Influencer Weekend In Kenya / Sunset Cruise & Pool Party In Watamu

Influencer Weekend In Kenya  / Sunset Cruise & Pool Party In Watamu

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tracy do you want to go to the  coast uh yes please let's go what is going on everyone welcome to the channel  we don't have a lot of time to talk to you because   our our schedule is very very packed we are  here at the seven island hotel in watamu kenya   yeah we are here just arrived about 15  minutes ago and now we're already on our way   for a little sunset yeah because they invited us  and they want to show us everything that they have   to offer so we can show you guys everything  that they have to offer so ready for our   first adventure tracy let's go let's go so first  look we passed the pool on our way to our room   i can't wait to go see that  pool lighter later later later it's gonna get a little a little wet  to go to the dhow but it feels so good our lift is here ready for a ride i'm ready so we're actually on mida creek and if you  remember back in january of this year when   we stayed at rock and sea this was the creek  that we're on as well in fact i can see it it's   just over there so the seven island hotel actually  organized it kind of an influencer don't really   like that term content creator kind of weekend  so if you see a bunch of faces you recognize   from the internet it's not because we just hang  out with all the cool kids they organized it   so as we started sailing we got each got  it like a little basket snack to get some   potato things with chili sauce it's amazing   i think it's time to go for a swim you're gonna do  a jump yeah it was your idea she was so excited to   jump earlier and now now that it's time to do  it not as excited we're doing it one two three   don't fall that was a very good  ride we all successfully made   it back we even all jumped the wall  successfully which was a big challenge   now we're going back to the  hotel and we'll see what's next going back to the room taking a quick shower  because i'm full of salt tracy is not impressed   because she just realized that we're across the  street from a snake farm and tracy is terrified of   snake but i told her why would the snake come here  when they can be at the farm right so all good   and if you like snake it's it's something  cool to do but i can't do that with tracy so connected to our resort there is a very nice  place called papa remo beach i can't i can't put   on the screen because i just don't know if i'm  pronouncing it properly but it is beautiful it   gives me like down south coastal wedding vibes  it's super nice i love it so we're gonna have   like a little supper here feet in the sand style  i'm very excited and hungry let's see how it is   it is 20 past 11 way past our bedtime  but overall a very good day nice little   dhow cruise great supper we're actually with a  very good crowd a lot of good people making new   friends that's always nice yeah it is but tomorrow  we have another very packed day because this hotel   day they don't they want to keep us busy so  see you guys in the morning we are on our way   to breakfast because there's no better way to  start the day than some eggs and bacon and toast   and things like that what's that rise and shine  no what is it i always say eggs and bacon yeah   wakey wakey eggs and bacey there you  go and tracy needs some coffee too so breakfast is done bellies are full um  variety not a lot of it no but like your   omelette station which people always have omlette  we're good um probably our own fault we were   a little bit late yeah that's fair pretty  still yeah but the mendazis we're delicious   really really good yeah so now we're  gonna do a little walk around of this   resort with you guys to show you well what  it looks like welcome to seven island resort so this is the main reception i love the  openness of it and there's such a nice   breeze that comes through and this is the  boutique that uh i'm just gonna have sneak peak so you might have noticed that some areas  are a little bit darker especially the   boutique where tracy went because right  now there's a massive power outage so   it happens and they even have a little kid  area and they get an extra point in my book   because look at all the decor it's all disney  ariel and then the lion king the jungle book   do appreciate that there's also one hole golf  court so for what we can see all the rooms are   kind of divided into like block type buildings  so you have a couple there and here's one of the   pools as well i say one because back out there  there's a beautiful massive pool too and this is   a beautiful pool that i was talking about earlier  and right over to my right there's also a poolside   bar i feel like it might be a restaurant  at some point too we'll have to find out and on the other side of the  pool we have the restaurant   and this is where we have breakfast this morning so there is also a beach access but now  we're gonna go change because we have   some sort of guided walk to the seven islands or  something like that so that's gonna be your our   occasion to show it to you guys as you can  see from our room we can actually see the   ocean there you see one of the island there  so another one there some other ones there   so now that we are all sunscreened  up the sun is up we are ready to go   on the adventure of the seven islands that  sounds like a pirate of the caribbean movie it's much cooler the way i say   so at first we had one guy that was  supposed to walk us around the beach   as soon as we came up the beach we suddenly  have 12 guides some people are still arguing   in the back we just decided we just decided  to leave and do our own tour because those   islands are pretty cool and i want to see  them no wasting time yeah no time to waste the tide is truly something that like fascinates  me because those island behind us are totally   under well not underwater but like you know up  to the green part fun fact though um if anyone   is from annapolis valley where i'm from nova  scotia which nobody is the bay of fundy i think   it's i don't know if it's the world's biggest tie  but it's oh yeah that's true so actually where i'm   from like 20 minutes from it oh look at us in  canada we have bigger tides anyway it's really   impressive and at low tides like those islands  are really