What. The heck we keep accidentally, seeing everything that's, on. The. Go by. Exiting. Yeah I saw. Okay. So I, was talking about the, car, that has BTS written all over it. Small. World, okay. So we were just driving and, we saw a car that had BTS written all over it so we're just like for fun let's, get their attention by showing a sign because it's the only proof that we have of the concert and then like they waved the first time and then they waved again like, catching out to us so I thought oh they're just like saying hi back Sofia needed to pee really badly so we got off but, then they followed, us so we're like Oh what. They got out of the car we got out of the car and then they said that they knew me and they were subscribers, and it was the craziest. We. Took pictures and it was so cute and oh my god now I like the perfect ending to this trip. Sophie. Is tired she did a good job oh. My. God we're gonna be. I. Wouldn't. Say myself without, glasses in a while I kind of prefer myself with these glasses actually oh my, god this was honestly the best weekend, of my life I think I not. Only got to see BTS but the freaking production, of the concert, was beyond. Anything, I ever could. Have imagined, like they did stuff that I didn't think was even possible, for a concert, like jungkook, was just flying in, the air and.

Then There were like giant, Jaguars, and then they brought out inflatable. Slides anyway, that is the end of this, beautiful, weekend, I just want to thank BTS, for an, amazing experience, as always we were the first freaking show so, that, was very heartwarming, and just. Wholesome. And a great time a great, experience, they were so, good, but I most importantly, want to thank the people that I met you guys honestly, made, my weekend and really, just made me realize you know the world is bigger than just my, problems, there's a world outside of my problems I just felt so, stuck. And trapped the. Last few months and so it was just nice to finally get, an escape and finally meets the people who send, me love and support, tomorrow, I have to do a bunch of stuff for, college, but I think I can breathe now and I think I can look at it in a positive light and just get it done get my degree and finally move on but, yet this was such, an incredible weekend I will never forget this weekend and yeah thank you guys for literally, giving, me so much happiness and, so much love I hope, to give you that happiness and love back here is to our future here is to graduation, here, is to, this, concert, tour, here's. To everything, goodbye my friends I'll see you soon bring it in for a hug goodbye.

2019-05-14 05:52

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omggg i cried because i will never experience this life

Can I just say some things? 1. I cried so much because I could feel how happy EVERYONE was and I couldn't be there but the fact that everyone was happy and hat the time of their lives is so wonderful. 2. You can't just skip from the truth untold to tEAR YOU WANT ME TO DIE???? 3. I am so happy that you filmed it and that you were able to be there, I hope you'll remember it forever

I'm not a fan of BTS, I mean it's not my kind of music, but I think they have one of the best fan community. So many people just shouting when they arrived, it's amazing. Also, nice video Nina


is seokjin ur bias bcz same

i love you so much

Ah I'm so jealous of you

sooo, it was incredible video!! I love your vlogs too much! u made my day

I'm like crying thank you Nina for bringing us along with you This is like a concert in our phones for the broke army's I'm still crying OMG But I still have hope I'll see them live one day I don't care how far or close I am from them all that matters is that I m there enjoying the concert watching them perform And having that beautiful moment with ARMY AND BANGTAN!!

i wish i got to see you :(( but one day we will meet hopefully and now i’m having after concert SADness

Lucky omg

just saw bts last night it was unbelievable

I'm not into kpop but I rly want to go any concert with my bestie! Glad you had the most beautifullll night :)

i am guinenly soo happy for you , I wished I could also attend their concert once

All these lucky people

Hi! Can i ask? Does the BTS Bomb is free or pay when you bought the tickets? :)

I literally want and need a Sophia in my life

wow chị đội cái bờm RJ trông dễ thương quá

Life = pain when you really want to watch the whole video but can’t since you’ve been avoiding concert spoilers ever since the tour started but leave a like anyways because all Nina’s videos are gold

I was smiling the whole time

only speak yourself tour vlog i've watched bcuz watching them makes me so sad,,,,, but it's nina so like

you bet i just sat through this video crying since bts don't even know that the middle east exists. But I'm so happy to see that you had an amazing time! love youu

I watch the video in a public place and I literally wanted to scream/laugh the all time but couldn’t argh! Anyway thank you so much for sharing this footages and for having to go through theme sooo many times really thank you! Now I am even more excited for the show in Paris


Nice video Nina :) i love u so much

and you was say the world is bigger than your problem and its feel so true, i'm just realize thank you nina!!! im glad you had fun!!

I am so jealous of you! I hope i will see them one day too.

Thank you so much I acc feel like I was there watching this

I'm too jealous to watch this

This vlog made me tear up. I love bts so much i can't wait to see them live

Wow I really love your channel

this makes me so happy for you !!

