Indian Street Food FACTORY - Enter Street Food HEAVEN - Hyderabad, India - BEST Street Food in India

Indian Street Food FACTORY - Enter Street Food HEAVEN - Hyderabad, India - BEST Street Food in India

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And the crazy thing here, is that they do this every hour for, Ramadan season there's so many hungry people all right check it out guys as Trevor James we are in Hyderabad, India this is a truly magical, place and it's full of delicious South Indian food and Indian. Halal food it's gonna be a true Street. Food adventure, let's check it out. This. Is Hyderabad, home, to tons of delicious South, Indian, cuisine and, Indian. Halal food especially, if you visit during Ramadan, and today, we're, bringing you to try six, amazing, Street, foods and Hyderbad including. One monster. South Indian, dosa served, with tons of unique chutneys, and we're. Getting into the back kitchen to watch how the world-famous. Hyderabadi. Biryani, is, made as well as roaming, the streets at night during, Ramadan, finding, tons of delicious Hyderabadi. Street food so, make sure to watch all the way until the end to enjoy all of these delicious Street foods, let's, eat, so. We're gonna start the day with a classic, South Indian, breakfast. Old. Monster. Dosa, tons, of chutney, and more. And tonight we're gonna go for a huge. Ramadan. Street food tour and break the fast with all the local Muslims, but. First, let's. Feast and we're gonna get a look in the kitchen and how they make the monster. 70-millimeter. Goes up oh, thank. You. We're, going in good, morning, what, do you write good how are you, Wow. Very excited, to see, this big dosa. Right. Here, so. We're gonna make a monster 70-millimeter, dosa all right huh oh here. We go. Okay. Guys we're, gonna make a monster. Look. At that. Tons. Of, it, this is basically rice and, lentil. Batter. That. Is so beautiful and we're gonna spread. It out oh. That. Is massive. Little, oil eat. G-gee. A little key on there. So. Now we're gonna flip. It right roll. It up okay. And. Then it's served with different chutneys right, Oh. Can't. Wait to try that. Wow. Look, at that huge. Dosa. Of. Your, dreams. That. Is just. Magical. Okay, and then we roll it up. Come. On their, dose oh it's huge, it's. Just massive and. Then. It's going right here onto the nice. Banana, leaves, oh it's, gigantic. Oh quick it. Can. Barely. Fit in the door. Thank. You and, this. Is just a beautiful scene this is sambar which, is a lentil stew and we have a ton of different chutneys, here to go with this monster, massive. Dosa food like this is worth coming to Hyderabad, for with, beautiful, Japanese, like, dal lentil, chutney, peanut. Chutney, with lentils, and curry leaves mint. Chutney tomato. And, corn chutney, and ginger. And jaggery, chutney, the. Size of this I, can. Just take it and, dip it in any of these chutneys I think, we're gonna go right in for. This ginger, and jaggery. Mmm. This jaggery, and ginger, it's sweet spicy. And sour when, you vote it up, on. That beautiful rice, and lentil. Dosa. Oh it's. Building and it's so satisfying. This is one of the most flavorful foods, you'll ever try, an all, pure, veg, cooked, from the heart from, sweet, coconut. To tangy and sweet jaggery, and, ginger, you'll bask, in the joy of the variety, of flavors, on your plate, with each bite, and, after enjoying all of the flavors, we went out to go experience, the cooking of a famous Hyderabadi. Dish, for, yani and got invited upstairs, into the hall of one of the most famous biryani, joints, in the whole city, choco, spur yummy, awesome guys next up we are going for Hyderabadi, biryani we're, in an auto now and going to shock out Brioni Brioni is famous all across India but, here in Hyderabad, the smooth gold and spices and south. Yogurt, it's gonna be really good push gonna sit down enjoy, the ride get. Some delicious chorionic, we are now gonna, have biriyani. Heaven. And right here is famous, biryani, and we're gonna see. How it's made and try, it out I've heard so much about this, famous. Hyderabadi. Biriyani. Full. And we're right in here and, I think they make it upstairs we, got permission to go take, a look oh yeah. Look at this. Well. You can see the Brioni being scooped over there but. They make it upstairs here, we go guys we're going up to brew yani heaven. Look. At this. Look. At all the meat. Goes. To bring any yeah. So. Much, meat, and. This. Is all going to go into the Brioni and. We. Are gonna watch, how they make it and, have a big bowl there. We are guys so. Many, pots of brianna here we're gonna start making the, biriyani now. So. We're adding in all the spices to the bottom of the bowl so we've got salt and we're.

Adding In some cloves, and, ginger garlic. And you can see that brianna is all coming out and now we're just add ones, of garam, masala. And. Now we're, running in chili. Oh. Beautiful. The. Land of spices, and then we've got a ginger garlic paste we're gonna be putting in right here look at this. The, soul of Hyderabad here ginger. Garlic. Caraway. Masala. Chilli. Salt. Beautiful. Look, at this so. Each pot, of Brioni here it's just packed with spices, tons, of green chilli going in here. And. Now we're adding in the PS, he. Has onion, tons. Of fried, scallions. Oh. The. Cilantro, so fresh. All. The key, cilantro. And the onion. It's. All going in this is the base of the, biryani cilantro. And onion on the top is giving it a real, powerful. Kick of fragrance, but there's also clothes, and garlic and chili green and red salt, ii and. Caraway. It's all here and we've just finished putting all the ingredients down we're gonna separate them and put all the meeting we got goat and chicken and then, that big huge collagen, air is gonna cook big, long grain Brioni rice. What. An incredible, scene, we. Are filling, up the. Brioni. Whole. Mutton. Biryani. And. This. Is just a production, line we've. Got all the Brioni cooking, over here and they. Are filling it up and they're gonna let that marinate, and fill it up with with basmati rice. This. Is the meat pit in the back. That. Looks. So good, number. One, world. Number one shadows, biryani. For. Amazon Rams. And special. Shocked, I was biryani and it smells so delicious you can get chicken and mutton. Mutton. All mud in here chicken, mutton, and chicken and now, we're just adding in some chicken pull. And. They're. Mixing it up so, we're gonna have chicken biryani and go Brioni. Amazing. Truly. Amazing. That, is a good way to get it mixed up. We're. Just gonna add all that curtain, so. Much. So, many pots of biryani. Creamy. The. Light. We're. Just going to mix it all up all that curd all throughout the Brioni. There we go, and, that is the base so. We're gonna be adding lots of basmati rice triple-layer. With. Caraway and, saffron. Oil getting, it all nice and mixed up. You. Can smell that cilantro, too. Oh yes. This, is biryani of your dreams. Only. In Hyderabad, guys you'll get real delicious. Special. Helene, and biriyani. And. You can see we're just gonna seal it up put. The lids on and, cook. It triple layer biryani, here. Loading. Up all of, that long. Grain basmati rice, spices. In between each. Layer caraway. Saffron. This is the saffron, oil look. At this right here. Saffron. Oil and ghee. And then, we're gonna seal them up, one. By one. After. Placing, the Brioni on the stove and cooking, for about 20, minutes they were ready to be sent down the elevator, and. Elevator. Look. At that and then it gets sent to hungry people amazing. We're, gonna go have some Brioni thank, you so much for showing us thank you thank you let's. Take a look at this for you honey and this is the mutton Brioni, so. There's mutton, basmati. Rice so. Many spices and this is what we just washed we're gonna go get a big plate of that and some other other specialties, thank you so much oh and, we've got none. Roti. And we're gonna make a roti with it as well. Magic. And we're gonna have that with, some, curry dishes and the. Amazing, biriyani that we just witnessed so we've got two different chicken curries, one.

Spicier, And one Tangier, and we've. Got it with butter, naan and we're waiting on, the, beautiful. Biryani. Oh and, here's the mutton biryani. Look. At that, all. Those fried. Shallots, on top and beautiful. Chunks of mutton on the bottom oh and I love to color up the rice oh yes. Big. Chunks, of mutton in there you, can smell the cloves guys, this is so famous we flew here for this Brioni goat, biryani Hyderabadi, dumper Yanni and oh, it's. So tender and beautiful looking and you can just take a bit of that rice with, that saffron, that, key all those spices we saw all those flavors oh. That. Is so tasty you, can really taste the cloves, it's. Like a clove, caraway. Seed, spicy. Deep. And saffron. Brioni. And I really want to try this butter. Naan with the chicken buthow, oh it's hot and, then look you can see green chilies in there. Oh. Yeah. All, the chicken is so juicy and it's spicy you can taste those fresh green, chillies very. Garlicky and the butternut gives. It this amazing. Buttery. Oily. Heavy. Satisfaction. Do you love spice if you have real flavor come. To Hyderabad come to India because. Food like this just, sets you in to new dimension, it just leaves you breathless and after finishing up one of the best meals of my life we, went downtown Hyderabad. To, explore for more street food and feast, with the locals, as they break the fast we. Are now. Early. Evening and right up ahead there. Is a famous paya, joint, which, is gold. Leg. Stews. Oh yes, we. Are making, pyah. Pyah. Everybody. Paya. Look. At this beautiful, massive. Cauldron, of paya, it's full of garlic and onions cloves, bay. Leaves chili powder turmeric, ghee. Oil Oh. Coriander. Leaves coriander, seeds it's all in there these are the paya oh. Right. In there lots. Of spices in there bay, leaves look, at that oh, he. Just put a ton of spices, bay leaves actually, it looks like that some. Lichen. From a tree almost and, we just keep putting more in this, is the stalk and it's. Full of goat legs tongue all. Those bay leaves and spices and herbs. That's. My yeah so, they go at feet. Okay. Oh the. Jibun but, the tongue oh the. Tongue oh there's the tongue, good. Goat feet thank. You oh yes. Cover it in that oh and. There's. The key look at that so it's got key and the mint coriander. Onion. Beautiful. We've got the, beautiful paya, goat, feet, in the hearty stew so. Thick. And rich and we've. Also got the goat tongue here and then also beautiful. Tarconi. Nun. Mmm. It's very gelatin, like you. Can really taste it's actually quite herbal just a little spicy you can taste the mint and the bay leaves and the skin is so gelatin like and oh here. Is, the. Tongue look at that massive tongue now this looks. Fantastic. Chong is one of the best pieces, of meat you'll ever eat oh it's so hot. You know. Mmm. Is what it's all about right, there it. Really is all about this beautiful nun and the tongue there's so much soft meat on there it really is just a, perfect consistency the tongue is such. A delicious. Meat. Thank you so much so, tasty all. Right. Next. Up before, going to meet heaven, cooked on the rocks we went to the world-famous, Charminar. Mosque, downtown. Hyderbad, to, enjoy some of the world-famous. Irani, chai, and some of the best baked, goods, you'll ever taste, this. Is it, the, famous. Charminar. Built. 400. Years. Ago and right, around the corner there's a classic. I Ronnie Cho joint this. Is where it's great to hang out, enjoy. The scenery and. Have a cup of tea look, at this guys we're in Hyderabad, this is what I dream of coming. Here to eat there's. Nothing, better and. We're going in have. A beautiful. Tea nice. To see you again, thank. You and we're gonna take a look in the back kitchen how, they make the irani try so, this is all black tea and. This, is all milk. So. Individual, cups. So it's 50%, Milt 50%. Team and. Right, in there and you have it with the moon. Biscuits. Magical. After taking a quick look at the massive wood-fired. Oven, full of delicious buns, and pastries.

