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So. I'm. Here. So. When. The. Paper, side. This Poirot so, see. After. We let, it fly. We. Can, get this paper. I want, this I want this one inside the, balloon okay. You. Have one, yes. One okay guys, maybe the lucky it's. A red one with her, now she's. Pull, out for us the red one you want stronger. Good. One yeah. Yeah. Okay good good that's the big one we let the. Most important for playing the sky yeah okay. Because. I'm learning something here this is the girl here. -. Trying to. Put. It inside this. Guy. Fly. There, is lucky wine if. You can find it just this my number inside just. Takes me and then you can find my channel I know. The Sun I wanna tell you. Let's. Save you. -. Of the Sun this may be right here my. Channel, we. Tell you you will okay, starting. Now she's, putting anything I wanted, to buy this thing but she said it's not for sale it's very big so, I try, I, try. In. The. Other but I was, very busy guys today. I. Want. To disturb, our tea shop and. Bake. A okay. What's. The store here what's the name. One. Oh my god this is the, best guys huh mr.. Ahn. Is. The guy again huh, he's hello three guys, this is the right here right now okay if, you find it, wait. Okay, it's, flat. As. You can see now is, the rice inside. Okay. I'll, find it. Just. Go in the sky, if. You find this there, is cash inside. This. One okay. Twenty thousand guys inside. For. You okay that's pretty fun, Oh guys this is me he wants to run it won't believe me because, of that. Thanks. Yeah no problem what's the lucky one twenty thousand and say thank, you thank. You oh. My. God stop finish thanks. That's. Not. Amazing. Hey put the heavier side the panel on negotiate, P so, it's like. It'll. Be use for this tricycle be this guy here. The, guy is insisting. His search, in Lebanon look after we said. I want to catch it. But. Yeah. So. Up, and down so half winner you. Know when I guess we don't know it's. Wendy. Don't. Worry in the tip, I really. Want this guy in the end of. My trip because, I'm still here for Salani, sometime. Go tonight it's Mavis please so. It's. Fun. This. Guy really amazing. Well. Here. We go so. Hope. You don't worry in the end of my trip. Really. Yeah. By, the way guys someone, told me advice. My video, she told me, you. My, voice is spilling, out so, maybe, I I will scare, you or what from, my video. So nobody will. We'll watch so, I'm. Trying to kind of advice, what. She's. For. That what, is it. Can. You go there can we stop there. And he stopped can we stop here we'll watch the room guys where, is it right now just up, here so. I'm going I'm trying to find really hard bodies I'm going to be very, sure, okay. So, too. Much I will have fun so where is the bell on now guys. I'm enjoying enjoying, here today I'm doing here. I. Don't like you need to move it I don't, like four years ago. Like. A, scale. Like that simple. Life amazing. This. Is my boy Oscar. Wine. -. Who's, in my back okay. Then. Wanna give me your hair to give me go away. Ten. Ten. Oh. Yeah. Well. Is he. They got any lucky he took 1,000 I throw at the one that's, in the way where is another, guy. Thank. You. We, both puppies, at the guy. But. Enjoy, your maybe enjoy the. Enjoy a bucket. Enjoy. You'd really but this not help as you can see. Nords. I'm here in traffic. The kids loving. This. Is. The. Topic. Well, the traffic this is traffic here the. Traffic. Oh. I'm. Going to yell, outside. Shout. Free. Right. See. How people. Wait. Okay, guys right here went, away three circle breaks how much. How. Much. Okay. How much you give the guy how. Much you get. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Can. Be with you. You. Can borrow them maybe you know them you know this guy's you, know then maybe, can borrow than weighing scale so we can. Okay. We can borrow from somewhere don't say it's, okay it's okay the guys are telling here it's damaged, them okay, go ahead damage. Des Moines skill but we can find. From another area, okay. We are going to find, another. Place because. You're stealing the wing skill at damage. We. Can do it. As. You can see the guys now. Taking. Okay. Gudrun, I don't know if this is price if you can carry this three right. -. One. More dirt. Guys. Watch the rice what's happening here is this, is the, rice is now into the brain. As. You can see. We said they can know. Why. Do some experience and we're going to do. This. Is the same. It's. Not so pleasing legit so it's only sign language, it's okay understandably.