I refrained myself from watching this even tho I got the post notification bc I know the feels would be too much for me. Seeing you and the boys, and thousands of other armys, would just make me too emotional. I love you and the boys so much

i love you with my entire heart uwuwuwu

I’m pretty sure I lost my voice for a good few hours after the concert

this is so wholesome omg

As soon as the fireworks went off, so did the waterworks. Only BTS would make me cry on the spot.

recently i found your YouTube, it's destiny! i felt. i cant wait next video!! love ya!

love you nina!!

Oh no lucky nina

HIIII i am at work so i haven't watched the whole video yet but i wanted to know if they sell army bomb light-stick at the venue/arena? they're all sold out :( i am a new BTS army so i have no army bomb :'( i am really wanted to enjoy my first BTS concert with the light-stick (02.06.19 Wembley )

I was so excited during the concert parts, as if I was really there hahaha

I’m here eating my ramen

im actually crying while watching the concert, thank you for this nina

omg, I swear my sister & I saw you at a Loves gas station on our way room the concert too....... but were too shy to say hi

They didnt sing Spring day live? I love the whole 30+mins of this video.

that looked so fun and made me really happy ♥️

thank you for let us experience the concert thru the screen and thank you for sharing your beautiful memories you will do well for graduation we all believe in you nina. We will all be alright in the end

first second of the concert footage made me successfully cry already don't ask me how i dealt with the rest of it


I'm not stan bts but watching your video literally make me calm

I went to see the Chicago show today and I lost my voice

Thank you so much for shearing your experience with us, ily .

nina during singularity is sO ME WKSJSJSJS

Awwww nina i'm so so happy for you

Omg this video made my day! I didn't think i'd be able to sit through a 30 minute video in one shot but I loved this vlog! I'm so happy you got to see BTS! Love u Nina

I’m seeing them in London in June and I tried to keep away from spoilers but am I not going to watch Nina’s vlog? No, here we go I guess :’)

yes nina yes

i saw them 4 months ago and watching this made me want to cry because of how much i miss them :"((((((

namjoon shouting "im so happy" is all i ever needed in life :(

shsj this made me emo,, but it was so cool to see your there!!

make it right is the superior song, sorry i dont make the rules

I saw u

I went to the concert on the same day and I wish I could've met you!! :( Love you Kween Neen

i hope i get to see one of their concerts before they part ways and i hope i can see you too. you and bts have been one of my inspiration.

thank you, nina.

why was i going to cry when the concert ended when i wasn't even there

This video reminds me of the concert lol post concert depression is so real

I went to the rose bowl concert too! I know some people who were going Saturday and Sunday, sooo lucky! It was amazing, I wish I saw you lol

I was there too! May 4th was my birthday! So I got to go to my very first BTS concert on my birthday!!

This brings back so much feels from when I went to their Love Yourself concert, I HAVE YET TO EDIT MY VLOG. The footage is too much and I might trigger my post-concert depr*ssion :(

I woke up at that hour just to see your video 00:29

Is it weird that I cried during this? When Mikrokosmos came up I just started balling, I didn’t know that I had so much emotions locked away inside me. I’ve been helping my friend out with her worries for the exams that I totally forgot about myself and honestly this video was amazing Nina thank you!


thank u so much nina, i felt IT as if i was there :”)

i appreciated this video sm, ily

you can't imagine how happy I am for you girrlll love you so much and good luck and all the best wonderful nina

I went on the first day too! Watching this makes me remember how great the concert was! I hope I get to go to another bts concert when they come back!

i love you Nina ♡


the way pcd is hitting me :(( i wish i couldve met u

I'm attending their Paris concert (their last "western" date) and i can't freaking wait

Nina!! Im so sad I did t get to see you :((

I was wondering if you made your friends through KPOP

Sis I was across you Row 60 section 5L seat 16 17 18✨✨✨ but I went 2nd day

what powder did you use nina? hehe


I'm still in Epiphany and I'm so emotional right now, I wish they come to Colombia some day. I really need to experience this, it seems like the best concert ever❤️

34 minutes?? YESS!!!!

omg! i was there! i think it was 12H seats 15 and 16. i don’t exactly remember because my ticked it somewhere in my room

That's so exciting!! BTS BTS!!

thank you for allowing me to relive this day with this footage! i'm so glad you had a good time ahhh!

none: nina: omg. OMG. OH MY GOD?!

I have zero dollars and can barely afford a trip to target so im watching this and crying bc im brOke


omg BTS you're so lucky!!

You were here?!? Awww i swear I could’ve met you :,(


Wow my broke ass could never relate but I felt like I was there! Closest I’ll ever get to them :/ Also thank you so much for filming so much of the concert! I really enjoyed it!

i wish i could go. my parents hate bts, so i can't. they don't realize they are the reason i stopped cutting and loving myself.


what style is nina's fila shoes?

