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Good morning you guys I just finished getting ready for the day, race it is actually still asleep which is like unheard of lately, normally, you sitting right here next to me and a little bouncer well, I like slop my makeup on really quick so that I can get myself ready before the kids the, rest of the kids are awake, and the. Chaos in doors of the day but. He's still asleep I have like five minutes until, I need to go wake up Bailey and Shay to get them ready for school I think what I'm gonna do right now is go. Make myself a, cup of coffee and try and change that while it's still hot, a lot. Of you guys asked, if I could film an updated, makeup, routine and it's. Literally still, the exact, same maybe. A few different products of the, video that, I filmed like. I think it was like two years ago maybe, even longer I. Have not changed my makeup routine since, pretty, much high school like Hillary can vouch for me on this my makeup has been the, exact same and I do, not wear eye shadow ever. Even. Like for events I like never put eyeshadow on I feel like it makes me look weird because I have really small eyelids, or. I have big eyelids but I've really squinty, eyes so. Just like closes my eyes and makes them look than smaller than they already are so, if you guys are interested in, my makeup routine I will link that video down in the description box but I will link all of the products, that I'm using right now as. Well in the description box if you guys are interested in that like my lip combo that I've been wearing lately. My. Eyeliner. My liquid eyeliner I changed, that up but, pretty much everything else like my face products, are all pretty. Much the same so I will link all my products down below for you guys as well as the, video if you guys are interested in that and then once I find the time I will, try, and update that video for you guys but. I'm gonna stop rambling so that I can go drink my coffee and peace. We. Lost her side. We're. Only. Solely. But. As we delve into the. Water time. Your. Will different. Dreams awaken, never grow. Yeah. As we drove in deep to the water time. Cuz. We are different, troops, away can never grow. Okay. The girls are awake and Bailey is coloring, her all about me poster. This. Is due today so she's, coloring, it to make it look colorful, and. We, asked her all the questions, I'm, not gonna read them off to you guys cuz we're in a hurry but, if. You want to pause it and read you, can I'm, color in a heart. Yeah. Look, at their cute little shirts, these, are from. Shoot. I need to look. At the tag can't remember off the top of my head okay these shirts aren't from wild. Honey, apparel, so I will link them down below for you guys but they're really cute Bailey says. Moonchild. On it and. I. Put her hair in pigtails today because we had a little bit of time. But. Shay's wearing cute, little bloomer. Shorts with it and their, Adidas and then, these, bows. Are from, white, looms she, always wears the big ones dinner her little ponytail and then, Bailey has the. Polka dot ones on today they're both from white loom so. Your. Choice you're wearing jean shorts today, huh. What. Color are your shorts pink. Pink. Good. Job look who decided to wake up. Good. Morning, sleepyhead. He's, also three. Months. All today, ah. Can. You believe it. You're. Three months, old. What. Do you guys think. Gray, since three months old today is that pretty big yeah, he's. Getting bigger huh. Your. Circles, day. Draw a circle. Good. Job honey. You. Drew a circle okay, we just got home from dropping the girls off at, school we're letting Chloe out to go potty but. I wanted to talk to you guys about something, that both. Adam and I have been struggling with with, Shay. She. Is, at the age right now where, she. Actually has, better. Vocabulary, than Bayley did at this age she. Doesn't have any delays whatsoever, we actually got her evaluated, for speech because I thought she might have a delay but she doesn't, the only delay, she has which is really minor is cognitive.

Is What the therapist said when we got her evaluated, I think. It was like a few months ago maybe three or four months ago is when we got her evaluated, for speech and they checked everything and she's right on track for everything, except, cognitively. So. The. Thing. That we're struggling with right now with her is she. Knows how to talk and use her words but in certain situations. Where, she's, throwing a fit or, crying. Or screaming or whatever she, like, closes. Up and there's, like a wall there with her where there's no, reasoning, with her whatsoever. Mmm. And it's. Really hard to explain but she. Will go through these phases constantly. Throughout the day she has them all the time where she will throw, a fit like normal. Like a normal two year old and. She'll. Cry and, then. I'll, ask her what's wrong and I'll try and reason with her I'll, try and get her to calm down in certain ways and she, just will scream, and, say. No, and when. I ask her know. What like, what is she saying, no - she. Doesn't give me an answer she just continues, to say no. Over and over and over again and she, knows how to talk so that's the frustrating thing is we. Don't know why she's crying she won't tell us why she's crying and. She'll. Just repeat over over, and over no, no, no and so. The. Thing that were struggling. With with her is getting. Her to speak in situations. Where it's more, important, that she uses her words because, when. She gets in those situations, where she's just screaming, uncontrollably. It's hard to, get her to calm down because we. Don't know why, she's crying. And, so. For. Instance I'm, gonna try and give you guys an example even though it's really hard to explain. So. This morning I was getting her in her car and, every single time we get her in her car seat it's a struggle, more, diss her back she kicks her leg she screams, she hits me. And. So. We were we, were gonna be late to school so I had to buckle her in her car seat most. Of the time we'll try and let her do it herself because she's in that phase where she wants to do everything herself but. She. Like plays these mind games with us like she's super smart and she will. Say she wants to do it herself like buckle the top, part the chest clip and so, I will be, as patient as I can and let her do it and after, like five minutes, I'm like hey we got to go to school we're gonna be late so I'll try and do it for her and then, she says no she does it she does it so I'm like okay Shea does it but she like does it super, slowly, like she knows what she's doing and she'll. Like take. It back out and put it back in and take it back out and put it back in and not close it fully and I'm like Saint, you got it you got to close it we got to go we're. Gonna be late to school, try. And tell her like why we need to get in the car seat and what, we're doing so, that she doesn't like I, don't know I'm just I try to like vocalize everything that I'm doing with her so that she understands, what we're doing. So. She just plays these like little games with me and Adam and it just it it's. Hard you guys it's really hard so, after, like five, minutes of doing that going back and forth I.

Eventually, Just have to clip it myself because we gotta go to school and then she freaks. Out and loses, it and. Cried. The whole way to school and. When. I asked her what's wrong she, just screams no, and. Then. I just trying to ignore it and when I ignore, it she, screams, even louder and says mama mama, over, and over again and I'm like okay what Shae what's wrong and then she just says no, I'm. Like okay so. I just ignore the situation and. Then. She screams my name again. Screaming. Crying I'm like what Shay what's wrong no. No. What Shay, no. No. What Shay what's wrong use your words, tell me what's wrong trying. To help you know, I'm, like okay so continue intro drive to school just, trying to ignore the situation and. Then it's just on repeat over and over again, until. Eventually, she. Calms, down on her own but they, can last like upwards, of like 30 minutes of her just screaming, crying, my name screaming no over and over again and I know the whole situation. There. Was she, wanted to do it herself which I gave her plenty of, opportunities. To do it herself. But. She. She. Doesn't do it herself like she knows how to do it she knows how to clip it in but she was, taking, her time and just like didn't, want to do it and, didn't, want to close it all the way like she knew, what she was doing if that makes sense. So. That. Was just one instance, that happened this morning I just want to ask you guys if you have any experience. With. Situations. Like that and how you guys deal. With it because I don't know what to do I have no idea what. To do in situations like, that Bailey, was never really. A tantrum, thrower like that. She. Was more easy, to reason, with so, I. Don't. Know if I I was, mentioning this to Erin and Hillary and Hillary was like maybe you should get her into cognitive, therapy, and see if that'll help and see if they can teach her, how, to. Express. Herself. Because. What we're doing right now isn't working I'm, hoping, she she, just grows out of it soon but I really think I. Should look, into cognitive, therapy, and see if that'll, help her, but. Let me know if you guys have, any experience with. Toddler. Tantrums like that and how you guys handle it and if you guys have taken, your kids to cognitive, therapy and if it helps. Because. We're kind of just like at our wits end and it's like really straining, on like our mine, and Adams relationship, it's really stressful, so, that's. Just something that I'm struggling with right now as a parent. And. It makes it hard to like. Do any like simple, tasks throughout the day because, she's. At this phase right now where she just wants to. Do. Things herself do it her way which, I totally respect, and I, give her plenty of opportunities, to do so. But. It's that like back and forth like, thing. That she does that's. Kinda hard to explain hopefully you guys understand I'm trying to say but. Yeah. So that's, what we're struggling with right now both, Adam and I we, just don't really know what. To do so I think, after. I get this little guy down, for a nap. Talking. I'm. Gonna look into different. Cognitive therapists. Around our area and call them and see if we can have, her, evaluated. And. See if they will, take. Her for cognitive. Therapy, and see if that helps I'm going through some of Bailey's artwork that she brought home recently and I wanted to ask you guys what. You guys do for your, kids artwork. And stuff that they bring home because, I don't want to throw it away I want to keep I'm not gonna keep everything obviously but I want to keep the things that I think will, be fun to look back on but. I want to know how you guys store them because I'm at a loss for what to do I don't want to just throw them in a box I want to organize them better so if you guys have any ideas let me know this. Is so cute her little creation, book oh.

I. Think Grayson's, starting to wake up a hold on okay, I just fed him and we did a little bit of tummy time now. We're just hanging out oh. There. It goes to his hand again. There. Go those hands again. I. Love. You so much, but. I have, to show you guys this little project that Bailey did because it. Is so cute it's her creation, book that they did this week at school and, so. On the first day God, separated light, from the dark. On. The second day God created sky, and water on. The third day God created, land trees, plants. And flowers. They're, a little drawing. On the, fourth day God, created, Sun Moon and stars. On. The fifth day God created. Birds and fish, on. The sixth day God created. All animals, and male. And female. You. Talking over there. Are. You saying in oh, you. Got to go out on the seventh day God rested. That. Is adorable. So. Cute but yeah if you guys have any ideas let me know on how, you guys store art. Projects and stuff you gotta go potty. Pretty. Soon you're gonna be bringing home art projects. At. The rate you're growing. Yeah. Yeah. I. Love. You sweet boy little, three-month-old. You. Can kind of see his rash today. Now. That he's in like a little. Onesie, his. Skin is just really dry it's not red anymore really, but, it. Goes all the way up to his shoulders hey, I'm a big, boy now. I'm. A big. Boy now. This. Is like all I do when. The girls are at school I just talk to him all, day long and stare at you and, talk, to you and, kiss you, I. Need. To bring out some of the teethers in your room, because. You're growing up so fast. UT. Then soon you're, gonna be Tia and probably within the next month I think maybe. No I don't know I don't remember when the girls started teething these. Are some of shades art projects, that she's brought home this year and I just have them hanging on our refrigerator but. I know I'm gonna get a ton more because the year just started so I want a good organizing. Solution, so, that they're. Not just like thrown in different places and I lose them okay it's a little bit later now I just put Grayson down for another nap and I'm about to make myself something, to eat for lunch but, I was starving so I just quickly, grabbed one of these premier protein saw that I mentioned. Them I think they saw my organizing, video where, I was organizing these. In our fridge and so, they. Reached out and wanted to and some, of their new. Flavors, I don't know if this is new caramel, I don't. Think it is but they have a pumpkin spice one which they also sent, and I'm not a huge pumpkin spice fan. But. If you guys are, try. It out and let me know if you guys like it but the caramel ones really good to know how do you guys said that you pour one, of these over a couple shots of espresso and. I used to do that to Alexandre, Garza is the, one I think that recommended, it to like the entire world now that doesn't it, but. Yeah. I used to do that like last year and I haven't done it since but I already have my coffee for the day so I'm not gonna do that but I just. Wanted to share that this flavor, is really good too and that they also have a pumpkin spice one for fall if you guys like that flavor can we just take a second to. Look. At the current situation of. My laundry room. Because. This is pretty, much what if like barely open the door this is pretty much what it looks like. Every. Day I'm. Like always drowning. In laundry I can never keep up with it especially now having two kids it's. Just so out of hand, so, I think what I'm gonna do now this, is all folded this is like shays clothes I need. To bring this upstairs and, put that away. Hold, this, load this, is all Bailey's clothes and, these are all, mine. And Adams clothes so I think, I'm gonna spend the next hour to, doing, laundry this may or may not be the fifth time that I've, started, the dryer to, dry these. Clothes you can help me unload the dishwasher I. Just. Did a couple loads of laundry and. Of. Course I'm watching, Alexandra, beuter, she. Always motivates me to get stuff done so now, I love this the girl should be home from school soon Aaron, showed these on oh my gosh all the dishes are still like soaking, wet oh I. Hate when that happens, but. Aaron showed these on her story she showed him on her stories a couple times and I was like okay that's it I'm gonna go buy him because they're so cute and I think the girls will love them they stick to and the.

Counters To their silicone, so. I got one for each of the girls and, I'm, gonna make their snack in this today I need to obviously dry, it is it soaking wet. And but. She sent me the link to her Amazon store for, these and, I literally bought so many different things I bought I'm. Her Amazon store I bought this as well. Lice. Prevention, spray for. The girl's hair now that they're in school I just I, don't know thinking about having them get lice is terrifying. So whatever I can do to prevent that I'm, gonna, do so I got this from her Amazon store as well and a few other things that haven't, arrived yet I'll link this stuff down below if you guys are interested in this, definite. Must-have if your kids are in school I think okay I just finished clearing out the dishes that were in the sink and put them in the dishwasher now, that the dishwasher is unloaded, but, I just shared this on Instagram stories, I think yesterday I don't, know why it's taking me so long you guys to get a sponge, holder for my kitchen sink but it's pretty, much life changing, so, if you guys don't. Have one of these seriously. Get, it it's amazing, I don't know why it's taking me this long to get a friggin sponge holder but I love it so I will link it down below for you guys I got it from Amazon I created an Amazon storefront, a few weeks ago and so many of you guys said it's been super helpful so, a lot of the things that you guys see in my house I linked in my Amazon store which is linked, down in the description box so if you guys are curious on where, something is from in my house that I talked about chances. Are it's linked in my Amazon store so I just wanted to verbalize. That because I don't think I ever have on my channel but I have, an Amazon store now so you guys can check that out if you haven't already you need to go out again. You. Just want to go out there and play on dig holes, that's. Her favorite thing to do in the backyard is dig. Holes yeah. You do you love digging holes in the backyard and dad gets so mad. Where. Are you. I have. To watch her so closely, because. This. Is what happens. She. Digs holes in, our, new grill this, is like pretty much still sod I mean. The grass hasn't really grown too. Much and then it's about to die here and the next like month or so because fall and winter is right around the corner but. Yeah she took, a massive hole there and. Another. One over here. Right. There and. I. Hid. One. That she's been working with, the kids bounce house, so. That she can't get into it but if. I'm not out here watching her like a hawk she, just digs holes.

