Inside a $19,000,000 Los Angeles Modern Mansion with Amazing Ocean Views

Inside a $19,000,000 Los Angeles Modern Mansion with Amazing Ocean Views

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- What's up everybody. It's Enes here and welcome to another episode. - [Mikey] Hold on everybody, this is Mikey. And before we start this week's tour, there's somebody I have to tell you about. (tape rewind sound) - Hi, my name's Alexander.

And welcome to my crib! - [Mikey] This is Alexander. He's a mega fan of the channel and wants to be a real estate agent when he grows up. Enes and I met his dad on a flight a few weeks back. - Alexander, we heard that you were doing great things. I'm really proud of you. We have your dad over here. And he told us that you're inspired by our videos.

- [Mikey] Sending him that video just wasn't enough for us. So me, Enes and his dad decided to surprise him by letting him come to our shoot, meet Enes and the team, and tour the place himself. So Alexander, my name is Mikey. I film houses. Nice to meet you. We'll get back to Alexander and his story later in the video but first, let's get back to our tour of this house. It's really something else, huh? - What's up bud.

(ambient music) What's that everybody it's Enes here and welcome to another episode. This week, we're in Pacific Palisades, about the tour this stunning modern home facing these amazing ocean views. This home was designed and developed by our dear friend Ramtin Ray Nosrati with Huntington Estate Properties. And Ray was also the developer behind the Brentwood Oasis, which is one of our most popular episodes. We're going to see same design elements, also in this home as well.

Here are the specs of the property. And lastly, I want to give big thanks to Ray for getting us in here allowing us to tour his amazing development. And now lets begin our tour. (ambient music) This home has a stone clad facade complemented with ipe decking throughout. We have the two car garage here and following this walkway, it takes us to a lower section where we have the entry of the home. I love this living wall design that they have,

which gives it a nice warmth. And we have this massive entry here and now let's go inside. All right everyone, here we are at the entry.

We have two story ceilings here with the windows bringing a ton of natural light. A lot of these grid details. And as soon as you walk in, the first thing you see are the incredible views of the Pacific ocean. I mean the backdrop of this property is phenomenal, and we're going to see that more later in the video.

First, I want to cover this section, which is where we have the formal living room area. Beautiful hardwood floors, complemented with this beautiful furniture set up right behind me. We have all these built-ins with LED lighting, again giving a ton of warmth to the space. Right underneath it we have a linear fireplace, not a gas fireplace because this one is actually ethanol.

I feel like Ray always uses ethanol in his projects, It's a little bit more environmentally friendly. - [Mikey] What other advantages does it have? - Well, it's easier to fill. You don't have to run a line, gas line throughout, right? It's just, all you have to do is open them up, pour some ethanol and that's it. You're good to go. Looks great with the marble. Mikey right above us. Let's point that out for a second. We have the ceilings clad with this beautiful woodwork throughout. Hardwood floors.

Even some of the interior columns in this house, like this one and this one, they're all wrapped with wood, giving a lot of warm to the space. Now I want to focus on this one. Before we continue our tour on the back, we have a nine-foot Fazioli grand piano here. And I was told this thing is worth $200,000. Mikey, we got to get a close up.

Look at the intricate woodwork and all the details in this piano. This looks stunning. Look at all the hardware and precision. - [Mikey] Yeah, It's really nice. - I'm not much of a piano expert myself, but just looking at it.

Even like the wood that they wrapped on the inside, it makes me really appreciate it. - [Mikey] You should really learn how to play. We got all the free time in the world, right? - You know what's funny because I love piano. But one day I will make the time.

And I know I say one day, all the time. Mikey is going to be like, "You always say one time." Or one day. - [Mikey] You make me sound like a nagging wife. - No no no no. It is what it is. All right. This hallway takes us to a powder room.

I'm going to step inside because we've got a beautiful marble vanity set up here and check this out. We're going to see another bathroom kind of like this one downstairs, but inside of this fabricated vanity, they put rocks that matches the color of the faucets. Nice little touch. Ceiling-mount light fixtures on both side.

And pretty much throughout the property we have these fancy toilets. Mikey, I got a funny story for you. A fan emailed us saying, Hey, I figured out the name for these toilets. It's called retracting lid. We got an email like that.

So, whoever that fan is, thank you so much for that email. Thanks to you now I'm educated as well. - [Mikey] Trump. - Yeah. That's that. This floor opens up to the office on this level.