Something about this vlog really made me cry so much

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it’s almost three am and i’m crying. thank u for blessing me with this beautiful video that just fills my heart with love

wow i am so emo watching this thank you so much for uploading


the concert gives me chills. i wish they'd come here in my country :(

I just went to the one in Chicago and seeing bts is something every army in college needs for a quick break it was so nice to relax and actually hand fun

U look like lee jong suk

OMGSH I was there the same day! So sad I couldn’t bump into you, but so happy you had a blast and met some cool people!!! BTS 화이팅!!!❤️❤️❤️

Omg, i want to say that so ÂMZINGGG ÂHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


i love you so much thank you for this

I couldn’t finish watching it because I have post concert depression

what's in my bag concert edition pleaseee? love you!!

Song at 20:52 plsss

that soooo pretty✨✨ bts concerts always amazing

i had goosebumpsss i felt like i was at the concert 2 im-

im gonna subscribe for this

I wasn’t planning on watching all 34 minutes but i’m glad i did, i’m so grateful to be a part of army. everyone have fun at the concerts and be safe too!

Also Jimin does have a tattoo so…

omg i love ur look day 2 in la

Wow we were in the same section

WOW YOU CAN SEE ME @ 5:51...well kinda i wish i could've met you :(((((((

Oh man. I hope the last announced tour date for Speak Yourself isn't the last. I really want to see them :(( Your video makes me miss them more. I like how you fit all the songs in 30 minutes! Good job Nina

who’s your bias?

thank u for this even tho i couldnt go i love watching concert vids i love crying

5:07 nina: **films posters of tae and jimin** *sOULMATEEES* I KNEW I STANNED AN INTELLECTUAL UGH YOUR MIND !!

I want to experience this soo badly. Like I love concerts with all my heart and soul, but to experience THIS. With BTS. Ugh I'm not even there and my heart is so full for you. :')

you’re so luckyyy ! & ily

The ad is by BigHit : Serendipity!!

I wish I could go to a concert but I’m flippin broke.

I literally screamed the whole way through.... I'm still crying because I live in Arizona and my parents didn't let me go to the concert

I went to the 2nd rosebowl concert and it was such a good experience :( I loved every second of it

i cried so much with this video

Listen to those fanchants!!!!!!


OMG I’m also going to a BTS concert this week!!! Ahhhhhhhhh ur video is making me more excited ❤️❤️

awww I am so happy for you!! I hope I can see them live someday!!

This is so cool I saw you walk by me and I wanted to say hi but I was so like in awe that I was completely rendered speechless but like it was cool seeing you walk by

I went too!☺️

0:53 jungkook stop taking over nina

i am: happy

No way you were their I went the first day

Not gonna lie, this honestly brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy you got to see the boys and that you had a great time

This actually makes me so happy!! I felt like I was there too :,) thanks for making this, it was amazing!

Nina thank you

i went the day after you went, the concert was amazing! my second bts concert too!

and i was crying the whole time during mikrokosmos, i was happy crying but sad that it was ending. i think it was also bc im starting college this year and dont know when ill ever see them again:/

and on the second day we did the wave about 10 times not even gonna lie, shit ketped on going and going.

I have a concert in 6 says I'm so not ready and I have no idea what to expect or bring or when to leave or anything and I'm stressed ._.

Love u Nina your vlogs make me relax

ah im so sad i didnt see u there :(

this was so fwicken cute



Uggfhhhhh I just wish you went the second day cuz it was so emotional. Jimin cries and I cried after him

Omg I went to the same concert day!!! But i was on the other side

Thank you for letting us experience it with you i was so happy

31:56 Nina kinda looks like chuu from loona

I’m soooo jealous!!!!!!!!!!!


grateful to be able to relive this night through your vlog

I went to their concert yesterday here in Chicago. The played the same songs, the show is amazing.❤❤ Fun fact: Tae wore a different hat yesterday.

I literally cried through the whole video

nina!! what style of filas are you wearing in this vlog? they look soo good

ninaaa, I'm so happy for you, the besttt, ly!!

