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That was one of the biggest fears that we had that we were eventually gonna slip off and like roll off and like get hurt or like die or something like that but now, the bigger stress, is that not only do we have to keep that in mind. But we are getting chased down by three bowls, and they're after us. So it's just making the journey so much more exciting you know what i mean. Welcome, back and if you are new to my channel. Welcome. Today i'm going to talk about one of the most adventurous. Trips, of my lifetime. So last year my friend and i taz, her name is. We decided to do a little europe trip um, it was for about like two to three weeks i'd say maybe two and a half weeks, something like that. And we visited, four, countries. Uh we went to amsterdam. Switzerland. Prague, and then, iceland, on our way back to toronto. As you know that switzerland, is known for its beautiful, alps, and its views, and stunning, scenery. And, i, went there for the same reason, i just happened to. Not take my brain with me you know what i mean none of us, have, any hiking experience. Whatsoever. Like in my head i'm thinking, oh but i've planned everything, i have i have like this little excel sheet going on where i've like pretty much. You know research, everything, that needed to be done how to get from point a to point b to point c. And then. Um you know how much it was gonna cost us. And i pretty much had it all figured i was like i know what to do i know how to get there i know what to do like i was like, pretty confident in myself, except for the whole hiking, part i mean i was familiar, with walking, like how bad could it really be right and like that's the thing with me like there's just so in between like i'm either zero. Or like 100, there's just no in between with me like if i decide to wake up, you know on a day and. Decide that i'm gonna go you know jump out of a plane then that's what we're gonna do which. Which i also did one day this is a long time ago, it was a good experience, though now getting back to the story. I did do all my due diligence. Did do all my due diligence, did do all my due diligence. But i kind of like. Was careless with it to be very honest with you i feel like even if i didn't do even that much research, it was going to be even more of a disaster, than what it already was so when you arrive at the scene, there's this funicular. Train that takes you all the way up to. Where like the hiking point really starts so you have to take this train there's no other. Option to get to the other side of the mountains, and stuff. So fun fact about this train it's actually, supposed to be the world's. Steepest. Train, i learned this while i was in the train, so two different like hiking paths that you can take, one is a super narrow one where you could potentially, fall off and die, and then the other one is, more of like kind of a little bit safer but it eventually, conjoins, with the.

The, The dangerous, one, and you know which path girl took so like i was feeling a little bit, too adventurous, that day because essentially. Your goal is to get to like the scenic point and this is what the scenic point. Looks like, so let's say you were to take the cable cars, it was still gonna take you at least like five hours, to get from point a to point b on top of the ridge of the mountains, now smart me. Very smart me decided to start this trail at 3 p.m. In the afternoon, and my judas day was super. Hot it was 35, degrees. And even when you get up to the mountains, like where whatever the ridge is you think like the air might just be cooler. If not, so the original, plan was, that i was going to. Hike up there you know like because i'm like such a trained, professional, hiker. I was like i'm gonna climb this mountain i'm gonna climb this mighty mountain. And we're gonna get to the top, and we're gonna have a good time. And i'm gonna finally, say that i'm a professional, hiker. So we start walking, we start climbing. 20 minutes into my walking, i. Look like i was almost about to like pass out, i'm like task, dude i'm like tired like how are we gonna climb this thing it's, 3 30 right now what do we do, so i'm like, let's do this let's take the cable car up, on the dangerous, side. We hike along the ridge. And then we hike hike. And then we walk all the way to the other scenic point how beautiful is that going to be, we'll do our little hike but then we'll also get to, get to see the ceiling point. So i'm like trying to make this as, adventurous, as it possibly, can get, so we get on the cable cars and it takes us all the way. To, the top, of, the mountain, we are so high up at this point, even like sitting in the cable cars going all the way up there and there's like absolutely, no seat belt no nothing you kind of just sit, and you hold on to the little railing. Even just going up there we're looking down and we're just like what is this really happening, and, i'm like laughing right that's what i do this is my like coping mechanism, when i'm like nervous i start like laughing hysterically, so i'm laughing like a complete idiot right and nobody even said anything to us in terms of timing or anything they're just like okay just you you ladies just hop on and just go, um so we get up there and honestly, the first thing that i, kind of noticed when i got up there, was. Just a stunning. Scenery. Mine is like the 100 bugs that were in my face because my girl when you're up there, there's a lot of like tall, grass, and weed and everything. And, it's kind of like in your face so. You're trying to see like the nature and beauty of it but at the same time you kind of have to carry like this community of bugs with you so once i got up there. It was literally one of the most beautiful. Things that i had ever experienced, and like, somebody who obviously, doesn't climb mountains, or have ever been on top of a mountain. Um. Like to experience, something like that it's, truly, breathtaking. I was like. Stunned at how gorgeous, like stunningly, gorgeous like more than the pictures like i feel like the pictures that i took like just doesn't even do justice. To what i was actually, seeing, and i wasn't even on the on the beautiful, like