Inside a $117,000,000 French Modern Chateau With a World Famous Vineyard

Inside a $117,000,000 French Modern Chateau With a World Famous Vineyard

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(guitar music playing) - What's up everybody? It's Enes here and welcome to another episode. This week, we're in the region of Provence here in south of France, and about to tour this incredible estate right behind me, also known as Chateau d'Estoublon. Now, the property is incredible.

It was built in the early 1800s, and it was extensively remodeled for a whopping €80 million in 2016. The current value of this property, is somewhere around €100 million, which is about $117 million. And an interesting fact about the property, is that it's not available for sale, but it is available for short-term rentals, starting from €100,000 per week. As always, we will leave more information about the property, and the property link, down in the description of this video. And before we start our tour, I want to thank the listing agent Axel Arnal with John Taylor for giving us the honor to tour this amazing property and share it with all of you. And now let's begin our tour (Background music playing) From the street level, we have the gates opening up to this private 250 acre estate.

Private driveway brings you up right here, and look at the scenery for a second. It's super private, we have mature trees around us and this circular driveway with the landscaped area right in the center with the roses. Everything looks stunning, and focusing on this side we have the estate. Now, a little bit of information about the property. It's built on a 250 hectare lot. 50 hectares of it is vineyards, and 200 hectors of it is olive trees.

In fact, we have a restaurant right next door that serves some of their olive oils, which Mikey and myself are really excited to try it. Now, I want to bring our focus to the house itself. It was built in the early 1800s. We have this stone facade pretty much throughout.

I love the French doors and windows that we're seeing throughout with the grid details. We have arch windows on the first level. This grand stone staircase, that takes you up to the second floor of this property, where we have kind of the grand or main entrance. And another detail I want to mention is that we see these kind of French palace castle estates in the United States, but they're kind of re-fabrication of what these homes looked like. This is the real deal. This was built in the early 1800s.

And the boutique hotel company that owns this estate spent €80 million. That's about probably like $90 million, to remodel and upgrade this entire property, which is just fascinating. Overall, it's a beautiful estate, and I love that they preserved kind of the historic details, but yet brought this estate to the 20th century. Now I'm going to take this grand staircase, and meet you guys at the formal living room area. (double bass plays) Before we continue our tour of that amazing French estate, I want to thank this week's video sponsor, Raycon, for helping to make that trip possible.

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Again, big thanks to Raycon for sponsoring this video and making our trip to Europe possible. And now, let's continue our tour. These French doors open up to this incredible seating area that serves as your formal living room.

I love this space. It feels very regal and elegant here. We've got a gorgeous chandelier right in the center, with a ceiling medallion, wood paneling on the walls, and the furniture throughout the property, you will see a lot of these dark and velvet tones that creates a really nice contrast. Of course you have your marble fireplace, and every single furniture is curated for each one of these rooms. Now, I want to give you a bit little of information about the home itself, or the castle itself.

We've got 10 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 1,500 square meters of interior space, which is about 16,145 square foot. Lot of bedrooms in this house. And we're going to check them out throughout. Mikey, I want to take everybody to this side first, by the way, look at the intricacy and the pattern of these hardwood floors throughout. I love the depth of color here.

And even though this property was remodeled in 2016, they really preserved the architectural lines of this home. Now, these double doors open up to the room next door, which is another bedroom. It's very spacious. We have this bird wallpaper pretty much throughout the backside of the bed setup. And each one of the bedrooms that we're going to see has a different kind of theme and kind of a name.

And I'll explain that later in the video. I honestly loved this curved side, where they tuck in the bed setup. Rooms in this amazing estate just feel so cozy and so elegant. I love the color palette. Another stunning chandelier right in the center.

We have a marble fireplace on the left, TV on this side. And these first two rooms are of course facing the front of the estate. Now I'm going to take everybody through this door, Mikey, because we have the bathroom for this room.

Green marble on the floors, we have mosaic tiles on the walls, your clawfoot tub set up here with chrome fixtures. You have your rain-head above. I love these curtain details. Something about them is very European, and your crystal chandelier above, and we have the vanity set up here, with a beautiful chrome frame, stone countertops, just a great bathroom.

Now I'm going to take everybody through this door, and we have another entertainment or kind of like a lounging space here. This room is designed to be a cigar lounge. This is where you sit down, have a drink, smoke your cigar by the marble fireplace. And it also has, in my opinion, one of the coolest, balconies of this estate. Let's go outside, Mikey, for a second. It's a cute little balcony facing the front, but this is where you look at the entry of your estate.