I'm going to the France concert I just cantttt waittt and I'm also going to blackpinks Australia,Sydney concert I love myyyyy life but now I'm broke sooo

i was there too i wish i saw you haha

Wow... never have I cried this much during a video I’m so jealous, love you tho nina

lmao i can't believe everyone was sitting at your concert! i went to chicago 5.12 and everyone was standing (also it was raining and jk didn't fly during euphoria :( )

Eyyyy! We twinning with our lock screens!!!

nina, i see bts on sunday

i saw you but i was too scared to approach u lol. big fan!!

this whole video is so cute + wholesome!!! makes me 10 times more excited to see them at wembley :^)

Nina I love you and your videos but this time I can't watch it bc I'm to emotional for this and miss bts so much

I saw them last night in Chicago! The best night of life tbh

I didn't get a chance to go to their concert because I am a broke student. Bless your vlogging skills x

The closest I’ll ever be to a bts concert


im curious on how long does the concert last for


I was literally SHAKING while watching this!!! ❤️❤️❤️

we have a same lock screen

you're one of my favorite youtubers I can't believe I missed my chance to see you that day ):

does anyone k how long does a bts concert last?

*NAMJOOOOOON* biggest mood

Do I stan BTS? No. Am I crying bc this is too beautiful? YES

Those little camera shakes every so often when you screamed were actually the cutest thing omg❤️

honestly thank you so much, i couldn't get the tickets for London but i feel like I got to go anyway. lots of love xx

I hope you enjoyed every single moment of it and I also wanna say that you really deserve it! These videos really get me depressed all the time bc I won’t be able to go to any concert until summer next year and I hope it still works out with a BTS europe tour then..

I'm CRYING ugly tears right now literally what the hell bts :,( this tour is beautiful, I'm so glad you had the best night. Love u

i can relate 100% during singularity

aww this was such a fun vlog to watch! :D I need to start listening to BTS! lol they sound so good!

I feel like i bts will no longer exist when i am finally able to travel on my own cuz i am 15 right now and lets say when i am 21 (legal age where i am from) i will have a job and travel thats six years from now maybe bts will disband or smthn by the time i will be able to see one of their concerts

WOW IM SO SAD I COULD HAVE MET YOU AT THE CONCERT we both had the RJ headbands how cute

Seeing them at MetLife on the 18thh!!!!!!

omg tysm for uploading so many clips of the concert

thank u sooo much for this video,ı feel very emotional now.I hope one day ı met them lovexx


this video was so wholesome sklskkklsdklskls it made me remeber the time i went to bts last year in october! hopefully i can see them live again some time in the future :))

I literally felt like I was at the concert with u while watching this vlog

i cried thrice watching this ok everyone repeat after me THANK YOU NINA WE LOVE YOU

This is my favorite video of yours yet! And the description is so sweet, you remind me that there's always something to look forward to and hard days will pass! I'm currently struggling with thesis and watched this video on a break, now i'm motivated to work harder! Love you neen

how come they didn't sing DNA?

never been to a concert in my life and i live like 40 min away from the rose bowl (although i'm currently in norcal because of school). ngl i cried through all the concert clips. thank you for the video nina!

hye this is your 50001th viewer

tysm for this video, i‘ve been so stuck up with my studies as well and my bts concert in two weeks is everything that keeps me going. i was so stuck up to graduate in one year and i have my law prep year for my exams which is pretty hard for me but you‘re so right, there’s a world outside of that

Awwww so much love for this vlog!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you for making this!! I honestly dont know if i’ll ever get to watch them live so it was nice to kinda experience one with u!

I miss bts so muchh!

Lol im in your concert videos. Me and my friend were sitting in front of you. I was gonna say hi but didn’t wanna be awkward haha

I reallllllyyyy wanna see bts live *Hoping for more tour datesss*

OMG! I went to the BTS concert on the same day! Me and my friend were in section 19L but MAN I WISH I GOT TO SEE YOU AND MEET YOU! Because you are one of my favorite you tubers, you are definitely one of my biggest inspirations in life! But YAY AT LEAST WE WERE THERE TOGETHER

When people get to go to BTS concert while I’m at home or at school listening to them while they get to see and listen to them irl :c

Omg how did you even managed to get tickets ?

Her reactions are so accurate tbh-

I’m going to MetLife on the 18th I’m hype af


Hey Nina read the description and I am so happy you are feeling better about life. I am new to your channel but was immediately captivated by your hilarious personality. Love the videos ☺️

If this was my dream I don't want to wake up

Lol I literally made the opposite trip as you bcs I had to go to NorCal for college tours that weekend

I just went to Chicago day 2 and watching this gave me chills like I’m re living it!! Except it was raining the whole time for mine

Ahh omg this vlog was so wholesome, like I laughed and cried and everything.. thank you so much for sharing your experience!! I wish I could've met you too but you know since you live on another continent that's kinda impossible

when u have been an army for 4 years...and still don't have enough money for concert

Awww so lucky

i love BTS : from korean DJ

I know im really late with watching ur video but i wanna take u so much for sharing this. U dont know how much this comforts me with all the stuff im going through. Im probably never gonna be able to experience a bts concert but at least i got a feel of how it is somehow through ur video. Thank u so much for giving such quality content ❤❤❤

your hugs are the warmest i love you so much i'm so happy seeing you enjoy your time after all the stress of college you really deserve it :((

I wish I had an army friend, I wish I lived in a country where I could see bts live, but yeah, this was beautiful

bighit is super rich . firework blow up

oooohhhh. BTS, my love 7 guys.