The Owner invited, me to try a couple of their specialties, starting, with one of their plain baked buns, and honestly this is the best bun. You'll ever taste, so you. Make them all in this big oven back here. Firewood yes. Oh. Yes. Lovey. Mmm. No joke, this, here is the best bun you'll ever eat the most fluffy, bun, you. Will ever eat this is so soft like a pillow then, slightly sweet and, you can see all, the bread is just put. Right into this oven here fire. Oven but that was just the beginning next. He invited us to try their famous bread, stuffed with coconut, and fruit, a truly, unforgettable. Pastry. Oh look. On the inside there oh. That. Is beautiful. So. It's full of dates and, let's. Go kick our booty booty Oh dates. Nuts you can coconut, powder oh really okay. Thank. You look, at that right out of the episode eight nuts. Coconut. Look. Like there's some raisins, Oh. It's. So sweet yes, and hot and fresh. Amazing. It is so sweet. And, the coconut coconut. Flakes give it a nice texture and the bread is so soft all of the bread here and biscuits are just perfectly. Made. Sweet. You can taste the raisins, a little bit of cranberry it's. Ultra sweet oh and there's more and, after those amazing, buns next. Came the incredible. Irani, chai, thank, you. Awesome. Guys we got ironic. Eye and then we also got beautiful, moon biscuits, and awesome, Anya biscuits, so this is cardamom, butter, biscuits. But right here this is what, it's all about this, is the defining cup, of Hyderabadi. Key, right, here the most rich frothy. Beautiful. Tea and we're right in front. Of Charminar. It doesn't get any better than that let's try it out. That, right. There is Hyderbad, it's. Buttery, and you can just you. Can just wash it all down with, a beautiful. Moon. Biscuit. I got tried all over India all, over China and right, here this, if I could just come transport. Myself to have any tea in the world that, would come right here to Nimrod Cafe, and Bakery have. A moon biscuit, have. An eye Ronnie try and. Set. Myself right. Into heaven. Mmm. Thank you so much that. Was just amazing the. Tea the. Biscuits, the, bread. Fantastic. For, a final street food we went out late night to. Try some famous mutton. Cooked on the rocks getting, late now guys we're. Exploring, the back lanes and right, up ahead there's, pathos which is mutton. Cooked over the rocks let's. Go try it out mutton. Grilled, over the rocks over, the coals here pure. Beauty. Absolute. Beauty and, there's so much here oh yeah, there's so much look at this and if you're looking at all the different curries, and stews like, chicken, masala, creamy.

Chicken, Tomato. Chicken, chicken. 65 and. Majestic. Chicken I went for the majestic, chicken and some of the famous mutton. On the rocks oh, yeah. Majestic. Chicken, full, of turmeric and, spice. Oh yeah. Let's try it out. Oh. Very. Nice let's, just pull the flavour it's a little bit creamy but, it's mainly the turmeric and the chili that shines and. You can see it just getting really crazy now huge, lineup all over they're loving it and we're gonna go try the mutton on the rocks and we're gonna get a plate of this Wow. Thank, you so much oh. Wow. Look at that mutton, cooked right over the rocks and they serve it with, a bit of this I think this is like a mint and tamarind, chutney with. Onion, oh. That. Is. Perfect. Grilled. Lamb. There's, a bit of a creaminess almost as I think the marionette, incurred and. It's. Peppery, it's. Definitely full of spices because they cover in a garam, masala as well when the marinated that, is fantastic and it's just grilling, right over the rocks what, an amazing, day it has been here thank you so much for watching this street food and travel video and Hyderabad so much delicious food here I would love to know what you thought about this video in the comments below please subscribe to this YouTube channel and, click the little Bell notification, button thanks so much for watching guys.

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Top 11 countries that foreigners must not visit if you care about your safety and life (murder, extortion, rude population,filthy,terrorism, acid attack,rape) ,No 1-Syria,2-Iraq,3-libiya,4-ethiopia,5-somalia,6-pakistan,7-Bengladesh,8-Afghanistan ,9-Sudan,10-India,11- Nepal

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The Food Ranger come to mizoram .. it is on indian map

it's 70"cm" dosa btw #civilengineer

I'm a Filipino who lives in Canada. But have an Indian stomach...Hahaha! I love Indian food sooooo much! I would love to visit India sometime in my life...and taste authentic Indian food. Thanks Trevor for bringing me there...

pls chk this video ...

Please come Lucknow please


Just filth.

You must try mutton biriyani with double Masala and Pathar ka ghost at SHAHI DASTARKHWAN.

70cm or mm??

OMG!!Like it. Thank you!

y dont u come to Banglore

His name?

number 1 in the world.. lol

Love the Indian food uploads , one day would love to go there.... Do you need Malaria injections ?

Try Hyderabadi Bawarchi Biryani - best biryani in Hyderabad

Bawarchi Chikkadpally R T C Cross Road | Moosarambagh, Hyderabad 500020, India +91 40 2760 5308 Paradise Restaurant Sarojini Devi Road | Near Sunshine Hospital, Beside Prasadz IMAX Multiplex, Hyderabad 500003, India (Paradise Circle/M.G.Road) +91 40 6677 3721

Bro visit karachi for biryani and haleems real taste the haleem u ate is not haleem its hareesa and that biryani is actually not the real biryani ..

That’s my home city

Another great one. The comments about cleanliness were interesting. I traveled all over the world and the conditions I see here didn't surprise me at all. The spices and cooking make it all good. I did miss Ting in this video, but she sure is great with that camera.

Love to host you in visakhapatnam.

Welcome to Hyderabad sir

India is such an amazing many varieties of different's all about spices another awesome video...

What is your next destination ?

Bro please come to chhattisgarh state in india.... You will enjoy its street food.... India Keralas awsome waterfalls video Please do watch ,subscribe and share

I advice you to visit uzbekstan and try their traditional food, it’s very nice, specially the Pilaf.

When I my country your 10 is a must love from India

My teacher that has spent 2 years in India told me that 80% of the population in india doen't eat meat, but in every trevor video we can see him feasting on huge meat dishes. Does it mean that my teacher was wong ? Or that trevoir targets only meat-eater places ?

All who eat Indian food?

My favorite part of this whole video had to be the chai...

Trev you rock man come to houston we make real texan food brother and we love you here man we really do!! ☺☺☺☺☺

Trevor great video however I saw the first guy touch his nose then roll the long bread on the first place you were at and that’s not sanitary! The other part where the guys used their hands to stir the pots is kinda gross.

You should go to Egypt and try street food there.

tonns of masala where ?? lol what is he drinking

why he says we roll it up while the guy is it whos doin it kinda ew lol n why TONNS of chutny when its only 7 tiny things lol wtf is wrong with him is this the american thing u all speak about lol annouying

I’m so jealous man. And hungry lol.

Grinding my teeth over the pronunciation.

Best tea in India, not far east? Or Middle East?

ohyeah is my life

All this food looks so delish! only guys cook?

I love delicious dirty floor water splashed by dirty feet in my food!


I am dying

Hello Jame and Ting Ting. Thank you soooo much for all your video and food around the world. Love both of you. From San Francisco

Never had that Type of food but looks interesting

Indian food is the best food in the world.

You got fat

I wanna try indian food. Looks tasty.

.... that tongue

Extraordinary work Trevor. What an awesome video.

I think you meant to say cumin not caraway seeds. Another great video. So brave for tongue and feet!

Indian Traditon like to use hands,We used to spit whe we felt dirty, Sorry, this is my own opinion, But if it is a taste, Its's delicious

How many times can you say biryani before it sounds like beer Yanni? Lol

Yeshuah is King of Kings lol

amazing food, i want to eat.

19:31 someone please notify these kind people that not all Americans act like this.

Everything looks so dirty though. Bare hands and feet. Lots of cross contamination going on.

Hyderabad is legendary for foodies.

