Inside a $23,000,000 Miami Penthouse Incredible Ocean Views

Inside a $23,000,000 Miami Penthouse Incredible Ocean Views

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(gentle music) - What's up everybody? It's Enes here. Welcome to another episode. This week, we're in downtown Miami and about to tour this 54th floor penthouse, located at One Thousand Museum building. This building was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Gets amazing views of the ocean. And the unit we're going to tour today has five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, 9,200 square feet of interior space with an asking price of $23 million. As always, we will leave more information about the property in the unit link down in the description of this video. And before we start our tour I want to thank the listing agent, Lourdes Alatriste, for allowing us to tour her amazing listing and share it with all of you.

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Just click the link in the description, take the quiz, and free shipping is also included. And now let's get back to our tour. All right, everyone here we are at the entry.

This is a full floor unit, and we have these two elevators coming up to your private landing. And as we continue, we have these double doors opening up to your seating area and your formal living room. As soon as you walk-in, you see the amazing views of the ocean, Miami Beach, the bay.

And I mean, the views from this unit are simply sunny. A little bit of information about the building. The building has 62 stories.

The highest residential unit is on the 59th floor. So we're a little bit below that, but we still get incredible views of the city and the ocean. Now, as soon as you walk-in on our left-hand side, we have a bit of a seating area, movie theater, and the primary bedroom, which we're gonna check out in a bit. But I want to take everybody this way to the first seating area. Beautiful oversights, porcelain tiles, which we're going to see throughout.

Seating section on this side, opening up to massive 1200 square foot balcony facing the amazing ocean views. We're gonna check out the balcony from the formal living room area. And as we continue this way, we have 12 foot high ceilings, walls of glass. And this unit gets a hundred feet of ocean frontage, which is amazing.

The whole unit is pretty much wrapped with glass. This is where we have the formal living room area. Since it's so spacious, we have multiple seating sections designed and curated by our good friends at Artefacto. I mean the furniture in this unit, the seating throughout looks stunning. And more of these ocean views.

It's one thing to see amazing views, but it's also so kind of playful. I see people on their jet skis, boats, you see the traffic, you see the ocean, Miami Beach. It's so inviting. I mean, this is amazing. In fact, Mikey, let's go outside.

By the way, these windows and doors are doing a phenomenal job sealing off the sound and the heat from the outside. And since we were out on this balcony, I mean, look at these amazing views. I'm just gonna let the views do the talking on this episode.

We have the bay right in front of us, extending out to the barrier islands, all the way to the ocean. Miami Beach, right in front of us. I mean, you see a lot from this unit. Down below us, we have the bay front park, Museum of Science and Paris Museum of Art is also down below us. And on our right-hand side, we have the American Airlines Arena, which is where I'm pretty sure Miami Heat plays. - [Mikey] Yeah, and I got to say, everyone out here is just having such a good time.

We looked down everyone's in their boat. LA, everyone's just like has somewhere to be, or is trying to get somewhere. It's like cutting you off in traffic, you know? - I mean, I just want to join these people down below, go jet skiing with them. I don't know, just like be on one of these canal homes and just enjoy the vibes and energy. - [Mikey] Just take out the raft and have a good time.

- Exactly. All right, let's go back in and continue our tour. We're back at the formal living room area, 12 foot high ceilings, just amazing views. And this is really interesting. Mikey, can we point out to this section for a second? We have these massive concrete columns that is actually different on each unit. What I mean by that is as the building goes up or down, these columns are positioned a little bit differently.

So each one of the units you get, actually technically has a different layout and different kind of a view corridor, if that makes sense. - [Mikey] Yeah, well, from the exterior, you have those lines kind of running up and down the building, I guess those are structural support. But they're also styling, right? - Exactly, and we talked about this on our New York episodes.

The way these new high-rises are designed, all the columns and kind of structural frame of the building is positioned on the interior. So thus you kind of have these open corners and you have all these amazing views and you kind of take advantage of them more. Now this space flows into your formal dining room area.

