Incarceration Is a Deadly Health Risk: Former Chief Medical Officer of NYC Jails Speaks Out

Incarceration Is a Deadly Health Risk: Former Chief Medical Officer of NYC Jails Speaks Out

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This is democracy now I'm, Amy Goodman his. Name is synonymous with all that's wrong with the prison system kalief, Browder, police. Spent three years at, Rikers Island jail in New York without charge who was a 16, year old high school sophomore, when, he was detained, on suspicion. Of stealing. A backpack, Browder. Never, pleaded, guilty was, never convicted, he, maintained, his innocence, and requested, a trial but, was only offered plea, deals then, while the trial was, repeatedly. Delayed. He. Was held Rikers. Island jail, for. Three, years, beaten. By guards. And prisoners alike. After. Enduring nearly, 800. Days in solitary, confinement and. Abuses. Browder. Was only, released when, the case was dismissed. He. Committed suicide on June 6, 2015. At his home in the Bronx he, was 22, years old, nearly. Four years later the question remains, why did Khalif have to die is. There something, inherently wrong, with incarceration. That, makes it a health risk sometimes, with. Deadly, consequences, well. A remarkable, new book attempts, to answer those, questions, as it shines a light on the health risks, of imprisonment, the book is titled life, and death in Rikers Island its author dr., Homer Venters, the former. Chief medical, officer, of New York City jails he. Offers unprecedented, insight. Into what happens, inside prison, walls to create new health risks, for incarcerated, men and women including neglect, blocked access to care physical, and sexual violence, and brutality by. Corrections, officers, Venters. Further reveals. That when prisoners, become, ill or injured or even die in custody, the facts of the incident are often obscured. He. Writes quote we, work in settings that are designed, and operated, to keep the truth hidden detainees. Are beaten and threatened to prevent them from telling the truth about how their injured health staff are pressured to lie or omit details in their own documentation, and Families, experience, systemic. Abuse and humiliation during, the visit station process, unquote, the, risk of jail are disproportionately. Harmful, for people with behavioral health, problems and for people of color Venters, explains, he, concludes, Rikers, Island must, close and suggests. How that should be done well, dr. Homer Venters joins us now physician. And former chief medical officer for New York City's correctional, health services, again. His book life and death in Rikers Island he's, currently senior health and justice fellow at Community Oriented correctional. Health services, associate, professor at New York University's, College of global. Public Health also. With us Jennifer Gunn ermine staff writer for The New Yorker magazine her, most recent piece as a review, of dr..

Venters. Book it's. Called life. And death and Rikers Island do jails, kill, people, is the name of her, article. Welcome you both, to Democracy, Now, okay. Dr. Venters start, off talking. About why you wrote this book and how kalief Browder z', death relates, to all of this well. Early. On in my time overseeing. The health system in, New, York City jails it became clear that our job was not just to take care of people who were injured or address. The medical problems, people had but, that this system was conferring, new health risks to our patients, so our patients, were getting hurt because of the way that jails were set up and run and so, it, was clear to my team and I that part of our mission had, to be to, use our, tools. As public, health and epidemiology, folks. As well as doctors and nurses to document. Just what these health risks were and to report those out and one of the things that over the years became clear is that those health risks as you, just stated aren't, meted out in a uniform ashen fashion. People with baby or health problems people, of color our data, show were more likely to find themselves on the wrong end of, these health risks talk. About why prisons, are lethal. Talk about Rikers Island for example well, we, can start with the first and most serious health risk which is death it's, clear, that there, are many. Preventable. Or what we would call Jail, attributable. Deaths that, happen we, worked hard to document those while I was leading, service in the New York City jails but, there are many others so for. Instance, people that we know who. Are coming in with very serious health problems diabetes or, hepatitis. C or needing. Dialysis, who, then are denied those services, despite the fact that we have them available, people. Who are exposed to solitary, confinement not. Just, isolation. But the brutality and violence associated, with it who do take, extreme, measures to get away from the. Distress that that setting causes, those are things that were conferred. To those people tell. Us the story of Carlos marcado and on, how Ramirez, so. Those are two patients. Who. As have, been publicly reported, entered. Into the jail system with. Clearly, identified. Health. Problems, one with diabetes, and. One undergoing, withdrawal, and as has been reported in the press, they. Both despite, having clearly. Communicated. Their problems and even having their problems, elicited. And understood by quite, a few people in the jail's received. A punishment response, and a neglect, response, that led to their death even. Though they were in the system that was able. To provide them the health care they needed so what happens, to a prisoner, when, they're sick you, also talk. About the tension between the. Doctors. The nurses the. Health professionals. And the guards, in. The best of circumstances the. Correctional, officers who are with our patients, all the time they have you know they see and interact with people much more than we do in the health service they. Determined. That somebody is ill and they need help or somebody. Just reports, I don't feel well then they're taken, to medical, care and they. Get the appropriate level of medical care they're transferred, to the hospital if they need something that the journal's can't provide in, the worst circumstance, and there are some, situations. That actually. Hardwired. In this, this. Less ideal response people. Aren't able to say, that they're sick or that they feel well or what they do they're not believed and so they're kept in a chaotic, intake, Panwar there solitary. Confinement cell, even though they're saying clearly, I need insulin, or I'm you, know I'm, sick or I've just swallowed, something that could kill me and then, they're denied access to healthcare and then finally I would say that, because of the pressure of dual loyalty and is really crushing, and very. Omnipresent. Ethical. Problem human rights problem in correctional health that, even when they do make it to the health service sometimes, the doctor or nurse or social worker in front of them is acting, more there's an agent of the security, service then as a health care provider talk. About your own experiences. You entered, the jail's and what 2008, I've got a decade, ago yes what did you find there what shocked you most I. Believe. That one. Of the things that shocked me the most was the high level of injury, and injury, associated, with violence, certainly.