That biriyani is so unhygienic

Jesus those Indians don't know what a smile is. Pause at 19:33 acting like he's eaten there pet dog.

pause at 19:33

O neet d8pp8ng a b8g pe8ce of stuff 8n xtuff x)

Trying Pakistani food

Those date and nuts pastry had dried candied papaya.. We call it tutti fruti

hmmmmmmm.......not clean...enough

19:34 Jeeze is that lady ok? Maybe she needs to get out more, what is that look about no one looks at my boy Trev with those eyes XD

Biryani is what I want to try the most of all the great foods I've seen on food shows...SUCCULENT dish

i hate paya

Please don't forget to add Telugu beside Hyderabad. I'm from Hyderabad it's a Telugu Hyderabadi cuisine

awesome 3:10

Its my city

i would prefer them stirring with wooden spoons

it should be 70 centimetre not millimetre dosa...

Indians are fucking disgusting. They have dirty clothes, dirty kitchen, they use their dirty hands to fix all that food and get everyone sick, they walk around barefoot or with ugly sandals.. The list goes on. They are disgusting people

Please Read Top 11 countries that foreigners must not visit if you care about your safety and life (murder, extortion, rude population,filthy,terrorism, acid attack,rape) ,No 1-Syria,2-Iraq,3-libiya,4-ethiopia,5-somalia,6-pakistan,7-Bengladesh,8-Afghanistan ,9-Sudan,10-India,11- Nepal

Crazy long rice grains

Dude this guy's sounds like a fuckin retard. He's pissing me off

The biriyani factory was amazing.

Hey brother please keep us updating wherever you are so that we can meet u❤Love from India

I really like watching this. I like picking up words from the different languages and love the natural lives of the locals in the areas you visit.

cleanliness is awful, food looks nice tho

I just learned that “gieee”means oil

daphne ke no ghee means butter

I got food poisoning just watching this

Michael Fish Top 11 countries that foreigners must not visit if you care about your safety and life (murder, extortion, rude population,filthy,terrorism, acid attack,rape) ,No 1-Syria,2-Iraq,3-libiya,4-ethiopia,5-somalia,6-pakistan,7-Bengladesh,8-Afghanistan ,9-Sudan,10-India,11- Nepal

Michael Fish no you didn't dumbass

love your work mate

you're kinda corny to be honest. I'm really on these back streets. wow street food. im really deep in the street food here. we get it

exactly why indians are fucking lazy ans dirty in america

Quantum Aquatic what a dumbass comment

Goat feet ohh god!!!!

Look, I have lived in Canada my whole life and visited India several times. I even went to Hyderabad and ate similar food that in this video. Honestly, it was delicious and I never got sick

India food are best

The hygiene part gets to some people, but i would still eat it. You have no concept of flavor until you try Indian. ;)

iss angrez ku kundhal kundhal ke khilaayenge...!!

damn watching his video make me regret moving out of India ... i want that briyani so badddd

Best part 5:32


Even gordon ramsay loves indian food. Great vid again sir.

How do you give 9.2/9.7 out of 10?


It's a BUN. So dramatic.

For all huygiene lovers .....I need to say one thing .....I have watched all episodes of kitchen nightmares......

Let's go to Dagestan. Ботишал the best food

Hmm, food wise no thanks, only for personal reasons. No doubting the flavour though. Loved your enthusiasm and commentary. Top notch. Keep up the good work!

Visit Delhi as well for some North Indian food and contact me once you are here in Delhi

Great work sir.. Love to see more of ur videos.. Share your mail id with us for feedbacks The passion for your work is visible in each of ur videos.. Keep going

Hygiene man. Barefoot? Mixing with the hand? Wtf

Far out .. Less than $4 for that massive dosa, sambhar and chutneys in a restaurant with professional chefs cooking in a hygienic kitchen. I cant even buy a meat pie from servo for $4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where's Chu Chu been?

In my language, dosa means 'sin'. Just imagine when he said 'best dosa in my life'..

I like you to invite in Bangladesh.Here you can enjoy to take so many delicious street foods.

you r awesome bro

hello. I want to see you in Azerbaijan

_I love Indian food_

Trevor you produce the GREATEST food videos!!!!!  Thank-you!!!!!!!

70 mm? Or cm?

The bakery bun really did look like it was definitely worlds best

3.83 cents for all of that breakfast. Excuse me waiter, 5 orders to go please.

biryani is Love

You are amazing man... love you for your videos...

To all the people who were questioning the 70 mm dosa. It's not about the exact conversion of mm to cm or inch. The relevance is to the widescreens used in cinema theatres many years back when the film roll had a width of 70mm as an improvement over the 35mm film rolls. The term 70 mm was immediately used in different contexts to mean wide, plump, stout or very obese. In hotels they adopted the term to mean large, long DOSA which is much bigger than normal DOSA. This term is probably used in India alone I guess.

thankyou, i enjoyed your video

Awesome video

Were there a lot of scammers on ur tail?

Give my regards to Indians. I'm going there when I have the money. Chow!

i am indian but i will not it it coz they are making it with their dirry hands yaakkk

travel, eat n repeat :D

check dis out how i make my healthy noodle

8:40 yummy free dandruff seasoning

India is pretty much the only place in the world that travel vlogs on youtube make me want to visit less than I did before watching them. You gotta draw a line somewhere when it comes to food safety or you're just a monotone stooge smiling at bacteria. Trevor has gotten sick multiple times in India already. No thanks.

This guys an idiot you shouldn't be eating the skin of the tongue u peel it off bro that's what everyone does.

Why do you keep saying we when you are not helping to cook the food?

同志们 苟利国家生死以

Is that 70 centimeters and not milimeters ? 70 MM is just 7 cm and no that huge :)

You rock TJ

It’s hard to find a clean restaurant, but to compare with this food factory. I’m so happy what I have. Never travel India and Africa.


they are adorable with the head wobbling

Charminar in hyderabad ?! we have the same in Tehran, but good to know...actually his architect was also an Iranian there at the time Sultan Quli I think !

Do you reckon the people cooking think this guy is retarded?

How come this lucky fucker never gets fat

Try Khade Chammach wali chai

If TOILETS is the only place you find peace in, go for this food...........

Mouth watery dossa. So lucky

How do you avoid diarrhoea when eating street food in India?

incridble india i have been studying india 4 years and i miss everything about #KHANA

i am frome pakistan and Wishnto Visit India

watching this video made my mouth water! looks so good!

it's 1:20 AM,I'm still watching your videos...! Just loved them & And You ❤❤❤❤

Love love love your videos just love it

Hyderabadi biryani is the best no one tell me otherwise. We have the best cuisine

i love indian food but most of the time it’s unsanitary,the way they prepare and offense...

india has the best food ever

How does he not get sick

Lol! How many times did you say biryani from entering that restaurant? I lost count at 26 so I was wondering if you were having biryani

why arenot two guys wearning shoes??

Trevor the Hyderabad you introduced to me, being an Indian...I never knew.... thanks a million

Sorry, but does not look veary sanitary, cooking and mixing on the floor ....


Carry on bro

Whenever he goes to india, that's when you can see barefoot next to food. Food looks good but wth disgusting af

music in background? 3:10

India has some of the best food!

You're the best bro...We Love India....greetings from turkey

Looks gross, unsanitary. ...yechh.



If someone lives in a very clean environtment and eats very hygienic food all the time, their body immune system isn't trained and easily fall sick.

India is incredible

great video Trevor!! Many thanks

Man how happy u r..amidst all the biryani


My cousin was hospitalised eating mutton on rocks

That biryani - recipe to fall sick!!!

Hi bro I saw I video I love it and you must try best biryani in Hyderabad in Almas multicuisine restaurant in sr nagar. It is the best biryani of hyderabad and please try this biryani

lol ur sir told lie yah I agree Hindu people Dont eat meat not 80% some 20-40% Dont eat meat bcz they eat veg

this video is very good when r u coming to surat

Great work sir.. Love to see more of ur videos.. Share your mail id with us for feedbacks The passion for your work is visible in each of ur videos.. Keep going


Background music is so soothing. Where do I find it?

Trevor where are you now on your travel?

Mutton on the rocks

Govt should keep a check on this guy...why he comes only in Hyderabad and goes only to Muslim areas...!! He could be a Chinese Agent.!!

Oh god ...scary

Its good #Dosa

That tongue is so tender.

Indian food looks like a cuisine of intense flavor, I so want to try some one day :)

1 of the most loved thing about Trevor. He just eat everything from everywhere he visits.

Its 70 Cm not mm.. just saying

Another awesome video by food ranger i watch your all videos because u give sweet and spicy type video we love u

It's disgusting.

Good thing trevor didn't break his nose smelling all those indians lol

How could you eat that when they’re using there whole arm to mix , season & even cut your meat barefoot

Visit Chandigarh Also

1:43 Abe jaadu kon istemal karta hai

Halal Food, yummy

Never thought we had eatable tongue in India until I saw it in your video

Love you Trevor but if they are working and you're standing there commenting then it isn't "we" putting in ingredients or whatever. Just sayin'. Thanks for sharing!

Chatni Chatni Chatni

I like the way u say ooooohhh to EXPRESS the taste of the fiod

Think its 70 CM dosa.

19:50 the kid in the back playing bongos on his head :)

i love Indian food with a hand flavor .

LOL! If looks could kill @19:32

i want to explore the world then

if you mind, could you donate a bit of the food? im getting to hungry maaaan

OMG... I'm starving!!! lol

Caveman Style YEAH!

Mouth watering :O~~

did he say 70 mm instead of 70 cm dosa?!!!

Pls pls plss come pakistan alsooooo


Excellent! it man❤️

Visit LOCKUP-THE RESTAURANT in Gurgaon , Amazing concept and the best Taste in Town , Btw keep up the good work , love your videos

sedapnya.terliur oi.hahaah

The host is too dramatic. ...speaks too much

Every time I try new food, I find myself saying,” mmmmmmmm”

welcome to pakistan lahore food street famous all over south asia.