the the scenic side i was literally like all the way on the other side where there's like. Not much scenery, or anything as you're doing like a 360, you're just seeing these gorgeous. Alps like mountains, around, you. And it's just so, stunning now moving on to the more adventurous, part so a fact about my friend that i didn't take so seriously. Is that my friend taz, is, really afraid, of heights. And i decide to take her, on this, super steep ridge, on the dangerous, side, on the dangerous, side, because i'm feeling just a little bit too adventurous, and at the start when she you know like here's a thing when she mentioned it to me that she's kind of scared of heights i'm like okay it's fine whatever you know what girl this is a way for you to like, get over your fears, and stuff like, you're gonna see this beautiful, mountain you're gonna forget that you even have a fear and stuff so i'm kind of just trying to like play it down. So that like she doesn't she's not thinking about the fact that she's all the way up there, but then. Yes she did appreciate, the view but at the same time she was really, really nervous, because she was seeing all these ridges that were coming up that, we needed to walk along. And i honestly didn't think it was gonna take that long, but guys. Getting from one point of the ridge to the other side where the scenic view is would take you anywhere between four to five hours like i'd say five hours, she's thinking like oh my god we have to walk for like five hours i'm like.

It's Okay let's just walk a little bit and see how we're feeling right like maybe. Maybe, maybe like we don't have to get to go to the other side even though i was really really like dying to see the other side i was like jetting, through. This, little, pathway that's like narrow ridge, i'm not even looking to my left and right and at one point i did stop, and look to my left and right, and i kid you not. There's absolutely, no railings. There's railings, like, very like here and there where they feel like look potentially just like fall off. But like majority, of the ridges are like this. So, as you're walking. You could easily like let's say if you slip, you're gonna tumble down you're gonna roll off and i don't know where you're gonna land and it's not even like the rolling off path is like smooth that you can potentially, do like some some results and stuff you have to have a really, really, good balance. In order to walk, so for me i'm just thinking like, oh yeah i'm just gonna walk straight i just gotta focus on this narrow path i'm gonna keep walking here, and i should be fine, before my friend's house you just couldn't get over the fact that there was like. Literally nothing on left or right there's like absolutely, no, kind of like handle you can hold on to no railing you can hold on to so you have to really just trust yourself, trust, in the lord and just trust in the universe that you were going to be fine by the end. So we're walking. And she has this look on her face like. I can't do this. Look i can't do this. And i'm like bro, like. We we got all the way up here like we we're too far into this like we can't go back like she's like no no we're going back, like, i can't do this i'm like yo, listen man. You can do this, i believe in you, i know you can do this i know you have a fear but like you can do this. Just follow me, so she's like all right fine. Why don't you. Walk, ahead of me. And, i'll follow you, so i'm like you know what 100. I'll do that i'm going to walk and you just follow me just follow exactly where i'm stepping. And i will guide you where you're going, it was almost like i was painting the path for her and if, she saw me roll off somewhere she'd know not to go there right so. It's pretty smart of her to do that actually and i'm like jetting, through this thing i'm like super excited to get to the other side i'm like this is what i've been waiting for, this is and literally switzerland, was like the place that i was waiting to go to for such a long time. And i'm like super hyped my adrenaline, is so high like i'm just rushing. Through this but at the same time like every 10 steps that i would take, i'd have to pause and look back to make sure that my friend is coming along the way, that she's not gonna just roll off somewhere. And honestly it's one of like the most nerve-wracking, thing because i'm thinking to myself. Like holy cow look what if something happens to her, right like. I might as well just roll off too because like what explaining, do i have to give to people like i'm the one who pretty much got here i'm pressuring her to do this. And like i 100, would have to take the responsibility. Of this, so i'm like just praying, like i'm like, dear god please keep her safe i'm walking, i'm trusting you right now but just please keep her safe just protect her anyways there was one point that came i think it was about like two hours in, i feel like this is like the steepest. Part, of. The entire. Ridge. Now i'm looking at it going, yeah i can do this like it's it's a little scary, for sure right like i have this mentality, like i can do this. So i'm climbing. And my friend's house is all the way back there i'm like, holy cow i don't know how that actually is gonna do it but let me try let me just see, how it goes, i'm at the, top i'm like literally at the top, right here i feel like there's only space for like one person to stand here, now here's where i get stuck. It's going down because i still have to complete the 2.5. Hours of you know pathway that's left coming down it there's nothing. It's like, kind of going up you still kind of have like a good control over your body you have good balance. But coming down it, you have absolutely, no control. No balance, whatsoever, it's like you're kind of just like this is all right this is this is, this is how it's gonna end right here, like i'm looking down and even i'm like kind of trembling i'm like kind of scared at that point like if i'm getting scared, there's no way she can do this and i'm not gonna make her do it because, this is the point where we have this, huge mental breakdown like i'm even scared for it we're like stuck, right in the middle the butt crack of this entire, journey, and.

