Iceland Vacation 2021 - A Week in the Land of Fire and Ice. Geysers and Craters and Volcanos, Oh My!

Iceland Vacation 2021 - A Week in the Land of Fire and Ice. Geysers and Craters and Volcanos, Oh My!

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We are heading to iceland today  and i'm taking you with me we traveled to Iceland late June of 2021.  Iceland was a green list country for the UK,   which made it an easy destination to visit  with friends from the US. This video is not   a comprehensive travel guide, rather  a brief look at some of the things   you could see if you spend some time  in the southwestern part of Iceland.   First off, I must say Iceland is much bigger  than I thought it was. Every destination that  

looked just around the corner on the map turned  out to be several hours drive away. Therefore we   spent our time predominantly in the southwestern  part. After arriving in Iceland settling into our   accommodation and getting the all clear from  the COVID test they give you when you arrive,   we climbed the hill near Flúðire. Please forgive  me, but no doubt, I will be mispronouncing names.  

I will also list them in the description  below so you can have a look at that if it   interests you this hill near Flúðir seemed like a  convenient outing after a long day of traveling. On our second day in Iceland we drove south  and east of Flúðir to visit the Reynisfjara   Black Sand Beach along the way we  stopped at two impressive waterfalls   Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. The total time for  the round trip from Flúðir took about seven hours. All right, here Kathleen got the salt SKUM, yum! Oh   God, the hills, the hills!! There's always a hill! It is Tuesday the 29th and we're going fishing Oh fear not! No fish were harmed in this venture.  As a local man, we ran into said, I don't care if  

you have a fishing license, I've been fishing here  all my life and have never caught a single fish!   Well, the trip did offer us magnificent views of  the Icelandic countryside in a serene setting. Okay i guess we filled up! Time to rock and roll! So, we're in Reykjavik here today, and it's not a  like there's a real town center. So where to go?  We did stumble across a cemetery  in the heart of town. The shape of   the ancient trees created an otherworldly  atmosphere that left a lasting impression.

However it was time to return to the land of  the living; and perhaps find something to eat.   Some Icelandic cuisine! Is Iceland really  known for its cuisine?? We'll let's see! And just when you thought you've seen it all... So this is the fabled rye-bread ice cream.

It's kind of weird! it is  rye bread mixed in with... ...rye bread mixed in with ice cream.  Which kind of makes sense because rye   bread is sort of sweet here, so  i guess that works! it's good! All right, so we made it to a crater. We sort  of split up today. Not too much to see here,   but supposedly there's a crater up ahead.  But first we're gonna have a little barbecue   Kjuklingur, oh yeah! Even though this crater looks just  like a giant hole in the ground,   Kerið is a 6500 year old volcanic explosion  crater. It is part of a chain of volcanic craters   the water level in Kerið represents  the surrounding water table,   and reflects the current ground water level. Going down is easy, comin up is hard! All right, we have driven, we have driven, now we  have arrived at the geyser, supposedly. Geyser,  

geyser geyser, geyse,r geyser... we'll see. The smell of sulfur is profound! All right, we are deciding which path to  take to get the best view of the volcano   and we are somehow lost in a field of lava,  or what used to be lava... I don't know... Amazingly, we did find our way to the lava field  that the volcano had spit out. The volcano was not   erupting on that day, and the wind was blowing  the toxic gases in such a way, that we could   not get very close to the volcano. We could  marvel though at the impressive lava field.

If you look close at some of the footage here,  you can see that the rock is still glowing red   in the center of the lava layer. You can also see  the immense heat still coming off the lava field. It's 11 o'clock at night... it's madness! And that was the end of our week in Iceland.  The place demands multiple visits to be explored   thoroughly, no doubt. On our list  for next time are Iceland’s glaciers. Thank so much for watching. I hope you got a taste  of what you could see on your trip to the land of  

fire and ice. If you want to see upcoming travel  videos, I would would encourage you to subscribe   and perhaps click that "like"  button. Thanks again, till next time!

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