You. All died. Good. Girl. Okay. The girl should be home any second now so I just made, them their little snack from when they get home I gave them each a couple carrots with some ranch some. Veggie straws and I cut up a Kiwi for them I like, to do this before they get home so that way they can just come right up to the bar and eat their little snack because they're always starving, as soon as they get home from school and then I just took out some ground beef to put on the counter to let it thaw out a little bit because I want to make some taco salad for dinner tonight I haven't made that in a long time and it sounds really good so that's, what we're gonna be having for, dinner tonight this is how you know Adams home, she, is, just stopping the door waiting. For him to come inside. Stat. Home. Dad. Home oh, ah. Ah. Where's. Dad where's. Dad. Okay. No. It's. Minnie Mouse. Red-and-black. Minnie. Mouse is also read in black though what, do you think Shay you. Like it she's, like why isn't it moving, it's stuck, it. Sticks the counter so you guys can't spill. What. Do you think Bailey okay, you, like it. Miss. Erin gave me that idea Scylla, has these plates, Scylla. And Adeline have them at. Their house you. Like. It che. Maybe. It'll help him eat more we're, picking out some, Scholastic. Book orders for. School. Which. One's did you pick really. The. One with the what I think. There's a package where you get how many of us has changed it's 10 big ten, books for 30 bucks 10 20 bucks for, 20 bucks yeah there's two of them one. For. 30 that's a really good deal two dollars about, what's. Good and happy. My. Gosh. It's. Such a nice day out today is not do you want to also we are on. Our way to the park, got. The whole crew with us Chloe, included. Really. Is on our balance pike. We're. Using our Bugaboo, Donkey. Right. Now and. We've. Only used it maybe like once, or twice since. We've gotten it but I love it for like stroll I'm sure we're gonna use it a ton, when. We go to the park like. In the fall once the weather starts to cool down for real but, my. First impressions, of it like it's perfect, when you have an infant like this size. What. Honey. Okay. She's, making that day me lying over there. Got. My first impressions, of the stroller I think, it's perfect and super ideal for when you have an infant because you can just lay them down in this little and. What's. It called bassinet, part. Of the stroller and it's. So, smoothy, wise and so easy to navigate and, turn and. I love this little carrier. Right there so you don't have to bring your diaper bag you can just bring whatever essentials. You're gonna need for your outing so I got the girls water cups a binky. My. Phone and, that's pretty much it that's. And if BMI. We. We. See. We are free. That sound. Okay. We're back home now from the park the girls are watching a show. Grayson's. Down for a nap and I'm, gonna get started on making taco, salad, for dinner tonight. Like. Everything's. Our. Problems. Away. Would. You put in there. Hey. Tomato. Can. I cut that up hey thank, you. If, it's only for now. I don't. Mind cuz, I know that you love is. Endless. If it's only for now. Is. Okay. We just finished up with dinner the girls are upstairs playing in the playroom Adam. Just putting Grayson to bed I'm cleaning up, the aftermath of dinner right now I'm. Trying to, I'm. Trying to cook more and. Sit down on our actual, table and eat dinner, I'm. Trying to I'm trying to make it a thing now you guys I. Know home so and like family dinners are and we. Used to do all the time and I don't know what happened we like fell off the bandwagon and we eat out all the time and I think that's the issue is we eat out way too much so I'm. Gonna try and. Cook. More, and do. Family dinners at our dining room table because like, I said I know how important it is and, I grew up doing that and so I want. To start doing that more so we. Did it tonight but. The girls are upstairs right now playing in the playroom like I said I'm, just trying to clean up a little bit before we do bath time and get the girls to bed. Okay. I just finished editing today's, vlog and I realized I forgot to edit and I'm sitting in my office right now or I was sitting in my office chair. But. I had a stand up against, a blank wall right now because I don't want you guys to see too much of my office and give, it away but that's gonna be Monday's video so be on the lookout for my office reveal I am, so, excited to share with you guys it turned out so cute and I spent so much time in here now I love, it and I can't wait to share with you guys so my. Office reveal video will be live on Monday, morning but I wanted to end this video here thank. You guys so much for watching be.

Sure To give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe if you haven't already I'd love to have you a part of our family here and I will see you guys very soon bye. If. I'm gone daddy no my. Witness.

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Tara. You’re the mom. The boss. She just needs to know that!!!! It’s simple.

صراحة لفتني شي وهو كتاب المسيحية في اليوم السابع وهو الله استوى على العرش وخالين حرف zzz وهو الشخير اي النوم وفي القرآن الكريم لا تأخذه سنة ولا نوم فعلا الاسلام الدين القويم الحمد لله أني على الطريق الصحيح

Maybe a sensory processing disorder? She might not be able to express her feeling or move past it. But she's soooo young to be spending so much time at school. Especially when you're home. Like. What?

Love you and all but YOU need to allow Chloe to be a dog, she might dig holes but it can be fixed, they need to be dogs

Soo cute all your babies.. And Baylee is so smart

Honestly she sounds like a normal 2 year old! If it’s a time thing when she wants to be independent.. great but you have 1 chance. Then I have to step in. She might know that you will keep going back and forth with her. Maybe a few rules for yourself might help her realize boundaries. If I gave her 1 chance or 2 chances then I have to do it. And then do that every time.

ليش من افتح المقطع بدون ترجمه وثاني يوم احب اشوفه بترجمه هم ما يطلع عندي

I couldn't get over the tip of Grayson's peach-fuzzy little head in the clip of you talking

Hey Tara! I’m not a mom but I’m a 2.5/3 toddler teacher and honestly shay seems like she is perfectly fine to me! She sounds like all my students. No is all their favorite word along with doing it by themselves. My advice would be to give her options. When she’s yelling her no answers try to think of i could thrown her off because she honestly might not even know why, yet.... but she knows she doesn’t like the feeling lol I don’t know if that makes sense. Or like someone said in another comment- make things a race. Like you need to be done cleaning up (or bucking in after this song). If not mama will help. We can do it together (and sing). Singing always helps lol. The new baby and puppy is also a huge adjustment that will just take time. But again she seems totally normal to me- colors, shapes, 1-10, songs and basic school things like walking in line, sitting in circle time is the main focus for a 2 year old class

Tara your children are very cute and sweet

I have 3 boys... and let me tell u the middle child syndrome is always a struggle for me.. he is 4yrs old and it is always a challenge to deal with.. middle child is always the special one is character..

My daughter will do stuff like that too!! I find it helps to distract her and talk about something else.

You have three beautiful and healthy children, beautiful family !!!!Congratulations you and a great woman.

It's the age of defiance, so dont panic! I have 7 children, when u have another baby, behaviour of ur other children will always change. Just dont think things are wrong when kids play up, it is so normal but because these days it's like there has to be something wrong when ur kids play up! Please just take the time like what u are doing, but when she does something and starts misbehaving like in the car, just tell her I will give u 5 seconds to do put the belt on if not u will do it. Just keep it plain and simple. It will take a bit but u must keep quiet when she is chucking a fit after but she will.soon learn that u are the one in control not her. She is just testing you but it will soon stop and will be something else, there is always one difficult child!!!! Sometimes when u are so kind like urself, u just have to stick to been a little tough, tough love always works!!!!!! Goodluck!

بعض الاطفال يتغيرسلوكهم بمجرد قدوم طفل جديد للأسرة ،ربما تشعر بقلت الاهتمام اوانك بعيده عنها فتفعل ذلك لتلفت انتباهك

Take photos of the kids' papers and make a photo book of all the projects. I did this with my kids and they love looking at the books. I used snapfish. I then got rid of the originals. I also film a quick flip through of the artwork and add a QR code that they can scan and see as a video. They love the books and I throw away the artwork after it's been on display. I did a book for each year for each child. I also create birthday books on snapfish. My girls are in their 20s and love the photo books! Last thing, ask them to tell you about the art and add their description under each photo in the book.

Love you. Video. Haha

Toddlers act out and throw tantrums. It's completely normal. I don't think she's playing "mind games", I think she's doing the best she can in the only way she knows how. It also sounds like she may be starting to feel overlooked as the middle child. Maybe spend some one-on-one time with her - take her on a "date" like you do with Baylee sometimes. She needs to know that she's special, too. Cognitive therapy is a pretty extreme option for normal toddler behavior, but do whatever you think is best.

My 20 month old does the same thing. She throws a fit & just says no to everything. Only difference is that she’s not as vocal yet. I don’t really pay her any mind though because I know she’s just being a toddler & just gets in a mood all the time lol.

This sounds familiar. I don’t give my son any attention when he is having a tantrum, I ask what’s wrong a couple times and after that I just get quiet and ignore him until he calms down. Sometimes I turn up the radio and start singing if we’re in the car or I start talking to my daughter and I just ignore him. He eventually stops. It doesn’t sound like anything is wrong cognitively...she’s just a toddler, they are little humans with big emotions...lol

Tara Henderson.. mine had the same phase, it ended up being I was saying "stop it" so when he got upset that all he said so try to find a different word or phrase to use instead of NO. I hope this helps my son hasn't said stop it since I stopped saying it.

I’m really confused. Is the system different in America ? In Australia kids don’t go to school till they are 5 years old . Before that is kindergarten and they start that about 4 , and before that is daycare. So why is a 2 yo in school already ? I’m so confused

Seems like a two year old to me. I don't think it's mind games she is two.

Shay just like my three years old son he does the same things that Shay does because he has a new sister she is just one month

Love your videos tara ❤

you look like a doll

It could be anything from no longer being the 'baby' to just trying to be 'in charge' of not only her actions-but yours. I would advise not giving her 5 minutes to do anything she clearly knows and is capable of doing. 2 minutes would be my TOP time limit. Once she realizes the fit isn't going to be tolerated or rewarded in ANY way-she will find a new path of sharing her frustration or need for special attention. Hang in there....this too-shall pass!

Hey, Tara. Shay is very, very smart. She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing. She’s testing everything she can and she knows it gets a response. Shay is strong-willed, which is awesome but can be baffling and feel challenging after a compliant personality (Baylee). Shay’s personality requires her KNOWING (because you are demonstrating) you and Adam are bigger than her demands and stand-offs. Since reasoning is not working, try consistent firmness when she’s being obstinate. Once she realizes your will is stronger than hers, she will relent. Strong-willed personalities are awesome but they need to know who is in charge when they are little because those little determined leaders are clearly not ready to steer their own ship. Most importantly, ask God to guide you both in handling His special little leader He created (Shay

Suggestion for Shaye for the carseat buckle situation. Bring a timer and see if you can get her to either clip it by the time the timer goes off or encourage her to beat the timer. If you feel like she is making a game out of it, join in and make it fun. I feel you on the struggle of toddlerhood. It is so hard!

O.m.g shay exactly does like my son

Plz don’t vaccinate your kids they can cause a lot of health issues

Shay sounds like an Aspie (Aspergers) little girl... I am an Aspie and I see the similarities. Get her assessed ❤️ lots of love.

Have u got her vaccinated with the mmr vaccine that could be a trigger for her tantrums

Hey Tara. This is completely normal. My son is the exact same age as Shay and although he is an only child he does the same thing. He is very independent and refuses any reasoning or help. He will drop to the floor and just scream NO. My advice is to walk away. When my son does this I walk away and he will scream out ’Mummy’ but I just tell him that when he has calmed down he can come talk to me. It took him a while to understand but he gets it now and he will scream and cry until he gets it all out and then he will come to me. Honestly you can't reason with a toddler so it's best to let them get their feelings out and come to you with she is ready.

So sowet mama

As a mom myself of a 3 YO... .I think she wants some more attention and the "no" part is....you should not buckle up her seat she should.......so she is just taking that with her and saying it all the way.......

Oh poor Shay baby so many big emotions at this age. I work in Early Ed and I’ve never met a two year old that could be reasoned with during a meltdown. Her behaviour sounds pretty typical. Sometimes I think the more you talk and ask what’s wrong during a meltdown the worse it makes it. When she’s screaming and you don’t know why I’d just say “ come talk to me or have a cuddle when you’re ready” and stop giving attention to the behaviour. Move into another area and just let her go. Good Luck

I have the same problem in the night. It's not because she is middle child. It's expressing her feeling, because this is her character. I have one child, and she do the same things. You should talk, and talk, and be patience. Good luck

For our daughters art work I used a Large binder. Bought a bunch of page protector pages for it. Slide them in and they can be flipped through easily.

Me encantó el vídeo Tara

My daughter, who is turning 4 next month, was like that about car seat, as she was about 1 1/2 till 2 1/2 years old. She hates to go to the car and sit on her car seat because she wants only to walk outside and explore. She would cry soooo hard, kick, struggle and do everything in her power just not to be buckled up. But for me, it was just normal. She never do these things again. Maybe it is new for you because your first born wasn’t like that. I guess. But to me, it’s just a phase. :-D

She's at the age where it's a total battle of control. She's doing it to control the situation. When she's screaming I would totally ignore her, don't engage and don't let her know that this behaviour gets attention. I would also give her a time frame to clip herself in, let her know that after this time you will do it. Her behaviour is totally normal, nothing to be concerned of at all!

مرحبا تارا اني احبك كثير بليز نزلي ترجمه للفيدو

I think all of this is just Normal 2 Year Old Behavior. I am the Proud Mama of 5 Children from ages 11 years old to 26 years old. I can tell you each Child's Behavior is Completely Different and each went through the "Terrible Two's" It was just as it is Called "The Terrible Two's" Lol. She will Grow out of this Behavior. It is just a Stage she is going through. It soon will pass. Don't Worry :-)

My daughter does the same thing and it happens, I don’t know how serious it is because like anything, there’s levels to it, if Bailey is in school of some sort, the teacher will be able to tell if she needs therapy or not..... if she is not in school yet, it wouldn’t hurt to visit your child’s doctor, they usually can help you tell when it’s a therapist issue or just something that may need you to go for some sort of parenting training....I don’t know I went through all of that p and instead of having to go to a therapist and pay thousands, I was given different methods to deal with her... and they worked like a breeze!!! Edit: sorry, 8 said Bailey , I meant Shay?

Children these days are very lucky because if they got spanked like I did and ALOT of ppl. my age did, they wouldn't act like they do. it never killed me and it taught me to do wat I was told and I respected my parents more. and I knew wat I'd get if I didn't do wat I was told. spankings still work today also!

The book toddler tactics - pinky McKay. Helps understand why they throw tantrums and ways to help diffuse them.

My daughter did the exact same at 2yrs had complete meltdowns she hurt herself broke things it was a nightmare! But she got through it she’s almost 5 now and hardly ever has a tantrum x

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I just shared that lice prevention spray today as well! I love it!

انا بنتي عمرها سنتين يدوب بتحكي كم كلمة بستغرب من بنتك انها بتحكي تقريبا كل شي ما شاء الله الله يخليلك اياها

It sounds like she’s just wanting some extra attention, which is so hard to share amongst multiple kiddies

Maybe try a compromise if mummy does it on the way there but shay gets to do it completely on the way home?? It is just a natural control thing. My 3 year old is going through the same and I know this sounds a bit harsh but you have to be sly like them. Is she very safety conscious?? What would she do if you said “ok shay you have 2 minutes to do the buckle and if it’s not done and mummy can’t do it I will be driving to school.” I did this with my son and because he is so cautious of safety he panicked when I went to get in my door and let me buckle him in. He has let me do it since as I called his bluff. Obviously I would never drive without him being buckled but you just have to try everything. Good luck x

Hello I love follows your videos you have to be good and your interest is to love your children in your children and I wish to get us video to your video of your daughters and your thanks and very beautiful I love your children

Hii tara

tara henderson very hardworking

I think it would be better if the child stayed with you at home instead of going to school . it's too early for her

My daughter Mhelelynaa turns 3 months old on the 21st September

It seems like Shay is trying to get your attention. My big boy (6 yrs) started doing stuff like that when I had my second baby. I tried having one on one time with him more and that helped A LOT!!

Ps what did you do when she smacked you? Actually I don't won't to know

Do you give her a little smack on her precious little but? Or you think it's wrong , she will continue to do the same thing because she never got a smack so she doesn't care , she knows she will get away with it , you respect what she does? Really, that one that needs therapy is you, it's not your child that has the problem, it's you , my kids would never get away with that ,screaming for no reason? And you want to take your child for therapy because you can't use your common sense? O sorry I forgot that you have none of that. Is there a reason why you do let them get away with it?

I’m confused.. so are you referring to daycare as school?