impressive like i find them beautiful even though those look like rocks behind  me they're actually oyster and like one   of the guy actually kind of broke one from uh  from the rock and somebody actually ate it so   fresh oysters right there so when the tide goes down it actually  creates a bunch of natural pools   and sometimes you can find some like this one that  are pretty massive and full of sea action there's   actually like a bunch of fishes in there and sea  ocean and a bunch of stuff it's really really cool so now it's time to go down that's the part  that they did not prepare us for fingers crossed nice walk but very hot very  very hot that's what you   because if i would prefer you know rainy and cold  i would have stayed in nairobi when we came back   from our walk we actually uh walked through and  kind of sat for a little bit at the paparamo and   this is what it looks like during the day it's  even like more beautiful it's such a cool unique   restaurant straight on the beach feet in the sand  it's lovely and we actually met the owner and   paparamo was actually his dad so that's really cool  too first of all i apologize for the mess when we   came in yesterday we flew right in went straight  to the dhow then it was night time woke up had   things to do so we have already unpacked a little  bit okay so let me show you around so we have our   bed here it's more of a standard room behind you  is what i really like i'm gonna swing david around   and you have like a day bed area here and that's  um where we store our luggage um and then outside   there is like a little tiny balcony out there that  has another smaller day bed got a fridge in here   small desk and then this is the bathroom  you have a shower your standard bathroom   i want this for our bathroom like the little  ladder thing for the towels that's really nice   um sorry this is short and sweet we have lunch to  go to in like 5.7 seconds so let's go six minutes the only thing that i find a little bit weird  about this room is actually the mosquito net   because it's two mosquito nets for two beds so  you kind of have a curtain in the middle of yeah   the people sleep it yeah it's because they push  the two beds together to make like a double room   yeah but they didn't think of the net part  yeah maybe they were just out of room i   don't know okay i'm hungry you hungry i'm  hungry so for lunch we're actually going to   the other resort because it's two resort and one  restaurant that are all kind of owned by the same   owner so now we're going to go to the other side  see if if the the grass is greener over the fence so we're actually over at crystal  bay for lunch welcome to crystal bay   uh the housing is just a little bit different  than the ones that we're at they're kind of look   like one house divided into four i think so we're  gonna see those see the pool get some yummy food   so i'm gonna be in charge of this little resort  door because it's gonna be very very fast   behind me a bar a nice pool  there's a restaurant there   the houses here are more like villa style i didn't  really see the inside but they do look very nice   and yeah that's pretty much it the pool is very  nice i like the shape of it it's pretty cool   not sure if they i i assume that they do have  like a beach access and things like that but   those two resorts are actually owned by the same  people like i said earlier so check them out and the pool temperature is  pretty good pretty good cheers cheers just finished lunch chicken  burani apparently a very   coastal dish it was very good it was very  good yeah 10 out of 10. so the owner of these   resort very kind men just invited us into  his actual house we're gonna go check it out   look at this painting so the owner's villa is  actually a copy paste of several other villas   that you can actually rent here at crystal bay  yeah and the view of the ocean that you have   in the backyard it is fun unbelievable those  are the islands that actually behind us that's   the island that we actually climbed yeah uh and  right now the ocean is coming back up and it's   wow it's pictures there's like portions of super  turquoise and then portions of like deep blue and   it's so nice very very nice i could live here  yeah so if you come here rent a villa cheers back to the seventh island so as you might notice  we're in a different room the layout the exact   same but basically just opposite um when you go to  a place it's very easy to have like a 10 out of 10   review on a place when everything is perfect right  off the get-go but the true test is actually if   they will fix things that aren't to your liking or  just aren't working right you're not happy about   that type of thing so last night yesterday  actually once we arrived we noticed our ac   wasn't working we left for a couple hours  decided to see like hey maybe it just hasn't   been turned on for a bit in the meantime lost  power nothing we can do about that it happens   um but today when the power came back on we're  like no like it's actually broken there's   something wrong we went to the front desk and was  like hey something's wrong with our ac basically   just handed us another key to another room was  like try this room so we're in a different room   and the ac feels amazing i'm very happy they did  well okay new room tour it's all the exact same   except now we have a leopard on the wall which  is a beautiful painting of a leopard that's   it just saying that's the only difference now  that all our issues are taken care of one left   kind of little warm outside  so let's go jump in the pool you ready yeah one two three go so they told us that they organized a little pool  party slash chill afternoon something something   and then we showed up at the main pool and we were  like well there's nothing going on there right   nothing was going on and then we were at the  wrong pool so let's see if the other one's better after some beach ball it's time for a drink we've got great music great people  and a really great atmosphere   let's have a good night and a very strong drink  because tracy asked for gin and tonic doubles   she's laughing behind me it's very strong  so we have some snacks that are by the pool   tracy was like i feel bad i don't want to be  the first person so ask permission now we can   eat snacks and it looks super good we have some  bruschetta