Again, beautiful table setup. That sits actually 12 people. I say 12 because the table is a little bit on the wider side. So we get two chairs on each end.

Mirror set up on the other side, super spacious, all open. By the way, the unit has these just amazing wall spaces that we're gonna see on the hallways and throughout perfect for your art. And before we continue to the other side where we have the kitchen and the family room, I want to briefly talk about some rooms and sections here. Mikey, actually, before this door, you kind of have like a little bar set up here to compliment your formal living room and formal dining room. Full-sized fridge, we love these.

Freezer drawers, we love these even more. Small sink. This door opens up to your utility closet, laundry room with a full bathroom. We can kind of have it as your staff quarters, if needed. And continuing our tour, right here. Mikey, let's take a quick look.

We've got a gorgeous powder room. We like these modern pedestal sinks with a chrome fixture. Good size powder room. - [Mikey] You love those sinks, typically we don't really see them that much. - I do, if you can change up the design a little bit, why wouldn't you? Same porcelain tiles are also here.

Again, wide hallways that connects you to the family room and the rest of the bedrooms on this level. But first let's go through this opening and talk about the kitchen. This part of the home is all open, still gets amazing views. And the cabinetry looks super sleek and modern. Everything is nicely paneled in. We have two-tone cabinetry, darker tones on the uppers and lighter tones on the bottom, black countertops.

And let's see, this is where you have your first main sink, dishwasher. And Mikey, I know you'll like these, so do I. - Very Nice. - These automatic upper doors that lifts up with the led lighting underneath. And I like this section. So they have a nice small pantry cabinet here that is floating. Just another nice modern detail.

And also let's point out to this section for a second. From your kitchen, you still get amazing ocean views as well as the West views, which we're gonna see in a bit. Mikey, can we show this real quick? This is your pantry space. In the future you can easily deck the space out. Put some racks, utilize it however you like or make it a small chef's kitchen, if needed.

Now let's go back to the kitchen. This side is again, super sleek. Everything is nicely paneled in. We have a massive island right in the center with thick reveal and another reveal right underneath it. Each side has a bunch of cabinets.

Let me give you guys a quick look with drawers, everything you need. And we have the secondary prep sink on this side. Mikey, can we get a closeup here? We have to talk about this. They have a nice Gaggenau induction cooktop, right? With a tucked in vent above.

This one, you can put the pot wherever you want and then will just heat up that section. - [Mikey] That thing is sleek too. - Super sleek, nicely recessed-into the countertops.

Just looks great. - [Mikey] Just run your hand over that. Show how smooth and seamless from-- - I mean, it is seamless, literally. It looks great.

Now, Mikey, I need you to step back out again because this part is gonna take some explanation to show. They really wanted to go for that sleek look, but they have all their appliances nicely paneled in behind these cabinets. These are your Gaggenau built-ins. Fridge, freezer, subzero in case everybody wants to see it. - Nicely staged. - Exactly.

Definitely good size. And on this side, let's talk about this. You have your espresso maker. Our favorite, right? Microwave. This I really appreciate, ready? - [Mikey] What is that? - Like a nice countertop space for you to serve something or like prep stuff.

- [Mikey] You put like your cutting board on that or something? It's like a prep table, prep area. - Exactly. I love the good hardware and I mean, look, everything is nicely tucked underneath.

Again, all provided by Poliform. Gorgeous cabinetry, very sleek kitchen. - You keep saying Poliform. That's a cabinet manufacturer? - Yes, a good one. Whole kitchen flows to your informal dining area. Again, amazing views.

This time we are getting both West and East views and your dining area flows straight to your family room. We call it a family room because it's right off your kitchen. This is where you generally spend most of your time. Do your cooking, sit down, watch TV. Just enjoy this amazing penthouse. - [Mikey] I love the frame of that TV too.

It looks like a canvas. - Right between two columns, right? - [Mikey] Exactly. - Amazing views. Get a ton of natural light. I mean 12 foot high ceilings. And again, our good friends at Artefacto furnished this entire place with this awesome couch setup here.