We Don't know what to do let me sprinkle a little bit more drama, in there so you know the cable cars that we took all the way up, and remember we started our little hike journey at like 3 p.m. Yeah so we're now 2.5. Hours into walking, so it's about like 5 30 5 40 p.m i think it was around 5 40 p.m. We look at our little map because we're like okay let's just figure out where we are okay let's just figure out. What we can do. We're looking at the cable car time and it says. Last cable car down, is at 6 00 pm. I'm like hold on let me read this again hold on for a second, last cable card down. Is at 6 pm. At that point. So many things are going through my mind. Like, so many calculations. Are happening in my head there is no way, that we could have caught. Either of the cable cars. How are we going to walk all the way back in 20 minutes, it took us 2.5, hours to get to where we are. And you best believe it's gonna take us 2.5, hours to walk to each side. To get to the cable cars and even if we get there, there's going to be nobody there. You know like how are we going to make our way down. We have no food with us, because we ate it along the way like in the 2.5, hours, of journey that we drank all our water, um my phone battery, is at 19. And my friend my friend's phone battery. Is at, five percent one thing i forgot to mention is like my entire journey, like ever since i started at 3 p.m, there was this number that just kept popping up in my head. 7 30, 7 30 7 30 and i don't remember, where i saw this number, or like what it what what what's like the context, behind this number, all i know is i just keep remembering, this number i'm like where is this number coming from and why do i keep remembering it was like kind of like, a sign, from the lord, and i'm just i don't know i can't connect the dots, anyways, fast forward. We decide, to do a really smart thing, and it's called. Ditch the map, and find our own path, we're like okay screw this like. Screw everything. I we can't cross this ridge, we have to start walking back, so we're walking back and i'm like. I have to keep. Kind of keep, my eye out for a, spot, where we can actually start climbing, down. The mountains. I don't know why i decided to do that. But, it just seemed like the only option, that was available. So as i'm looking down like i kind of see like a little roadway. Like it's like a flat, like a flat road like i feel like people can drive on it so i'm like okay we have to get to that flat location. And mind you we have like absolutely. No, signal, up there, so we can't even like, call the customer, service people of the people that like organize, this entire, like hike trail thing or like in their, office or whatever. We couldn't even contact, them because there's no signal up there like our phones are like literally dead now these mountains. Um have a lot of animals, so what started happening. The path that we took there are. Or were. A lot of cows. And bowls i could you know when i say bowls i have like the little horns and stuff. There are bulls. Chilling there. On top of the mountain, i don't know how the heck they got up there, but they're chilling there and they're in like, large crowds, and they're staring, at us, they're literally, eyeing us down it's like two these two little. Random canadian, girls that decided to come and do this and decided to be brave and stuff, they're like all right we got you you know they're just giving us that look, and, we're, scared, at this point because.