Pretty straightforward. We have the desks set up right in the center. Beautiful built-ins on the other side again with LED lighting. And this office has a private bathroom over here.

Then in is set up beautiful stone throughout and the same stone actually continues all the way into the walk-in shower, which means this office can be utilized as a bedroom. Now Mikey, we got to show this as well. Let me open this door. Office actually opens up the covered patio.

In fact, actually let's cover this here Mikey. It's got to be better. Nice cozy set up. Super private. We actually have the top little bit open with this kind of a trellis design they have. Beautiful woodwork throughout. Amazing views. It's a nice covered patio space for the office or the family room.

Now, let's go back inside, continue our tour. And on our left-hand side, we have the family room, dining area, kitchen, all within this side of the property. So open ton of natural light coming in, but more importantly, automatic sliding glass doors opening up this entire room to the incredible views. How cool are these views? - [Mikey] Pretty awesome. We don't get many close ups from views. - This is a different angle.

- [Mikey] Yeah. We don't get many close ups from views, but I've always been a big fan of the Palisades in general. - I know it's super quiet up here. We're like five minutes away from sunset. And we see from Malibu all the way to Palos Verdes, believe it or not, especially from the rooftop deck that we're going to see in a bit.

And let's talk about this family room for a second. Beautiful furniture set up here, all focused towards this side, where we have the fireplace and this beautiful marble cladding. TV is nicely recessed in. Then another one of these ethanol fireplaces.

And focusing on this other side before we go outside, I want to talk about the dining room area. Beautiful table setup. I mean this solid wood table looks stunning, Sits 12 people, chandelier is above. And again to kind of define this space, we have beam ceiling details right on top of the dining room area. Now I'm going to float straight into the kitchen.

Let me give this scale to everybody. Super spacious, all open. We got the gorgeous bar seating here, and I really appreciate how they clad the inside or the outside surface of this bar with a different type of wood. It just creates a nice contrast. And again, kind of warms up the space.

Dual elevation, super inviting and focusing on this side, we have a massive window assembly here with a door opening up to that wraparound balcony. And Mikey let's focus on this side. Look how generous the countertop space is on this island.

Have you recognized that? Normally should end about here? - [Mikey] Yeah. I noticed that. What is that? Probably four feet. - Give or take. I'm trying to remember how the base cabinets are. It's a fixed number.

Well, it depends what kind of depth you want, but regardless, a lot of countertop space. And focusing behind me, we have the built-ins warming drawer, espresso maker, paneled-in fridge and freezer. And I got to say this, Ray, the developer of this property, actually already sold this home. And we were fortunate because the current owner actually ended up letting us tour this phenomenal property, which is awesome. But this property has already sold.

Big congrats to the owners. Big congrats to Ray. It turned out phenomenal. And I'm really glad that we're getting a chance to share it with all of you. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Continuing our tour.

We have the Mieli induction gas cooktop pot filler. This section is a little bit more open. Another detail I like because I don't like cooking here where all I get is a 36 inch opening or 42 inch opening.

It's nice that it's all open. You can have some of your food here. Some of the food here. I don't know. People don't think about these things till they have it. And it's just a nice practical approach.

Vent above, two dishwashers. Let's see. First one here. Second one on this side. Your sink set up. Even from your kitchen, you enjoy the amazing views.

Now let's continue. We have more built-ins here. Kind of like a service countertop for your dining area Around the corner we have the garage. Actually let's quickly show this Mikey. I don't want to just surprise everybody. We have this staircase here going down lower level, second floor with a beautiful chandelier steel frame, all open riser. And over here we have the pantry space.

Let's take a quick look at that. A lot of cabinetry, you even have a walk-in fridge here. I mean what else do you need? - [Mikey] Why don't you go in there? Show people the walk-in fridge. - These are getting really popular. - [Mikey] And they are. Maybe, you have a hand in that. You know? - It's nice. - Yeah.

- I mean, it's basically you see a loft in section of your house. You clad with stainless steel, you put a nice seal door and a refrigeration. And there you go. You have a walk-in fridge. Now let's come back to this section of the property. Again, all open, super inviting. And let's take everybody to the patio space because this balcony is phenomenal. By the way,

these fleet woods are automatic and you seamlessly transition to the outdoors. Get a little bit closer of a look to these amazing views. This is really nice. It really is. - [Mikey] This is really nice.

It's starting to cool off in LA again, - It's that perfect day- - [Mikey] The air is starting to clear up a little bit. We don't have that summer haze and it's a beautiful day. - Absolutely. This is phenomenal.