Super comfortable. I wouldn't mind sitting down watching TV here and just enjoying Miami. - [Mikey] Yeah, I really liked the furniture around this entire apartment. - Not a doubt. Right next to your family room you got a nice pool table, more seating areas and kind of again, to compliment the seating section, we've got a small bar setup, just like the one we saw at the formal living room area.

Full-sized fridge, freezer drawers down below your sink. Also have some upper cabinets. Last part, this side, we have couple balconies facing the West view. Let me see, there you go.

These doors are definitely heavy. This balcony is a little bit on the smaller side, but amazing city views, you actually get ocean views as well, my bad. This is amazing. - [Mikey] Yeah, and I gotta say these side balconies, in case it rains, they have a kind of slanted floor.

So all that water just gets pushed right out. - They didn't do any drain design. And honestly, considering the weather conditions in Miami, it's actually a good call because it does rain a lot out here. So it's nice to just have that gentle flow where the water just goes away from your unit. - [Mikey] Exactly.

- All right, back to the spacious hallway. Right at the end, we have the formal living room. And on this side we have four spacious bedrooms.

Look at these hallways. I mean, it's so spacious and that's why this unit doesn't feel like an apartment. It feels more like a home because each one of the bedrooms are super spacious. The whole place has such an open floor plan.

And even the hallways are generous. Now we're at the end of this hallway and let's go through this door to check out the first bedroom. But first Mikey, I know you didn't catch this detail. Look at the door hinges. No door hinges.

- [Mikey] Oh yeah, so they don't have anything in the middle, they're held on the top and the bottom. - Exactly, so you can get this clean, sleek look. And Mikey, why don't you step inside? We have these magnetic doors that we always talk about that we've been seeing a lot recently. And then are these custom door handles again, designed by Zaha Hadid and her team. - [Mikey] Yeah, we've been seeing magnetic doors more and more as we tour these places. - Absolutely.

Closet space, we also like these doors, right? Nice detail. And we have the first bedroom. It's the corner bedroom.

Gets the same incredible West views that we saw earlier in the family room. Bedrooms are not staged at least these four bedrooms that we're about to see. But again, good size.

We want to show to you guys and they all get balcony access as well. Going on, quickly, let's take a look at the bathroom. Same porcelain floors, floating vanity design. More of the lighter tones with lighter countertops, recessed-in mirrors, incredible ocean views, and a walk-in shower with a rain head. This home has a very Miami feel to it with these lighter color palettes. This is also where we have the water closet and the bidet.

Amazing. All right, back to the hallway. This opens up to a small storage. This is where we have the third bedroom, again, facing the same views.

This bedroom also has his own ensuite bathroom. And going back in the hallway, this is the third bedroom on this level. And I'm just so impressed with how each one of the bedrooms are so spacious.

They all get incredible views. Like I mentioned earlier at the beginning of the video, the whole unit is wrapped with glass. So you maximize your view corridors pretty much throughout, no matter which direction you look at. And lastly, we have the fourth bedroom here. I mean, amazing, amazing views.

This one opens up to a balcony again. I'm just impressed with how spacious this whole unit feels. - [Mikey] Yeah and these heights, these views, are a little bit scary. - They are. - [Mikey] Getting viral and filming your part, I'm sure. - Absolutely, the intro wasn't the easiest, but it's worth it because it looks incredible, right? Walk-in shower, floating vanity design, nice recessed-in mirror. I mean, everything looks great.

Now let's go back to the hallway and go to the other side of the unit where we have the primary bedroom. And while we are going there, I want to briefly talk about the amenities in this building. So eighth and ninth floor, we have the gym, outdoor pool, and a couple of the amenities, movie theater, down there. And on the 60th floor, they have sky lounge, which is an amazing spot to just sit down, hang out, look at these amazing ocean views. And on the 61st floor, they have an indoor pool, lap pool, which is also amazing.

And on the top floor, which is the roof, they have a heli pad, which is incredible. This is the only residential building in Miami that has a heli pad. - [Mikey] It's kind of hard to believe. It seems like other places would have that. - But they don't. - [Mikey] Is that like a zoning thing or like a code thing? How does that work? - I would think so.