7:37 omg you're the cutest:(((((((((((

i always got jealous watching these types of bts videos; but i had to watch nina go see bts!

love thisss and u tooo

bruh this video made me so happy :))) this is prolly TMI but I'm also taking my IB exams these days, so let's pull through these exams tgt we got this

this perhaps is the closest ill ever be to a bts concert bless

Hi, i'm a french boy and they say that i'm the " French Jimin ".. hope you'll enjoy my videos :)


Why did I cry LMAO

whoever couldn't go bc of affordability or their situation, remember, there's a place for you. There's a ticket for you somewhere. It may not be now, but there is one I promise you. Even after 6 years, I'm still waiting too.


6:30 there was a fire on the stage.............

The way i cried in general and at the fact i'll never see Epiphany live,, this day


Omg i am contemplating if i should watch it... because i am really trying to avoid concert videos


this actually got me so hype when im bouta sleep .... thanku for posting this it feels like attending an actual concert by myself omg

omg i found this so cute cause me and my friend are going to MetLife and I have an rj headband and she has a mang headband like you guys


why am i crying

You have NO idea how cold it was after the water cannons from just dance and so what!

I love how everyone listens to BTS on the way to the BTS concert and also listens to BTS on the way home from the BTS concert. BTS

I was thereeee! I forgot you were even going

Perhaps I cried like 5 times during this video

international armys where y’all at :”)

i’m going to metlife in 3 days and i’m not mentally prepared



Yahhhh u r so lucky!!! U went to both the concerts!!!!

I know this is kind of unrelated, but how are your glasses so thin when your vision is so bad xD (as you said yourself)

CloudySkies the glasses in the video are non-prescription! :’) otherwise yea my glasses lenses would be THICC

i'll be seeing bts soon and I just wanted to ask if there was any tips on buying merch and an army bomb at a concert, because i'm only going up a few hours before the concert, and am scared they (especially army bombs) will run out :)

Amazing!!! Tq for sharing the experience

:’) ahhh i hope u get to see them live nadine iT’S A BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE

Judith Teniente i have a video about the whole mess but it was really luck

I can't stop laughing with Euphoria fanchant "Annyeong Haseyo (...)" bwhahaha.

i'm so excited for the brazil concert :( i wanna cry

Watch concert make me miss them more and more :’((

Lmao i was there now im crying

omg ;-; that was the same day i went! i wish i had the chance to see you


I was SOBBING during Mikrokosmos

I drove 6.5 hours from Sacramento to LA for BTS Day 1 at the Rose bowl and lemme just summarize what nina said ... SHIT WAS UNFUCKINGREAL they are so talented and amazing and I stan the f u c k outta them!!!

I hope every ARMY had fun

aaahhh this made me so sad

I am the only one who cried watching this, but wasn't actually there?? Lol (cried in a good way)

*jk flying* Nina: WhaT thE hecK oMGGGG

bro, I rarely feel any emotions through a video but this log was really wholesome I'm just... honestly, everything was well put together and I'm glad I found you on youtube and hope to meet you and experience the BTS concert irl as well


I felt like I was at the concert watching this vlog :’) I wish I’ll get to see BTS live soon or one day...

i'm going to the first wembley show oh my god i'm so excited

Nina thank you, really thank you for doing this vlog, I really want go to a BTS concert but they dont come to my country and I was sp sad, but watching your vlog I feel like I was there for a moment and that made me sp happy, really really thank you. LOVE YOU SO MUCH. And one day I will go to a concert!!!!!

oh no nina oh, hi, Nina! Thanks for answering! Are the black ones non-prescription too? Because we’ve seen you wearing them regularly, but they look pretty normal to me as well, not too thick or anything

i went on the 5th ùwú

i went to both concerts and cried so much after both. my tearducts suffered

I'm not even a fan of BTS (no hate), but I'm watching because your my fave and I love your videos. ❤❤❤

when jin started singing epiphany, i cried instantly :”( i wish i was there

i was so afraid of watching this because i knew i was going to be so sad and get concert depression, and sure enough i did. i went to day two and it was amazing

I knew it. You're RM's soulmate

tysm for putting this out here for all thr armys like myself who couldnt go and see the boys live god bless you ilysm♡♡♡

Where did you get the bt21 headband frommm?