All right, everyone, that's it for the main floor. Now let's take the stairs and go check out the lower level. (ambient music) All right, everyone. Here we are at the lower level.

This part of the home is phenomenal. Opens up to an amazing backyard that we're going to see in a bit. Again, we have the staircase right behind me, steel frame, open riser.

And we got to point out that beautiful chandelier right in the center, coming down from the main floor or the top floor all the way down to this lower level. Now, Mikey, let's go check this room out. It doesn't need much explanation. That was like, I pulled the door to the wrong side. It's the wine cellar.

You know your wine cellar is good when it has a seating area. This one definitely does because it's super spacious. - [Mikey] Well then it becomes a tasting room, right? - Tasting room. There you go. Look at you Mikey with that elegant language you just used there. - [Mikey] Yeah. This Texas boy lives in LA now. You know? - There you go. Like I'm getting used to this stuff.

We have a chandelier above. Open shelving right behind me. I like this wood pattern tile design that they have. Again, very spacious. Also good use of space because we were right underneath the staircase landing on the main floor. Now, let's go check out this room real quick. It's the gym.

We have these comfortable rubber floors throughout. Closet on this side, nice ceiling heights. I don't know a great size room. It even has an egress window, which is really nice.

And on top of that smart choice, they put a glass door here, which allows natural light to come into this room. Since it only has one window. - [Mikey] You, I don't want to see you undersold it, but the ceiling Heights are not just high. This is probably like 15 feet- - Yeah, I mean, it's super high. - [Mikey] Yeah. - My bad.

I feel like our audience is spoiled now. They're used to seeing so many good homes, but yeah, I mean, definitely. Look how comfortable we are walking in. Supposedly this is the lower level, you know. Let's go this way Mikey. We have small hallway here.

This door opens up the laundry room, very spacious, a lot of upper cabinets, as well as base cabinets, two washers, two dryers, sink set up, everything you need. And this door opens up to a bedroom suite on this level, gets tons of natural light facing the amazing views. We have the same grid window details here as well, as well as the French door.

Currently stays as like a music room. We got the piano here. And I don't know Mikey, what I would call this couch, a chair, but certainly looks very comfortable. - [Mikey] It's like a chair for a giant.

That thing is massive. - I Know that's definitely, it looks comfortable and we've been working a lot lately that looks comfortable. I don't know. I'm like kinda like, ah, I want to lay down there. Let's check out the bathroom for this bedroom.

I mean, you're going to appreciate all the stone work that we've been seeing throughout so far. Everything is bookmatched all the way into the walk-in shower, floating vanity design. Bathrooms are great. Now let's take everybody back to the hallway. I mentioned it on the upstairs powder room. We've got another one over here. Little bit of a lighter color palette, right? We have beautiful white stone here.

And Mikey let's get a, close-up. Look at the gravel they have inside of the sink again, matching the color of the faucet. Nice contrast. And if you're going to do a fabricated sink like this one, always add a lower shelf underneath it for your towels or just the beauty of it, because you can always LED light it and it looks great. Now let's come back to the landing of the lower floor and I'm going to go right across, which is where we have the bar set up for this level. Beautiful marble throughout, actually throughout, but especially on the island. That has been, it's not been bookmatched but it has a waterfall edge.

Again, me and Mike always love marble. So it's nice. It looks really cool. Actually, Mikey, can you get a close up on this side? It's interesting. The lifted open shelving design here. He didn't put drawers, but on this side they have this drawer design here with these textured details, right? And you have your fundamentals, pacemaker, all your good stuff.

- [Mikey] Refrigerator drawers over here? - Let's see, Mikey's right? No regular drawers. Like almost. - [Mikey] I Guess I'm not ready for YouTube tours. Yeah. - Open shelving with LED lighting. Let's see. I think there's a fridge. There you go. Great bar. Complimenting your seating area on this level.

If you're wondering what's behind me, that's just a closet. Again, I mean, look how open this floor is flows straight into your family room and kind of where you have your pool table. But first Mikey. Let's take everybody here because we've got a really cool room right behind this door. We have the movie theater here.

The first thing I want to point out about this room is how spacious it is. And the second thing I want to point out is that we actually came to this property. What Mikey? Five, six months ago. - [Mikey] Yeah. - In it's Construction phase?

- [Mikey] Maybe longer. I was going to say like I have all that footage still. I don't know. Maybe, maybe it gets edited into this.