All Physicians and, health care people our work we. Have experience taking care of injuries but so many of our patients were coming to us with injuries and so many of them we're, saying that these injuries were from things called slip and falls so, you, know patients that come with a fracture. To the jaw a very, you know very serious, injury or, a fracture. Of the upper, arm or the leg and then, saying that they had slipped and fallen things that just did not you. Know we, didn't believe but also it was clear when you interacted, with these patients that they were terrified, and that they actually in that moment we're, thinking very clearly about their survival, and their preservation and, so it, makes a very difficult, proposition for, a doctor a nurse so, you set, up an injury, surveillance. System, that's, right, shortly. Before I arrived, Christopher. Robinson another, young, man who died in that same jail. The kalief Browder was held in he. Had been beaten to death and so when. I did arrive and started, with the correctional Health Service we, said about understanding, how many other people were injured especially, adolescents and, we saw saw lots of jaw fractures, and hand fractures, and so at, first we were dealing with paper records, but then we quickly implemented, in. The, New York City jail system an electronic, medical record but we were able to modify that in really major ways so, that we could capture data, and not just about the type of injury people had but, whether or not it was intentional, did it happen during a use-of-force was, there a blow to the head then. We could use that data, to report out to others not just in the Correctional, Service, or the city but, outside, parties, that might be interested, what, the rates of injury were so, that we had empirical, data to show the brutality and injury, was in fact a, real. Crisis, for our patients, describe, what would happen, when you would send, an email to the, do see to the Department, of Corrections, to upgrade. An injury. To. Upgrade, what you saw well. The injury, reporting, system on the health side as I mentioned we built a pretty sophisticated electronic. Medical record system on the security side it required. Paper. Pieces. Of paper injury, reports, to, be, updated. And amended actually on an individual, piece of paper so when, I would find a patient as, I often would who had an injury that was more serious than initially. Reported, or that the circumstances. Of the injury were different, than was originally reported. Unlike. In healthcare where we want all set you know all information, to lead us to the quickest. Best. Outcome for the patient these, paper forms, then, would, be put back in my face and people would say listen you have to find the original doctor or go to the original jail go find this piece of paper that nobody can find that's, the proper way to get this address not simply to tell us that that just, because you're a doctor or a health administrator, that you think something else happened why is there, so little. Transparency. Talk about the silent, complicity. You describe you, know these are paramilitaries. Settings, and so the, health service in most of these places even when we have an independent Health Authority we still rely on the correctional, staff for our safety and security and so as such. Because, there isn't a lot of mandated, transparency.

About Health, outcomes, about the true characteristics. Of injuries, for instance at the time we were doing this work there's. Most, of the system is designed to keep you information on the inside so, that anybody who wants to change the original account whether. It's a patient or a doctor or a nurse faces, a real gauntlet, of challenges. That not, only are bureaucratic. And administrative. But actually could put their own personal safety at risk I wouldn't, turn to kalief, Browder in, his own words kalief, Browder of. Course is the sick. Well was 16, when, he was arrested, and sent to Rikers Island he. Ended up being there for three years much, of that time in solitary. Confinement, without. Charge. He, was arrested when he was a high school sophomore. Police. Believed. They said that he stole a backpack. But could never come up with a person who made the accusation who, they drove around a neighborhood and, the, person, pointed out Khalif walking, on the street and then that person just disappeared. Khalif, would not plead, in prison, because he said he was taught not to lie and he said he was innocent held. For three years. Much. Of that time in solitary, confinement he. Said that while, he was in solitary confinement at, Rikers the guards often refused to give him his meals, if. You see anything that can take them or for any type of way some. Of them which, is a lot of them what, they do is they starve you ate it won't feed you and it's, already hard in there because if you get the three trays that you get every day you're still hungry because I guess that's part of the punishment so and they start with one tray that that, could really make an impact on you and how, much were you starved. Almost. All the lot can't even I can't even count, so. That, was kalief Browder speaking. On half, Poe live, when. It was around. He. Died within, two years after this interview he took his own life he, went on to say he was once star four times, in a row no breakfast, lunch dinner or breakfast, again after. Enduring nearly, 800, days in solitary, Browder, was only, released when the case was dismissed. Browder. Took. His own life jun, 6 2015. At, his home in the bronx he was 22, years old, he was a student at Bronx Community College. Jenifer, gonner man wrote. A lot about his case for The New Yorker and exposed, videos, that, were gotten from the inside, of Rikers showing, him being be. By, guards, and prisoners alike. Jennifer. You've covered the prison system a lot and. You were really. Taken, with this book life and death and Rikers Island II wrote a review of it for The New Yorker yeah, I know I saw an early copy of this book in, December, and a lot of books come in you know as a reporter you get a lot of often. Get a lot of books and people who want publicity I started reading this book and I really couldn't put it down I thought it was so important. Crucially. Important and I feel like it, covers one of the most overlooked, aspects, of mass incarceration I, mean mass incarceration has gotten a lot of attention in recent years but, what the health risks, that folks endure when they go inside is something that I feel needs much more attention and. I think as a society we've sort of grown numb to these headlines like an individual died in prison or jail and we don't really follow up with the necessary questions, and what dr. Venters book does is really pushes us to ask those harder questions like did this death have to happen was, it preventable. Did something happen in the jail that led to this individual's death and those are the kind of questions the public and journalists, in particular really, need to be asking tell us the case of Ronald Speer. Ronald. Speirs is one of the gentlemen in the book he. Was, in Rikers Island he was in his 50s, he was a kidney dialysis, patient, in. 2012. One, night he, felt very, ill and tried to get the attention of the doctor he was housed in the infirmary on Rikers Island there was a medical office next door to his dorm he snuck, out of the door me to, get into the hall to get to the medical office and the doctor told him you, know a guard stopped him and the doctor said, you had to keep waiting he's been waiting for hours the.

