Inside a $15,000,000 Colorado Mountain Estate with Private Ski Access

Inside a $15,000,000 Colorado Mountain Estate with Private Ski Access

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(high intensity music) - What's up, everybody? It's Enes here. Welcome to another episode. Well, this week we're in Breckenridge, Colorado about to tour this incredible mountain estate right behind me. This place is incredible.

The scenery here is stunning. I'm really excited. This is kind of almost something different for us. So I know Mikey is really excited, and let's get into the facts of this home.

We got seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, approximately 11,000 square feet of interior space built on two lots, totalling to 1.33 acres. And this property is currently on the market for $15 million. As always, we will leave more information about the property down in the description.

And before we start our tour, I wanna thank the listing agent, Bo Palazola, for inviting us out here, allowing us to tour this amazing listing and share it with all of you. Now, let's begin our tour. (upbeat music) This house is located in the Rocky Mountains, and from the street level, we have the driveway taking us at a three car garage that's on the side of the property and the same driveway continues on this side where we have the walkway and we have the house right in front of us. It's a beautiful mountain estate.

I love the stacked stone design we have throughout the property, complimented with the horizontal siding. I love all these wood beam details with the roof lines and the cantilevers. It just has that mountain estate warm to it. And right above, we have a steel roof design with these snow guards, which is something we're not used to seeing.

These are apparently meant to hold snow during snow storms. I learned that today, so I wanted to mention it. And as we take the walkway, we have natural stone floors. The section is nicely covered. We have a bit of an outdoor seating area and the front door right in front of us. Let's go inside.

All right, everyone. Here we are at the entry. We've got a beautiful solid wood front door that looks stunning, and as soon as you walk in, we have natural stone floors, stacked stones design that we saw on the exterior.

They also brought to the interiors, tunnel warmth, beam ceiling details, and on our left-hand side, we have the formal living room area. This section of the home is super cozy. I love all these beam ceiling details that they have with the curvature, so much character. We have a mounted animal right on top giving you that mountain vibes, I guess. - [Mikey] Yeah, how do you feel about taxidermy, in general, in homes? - I don't know. I don't know how to, I love animals.

That's all I can say. - [Mikey] I love animals too, but I feel like only in mountain homes does taxidermy really compliment the space? We've seen it- - It does. - [Mikey] In one or two modern homes, and we're like, that looks weird. - No, that doesn't work. - [Mikey] Yeah, (laughs) - But in here, you're right, it does work.

And it kind of adds up to the coziness of the space. Let's go this way. We have these cutting on the walls, these massive picture windows with trends and windows above looking towards amazing views. The scenery around here is amazing.

It's stunning. In fact, let's go outside for a second. We have a wraparound deck on this level and outdoor seating area, your barbecue set up, more outdoor seating. This section is more covered and we can see these haunches of beams both on the outside and on the inside. And I mean, look at these views.

- [Mikey] Really nice. I love how these beams back to these. I love how they have these kind of chisel marks and imperfections, so. - Giving you that character. - [Mikey] That's right. It's really cool. - And can you focus on the views for a second? These mountaintops, the trees, the scenery here, it's incredibly quiet, and- - [Mikey] Have you ever been here in the wintertime? - No, I have not.

- [Mikey] So this is like all around us, we have world-class skiing Breckenridge. It's second or third most popular resort in Colorado, probably behind like Vail and maybe Aspen or something like that. I haven't been to Breckenridge in a long time, but I feel like every time we come to a house, that is a snow house, it's always in the summer time. We're always like, "We're gonna come back and check it out in the winter time." - We will. - [Mikey] But we never do.

- We will, Mikey. At some point, we will. But the scenery is amazing. There are literally private ski trails and hiking trails all around. This is amazing. I get the point with the winter time, but to me, even doing summer, this place is amazing.

Now we're back at the exterior door that we just came out of. This is where we have the former living room, but I wanna continue following this deck because we have another exterior door opening up straight to the kitchen. This kitchen is super cozy. I love the color palette here with the button cabinetry complimented with these natural stone granite countertops. We have the massive island right in the center with black countertops that has been chiseled with the leathered finish.