It's A bowl it's not even like it's a cow you can kind of be like yo moo moo just get out of the way, no it's a bowl. And we're going down. And. This bull from this side, decides. It wants to get a closer look of us. So it's coming down. With a pack of five of his other bull friends. And, they start. Following, us, and my friend. Is traumatized. She's like nav. Those are not cows. Those are bulls. We're gonna die, the problem, with, the area that we were coming down. Is that you can't even, jog down even if you were to run for your life you can't run because you're gonna tumble over and you're gonna just hit your head on a rock somewhere. So we have to walk. Very. Very. Carefully. That was one of the biggest fears that we had that we were eventually, going to slip off and like roll off and like get hurt or like die or something like that but now, the bigger stress, is that not only do we have to keep that in mind, but we are getting chased down by three bowls, and they're after us. So it's just making the journey so much more exciting you know what i mean, i tripped i fell twice, actually, because i tripped over some rock, and i tumbled down, and then i got up, and i tripped over again i fell down, and, my friend i know she had her i think foot stuck in like one of the potholes. Like a few times and i'm like okay, like we have to think of some new strategy, right so i'm thinking in my head like okay. Okay, so we have to remain calm like that's like that's the one of the best things that you can possibly do in a situation like that especially. When you're like, um you know you feel like you're about to get attacked or something, just stay calm so i'm like i know that i'm super scared and i want to run for my life but at the same time like. There's no there's no running because these bulls are way faster, they're gonna just, if we start running, they're gonna start chasing us they're gonna start running as well, so i'm like you know what we have to pause, stop like stop taz. We look back. And i notice. That the bulls stop as well. They're like. Something clicked in my head the moment i noticed that the bulls had stopped as well. Something just immediately, clicked in my head and i'm like, okay. Remain calm. We have to act like. We know what we're doing. We have to act like we're bigger than them even though we are like maybe like one tenth of their size or something. Right. And. I look back, and i noticed that this bull is giving me like a, death stare like it's literally, ready to chalk me up and eat me, and i'm looking back at him going. Nah homie. Nah. Well i wasn't that brave but. In my head i'd like to think i was that brave. But i kind of shop and i just look back at them and i'm like you know what. I had this like little talk with the bull, like. Yes, did i look crazy i totally did and i'm like yo, we're, just here, we're just walking. We're just doing our thing. We're not here to hurt you, we're not here to take over anything. We just want to be safe. You know we're doing this i'm like doing this little dance thing, for them like just to kind of distract, them in some way. And it's not working obviously, because they're still walking, down. And then i'm like. Taz, let's just stop, let's just stop right here, so once we didn't, move. I noticed that the bulls kind of got bored. And they started kind of walking in like the other direction. Finally. Like. It's it was like, literally. The most, relief. That i had ever felt, in my entire life. Was to. Watch the bulls get bored, so as we get to the flatter, surface area, i'm like. Completely. Lost i'm looking at the map and i can't exactly, locate. Where we are, there are no signs, to the left or right there's no signs, anywhere, that could kind of tell us like okay you are at this point right now. So, all i see is from a distance. There's like this random, house, okay there's like i kid you not. It's like a random house i didn't even know that people lived, up there. So it almost kind of looks like a slaughterhouse. Like from a far distance because i'm just thinking. And you know they have like, fencing around the house, so we're walking, and i'm the word both of us are freaking out we're like frustrated, at each other well she's frustrated, at me and i totally understand, and honestly she totally should be like i'm pretty much who, got her into this stuff, so we're walking our way down right.

And, We're trying to take like a different path so we see the house, but we decide, not to go there because we're like kind of scared like we're like oh my god like let's just. Try like to pretend like we're not even here, that 7 30 number that i kept saying that kept showing up, i remembered. If something clicked in my head. Where i saw that number, and it wasn't this article that i was reading. Before, i, was um. Before i started that journey on that day. This lady in the article, pretty much mentioned that 7 30, is the last. Funicular. Train. That goes, down. It's 6 38. It's literally 6 38. And we have. Literally just what 15 minutes to get to that train. Five zero minutes. So now we're really panicking. And i look to tas and i turn around like oh my god taz. Ty's like, 7 30 is the last funicular, train, if we miss that train, you know what that means. We're stranded, on these mountains. Over. Night. Overnight. We have, no resources. There's no light it's gonna get pitch dark. Okay and there are bugs around us everywhere. Both our phones were dying and they were eventually, gonna die, completely, at some point. Where are we gonna go like what are we gonna do like i'm just, so scared. Like at this point and i'm thinking, i'm telling her and she's like no. She's like no i'm like yeah bro like, 7 30. i remember, i remember that time, now we're like in a super, panic mode we're like super panicky because we need to get to this particular, train, if we don't get there, we're done. So now because of that panic. I was like. I gotta just suck it up i gotta go to that house. Let's walk all the way back up to where we solve that house, we need to contact whoever that person is there because, they obviously, live here. And. They must know like the way down they probably know like the shortest way down that could get us to this train because we can't miss this train, like we are in super panic mode, so we walk all the way back up, and. I think like even scarier, than the bulls, chasing, us, or. Um, you know like just getting lost up in the mountains and trying to like walk our way down, the scariest, part was like me walking up to this house because i really didn't know what i was getting myself into and i kid you not had a bad feeling, i don't know i just genuinely, just felt like, really really scared, praying in my head i'm like literally praying in my head.