I don't know. We'll see. - I hope it does. You know why? Because when I initially walked into this room, I thought it was a good size movie theater, but I didn't realize it was going to be this big and spacious. I mean look at how many layers of couch set up they have here, super spacious. I mean, for the size of the home, it is, it's a pretty big movie theater. You have your LED lighting, recessed into the floors, wall sconces, padded walls.

You know a lot of people thinks that a movie theater is a little extra for the homes. I'm going to tell you one thing, if you ever own a home this scale, I feel like you would appreciate a movie theater. You just close it if you don't have to watch a movie.

I feel like that's the bad connotation about movie theaters. You know, you can watch your YouTube videos here, TV. It's just comfortable. You close the door. And that's that.

- [Mikey] Yeah. Or if you're like me, you just kind of want to sit down and watch Ratatouille. What a movie right there. - What a movie right there. I've actually watched that. Wow. I feel proud of myself. There's actually,

that's a movie that I actually ended up watching. Prior to this. - [Mikey] Really? - Yes. - Well, it's a good one. - It is a good one. - Yeah. - All right. Focusing to the family room on this level

again beautiful wood clad ceilings, hardwood floors. You have your L-shaped couch facing this side where you have a six TV media wall. This is pretty impressive right? Underneath it we have these ethanol fireplaces all joined together. Beautiful built-ins on each side. I mean, it's a great room and Mikey let's focus on this side. We have a pool table here. Again, this level is all about entertainment. But more importantly, just like the top floor.

We have automatic sliding glass doors here. In fact, let me put it in action. - [Mikey] Do you unlock it? - It is unlocked. - Okay. - There you go. We have the automatic Fleetwood doors here.

Opening up to the amazing backyard. I say amazing because the moment you walk out, first thing you see, incredible ocean views. Pacific ocean is right in front of you. We have the infinity edge pool here with a beautiful mosaic tile throughout.

You have your spa here. Outdoor seating area. Covered patio. Mikey let's point that out for a second. We have the outdoor barbecue set up here, nicely covered underneath the main floor balcony. And then your pool has a film, but again, look how quiet it is here. Look at these views.

I mean, congratulations to the owner for living in this amazing home. - Yeah. And for being so successful also, I guess. - Absolutely. And that's pretty much it for the lower level.

Now let's go back inside, go to the second floor and check out all the bedrooms. (ambient music) All right everyone, here we are at the second floor landing. Again as soon as you walk in, we have the spacious area here on my left hand side, primary bedroom, but more importantly, walls of glass opening towards the amazing views and the balcony on this level. We're going to see that in a bit, but first I want to take everybody on this hallway. Mikey, let's go check out a couple of bedrooms that we have here. First one starts on this side, very spacious, front facing and windows are bringing a ton of natural light. Furnished beautifully, right?

And around the corner we have a bathroom just like the rest of the bathrooms that we were seeing stone clad throughout all the way into the walk-in shower. Lot of these darker fixtures with the black contrast, good sized bathroom. Now let's go back to the hallway. By the way, walk-in closet is here.

Around the corner we have another bedroom, front-facing. Again, very spacious has own full bathroom as well. Beautiful stonework. Now this door opens up to the third bedroom and the bedroom that's actually facing the views. I like this low bed frame that they have here.

Something about them looks always kind of like Bohemian and kind of, I don't know, grounded. - [Mikey] I've always, I've always liked these too. Especially, I don't know how to describe it, but. - We're having a hard time today. - [Mikey] The beds. Yeah, the low,

the low framed beds that also have like a shelf next to them you know, kind of like this one does. But - It just looks very cozy. - [Mikey] Bad job of an explanation there. - But you guys get the point.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - We have a lot of these built-ins here. Casement window opening up to the view. Mikey, let's check out the bathroom real quick.

Stone everywhere, walk in shower, floating vanity design, and you even have a little window design on top, bringing natural light, ventilation to this bathroom. Now let's take everybody back to the hallway. Continue our tour. By the way, I got to show this.

We have this door here, opening up to the rooftop deck that we're going to see in a bit. That rooftop deck is stunning. Now we're back at the landing and this door opens up to the primary bedroom.

I like how this bedroom is isolated from the rest of the bedrooms on this wing, kind of totally secluded. We have the king size bed here with a nice padded back wall. Some furniture set up again towards the amazing views that we're going to see in a bit. Primary bedroom also gets a fireplace, TVs nicely recessed in above getting a ton of natural light coming in, good sized room. And following this hallway,

let's go check out the primary closet first. I feel like primary closet can easily qualify as another bedroom. It's so spacious, dual islands. This one is actually a little bit bigger. And again, everything is nicely upholstered with the stitching leather finish on each side. We have the glass countertops here so you can see what's down below the countertops.