junkook said lets fly and he really did

I wish BTS could come to South Africa

14:02 “he knows his power” skjsksjskjsksksjsk

Thank u so much for the video)) I got goosebumps all over me while watching and I even was crying few times)) I was able to feel the energy of the concert)) That was amazing. Thank u sososo much!!! Luv ya :*

Ooo LOVED this!!!❤️

im the poor one that never gone to their concert bcus my country government didnt allow bts come bcus they said bts satan . someone pls send me to korea :)

i’m seeing them on the 2nd june oH FuK

this was so beautiful, thank you

taehyung: *singularity* army: the auDAcity rIGHT IN FRONT OF MY SALAD

i cried when they sang the truth untold, and then outro: tear started playing and i began dancing while crying eye-

i’m so happy for you, wish i was there!!

im going to see bts in 2 weeks and this video got me so hyped for it. While i was watching the parts that u recorded i actually started to cry :’))

thank you for sharing your experience:)

Definitely not crying here

Wow, to think were in the same stadium on the same night and I STILL didn't see you oh well, at least we did the wave together lol

i’m so sad i didn’t get to see u

nina could u share where u got ur glasses?


That so sweet Nina.

I have goosebumps everywhere

I hope I can be one day in this big ass army ocean

Me too(im going to there on 26th may)

And then u have me at home playing them on YouTube on my TV using a chicken drum stick as an army bomb... :')

I saw them at rosebowl day 2, I miss them so much


Being this close to them would KILL ME

In the videos I recorded, I was screaming and yelling.. haha I sounded so obnoxious. Their concert isn’t favorite concert that I have went to.

omg I was at that concert!!!!

wait i was at rosebowl too!!! i went on the second day tho

What is your background music here nina?? May i know please.. i wanna use it for my vlogs too... Hhheheh

it was nice seeing you Nina!! I literally can’t believe we even made it into your video thank you so much!!

I felt like I was in the concert too

Went to MetLife yesterday and it was the best day of my life I cried laughed and screamed my lungs out☺️


This is one of my favorite youtube videos ever! I love how wholesome you are! I had subscribed already but I'm watching every single one of your videos from now on!

Nina you are so positive and grateful and happy. I love that about you! Ah, I feel like we would be such great friend! Also, I love BTS so so so much! But I watched the last 3 minutes of your vlog like 6 times today lol because I was going through the same thing and hearing you voice that you feel like you've been given energy again to work has helped me feel like that too. I have the energy now to push through the last 3 days of my exams even though I'm tired! I feel better knowing I'm not alone :)

OMG I WENT to the metlife concert and we did the wave wen they left for like 10 mins also UwU lol

+Zaphyera yeah bts came out and did a wave and the army bombs turned off right when we did it so we had to do it again

and then the boys made us do it twice because we did it too fast the first time

i wonder if I'll ever see them in concert T T but thanks for sharing your vlog so I can live vicariously through you Also when the girl did the Euphoria fanchant HAHAHA yesss

Who's your bias girl?

No se dan idea de cuánto estoy llorando :") Si tienen la oportunidad de conocerlos, por favor, denles todo el amor que merecen ♡

Please you are the best jin biased ever--

Ahh! Their concert is on my bucket list!(⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎)

How early did you go to the concert?

ha ha ha ha ha.... RM says "We Purple You".... Sooooooooooooooooo charming!!!!

I don't like concert vlogs most of the time because it makes me sad that I can't attend any but this one made me so happy because neens being a super kind bean vlogged all of it and looked super happy too ! And the fact that I am new to the army and I knew all songs made me even more happier ! I am blessed to be a subscriber of Nina !♥️


If I saw jin perform live I think I would die. Period.

and thank you so much nina for sharing that with us i felt like i was at the concert lmao

i'm not crying YOU are

I went to their concert at MetLife on the 18th, I cried sm even before they came on stage.I didn’t believe i was actually seeing them in person. I became in ARMY in August of 2016 and I thought I would never see them. Best experience of my life.

the actual best concert vlog on youtube

Bitch I was crying throughout the whole video that was beautiful...

god I wish I was there, it looked like a BLAST

Bruh when it ended I got so sad.. like I wasn’t there to feel it in person but I whole time I was so happy and sang along whew how do y’all survive seeing them live

I went to the Chicago one and it was literally like 30 degrees my dude. You’re so lucky 94 degrees.

I could see you from my seat at the concert! I was below you though and I didn't want to bother you, but it was awesome to see you!!!! Maybe we'll meet next time :)

Nina I saw you standing in line to go inside but I was way too scared to go say hi! I hope you had fun aswell

im so jealoussssssssss :'( it looked like so much fun

did you buy the army bomb at the concert or beforehand?

For some reason I’m crying so hard

Just wondering, what time did the concert finish?

i have a math midterm tomorrow, yet im here watching this and crying

7:36 she a qt

How hours did you spend

im so sad i wanna see them live too :(. we love u nina ❤️❤️

I was there and I drove to Southern California that same day too!