Officer, The correction officer and mr.. Spears got spear got into an altercation which, ended with two other guards. Coming in and, restraining. Him on the floor and that, would have been the end of the. Situation. But then the the first officer's, name was Brian Cole came, in and kicked mr. spear in the head repeatedly and he died right there on the floor this. Case was covered, up lied. About for, years until finally federal, prosecutors, in the Southern District in Manhattan. Brought, a prosecution, against the officer, and he went on trial in 2016, so I sat through the trial and obviously, the focus on, what this officer did and didn't do but, one of the subtext. Of that of that court, case was what the medical staff was doing at the time so this this. Crime, took place in the hallway right outside the medical offices and the nurse got on the stand and said when she heard the altercation of the hallway she opened her door and then she shut her door and. That she had sort of been taught to do that it's almost like an unofficial rule on Rikers Island the AH the doctor, who was on duty and here's all of this commotion, going on in the hallway he was sitting in his office and never looked out the window never opened the door, testified. To all of this and only, open his door after the whole thing was over and somebody knocked on the door I believe was a captain, and say can you come out here and you. Know help and at that point mr. Spears on the floor in handcuffs, face down and no pulse and. So essentially, this homicide took place you, know within feet of the, medical staff and that. Always stuck with me and and you know this this idea of an unofficial rule of averting your eyes when, there's an altercation, between. Correction. Officers and inmates is something that actually shows, up in dr. Venters book also you, say that. 112. People died, in New York City jails between, 2010. And 2016. That's like almost what twenty, a year. More. Probably in sub years right yeah. Some, years yes. So. What, is society's. Responsibility, here, I. Think. That there are really. Very. Large. Policy, decisions that have been made to keep these, deaths and injuries hidden and so to undo, these problems, it's not simply a matter of a, little, bit of training for one group of staff for another it, is that we have to establish.

Medical. Systems, that work not only to, care for the patients, and their health problems but also to collect the data we do in the rest of the country and report, it out we, also need to independent oversight we're fortunate in New York City to have the board of Correction, an, incredibly, vital institution. That really doesn't exist in most of the other 3,000. Counties in the states but, they need to be supported in the independence, to make sure that the health service, and the. Correctional service adhere, to rules dr., ventures you also say wreckers should be closed absolutely. Is it happening fast enough well. So. The mayor's office of Criminal Justice led, by Liz, Glaser is doing, an amazing I'm. Of work to come up with the, actual, planning that, could make it happen but this is a political, question to, close Rikers Island, how. Many people does it imprison. The. Jail system today has about, as under, 9,000, but we really need to get down to 5,000, or so which means building at least another borough jail you, right mmm. The. Health risks, that are faced. Particularly. By people, with behavioral problems. In prison. Talk. About that yeah. I think that the the most extreme, example, that it's really a an. Obscenity is the notion that people who exhibit symptoms. Of mental health problems would, be then put into solitary confinement where, we know that they'll get worse and and often. Die and so the. Idea that we had a solid. Terry confinement, unit, for, people with mental illness in the New York City jails until 2014. Is is. Horrific it's, not that's not a lack of resources that's not a lack of a thought, thought went into it and so we're jason echeverria and others died, you. Know they that, was an affirmative, decision so undoing, those bad. Decisions, coming. Up with a more clinically, appropriate and a therapeutic model in. Most cases means not having people in jail means having people in a community. Setting that's an actual health care so we built, alternative, models in the New York City jails these units the caps and pace units these very therapeutic units but, they're incredibly expensive, a couple of million dollars a year for 20 patients and, every. Aspect of those units would be more effective if they were not in the jails mass. Incarceration, in, this country. Has. Been taken on bay by. Grassroots. Activists. Now for years, and it's certainly, reading, I think a reaching. A tipping point where, you have people across the political spectrum, saying. We have. The largest, prison, population in. The world how, can this be changed I think, that one, of there's an important, voice that needs to be brought to this which is health, care systems, health insurance, companies, because keep, in mind that while most people don't die in.