Beautiful chandeliers. Everything is nicely clad. And over here, your primary closet pretty much continues. This is crazy how spacious this closet is. - [Mikey] Yeah. - This dressing room. All right, going to the other side, we flow straight into the primary bathroom.

Oversize tiles on the floors. We have the dual vanity set up here with a nice thick reveal, LED lighting underneath, and the bookmatching in this bathroom. It's kind of crazy. It's kind of unfortunate that they put this massive Amir, which looks nice, but right behind it Mikey, I don't know if you can see it from the top, there's a beautiful bookmatch that looks like a heart. - [Mikey] Yeah. And you could see the other one right behind you there. - There you go. That's another slab right there.

Some open shelving. Let's point this out. Freestanding tub. Amazing, amazing views. And on this side, Mikey we got to step inside of this walk-in shower because look at the bookmatching here on this side right in the center on this side too.

Rain head above. And there's your heart right there. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Phenomenal. Steam shower, steam outlet. Everything you need. And now let's go back to the primary bedroom so I can take you guys outside so we can check out the. Actually, what are we doing? Water closet number one, water closet number two.

We're forgetting Mikey. - [Mikey] Yeah we're looking foolish. - (laughs) All right. - Let's go back to the primary bedroom.

We have the automatic sliding glass door here, pocketing into the walls, opening up this bedroom to this amazing balcony space off of the second floor. Yeah. A bunch of outdoor seating areas, two fire pits. I feel like this is a signature Ray Nosrati detail.

These pattern floors with the grass in between. Not the grass, turf in between. That gives it a nice contrast in a second floor, you get a little bit better views. You can actually see Palos Verdes from here, which is phenomenal. And here's another episode where we just talk about views, views, views, but you know, what are you gonna do? - [Mikey] Yeah. We do talk a lot about views. Maybe we should start like a podcast, like views podcast.

- Call David, ask for the copyright, ask for the name. Who knows, but that's pretty much it for the second floor. And now let's go check out the rooftop bay. (ambient music) - It's crazy that on top of the three levels you get with this home, you also get a rooftop deck. And because we're so elevated now, the views we've been seeing throughout has totally changed.

Now we can clearly see Palos Verdes, Santa Monica, the whole coastline, all the way to Malibu, the mountains on the back. It's crazy. And I love how well utilized this rooftop deck is. I mean, you almost get the entire roof. You have your fire pit outdoor seating area, beautiful olive trees to kind of warm up the space.

You have your outdoor bar here. A/Cs are nicely tucked into the side, great space. And one more time, Pacific ocean.

- [Mikey] More views. And I got to say, I'm kind of surprised this is Ray Nosrati. He likes his rooftops. He didn't put an outdoor garden on this one, though.

- He did. Well this one is a little bit more smaller scale Mikey. So he had to go a little bit more conservative.

- [Mikey] This is like one fifth the size of the other one. - Exactly. But overall great property, amazing views. (ambient music) Right everyone, random break from the tour. I want to tell a quick story. A few weeks ago, we were in New York city to shoot a property there.

And we were only there for a couple of days. And on our way back from New York to LA, we had this really bad flight where we were at the very last seat, middle aisle, me and Mikey. And we are pretty big dudes. So we were already really uncomfortable. And on top of that, we had bad weather. So flight was getting delayed. And in the midst of this chaos, this gentleman came to us and he's like, "Hey, I recognized you on the line. You're Enis right?"

And I was like, "yeah." So he starts telling this story how he has an eight year old kid. Who's a fan of our channel, who watches pretty much every single episode. And on top of that, he was so inspired that he ended up finding his own YouTube channel. And we were just so shook with the story. And we ended up sending him a nice message to his kid.

And after that, Mikey was like, why don't we invite them to one of our shoots, long story short. They're actually coming today to join us to the shoot. We're going to surprise his kid, meet the dad and learn a little bit about them.

- All right. We are about to surprise this kid. I think he's outside with his dad in the car. So let's go meet him. Sup George.

- How you doing man? - [Mikey] Doing all right. How are you? - Good. - [Mikey] So this must be Alexander? Your dad told me that you really like filming houses. So, he gave me a call and I thought we might be able to get you in here. - Hi, my name's Alexander. And welcome to my crib.