We have the first sink here, and right behind me, we have the base cabinets, built-in gas stove. Everything is electric hitting me as we speak. I don't know why because of the elevation. - [Mikey] Enes, I've been trying to figure it out. There's like a rainstorm coming in, we keep getting electrocuted every time we touch the metal. - Yeah, (laughs) - [Mikey] And we're like, "Is this because of this lightening storm on its way?" - You know what? This happened also in Park City, Utah.

- [Mikey] Really? - Anything that we were touching, remember? - [Mikey] So there has to be a correlation between maybe altitude- - Maybe. - [Mikey] And static electricity. I'll put it in the comments if you- - It has nothing to do with the house. - [Mikey] It has nothing to do with the house, but we're genuinely curious. - Yeah, let us know in the comment section. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- Now we have the built-ins here, gas stove. I wanted to come here because, look at this griddle. This is me and Mikey's dream. - [Mikey] That's right. - Having a griddle like this.

I love the granite countertops, also use it as a backsplash pot filler. Everything is nicely clad with the same cabinetry, going around, more of these wall built-ins. Your fridge set up nicely paneled in. And let's see, smaller sink, main sink, facing towards a former living room area. It's all open with a nice floor. And we saw this at Park City.

These raised dishwashers, such a great idea. - [Mikey] Why do they have to only do this in mountain towns? - Yeah, I know, it's something about the mountains towns. - [Mikey] It's the altitude. They're like, "We don't want to make people bend over too much." - Right? - [Mikey] Yeah.

- Right around the corner, we have actually the second sink nicely clad, and a pantry space that kind of wraps behind this kitchen. And that's pretty much it for the kitchen side. Overall, it looks great.

Now, off of the main entry, I guess, between the formal living room and the kitchen, we have this awesome dining area facing the front of the home. Beautiful table set up. What I love about the space is the two-story ceilings.

All this wood work with the chiseled details, so much character, vaulted ceilings above. Chandelier right in the center and these grid windows, again, all a ton of natural light to come in. This is such a cozy set up.

- [Mikey] It's really nice. I would love to be here on a nice snowy day- - Thanksgiving diner. - [Mikey] Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, something, snowy day, blizzard day, whatever.

- Sounds nice. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Now right here, we have a temperature controlled, humidity controlled, and light controlled wine cellar complimenting the dining area. - [Mikey] What do you mean light controlled? - They probably have a curtain that controls the lights that goes in.

- [Mikey] Ah, it goes in the light. - Yeah, listing agent, both told me that it was humidity controlled, temperature controlled, and light controlled. I was like, "That's amazing."

- [Mikey] I'd like to learn more about wine in general. I've always wondered why does it have to be humid in there? I guess it's like the cork doesn't decay or something, I don't know. - You're talking to the wrong person. (both laughing) I'm not an expert either.

Of the last detail, I love the edge class detail with this steel finish, so much character. - [Mikey] Yeah. - All right, let's continue.

This is the second opening for the pantry that wraps behind the kitchen, and this hallway takes us to the primary bedroom. We have the primary bedroom located on the main floor. These double doors open up, and I guess, let's start with the bathroom first.

These double doors open up straight to your primary bathroom. Natural stone floors. Love the views on this side with the grids windows. Right in the center, we have this jacuzzi, but all the gadgets and features that you can think of with the jets. I'd love to just soak in here after a good day of skiing. - [Mikey] I love the wood design, wood detail they have on it too.

It looks like a hot tub, in like one of those German hot tubs, you know? - Yeah, good point. I love all this rustic touch, but they designed it in a way that it's pretty timeless, so I love that. Vanity design on this side, secondary vanity right here, walk-in shower on this side. And just in case, everybody wants to know, we have the water closet right here.