Like I just hope that there's somebody that can help us i just hope this is a good person that lives here because this, house is like hidden in the middle of mountains. Mountains. Guys. Like, there's possibly, like no way that anybody could even figure out like where we were if let's say, something bad was to happen god forbid, i'm like already thinking of like headlines, in the news story. Two canadian, girls, lost in the switzerland, mountains, somewhere, right like, two canadian girls go missing in switzerland, somewhere like i'm already thinking of all sorts of like headlines. A lady comes out. It's like, she's seemed pretty young too she seemed like she was in her early 30s. And, she comes out of the barn. And she's like feeding the cows. And i'm almost sort of have like a little relief, but most of the same time a little scared, cuz like oh no man. Somebody who's like living up there all the way alone like i'm not judging here. But. I'm scared, because, it's not normal for me i've never seen anybody. Live up in the mountains so stranded, in the middle of nowhere. Like i think anybody would be scared so i'm. Walking up to her, and i feel like she didn't completely. Speak, english. So i was trying my best to like explain to her like what we were trying to do, so i'm like, pulling up this map i'm like hi. Like, we're. Tourists. Hiking. And, we are lost. And i'm sure she like understood we were saying i don't know why i'm talking like that. But basically. I was pretty much trying to like get her to tell us a way like. We are lost we need to get down. Um what is like the fastest, way to get down and honestly, she was like a sweet lady, honestly i don't know why i was like getting so scared and i was judging her and stuff she was, super nice and she was like trying her best to explain, to us like oh if you take this way. Um, it's like, very steep it's dangerous. Or if you but if you take this way it's gonna take you longer it might take you like 1.5. Hours, but it's, safer. Right, um, so, obviously, like we weren't going to take the dangerous, route at that point. I'm like all right thank you so much, right she pointed us to the right direction. And then she looked at the map and she told us exactly where we were so we we made a little mark there, we're like okay so this is where we are. And this is where we need to get to, so now i'm like, taz, it says it's gonna take us 1.5. Hours, but, our train is gonna leave in like 50 minutes. So at that point i think i managed to get some sort of a signal. And i contacted, like the funicular, train customer, service on my, 18. Battery that was left now. I'm like getting this customer service number i'm like calling this number like so i call the customer service, like rep and they pick up, and i'm like, oh my god like can you please hold the train down like we are lost right now we're coming down, but it's gonna take us like 1.5, hours to get down. And can you please, like hold the train until that time, and they're like, oh, no sorry like the last train at 7 30., the max we can hold it, up to is like 7 40., we're like please can we just, like we're stranded, here like we have nothing we have no water no nothing. So they're like okay we'll wait. But at 7 40 is the max that we can do because people need to go home right, like the people who were working there needed they needed to go home.