Restaurant is down below us. Such a great moment in this amazing estate. Now, let's go back inside, close this window and continue our tour. Of course we have the same hardwood floors also here, but this time they have chevron pattern.

And going through here, we come to the back hallway. The door on my right-hand side opens up to the commercial access and a couple other rooms on this level. And following here, this door opens up to a powder room for this side of the home. We have two water closets, and keep in mind, it's designed to be a commercial property. That's why we have two water closets, vanity set up here, and even these air dryers.

- [Mikey] I love these things. I want to put some of those in my home. - Who would design an old school home like this and put modern amenities like that and make it work? It's definitely a clever touch.

Now, this back hallway takes us to this incredible billiards room, and this is without a doubt one of my favorite rooms in this estate. Look at the wood paneling here, bookshelves, intricate details on the floors, we've got a stunning chandelier right in the center. We have a wallpaper on this side, and this incredible billiards table. This room is stunning. This room takes me back in time, and it's just such an amazing property.

And these double doors open up to that formal living room area that we toured earlier, and, continuing our tour, we're actually at the landing of the second floor. Of course, this property has an elevator as well, and another chandelier. And continuing on this side, oh, by the way, the staircase goes down to the lower level, as well as the third floor. We're gonna check out each one of those levels. And, continuing through here, we have two bedrooms. First one starts here.

Same hardwood floors, king-sized bed set up. This room is actually facing the back of the property, definitely spacious. And around the corner, we have a full bathroom with a vanity set up and a walk-in shower.

Now, let's get out and go back to the hallway that we were here earlier. And this is the last bedroom on this level. This one has the rose theme. And without a doubt, this is the most grand bedroom we have on this level. I love the king sized bed set up here with a custom headboard, and you can see those rose patterns on the curtains here as well. Those two doors open up to the formal living room area.

So to give everybody a little bit of perspective, these bedrooms are connected to each other, but at the same time you can lock these doors and keep the bedrooms private, and just come in from the hallways. We have a chandelier above, and, Mikey, two bathrooms. Let's start with that one.

- [Mikey] - Yeah, on the way there, I gotta say this bedroom even kind of smells like roses. I think they did that on purpose. - I'm glad you mentioned that. Each one of the rooms actually has a custom fragrance. - [Mikey] Really? - On purpose. - [Mikey] - Well, that makes sense.

- How amazing is that? - [Mikey] Yeah, that's pretty cool. - And everything smells incredible here, but once they told us that, every room I walk in, I'm like, "Oh, wow. It smells totally different." And it's just amazing. Talking about attention to detail, I mean, this is it, right? - [Mikey] Exactly. - We have a double vanity set up here, gorgeous marble walk-in shower with a stunning chrome fixture, and going back out, another detail I forgot to mention, look at that marble gas fireplace. Looks stunning.

And, continuing our tour, you may think we're done, we're not. We have two bathrooms, water closet there, some closet space, and going through here, we have a clawfoot tub here with a stone-backed wall, stunning chrome fixtures that are polished perfectly. I have the vanity set up behind me. This is amazing. Alright, everyone, that's it for the second floor, now let's take the stairs and check out the third floor. (piano music plays) Alright, everyone, here we are at the third floor landing.

Now, before we continue our tour, I want to talk about the layout of this property. The top two floors mostly have bedrooms. And on this level, we actually have two cool rooms that we're gonna see in a bit. But the first floor of this property has a lot of formal and common areas, including an English bar that I'm really excited to show all of you. That English bar stunning, opens up to the backyard. And again, we're gonna tour that level after the third floor.

Now, over here on my left-hand side, we have the elevator access, and continuing our tour, we have this hallway. Mikey, let's talk about the lighting here. So, lighting is automatic throughout, and when you're not utilizing it, it actually turns off, and when you walk into this space, it turns on automatically. I wanted to point that out. And this is where we have the first bedroom on this level facing the back of the property.

King-sized bed set up, we have cove lighting throughout the ceiling, hardwood floors, another cozy room. And going through here, we have the bathroom and the closet space for this room. I'm gonna start here. We have a massive marble walk-in shower, again, with chrome fixtures.