That is 70 Cm Dosa..Not 70 Mm..

Thank You! amazing video✨✨

Omg....dat goat feet it nasty

Ok the hygiene might not be 100% but the food seems delicious

wait a second wasnt he with like 100k subs few months ago? i might be wrong..


I love your indian videos

If your in Hyderabad mail me Call 9966551585

The Food Ranger I really wish if u can go down to south India karnataka place called BYLAKUPPE(KUSHALNAGAR) u can try Tibetan food from.tibetan people who lives down there and also south Indian dishes r very amazing too...and ur pocket wont hurt coz its cheap

Hey Trevor, please come to Trivandrum in Kerala, India

Great videos !!! Greetings from Germany :-)

Wish i can do this too

Thats not Date+Bun

Anyone knows where to get something like Curry Chicken Masala?

A little ghee on there.


Come Bangladesh plzz

Is it 70 mm or 700 mm 70 mm is only 7 cm

Come in GUJARAT (INDIA) Bro to taste

i am scared of cleanliness cause that guy mixed the food with his hand! kinda eww cant he use a huge spoon?

I'd eat that stuffed bread any day of the week!

then again who is thinking hygenic when u are eating a goat foot and tongue on the street!


the stoned grilled mutton was awesome.

19:31 laughed so hard when I saw everyone looking at you with surprised faces. lol :P

For anyone confused as to why the dosa is called 70mm instead of cm, its a reference to 70mm widescreens found in cinema theaters. So it is indeed 70mm, not 70cm. Besides that dosa looks bigger than 70cm if you go by that logic anyway. :P


Hello from Sri lanka.i am a follower of your videos.why dont you visit Sri lanka.there are some unique street food here too

Those people work so hard

Such a dirty kitchen, I won’t eat that chicken biryani at all

*Who wants to have some diarrhea?*

0:32 The kid starts playing drums on his brothers head

It’s so interesting how you pronounced “chai” cause in Croatia my country we pronounce it the same but we also write it the same as you said “čaj” which is word for tea, if that makes any sense

Dang, it looks good, but the preparation looks unsanitary.

Hey man new subscriber

Thank you Trevor James

Come to Saudi Arabia

My mouth is watering. Trevor James I chose it for you

bu kadar hijyenden uzak yemekleri yedikten sonra nasıl hastalanmıyorsunuz şaşıyorum!...

wow a 10 on almost all of them!

try tandory chi

cm to goa

I love indian food before seing this haha

Best Street food ever. Must watch video

Indians are just disgusting and they all smell so fucking bad

6:02 very unhygienic. I can't imagine how he "enjoyed" the food.


I am hungry.

The food looks delicious but i dont like the way they cook it. They need to consider hygiene in the kitchen even the worker preparing food.

love u

I love his challenge Enjoy Mate Respect from Afghani Guy I really love your personality man the way you make your video clips

Go to Africa plenty of food there

EverythingMusic Pro yeh ranger ko pata chala ye jadu hai....vomit kar dega.....

prajesh nair haaaha saale raat ko usi se hotel ki safei bhi karta hoga

why indians are so dirty

Hydrabadi dum biryani preparation looked extremely unhygenic.....

its pronounced 'shah jee' not 'shag'.

hey how can we donate to you?

20:33 The Dead Lizard

Ultimate .. Trevor SOuth Indian food rocks.. Sweet DOSA video... WOW.. Excellent mate.. Busy working casual and shifting to full time in technical AV & IT mix in Universities... No time to watch a movie... Cheers...

पूरी जिंदगी खत्म हो जाएगी लेकिन इंडिया के कोने कोने का खाना फिर भी पूरा नहीं होगा।


And I love you are not judgemental on people culture, accept who they are

I guess you could live forever in hyderabad..

Basmati rice is my favorite it's just really expensive

I want to learn how to make Indian food but there are so much ingredients

really want to taste those buns


Come to Puerto Rico

Ive read far too many stories in the US about Indian restaurants having fecal matter in their food


I love ur job , u r the bessstttttt man from Pakistan

I love our videos,watching from Guyana,South America.But i would love for you to put more content out videos take a while before the next.

maybe you meant 70 cm dosa not 70 mm.

I like your videos and specially for the food review. I'm already hungry even though i ate already. hehehe

3:09 savage lvl 10000000%

good work....

hydrabadi biriyani is amazing but Kolkata offers delicious potato to compliment it.

Hi trevorrrr.hope u remember me !!

Show us some Canadian cuisine

Trevor, it's good to see you back in India, but IMHO you should explore the lesser travelled paths as you did back in the early days. Tons of crazy street food out there. Restaurants aren't much fun

Stop wetting yourself Ranger, No need lad.

Aí sim tem igualdade kkkkk, pq aí o pobre e o rico comem da msm comida, dependente dá higiene eles fazem do msm jeito a comida sem medo de desperdício.

Does gloves and hairnets didn't exist in this part of India? Lol please watch this vintage bengali dish made with fish head and lentills

I'm hungry. **Goes and gets Icecream.** num num num

8:47 before he puts his hands over there, he scraches his stinky wet butthole and pimples on his neck . Bon appetit!

Why do indians get trigger when we point out that their nasty unhealthy hygiene lifestyle seprates them from all of the universe ?

You should have tried the paneer tikka dosa in chutneys

This diet has been created by Doctors who have spent years studying the science of Weight Loss / Management. Through recent scientific breakthroughs, they have finally perfected "The Davies Diet" which has recently been made available to the public.

India is so developed? It's amazing to go to India when you get the chance. The amazing country, the food is delicious。

Al Kuffar thanks for bringing some intelligence into this thread.

That jadoo is ofcourse used for that very purpose only , It's quite common across south Indian restaurants.

it is very rare to have such street food videos and gives the way it is prepared by hotels and indian styles and they really work very hard. appreciate all your efforts and thanks for sharing

13:26 if you want to explore hyderabad you should know that 'hao' means yes..

Your favourite city to visit in india? And what's your favourite food in Hyderabad! U make great videos ❤ love from India!

Proud to be an south indian

11:26 did he say cow paaya ?

good lord, india is dirty as hell

James try Tamil nadu

For biryani in Hyderabad must go to paradise restaurants... Around the city ... It's more popular in world. Rahul gandi . Sachi tendulkae all most all big B's of India visited...,


Hypocrite and nosense

Awesome Man! This is making me Hungry!!!

Wow, I envy you going to all of these cool places! The biryani looked really awesome,one of my favorites.

I like the way he pronounces the dish name

You ever come to the US? I would love a meet-n-greet!

How's India toilet

The reason for calling it 70mm dosa should be interesting....what's the can't be the size...its neither 70mm nor 70cm (If I assume mm was said instead of cm by mistake)


Hey, do u have any plans of coming to Ahmedabad??

how does the front of the restaurant look like a 5 star place, and the back looked like a bomb went of in a sweat shop!

If ever a Pakistani says their biryani is the best,just tell them,' *BIRYANI MEIN ALOO?...GUNAAH HAI* ...who puts potato in biryanis,unless its a vegetable biryani[which by itself is *NOT BIRYANI* }

Hyderabad is food heaven

south indian

that's not 70 mm dosa that's 700 mm dosa , i guess : /

Bare hands

And bare feet

Hello please come to Ahmedabad



Love u james..

kisi jaanwar ka koi part toh chod do

All dishes are great, someday I'll try!

Check it out!

0:37she is so gorgeous

6:20 The way they casually dump those spices in there LOL

8:07 Ya... Ya.. Ya... He Can Only Speak Ya In English

Come pakistan

9.30 no good indigene

I love Indian

how often you go to India? I thought you just went few months ago

Are you serious。。。these food looks so bad。。。。really bad。。。like。。。。

Just curious ..Do you do this all in a day..I don't think so cause if it were me I would have to sh*** 3-4 times

I used 2 live in Hyderabad.. n tried all of dem.. loved to watch the food which I had tasted.. thq 4 da vdo

hyderabadi biryani? are u kidding me. the biryani is made in kolkata. hyderabadi biryani is more mutto khichdi rather than biyani


im so hungry now

Best promotion for hydrabad visit.

There is a lot of street food in islamabad

Please come to pakistan

last dish was very nice .

Nan and chicken qourma is my favorite dish.

70mm dosa lol. that has got to be the smalles dosa ever.

You should arrange a tour

Man I got an orgasm seeing this without your commentary

Mouth watering

Mouth watering food items. Wish to try all of them.

why don't you try to go in the Philippines sir! :-)

Iam from hyderabad

Hi good to see exploring my city & food..hope you have good time there

Wow, r u still in Hyderabad?

I love food

Indiana food is the best and delicious

Food ranger: You sound like someone who starved for a whole life time and died of hunger in a prior life ... Please temper your excitement a little - you sound a bit tooo desperate

Amazing video, but Travis check out other Biryanis made with Jhatka Slaughter Chicken, Halal is for Muslims and Is prohibited in other beliefs like Hindus and Sikhs so i guess u need to explore more of Hyderabad and find out Jhatka Mutton or Chicken Biryani

when you eating tongue I laugh very very not fear you kkkk

Inhone to tawe pe jhhadu hi laga di..

Your rancid mate

I feeling hungry my mouth is watering

Am sure I hear you say 'final street food'' more than once because that was so much for 1 or 2 days feast!!

Gooo to koreaaaaa

indian food

ate at shah ghouse every now n then...miss hyderabad

Plz come to my Pakistan

No health and safety

i agree with you.

Omg.... ALL i can see is germs

very nice bhaut acha sirjiiii

You are great

Indian Muslim are very good n Peace people! I liked it!