So, I'm like all right now we have a solid hour because they gave us an extra 10 minutes we're like jetting. Jetting, jetting, so fast, through this entire. Entire, trail, i'm like watching the map like every two minutes i'm like okay this way, this way i see the sign here, this way, so we're walking down. And then we get to, an area. That i'm just like both of us are super, lost, guys, there were like, hundreds. Of cows. Everywhere. And we needed to. Go through, like our path. To go down. Was to go through these hundreds. Of cows. We needed to go through them and they're all, staring. At us and they're all. Moo. And i feel, like at that point. They're cows. Like, i get it, they're not gonna really harm or anything. But both of us were so, traumatized. Out of all the possible, ways to die. This right here. Is just downright, embarrassing. You know what it's not even respectful. Like it's not even respectful. So. I, get freaked out because i'm like i don't know because like the path is so long and there are hundreds of them i can see them from like. Miles, and miles away, so i call the customer service people again. And this time i'm trembling. I'm like. Oh my god, uh, sir. There are so many cows here, how are we gonna cross the path we're trying to like get down, but there's so many cows and they're in the way. And, i could almost hear like a little chuckle on the other side, they're kind of laughing, because like, i'm like scared of the cows and they're like, ma'am, you don't need to be scared of the cows, they're scared of you, this is exactly what he said i remember that and then he goes. They're really friendly. Just, mind your business. Just walk down. Walk down the trail you'll be fine, just, don't. Don't like aggravate, them don't do anything to them, they're fine they're not gonna say anything to you they'll just stare at you if anything. And i'm like okay. That's fine. Let's just pray let's just pray that this is the last. Obstacle, that we have to cross, okay. And. We made it this far, can you believe, all the stuff that we've gone through. We can do this, right like we can do this i'm like giving my friend because she's so scared like she's so scared of like animals and stuff and she's scared of these cows right they're like oh my god naf like they're staring, at us they're mooing they're staring, and stuff, i remember, telling her, i'm like tess. Follow me, look down don't even look at them pretend like they're not even there just ignore them we're walking on our path, just keep following me look down. Keep walking straight keep walking straight don't look at them i swear like as we were walking through like these hundreds of cows they're just like. You came to the wrong neighborhood, bro, so we're walking, and walking and we finally. Finish. The 20-minute, long walk. Through these cows. And you know what. You know what we realized. By the time we were done, we had cow manure. All, over our shoes. We stanked. We were just glad that we're safe. So we make it through. And. We, finally, get to, a safer, area, where the past is a little the path is a little clearer. And i can see, like the funicular, train station. Like i can see it all the way down there i'm like oh thank. Lord. Like that's where we need to get to and my friend is like, you know what nav like if you can run like why don't you run because at least you can try to like stop the train if anything, right, because we literally, now only have 10 minutes left before the train is gonna leave. And, we're still we were still like pretty far away, so i start running, and, i finally i'm like so out of breath, i'm like yelling, at like the person who's worth there's like one person working like, stop, the train. Stop, the train. They ended up waiting like an extra 20 minutes because like guys it's just not easy to like get from point a to point b when you're walking when you're on your foot we managed to make it through. And, we hop on the train, we give each other the look, and we're like, silent, we're dead silent. Because we're still trying to process. What we have just been through we're still trying to process what had happened to us, and we're just dead silent. We're like not, looking at each other we're like looking at the floor. We're just looking at the you know the. Cow manure that's on our shoes. And we're just kind of glad, that we. Have made it. Safe, and well, and alive.

In That funicular, train, it drops us off back into. Like, the bottom ground like the main road and stuff where we see cars, and i'm. I've never been so relieved, and we have to take our two hour long train back to where we were staying in switzerland. And guys this train is not like um. Like in the middle of nowhere it's like a work train, so like it was filled with people that were coming home from work, and then i realized. These are all super professional, people that are sitting there and there's just me and my friend were sitting there, and. We, stink. We smell like cow manure. The entire, time. I could smell it, the person beside me could smell it i feel like at one point they, they, almost got up and like went somewhere else totally understandable, for the three hours. We're sitting in the train or like whatever two hours. We're dead silent, we're like we haven't even mummed a word to each other. Because. We're still trying to process what has happened. And we don't say anything to each other until we get to, the hostel that we were staying at and. We just collapsed, like on the bed we're just like. What. The hell was that. And, there's just like almost like overwhelming. Like smile, on our faces, like. We're just glad that we're alive, and we made it. That specific, day pretty much became like the highlight, of the entire, europe trip, like any time we think back to the trip we think about to that day because we went through so much stuff it was literally. This entire, day was like straight, out of a movie anyway, so that. Was the, entire. Story, of what had happened. Would i do it again. Probably. I would 100, do it again because still didn't get to see the other scenic, point. So i would 100. Do it again, i would just be a lot more careful. And. Plan better i know this is such a long story, i hope you guys stay for the entire story because like i've had similar experiences, in other places. Of the world but this one honestly, is like one of the best experiences. Or the most adventurous, experiences, that i've ever had so, i hope you guys enjoyed that story if you guys did, please hit the like button if you guys want to see more videos, like this, hit the subscribe, button because i will be doing more story time videos, until next time guys. Bye.

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