even though we said bruschetta our   entire life it's brusqueta and some chips some  sugary stuff anyway it looks very good are you   having a good time i'm having a great time good  drinks good snacks and great people amazing people   those are great snacks like back in the pool now  because this thing is a pool party i'm enjoying   it it's a good time here it's a good time you are  my fire the one desire tell me why ain't nothing tonight so the pool party just came to an end and damn i  don't think i have a voice anymore it was such a   good time i'm not sure how much i film or didn't  film i have no clue but if i didn't film much it's   because i had such a good time man this crew is  absolutely a bunch of good people yeah saying   all my favorite songs you guys yeah we have  such a good time with you guys finally yeah i   know finally a bunch of people will appreciate  the backstreet boys nsync disney songs   it's great now it's time for for pizza pizza  so tonight back to paparemo for pizza fast   so we just arrived for supper and we're gonna have   an acrobat show i think that's very original  they they install like a big pole in front of us   so we'll see but i'm pretty excited about that  that's definitely your first in kenya for us   very much so i have a question what is like  your best seller what is the most popular one pineapple do not belong on pizza i have a  question for you yes how many people in italy eat   pineapple on pizza like nope thank you that's  it you guys heard it from a true italian woman   nobody eats pineapple and pizza  in italy so what are you doing you guys remember a few weeks ago when  i said the best pizza on the coast   was that silver palms well this one might be a  little bit better at papa ramo here it's so good so it is now bedtime we had such a good evening  and afternoon like it was so good it was yeah   we're with like such a good crowd they're  amazing yeah i know i said that earlier but   like truly they're amazing yeah they're really  making this trip for us because like we never do   this kind of things we're always like you know  tracy and i there's nothing wrong with that but   it's just so different it's such a different vibe  to have a bunch of people with us and they're all   super cool yeah so i really enjoyed this  it's phenomenal otherwise pizza was like   so good oh my goodness tracey's pizza was good  mine was even better the salad but mine was still   very very good yeah but anyway we have another  pack day tomorrow so it's time to go to bed we're   gonna get lots of sleep with super cold it's gonna  be great it's so cool right now in the room oh   there's power the ac is blasting it's wonderful  amazing so see you guys in the morning perfect good morning and i know what you're thinking this  guy guy's been wearing dope clothes this entire   video well it's because they're Eubi clothes my  favorite clothing brand and i love them because   they look good they feel good the quality is just  so superior to anything else that i've worn before   so if you want to get some dope clothes just  like i have well first link down below as usual so one other thing that's very  very popular here on the coast is actually golfing  

you guys know we are no golfer if you watch us  at the the great rift valley lodge you know   that we're not really good but we're always you  know willing to get better at something so we're   gonna go check out that golf course and see what  it's all about guys i'm so excited there's one   thing i didn't do in kenya yet and it's right one of  those i'm having way too much fun for what it is that was amazing i loved every second of  it and now we just arrived at the watamu   golf course and we'll see  how it is it looks very nice plate a few holes we're  still not very good at this   it's a little bit hot so highly suggest  that you do this earlier in the morning   much better idea but now we have little fruits  juice water a little time to relax before lunch   so i asked the driver if i could drive and  he's like yeah sure tracy are you stressed yes that was so cool you guys have no clue how happy i  am thank you so much now we are going back to the   owner's place because yesterday we were talking  about italy and i was like i love like italian   pasta handmade stuff and tomato sauce and he was  like well i'll cook for you tomorrow so we're   taking him on this offer and we're going for lunch  with him at his house i'm so excited about this so we are running really late a little bit  once again our flight is in one hour and 11   minutes exactly we are still at the hotel but our  driver is there so hopefully we're gonna make it that is as last minute as it gets the closest  we've ever as everyone went through security in their   crew like we have to board that i really just went  to the bathroom and just sat down like no but look   at us where do you hold the first one boarding the  plane everyone's like people are off the plane so   i feel like it's just sitting here so back to  the concrete jungle they're just early yeah how cold is it in nairobi it's not too  bad it's actually not bad right now   okay so we are back home we're gonna make this  short and sweet to the point yes yes so staff   very nice very accommodating especially when our  ac broke like boom boom boom new room perfect 10   out of 10. food was good at like papa ramo  like you have to and eat the pizza it's amazing   best pizza on the coast they won that mani award  yeah um on top of that i think no matter where   you are at the coast you have to do a sunset dhow  ride that is always a must on my list super fun   amazing yeah um and also can we just talk with the  people we met amazing people i know we had so much   fun it was such a great trip if you guys want to  go there with your family or friends use the code   mani and you're going to get some a little bit  of extra uh especially at paparamo and stuff   i'll put the details down below but uh one more  thing you can go golfing there yeah there is a   small golf course go morning or afternoon in the  middle of the day a little too hot and uh if you   can drive a tuk tuk highly suggested it's pretty  fun but otherwise that's pretty much it for us so   don't forget to like this video subscribe to  the channel and see you guys in the next one excuse you okay so we are back

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