I'm agreeing with other people. Tell her to clip the seat quickly, count to 30, and tell her if she doesn't do it then you will. As for the screaming, sounds like attention. Ask her once what's wrong and when she says no just casually say ok, nothing's wrong, and turn your attention elsewhere. She'll continue to scream for a day or two but she'll get the hint that screaming and not vocalizing isn't going to reward her behavior. She's still only 2, she's young, no way to reason with someone so little. Good luck

Two year olds don’t know what’s wrong! Adults don’t even know half the time. Read how to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk, Whole brain child, brain rules. Cognitive therapy for s two year old not recommended, this is normal behavior. More attention, more limits. Please don’t bring her to therapy she just needs time and you ...coming from a therapist we would work with the family at this age anyway. If you are struggling therapy for yourself is good but not a two year old.

If you know what’s wrong, try to tell her instead of asking. Like “I know you wanted to do it yourself and I’m so sorry you’re upset but we just can’t do it right now because we have to go” and then divert her attention with something she likes like “don’t you want to go and play at school/get a doughnut/watch the iPad” Also if you know it’s a reoccurring problem, you can get in the car with a distraction planned, like had her a cookie or lipstick or something so she doesn’t even care about getting buckled in.

Literally I’m going through the exact same thing with my daughter, she’ll be 2 next month ! No advice

I think so many things going on right now in her little life. She has a little brother and she started school. My daughter is the same. She is older and she can use her words. Shay is too small to tell you her feeling. The only thing what is help is a proper one to one time with her. Go somewhere with her even if it just 30 min. I feel for you.

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Maybe she doesn’t want to go to school... separation anxiety... my daughter used to do it... and then I bribed her with toys n treats and it ended in about a month

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I think Shay’s behavior is very normal for her age. It could be because of all new changes in her life, like having new baby brother and going to school. Specially the new baby in the house is very hard for them at that age. And besides she is only 2, it will be better through time. We had the same problem with my first daughter when we have a baby and she is now doing better

You just need to say loud how she is feeling in that moment. I now she can speak, but she cant say her feelings, she just too young. I have boy, he is 2, and he not speak yet, so i always say : Yes, you are angry because....and mommy see and know how you feel. And thats it, he is always calm down :) And dont listen to other, that your girl is to young to go to school, she is midlle child, she need more atention and orher crazy things. In europe childrens go to "school" at 1 year old :D all day, 5 days at week, and eating there and sleeping there, and its so crazy ( we are living in europe). So you are a good mom :) in europe people say that americans is too busy for they childrens, but trust me, in europe is strange that you at home with 2 year old child all day :D

Sorry for my english, i need to practise more :D

I’ve always sensed Shay was a little delayed

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Beautiful family prayers

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I’ve used this method with several toddlers during melt downs / temper tantrums. I do not try to talk to them or soothe them. I give it NO attention. I tell my daughter if you want to scream and cry that is fine but do it in your room, we all do not want to hear it. Sometimes I need to place her in her room. She is free to come out when ever she is done crying. Trying to understand or soothe or make what ever it is better for them feeds the fire. They will continue the fit for the attention that you are giving them, even if it’s negative attention. Try it, this method has stopped a lot of tantrums. I was having problems with my 3 year old being really mean to my 16 month old. Did all kinds of talking, time outs, you name it. It still continued. I had a friend tell me even discipline or negative attention the 3 year old wants cause of jealousy. She told me when I see my 3 year old hitting, pushing the 16 month old. Run to the 16 month old and soothe him, ask if he is ok, remove him from the situation. Start playing with the 16 month old. Do not correct the 3 year olds behavior or give it any attention. I tried it. Worked like a charm. In other words she is just trying to get attention, don’t give it, behavior stops.

I have experienced the same situation with 4 of my siblings and now that I’m a nanny to a toddler I have noticed they are just testing you. When children go through their terrible 2s they try to test the parents by acting out or getting their attention. It’s honestly just a phase and every child goes through it.

Sometimes you have to just ignore the ordeal. She has to respect you as the adult. Give her a time limit to let Shay do it or mommy does it. She will eventually stop when she isn't getting all the attention. Reassure her she is your baby girl and no one can take that away from her. You can buy a big ring notebook for each girl and get the sheet protectors . Let them help decorate the notebooks. I truly pray that it all works out for you guys.

For art...I recently saw a mom create a private Instagram acct for each of her kids. She would upload their art from the year and then create a chatbook or whatever from there. I’m pretty bad and throw everything away

She is testing you.. if she is ok.ijgnore her.

Hang artwork on a sting with clothes pins on the wall maybe

When you were talking about Shay, you were literally explaining this little girl that goes to my preschool to a T! All of us teachers have kind of put our heads together and just came to the realization that she's doing it mostly for attention. When we just ignore her and set her in a corner or in an area away from everybody else for a couple minutes, she tends to calm down a lot quicker. Obviously it's always on her time when she is going to finally quit throwing her fit but that is really the only thing we have found that helped so far. Her sister who is now five used to act exactly like that too and she grew out of it last year. So there is hope in sight! LOL.

Shay is such a sweet kiddo, sorry to hear about her struggle as well as you guys', its not easy when they cant express whats bothering them. Dont try therapy yet. Try to feed her less sugar (no offense but most snacks you organize in the fridge are carbs and laden with sugar, except cheese) and more meat or at least more fat from animal sources from milk and butter. Grass fed is better quality. She needs good fats to help her brain develop and physically feel better, naturally they also become more calm and evens out their mood. Animal foods helps children focus and have better attention as well. She will listen and vocalize better, then have more confidence in being autonomous. I also think her poo will improve too.

Tara have her check for autism because my grandson was doing the same thing Shay we thought that it's was him didn't want use his words .Just be safe than sorry

I don’t know if anyone else checked out her amazon store but the little tikes bath letters and numbers are 5 dollars in Texas and in Canada they cost 25 dollars... Really contemplating on starting fresh and moving to Texas right now why is it soooo cheap to live there???

I think you’re giving her too much attention. Tantrums are fed by attention. Give her the chance to do things for herself but if you need to get moving, just grab it and do it yourself. As painful as it is to listen to a 2 year olds screaming session, I wouldn’t enter into it. Is there anyway Shay could just stay at home with you?

I'm from India

I really dont understand why you are not taking him to his doctor for his rash. I am not trying to be rude or anything. Maybe he could see a dermatologist.

Grayson is so adorable love the cooing i miss that so much he is gettin so big

I work at scholastic and they have amazing deals on books

Hey Tara I feel for you girl I know exactly what ur talking about,,, one of my brothers had the same thing as he was younger bad behaviour and most of the time it’s for attention lots for attention and probably something to do with ADH... try to get some really good vitamins for her that are good for the brain to make her focus!!!

Get a bin and put sections like Baylee’s first year, second year etc. I can’t wait to do that once my kids are in school !

So great to see you all praying as a family!! Love it!

When my kids were younger I used to have them hang up their artwork on the fridge have them stand next to it and take a picture. You can date the artwork so you know when they created it☺️

I think it’s normal...it sounds like Baylee was an easily compliant child, so by comparison, Shay probably seems more difficult. I think she’s strong-willed and smart and wants her way!

I use the plastic file expanders to store my son’s “take home” artwork, etc from school! He’s still just in pre-k, but I’ve done this last year and then doing it again this year and I’ll label each file expander with what grade/teacher

She’s 2. I would for-sure put therapy on the back burner if she was way older throwing these fits then I’d be concerned. She’s so little, everything can be overwhelming and sometimes she might need to be sat down and explained stuff too. If she doesn’t have it let her go scream and throw a fit. They have feelings like us and she might not want to deal with something. I’m 99.9% sure what she’s going through is normal, she can sense if you or Adam are tense and she’ll feed off of that. Spend more one on one time with her. She’ll outgrow it. She’s a typical 2 year old. I’ll also add you and Adam need to talk and be on the same page and not let this come between you two. She’ll learn what it’s doing and will play you like a fiddle! She’ll be fine & our grow it. She’s just strong willed and very smart. She’s just finding herself mama!

My 2 year old just went through this car seat struggle. I kept consistent and she stopped. She does the back and forth stuff and it’s exhausting.

I love your vlogs so much Tara!

My son was 3 when my daughter was born. He had the worst tantrums in the months that followed. It think it was jealousy. He never hurt her or said anything bad or mean to his sister. But that doesn't mean it isn't jealousy. Maybe she's having a hard time not being the baby anymore, and this is the way she copes with it.

“Every day in a hundred small ways, our children ask ‘Do you see me?’, 'Do you hear me?’, 'Do I matter?’. Their behavior often reflects our response.” - L.R. Knost Negative attention is better than no attention. Children (of ALL ages) seek out negative attention/reactions when they feel certain needs aren’t being met. We have to be empathetic. We have to see it from their perspective & treating them as if their emotional & mental demands are invalid due to their “age” as an excuse to brush them off completely - as some people in these comments have suggested - will only further your issues. I’d recommend making an effort to set aside extra time for her like you have with Baylee. Being extra patient constantly like you already have been but more importantly, remembering it’s because at her age she’s still learning HOW to communicate her emotions which is still extremely difficult when she doesn’t know how to express or manage them yet. ✌️Stay positive

She is most likely subconsciously jealous bc she’s not the baby and you naturally need to give the new baby so much attention. It will get better.

It's called the terrible twos. It can hit anywhere between 2 to 4. Ignoring tantrums and giving attention to good behaviour will eventually make her understand that it's not worth messing with you. Don't even try to have a conversation with a child amidst a tantrum.

I really like to more sides of you like in this vlog . When you shre a more difficult situation in life

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My daughter is close to age with your daughter. She was also born in May 2017. My 2 year old is the same way and it's making me crazy! So thank you so much for sharing this because it helps to see I'm not the only one going through this with a child.

You are so patient with your kids and are goals!! You’re doing great girl! From my experience with two year olds parameters help. “You can do it yourself but when this timer (set your phone) dings I’ll have to help you. “ also if you listen to podcasts Meg meeker has a great one that cover so many parenting topics!

She’s totally fine. It’s just a phase. She has fun buckling it in and out lol. All my kids have done it. She’ll be over it before you know it

Hi how's u congrats for 3 months complete...

I thought you were describing my life! My 2 1/2 year old is always crying and screams “no no no” for a while and then is back to normal in a loop. It’s been worse since her little brother has been born three months ago. It’s so hard. I don’t know how to react to that so I do the same thing you do asking her what’s the problem and getting no answer. I think it’s just a phase so we’re trying to have patience and give it some time even though it’s not easy at all dealing with it all day everyday. You’re not alone!

Tara I don't have kids so I have no opinion.......You asked about what to do with the pics from school... Buy a binder you want a thick one. And get the page protecters that you can slide the pictures in. A memory book.

My son was an epic tantrum thrower (they would last 20-30min). When he was in a full blown tantrum there was no reasoning with him. I would describe it as if he was possessed. He was checked out and this screaming thing was in his place. He would scream/repeat the same phrase the entire tantrum. The more I tried to reason with him the worse it would get. I would totally ignore it and it would get worse the next few minutes but eventually it would stop. Once it was completed over we could discuss the situation and what was wrong and what he can do next time to prevent that. IT WILL END. It is a phase and she will mature out of it. As far as her wanted to be independent esp like then car seat situation. After ample time and you think she is doing it purposefully I’d give a warning and a countdown. Example: “ok Shay, we are going to be late mommy is going to count to 10, if you haven’t buckled yourself by then mommy is going to do it." Maybe that will get her to finish the task instead of milking it. You got this mama.

My 2 year old does this when she needs attention real attention like special attention

It sounds like Shay is doing that for momma and dadas attention. She knows she’s maybe not getting the attention she use to when she was the baby. I would say one on one time, something fun planned for the morning or afternoon you and Shay can do together. Be very patient that is her way of saying she wants attention and affection. Continue to be patient with her. All kids need equal attention.

She is a typical two yr old pushing the boundaries and trying to see how much control she can have, its a normal thing and she doesn't need therapy she will grow out of it when she realizes her parents are the boss lol

My middle child (also a girl) has very similar behavior patterns. She’s almost four now and is still a little harder to reason with at time compared to my oldest. No advice here, but I do sort of feel like it’s an innate “middle child” type of behavior. Mines never been tested for anything, but my instinct tells me it’s an attention seeking attempt. Even though we pay them attention...

my son is doing the same reactions im taking him to speech therapist and motor skills therapy he is doing much better

I think Shay thinks Garyson came and they made me ‘out’. :( it would be difficult for her to going through this. You should focus on that part

Another thing to try is allowing her to try things like buckling herself only after school when you aren't in such a big hurry and making a big deal out of it and also remember to thank her if she "lets you buckle it for her!". Like " Thanks for being mom's big helper and letting me buckle for you this time when we are in a big hurry!! Wow, that's awesome!!"

Actually, You got 2 knew babies. Grayson and Chloe. Your most attention with Gray for sure and Adam’s attention with Chloe. It can be more difficult for Shay seing arround lots of things going on and she is not having attention anymore. And don’t forget Baylee. She is still a little kid. She also need your care and attention

I’m honestly quite shocked you’re making such a big deal over Shay’s behavior. They’re exactly what you called them...a “toddler tantrum”. I can’t believe you would actually consider cognitive therapy for a 2 year old who has normal tantrums for their age. Two year olds can’t express their needs 100%, and I wouldn’t expect them too. It’s a phase and she will grow out of it.

This seems like a typical middle child who is having a little bit more of a struggle figuring out what her position is in the family. She not the baby anymore, yet she can't do as much stuff as big sister! Plus she may be a little jealous of both her big sister and new baby because from toddlers perception this new little baby might be getting tons of attention because he needs it as a newborn and she doesn't need because she's older! But its really hard for a toddler to express these feelings! She may be attention seeking to the extent that negative behavior get her attention so she will act out to test her boundaries!! Its hard being the middle kiddo competing for attention from mom and dad and not adjusting as seamlessly as with your oldest! Plus her language skills aren't advanced enough to express her anxiety and explain her feelings to you! I hope I'm making sense, but I was middle child in my family, and it was hard sometimes! Not old enough to do as much as my big sister and not young enough to get babied like my little brother.....Give her some time, she will get there! Just keep reassuring her that she is loved and that you cherish her. My mom used to tell me that I was super special because I was not just a big sister but I was also a little sister! My sister was only a big sister and my brother was only a little brother but I was BOTH BIG AND LITTLE!!! HOW SPECIAL IS THAT?!?

It’s just her being two. My daughter is very tough and goes through those phases you just described and it makes me feel better because I thought my daughter was the only one that does that. You have to put your foot down when she plays games like that but at the same time you have to let them get everything out. When my daughter is just having a hard time, I hug her and tell her give me a good hard cry, one more, and then I ask if she’s done she says yes I say you feel better? And she says yes and then we move on from the situation. I don’t agree with therapy. Just takes time and a lot of patience and discipline as well.

Also idea for organizing papers, I put my kids stuff in yearly folders. So each year they will get a folder or file and then I can place them chronologically in a bin and store them that way. Found that idea on Pinterest! There’s a ton of ideas out there

You’re giving her too much power. She wants to be the boss and your letting her. Big mistake.