Jail Or prison many. People are coming home with physical. And psychological, damage. From these settings and the, care they need which they may have struggled, to access but the care they need is going to be provided by community hospitals just, take the example of traumatic brain injury we documented all of the hidden traumatic, brain injury in just, in the New York City Jail systems that, increases, the risk of those people for dementia, and CTE, down the road that is incredibly, costly to them and their families, how do people on the outside get access, to these this, information, on the inside particularly, families, of people who are in prison so. I think that it is these systems are designed to keep the truth from certainly. From families, who are you know lie to all the time and from, but I think that it's. Incredibly important to have aggressive, journalism but. Also I think that some of the structures that exist in New York City should, be replicated, elsewhere so, having a board of Correction or an oversight agency, that demands, data having. Investigative. Journalists, that dig into individual, deaths is incredibly. Important, Steve Cohen just wrote a new piece in The New Yorker the jail healthcare, crisis, talking about the opioid, epidemic among. Other things yeah. I think that that's a that is also a very good example that most, jails and prisons, people. Don't have access to evidence-based, addiction, care so many people end up incarcerated because, of an addiction problem then, because they're denied access to buprenorphine and methadone they. Leave and we know we have documented, here in New York City their risk of death when they leave is much higher now in New York City we have a methadone program and a buprenorphine program, for people who are incarcerated but, very. Few jails around the country have that and. Jennifer, gundermen what gives you the most hope as you continue, to cover the prison, industrial complex. Well. As you are mentioning there's a lot of activists have taken up this cause which is fantastic, because you know back. In the 90s the 2000s, you just didn't see that level of interest. Of enthusiasm activism, for taking on these really challenging topics that, gives me hope and also folks. Like dr. Venters, people who have been on the inside who have a witness horrific, things and then have the wherewithal, and the courage and take, the time to really record them so the rest of us can really truly get a much, better understanding of, what's going on behind bars and. The. Access, to information you as a journalist, have getting, for, example, you leak these, of what was taking place with Khalif being, beaten videos, that are taken the surveillance system, within prison, you, know that was very unusual you, know there's very little, video, footage that has come out of from, prisons around the country despite there being a number of surveillance cameras you. Know like dr. venture said the truth is, hidden it's intentionally, hidden it's very difficult on, what's going inside in jails or prisons is very difficult but obviously the more journalists, who are taking on the challenge the. More we're going to get to the heart, of what the truth is I want. To thank you both for being with us dr. Homer, Venters, former, chief medical officer for New York City's correctional, health services. His, new book life in death and Rikers Island and Jennifer Garner and staff writer for The New Yorker magazine will. Link to her piece do, jails, kill, people, and that does it for our show. Democracy. Now is produced by Mike Burke Dina Guster nermeen Shaikh Carla, wills Tammy Warren of Sam al Kahf John Hamilton Ravi Karen honey, Massoud Trina Anna Dorota, Murray a studio, and Libby Rainey Mike DeFilippo and, Miguel de Guerra our engineer, special, thanks to Becca Staley Julie, Crosby, Hugh Grant David prude Arielle, Boone Festa guitars and Karl Marx ER and to our camera crew John Randolph Karen Berg Meadows and up goes Becca and Matt helix if you'd like to see our video and audio podcasts. Read, the transcripts, go to You've. Got to sign up for our daily digest text, the word democracy now to six, six eight six six I mean a good. You.

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This young man and American citizen did not deserve this. NO Human Being deserves this. The first step of change acknowledges there is a problem. We are better than this and so are the wrongly imprisoned. Deep sympathies to the family and friends of Kalief Browder and others suffering under an illegal legal system.

Worked on a prison padded cell wing , mainly for potentially violent psychiatric prisoners. I was dumping their food trays on the floor etc.They brought one prisoner in one day who just seemed very confused. I would read him his letters from mum and sister. He didnt understand what I was reading to him . He would defecate in his cell , I would clean it up. I knew he wasnt mad , I thought there was something medically wrong with him. I kept telling the Guard that he wasnt mental, just sick. After about 5 weeks one day I am brought to the wing and he is gone. He was taken to hospital and then he died of a brain tumour. UK prisons are medically bad too.

What the fuck is the point of making suggestions and so-called documenting anything if it's not going to be enforced anyway. All this lip service all the time about documenting is if they need to document any more than what we already know. Is the jail system in prison system killing people absofuckinglutly. How many bodies need to stack up before anybody figures that out or is it that the system already is aware of it and it just doesn't give a damn. I think it's the latter. And the same goes for any type of religious organizations. How many children need to be raped before people realize that it's not the people that they put in the positions of this shit , it's the entire structure of the organization. It is meant to cultivate predators people in the clergy and the police. They specifically select people that are going to do this kind of shit how in fucksake do you end up with this many people unless it's intentional.

Prison corporations need to be ended. Thinly veiled slavery, creating billions for these jackals, work that could be supporting families instead. Christ, it's that lack of legitimate work that drives communities to drugs and crimes. We demand to be treated fairly, law enforcement and the judiciary must be held in check and regulated.

It is hard to even imagine the trauma and abuse perpetrated upon thousands of CHILDREN, incarcerated-for-pay and separated from both their families and siblings, by fucking unhuman Revulsicans at the border. This must end.

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C'mon y'all it's time to call a spade a spade...there are more of us incarcerated innocently or extremely over punished than any other group in the world. Right now there are more black men in prison in the US than the total of women (of all races collectively) in the entire world...true stats. Why do you think that is?

I hardly doubt he took his own life. I'm almost certain they took him out for exposing their wickedness!!

The system is set up to breakdown the mind & ruin people's life while making loads of $. Prisons should be more like hospitals to help those that don't know better. Instead we put in egotistical maniacs to take in charge of the prison who make it man made he'll on Earth. In my belief, ONLY religious people & doctors should work in prison system. Not uneducated so called "officers" aka slave patrollers. Moreover, people in prison are the 1st once to be in line for medical experiments... The system is wicked to the fullest. The sad part is some of these sycophants that do the enemies work are other "Black" officers. Male & female!!

Suicide is not a crime, suicide prevention organizations nation wide are moving towards using “died by suicide” or “completed suicide” vs the phrase “commit suicide” in an effort to reduce stigma.