Now, around the corner, we have two spacious walk-in closet right here. Pretty much picked up with the same cabinetry that we've been seeing throughout. Complimented with a utility room, where we have washer and dryer. And this hallway takes us to the primary bedroom.

This primary bedroom is super cozy. Ton of character with these exposed wood beams, plastered walls, king size bed situated on this side facing the amazing views. Ton of windows bringing natural light. And this is a really unique touch, we have a couch set up here, also serves as your storage for your pop-up TV. So while you're laying down, you can either watch TV, or look at this amazing framed view. In fact, Mikey, let's step outside for a second.

Check out this deck space off of this floor or off of the primary bedroom. It's an amazing outdoor space. Look at your views, trees. You have ski trails all around you, but here's a fun fact about the views that we're looking at right now. So right on top of that mountain, I don't know if people can see, but there's a small shed roof. Apparently, that's the Imperial Ski Lift, which is the highest ski lift in the North America.

Isn't that amazing? - [Mikey] Yeah, it's kind of hard to see from here. I don't have a much of a zoom lens, but that is really cool. - That kind of gives you a scale of how high we're up and you can actually see that view from your primary bedroom. That's amazing. - [Mikey] Yeah, that's awesome. - All right, let's go back in.

There are couple of more details I would like to cover in this primary bedroom. Right next to the bed set up, we have a double-sided gas fireplace with this steel forged doors. Looks amazing, and I say double-sided because right behind the gas fireplace, we have a nice seating area complimenting the primary bedroom.

This could also work as an office. Super cozy, I love the built-ins. - [Mikey] Yeah, I really like the wood designs and the kind of hand chiseled look on every room.

- Timeless, very timeless. Now, let's go back to the main floor again, and we have a nice powder room right here with a stacked stone backsplash. I love that stone sink design here, and this door opens up to the mudroom.

In case you don't know what mudroom is, this is where you come in and your snow boots, your jacket, everything, and walk into your property. - [Mikey] Yeah, skiing is kind of a dirty business if you're not that good at it. So you might come in with some muddy snow or something on your shoes. - Dirt shoes. - [Mikey] Yeah, you don't wanna track that inside. - In fact, that's why we have stone floors here. And this door right here opens up to the three car garage that leads us to the side of the property.

Now, there are two more things I would like to point out on this level. Let's go back in. This is where we have the dining area.

This is your elevator access. This elevator is not a cable elevator, it's actually a hydraulic, so it's super quiet going up and down. And lastly, we have this awesome staircase design. I love this design because it's kind of rustic and modern at the same time. I say modern because it's open riser.

And I say rustic because they have this tree trunk right in the center of the staircase, going down from the lower level, all the way to the second floor. This is a single tree that has been hand chiseled, and I'm assuming crane here that served as a core of the staircase. And it's also bolted to the wall surrounding this staircase. Isn't this awesome? - [Mikey] Yeah, that's really cool, that has to be an expensive thing to buy just like a perfectly straight tree trunk, right? - Without a doubt, but it fits the house so well.

And that's it for the main floor. Now, let's go upstairs and check out the second floor. (lighthearted music) All right, everyone. Here we are at the second floor. One unique feature about this home I would like to mention, the hardwood floors you guys are seeing throughout is actually salvaged from Hurricane Katrina.

It's reclaimed pecan wood, that looks stunning. And I thought that was such a unique fact about this home, so I wanted to mention that. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really cool. - Elevator access for the second floor right here. And let's go through this door. So this is really interesting, and in my opinion, this is the coolest room in this house.

Breckenridge is a ski town. A lot of people come here for vacation or they bring their family. they might other families. So they have these unique bunk bed, bunk rooms, so to speak. But this one takes it to a next level. - [Mikey] You see a lot of these rooms in these kinds of ski chalet, ski homes that are be like bunk rooms, because somewhere to put the kids, you have three couples here with two, three kids each.

- You stack them on top. - [Mikey] Yeah, yeah. - You make the best out of the room. But this one, I love that it's kind of like, you don't really have bunk set up, you have bed sections. I love the reclaim wood design they have on the bunks. Each one of them gets their own lighting.