Wait. Okay guys, let me get this. Let. Me get the cash guys don't get together any holder please, face. It here. Great. They've, been, they've. Been derivative, off the. Windows. Here. Is. The key guys. Okay. Thank. You. Now we're going let's go I need, the weighing scale and plastic. Is. The time before it'll be done so. Here we go what. Do we get the basic of rice. Right. So. For everybody I'm going to give one. One, rustic here I have the Brassica one to give. When, I'm, plastic will be full for every person, will come. Sorry. From. I don't, mean I'm saying. We. Have YouTube channel you can check my channel here. And. You, can see as you can see wait, wait wait as you can see, thank. You thank you so much I'm here guys with, this. Gentleman. This army what's your name please. Okay. Yeah as you can see I liked well people my channel cheat you fun. With the sign this is helping, people. The, poor here yesterday. 12 people here so no worry. That's. You must really because guys history, it's very very. Ginger here but the bombing the last have, been here they won through to ruin this city but the city as. I told you salon forever, safe everything, is safe here as you can see the live is going on and thank you so much really thank you so much. Thank. You thank you so much you know I'm appreciated thank. You yeah. Yeah thank you guys thank you. As. You can see thanks. Its wind, my. Help make it away. They're. Thinking what, are you doing when you're capturing no, no this is only on YouTube vloggers. From YouTube channel a so, at least that I learn this is good I'm going. As. You can see the rice in my back. Okay. Okay. So. We. Are here recording, on the give. Guys. I'm going to. Just. Over here and tell the guys hey give them. Okay. As. You can see here this is for. Operation. So. Nice. Come. On. My. Channel come on, come. On dude. You'll. Get only one. We'll. Have too much rice here we have too much come on finally. Go back yes. Give. The guy yet guys, will finish me he's the. Guy here. Hi, guys and let's get these on my coffee until now. Yeah. But my channel, thank, you. My. Channel it's fine of the Sun okay look the video later on upload, it okay subscribe. Or like I said. Yeah. I can totally just bite I say the random people so I start right away I'm searching for almost one hour is so. They're. Giving okay. Okay. Let's, help. Okay. Let's give them. Away. By, the way we are about. Religion huh, yeah. Yeah are you like a human around the world okay just, get one so we can because the guys here too much guys are, okay. Okay. Then, go ahead. Thank, you thank you yes. Thank you Robbie, just say. Yeah. Okay just say God bless you. That's.

Enough Okay thank. You thank, you. Okay. Guys what, do you want for. Them Church they, think and then because, you are so, we love to have to talk about it again it's about human, human. Human guys right here I love to help human. Never. The religion will be. Lying. A while for the humans okay human around the world human. Around me we're just like to, help, the poor even here, even the lovely, thing the Doge here do, what's. Right okay. Here. Looking. For free. A thing created not expect but it's amazing, to help the people here so, here. We go here as you can see the, guys here still. Yeah. Thank, you thank you no problem thank, you as, you can see here guys. For. It's amazing to see to be happy. That's. Amazing, to see people happy and enjoy, dishes. From. Barn of the sign, okay. I guess. That's why I'm asking you guys. Okay. Guys that's good. That's good, okay, amazing, amazing, amazing. Okay. We give this, beautiful. Lady this. Right, okay enjoy enjoy. Enjoy, yeah. Okay. It's. Amazing, guy, amazing. To help. Okay. Without them, that's. Good they can no it's. Okay. Let's finish this one thank, you for the kiosk. You do so. The. Most important to help guys. Any, comment. Any. Comment you can, say. No. See subscribe. Fun. With the Sun fine. With the Sun, fun. With. The Sun thank. You. Say. Subscribe. Subscribe. Finish. Giving. Them dinner will be going. To, do get my coffee it's. So for styling, they really. Nice. Guys you've got to finish what this. Area here but, wants. To help wants. To help anything. Believe. Me. The. Way what's the way what's the way. Bubblin. Thank, you thank you thank, you guys. Thanks, buddy right you are right. The. Way the way guys go go come on the, bus. Yes, sir. As you can see on. Okay. Thank you thank. You so much, there's. Much guys. Oh my, gosh somebody thought guys anyway. It's. It's. Hard time hug day daily. Just. Say. Subscribe. To. Fun, with us on channel. Noise. I'm leaving now I'm leaving which one of you get dark it's almost, the. Things the way so, leaving, now thank, you. Let's. Go. Living. Now guys. Maybe. He ran over this area but thank, you so much thank. You. Thank. You. Thank. You thank you.

I'm, Leaving now guys. I'm. Going out to keep my my. Coffee oh my. God I, think you think you ready for my best. Partner here again. Behind, me. Thank. You so much.

2018-09-09 10:33

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Nice video..love it God bless you


WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL. THE reason i make this channel because i wanna help poor humans around us.

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