Just like how AOC used a teacher and her students to waylay Feinstein to vote for the Green New Deal. I think the first case in this video purposely cherry picks such a case, but if that case is legit and we really don't know why he committed suicide, and you can tell he said something to that cop before the cop put him down let's say he should have had a trial and if so found guilty and thus the circumstances would not be as you describe. But for each person like that, black or otherwise, there are many hundreds more who fall along a spectrum to exceedingly and overtly criminal where guilt is not in question, or violent and are a real threat to others. What is your plan for that? a hyper comfy studio apartment facility with staff and therapy? What you are saying is what we really need is mental health facilities for most of them? Why do you think they have mental health issues in the first place? A cultivated culture of dependency and a welfare state that disabled their Freedom to Fail. By robbing them of the freedom to fail has led to much of why someone ends up in these circumstances. Notice on the cherry picked case of 1) the over-used race: black people as the example as they could have easily picked a white guy or (insert another race here) as you can in fact meet such guys and 2) the case is one where he is a 'victim' of the system, the implication is he was wrongly incarcerated. We really don't know the details of the case, or how he was like back in high school. 3) the next big idea is that the system railroaded or 'failed him' by keeping him locked up without a trial and offered plea agreements. It might be that he was fully guilty and they lacked sufficient evidence. That might be, but again you could find many other cases where that is not the case. So it gives the viewer not an accurate picture of the system but rather a fiction that is crafted. The way to get an accurate picture would be to see the wide range of cases, sifting through the details, and realize that far more white kids are going to jail that black ones for the same reasons simply because there are more white kids, but black kids are committing crimes at a higher proportion to their racial percentage in the population. Why then is that? Why is the proportion higher? You may clap back and say 'Well, America is racist.....' No, they are getting charged based on behavior and choice, but it is the attitude that governs the behavior and choices. That is where the focus should be? Ideas like America is racist and against you cuz your black' cultivates that attitude. I feel they are using black people as the eternal example, could use other examples with other races but purposely do not.

Guards in prisons are more violent criminals than the prisoners. We know this and we have been allowing it to continue for decades. Shame on all of us. We will answer for our sins one day!

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This is casebook study of why we must END CASH BAIL and the WAR ON DRUGS. Having tens of thousands of nonviolent and unconvicted people rotting in prison is costly to us as a nation in terms of lost productivity, increased health problems thus increased costs and availability, and it spreads a culture of sadism that makes us all less safe. People abused by governement sadists will become sadists when released. We need to eliminate the Calvinist, revenge based personalities that gravitate toward prison systems and use psychological profile tests to weed out the bad apples, from judges and wardens right on down to prison employees.

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Does Amy Goodman realize she's even lucky to be speaking about this? Hell, in Russia or China, (Very nice, safe, GOOD, countries), she would be charged of treason and executed.

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He killed himself at home? How is this the systems fault?  These kind of cases are very rare, and it sounds like there is more to the story. I find it hard to believe a guy would be locked up for so long for stealing a backpack, and its definitely not normal. So its turns out later in the video that he (allegedly) stole a backpack from another person, thats like an aggravated robbery, thats very different to stealing a back pack from Walmart. Left media always reports cases like this without telling the full story, like they will report a case about a guy who "just had some weed" Then it turns out he was trafficking large quantities, was a gangster and was carrying a gun. We need to encourage people not to do crime that leads to prison. I agree though prisons need to be safer, but its very hard to do when you're dealing with hundreds of violent criminals, and gang affiliated men.

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They know this happens. Ain't no secret. They even put 60 Mexicans and 20 blacks in dorms on purpose to see a fair fight. smh See them on the other side tho!! Next life they won't be successful

ABOMINATION We have a vile criminal thug punk as president. Hypocrisy and evil defines this nation.

The solution is simple end poverity and stop discriminating and help all people instead of findinging reasons for every little reason and red tape...with the coming storm we'll need everyone if this country is going yo survive. Change is in the wind as evident by yhese reports. I love this station. We need change..

16:00 The prison system is so internal in its affairs, it can easily compare to the church.

We used to ask why Germans didn't do anything about the evils of Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, etc. Look in the mirror. This is us. This is how we spend our taxes. We collude in abuse, murder, rape and wrongful imprisonment. (and Kamala is NOT the one to fix anything.) The economy of barbaric USA is mainly based on war, destruction, death and surveillance, all for profit. Very, very far from the shining city on the hill. "Preventative detention"? Citizens or foreigners can be held at will forever. Human rights? We live in a shameful sewer controlled by depraved monied criminals in Washington, DC.

Americans hire to many goons who enjoy unrestricted violence as sheriffs cops ect.

No more prisons! No more punishment! FEMINISM

USA is the poorest richest nation in the world. We all grieve for the looses US citizen have become so custom to.

+D Brown yeah or too look at everything but yet cant have it.

To have everything but - yet have nothing.

That dude talking now because he got his retirement and living good. Forget this BS story. Replace Racism white supremacy with a system of justice. Justice is biblical not political.

"Biblical"? fuck off! Christian ISIS.. Critical Thinking The Bible and New Testament

It's good to shine a light on this injustice, but will closing Rikers really help? Aren't the other prisons just as bad? Won't those laid off employees just get jobs at other prisons? The whole system needs reform. Edit: The whole darn country needs reform.

It's always AFTER they collect the money and pensions, years of abuse to others, that they get morals. Now there is something wrong. He should be prosecuted along with the rest for the cover up.

Thank you so much for covering this very important topic.

