Iceland Vlog | Hot Springs, Northern Lights, Volcanoes, Ring Road Trip

Iceland Vlog | Hot Springs, Northern Lights, Volcanoes, Ring Road Trip

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Iceland has got a storm warning a  part of this f-road has been closed.  now we're just gonna drive back and  make a new plan before we can carry on. today is the second morning in a row that  we will not have the chance to have breakfast.   maybe later. yesterday it was so beautiful that  we didn't want to spend time.  

but today it's so cold and  so windy that there's no way that the little gas heater is going to warm up our water. we're just going to start driving back. I could say from the middle of nowhere.  yeah because yeah there's really nothing. hello hello hello hello hello so  what happened is that Joe his hat. 

now he's preparing another one. it looks  like I just got out of a shower or something. we were here yesterday morning and  the weather has changed drastically.   so yesterday all the icebergs were over there.   but now there's a strong wind coming from  the inland and you can see how fast the river is. we're now on the eastern side Vatnajökull the biggest  glacier in Iceland. here is another icy river.  

but what makes this special for me is that there's no one else in here. A thing that i've realized in Iceland  is that everything in here is huge.   I just thought I could go and hike next  to the glacier, it seemed like a rock throw away but after walking 20 minutes  I didn't even get halfway the roads ended.   just the scale of them so huge and the land  around them is flat so they seem to be quite close.

almost the whole day we've been escaping the storm.  and now that we've made it to the east side,   we just saw northern lights with our own eyes. felt pretty amazing. now we're gonna fuel up our car. and go and find another spot where to see them.  and hopefully, we can get something good out of it. morning so yesterday I had this crazy idea.

To take photos videos of northern  lights and so I made Kaarel drive a bit further. than he would have wanted. and there is  snow absolutely everywhere we had our heater  working the whole night on quite high  settings because it was just extremely cold.  but at least we're gonna get  some shots of snow.

i don't know how to even call myself.   on this trip, I've already lost my hat. that's why this thing. and I've lost one of my gloves.   but today we woke up to this.  Iceland is definitely full of surprises. when we came to Iceland we did not plan to  go to the eastern part to the northern part.   and now we're at the northeastern part. the thing you should definitely  be ready for is the prices.  

lamb is 30 euros a kilogram.  it's quite steep. the sounds he made before i put the camera on... like we haven't eaten for a century. crazy hunger is the best cook. it tastes delicious. this guy seemed a little bit lost. at the  the rental place they told us when you kill a sheep,  

you have to pay up to 500 euros to the owner of the sheep. and they told us that   lamb is cheaper in a restaurant. but now if I'm  starting to think about it I just looked at it in   the last store one kilogram was 27 euros and  a sheep has to be more than 20 kilograms so...   Don't kill sheep. don't listen to me. that was bull crap. they're dear they're good animals.  

yeah i probably won't use that one... Dettifoss. big waterfall we could see by the size of the  parking lot. and how many toilets there were.   usually it's a super popular place. the  landscape around here is totally magical. the ice on the snow is so thick  that I just didn't go through. so far most of our trip has been about Iceland's ice. it's everywhere it's cold it's wet.  but finally, we're getting to the part where we sense what lies under the ice.

the air is filled with rotten egg smell we're getting to a  a geothermal place. gas that's coming out of this  vent is really really hot. I think i've said it before  that Iceland has ice and fire.  but when those two meet... then magic happens. man, it's cold outside. man, it's cold. snow everywhere I can't wait to get into that pool  

goodness sake... so the first thing you should probably  know is that this pool is quite expensive.   at least for us. adult ticket was  around 35 euros student is 25. I'm a student. perks of being a doctor,  

he's a grown man you can see the beard over there. and he's still a student. I think the lens is a bit foggy. we are in a steam room. they told us that it's natural  steam coming from inside the ground.  I feel like I'm born anew. days of hiking sleeping  in a car and now just those warm baths...   yeah it's expensive but it  was worth it totally worth.

and also a really cool fact about this country is  that all of its energy consumption is renewable.   a lot of hydroelectricity. so water and  geothermal electricity so the heat coming from  the ground I think it's bloody amazing and innovative that a country gets all of its energy  in renewable sources it's 10 o'clock at night  so we're driving around and looking for the right place to set up our cameras.  we're both excited all the sleep is gone.  yesterday evening was great we were just  hunting the northern lights and we found them! four days it took us to find them it felt absolutely magical, absolutely amazing. hell yes!  

today is gonna be all about driving.  this evening we wanna be at the volcano. how's it going? the new GoPro has a front screen...   we've just passed a lava field and this one is a  a fair bit older so there's already vegetation on it .

Me and Kaarel both are quite breathless.  i have to make a note for myself  to work out a little bit more. but the views are gorgeous and I'm hoping that  this small hill reveals something extraordinary.   it smells like new year's eve in here.   Like fireworks and gunpowder something like  this. and we're seeing the fumes in the air. freaking hell that is so cool.  that's so so cool 

i've been to quite a few volcanoes before. but seeing  lava fields like this is new. it barely weighs anything it's like foam.  should be a big piece, right. has no weight to it. i'm not sure if it's the fumes coming from the lava field  or i'm just happy. because this place  is freaking gorgeous freaking awesome.   it's just amazing to look at  the texture of this stone. and maybe a month ago maybe a week ago maybe  several months ago this was magma inside the earth.

the fumes are not really hot. i'd say  like 30 degrees 25 but they're really moist.   moisture wants to get out of the ground.  it's the steam just pouring out. so that was our volcano experience and probably  the strongest wind we've felt in Iceland so far. 

it was so strong that we couldn't fly  the drone and it wanted to push us over.   but the whole site of the lava field  around the volcano was definitely worth a visit.   it was amazing I've  never seen anything like this before.

today is our final day in iceland and uh it's the  The first time where we slept in. we slept until nine.   we didn't rush and we realized that we've  just been burning ourselves out. been running around so today we're taking a chill. we're on a golden circle. Icelandic horses i'd say they're one  of the most beautiful I've ever seen.  just look at their hair how it swirls in the wind. familiar right... and just a few kilometers drive away from  gullfoss waterfall we've made it to Geysir   and yeah that's one of the most iconic places  in iceland. and that's the one.  

he's the reason why all  the other geysers in the world are called Geysir next to Geysir, there are a few other geysers. and these guys still erupt.  Stokker the one that we're  next to at the moment tends to erupt every  four to ten minutes so there's probably  going to be a little bit of waiting. but I hope we can show you how the geyser eruption  looks like how the water blasts into the sky.

my hands are cold. okay this selfie shot when  you're waiting it's between five and ten minutes. i usually don't like washing dishes but after  a week in a camper without running water ...  this feels amazing to spash in warm water We're just cleaning everything  up and getting ready to give our camper back. 

Our trip is almost over. last fueling of our beast. and now we're  taking our camper, our off-roader, our  Lagatha back to KUKU Campers. We're  gonna tell thank you to them. this car is amazing. all done the last steps on Iceland...

2021-10-31 06:31

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