Am I the only one crying in here

their concert is so amazing!! i went on their second day and enjoyed every min of it!! cool vlog though!!! :)

I went to the MetLife concert hehe

Ok but what was your powder though??? Personally i'm going to the 7th June Paris concert, so...i'm still in wait for this god-like event...Plus it's going to be my first concert ever xD What a great first...at Stade de France...BTS ....o gosh....

this made me have post concert depression and I didn’t even go

we all love them and we are all army so why not all of us can see them... m cryin thoo

Wow the concerts are reaaaaallly long and tiring

as i slowly started to think my pcd was going away it came right back from this vid

I was there too! I was just seated on the other side of the stadium

Did Sophia said "Oh wie süß" ? :D 1:15

did anyone see what Park fucckingg Jimin did at 12:41 ?!?!?!


ok so I was having goosebumps throughout the whole video, started crying while euphoria started playing because I realised I'm section D2 for wembley and jungkook (MY DAMN BIAS) IS GONNA BE FLYING ABOVE ME i'M-


DUDE!! This brings back memories, not to mention during dionysus, Meaning the most hype song... I stated crying because it was soooo unreal, And can we talk about their solo performances, frickin Jungkook flying[litteral angel] Hobi's dancing,like c'mon, TAE WAS LAYING ON A FRICKIN BED, LIKE WTF, Yoongi...[Speechless], Namjoon and his love performance was soooo fricking hype, AnD jIn's AnGeLiC vOiCe!!! Momma Jin got Major pipes... Jimin and his frickin grinding, He wore that Shirt ON PURPOSE!!!!

i keep coming back this

I WENT TO THE SAME CONCERT AS YOU XD i didn't go on the second day tho because i have school but i went on the first day and i maybe saw you

Omggg I almost cried while I was watching your video

You guys are literally my bias (hoseok) and bias wrecker (seokjin)

One of the best concert I saw you I wanted to say hi but you were so far away

When will I go I want to be their

10:58 from one joon stan to another, SAME, nina, SAME

I'm happy now

0:14 I Laughed so hard

I went to the same concert as you and I wanted to see you so badly

Which video edictor u use? With what camera?

i cried while watching this, nina :’( my peak crying part was mikrokosmos, ofc. i look forward to seeing them live soon, someday ✨

Omg yay I'm so glad you had a great time I went to day 1 of their concert in Chicago and loved it!!!❤️❤️❤️

gabriela isabel meneses becerra yeah.. lets me each other too

+min cinnamon ohhhh that's cool, you got tickets floor, I was on the bleachers but I got really late like five minutes before the concert so I couldn't see her :( May be next we get to see her

gabriela isabel meneses becerra I was on the floor and if I turned around a little and looked up at the bleachers I would saw her

Saaaaame :'(

Ahhh I went to the concert yesterday and now my voice is gone! I was at Wembley for the first day and I screamed soooo loud

+min cinnamon it's okay if I drop it here? Well I'm gonna write it

gabriela isabel meneses becerra yeah I do!

+min cinnamon so do I :( I'm from another country so I don't know when I would get an opportunity to go again. Do you have Twitter? To get to know each other

gabriela isabel meneses becerra Okay

+min cinnamon if you want to

Staff: How extra do you want this show to be? BTS: Yes

omg i'm crying and screaming tho, i wish I could go to a bts concert that's a faaantasy✨

I feel your feelings and i feel there. wished to have the opportunity to be there, sooo sad for me.

I'm currently watching this since I didn't wanted to see any spoilers before I went to Wembley and I'm getting all emotional

WJLDHAUOSHDUAOSHC I WAS THERE OMG HOW DID I NOT SEE YOU (I mean, there were thousands of people BUT STILL) im cri

Now, BTS are in Paris. I'm so excited! I will see BTS for my first time of my life!! I will go in "Stade de France" the 8 saturday junn!! Oh my f*cking god!! I will die ...

@min cinnamon it's okay if I drop it here? Well I'm gonna write it

@min cinnamon so do I :( I'm from another country so I don't know when I would get an opportunity to go again. Do you have Twitter? To get to know each other

@min cinnamon if you want to

@min cinnamon ohhhh that's cool, you got tickets floor, I was on the bleachers but I got really late like five minutes before the concert so I couldn't see her :( May be next we get to see her

@Zaphyera yeah bts came out and did a wave and the army bombs turned off right when we did it so we had to do it again

Omg I wish I could’ve seen you

Oof I went day 1 and I was section 16L row 42 and seat 3

*HI ARMYS!* Sorry for the spam but I've upload my bts concert experience vlog too. If you want to can see it there:https://youtu.be/xpjFCHrJtY4 I will upload the part. 2 soon

20:40 song?