Considering that I believe in order for someone to be incarcerated one of three things must be present with their crime number one someone must be hurt number two someone stuff must be damaged or number three someone stuff must be missing that would mean that 90% of the incarcerated people are being incarcerated unlawfully which means that I view our correctional system as a cash for flesh system it is a flesh Farm so that people can get paid and feel empowered over other people even if they have not done anything to harm somebody damage somebody's stuff or stealing

Look...this stuff has been known forever. Staff has been silent due to threats and intimidation much like our present National Hospital situation. Good report. Wake up.

It's not Riker's Island, it'd people. People make the things happen everywhere, and overall the level of corruption, cruelty, neglect, greed, etc. is pretty depressing. Human's are very flawed. Over two million people in jail in the USA. Absolutely ridiculous.

Stupid people run our country and our prisons. Nothing will change until we respect evidence based research and studies to improve the human condition.

More like greedy and dumb people.

Julie Gurley That will never happen because Americans are ignorant and/or sociopathic.

Prison murders your soul and private prisons should be illegal. Write and call your governor and reps.

Private jails/prisons a form of or a return to slavery...

Nicholas Littlejohn - Yes, private prisons - : horrific

'delusional'= when your argument is shredded #FactsNotFeelings

We have placed a profit motive on incarceration. Of course people are going to get hurt or be treated poorly. It costs money to treat people decently and that cuts into the shareholder's profits.

I know this happens to inmates mostly whom are Black Americans. Michelle Alexander's book and other research educates us on this travesty. I just sob when I see it while feeling so helpless. So many innocent and sick people being brutalized like its OK. I hesitate to share because Black people on the OUTSIDE have enough trauma in daily life, and I don't wanna add to their plight, but it is SAVAGERY. What do you do? I'm usually nauseated after seeing and reading about it. Therefore; I have to take it in small doses and give myself time away from these stories for my own sanity.Thank you again Amy Goodman, as well as your guests, for what you do in the world.

Sadly I think what will change things is the opioid crisis as more and more middle class white Americans are effected and end up in the legal system then jails it will cause their families to suddenly care what happens. Just like the opioid crisis has led to drug courts and rehab treatments instead of harsh policing we saw in the past when it effected minorities. Sadly some people don’t care until it happens to someone the know

I made it 1 minute in, I can't even watch this. I've been thinking about this so long, lost so many friends and family members, some to Rikers itself, I can't keep letting thoughts of the cruelty and inhumainty of my counrty and neighbors continue to darken all of my days. Pass the blue pill.

Speaks out? Whats to fucking say? The white man is a sociopath.

sounds like nz mecp prison contractor run.

Everyone should know that the rate of death while incarcerated is higher than the general population

If you want to know more about the prison system just go buy Michelle Alexander's book called the New Jim Crow. After you read it tell someone else about it...She is an incredible author lawyer wife mom and more...

So many injustices; my heart weeps for you Khalifa, RIP, I am so sorry for you. This is still going on, what inhumane and immoral treatment of people

Jail/prison is no place for a person with a mental illness - in the end things get a lot worse for both the person and their communities.

Dr. Homer Venters entered the system a decade ago, He immediately tried to rectify the injustices within. Unfortunately, the system was inplace before he was. "Do jails kill people". In their way Worth reading? Yes. Should the correctional system be reviewed? Yes.

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FUCK the white supremacist Prison Industrial Slave Complex, it is simply an extension of slavery as after slavery, the 13th Amendment outlawed slavery UNLESS a person was imprisoned, hence the reason the white supremacist hellhole Amerikkka has imprisoned over 2 million Black males for 80% nonviolent drug offenses. Burn that system down.

If you are put into jail without a trial and you are victim of abuse it is no wonder that one will feel like he has no power over his own life and the only way he can get some power back is by killing oneself.

Not everyone has got good luck. It's just the truth. Some have more struggle then other's.

It is truly a living hell for some on earth.

America is a prison

omg i cant stand this fkn empty head anchor! how can you be so dumb to frame obvious problems as maybe QUESTIONS??? you fkn dumb ass you need to go way seriously

No shit

We need a nation.

There is no more Humanity in this World. Animals over humans ANY day ~

I would appreciate if somebody looking to Colorado's Adam County Jail because they have a lot of deaths that are on a counter for

This system dont care about us. It never has. Poor people are all the same. Poor. Its the saddest country in the world. It's the most distracted country too.

Iam not even typen that too be funny its the truth. I know it. You know what everyone else should know it too. They sale our info now. All these platforms do. They dont care about us.

Bro iam white and I alreadu know they Dont give a f### about me.

sad and sick= in the -land of the free????????????????


crying now. I have been in prison and spent time in isolation, but this is as bad as it gets.

+Alex Gonzalez And what if someone mistakenly accuses you of stealing a backpack?

You were an inmate for a reason! Remember that always! You are not a victim. If you find jail unpleasant do not go. I have avoided incarceration my entire life, its very easy.

it's amazing that this is not getting the cover it deserves but I think it is because it's mostly black In the jails

+For the Love of my peoples 4life I think you misunderstand what I'm saying I mean coverage is it needs to be more we hear more about other bullshit then anything there is a systemic problem when it comes to these prison systems all of them

+For the Love of my peoples 4life Not nearly enough considering it is a genocidal activity.

Jonnell McCullough you are very late this has been in the news for the last couple years just about every major News Channel air it

It's because prisons are for profit and the rich have bought the Congress and the media to ensure they can continue to profit off of blacks and the poor.


The American justice system is a disgrace and a true national humanitarian emergency that needs to be addressed.

100% correct ✌️

@Garrak. Noam Chomsky Noam Chomsky-on Social Cleansing, the ‘war on drugs’, Marijuana and prohibition

We been crying for 400 years.