Very poor hygiene

6:04 kobe is going for a three HE MAKES IT IN!!!!!

Wel come india dear

It makes me happy that the most famous food in india the 'hindu' country is Hydrabadi biryani the indian Muslim food

The Food Ranger i like your videos, but can you please tone down your excitement? Alot of the times it's very off putting. Especially your voice

الله يزيد النعمه البرياني

You should have tried the Arabic/Lebanese food and indo- Chinese food in Hyderabad.

You Food Ranger, could you observe how they are mixing?  They are mixing with bare hands and bending over the bowl and their HEADS ARE NOT COVERED, dont you thing how much hygene is being maintained and how many hairs are falling of these workers into the biryani..... very sad to note the state of affairs of these  restaurants in Hyderabad!!!!!

would be nice if you at least tried to pronounce's really simple

Are moon biscuits really biscuits? Seem to look like cookies.

They way they cook looks absolutely disgusting but I pretty sure it’s gonna taste damn good

You’re a very strange individual.. unique.. yet I cannot stop watching your videos. So interesting. One thing I would like to see is more criticism as 95 percent of the ones I see are all positive while the ratings suggest otherwise

15:11 ummmmmmmm

food service standards are non existent in this country

Thanks for India food


anyone sponsored his vids ?

Love this full video food...want to go Hydrabad.....

Wooowwwwww, Incredible India

food same color.. dirty, so unhygienic. sweating... big NO!!!

I love curry

jhu ih

Am i the only one bothered by the chef who scratches the side of his nose at 2:24? Because he proceeds to touch food afterwards. Working in a culinary setting, that's a big no no lol

I think u miss understood "Tang" Toungue....Tang also means leg

which music you used in this video, can you upload link



eating goat's Tung and foot so fucking brutally disgusting, only poor peoples eat non-veg because, no pwy , catch them and killed eat.. like other animals do..

guys you have notice in that hotel (biriyani) so Dirt no clean equipments no discipline of making food, ....

Nice video super great


too eoww!!

Please wear gloves or use spoon to marinate it ...

Wow! wot a lot of food to taste n so many different flavours. Looks like u enjoyed it too.

Nasty dirty and disgusting!

Loved watching this video!

Your reaction make me really crazy love indian food i reallly dying for indian food best in world

Love best in world

all women should avoid coming to india at all cost women get raped in india and they will blame the victims it's their culture that all rape victims are at fault for simply being a women

I can't watch this. My stomach is crying in hunger now. Toast ahoy

Coming to tamilnadu and try street foods here....


Food Ranger No. 1

Very dirty

Come to Madurai in Tamilnadu India-

How can you go onn eating....dont you get full

I love indian food. But someone has to tell this kid that people is interested in the food in the video....not interested in him

lol the guy at 17:05 seemed really uncomfortable but that bun looks so gooood

We Pakistani and Indians eat these things everyday.

Yes, Hyderabad has been one of my favourite destinations for food! This 70mm Dosa is approx 110 cms; named 70mm because of the 70mm theatre screen? The chutneys look delicious specially the ginger and jaggery. Andhra chutneys for me are about the best in southern India. My first Kheema & naan meal was in the year 1966, when I was just 7 yrs, at the Alps Restaurant nr the Secunderabad station.

i really appriciate your love for the food.. we r frm india and still we havent visited these places

The way u narrating the food, it's really tempting to eat that food now itself..

India is not a 'Hindu' country my dear friend! We are secular and should be proud of it.

3.49 amazing


It's nice to see the places which are often visited

I love how Trevor is unfettered and hardly bothered by hygiene, people's stares from sticking out like a weird dude, and both cultural and language differences. I find it really refreshing to see him being so open to trying new things without being self-conscious, and how he keeps his interactions with people he meets super positive, however repetitive or cringe-worthy they may sometimes seem. I'm sure he enjoys every moment he spends filming with that mentality, and that makes him equally enjoyable to watch too. Great work Trevor! You have a bona fide enthusiasm for food!

Can't eat any of that cause i'm cutting lol

I'm thinking hygiene means nothing over there. Everything looks filthy.

looks like milk tea lmao

Trevor enjoyed a lot

If you come please ping me up in my g mail

Sir don't forget to visit kolkata


5:50 yuuuuk

3:00 monster among dosa's Get these dosa's

Truly amazing. That was my favourite episode by a country mile. That bakery was off the scale. What a city.

He gave all our food 10 . Thank you broo

James , it is so heartening to see you enjoying the nut bun and Irani tea, the hospitality and the warmth you received is awesome to see and experience..

I love the comments on this video you either totally hate it or totally like it there is no in between I totally like it and when in Rome do as the Romans do

Ever find yourself in Chandigarh, do let me know. Would love to show you around.

looks very dirty to me sorry

You uncultured swine. Those chutney dippings/bowls were there not to dip it, you were supposed to pour a little bit of all the chutneys on your plate and then eat it off from your plate. Motherfucker insolent foreigner.

17:44 you may call it pastry. Dil pasand

strange food for me

low-key grossed out from the tongue and the goat feet

I LOVE your enthusiasm.

everywhere you go it's all men hardly any women... do they eat to ???

Islam is the best

How did this Biryani cook in 20 mins ?

lol this peoples watching you.. like when lion walks around goats.. goats focuses on lion.. this idiots focus on others work instead of doing own work

Trevor speaks so slowly that I can understand him easily at 2x

Pro tip, watch at 2x, double the fun

U r the best and wow how u discovered Hyderabadi food it's truly magical hats off to u

Oh yes hyderabadi biriyani any day any time. Nothing can beat Hyderabadi biriyani.

Trevor hats off to you dude, I would not eat half the stuff you are devouring, like that Goat feet and tongue, god.

to be fair this was the worst indian food, i mean goat is so rarely eaten in india. We mostly eat beautiful vegetarian food only.


What happen if you eat by spoon in India?? Is that again religious ??

Am I the only one who see the kids? *ba-dum-ba-dum-ba-dum

Super loaded!

20 minutes to cook raw meat with half cooked rice how. i tried it my rice was mushy and meat was still not cooked

whats the curd made of my friend

It's all good until I saw 9:45... do u think that guy sweeping the floor threw away the rice in the bag, or did that go back in the pot?

Very nice video

go to Jammu and Kashmir for a food tour

Like a boss 2;14


Briyani looks

I've happened to love this Biriani so much,I will try cooking it at home though

Excellent video, but a couple of points of order: @1:21 etc. more like at least ≥10 times the 70 mm. @2:18 put on a hair net when you enter that sacred space.

i love ur vdos

吃遍全世界厉害 太好了

i believe India's food amazing,but it looks really unsanitary in the kithen.........

Just French kissed a cow

Too much oil

How often have you gotten violently ill gastro problems while you were travelling from something you ate? How do you deal?

wow awesome video bro

taste rajasthan food india

Tamil lol n noooob

Chicken and mutton biryani those my favorite Indian foods...socio yummyyy

Gross how it's made thou.

love your episodes you are incredible lots of love and support from us

No need for baby food in India. The adults eat it every day. But, seriously, I adore naan & many other Indian delectable's. At one time, there was a spectacular ethnic restaurant of the like I relished for many years. It was a legitimate Indian family owned & operated which had the brick oven & open flames. This beloved location was torn down & is now a damn parking lot.

Mullo ke hotel me kabhi mat khana

Over acting.

Nasib bukan kat malaysia kalau tak mau tutup kedai hahahahahaha



This is hyderabad for you

Really attractive ....

bro, please do some more veggie videos, Im in love with the indian cuisine and cant imagine the mouth filling flavour this place has to offer, but i think the most special and thought out dishes tend to be vegetarian anyway, of course im not in a hurry to try the meat dishes although the gravies and sauces must be nice

Delicious Thailand Street Food: Watch here

No.1 and different foods maded over in India only....

we love INDIA . Am from Bangladesh you should com to our country i will help you to find the traditional foods over our country

Hyy L l k U U


Hyderabadi food world class no match for hyderabadi food

The Food Ranger there is no match for hyderabadi food in the world

good job

Biryani? Dog food?

Yuck i don't like the looks of sauce

*Love **_India_** from **_Balochistan_* ...

Great video, great food!

I was in India וin Chennai and I ate Indian food, 1 week I ran to the Toilet

musli is a shame to india feck off


very dirty food no proper hygiene

dirty food

this is gastro porn with so many oohs & aahs.Shows U how good the food is!

0:34 Chinese kung-fu and Indian food

I am originally from Hyderabad and Damn I was really hesitant to watch. But you did absolute justice to my city

How many times did he say biryani?

Indian and Ethiopian, Irani, and Middle Eastern "meditranian" food is the best in the world. These people don't get cancer as much as others around the world.

$10 is very expensive for a meal. That must be a restaurant for the rich in India. Not fair becuase majority can't afford a meal for 10.Since they don't even make that much a day.

Diversity is our strength but it's not their strength?

The businesses selling food are so diverse with they're hiring ethics.

mmmmmmm, dirty nails, bent over stirring the food, dripping sweat, dead skin, dandruff, hair, who knows what into the mix..............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

o god so dirty place

The Food Ranger what do you prefer Indian of Chinese food. ?

U need to visit ulavacharu resatarunt in Hyderabad


dude if this is where you go to get one of the best meals of your life, then you are gonna love McDonalds

Gah DAYMN this guy can eat a lot of food in one day!

Those faces at 19:33 priceless.. lol

how can pig pens be beautiful?

You can't really tell where Trevor is from. He would have made an excellent spy in the cold war.

i like dosa


No thank you! Dirty!

The Food Ranger plz come to Pakistan also


so much spillage. Doesn't look hygienic

man your love for food is true , and true love is rare indeed!