Your vanity set up here with beautiful chrome legs. And around the corner, we have a vanity set up with a water closet. Now, let's get back out to the hallway that we were in earlier and continue our tour. We've got a couple more bedrooms to see on this level. And, going back to that hallway, right across on the other side, we have the second bedroom. This one has a seating area facing this gorgeous marble fireplace.

More of the darker tones in this room. We have the king-sized bed here, and door in front of me opens up to a full bathroom with a clawfoot tub, more of the darker tones. And, I know we haven't really showed the closet spaces in this estate yet. And although they have this kind of rustic and traditional look with these hinges, once you open them up, they're all modern with the LED lighting, kind of like the closets that we see in Beverly Hills.

Now, Mikey, lets take everybody here. We have these double doors open up to another room. This is the most spacious bedroom we have on this level. It's very grand.

I love the hardwood floors , that gives a ton of character and warmth to the space. We have the king-sized bed here, and right next to that we have another seating area facing the marble fireplace. The views from this bedroom is incredible, and we're gonna check that out in a bit. But first, I want to go through this door to check out the bathroom. We have a double vanity set up here with natural stone countertops.

I love the curvature in the front. And on my right-hand side, we have a built in tub set up here, chrome fixtures, and on the other side we have the walk-in shower. Now, Mikey, can we take everybody here to these French windows, that are already open, to check out the incredible views? I know it's really bright outside.

I hope everybody can see it. That's your grand motor court off of the entry. Look at the views here. Incredibly private, and I'm not surprised why people are renting this place for a week or two, because it's such an amazing estate, and once you rent this spot, you're fully private, right? There are no neighbors looking at you. You have an amazing management system and a boutique hotel pretty much in place, to serve you with whatever you need. It's an experience, without a doubt.

Now, Mikey, let's continue our tour. We have a walk-in closet here. Let me step inside.

Of course you have your safe, small fridge, even an espresso maker. I just realized that. And on the other side, we have the water closet. Now, I'm gonna open this door and take everybody to this long hallway that takes us to the right wing of this floor.

And even here, finishes are incredible. We have this dark paint on the walls, wall sconces, wainscoting, and at the end of this hallway, we have two bedrooms that are connected to each other, facing the front of this estate, that are very spacious and have their own bathroom. Now, coming back here, we have this door opening up to the screening room. I love the darker tones that they used here, again, with the velvet carpet, black chairs, padded walls, and we have actually a window behind me, currently covered with this curtain. And, Mikey, we got to point up to the ceiling here. Look at that old beam.

I mean, when I say this house was built in the early 1800s, look at the beam they used. That's your roof truss. - [Mikey] That's an original beam.

- Correct. - [Mikey] Really? - That's not for the looks. That is the beam.

How amazing is that? - [Mikey] Yeah, I really like that, and I like how kind of each room feels like it has its own identity, you know? - Wait till you see the beam at the gym. it's even crazier. We're gonna see that in a bit. - [Mikey] Okay. - We have the projector here, screen on this side. Mikey, I need you to come close here.

This looks like an exquisite piece of furniture, right? - [Mikey] Yeah. Oh, that's cool, it's a little bar. - I want one of these. I have to buy one for our place. - The best thing about it, you can just travel with it, you know? It's a trunk in the end.

- Trunk at the end, right? And you could just close it up. No one will know you have some drinks in there. - [Mikey] Yeah. - All right, let's take everybody back to the hallway and check out the room next door, which is the gym. We have techno-gym equipment throughout, and look at that beam above us, Mikey.

Isn't that incredible? I mean, like you said, like we've been seeing a lot of these like imitations and kind of French architecture in the U.S. but this is the real deal. - I bet it's not the same in the U S. - That's right.

So authentic, and I don't want anybody to think that it's just a little room, because you go through this door, and you have your steam shower. Vanity set up, all complimenting your gym. And that's pretty much it for the third floor. Now let's go downstairs and check out the first floor. (guitar music plays) All right, everyone, here we are at the first floor.

We have the doors from the front of the property, opening up to this nice seating area here, again, ceiling details, beautiful chandelier, ceiling medallions, it's a nice cozy space that welcomes you into the property. And I want to take everybody to the other side. And of course we have ton of built-ins here.

And this door right here opens up to another seating area. This room is super cool. I love this stone groin ceiling detail that they have here, looks very architectural and kind of timeless.