Beds, it looks so cool and inviting. And we have a kind of a play area for the kids. How cool is that? If I was a kid, and I was staying in this room, I would totally lose it. Mikey wants me to go up there. - [Mikey] Yeah, yeah, go show the people. - I'm not sliding down there, Mikey.

- [Mikey] You're sliding down there. - No, I am not, I'm gonna get stuck in there. - [Mikey] You can do it. - No. - [Mikey] Show them, show the people. - But this is nice.

They have a nice loft space. I'm not going in there. - [Mikey] Okay. - That's too tight.

But seating area, we have more beds on the other side. These ones are a little bit more spacious, bigger beds. How cool is this? - [Mikey] Yeah, we could bring our whole crew here and stay here without a problem. We will still have space. - We will be kids, no problem. We will be happy.

- [Mikey] We'd be sliding down that thing all the time. - This is amazing. And let's see, right around the corner, we have the bathrooms for this room. I say bathrooms because we have double of everything. We have the first vanity set up right here, with the same darker tone cabinetry.

I love these Brockway cast iron sinks. These are so timeless. - [Mikey] We've seen this before somewhere, haven't we? - Yes, Lake Tahoe.

- [Mikey] Oh, yeah. - We did. - [Mikey] 44 million Lake Tahoe, right? - There you go. I love these.

I love that there's two fixtures. They even have the soap holder here. That's cool. Right around the corner, we have the second vanity, pretty much the same finishes. And this leads us to two water closets with two walk-in showers. - [Mikey] Let's talk about that little carved, what is that? Carved chest behind you? Pretty- - It's unique, it's a nice cabinetry.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - I don't know if I have more to say about that, but it looks great. - [Mikey] It looks cool. - Fits the space really well. All right, let's go back out and continue our tour. We're back at the landing now.

This is that walkway that looks down on your dining area. That's how you get that two-story feeling effect, not effect, it's actually two-story ceilings, and you look down on your dining area, chandelier right in the center. Again, these exposed columns with these chiseled detailed, ton of character, and this door opens up to another bedroom.

I say bedroom, but this was initially designed to be an office. And as you guys can see, we have ton of built-ins wood paneling all around, it's that wood paneled rustic office feel. - [Mikey] Really warm. - Really warm.

Through this window, you get amazing views and you have a nice seating area over here with a gas fireplace. TV on the other side. This is an awesome office in my opinion, and right around the corner, you have a half bathroom toilet set up right here, same hardwood floors. And we have the vanity set up right here with natural stone countertops. And that's it for the second floor.

Now, let's go back to the stairs and check out the lower level. (lighthearted music) All right, everyone, let's go check out the lower-level off of the landing. We have this awesome bar set up. Same counter tops that we saw in the kitchen is also here giving that nice light contrast, dual elevation bar, seating all around with pendant lights, and right behind me, you have your microwave, more of your open shelving, and this one even gets a dishwasher. Now, this floor has a really unique room, I guess. By the way, this is the elevator before I forget, that we're gonna see later in the tour, that's gonna surprise all of you.

I thought it was super unique, so I wanted to mention that. Pool table off of the landing, the section is all open. I love the beam ceiling details that give that character and warmth. Seating area on this side. Again, facing towards this beautiful gas fireplace designed with a stacked stone. I love the mantel.

TV's right here. And right around the corner, we actually have a game table or additional dining area. Now, this door opens up to the first bedroom on this level. This one doesn't have a bathroom and continuing to hallway, we have two more bedrooms. First one is on the left-hand side, nice size room with a king size bed that also has its own bathroom with a built-in tub set up and right around the corner, we have the second bedroom, again, super spacious with a bit of a seating area.

And right here, we have the full bathroom with a walk-in shower. Now, let's go back to the living room area and I wanna go this way. We have these French doors opening up to the patio space, which we will see in a bit. But I wanna go this way because we have this opening and small hallway here, laundry room on our right-hand side. And this floor opens up to the junior primary bedroom. This bedroom is just as spacious as the primary bedroom that we saw above.