The only thing worse than the criminal justice system is the child welfare service department. I spent 10 days in jail while pregnant. my first day I filled out papers saying I was pregnant and wanted clinic visits and the pregnancy meals (a whopping extra 500 calories a day) I received one extra meal my last day. Never did see a nurse or doctor. Was not given prenatal vitamins or adequate water either...

There is no such a thing of prison reforms. The system is perfect, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. America is the greatest country in the world! That’s a typical American propaganda. It is sad that we have the highest prison population in the world. How do you call it a democracy when you get a prison term for the slightest thing? Try to break that American mentality.

+For the Love of my peoples 4life

Mr.Logic23 read 13th Amendment it is legalized slavery behind those walls there are manufacturing business in prison you name it they are making it behind walls that is why the Thirteenth Amendment exists legalized slavery paying someone anywhere from $0.01 to $0.11 an hour realshit

Pay attention! The boy did not commit any crime and he was still imprisoned for 3 yrs. The courts are so backed up, people are coerced into pleading guilty whether they did it or not in return for a plea deal. The system is broken!

Let me guess-- you're not ADOS. No need to answer the question--we know you're not.

So we're at the point on this propagandist channel that criminals and terrorists should face no penalty. Great stuff guys :) Just read some of these comments down here if you want to see these people screaming that the system shouldnt even exist :D

Ignant mf!

+Drez Geska I don't say you should not have laws and prison but you need to have a justis system what: a) rehabilitate the criminals and b) don't put people in jail before they got there sentence if there is no reason to believe they run away or post a direct harm to the world. If you are accused of a crime in Germany but have a job and/or a family you are free until your court date.

The system was built as an extension of slavery. It needs to be completely torn down and reconstructed. Noone is saying we don't need a system to deal with crime. But not in this way. Is the goal to torture or rehabilitate. There are a bunch of crooks working in corporations. The banks robbed the American people and they got a welfare handout. We don't torture those people but you for some reason society justifies torturing people who struggles the most.

+Mr Nice yes, lets just NOT HAVE A JUSTICE SYSTEM? What kinda clown world do you live in?

A system that does not work should not exist.

The USA is a land of natural beauty with a disproportionate evil population... You appear to have recreated Dickensian England.... And then made it even much worse. Best wishes. FreeJulianAssangeFreePalestineFreeUsAll.

The duel citizen's are the worst cause they think they can jusy dip out and go back home when america collapses.

Corrections officers. The only 'correction' these so called 'officers' believe in making, is from life to death. 'Boldest'? More like cowards.

Real losers spiritually.

The Prison Nation will soon simply scoop up wage earners and put them to prison slavery.

It’s already in play

Wage slavery at Walmart and fastfood is very real today!

This is absolutely ridiculous!!!! DOC is not to blame, the Police Department is not responsible either. The blame lies with the Prosecutors who had no real evidence but continued to stall. His lawyer who never challenged Kaliefs Prosecutors and the multiple Judges who let it all go on.

+dbg0206091 Blamess, no. But they are not responsible for his situation. The judges could have dismissed his case from day 1. They chose to keep him locked up.

The people guilty of abuse and/or whom covered it up are blameless?

Satanic system needs to be eradicated....

The profits are too lucrative. It won't end until the profits dry up.

@ 20:16 Amy reaches for something (a cough drop?) that someone crawling on the ground gives to her, or maybe there is a drawer or other cubby there. @ 20:19 you can hear her off camera opening it. Am I cray?

at $30,000 per inmate and with 3 in each 7 foot x 10 foot jail cell TAX PAYER FUNDED !!  This is the most expensive real estate ever!! WHAT A RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT!!! ALL COMPLETELY FURNISHED FOOD AND UTILITIES INCLUDED!!! Tax paying AMERICAN pays 30,000 per year to keep your  HUSBAND, WIFE, CHILD, FRIEND IN JAIL EVERY YEAR?? The Court System SCARES THE PEOPLE INTO A PLEA BARGAIN!!! Look only Fourteen percent of cases go to trial!!! She lied and said you hit her!! With no proof they lock you up waiting on a bail review??! BAIL??? So you are missing work waiting 3 days for bail review!!! Lost the job missing your children?? Can't make BAIL!! Staying in jail!!! Find a bondsman only wants 5 percent!!! Of $10,000 NON REFUNDABLE!!! That is $500.00 To get out I will not be paying the rent on my families apartment!!!!!  So I lost my job and my family may lose our home over???? A LIE!!!! EVERYTHING IS GONE, MY LIFE, MY FAMILY, EVERYTHING!!?? NOW MY COURT DATE COMES THAT LYING B. DID NOT SHOW UP!?! PROSECUTE ATTORNEY OFFERS A PLEA!!! ((BARGAIN)) THE CHARGE CARRIES 5 YEARS . THE OFFER IS ONLY 90 DAYS!!!! DO I TAKE IT NOW???? WHO KNOWS I GO TO TRIAL AND IF FOUND GUILTY I GET 5 YEARS!!!! (( I DID NOTHING WRONG))) I WILL MISS MY CHILDREN AND PARTNER FOR 5 YEARS!!! ((F...)) IT GIVE ME THE 90 DAYS AND PROBATION FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS!!!!   THIS HAPPENS THOUSANDS OF TIMES EACH DAY!!!!!