Does she speak korean ?

Watching this feels like I’m reliving the concert all over again even though I went to Soldier Field lol

You literally look like Namjoon in the beginning with your hoodie

Betül ``` ok thanks

She does but not perfectly I guess

Bts - So What

me too ,but in São Paulo hehe

OMFG!!! I was there to and it was indescribable to me. I can’t stop thinking about that night

This is literally such a good vlog :3

what seats did you have?:)

YES I CRIED this was literally the exact view i had on day 1 in paris.....omg i was there wtf how what

Omg I can’t I would’ve cried

I'm so sad I was there on the same day but I hadn't discovered your channel until recently

Omg I feel like I was in the concert

Wow I just watched this video because I remembered how cringy I was. Anyway hey it's Hannah the girl on your right lol. Thanks for including me in the vlog you are such a nice person! Take care!

@oh no nina It was the same for me!

sklsfjlsf it was fun screaming and crying to bts with you :'')

@min yeet it's okay if I drop it here? Well I'm gonna write it

@min yeet so do I :( I'm from another country so I don't know when I would get an opportunity to go again. Do you have Twitter? To get to know each other

@min yeet if you want to

@min yeet ohhhh that's cool, you got tickets floor, I was on the bleachers but I got really late like five minutes before the concert so I couldn't see her :( May be next we get to see her

this is late but who’s your bias?


BTS came to the UK *twice* during my school year & I missed both concerts due to exams...

i literally saw you when going in line for security but you looked like you were in a hurry hopefully next time

Jimin I see that tattoo

i was there omg, what if i saw you :(((

Dude I almosted cited when I hear him sing epiphany

How much was the tickets

I just saw this vid and your channel it was on my recommendations so i watched it. And i cried so much. Thank you for sharing this moment nina. I probably never get a chance to go to their concert cos im broke af. So, yeah thanks for this. It feels like im there with you guys

Omfg is your bias Jin ?! He is WORLD WIDE HANDSOME

i never thought id ever be a fangirl of something, but here i am, having an attack over a vlog. i wanna go to a concert so baddd


I saw them in chicago but sadly jungkook didn't fly because it was 30° degrees and it was raining

This makes me really sad cause it makes me realize I’m probably never gonna see them

Nina Whos Your Bias?!

why am i emotional rn,,,,,,,,i wASNT EVEN THERE

awww i went may 5th

nina: min yoongi looks so good also me

nina: kim seok jin lol me

This was one of my favourite vlogs of yours and of BTS concert's in general! Literally got shivers when the concert started and I loved your reactions to everything (especially Taehyung's Singularity

I just subscribed


I love BTS and I love you Nina so I love so much this video

9:29 i died

i went to the concert the day after yours and when jimin started crying i started screaming?? ?? ? idk everyone around me was so emotional was kinda funny

I was at that concert too oml it was amazing ㅠ ㅠ


I put off watching this because I was waiting to see them in Australia and didnt want any spoilers but jokes on me because they never came so now I can finally watch the vlog

I stay FAR away from bts because I know I'll get addicted to their songs!

rewatching this cause why not

ببكي ابي اروح كونسرت

Hi when did the concert start and end ?

1:44 *mood*

I was bawling when jungkook's solo came.

I was like singing the whole time xddd


I know i might never get to experience this , but Nina, thank u so much for letting me experience this

so THAT'S what it looks like when you're not streaming it illegally. huh thats nice to know

i went to D2 rosebowl the entire time i was crying, not sobbing but just singing and crying there were so many emotions

When is boy with luv

Nina what do you edit on?

I literally lost it when tear, mic drop, make it right, and Mikrokosmos played

14:01 shut and let me listen. definitely not during singularity lol

When Euphoria played I think my eyes where wetting....................like this

Can’t wait to see BTS In RIYADH Saudi Arabia

I went to the rose bowl too on saturday but if you went on saturday i was the girl with black bts shirt and a pony tail i was tan i had black hair and shorts and converse shoes.

i've been saving for several years to get tickets lol, im broke they havent even announced another tour yet, and if they did i probably still wouldnt be able to get tickets

@cherryy it's okay if I drop it here? Well I'm gonna write it

@cherryy so do I :( I'm from another country so I don't know when I would get an opportunity to go again. Do you have Twitter? To get to know each other

@cherryy if you want to

@cherryy ohhhh that's cool, you got tickets floor, I was on the bleachers but I got really late like five minutes before the concert so I couldn't see her :( May be next we get to see her

i started stanning bts almost a year ago (which is WAY too late) and now i have to come to terms with the fact that i may never see anything as amazing as them

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