You are an amazing mama and all three of your kiddos are awesome! I read through some of the comments and agree with many - Shay’s behavior sounds pretty typical of her age. One thing I always try to do with my son, even if he’s not fully there verbally to understand, is to try to explain the motions I thought he was feeling in a moment, once he’s calmed down. If he seemed mad about something I tell him “were you mad? It seemed like you were upset. It’s ok to get mad. That’s ok! But it’s not ok to yell/hit (whatever he did)” I do that to hopefully help him identify emotions with time and he’ll eventually get to the point that he can identify them himself. But what you’re all experiencing is normal IMO. For the art: I have a box from Michael’s that’s meant to hold cardstock and have it labeled for his art. But I’ve since seen another IG mama show her box and I want to do that moving forward. It’s one of those big plastic boxes that you can put hanging files in. She has one hanging file per school year and drops everything in there. Such a good idea! ❤️

She’s testing you mama! My oldest did the saaaaame thing!! She’s seeing how far she can push you and test those limits and boundaries. I got so frustrated one time that I burst into tears and the look on her face that she made mommy cry, scared her! And she stopped doing it as often. She still had her moments but it didn’t last nearly as long as before I “cracked”. I showed her that her actions had consequences by literally showing me “break” and showing her my limits.

Try the babywise series They have a toddler wide book that helped me so much when my daughter was going through similar behaviors. Also Brain rules for babies is one of my favorites to listen to regularly to keep you on point as a momma. Lol.

Can you link your necklace?! Love it

Hi. I am an early childhood teacher and cognitive ability is more related to learning ability such as memory, attention span, problem solving and sometimes logic and reasoning. I would recommend researching emotional development and managing emotions in toddlers :)

Tara shay reminds me of my older son I know it’s hard to me it’s harder now he’s older he doesn’t wanna tell me what’s wrong when somethings wrong

My 2 son's done the exact same thing after I had my last child. Even though they were getting alot of attention they still continue to do it. It lasted for little over 4 months then all of sudden they stopped.

I store my daughter crafts and stuff from school in a paper bag (like a grocery bag) then at the end of the year I put everything in her backpack from that year and label the backpack with the school year!

She’s 2 and has a new sibling and is also dealing with starting school....huge changes for a child that age. My son went through the same thing at the same age when his sister was born. He’s 3 now and has completely grown out of that phase

The art work can go in a binder inside the plastic sleeves so you guys can look back at them like a book.

I'm going through the same thing with my 3 yr old... he did this a little over his 2nd birthday and now that his sister is here.... It's back to the same tantrums, he plays those same mind tricks with me and my husband and he does it a lot when I'm busy breastfeeding his sister, I'm still trying to figure it out I didn't have these problems with my 2 older boys.

I swear Tara!I just had the same incidence with my daughter !!!the car seat buckling.Its soo hard and I think they say no when they are super frustrated and can’t do anything about it

Ive told you this before but Shay and my son Ronin are basically the same person...lol..Ronin did the SAME THING and im kind of a struct mom so i straight up ignored it. He is 2 and a half anf when he was throwing tantrums like he needed to learn how to express himself. I used to hold him tight enough that he wouldnt thrash and if he calmed down i would give him what he wanted... what i do now is teach him how to calm himself down when hes like past that point..i tell him to make a big breath and spread his arms wide and make it little again and bring my hands together. Once he is calm then we talk and cuddle.

What’s the name of the kitchen counter???

When I was younger my mom got a file organizer and sectioned it off by grade and stored my art work in there :) I'm 23 years old and when I go over there I go through it from time to time.

11:50 baby grayson 's little coo's

You look like a much prettier version of Paris Hilton.

There’s few things a child can “control” in their lives.... such as what they eat, when they go to the bathroom or where they go to the bathroom.... and how they use their body.... if she knows something is getting under your skin, she is going to do it more, because that’s the only thing she can control..... she is adjusting to a new brother, being in school at a very young age, wanting to “explain” what’s bothering her, but she can’t because cognitively she doesn’t have that capability.... it will get better, just try to redirect, try to change the subject. Do not pay attention to it, don’t talk about it after you have spoke about it once, give a warning and then Move on. It’ll get better. It’s just a control thing.

She keeps doing the screaming to get a reaction. When she screams, ignore her. Just say as long as you are screaming I'm not speaking with you. I don't think there is anything cognitively wrong with her. I think she is testing the waters and the reason she keeps calling you is because you answer so she can again yell no. The more you guys ignore her when she is having her temper tantrum the sooner she will stop when she sees she is not getting a reaction. That's what she is looking for, a reaction.

I kept my daughter's school stuff by grade in an accordion file folder, or boxes!

Toddler tantrums are crazy. Completely normal what she is doing. She does not need cognitive therapy in my unsolicited opinion lol. You are such an amazing mom and I think she is looking for boundaries. Love that you give her options but then there is a limit bc “we have to go to school”. Understand that she is upset and be there to help her through it but don’t get into it with her. Showing her that all her emotions are ok is important and they come and go. If you know she is upset about something in particular say just that. “I see your upset that I had to get you buckled up”. “We can try again next time”. Love following you and watching your videos. Your such an amazing mom

This is how I store my daughters projects/drawing: I opened an email account foe her , so I take photos of drawing and email them to her inbox. One day it will be a big surprise for her and for us to go back an look at.

I would definitely say it’s a phase, because of the new baby. However, I would give her a time to do things like the post below stated “ok, shay can do it but it needs to be complete before the song is over” etc. Also, I think it’s important to explain “momma doesn’t like it when you you scream at me, when you want to use your nice voice, momma will speak with you”

It can be really dangerous to label a child as "wild" or "bad" especially at such a young age. The label could potentially be carried into adulthood if Shay constantly hears that she is "wild". She sounds like she just needs extra attention and celebrated for her unique traits amongst her siblings..

C Lee I’ve never said she was wild or bad?

sounds like she may be feeling neglected with new baby, just try to give her more one on one time, maybe that'll help. maybe she just keeps saying no cause she can't convey how she's feeling.

You're a mom of 3, one which is a new born and needs all the attention from mom right now....and you're also a wife and the home and the to dos.... so shes not getting all the attention. It sounds like she's begging for attention badly. Shes only 2 and still needs a lot. She doesn't understand eirher..... Dont beat yourself though. You are an amazing mom!!!!! The best mom. Truly someone I admire. I say hug her when you're asking her questions. Give it a try. Hug her as you talk to her.....

اختي تارا هاندرسون ممكن حلقة عن انواع الثلاجات والادوات المنزلية مع ذكر الاثمنة في المحلات التجارية وشكرا جزيلا

For art and mementos I use hanging file folders and a file folder box. Each grade has it's own folder to file things in.

شاي اكيد عندها احساس بأن الاهتمام بالطفل الجديد اخذ من حبكم لها عندنا في مصر بنقول بتغير من البيبي الجديد

Ignore the tantrums & tell her when she’s ready to talk , you’ll listen. Or maybe time out!

At that point I would be firm and let her know if she wants to get upset we can talk about it later but I'm the parent so this is how it is.

Just get shay more attention ok

Sometimes all the kids need is a hug. My daughter used to do that all the time and I’ll do the exact same thing u did and it never worked...until I asked her if she needed a hug. I’ll just hug her and asked her what’s wrong and use her words then she’ll tell me. Maybe you’ve gone long without spending time with her or giving her cuddles lol

I think she needs you Tara. And don't want to go to the school.. :/

Zeerak Bilal we’ve actually noticed an improvement in her since starting school. I think school is helping.

You got this, stay strong


Tara maybe Shay don't like school. Maybe you should ask her and also talk with her teacher to see if she's acting out at school as well. I know she's very young but maybe someone is picking on her. Hopefully not but it's just a suggestion!!

Ver Nell I think school is actually helping! She’s been acting this way welll before we enrolled her in school.

In my personal opinion babe..I feel that she is just testing boundaries... She's no longer the baby of the family anymore and is trying to find ways to make her feel important as Gray.. (I.e small temper tantrums) not that she isnt but in a 2 year old mind she's on the back burner... Maybe try to have a mommy and shay date to have that one on one time with her. Just breathe and relax momma your doing amazing and remember this season of life wont last forever

That’s my 3 year old currently. It’s a phase . It’ll pass

Reading some of these comments blow my mind. Were you asking for judgement? No. You were asking mom-to-mom how to help with Shay’s tantrums. I WISH I could’ve found a good judgement free answer because I can tell you that you are NOT alone. Sometimes I wonder if my 26 month old actually has something wrong with him because the tantrums get out of control and it can be so embarrassing. You’re not alone and don’t let anybody make you feel like you’re not doing this right! So many mommas look up to you so I hope you continue to keep sharing for us! Please let us know what works for you guys when it comes to tantrum discipline

Laney Butts thank you so much.

When Shay does it again, put on your earphones and let her cry until you understand that she should talk

Maybe give her more time with just you. Take her out on little dates just you and her. Even just once or twice a week. Also, spend at least 20 min no interruptions with just playing with her. My suggestions based on what worked with my daughter. But I doubt you'll use any of these, it's just easier to put her in "therapy" right

I’ve actually done all of these things that have been suggested to me, which is why I came on here (super vulnerable) asking for advice and sharing that our next step may be cognitive therapy. I could have easily just never shared this. But we’ve done it all. We’ve tried it all. You guys see such a SMALL glimpse into our life. We’re at a loss on how to parent her and feel like an outside point of view could help give us the tools to do so. I’m just being honest with where I’m at right now as a parent. I’m not perfect , I don’t have all the answers. I admit that. But what I am is a good mom and one that wants the best for my kids. What would be “EASIER” would be to ignore the situation completely. At least I’m trying.

For the kids artwork- take pictures of the papers, put them in a photo grid and print them on photo paper and put them in an album!! You’ll have all the pictures and it will be so much less to store!!

I think that’s the problem. I don’t baby none of my kids. You’re mad, get the f over it. Don’t ask what’s wrong, aw baby r u ok? None of this BS works. They’re just gonna grow into spoiled entitled brats. She wants to be mad, ok well be mad, I’m the mom, I tell u what to do. This is what’s wrong with society. It may be cute now cuz she’s 2, but when she’s a brat at 11, no put ur foot down!!!

Try also vocalizing what’s allowed and what’s not. Tell her that she had one minute to do it or a certain amount of tries to do it and if she doesn’t then you will. Then follow through. Always! I really recommend giving her options and explaining clear simple outcomes. Good luck! (I coach gymnastics and have a lot of experience with littles). Once the situation passes try recapping with her (briefly) and tell her what to try and change next time.

This is typical for 2 year olds to act like this. Every child is different and unique. I wouldn't be too quick to send my child to therapy over this. Reasoning with a 2 year old is impossible. They change and grow everyday! Its hard for them too. You need to be stern with her so she k owns when you are serious and when your not. Consistency is key with children, especially this age. No is no and yes is yes. With the carseat situation, look at her and tell her we cannot drive the car when you are crying, it is not safe. And dont drive until she stops! I'm sure she will get the picture soon that mommy is serious!. I love your channel and your family and I hope this works out!! Your doing great by the way❤

Your kid is normal, aren’t you glad you asked?? Seriously though, some of these people are cray cray


Need to know where you got Chloe’s bandana! So cute

I love you tara

Oh yes my daughter asks to do things herself and does them suuuuuuper slow too and most of the time doesn’t do them on purpose... then when I step in to help she gets frustrated but there are certain things I have to make sure she does like strap herself in her car seat!

1st off your family is beautiful! My suggestion with Shay is 2 things 1 that I tried is the 1,2,3 1 means stop 2 is a warning and 3 is consequence. Whether that's no TV show or whatever and sit down and explain when she is not upset. I have done it with my 2 yr old and it has helped alot. And If for some reason that dont work and she is screaming and throwing a huge fit and theres no reasoning I tell her to go to her room and after a few mins she calms down and comes out and I ask her what was wrong and or explain that's not how we behave. Gives her and I time to calm down. Hope these help.

Etsy sells these really nice grade binder bins for you to put all their work in and there are tabs for each grade and they come in different colors for siblings.

Listen to the Respectful Parenting podcast! It has helped me so much with my 2 year old! Basically u don’t need to reason out with them, bc it will never work they say. She just has to go through the tantrum until she’s ready for it to be over. For my 2 year old, I usually have to hold her tight and let her know that it’s ok for her to be upset, you’ll accept her no matter what, and to let you know when she’s done. Then, when the tantrum is over, you can try to talk to her and see what’s upsetting her. Bc during the tantrum, they can’t see past that at that moment. It’s tough! Hang in there mama!

Im not sure how to store them, id do a file folder or something. I saw this cool frame on amazon from another mom. It opens up so you can switch up the artwork. I think thats a neat idea

Lol sounds like middle child syndrome just her way of getting her own attention

Thats normal behavior

This sounds like a normal two year old - ignoring it is he best thing you can do because eventually she will realize that throwing tantrums isn’t going to get her what she wants. As a result, eventually she will stop doing it, and at the very least she will calm herself down more quickly.

Take her car seat out (when there is time)., and allow her to play /focus on the car seat and how to manage it>

Love your channel Tara! You are doing an awesome job especially holding up 2 kiddos and a newborn! Hope you figure it out with Shay. Keep us posted! Wishing you the best (-:

She's a beautiful girl doing this because of her brother, who came to talk and thinks she took her place and behaves this way to draw attention

I hear ya about laundry I was folding laundry while watching this video, and 3 other loads needing my attention it is taking over, omg Baylee's project book to cute, and another baby loves his hands my 10 week baby girl loves her hands

Shes just being a toddler acting out, I dont think she needs therapy for having a tantrum as a 2 year old

She maybe embarrassed or doesnt like to be told to stop or u just asking.her sets her off and doesnt want u to talk to her

Maybe she is jalouse

My 2 year old is doing the same as Shay, she’s all the time trying to test us and the limits we have. With me there’s no much problem but with my husband is a nightmare because he gives in much easier than me (for me a No is a No til the end no matter what). In my case I let her scream or kick, and then I talk to her, I never ask what’s it’s wrong because it gets worse. It’s just a phase it will pass ❤️

Hey Tara, A good way to store the art projects would be to get each of your kids a binder and some clear page protectors to put the artwork in and set up a binder. My grandma did this for each of us grandkids and it keeps the artwork from getting bent or discolored.

Other people have said it she's doing it for attention especially if its gotten worse since the baby has been born. You need to continue to tell her why your doing something but when she gets into the MOMMY MOMMY stuff ignore her like you said she knows what shes doing she knows it bothers you. but you need to give her some time just yall and Adam as well

I have the same issue, let me know what helped you!

Start doing individual dates with shay and Baylee with you and Adam taking turns. It probably bothers her she’s not a baby and she’s adjusting to being a big sister. She doesn’t know how to explain it and that’s probably part of the reason she is acting that way, along with her being that age.

From having two little girls myself I think she just wants her own way and her shouting mama trying to get your attention and you give it to her then she just says no. It's super tough but what worked for me was just not reacting to that behaviour I just let her shout mummy I would turn around and she would just cry so I I wouldn't turn around after that then she would calm down after a while and say mummy with a calm voice and I would answer back with enthusiasm

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Laminate the pictures you like and store them in a folder or keepsake box. I have a cute keepsake box for all 3 of my kids. It's like a little time capsule for them in the future and for me as well.

مرحبا تارا أضن أنه مشكل غيرة لأنها لازالت تتأقلم مع مولود جديد في البيت وربما اهتمامكم ب جرايسون أثار غضبها لان الوضع جديد بالنسبة لها وسيما كانت الطفلة الصغيرة المدللة بينكم

as a hair dresser I respect you for trying to prevent live much cheeper to buy the stuff to prevent it then to get rid of it plus all the time it takes!! love your channel!!

Try giving her a timer to complete it herself. Kids respond really well to countdowns and timers and I wonder if that would help her to understand if she is going to do it herself there is a time limit for her to do it or you will do it if she doesn’t.