Trevor Moran is pure Disney

Best meal of your life!!!!! Incredible INDIA

Unhygenic the way they cook

it look 5Star Hotel and they do not care about hygiene

Faisal Faves ................we INDIANS love BALOCH people.............

the pakistan biryani is the best ..not indian biryani.

garbage country very dirty people

This is India. And this can happens only in India... India is full of flavors. Flavors for everyone..

Great food but no cleanliness ☹


I'll throw up! Yuck!

Man! The way you appreciate our Indian cuisine is seriously good and We Indians are glad that you enjoying the indian food

something was awesome with the bun

The hygiene is worrying

I hope all the workers in the biryani place uses western toilets

Thanks for visiting hyderabad,telangana

I love dil pasand , the bread stuffed with nuts, cocunut, fruits etc

When are you getting married

Omg the place is so dirty. See when the guy was putting the mutton. N he was sweating at that time. N all the workers hasn't got any shoes while they working. We don't know the ppl if they really wash their hands who mix all the ingredients stuff yuckkk!!

You are just a bullshit

WOW, Its amazing... I'm a cook but is video ko dekh ke munh main pani aa gaya

hi sir pls come to bangalore once...u will get a good exotic street foods

70mm dosa or 70cm dosa, which one?

Fate CRUZ Mash potatoes,cat food?

Mouth watery...

Sorry I'm veggie!!!!☺️☺️☺️

yumm yumm delicious yes it worth to visit Hyderabad

Street ?????? How is it street food ??

Hey Trevor, what other countries are you planning to travel to in thr future? Would really love you to try Filipino food. Lots of love from the Philippines. ❤

india people are very dirty, dont eat from street

Once try Paradise Biryani..

Love from Hyderabad ❤️ big fan of urs!!

I love you you Hyderabad

I am planning to gain some weight....

first time i am watching how restaurant biryani made, but it some looks not good to see prepare in unhygienic places without gloves, that's not good every one come to big restaurants to eat good food even i am hyderbadi and I love biryani


I have one indian muslim friend and he invited me to his home for ramadan and it was such a majestic night of people munching on so much delicious food. Indian food in general is majestic

Forget food, getting vomit sensation, when i see their untidy attire and unhygienic kitchen.

19:32 the way they are looking at him :-P i love ur video u made me hungry midnight at 3 am bruh

Plz visit Gujarat (India) specially kadhiyawadi food..!! Welcome Gujarat India

20:30 Whoa man, looks like a curry lizard on a toothpick. Those crazy Indians.

most unhygienic food preparation i ever witnessed, guaranteed deli belly.

I love your passion!!!! really makes me miss India!!

A little ghee

@20:45 man that look's good :)

I doubt I would trust the lack of sanitary and hygiene of street food vendors from what I have seen - makes me shudder - no thank you!

@3:17 now that is a masterpiece XD !!!

Wow.... Now feeling like even if I was in Hyderabad, how could I miss these.... :-O

Awesome video

Haha my friend says it is wth? His making fun of me

The Food Ranger oats

19:33 looks like she seen a micro penis for the first time ., .,


Dude do you any ideas a bout clean food? I love Edina food bout not like this way

Plz come to Bangladesh.... we hv many fantastic street foods....

missed meeting u , I don't think your next trip to our city will be "NEVER" .... all the best

The Food Ra

Thank you for showing our food to the world .#bon appetit

Food is tasty but unhigienic.

@15:46 sounded like nacho libre

Why are they all so unhygienic? No gloves, everything on the floor soo many things, I think these people just like dirty

Some places they call Doseii not Dosa

Incredible video hats off to you bro ,,,

not a lot of women in these videos. almost none on the street.

The goat tongue and leg was really gross


bro come again and again ti India .We are Indians

His ohhhhhh./hmmmmm

The Food Ranger HOW WE CAN MEET U

The Food Ranger love you man!!! Your a legend!!!

Nice Do On Kerla Food South India.

Indians really dislike shoes and spoons

14:44 "It's actually quite questionable!" mmmmmmmmm

How do you eat so much lol and stay so skinny

I think it is 700mm. Because 70mm= 7cm only.

I am indian and i am used to eat my food with my bare hands ...but when they were mixing with those naked hand it was nasty ...yukkkk

I hope they dont use that groom to wipe the floors too

sir plz join my chn

very nice

Beauty of India is the unbelievable amount of vegetarian options. Amazing and tasty. Killing of animals, their blood and stress hormones in your food makes you sick, thank god for veg food in India.

There is a saying in Bengal that if you knew how the food was cooked, you wouldn't want to eat it anymore

actually trevor james doesn't know how to eat using his bare hands .

I would like to suggest you that you come in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh and here are the famous Tunday Kabab and Lalla Biryani Idris Biryani and Wahid Biryani, must try.

I wonder if ghee/butter is cheap in indian. they sure use it like water. just clarifying it tastes a bit of time

Proud to be a hyderabadi...but u didn’t try harees from pista house n shah ghouse

This Indian series is insane ! I feel privileged to see all that backstore cooking happening in India. Very inspiring. Thank you very much the Food Ranger team! :)

I forgot how few words he has in his vocabulary

No offence but shah ghouse biryani is amazing but the way they prepare it. Like the hygiene is going to make me think twice to eat the biryani again... They really need to try to maintain hygiene. #hyderabadibiryani #hyderabadi

please come to nepal

You should try our vegetarian food

You are the best food ranger and thanks for comming in Hyderabad.

i love how some of the people are in awe over the camera and some look at you like you are a freak LOL

Awesome food of Hyderabad I love it

To be honest.. this is soooo mouthwatering... love indian food so much...indian food lover here from PH. :)

Dude 70mm is just 7 cm

Isn't that 70 Centimeters instead of millimeters? For Dosa I mean

Did anyone else notice the rickshaw meter . He got mugged by the rickshaw driver

I love Indian food #reguncom

Shell Erkiert hahaha

1:42 jahru lol


That’s looks dirty

nice videos... 32 momos eating challenge


3 10/10 in a row

sub today......thanks such a beautiful video

Try Melbourne foods

Dude you're soo fake..

Halal isn't Indian, I strongly object to it. Please remove this segment from your video.

India is one of the places that I really want to go.

77 mm cannon of Dosa !!!! DOSA POWER!!!

vanou08 sobraaa hahaha

Hyderabad the best

Thanks Sir for visting my City

I like how he is getting special treatment in that congested part of Hyderabad that too during Ramadan.

bruh you kind of low key, look like a adult Jimmy neutron.

So funny watching him eat that tongue. Somebody should have taught him how to eat it. You have to peel off the skin over the tongue!!! Ha,ha,ha,ha!!!!

Dirty food in a dirty digusting poor country

Maintain hygience

Plz see our video hope u like them

u eatin the dosa rong wite boi, gotta dip in the sambhar and the chutney too

why say chatneeeee just say sauce

Was eating biryani while watching this

Who is the cameraman?

i think India's hyderabad is so rich... Love from Pakistan


When r u getting married

omg,I will pay you to stop saying briyani Pls check it

Hey you can visit Bangalore city and mysore city one of the best places for food..

Thank you bro! Love from Hyderabad

Trevor James's food review Ummmmm oooohhhhhh

Incredible India..I love indian

Poor kitchen hygiene.

they base their food off their ammunition size l0l0l0l0l0l

Bhaai itna sara kese khaa lete ho aap 1 din me

20:30 made my mouth water

The biryani kitchen looks kind of dirty.

To understand what is Islam, type "Brother Rachid English" or "Ambiguity" or "Political Islam" or "HAMED ABDEL-SAMAD english" on youtube. Muslims are practicing "TAQIYA" (search on google). It's the art of deceiving non-Muslims, as long as they are in the majority by marrying 4 women and having many children. In final, they'll ask a seperate islamic state; the result of that is Pakistan. The goal is to have an islamic world.

cheaaak it aaoouttt guys !!! lol

Masha Allah ❤ My India...My country

Just like it's done 1000 of years ago a real feast except for that modern oven ofcourse, really cool and looks delicious!

Why is he moaning?

I love the enthusiasm and curiosity of the presenter.

its chicken

Looks like 70 *CM* dosa to me

I am getting hungry just watching this video.

India is so dirty and gross :(

Indian street foods are known worldwide for their taste, diversity and easy accessibility in various cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore to name a few. Few street dishes like kathi rolls, daulat ki chaat, chhole bhature and misal pav are quite famous.

19:29 look at those people.

10 on 10 everything in india

You must have gained some pounds with those greese

does food gives you orgasm

Incredible India

Omg it's look like Hyderabad is heaven for delicious food

This is half of family dosa, it has length but not width. Crappy cheating hotel

Need to drink dudh patti chai in paposh karachi kidda

You do the best reviews

The hmmmm is amazing in every video of Mr.Trevor....

eating too much chutney not too good

Trevor please visit Paradise and their biriyani i bet you will remember the taste your whole life , HYDERABADI BIRIYANI = PARADISE BIRIYANI Paradise has been cooking biriyani from 1953. You should taste that!

1:43 we use it to clean the bathrooms with that stick.

Nice vro

The presenter's mmmm sounds like a porn film.

Great, Halal food is trending now, everywhere.. halal food so healty, insyaAllah.

1:43 thats multi purpose broom xD

Pls try to visit "Gokul chaat#Koti" "Ram ki bandi" for famous dosa....pls pls

dirty vessels and not hygiene

They need to be more hygienic by wearing gloves and covering their hair.

I am starving..

trevor james: washing down chai with moon biscuits. lol!

Food Ranger is the best..I love all your videos..makes me feel like I'm there with long posing or BS..just straight delicious food hogging.