The organic Constitution amendment 13 Title of Nobility Clause!!! Was ratified !!! Most people don't know their Constitution was #Changed-in-1871 Tax paying AMERICAN pays 30,000 per year to keep your HUSBAND, WIFE, CHILD, FRIEND IN JAIL EVERY YEAR??  The Court System SCARES THE PEOPLE INTO A PLEA BARGAIN!!! Look only Fourteen percent of cases go to trial!!! She lied and said you hit her!! With no proof they lock you up waiting on a bail review??! BAIL??? So you are missing work waiting 3 days for bail review!!! Lost the job missing your children?? Can't make BAIL!! Staying in jail!!! Find a bondsman only wants 5 percent!!! Of $10,000 NON REFUNDABLE!!! That is $500.00 To get out I will not be paying the rent on my families apartment!!!!! So I lost my job and my family may lose our home over???? A LIE!!!! EVERYTHING IS GONE, MY LIFE, MY FAMILY, EVERYTHING!!?? NOW MY COURT DATE COMES THAT LYING B. DID NOT SHOW UP!?! PROSECUTE ATTORNEY OFFERS A PLEA!!! ((BARGAIN)) THE CHARGE CARRIES 5 YEARS . THE OFFER IS ONLY 90 DAYS!!!! DO I TAKE IT NOW???? WHO KNOWS I GO TO TRIAL AND IF FOUND GUILTY I GET 5 YEARS!!!! (( I DID NOTHING WRONG))) I WILL MISS MY CHILDREN AND PARTNER FOR 5 YEARS!!! ((F...)) IT GIVE ME THE 90 DAYS AND PROBATION FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS!!!!  THIS HAPPENS THOUSANDS OF TIMES EACH DAY!!!!! If you take a plea you are admitting guilt!!!! This will be on your record!! Good Luck Finding a Career

Death to the AmeriKKKan Justice System .. The European system is far more humane.. #DumbAmeriKKKa


Not all of them. This type of work does attract certain types of people.

+Conscientious objector In the Ham sadly bullies by design, most


yep, my momma always told me anyone who works as a cop, boarder patrol agent or institutional guard is a sicko. thanks mom.

How I was Raped with Banana in American Jail ICE Masturbation Policies


Yeah! because, that's always worked.. Critical Thinking The Bible and New Testament

I thought I was living in America not the hell of the universe the China.

What a belligerent statement. Have you ever been to China moron????? Stop going by media reports, reality is different. Go to Shanghai and see the development and erase yourself of your sinophobia. China has risen to superpower status for the 4th time now and never once historically has in colonised any other nation. To claim China is the "hell" of the world is just showing what a generic wank you actually are. Try reading a historical text and stop going by your fat gut instinct.

+merced121 Probably, but regardless and some how and some reason always the people suffer not the management, and not the government.


Evil mind control system with mind controlled slaves as the overseers...

+We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up feel free to stop by my channel though...

+We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up yeah, I'm in Illinois and can't currently download anything to my phone...

+We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up oh... okay. Maybe email?

+We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up I don't... i have a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook account though.

+We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up check this out...

+We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up yes and experienced horrifically traumatic incidents...

+We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up not only have I spent time in jail... I was lost in the child predator I mean protective services system in Illinois for 21 years...

+Yoninah Yisrael okay sis. i didnt look at the pic thats why. have you been in prison before ??

+We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up I'm a sis, and yes, yes I do...

jail rape is not a joke it is also crime with potentially deadly repercussions

It's the same in Canada. They only offer a plea deal no trial, this is justice in Canada.

They are..., Sosua, not there...

We need prisons to lock up scumbags, there not all innocent angels.

Disgusting, modern day Stalinist gulags except FOR PROFIT? Corporations are truly the enemy of human existence!

The only people that should be in prison are child abusers, rapists and pedophiles. Thats it. Everyone else should have therapeutic programs under supervision. Let the rapists and child abusers rott in jail.

What the fuck he was held in fucking Jail!!!!!! A 16 year old kid. Wtf

We have no rights in our own country anymore. Its no coincedence.

+AvengingUnicorn Blamess, no. But they are not responsible for his situation. The judges could have dismissed his case from day 1. They chose to keep him locked up.

@D Brown yeah or too look at everything but yet cant have it.

@Alex Gonzalez And what if someone mistakenly accuses you of stealing a backpack?

@For the Love of my peoples 4life I think you misunderstand what I'm saying I mean coverage is it needs to be more we hear more about other bullshit then anything there is a systemic problem when it comes to these prison systems all of them

@For the Love of my peoples 4life Not nearly enough considering it is a genocidal activity.

@For the Love of my peoples 4life

@Drez Geska I don't say you should not have laws and prison but you need to have a justis system what: a) rehabilitate the criminals and b) don't put people in jail before they got there sentence if there is no reason to believe they run away or post a direct harm to the world. If you are accused of a crime in Germany but have a job and/or a family you are free until your court date.

@AvengingUnicorn Blamess, no. But they are not responsible for his situation. The judges could have dismissed his case from day 1. They chose to keep him locked up.

@Conscientious objector In the Ham sadly bullies by design, most

@merced121 Probably, but regardless and some how and some reason always the people suffer not the management, and not the government.

@We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up feel free to stop by my channel though...

@We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up yeah, I'm in Illinois and can't currently download anything to my phone...

@We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up oh... okay. Maybe email?

@We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up I don't... i have a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook account though.

@We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up check this out...

@We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up yes and experienced horrifically traumatic incidents...

@We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up not only have I spent time in jail... I was lost in the child predator I mean protective services system in Illinois for 21 years...

@We all fall down, It’s about how we get back up I'm a sis, and yes, yes I do...

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