حلوين اوي

Instead of asking her what's wrong, because toddlers have a hard time not only controlling their emotions but expressing them too.. Explain to her that "it's okay to be sad...". And then tell her what she needs to do next time... Like in this case, she needs listen and buckle herself in, or you'll have to do it for her... She had her chance, she's just testing your patience and throwing a fit because she didn't get to play you. Also, give her a stern warning.. I tell my daughter.. "this is your last chance if you want to do it yourself." And then buckle her once she starts to play you after that.

Also, if she's throwing a fit for an extended time, tell her she needs to calm down and try and take to a quiet spot, like her bed or a comfortable chair where she can have her own space away the family and she get one on one time to relax. Depending on the fit, she could just need a time out. Which is really effective on my daughter and she almost instantly stops the nonsense.

كررت الفيديو وضحكت على شعر شاى ، سانتظر الفيديو القادم بحماس ، شاى تصرفاتها ليست بغريبة ودائما" الطفل يحب أن يجلب انتباه ليميز نفسه عن أخوانه لدى وألديه كحب أنانية بريئة لااكثر فلا تقلقي تارة

It almost sounds like she might be struggling with OCD. I hope you figure out how to help Shay...keep us posted!

I think your daughter has a problem at school or bullying

This was a GREAT vlog! Love your videos! I also have a two year old. They are at the age where they will test what they can get away with, and it is TRYING! The only thing that seems to work for me is a warning for a time out, and positive reward. Maybe ahead of time show her a cookie or some sort of cool reward and tell her that she will get it if she doesn’t cry and let’s you buckle her without a fit. Just remember, you’re an amazing mama, your plate is very full, and you’re handling it all very well!

Everything you are saying is Exactly what I’m going through right now with my three yr old

Laminate some of them together to make placemats for Christmas gifts or laminate them and make a calendar for the next year as gifts

I love the car seat buckle and the ABC song idea!! I am not sure I’d participate in a conversation when she’s in her “no” phase. She probably does want more of your attention and although she’s getting it in a more negative situation, she’s successful in getting your attention. One time saying, “when you stop screaming and use your words, I’ll listen”. Then stop participating in her struggle.

Try Putting on shays favorite song in the car when she’s screaming. Might help

A veces así pasa, es normal, los hijos son como los dedos de las manos aunque pertenecen a la misma mano no son iguales....tal vez ella esté tratando de llamar la atención de ustedes, no busques ayuda afuera ella es muy lista como tú mismo lo comentas, sabe hacer las cosas y hace q se retracen...tal vez no quiera ir y piensa que solo el bb se quedará contigo en vez de que ella también pueda estar y eso la hace sentirse desesperada, por lo tanto se comporta así y solo bloquea sus sentimientos.. ..solo trata de hacerla sentir que ella también es tu bb y que la amas, aunque yo sé que siempre se los demuestras, lo más seguro es que ella requiera más de tu compañía. Son excelentes papás y traten de terapiarla ustedes y no otra persona que aunque nos brinden apoyo y estén preparadas lo mejor de nuestros hijos lo descubrimos nosotros mismos. Saludos!

I get each kid a file box and give each grade a folder. Then put anything(school pictures, awards, art) from the age or grade in the folders.

Shay sounds a lot like my 2nd eldest, Evie. It's all learning emotional regulation. I know it's not easy in the moment, but they just need you to be the container for them to release their emotion into! It's all normal. I've got 4 4 and under....it ain't easy girl.

With the repative activities that is a sign of being on the Autism spectrum....and having auditory processing disabilities...My son who had this ...and he had a 5 hour examination with a pediatric Neurological developmentalist....Where he was diagnosed...Being his mother I would always give him more information because he needed it and he had separation anxiety from me...He was 3 when he had this exam..The Dr. Asked him Noah said...What do you do when you are hungry?...Now Noah looked directly at me and I was giving him cues...Dr. Said I was not allowed to...Noah replied

I drink the caramel premier in my coffee in place of creamer and I love it !!! I can’t wait try the pumpkin spice!! The kids are all so adorable

Most of the time, children yearn for acknowledgement, especially their emotions. She sounds like a very smart little lady and will constantly be pushing limits to see how far things can go. It’s all about exploration for her at this point. “I understand you’re upset. I can hear you shouting no, and I think you’re trying to tell me that you’re upset, and it’s ok to be upset right now. When you’re ready to tell me how to help you, let me know, I’m just here” If shouting continues, “I can see you’re still upset, but your shouting is hurting my ears. I don’t think you want to hurt our ears. Let me know how I can help you if you’re ready to talk about it” “I’m sorry you didn’t get to buckle it today. We can try again tomorrow. Do you know why you didn’t get to buckle it today? We were going to be late for school, and I know that upset you. Do you want me to show you how to buckle it safely so you don’t get hurt?” One on one time is pretty crucial at this point, little dates with your little ones can go a long way. Once they understand the routine that they can still have some alone time with you, it may ease their emotions. Again, she is a smart cookie, consistency is key at this point. If you say something can’t be done a certain way, that applies for everyone.

Wow that whole situation with Shay sounds tough. You’re such a good mama

1. Shay is 2 2. Shay is 2 3. Shay is 2 4. Shay is 2

THANK YOU!!! i mean seriously shes only 2 , not 20 lol

I have 3 grown boys Maybe she needs more time with you and maybe she doesn’t want to be at that school?? she maybe need to be with you more , if she keeps acting out you need to put her in her room and turn up the music and let her throw her fit and tell she can come out when she calms down you need to stick with it ! she doesn’t need therapy she needs rules ❤️

Okay this sounds crazy but my daughter was doing the EXACT same things. There was no reasoning with her or talking to her when she was in a fit. Then we cut out all high fructose corn syrup and they stopped. It was like a light switch.

I can't believe how big the kiddies are getting !! There beautiful and handsome

My almost 3 yr old does the same exact thing!!!. I give him 10 seconds and count to 10 out loud and tell him if he doesn’t do it by the time I get to 10 then mommy does it. The first couple of times he didn’t do it and got upset when I had to do it but now it works like a charm. I do it for other things too, like putting clothes on, coming back inside from playing outside... it puts some control in their hands because they have the time and opportunity to do it themselves first, but in the end you are still in control. Good luck, seems like all toddlers like to test their mamas

My mom has one of those long clear totes that she’s keeps our stuff in.

Your kids artwork can be scanned into your computer, then when the year is over, print out that years artwork into a photo book and you’ll have books for each year. :)

every child is different. I hear you that you are struggling but dont think something is wrong with her. it really does sound very normal behavior. Children her age dont always know how to verbalize their emotions or feelings. That doesnt mean she isnt having emotions it can just be hard to verbalize them. If I had any advice, it would be to just calm down and even hug her and kiss her and being gentle. And to help her verbalize. Ie, if you think its that she wants to do it herself, you can give her the words - say something like, "are you saying no because you are mad because you want to do it yourself?"

I agree with another commenter- you giver yo many opportunities. Tell her she can buckle it but she has 10 seconds. Count to 10 then do it yourself. She will throw a big fit the first few times but she’ll get it. When she’s tantruming at home and you don’t know why and she doesn’t know why giver a big hug, hold her until she calms down then talk to her.. it’s ok to help them go through the emotions, sometimes all they needs is comfort.

Hi Tara! I tried to buy some storage containers from your Amazon store (previous organization video) and it wasn’t coming up for me through our prime account. Can you please do a video on how to get to your store? Thank you!

Oh heavens. That sounds so normal to me. BUT at the same time, allowing her that freedom (to scream at you for 30 minutes) is not helping her or you. Nip that in the bud, quickly. Even if she doesn't know how to express what she is feeling, she absolutely can learn what is not an appropriate response. The fact that you let her carry on like that (NO judgement at all, I understand you said you're not sure what to do, and I COMMEND YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE) just reinforces to it is okay to scream and hollar when she doesn't get her way. Again, normal, but that doesn't mean it's not something that needs correcting.

No wrong its all about control. She is controlling the situation and you keep trying to reason with her. At some point you as the parent have to take control and make her submit to the fact you are the parent period and if that seems to be to hard for you to understand then you will be met with the same issues with her your entire life as will society. Today parents are all jacked up mainly because of government doctors input. Seriously there were reasons as to why parents in the good old days did what they did. Like when they get to the stage as know it alls ? lol good luck Stop being liberal in your child rearing. Its you not the kid...….They are a product of their environment simple as

تارا اريد منك أن تضعي لنا رابط كبسولات القهوة وايضا هذه الالواح التي ياكلون عليها شاي وبيلي كذلك لدي مناسبه مهمة جدا ارجوك ضعي لنا رابط فساتين سهرة تكون جميلة مثلك ولك كل الشكر والدعم

How about a good ole fashion spanking

I'm not a pro by any means. Just my opinion, I'd just keep doing what your doing, I think she's just going through the terrible twos and really testing you guys. Because like you said it seems like she knows what she's doing and it sounds like a power struggle/wanting to take control and test you and Adam to see if you guys will be firm and not let her get away with stuff.

Hi, i also have a two year old, they do like to test thier limits. In regards to her saying "no" it sounds like she does not know the words to express her feelings yet. E.g im angry, frustrated etc.i often try and use these words with my little 1 when shes upset and ask her if she's angry and why shes angry. Hope this helps x

I love you so much❤️ from libanon

How often are you breastfeeding? My son is a week old and cluster feeds constantly

This age is so hard! But I try to remember that they can’t always explain why they feel such big emotions!

Both my kids where EXACTLY like that ! They just grew out of it

You’re doing awesome, mama. This too shall pass. Go with your instinct. She will grow out of this. I don’t think cognitive therapy is necessary and eff all the nay sayers about her being in preschool. You do you. You do what’s best for your family.

A binder or a file box would be nice for the girls art class. There’s also a website that scan the art work and put them into like a book but I feel like it’s more special to have the actual paper they paint or draw.

That's just a normal 2 year old they like to just say no like that

Hi Tara! I am a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, and mama of 2 girls.... hope this helps .... she is definitely a typical two year old however during situations give an option of TWO. She may not be able to think off of the top of her head what she wants, so giving options really really helps. Also a small communication book or picture options ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I'm old school, I just Implement the "black mama death stare & balled up mouth " after I give my toddler 20 chances to do something on his own an he continues to try to test my patience on purpose

Do u think Shay is having a hard time vocalizing what feeling she is having maybe? My soon to be 4 yr old son does what Shay is doing during a meltdown an his therapist told me to vocalize his feeling.

Girl, my two year old son is just like Shay. The tantrum and crying is a fight everyday. Hang in there...it gets better they tell me.

Hey girl! I feel ya on the tantrums!! My boys are older now. It was my oldest that threw tantrums and we couldn’t figure out the trigger. Finally we connected the dots to food. I realize there are a million reasons for tantrums but I thought I’d share. He doesn’t process sugars well. Even now, as a teenager he noticed headaches when he has soda or anything much. So it could be something physical that she can’t communicate. Bless you for sharing! I know the struggle is real. I hope you find a solution soon.

The tantrums are normal, best to ignore and not give attention to negative behaviour and praise her for all the positive things she does, maybe a star chart can help with a reward at the end. As for trying to talk to her during a tantrum and she is saying no, she may not know what she's feeling, they don't understand their emotions so she may not be able to tell you. With the car seat give her the opportunity to be independent but set rules, two tries then mommy does it, and be strong. She doesn't need cognitive therapy at all, she is normal for a two year old.

I EXACTLY like that as a child. My mom told me I really knew how to push everyone’s buttons (or the mind games like you said). I threw awful tantrums and they got worse the older I got (lasting many many hours). I didn’t properly know how to process my emotions and recognize emotions (ex. I couldn’t recognize when someone was happy in a picture). When something slightly upset me I would just cry and I couldn’t explain the emotions. I was put in therapy once my school realized this. I was taught exercises during my “fits” to do. It got better after I finished my therapy and I no longer had those crazy fits.

Do you ever punish Shay? I realize we only see a few minutes of your day, so I don't know. You are a very loving Mama and I have never seen you raise your voice or talk sternly to the girls. I am wondering if Shay knew that there are consequences for bad behavior, if she might not do this stuff? When I was a kid and misbehaved, I was told "Go to your room and think about what you did" and I couldn't play with my toys. My Mom would make me stay in there so I could think about it. When I came out I had to be "ready to apologize". It made me think twice the next time I wanted to misbehave

When my daughter does that I try to tell her that would love to help, but I can’t if she doesn’t tell me what the problem is.

Hi Tara, I’m a speech therapist, and I definitely agree with having a spot in your house to have her calm down or at least just walk away and ignore her. Let her know that she needs a few minutes to calm down and stop crying. Make sure she knows that you will listen to her when she’s ready to use her words and talk. I would suggest getting children’s books on emotions and talking about feelings. Read them to her when she’s in a good mood to show her how it’s ok to be upset sometimes, but you need to explain why so mommy and daddy can help you. You should definitely do a reward system or sticker chart for good behavior or good communicating skills. For example, if she says something throughout the day, like mommy “I need help” or “I don’t feel good” or “I’m hungry,” or “can I have water,” you can say “wow, I love the way you said that and told me what you want so I can help you” and give her a sticker for good communication. Then when she gets 25 or whatever amount you choose, she can get some type of reward. When she’s having her meltdown, remind her that she can’t get a sticker for that type of behavior and she has to tell you what’s wrong. Be strong about not giving in until she calms down and is ready to communicate with you. Good luck! Also give her more one on one attention if possible! I know it’s so hard with everything, but could help.

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I’m sorry girl! My 3 year old was the same way at Shay’s age. I know it’s trying on your nerves and emotions too. One thing I try to remind myself when she acts that way is; the things that are trying about her little personality now, is something I’ll be grateful for when she’s older. She’s confident and knows what she wants. She just doesn’t fully know how to express it at this age. One thing that really helped us when she would have those meltdown moments, was to ask her, “are you sad?”. If she said yes, then we could ask why are you sad. It made a huge difference. It helped her to understand her feelings more and she eventually just started telling us what was wrong. It’s hard when we want them to have logic and reason and be able to communicate their feelings. That’s something I struggle to remember is that although she is so smart in so many ways...... feelings and emotions are hard to navigate. Even as adults. It gets better Mama...... promise!

our 2 almost 3 year old daughter is going through the same thing she doesnt know why we dont know why and then she will say her teeth hurt or her stomach hurts or she doesnt feel good we arent sure what is really happening but ya we are also stuck

I thought my 2 year old was the only one that did but what you’ve described is exactly what my daughter does exact same thing and it makes me want to pull my hair out because it will literally last forever. Yes it is hard super hard everyone always has an opinion on her when she is going through it but they don’t know what it’s like. I’m just not so patiently waiting for this to pass.

OMG.. Cognitive therapy? Uh shes a normal 2 year old whose testing the limits!! I cant even with all these parents who are so quick to "diagonse" kids and think they need therapy for EVERYTHING. Shes only been in this world for 2 years and yall are acting like shes seriously delayed. SMH

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Hi!! Look into “conscious discipline,” you can google it to start off with! I have seen it work wonders in my kindergarten classroom as well with younger 2-3 year old kiddos. This might help her identify her feelings and let you know what she needs to calm herself down. It may also show you and your husband how to help in her a way you might not have thought of. My baby is only 10 months old now so I don’t have experience with it at home, but I have experienced it with many, many students. Those times are tough and we can only do our best!! You are doing great just by loving on your sweet babies so much!!

My daughter just turned 3 and she has speech delay and acts the same

Sounds like she just needs more attention. Also maybe less “school” would help. She’s 2.