Looks like indian food are not that clean.


soooo many people looking at you like they wanna stab you in the throat. i dont know why, its an awesome video. im feeling hungry now.

I wouldn't eat the goat feet and tongue for free

This is all milk. WOOOOW.

Indian food is not unhygienic it’s the restaurants and stalls where they don’t take proper care while cooking Coz it’s business for them and not like feeding their children

Indian food is nice but u need to find clean and hygenic stalls or restaurants .

In India they are allowed to enter in , other countries may not .. This is so awesome.

Shah Ghouse Café is a popular hotel located in Shalibanda, Towlichowki, Raidurgam Biodiversity Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It became popular for its Hyderabadi haleem in a short time. The restaurant is also for its other Hyderabadi delicacies like the biryani, Paya etc. Wikipedia Address: 8-191/15, Opposite Bio Diversity Park,Raidurgam, Gachibowli Road, Madhura Nagar Colony, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032 Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 1AM

Trevor is secretly an Indian at heart..

I hope to visit India. greetings from Indonesia

Great Video Trevor

biryani wasn't hygenic

waaaaaww look that so dirty hygiene ZERO


Ohhhh look at that bigas... Huge dosaaqa

The way you enjoying having our indian food is fabulous. Keep visiting keep having.

Ahh. I wanna taste it

i baouch from pakistan i am eating mani time this food in maylasia super

This is the world's best biriyani ❤️

feel homesick watching the city in grew in and worst part is I'm watching it when I'm  so hungry

We actually had the ginormous dosa at Chutneys! it was amazing and definitely a novelty- suprisingly their chinese food was quite good too!

wtf you said monstor dosa condom chutney .haha

India is Heaven of food and spices..... Agree ?

The 1st place, restaurant its quite clean actually. The staff wearing hat and gloves. The kitchen also looked clean. The 2nd place, not really clean kitchen when they cooked the food but at the end the food looked so nice. The 3rd place, goat feet? Ok ill pass... The 4th place, bun and tea looked delicious but again, they should use a glove... 17:44 The 5th place, unique cooking style 20:08 majestic chicken and the mutton make me hungry...

Miss You Hyderabad...Proud to be Hyderabadi

if u food lover you must come to my hyderabad u get all world food here but hyd famour for biryani and irani tea im lucky i born in hyd and live hyd alhumdullah


great video bro

Is there anything that you've ever eaten and not liked?

Meanwhile Germans think Currywurst is Indian ;-))))

Superb bro

19:32 - guys please don't stare at outsiders. No one likes that attention, it's awkward.

Yes we definitely enjoyed even my Saudi collegues too. I am from Hyderabad and residing in Saudi Arabia, but the most of the things I have not seen such as bun tea. It's fresh bun and tea. Over all the question of hygiene hangs. We certainly need more cleanliness more intense government regulations to control the food stuff. I am a regular visitor to your site which allowed me to explore the world along with you. And the experience is incredible. Pls keep it up buddy. ..

I have a question : Where's the best food you have been eaten all your dishes in the world?

Proud to be a Hyderabadi and hyderabadi food is best in the world.


muslims halal food is best

India ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Indian food❤️❤️❤️ Friendly people❤️❤️❤️ Love from Philippines

This a dream of the world and eat, eat, eat. Of course, see beautiful places too.

The hygiene part failled

U have new subscriber here

Hyderabad is like a heaven for food lovers, especially non-veg food

This video makes me hungry

why don't Indian's use gloves?

its look Dirty !!

India is the first dirty food country

yeah hahahahaha

briyani is the rice, not the meat I guess

thats 70 cm dosa

Did he really just swipe the stove with a broom wtf

Wonder how many parasites this has...

Tons tons tons

when he was moaning and enjoying the food in front of him at 17:08 you could tell he was kind of annoyed because he would be very hungry during ramadan fasting

Why you do not come in pakistan?

I am indian buy i also got disgusted how those worker was mixing the mutton with hands.....i love my moms food and she great biryani and othe indian stuff

Visit Odisha.

How could you miss out on Lucknow.

Gross n disgusting i lost love for outside food now who know where has he been touching himself with this hand unwashed using it in food ultimate nightmare n savage , yuck !

#proud to be hyderabadi

It's not 70mm it is 700mm!! Use some maths and your eyes too

It's not 70 mm dosa, it is bigger than 70

I wonder how you become immune of those food that was cooked by those unhygenic crews and their dirty utensils

nothing can beat hyderabadi biryani ,,,,

Super Indian మా king food

Lovely and tasty food

Hydrebad is not famous for biryani


let's eat ? this is what u say to a hungry viewer ? damn you...! *s.u.b_**** me if u laughed*

I want to join with bro, and enjoy eating

That's the place where I live

Very nice videos, but please stop with the sound effects (MMMMMM, oooohhhh, woooowwww), it is rude in India, China, Morocco etc,. Just say it's very very tasty and delicious, that should do it.

Miss you too brother welcome to hyderabad brother

Come bangladesh and food tasty


I want to try Indian food so bad and travel there

Hello sir.. If u can come to Karnataka come and taste the food of ours trevor nice to see you here in our city hyderabad the city of diamond

19:31 why is she looking at him like that lmao

Oh no the tongue and feet of a goat wtf

I have been it's really awesome..... varieties of chutney

Avg rating 9

Trevor you have got the same reaction when eating every type of good.

0:34 FBI! OPEN UP!!

A simple rule to follow when eating at a restaurant in India - NEVER EVER visit the kitchen or see how the food is made! It will scar you for life :)

Iska kam bohot achha h ,khao piyo mat raho

New sud..

Don't take lot of chatni in one bite

Look cool and sweet but not hygienic at all.

Youre amazing I also love big dosa

Oh God, I'm gonna be sick

How do you give a hyderabadi dum biriyani a 9.7

***NEW DRINKING GAME!!!*** Take a shot for every-time he say "biryani"


Stop saying emmmmm its so irritating...

dammit why is my mouth wstering profusely!!!

Bro I want to be like you just travel and eat

please dont do "ohhhh" sounds like

Vegans are triggered

i am an Afghan. i love indian food i never knew i was missing something in my life until i came to USA and started eating indian food. Love india from Afghanistan

Love your vids ,also love the effort you make to use Hindi words ,awesome

Why does ur hand shake Soo much

What a filthy country.

Hahahaha she looks like she grossed out by him. But why


If you want hygiene then go to 5 star hotels, we are don't care about hygiene too much because the food is very cheap prices.

Come to Pune Maharashtra to eat Bahubali thali, India’s biggest thali

Try this indonesian food

@19:28 'NIMRAH CAFE' a film by Wes Anderson! There you go -

If you want to live in Bangladesh, there are plenty of food in this country.

To all germ freaks, our stomachs have evolved to be immune to what you perceive as dirty, we don't fall ill eating these foods seriously

khan A

You must try Guntur food which you can't forget Best food ever

How much does he eat

I am an Indian I dont experience that much day I will ...India can be CALLED as LAND OF REAL TEST FOODS

all hydrabadi foods gots above 9 hit

Unfortunately cleanliness does not exist -0%

I am from Bangladesh. I want to join with you

I'm feeling hungry man.

Anyone here from Hyderabad :)

What that music that it from 15:30? Can someone till me plz


looks very unsanitary

Stop saying we you aren’t doing any of the work

Please come Pakistan...we offer more than india

SAREER Malik don’t think so

Come Lahore Pakistan

Pleasecome pakistan

Pleasecome Pakistan make us awear about the food thats why we can....plz plz

Thanks James for Visiting Hyderabad much appreciated but still you missed a lot Hyderabad has much universalism in India.

i'm going to throw up at the meat

It's ok if you keep quiet some times during the video

Oooooo hhooooii

It's good but not hygienic enough

I love your ummm oooo waaaoo oooo yaaa

I never heard of it what is curd guys? Is it something like yoghurt?

looks bad!

This is a fucking food without gloves yuck.

Even one year is not enough to taste street food of Hyderabad u had showed very good tour of Hyderabadi spicy food very nice of u

Very beautiful

Indians are good people but they lack hygiene

8:00 biryaniiiiii

dirty kitchen room

There are more many Places to Visit In Hyderabad! You need to Stay for 1 Year to Cover all the Hyderabadi Food! Intresting ❤️

My eyes burned when I watched Boku no pico

Best expressions by him while tasting food

Even i didn't eat these many in our hyderabad

Hey hyderabadi bariyani is mad from hen meat but its not looking like hen meat....

Hey when did u come to our city man ...... (u get respect and tasteheree..)

Dirt Muslim slum area


Hydrabad is best

Hyderabad has the best food in India and @The Food Ranger you are the only internet food show host who has hit the perfect places for perfect food in Hyderabad 10/10

im from hyderabad- known for world's favorite biryani

Want to come only to taste real Hydrabaadi Biriyani at least once..! That's just amazing!!

lol. Bro thats 70 CM not MM

Shahghouse kitchen is very ugly

His hmmm and ohhhhh are so hilarious!

Look delicious. Kitchen condition not clean


FAJAR ĶHAŅ ............. what will u offer to him.............. GRENADE BOMB, AK-47 ...............or death from HIZBUL MUJAHIDEEN ???

Plzzzzz visit Pakistan

19:36 bitch stop looking at others like that

I love samosas ..ive had indian food ....but wanna try more things ive seen alot of videos and indian people wash there food 2-3 times rinse keat and vegetables so im not worried...everything you eat can give you upset stomach... amazing ramen indonesian taste

Place is dirty

just listen how praise a PAYA --

I'm proud to be Hyderabadi...

Other than food Ur expressions are sooo cute... I love to watch Ur Vedios...