King sized bed on this side, same elements that we saw throughout the property is also here with the beam ceilings, exposed columns, ton of character, desks set up over here facing the amazing views. And this is why we have the wall-mounted TV. Now, lastly, this door opens up to the bathroom, same natural stone floors, double vanity set up, water closet. This one gets both tub and a walk-in shower that's clad with beautiful traverteen. Now, let's get out of this bedroom and continue our tour.

By the way, this is where we have the walk-in closet, and let's go check out that unique room I've been mentioning. Well, first off, I guess there are two rooms we're gonna cover. Number one, now that I see it's actually three, nevermind. Powder room for this level. I say powder room, but this one actually has a walk-in shower.

It's pretty much a full bathroom and right around the corner, this door opens up to the movie theater. Super cozy, I love the seating arrangement, elevated back seating with recliner chairs. This level is all about entertainment. - [Mikey] That's for sure. - Now, this is really cool.

Mikey, are you ready? Have you seen this? - [Mikey] That door behind you? - This door is locked because it's a storage closet, but how about this? It got a nice secret door here. - [Mikey] I love a secret door. Oh, wow. - Opening it up to an entertainment space. I think this is probably the second coolest room.

I said first one's for the bunk beds, for the bedroom with the bunk beds. - [Mikey] I need to get B-roll in here, I didn't even know this was a bunk. - This first is amazing, right? The reclaimed wood on the walls, game table, more storage closets. This one is, I forget the name of this game. - [Mikey] It's a shuffleboard. - Shuffleboard. - [Mikey] Throw your puck,

let's see what you got. - All right, shuffleboard. - [Mikey] So you wanna try to land it as close to the edge as possible.

- Yeah, I got a little carried away, and there you go. - [Mikey] There you go, there you go. - Try it, Mikey. - [Mikey] I'm a natural. - Mikey got that gentle hand.

- [Mikey] That's right. - All right, we have these game stations here, "Star Wars" and "Jurassic Park" theme. - [Mikey] Plus pinball machines. - Pinball machines. - [Mikey] Yeah, yeah.

- Excuse my intricate- - [Mikey] I will not let you call these game stations. - Yeah, fair enough. (Mikey laughs) And I don't know the name of this game either. - [Mikey] Skee-ball. - Is that what it's called? - [Mikey] Skee-ball, yeah.

- I thought they had more generic name. - [Mikey] Throw the ball, let's see what you got. We're just gonna play some games for a little while, people.

- There you go. That's it for the entertainment space. Now, let's go back to those French doors and check out the outdoor space. (lighthearted music) We have the French doors opening up to the covered patio space that leads you to our outdoors.

This is amazing. Same natural stone floors that we saw throughout is also here. By the way, we have floor heating, both on the exterior patios, as well as the home throughout, which is amazing.

So during winter, you can easily enjoy this place. Spa that compliment, the scenery and the ambiance, and we have a fire pit right here, and look at our surroundings. This is amazing.

I feel like we're so lucky to get a chance to tour these amazing home, experience them, and share with our audience. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really incredible. We don't get to tour our mountain homes enough, but as you all have learned, Breckenridge is a pretty popular ski destination, and this is our ski trail right here. So you can literally ski off, get straight into your hot tub if you want. - This is amazing. Without a doubt, this is one of the most special homes we've ever toured on this channel.

(lighthearted music) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. I hope you all enjoyed it. We certainly have a lot of fun touring this amazing home, spending the day here in Breckenridge, Colorado. And for that, I really wanna think the listing agent, Bo Palazola, for inviting us out here, allowing us to tour his amazing listing.

Also, if you're in the market, looking for properties here in Breckenridge or surrounding areas, give Bo a call. He's the man around here, and he'll be happy to help you guys out. With that, if you enjoyed this video, just make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel, and we'll see you guys next week. (lighthearted music)

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