Today we're going to tour this house right behind me. Wow look at this place. - [Mikey] It's really something else. Huh?

- What's up bud. - Hey. - How are you? I like your outfit - Thanks.

- Come. Let's take a look at this house. Your dad told me he is, you're a big fan so we were gonna bring Mikey here. - Wow look at that view. - During quarantine we were looking for things to do.

Alexander just loves looking at Zillow and all the real estate sites. - The ocean view is awesome. Never seen a view like this. (laughs) Down there is like Malibu.

That way is Topanga. - Good job What's down there? I guess we can't really see it from here. If you follow the coastline. Do you know where the edge? - Santa Monica? - What's after Santa Monica? - Um. - We'll have to get him there. We'll have to work on a location.

- So we went down this journey of like actually watching reviews and like we came across your channel and like literally it was the only thing that we watched during quarantine. Literally seen every single episode. - So those are big panel right here. - Uh huh. You wanna take a closer look? Guess the price of that piano. - $700.

- $700? You know, if that was the case, I would buy one of these to myself, but it's actually $200,000. - Oh what! - Yes. It's a $200,000 custom piano for the owners. - And eventually Alexander got to the point where he said, Hey, you know, I'd like to do this too.

You know, I'd like to start my own channel, which room you want to see next? It's all you, we're here all for you. So you tell us where you want to see. - I wanna see downstairs. - Okay, let's go downstairs and we'll follow your lead. - This might be the basement I think. And right here is pretty cool.

I like this are right here. It's very modern. - [Mikey] And George, this is Alexander's father, George. - Yeah, Feel free to jump in. - Yeah, no, no problem. - Yeah. - Hey, nice to meet you guys.

See you guys again. - [Mikey] Now George is nervous. (laughs) - And so I say, hey man, we support you. You know, we wanna support you, but you got to do the work. - Yes.

- And, and so he wrote his own script. He wrote kind of, he found the houses that he wanted to tour and the pictures that he wanted to use. And basically we created these, you know, elaborate slideshows if you will, of Alexander going through and touring the houses.

And so that's how he's gotten his start with his channel. What is this pool style called? I use that word all the time on the videos. - I just stepped on the water. - You can step on it, step on it.

You can actually walk on that side. There you go. - We've made music. We've made, it really kind of just took out a lot of creativity from us at a time where we kind of needed that. So. - That's awesome.

So they call this a zero edge, meaning the way this pool is designed, water flows tiny bit over the edge. So it seamlessly disappears to this gap. And then in this gap, it goes through the pipes to the motors where it gets filtered again, chlorined again, cleaned up and you see those bottom things on the bottom of the floor, pool? It gets dispersed from those areas so that you can have a pool looking clean like this.

- Wow. This is very clean actually. - [Mikey] And I got to say y'all you have really good thumbnails. Your thumbnails might, they might be better than ours. - I have a habit of taking them. - Oh, you mean, you mean the YouTube thumbnails? The things that, you're . - No, we're not talking about your actual thumbs, like we're talking about your YouTube thumbnails.

They actually look really good. When you open them you actually don't know which part it is. - I actually do. So, want me to teach you a little secret?

- Yeah. - So look here, right underneath sink. If you kneel down, you can actually see it.

There's plumbing, meaning there's a sewer line where all the dirty water goes away. And there's also a water line that supplies the faucet, right? So when you run a, dishwasher what do you need? You need clean water. And you need to a line where dirty water can go. That's why dishwashers are always next to the kitchen sinks. So in the videos, I may look very sleek and smart. The truth they are always right next to the sink.

So I always check this one. And generally when I walk, I will see the gap. And if I don't see any electronics, that means it's an empty drawer. So I will never open it. - [Mikey] Enis and I have been doing these tours for two and a half years. I didn't even know that. So- - You hear that? (laughs) - [Mikey] Do you have enough clothes to put, to fill up this entire closet? - Um, no.

- No? - Go ahead and push this stick up and look what you're doing. - Whoa! (ambient music) - All right, everyone. At this point, make sure to support Alexander by subscribing to his channel. He does amazing home tours. He's soon going to do better episodes than we do. So make sure to support him. - Thank you for the support.

- All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. I hope you'll enjoy this video. Big congrats to the designer and the developer behind this project, Renton Ray Nosrati for getting us in here, allowing us to tour his amazing development and share it with all of you. As always you can find more information about this property, his company, and Ray down in the description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel and we'll see you guys next week. (ambient music)

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