For the girls pictures , At the Dollar Tree they have lamanating sheets that are all in one . Its quick and easy .

I encourage you to explore the RIE perspective of parenting, Janet Lansbury has a podcast “unruffled” and has a blog that talks all about children and emotions. It’s not realistic to expect a child so young to be able to identify emotions on their own without giving them the tools. I’d start there :)

I keep my kids school art work in a binder with folders indicating each grade its from.

Ive noticed a big difference with your teeth !! The front one . They look amazing !! Even tho I think they have always looked amazing !! How's the process going ??

Also how did the SOS go with Grayson ??

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Check to see if your daughter Shay has Autism. My son had done similar things as her. There is nothing wrong with her if she has it, it’s just she sounds like she has the symptoms. Keep us updated. Love Shay

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Artkive is great for keeping kids artwork!

She’s in need of attention. It’s probably because of Grayson. Try and have mommy daughter dates.

Could you give her visuals and have her choose? I teach and sometimes even in first grade kids shut down completely and have a wall up. For my one child, who I know well, I made a visual that said: I need help, this is too hard, I need a break etc. When he was in a good mood, we went over these visuals as he can’t read the little captions. (I choose these as he is an ESL student and academics is very hard for him). So now, when he shuts down, he points at one of the visuals and we work through it and it’s so much better than dealing with him when he won’t talk or give me any ideas of what is bothering him.

You’re doing a good job and she will get through this. Bless you for being so patient especially with the car seat situation!! I always talk through with my kids, similar like you do. I always make a point to say “oh, my heart is so sad when you say no to me” or “my heart is so sad when you yell” “my heart is sad because I don’t know how to help you if you don’t use your words”... sometimes kids just heading that YOUR heart is sad, makes them think “oh no!”

Going through this a little bit with my 23 month old as well. She has just started to buckle herself in as well. Sometimes I will say to her before we even get in the car, "mommy is going to buckle you in today. We are in a hurry, and you can do it later." Kids are very smart and I think they understand a lot more than we think they do sometimes. Sometimes this works for me, sometimes it doesn't. Parenting is so hard, and you just have to take it day by day. But, with all that being said try a couple things out and find what works for you. Every child is different. We are entering the temper tantrum stage as well, and it's frustrating but so normal! Just remind yourself that you are doing the best you can. ♥️

I love you so much tara ! You’re such a beautiful person inside and out and an awesome mother ! Beautiful family

For the artwork put them all in a folder for the year then at the end of the year keep the ones that are super special to you and take photos of the rest and print them into a photo book by kid & school year. That way you have all the memories but don’t have to keep all the actual projects!

Ignore bad behavior (not all bad behavior) and reward good behavior. If she is yelling and screaming tell her you will talk to her when she is calmed down. If she is being good coloring or playing alone then you reward her with "I love how your playing all by yourself."

You need to not give her that much control you’re the mom she doesn’t need to buckle the car seat you can tell her she can help but ultimately ur momma therr shouldn’t be a power struggle with u the mom and a toddler if you don’t give her so many options she won’t get so frustrated take that option off the table also if she’s yelling mom unless she is hurt or something of coarse don’t acknowledge

I understand exactly what you mean. My three year old was going through the tantrum phase too and he’s really smart. My son can cry for an hour if he’s really mad! It’s perfectly normal at this age for a toddler to test boundaries. Hang in there mama. Do therapy if you feel Necessary but still Just let her know you understand how she is feeling but that behavior not acceptable. When she calms down you can talk to her about it. She’ll get it. My boy now is great and he uses his words to tell me how he feels and I in return tell him how I feel and what my expectations are as his mom so now he knows we have mutual respect and trust. Things are way easier now. You can do it mom this is just a phase. P.s Daniel tigers teaching methods saved our lives

Did it start before Grayson was born or around that time?? Maybe it’s her way of getting extra attention

Hey! I’m a preschool teacher. Here’s what I think...Shays just getting used to being the middle child. She’s not the baby anymore. She could probably use some quality time with both you and Adam either together or separately. Try to give her choices that are within reason for the both of you (you and shay). Tell her she can buckle herself by the time you’re ready to leave or you’re going to have to help her. If she doesn’t do it and you end up having to do it, so be it. Let her throw her tantrum and try not to give it too much attention. If she sees that she can get a reaction to acting like that she may keep doing it. Hope that’s helpful. It’s probably just a phase

Try and front load her 15 minuets before leaving “ ok shay these are the expectations for the car” 5 minuets then 10 minuets “ ok do you remember what we expect when we get into the car these are the expectations “ then 15 minuets say it again and then right before you put her in the car say again “ok now remember what we talked about” some kids just need front loading my kids need it it’s helpful

For Grayson’s skin try Cetaphil lotion( the regular adult tub NOT the baby line)Apply at least x3 a day and after baths. My son also has dry skin and eczema, and it worked for him.

A therapist can do play therapy with Shay to find the root of some of her defiance with you both but I think it would be a waste of money. Just because Shay is not as cooperative as Baylee is doesn't mean that she needs CBT. I think her behavior lines up with being a toddler alongside attention seeking behavior because she perhaps feels a bit left out between having such an emotionally intelligent elder sister and her newborn brother getting all the attention. She will never be like Baylee. Greyson will grow into his own personality as well. She is strong willed. Give her some extra loving, that her own unique personality will be embraced, and some time to grow, she will start maturing. I would worry more about Baylee's speech issues than Shay.

My daughter did the exact same thing. We started saying “You have a chance to do it. If you don’t do it when mama asks, then mama does it. You have a chance. Now do it.” We had to do this - there were times I’d be standing in the rain in the target parking lot, or late to an appointment or whatever. She would try to control the timing of doing things on her own like buckling her car seat clip. So we had to put a limit on her control of the timing while still allowing her to do and try to do things on her own. It has gotten much better and she eventually stopped trying to control ‘time’ for the most part.

Middle child syndrome She does it slowly because she knows that she’s getting your undivided attention in those few moments. She needs some more one on one time with you and Adam. I was the exact same way and it was because i didn’t get as much attention from my parents as I wanted/needed after my little sister was born. Even just taking her grocery shopping with you- just you and her- and have her help pick out the groceries would be a great start. Like you’ve said she’s SO smart and she realizes she’s not the baby anymore so she’s thinking of other ways to get your attention be it good or bad. You guys are doing great just keep on going. And if you want to do therapy do it. Even if it doesn’t help it won’t make things any worse.

She is so desperately neglected. So many changes happened in a very short time. You should've waited to get a puppy until Grayson turns 5. All the children will be much older and understand way better about that part. Shay does not need therapy! She is gorgeous and very smart, bright and a radiant sunshine. She is perfect in her own way. There is nothing wrong with her. Nothing. Stop asking her what's wrong and instead sportscast her feelings and emotions. For example: I see you're angry about being buckled in your car seat. I would be too if I had to do that or go somewhere I didn't want to go. I really think she's stressed so much from "school" and that's why she's behaving the way she is. You and Adam need to be a firm but gentle team to her. Don't ever compare her to your other children, that will destroy her. Damage her. Make her resent you, have anger towards you, bitterness, and even hatred. Ignoring her is not the answer; no matter how intense or long her storm is. What Shay needs during hard or difficult times is real love, lots of patience and positive attention, comfort, soothing words (if she wants the words), being respectful and gentle with her. If she wants hugs and cuddles during her storm than do that. If not than step back and say "that's fine but I'm not going anywhere, I am right here if you change your mind. I'm here no matter how long it takes." Leaving a child to figure out their emotions on their own is terrifying, stressful and overwhelming to them. One reason why time outs are bad. Jesus is very patient and perfectly loving to us and we are to be more like Him every day. Yelling, shouting, screaming, getting angry, staying angry, being impatient, etc. is not the way to positive parenting, gentle parenting, respectful parenting. I don't think you guys shout, scream or yell but I'm simply saying that's the answer either. Punishment doesn't work either but natural consequences do. If I were you I would take Shay out of school and wait til she's kindergarten age. This is way too much for her to grasp. We're not putting our gorgeous girl in daycare or preschool or any type of school until she's kindergarten age. I'm a stay at home mom too and I absolutely love it and I love being our little ones Mommy. I home school her and she loves it. She does a lot of learning through play and we are outside a lot. No screen time at all except one show she watches and that is Spirit Riding Free. And she only watched two episodes than the tv is turned off. Two days a week she watches it. Anyway, if Shay needs to or wants to cry than let her cry. Without limits. Without looking at the time. Be present with her in the moment. Take that time to thank Father for that situation and for your daughter, the fact that she is yours and just list a few good things about her. Being thankful even in the hard and miserable, scary, exhausting situations is humbling and Father will see that and start to heal Shay and change her and also change you and Adam to better parents. You can say something like: Father, thank you for another storm that Shay is going through. Thank you that it's very hard for her and us and that we feel helpless. With this thanks we still give You glory, honor and praise Father. We thank You that Shay is our daughter. She is a big sunshine in our lives, she is a joy to have and raise, she is very smart and kind, gentle. In the name of Jesus Christ Your Son we pray amen. Don't give Satan any room to bring destruction to Shay, you two and or your other children and not even your dog, house, property, finances and car. Be joyful even when Shay is having a hard time. Be peaceful too. Don't be shaken or rattled by the enemy. When a child is in a storm they cannot be reasoned with. That's not what need or want. They are desperate for their parents to be respectful and understanding and fully present with them. Reasoning makes it worse. Do not take her to therapy, the situation will worsen. Why are you relying on people when you should be praying about this and asking God, the One who knows your daughter better than those so called experts?

It sounds like shay doesn’t even know what’s bothering her or how to verbalize it. I know as an adult even we all can’t quite articulate what we’re stressed or upset about. I’m not a licensed child psychologist, however all the books I’ve read, it sounds exactly like she doesn’t need therapy but she just needs you and Adam to give her some extra attention and care for the time being. At her age and with Being in the middle and a new baby getting more attention, she wants to know and feel she’s not getting lost in everyday life? Just a thought. I was a nanny for decades and have a 2.5 year old. Best wishes!!! Sometimes counseling helps! Sometimes a child just wants some extra love and to know they’re special when their parents are extra busy? I am in no way saying she is neglected by any means!!

This age is so tough!!! You’re not alone! Prayers for you guys.

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I'm just going to go ahead and say that she most likely does not need cognitive therapy. If she does, then all two-year-olds do. This is completely normal toddler behavior. Just because she has a different personality than Baylee doesn't mean there's something wrong with her.

My daughter is the same age as Shay (my daughter is 2 months younger) and she is LITERALLY acting the same way. My son never did the things she does. I have a lot of mom friends who also go through the same. It’s a phase. You’re not alone. It will get better!

It’s totally normal 2 year old behaviour. Their brains are going through so much development at this age they don’t think rationally at all so when you ask them a rational question like “what’s wrong” when they’re in the middle of a tantrum you’re not going to get a rational answer. It’s really frustrating, I’m going through the same thing with my 2 year old right now. I’ll give you a similar situation we go through daily... Toddler: “Snack” Me: “what would you like for a snack” Toddler: “snack” Me: “would you like a banana?” Toddler “NO!!!” Me: “apple?” Toddler “NO!!!” Me: “baby bell?” Toddler “NO!!!!” Me: “ok well tell me what you’d like?” Toddler: “snack!!!!” She has great communication and can easily tell me what she’d like but she does all the time!! They call it the terrible twos for a reason ;) hang in there, it’s just a faze, it’ll get better soon!

Hey there Tara love your fam bam! Just wanted to share with you that I'm a teacher at a daycare for the 2's. Sometimes there's nothing wrong; for us parents we want to know an exact answer because we want to help them. But just like us adults, its okay for them to feel tired, sad, want to go home ect. What you have to do is repeat yourself at least 3 times. While the child is crying use hand motion and say "all done" 3x. "I don't like it, please stop." or "That makes me sad, please stop". Telling them YOUR feelings about the situation gives them a different perspective that they would never come to on their own. At times you have to be stern to get your point across while saying "all done: It helps to have their water sippy cup to give as a console. While baby is crying, "lets go have fun, do you want to hug first" *hand sippy cup. Its best to start this asap. I have a 11month old baby that I treat no differently. It works, but you have to be consistent and eventually they will realize there is no easy answer. They have to follow your lead.

Tara I have 2 kids like the same age like yours and I always wash their hands as soon they come back from preschool or the park and since I do the they don’t get sick often

Our daughters are the same age (exact same birthday too!). It all comes down to parenting styles in my opinion. I’m more of a strict mom and I don’t really allow that kind of behavior. When my daughter is having a tantrum I will try to figure out what she wants. But if it continues and she’s doing things similar to what Shay is doing, I don’t play the game with her. I sternly let her know that she needs to stop. For example, I wouldn’t have waited 5 minutes for her to buckle herself. I would give her the chance and if she played around, I would say, “Its time to go now” and just do it myself. Like I said, it’s the parenting style. I’m only going to try and reason with her so much. At some point she needs to know that she’s the child and you’re the parent and she needs to listen regardless.

I’m also a preschool teacher so I know all children need different approaches! This is just how I personally handle my own children

Tara I have a 2 year old daughter and she is doing the same thing so don’t worry, I know is really hard sometimes for them if the things are not like they want

Buy a laminater and laminate them that way they wont get ripped and it also keeps them looking nice

Ilove you tara

She is just a normal 2 year old

I got a file folder box and put folders for each year of school in it and it lives in my linen closet. I just drop things in for the corresponding year. I also, as hard as it is, I don’t save everything, just the ones my daughter or I feel are truly special.

My son use to do this with sitting in car seat. I made it fun and playful and said “I bet u can’t get in car by the time I get around to other side” and then I’d run around as be like “haha I beat you” or “woah u r sooo fast! Wait try again so I can time u” and we’d do it over.. he loved being timed and tried to get in seat as fast as he could

Hahahaha there is NO reasoning with a 2 yr old. I have one so I know what your going through.

Honestly, I have 3 little girls 5, 4, and 2 1/2. To me it sounds like Shay does not respect you at all. Parents are becoming so soft and afraid to discipline and this is a prime example of the attitude that is being encouraged. Children need structure, they need to know where they stand and belong in society. We are parents and they need to first learn to follow, before they can lead their own lives. Look at Shay, think about the situations, and ask yourself, "Does she respect me?"

It sounds to me like your sweet babe is struggling with what we all struggle with - a lack of control over our lives and environment! We control every part of our children’s lives and sometimes they want to take this back, hence her playing games and going deliberately slowly when you’ve asked her to do something. She’s exercising control over her life the only way her sweet 2 year old mind can think of! Give her some control back where you can and see if that helps. Sending you all the luck and love with this journey!

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Its possible she has an expressive language delay which is when they get stressed they really struggle to explain / put into words, my son had this, he still struggles when stressed, it might be worth seeing how she goes and possibly getting her reevaluated in 6 months with expressive language in mind by a different therapist, my sons expressive disorder was totally missed until we had a reassessment. But most kids catch up, there is a very wide range at that age and you might be comparing her to Bailey, but younger siblings are often more stroppy than older ones as they seek attention etc, I wouldn't worry unduly but keep an eye on her, a speech therapist might be able to offer some suggestions, some kids find the school run really stressful she probably will grow out of it, but it is really stressful, hope things improvexxxx

After reding others comments I would alo add that mums know best and if you suspect anything is wrong follow it up, I waited so long because all the mums were saying its fine etc, mums gut feelings are often right, I would say address the stress with some calming tools and techniques etc, maybe google them. But dont get overly stressed, most things come right over time naturallyxxx

What is the pillow the baby lay on? How do yu leave him and go?? It looks very dangerous thogh. :/

Have you checked her for Autism?