You have your chandelier right at the center, ton of these built-ins on each side and massive fireplace with this chimney design and a stone mantle. It just feels like I'm back in time in this room. It's front-facing and going through here, we have this door opening up to the first formal dining room area. This is another elegant moment in this house.

And the first floor of this property is a little bit more traditional than the two floors above. We have the dining room table here, and I love the plates and glasses, and all the other details and accessories they have here. And I was told that each day they actually put out totally different plates and the color palettes. So each day they kind of spice up the scene for you. We have a chandelier above us.

This barreled ceiling detail also adds a lot of character to this space and those French doors open up to the back of the property where you can see the vineyards. Now, the room next door is actually your second and even more grand, formal dining room area. You have natural stone floors throughout, dining table for six, gorgeous chandelier above with a ceiling medallion. And of course you have another set of French doors, opening up to the back patio. Now, let's take everybody here, we have an hallway that takes us to the landing of the first floor, where we have the staircase coming down. This is our elevator access.

And if you follow this hallway here, we have a stone staircase that leads you to the lower level, where we have an incredible wine cellar. So I wanted to mention that. Now, I want to go back to the seating area off of the entry and go through this door here, because we have another incredible, kind of exquisite seating area over here, complemented with a bar set up that we're going to see in a bit. Talking about the velvet color palette here, and all these seating areas.

Super cool. Mikey, lets point up to the ceiling. Beam ceiling details, ceiling medallion, gorgeous chandelier, fireplace.

And I want to take everybody here. The door behind me opens up to the bathroom for this area. And since they've designed this home in a commercial way, or with a commercial purpose in mind, they have three water closets here. First one on this side with a marble sink, and we have two more water closets here, and the main vanity. Now I want to take everybody back to the seating area. Let's go right next door.

We have this big opening here, takes us to the bar. This is your English bar. And Mikey, what do you think? - [Mikey] I really like it. I love the way they back-lit those bottles behind the bar. It looks really cool.

- Right in the center they have the olive oil they produce in this country estate. - [Mikey] Well, as soon as we finish this, I'm going to go to the gift shop next door and buy some of that. - I know right, I want to check it out too.

And this space, I mean, if I take a photo here and send it to someone, I can easily say I'm in London, and they would buy it. They'd be like, "Yeah, makes sense". It's just darker wood tones, these brass details. these chandeliers above. It's just such a grand space, and right behind that, you have your ice maker, dishwasher, sink, everything you need.

Now, Mikey, let's take everybody outdoors. This door opens up to a side patio here. I love this covered space that we have.

Down below you have your outdoor seating area. And getting out of this patio space, I want to go this way and talk about the grounds here. We mentioned it earlier, we have 200 hectares of olive trees and 50 hectares of vineyards. And, Mikey, look at my backdrop. - [Mikey] Pretty nice.

- This is the part of the property. - [Mikey] Yeah. This is for some reason what I associate with these kinds of French estates as well. Yeah. - It's, it's amazing. It's so peaceful and quiet up here. This is kind of like the backside patio off of those common areas that we saw earlier.

And going this way, we have the pool area on my left-hand side, but first I want to talk about the tennis court. They have completed the space few months ago, but this property also comes with this awesome grass tennis court. And the estate is actually right behind me, there. You're surrounded with beautiful olive trees, landscaping. This is amazing. And right next door we have something even cooler than this, which is the gardens.

An estate this size comes with a lot of land. And what better way to utilize this land than growing your own vegetables and fruits? I mean, we have tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, fruits, kind of everything you need here. And, Mikey, I need you to turn around the other side. If you go this way, how cool is this walkway here, where you have more of the vineyards? This is amazing.

Again, when you have this much land, you can do a lot with it. And that's pretty much it for the gardens. Now let's go check out the pool area. This is another incredible outdoor space, that's part of this amazing estate, pool area, I love the grass sections on each side, you have your 22 meter pool with simple plaster and this whole space feels very inviting, tranquil, relaxing. So this is where you just sit down, relax and enjoy the good life here. (upbeat guitar music plays) (music continues) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour.

I hope you all enjoyed this video. This is an amazing property. I'm so glad we got a chance to see it and share it with all of you.

And for that, I want to thank the ownership and the listing agent, Axel Arnal, with John Taylor, for giving us the honor to tour this amazing property and share it with all of you. As always, you can find more information about the property and the property link, down in the description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, just make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel, and we'll see you guys next week.

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