All these ppl concerned about the health code. Let's just be honest, Y'all would lick the pots if you were starving

It’s delicious but not clean

Man I am sure that Dosa will be a little longer than 70mm I think its 70 cm

14:24 pakad pakad garam hain

Dude come to Bangalore

dont give rating its not good for u

u great tevor i am very happy when u taste every food in every video. u laugh is the first gift and i bless u r life goes greater that greater. wish from india.

Omg I want to eat it

Can u visit kerala

Telangana vantalu superb. Andhra Pradesh food items parama parama waste. Sulligaalla ku vantalu cheyadam radu. Andhra Pradesh food items tinakandi. Array oo don't go andhra Pradesh.

U shud give a rating for cleanliness...!!

Here is Saudi Arabia we had dinner with one of our Arabic friend in Indian restaurant Chicken Masala & Mutton Karahi & Mutton Biryani. Believe me next day Arabi friend suppose to cry because Spices & Chilly. When he started eating he enjoyed very much & eaten as much as can but next day you may understand what I mean.

Bhai bolte

Looks awesome but it's not bad to be a little more hygiene conscious.

Lots of love

What part of this video shows street food?

You should Try Ethiopian food and go there too it was an amazing experience I just got back from Ethiopian the food is amazing it makes you bit your finger it's sooooo good and the country is beautiful if you know which place to visit it wonderful there cloth wow the coffee wow and I recommend you to go there on Ethiopians new year because I want there two times and my first was on new year and it was amazing the decorations people outside lighting gembow and the small ememem its just amazing the people are super nice too.

I'm indian but not Hyderabadi.. leg is ok but the tongue

Great Episode , Keeping going your shows are too good and Hyderabadi food great taste

indian restaurant luton

I am from hyderabad ❤️

Stop using word tones for describing each and every thing

Sir I love you very much your voice and excitement for a hungery man

Just by putting cilantro, we can make a Biryani FRESH! WTF! it's so damn cool man

Enjoy the trip there and get your belly full, thanks.

so the chef first scratches his nose and then just rolled the dosa without even washing the hands?????? ewwwwweeeeee

LOL 19:30

that is Hyderabad....

They are not all i see uzbakistan video they are so friendly.......but why they are not friendly with this man

wiping tawa with jharooo haha then cleanup with same broom

Bastard iam on diting..

oooooooooooooooohhhh my God how much dirty ugly paya 14:35 really indian donot know how to cook paya .......i am 100% sure in pak no one will eat indian paya .why they didnot cut clean foot .there will be pooh between foot /paya .we through this part in garbage ....



Some tongue action

Thanks very much bro you showed all kinds

Some Indian Don’t. Cer. For clin in kitchen ! Spishal. In. Ramadan I well. Never it from this. Biryani weri. Derti Kitchen . Dey tach nos and tach bred.

Disgusting place to prepare biryani

Can anyone tell me the intrumental that plays, i need the title of the music

You should come to pakistan there is alot of interesting food which will blow your mind especially of karachi and lahore

My home town

In Hydrabad Biryani they use Street dog ....Instead of Chicken....Yaak!!

At the biriyani part they shouls be wearing hairnets to avoid hair falling in into the pots truly

i never knew goat feet n tongues r also eaten in india

1:20 70mm? Seriously just 7 cms?

Dude u should peel the tongue before eat it.

love the way you get excited xD

Good work, keep it up. A lot of your viewers and subscribers would like to know when you will go Pakistan as we want to see what the street food is like there along with India so we can see cultural food from both places.

I m not complaning , the food is great!! But sometimes I wish the workers could have worn some decent clean clothes and look a bit cleaner.All that money they make by selling food I m sure buying woking clothes for workers wont effect their pocket too much.

Hey man you must have to visit karachi pakistan

Hyderabad bolte

super video.... Hyderabad my city .....sir...thanks for coming my city telangana

sir super video ..... great Hyderabad....I'm my telangana , my city......

A Proud Hyderabadi....

Mixing with his sweaty hands, yaaakkkkk....

Ghee bucket curd bucket, yaakkkk....

Yaakkk....biriyani Kitchen

... I want to thank you for the videos. BUT! CALM.DOWN. You're freaking them out.

the Biryani and the Curry looks absolutely yummy but the cooking should have been done under cleaner conditions.

Dear the dosa is not 70MM (ie 7cm) actually it should be 70 CM pls verify.

Bro next time u eat dosa then take a bit less chutney


Hi westerners hygiene topic Indian street vendors are taking every day shower cut their nails washed their hands brush their teeths every morning then coming to work These dishes cooking very difficult so hand gloves cnt work but when u have clean hands then also not a problem In western restraunts they dnt brush every day they smell , and i never saw them wearig gloves so they are dirty U should go to the kitchen 99% indians shower every morning brush teeths every morning nails cutting they are really very clean trust me very clean U ll be shocked i heard once food poisoning case also from 5 star hotel Our financialy week millions normal private sector men women eats evryday lunch on these shops but dnt get health issues cz of hygiene Yes we have problem with pesticides and chemicals on vegetables fruits that's giving cancer anyway hygienic purpose all great dnt worry

If this was a drinking game where you had to do a shot every time he said "biryani" you'd die of alcohol poisoning before the video was over.

18.05 dilkush

all the Indian's faces in 19:35 lol

i think hyderabad food is best in india

U r Very lucky to eat Hyderabad Telangana food

Bro like chesina comment kani manam Telugu vallam bro, galeez matal vaddhu haahha

like this guy.. great

I am a Biriyani Lover & Hyderabad is the Heaven of Biriyani

Irani chai,Hyderabadi Biryani most famous in Hyderabad..especially at Ramzan festival season.I love my India..Iam from Hyderabad..

Nice! Bro

Bro don't divide Telugu into two, we are brothers and sisters!

Dear James, You might have known already this news, Shah Ghouse joint at Hyderabad had a Gas Cylinder blown, sorry for all the workers as they will not have any kind of insurance and loss of salaries.

Plz buzz me at AKBARMATEEN@YAHOO.COM, florida.

1:43 he use the tinke wala jharu chiiiiiiiiiiii shame on india

Hyderabad is really a foodies paradise...Lovely video bro... actually I had been there too recently and uploaded a food vlog!! :-)

khinzir ko bagi 10

Good idea now he put the address of the places

You will only get true Indian food in the streets of India.

Food Ranger, Can you come to Bangladesh to make a food blog?

most westerners wont know flavor till they try indian

Tje people were looking you like a mad

not a great video...... to watch at 3am.

Who will serve saffron tea for 15rs

*In INDIA our food, cultures, languages maybe different but all the INDIANS are very kind. MERA BHARAT MAHAN......* *Proud to be an INDIAN* *Thank you for visiting INDIA* *God bless you*

Why don't you try cannibalism?

That look though 19:31

Come to Jordan!

oh my God!

U Must see TIRUMALA brother

It's probably 700 mm = 0.7m, not 70mm

70 cm not 70mm

12:08 when your girlfriend says "do you like my food" but its burnt

If u ll come to india next tym then call me i ll take u in many famous spots which is for delicious food........ok if u want my contact number then reply on my post...

For the comment makers either for or against Food Rangers discoveries, we all need to understand he's eating "Street Food." He's not eating at 5 Star restaurants... It comes with the good, bad and hopefully to some not so ugly.

Food Ranger I am inviting u to Himachal Pradesh ( India)

no .1 hyderabadi foods

If you come to Bhatkal special in Bhatkal biryani

The meat part was so disgusting

Hey Trevor, u so nice at what u do.

Hyderabad is place which everyone will fall in love with

Muslims do a lot of unimaginable things.

He just scratched his nose and folded that thing haha..India poops in their beaches and dont even have watee to flush their toilet system. I wonder where they get water for cooking

main bhaarateey billee aur tittiais pyaar karata hoon !!!

Wow super..mmmm


17:48 dilpasand sweet

That's Hyderabad

Most favorite Hyderabadi biryani .. nice video ..

Monster 70mm dosa

Mixing the food with hands??? I'm not a picky eater but count me out.

I lived in Hyderabad before moving to US and you make me home sick man

finally have Skin Cancer finally got out of this world

I wondered when he went upstairs that how those workers bring such heavy pots down in numbers. Until I see an elevator. Good concept

Love to see india

Come to Dhaka

17:37 doracake


who wears shoes in the kitchen? World's Unhygienic Biryani

The food has no chemicals, no genetically modified shits... just fresh ingredients and techniques that is passed over hundreds of years...

DOSA massss.. I miss Real DOSA.. Hyderbad wow.. I miss u...

India mei Musalmaan aur Sikh hi khane banane ka master hai... Aur hindu to ghas khate hai... Afsos!!! BJP ki hukumat mei musalmaan o par zulm ho raha hai.... How hypocrite can india be!!???

I would not eat this to much sweat and arm hair

wow amazing so dirty making biryani

Hey brother I want to say something to you so are love Indian people


ill pay you to stop saying Oooooooohhhh

Great, Unspeakable Feelings, True Indian Taste, Wow rich & unmatchable traditional taste which has developed hundreds of years of experience, rays of Mughals, Royal Taste. Love from Pakistan to Unincreable India and Indian Food.

I'm hydrabadi I love hyd

Bro u went to food heaven at most favourable time.

U can see every food corner,every small big three and five star hotels and pub bars there are full of people, even though our country is labeled as poor country its surprises me lol

Trevor James - I love watching your videos!! I find your rating very interesting. I have a question for you out of curiosity : You have a great appetite but how does your stomach handle all that food from so many countries? :-)

Remember to place a roll of toilet paper in the fridge before sampling the street food :]

i wonder if he has "WOW Look at that" trademarked lol

looks like pig food.

Yen man u should give 10 out off 10 to our Hyderabad biryani

0:35 daya darwaza thod dho

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