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I totally understand! I’m sure plenty of people will share advice, but just go with your intuition of what feels right to you and your family. We experience this to a certain level with our 20 month old. Props to you for staying calm and as understanding as possible while she’s experiencing such big emotions! I know it’s not easy!!!

I used to be a nanny and when i was in my first year of college, I was an early childhood education major and I know that just like everyone else is saying, I was taught to ignore the behavior of a child that is having a tantrum. I know that If you engage in the behavior that you’re only making it worse because you’re feeding into it. Most of the time, kids know what they’re doing and I’m sure shay knows what she is doing too so definitely try not to engage! I know it’s hard!

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What is cognitive delay?

Middle child syndrome is a real thing. Make sure you get one on one time with her. As well as the other two.

Tara♥️ your doing a great job. I have the exact struggles with my 2 yr old. She has meltdown we’re my husband and I can’t get her to calm down and she will do the crying and screaming NO. I find that when I ignore the tantrum she will stop being she isn’t getting the response she wants and eventually she calms down and says sorry mommy. She knows what she is doing and sometimes as her mom I have mom guilt but you just have to persevere it’s for her own good.

I take pictures of everything that comes home, toss it, then make a picture book on Shutterfly dated for the year ie. Kindergarten, First Grade etc. Just the little 8x8 soft cover ones - they take up literally no space on my book shelf : ) I just made one for our daycare lady of all the crafts he had made with her over the last three years and gave it to her as a goodbye gift as he just started kindergarten this year.

This is totally second child. I swear my son is the same way. He makes me want to pull my hair out some days

I had to literally ignore him. I would tell him I’d talk to him when he’s calmed down.

I hung up two long strings horizontally on an empty wall for my kids when they were little and hung up current work/awards on it. Then as I rotated out, I put the papers in a filing box. Each kid has one box full of work to take with them when they leave home as adults.

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I don’t think it is a cognitive issue it’s her testing you. She has no problem speaking or putting things together when she is normally talking to you, it only happens when she is having a tantrum. She is literally testing you with everything she is doing. The reason she is doing it is because she knows she can. Middle children do this. When she says no I’d honestly remind her that no had a meaning and since she is saying no that means nothing is wrong so she needs to stop and come up with a new way or some sort of punishment will happen (ie no coloring time or something “punishment” like to a two year old, obviously not physical but something she really enjoys but is not a educational thing that you do like don’t take away that nights reading time.)

من فضلكم هل من مترجم

That's normal behavior for a two year old. Mine does the same. Cognitive behavioral therapy is not appropriate for a two year old! It's to modify associations and change behaviors.

It seems she's just seeking attention in the only way she knows how to. And having 3 children all with different needs it's difficult to understand all the different needs they have and have enough time n patience to get through it! But she will grow out if it on her own!! With you n Adams help! Maybe during the day or free time take her to her car seat n react it when your not pressed for time n just see what her needs really are. And what she does. Patience is easier said at the end of the day, but maybe doing it in your free time n giving her the time with YOU THAT SHES WANTS, might create a little room for some progress n change. I think she just wants your attention. All my love momma

She is entering the stage where she is testing what she can and can't do. You are giving her the option of doing it, since you try to be vocal with her, let her know that you have to get them both to school on time so buckle up and if she do not do it on the first time or second tell her mommy have to do it because you're going to make yourself and sister late. Don't let her get out of control and have tantrums daily over small things then she will blow up even more because she know she can. You have to nip that fast, you are letting her be in control and you are giving her too many tries. If she screams and yells no, ignore. its not the end of the world, it will show her that way is no acceptable. Once she calm down or when you take her out of the car seat, Say next time I will let you try but if you don't do it fast enough, mommy will have to do it again until you can do it. Be more firm! Do not give in to negative behavior then she thinks it okay to act like that because there is no consequence for her actions, big girls don't do that, show her big sister is putting on seat belt with yelling and screaming.

I meant *without yelling and screaming" lol sorry

I haven’t dealt with your situation exactly but maybe give her limits. For example, let her get in her car seat first and say ok now you have one minute to buckle yourself in while I get Greyson in or I have to do it. We set time limits with everything with my son and it seems to help him not throw a fit since he had his chance. Hope it gets better soon!

I’m a Behavior Therapist and there are 4 main reasons why we do things—one of them is attention and it seems like with being the middle child, and trying to process having a new baby getting so much attention, she’s doing this behavior (especially the “no”) for attention. The more we give attention to attention seeking behavior, the behavior is maintained and even increased. The best way to handle this is to minimalize eye contact and vocals until she calms down. The more you ignore, the behavior will increase DRASTICALLY for the time being, but once she sees that she doesn’t get ANY of mom’s attention by acting like that, but gets an ABUNDANCE of physical and vocal attention when she’s speaking appropriately about anything, the tantrum behavior will decrease and eventually completely go away. I’m sorry for all the haters on here—you’re brave for sharing this and you’re doing the best you can and looking for the best answers for your child because you’re a good mama. Good luck!

Try special instructions with early intervention

Youre doing amazing! Typical toddler behaviour...I went to a toddlers and tantrums workshop today who said tantrums are a very normal part of development. They also spoke about the importance of special time... alone time giving your undivided attention. Might be hard to schedule in but maybe try once a week to start with. They mentioned the hands on parenting website as a good resource.

That’s that second kid life. They’re savages and don’t care about what anyone has to say lol my second kid is the exact same when he gets in those moods and tantrums it’s like he’s possessed and there’s nothing to do except ignore it. She’s trying to see what she can get away with it’s normal and also she’s probably wanting more attention ! She’s 2 it’s completely normal and each kid is different my first was so easy and listens to everything too so of course when you’re used to that you think a “normal” 2 year old is crazy

Our second child (daughter) was/is a lot like that as well. In my personal opinion you're giving her too many options and control. She is 2 and the child. There are times when they are deserved or owed some options and control and times that they arent. If you are running late for school and you need to buckle her to get her there safely and on time than that's just the way it goes. The fits need to be ignored. You cant keep asking her what is wrong... you ask her one time and when she hasnt answered you tell her that when she is ready to talk you will be ready to listen and help. When our daughter pulls fits like that or wont use her words the way she knows how to she is put in her room to calm down and given zero attention. You're doing a really great job.. parenting is hard and theres never a manual that comes with each child and the second we figure something out we get thrown another curve ball. My suggestions and opinions are strictly based off of who I am as an individual as well is who our daughter is as an individual and how we handle situations like what you've mentioned. I am ALL for raising independent, respectful and able children but at the end of the day I am the parent and it's me and my husband that decides what they do or dont do or what freedoms/control they have. Good luck .. you'll get through it. It's the power of the wills and you have to win...

I don't think therapy will help with a two year old to be honest. I just think she just wants her own way

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I have taken many classes in my Occupational Therapy school. A lot of times when kids freak out like that they are over stimulated. If you are at home when it happens try letting her sit in a room alone to cool down and then ask what was bothering her after she has calmed down.

In regard to your two year olds tantrum and saying "no", it sounds like she's just trying to test you. There's no reasoning with most two year olds. They're just pushing the boundaries and trying to provoke you. Some kids are more testing than others. I have a two year old as well and she does the same thing. For her I'm very stern with her if she pushes the limits. I will actually put her in time out if she continues to freak out because there's a point where her tantrum gets out of control and I need to take control of the situation. I'm sure nothing is cognitively wrong with your daughter. Some kids just fight for their independence more than others and they have no clue how to think logically and reason so asking them what is wrong when they're freaking out is pointless because they themselves can hardly articulate what's wrong... all they know is they're upset. I also try to distract my daughter. Say oh look! I saw a bird... etc. These work for me. Good luck!

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Tara, your daughter is displaying very common the typical new baby syndrome and she is having a fits because it gets your attention. you give her to many options, just be the parent... if you don't have time then you buckle it. when the baby cries do you run to him? then she wants to be the baby. remember for the past 2 yrs she has been the baby every child will behave differently when they have a new sibling in the home, be patient "this too shall pass". Try to do a play date, with each child separately. Therapy isn't always your best option, it really is just being 2, and in her world her .life has changed 360 think about it? new place to live , new school, new baby, new dog, ect.

Tara I’m a mother of two and grandmother of five and I can tell you with the upmost confidence that what Shay is going through is very normal! As far as advice I would say to have patience because I promise she will outgrow this stage. Also don’t participate in her tantrums..don’t ask her any questions just ignore her. When she is buckling herself and such explain to her that that’s fine that she does it herself but that she has a time limit and that if she doesn’t buckle promptly then you will be buckling for her. Just know that you are a phenomenal mommy and this to shall pass ❤️

Honestly I think she’s acting out to get more attention. The longer she throws a fit, the longer she’s getting your attention. I work with special needs individuals and I don’t think any cognitive therapy is needed whatsoever

My 3 year old does the exact same thing! Kids crave power and significance, and that's why they want to do everything themselves. And when they can get your attention like that for several minutes, it gives them a hit of power, especially if they get you upset or frustrated. Amy McCreedy explains it well in Positive Parenting. One thing that really had helped was spending one on one time with him for at least ten minutes a day doing something he chooses, also giving as many choices throughout the day (like which shirt do you want to wear or what color plate do you want.) This will help them not feel like they need as much power in situations like that. It's also totally normal for kids this age, and you're not alone! But definitely check out Amy McCreedy and Live On Purpose TV. It explains child psychology. Super interesting!

Hi Tara, I store my kids artwork in a display folder with clear sleeves and I make sure it’s dated. It’s a great way to save space as it will be in one folder and you can open them up and see it when you want to. Sending love all the way from Australia

The buckle account could be OCD, my son has it and and ALL of his OCD actions took about 3 months to overcome. Then he would move onto another OC action. I understand it must be super hard, my kids are 11 years apart (essentially 2 only kids

Boa noite lindas beijos

I think a great idea for your kids artwork is to save everything in a box until the end of the school year. At the end of the school year have them go through and pick one or two things that were their favorite things that they did throughout the school year and then just keep those two things. In terms of storing them I don’t have any suggestions but that’s a great way to pick and chose what you keep and don’t keep!

When you described what happened in the car with Shay I instantly thought about my son, Myles. He does the exact same thing and I found I would have to give him the chance to do whatever it is he wants, but I’d set a limit. So if he wants to climb in to his car seat I would say yes but if your not in by the time your sister is in the car, mummy will come and help you. Then if he threw a tantrum after having the opportunity to do the thing, I would abruptly and loudly say “ah, no, Myles had the chance and you did not do it”. I find explaining this to him really helped and since introducing the time limit on things he has no come back on not being able to do things. You don’t need to ask Shay what’s wrong, you already know. So explain what happened and then move on. Don’t dwell on it, hopefully she will snap out of a tantrum quicker

I thought I would weigh in as a parent and share something I read over 20 years ago that helped me immensely. Kids that age don't necessarily have the ability to reason so don't frustrate yourself (and her). Ask her once what's wrong and if she's unable to express it at that moment (such as something hurts), take control and tell her what's going to happen ("ok, then we are getting in the car and going to school") and then do it. Kids that age don't need excessive explaining or reasoning, just that mom and dad say "yes" or "no" and they can trust in that. The reasoning and sit- down explanations come later, when they can understand and respond appropriately. Until then, she will learn to trust that what you say.... goes.

In my personal opinion, she is fighting for your attention. It propbably has a lot to do with the new baby. It seems she wants "control" of your attention too. I would put limitations on how much control you give her. Maybe explain to her that you are going to let her do it herself but.... your going to count to 3 and if you get to 3 then Mommy is going to have to do it. If she then throws a tantraum, ignore it for as long as possible and simply reply to her, im so sorry you made the decision not to buckle your seatbelt, Mommy would have loved for you to do it and be a big girl, maybe next time you can do it before I get to three. This helps them be accountable for thier own actions. Hope that helps. =)

i think your expectations might be too high for shay...everything isnt gonna be perfect! shes 2! lol ..those lil games are all NORMAL

when my girl was little and came home w all the work i devoted a wall to them and framed a bunch ...they are the cutest works of art and it shows to them that youre proud of their work and they also feel proud seeing that. ..and it makes great free pieces for the play room!

My oldest child does this & I was loosing my mind for awhile bc I thought it was something I was doing wrong. I started to ignore the crazy behavior & REALLY make an exaggerated effort to say how awesome she was when she was behaving great. I haven't had a tantrum (like the crazy ones) for months now. She will come and tell me that she is a good girl & it makes her feel good to know that I appreciate when she listens. Idk if this is what you're "supposed" to do, but it worked for my little family.

Thank you for sharing this! My son just turned 2 on saturday and we are expecting baby brother next week. I am so worried about this phase when baby comes. You are not alone at all. I know this has to be very vulnerable to share but I appreciate it and I also appreciate all the comments that people have left that are helpful (hate the rude ones but please ignore those people).

As a mom of six....Shay is being a normal two year old. They are looking to assert their independence. She has also been through a lot of changes in the last several months. It is normal behavior for a child to act out. Be patient. Stand your ground. Give her some one on one time. She'll grow out of it and into the next phase.

With my kid's school art projects, I take a picture of them, then at the end of the year I do a chatbook (or a shutterfly book) with pictures like from the first day of school, any school events, and pictures of her (or my) favorite art projects. That way you "keep" them, but don't actually have to keep them. Also, Shay seems like she's doing great to me. I think her tantrums are pretty normal, as others have said. My 3 year old has them allll the time..... she is developmentally delayed though & doesn't have nearly the vocabulary (receptive or expressive) that Shay has. Shay seems very advanced to me, she knew and could draw a circle!? My daughter can't do that... She has some minor fine & gross motor delays too. So I know, toddler life is a rough life, hang in there!

I only have one child but something that works for my 5 year old daughter if we are in a hurry and she’s doing something for herself I make it a competition. For example if we are trying to get dressed for the day (I set out her clothes and she dresses herself) if she’s taking her time I’ll say, “I’m gonna be all the way dressed before you”, and she rushes to beat me. Of course I let her win because it makes her want to beat me the next time. Any time she is having a hard time (or choosing not to) finish the task at hand I make it a game/ competition.

Can you read some books about feelings with her. We did that with my daughter to get her to express what she’s feeling. Maybe no means anger or frustration for her. This age is hard. Solidarity.

The other two already get showered with attention. Shay needs it more than them but Tara won't give it to her

I think that if you can sit down with her when she gets into that mood and tell her what's happening and just hug her and let her know that you love her that might help. It could be that when she's saying no she's having a hard time expressing what she wants to say in words so she says no to try to let you know that something is wrong. I think that showing that you care will get you a lot further than ignoring her which makes her think that you don't care. She might not even understand why you're ignoring her and therefore gets really frustrated. You're doing an amazing job, keep it up!!!!

My 2 y o is doing the same thing on and off throughout the day. She's just too upset and there's no getting through to her at all. I'm thinking she's jello of the new little man. She's been refusing to get into the car seat randomly or back into the car seat. If I let her climb in herself she goes into the front part of the car or refuse to get her diaper change act like she's being murdered!!

I store my kiddos art & school work in cute plastic file folders (that close with a snap) one for each grade & keep them in a bin one for each child/ so they can have them for when they’re older

She hits you getting into her seat...? Definitely need to stop that like now

My son brought that all about me thing home from preschool and where it said this is a picture of me I started to draw the picture of him and then found out there was supposed to be a real picture of him like glued to the paper


I agree with you on letting Shay explore her independence by doing things herself. One way you could continue this, but begin to curb her tantrums is to set a boundary. At that age, they don't really have a great understanding of time, so I wouldn't set a "time limit" like one minute per se, but I would say you can say, "You can buckle yourself in, but you need to be finished by the time I'm done putting Grayson in the car or I will have to do it for you to make it to school on time." If she isn't finished, go ahead and buckle her in and say, "That's okay that you aren't done, but I have to do it now so that we can get to school." She will obviously be upset at first, but try to ignore any tantrum she begins to throw. Once she is calmed down, let her know that you love her and explain that she can try again tomorrow to do it on her own and this is the time you can shower her with your attention if you are able to.

An occupational therapist might be able to evaluate her for sensory issues. You’re doing a great job ❤️

Tara when do you put the girls to sleep? At 7 ? Because I see the light outside ?!

I’m a little late on watching videos but it sounds like it’s a bunch of things. She doesn’t need therapy (IMO) she’s two and a middle child that can be really hard. She’s not the baby anymore and she knows that. More quality/one on one time might help. Don’t feed into her fits and eventually she will realize doing that will get her nothing. Like you said she’s smart.. she know that when she does that she gets what she wants plus your attention. It’s hard to find the balance between putting your foot down but still keeping it together.. if that makes sense..

Sounds completely normal. My son who is a middle child behaves the exact same way. How I organize the tons of papers we inevitably get from school is with a binder. I get a 2 inch binder & plastic page protectors. It’s organized, easy to look through, & not just thrown in a box :). In our house each kid gets 1 binder per grade that way we aren’t keeping too much nor not enough.

Its my comment on your vilog...such a nice video.your girls is sooo beautiful and baby boy is soo smart..love from.india [punjab]

My 2.5 year old is the exact same way! She screams “no” at the top of her lungs and there is nothing we can do until she has calmed down. I’ve learned that reasoning with her does not work until after she’s thrown the fit! It’s so stressful and exhausting and sometimes embarrassing when she does it. I think it is a very normal thing for 2-3 year olds to do this though! Everyone I’ve talked to has the same issues. Hang in there!

don’t try to reason with her because you will lose your mind completely lol you’ll sadly have to use tough love and let her solve her tantrum and get over it and it’ll probably help her be independent as well. If you keep feeding into her behavior it will only get WORST and she will keep manipulating you because like you said she is smart.

I really think she’s too young to be in school alllll day long. She’s probably exhausted and also just needs more attention from you and Adam both. Baylee and Grayson both take a lot of your attention with him being a newborn and Baylee in all these after school activities. Give that sweet girl some love and one on one attention

My son was Shays age when my daughter was born and he did the same exact thing with the tantrums and unable to reason. Not sure if it’s the age or the new baby but from what everyone tells me it’s normal. Do not try to reason with a two year old having a tantrum it is impossible. Just keep them safe and let them calm down on their own

Brianna Brine This

I started watching your videos when Shay was about 3 months old. I’m not a perfect mom by any means, most likely will never be and that’s okay. I’m sure it takes a lot to discuss your parenting and life struggles with hundreds of thousands of people, but I have to say I’m a bit taken back by the way you’re discussing Shays behaviors. From watching your videos for a while now, to me, Shay is just being a 2 year old full of personality and testing her limits! I really think placing a label like cognitive delay, is kinda a big deal. I just worry that one day when she’s older she’ll be able to look back on these videos and be upset or embarrassed. Idk, I’m really trying to find a reason to keep watching but it’s just not relatable anymore.

I also have a two-year-old daughter that is in the “do it yourself” phase. Something that we have set the precedent for is if we have somewhere to be, we don’t give her the option to do it herself. If we’re just going to the park to play for the day or not in a rush, she can put on her shoes, gather her things, and buckle her self into the car seat. If we have somewhere to be, I tell her that we have to go and mommy needs to do it, and because she has the opportunity to do it all those other times that we are not in a hurry, she usually doesn’t fight me. Also, when she’s throwing a tantrum at home or someone else’s house, if she chooses to not tell us why she’s upset, we make her stand in the corner until she’s ready to tell us what’s wrong. If we are out in public, of course that’s a totally different situation. At home though, it usually only takes about 20 seconds standing in the corner for her to turn around and tell us why she is upset. I feel like by “punishing” what we consider bad behavior, we are teaching her that expressing your emotions is a good thing and the only way to resolve an issue is to talk about it instead of just pitching a fit and expecting the situation to change.

There is a book called The Whole Brain Child. It talks about how kids can become very emotional and only use their left brain (emotional side), and it teaches parents how to get through to them so they can reason with them and get the child to use their right brain (logic) and the left brain together. My mom is a child therapist and recommended it to me. It may help!

It's called a two year old, who is no longer the baby that is starving for attention. She has no issues. Lordy

You are doing great! Your baby boy is beautiful! Maybe just go for ice cream once a week with Shae- probably spelling that wrong.

Check out Tiffany Beaston's channel. She has amazing ideas on how to keep her kids artwork and has a while video explaining how she did it!!

You need to set a time limit with thing eg seat buckle. If she doesn't meet the requirement, you do it up she's testing you, to see how far she can push the boundaries. Once she has her tantrum, completely ignore the behavior until she has fully calmed down.

I have a lot of experience with this, i've tried diffrent methods and diffrent methods works with diffrent kids.. what i can tell you is that you are her mom and you know her best and you are going to find a solution that will work for your kid.. just have patience and everything is going to be great.. You are doing a great job!!!!! =)

Your baby boy is month and half younger than my son and mine Is also named Greyson

I think the best person to evaluate what she needs is her doctor. I’d bring it up and see if you can meet with a developmental pediatrician and they can tell you if what she’s doing is age appropriate or what a good treatment trajectory would be for her specifically. All of us on here don’t know Shay, truly, we see what you show and say and that’s not enough to really understand what’s happening. You’re going to make it through this and your strong willed beautiful daughter is going to be okay :)

Love you tara❤

Love your videos ❤️❤️❤️

Talking about storing art projects to keep...if it is just a paper art project I usually take pictures of them and store it in my phone. If it is a craft item, it goes in a box that is labeled. If it is a really cool or totally awesome paper project that I can't throw out, it goes in a box also. The trick is making sure everything is labeled accordingly.

I truly think it’s a phase. Stay consistent with her and it’ll pass I promise!!

Your doing a great job Tara! Your patience is something I strive for with my little one. I also have a strong willed little girl! For the artwork from school, my mom use to have a filing cabinet that she had different sections for each of my siblings and you could organize by each grade or however you want.

why did baylee have to smack chloe in the face when she was just excited to see her when they got home

I’m so glad watching this video thank you Tara . Your videos is motivated me to be better mum and person Wish u all the best to your beautiful family

Sounds like my 2 year old ! Sounds like exactly same as my son

I don’t have any experience with this per say since my son is 4 months old. However I have friends who have children that age and they do the same thing! It’s normal behaviour for toddlers but I think you’re doing the right thing by explaining what you’re doing with her! You’re doing the best you can and so is Adam and that’s all you can do. You guys are great parents❤️

In a Rubbermaid until they’re 13-16 & can say yes no if that makes sense & I got a school days memory book for grades! So fun

I'd say, "Your job is to put on the buckle. If you don't put on the buckle yourself in the next ten seconds Mama will do it for you. If you won't do it yourself you can be as angry as you want but you don't get to scream and subject the rest of the family to your tantrum."

Totally normal, I've got 4 kids. 7.5 yrs old, 5 yr old, 3.5, yr old and a 1.5 yr old. My 3.5 yr old does this too and has done it for a while, ur toddler is totally "normal". My daughter has an extensive vocabulary and communicates very well but she is very strong willed and wants to do everything on her own time or she refuses to do something lol. She will cry for 20 mins if she can't do it herself but she is perfect. It's just them trying to push boundaries and testing u. Because ur oldest didn't do it doesn't mean ur other kids won't. They will all do things differently.

Hi Tara am going too theply get help my anxiety when people treat me different i have a small disobley few months I well let you know it goes see do with shy

For your kiddos artwork & school work papers, you can date them or write the girls’ ages so you know when they made them & punch holes on the side & insert into a binder.

Omg where did you get those sparkly cups love them

When my one year old throws tantrums I leave her sitting on the floor in one room and let her scream and walk away into a different room and she stops instantly. Idk if it will work on everyone but it's worth a shot!

Loved it greayson is getting so big and the girls are so adorable love the outfits

Why in the world is your 2 year old in school? You don't work. What's the point in being a stay at home mom if you're sending a 4 yr old and 2 yr old off to be tought by someone else?

Hi Tara My Son 2y and 7months he does the same thing that Shay does,so all I need to do is trying to ignore him, I know it’s hard for us but you need to not pay attention on her when she has tantrum and screaming and when she notice you doing this she’ll know that if I cry I will not get the thing that I want , and in that way she’ll tell you what she want without cry.

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Lıke my daughter how you solve thıs problem darlıng

Hey! I am a child therapist. Based on what you've said, it doesn't sound like Shay needs therapy for her behaviour. She sounds like a typical, healthy toddler who is pushing the boundaries. My advice would be to stop asking her to explain what is wrong. That isn't easy for a toddler to do - it isn't easy for an adult to describe their emotions at times. I would give her the words to describe how she feels. 'Shay is angry. Shay is angry because Mommy won't let her buckle her car seat'. I would then offer words of comfort, like 'sorry honey, we have to go to school and we haven't got time to buckle the seat now'. I would then just let her be angry and upset and just get on with your journey. You can check in with her, ask how she's doing, but don't ask too many questions. She will be stressed, questions add to the stress. Give her the words she needs, let her know you are there and let her show her emotion.

Tara I feel you, just when we start to keep up with our children, they change again! The seat belt drama is horrid as they know we are in a rush to be places on time. Distraction is key. I find picking my daughter up and placing her in her seat while making her hold something distracting so I can quickly click her in without her knowledge really helpful. Then I quickly put some kids music on and start singing along to them so by the time she's noticed I've buckled her she's too into the songs to care. Frozen soundtrack maybe? It'll drive you up the wall but less so than a screaming child in a confined place. Please don't stress about the whole "No" situation. She's 2 and a bit right? Despite talking well, she probably doesn't yet have the comprehension to understand those questions. More than likely she's not able to comprehend what it is that she's even feeling, therefore unable to verbalise her emotions to you - because she simply doesn't know and "No" is about the best word her 2 year old self knows to explain her frustration. Becoming a big sister and starting 'school' are huge changes for a wee one, not to mention being 2. Their little brains are on ultra high-speed at that age and that alone is enough to tip the scales of their moods, resulting in unexplainable and quite often explosive tantrums for us - yay! More down time maybe? More sleep? Maybe just more mummy time? You might have to play around with some changes and see what makes a difference. But don't stress too much. One thing I've learnt with under 5's is that the problem is usually much more simple than we think. Sorry for the essay!

You manage a home so well

My parents were the same way when I threw a tantrum but my boyfriends family if a kid starts crying they put them in their bed until they stop crying. I never wanted to do that, maybe cuz I was sensitive, but honestly him and all his siblings are defiantly more emotionally kept together, I think they handle bad moods better then me, so maybe that style does work

Toddlers are stubborn. I am pregnant with my 6th but I learned everything I know from my mother and mother in-law! They always said to ignore, ignore, ignore no matter what! They want attention at this age, and that could be why she’s not using her words when she’s having a tantrum because she sees her younger brother crying and getting attention. In my opinion, I don’t think therapy will help. It might, and definitely get her checked out if you feel like you need to! Also if you need to do some light punishment definitely do! She is old enough! Something like “if you continue screaming your not going to have iPad time today” trust me I know! One of my kids started having tantrums at 18months to freaking 4 years old! But it always pass don’t worry! You got this momma!

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All of this sounds like normal 2 year old behavior. Maybe she doesn’t want to be in daycare all day and would rather be home getting some much needed attention from her mom! This is just sad!

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And my opinion on the baby girl TT, she feels like she has to compete with 2 other babies.. take her out just you two and make her feel special.. I have 3 kids too and thats what i have to do to make everyone feel special..

Take a pictures of her/their art.. its waaay too much art to keep around, i just take pictures..

My mom would three whole punch ours and make a binder for each year:)

Saludos Hermosa!!

YOU GUYS I don't get why she has 3 kids and it says stay at home mom!! But her 2 year old that is a total burden to her it makes me sick

اروع فديو وأجمل عائلة احبكم جدا ومتابعة لكم تحياتي لكم من بغداد العراق صديقتكم كاردنييا

I think she could just be going through a phase because of all the changes in her life. She’s started school, there’s new baby.. some of that is probably acting out because the every day schedule is different and she doesn’t know how to express the feelings she’s having. She isn’t the baby anymore since the baby was born. Just give her positive feedback and maybe take some time each day for you and her to do something one on one together. She will most likely grow out of it or become used to the changes. But she probably can’t answer you because she doesn’t understand what it is she’s feeling exactly.

Also I was a special education teacher for 14 years and worked with tons of preschool age children with cognitive delays and did cognitive therapy. But I don’t think she needs that at all. That’s just my opinion but from my experience and three of my own children it just sounds like the classic case of a child whose experiencing a lot of life changes.


Right now my two-year-old is doing that as well. My thing is when she’s having a huge complete Unconsolable tantrum I’ll put her in a corner that one time and say when you calm down I will talk to you and I will walk away. Then she will scream cry come up to me and try and get me to give her reaction. I just ignore her until she is calm. Once she calmed down then I will say, why it isn’t okay to scream at me etc. whatever she was doing. That’s been to seem to help her and she understands that I won’t react so then her time to calm down is way less. I understand it’s hard! (She also is the oldest right now, I had my son 10 month ago). Good luck!

Please if you can translate to 2rabic. We like to watch your videos

The comments that say Shay is testing you and wants your attention, I agree. And as mych as we wish it, reasoning with a 2 yr old in a tantrum is impossible. In our house it was oldest child that had tantrums. She got one warning that she will go time out spot if she doesn't stop the behavior. After she realized we meant business, that she couldnt talk or cry her way out of the time out spot, the warnings stopped the behavior. If you give her more than one warning, if you let her talk her way out of getting time out, it wont work..cause then she'll realize how much of a pushover you are and how much control she has. One minute for each year in T.O. spot. When time is up we ask for an apology (she has to say it like she means it). When she says she's sorry she gets kisses and hugs and return to what we were doing. We learned this watching Jo Frost, the English Supernanny and it made not only a difference in behavior but also we made a connection with her. If you want more details on how to dothis technique, I am sure Jo Frost has a site. 1. That she gets worse when you ignore her tantrum is a red flag it's all about wanting your attention. 2. Grayson is a new addition, getting a lot of attention and she miight feel jealous. Psychology she doesn't know she is middle child and not the 'baby' anymore. But she may be feeling it. Imo, I wouldn't look into speech therapy just yet. Some children are just more introspective. And because Baylee is very outgoing, Shay's quietness might seem more unnatural to you. It always amazes me when 2 sisters are so different in many ways. My sister and I couldnt be more different. I was the outgoing one while she preferred to keep to herself more than I. Let us know what you and Adam are doing in response to her tantrums and how it's working.

Middle children a very smart and also the ones who seem to cause more trouble! My sisters 1st born is so laid back about everything but her 2nd child is very smart and very dramatic. I think it’s just middle child syndrome, they love the attention!!

You never linked the makeup products

Omg why not taco seasoning...... cali girl. Lol looks amazing but i almost cried when u showed the bbq sauce

She is a toddler.... chloe accidentally steps on them. No biggie they are loved and loving.

Hi tara i from iraq ..I love you I would know what used to your face

Hi tara how are you

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