I would think it has to do with the permitting and like the location, where it's landing, and all that kind of stuff. But it is pretty incredible and I'm pretty sure it's nice to have. And considering the price points in this building, I can see someone coming here with their helicopter or like getting a charter.

- [Mikey] There's enough wealthy people in Miami, it seems like they would use that. - Without a doubt. All right, off of the entry we have another seating area, since it's such an open living room and kind of a formal seating area. We have an additional seating on this side looking towards amazing views.

And these double doors open up to an additional kind of a TV room, or you can in the future could convert this into your office. Movie theater if you want to have your own personal movie theater. It's just another great bonus room. Around the corner, we've got to show this. We got some built-ins, small fridge and a sink set up.

Also, I know we just talked about amenities, but I forgot one more thing. One more, very unique amenity about this building. So since we are not right on the ocean, although we get phenomenal ocean views, this building actually has a beach club.

That is part of the amenities that's being provided with this building. It's located on the First and Ocean in Miami Beach right next to Nikki beach. And you basically have like a lounge area for the residents of this building, which is so unique and kind of like it makes perfect sense. - [Mikey] And it's fully private. - Fully private for the residences of this building.

- Wow, that's pretty cool. - Exactly. These double doors open up to the primary bedroom. Let's check it out. As soon as you walk-in, you go straight into your bedroom.

Again, it's so spacious. The ceiling heights, lighter palette throughout. We have the king size bed pretty much right in the center of the bedroom facing these breathtaking views. I said, views million times already.

- [Mikey] You have to, you have to. Also is that the main balcony that we went out to earlier? - Exactly, so this is one side of it and it connects all the way to a formal living room area. And something about this view. Like I love the tranquil kind of the aspect of the ocean and the islands, but I also kind of like that you can see the roads, traffic, boats moving in and out, cruise ships.

It has life to it. You know, it just has something energy. - [Mikey] Yeah and it was a kind of distracting getting here today because on one side you have all of Miami, you have people out here having a great time boating. You have these museums, you have these people on yachts, and then you have this entire massive port here.

And these ships coming in. - [Enes] Opening up to the ocean. - [Mikey] Yeah and just these massive cruise liners. And there's just a lot to see. - A lot to see, without a doubt. But it certainly looks great.

And I have to be honest, Florida's kind of growing on me and Mikey. We're definitely enjoying our time out here. - [Mikey] Yeah, you all leave us a comment, if we should relocate to Florida, see what we can do down here. - Maybe one day. But again, amazing bedroom.

Ceiling heights and Mikey, lets wrap around. Let's go check out the closet space and the bathroom. First closet is on this side. Again, spacious.

I really appreciate that. We get all this natural light coming into the closet. It's nicely decked out. You have your hangers, drawers, shoe rack, and even here, massive picture windows. Going back out on the other side, this is probably like the fourth or fifth small bar setup that we saw throughout the unit.

Again, lighter tones, small sink set up. We have a storage closet here. And opening this door is the first point to the primary bathroom. We have two have everything here. Two vanities, two water closets, massive walk-in shower. And let's start with the vanity.

Same lighter tones with black countertops, chrome fixtures, recessed-in mirror. And Mikey, lets step to the side for a second. Look how nice as water closet is. Clad with the same porcelain tile throughout.

By the way, this has more of the matte finish. And it almost looks like real marble, but it's actually more durable. All right, walk-in shower. Double rain heads, double handhelds, chrome fixtures, super spacious.

And it's certainly not a bad walk-in shower considering that you can just kind of shower here and look at the amazing ocean views and the bay views. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really crazy. - All right, going to the other side. Right behind the walk-in shower, we have a freestanding tub.

Definitely good size, chrome top filet, and we have the second vanity on this side. And lastly, second water closet with a bidet. - Very nice. - All right. Right across, the last room. Second walk-in closet. Same finishes that we saw in the first one.

Again, good size room. Let's go back to the primary bedroom, take one more look. - [Mikey] Yep, we gotta see that view. - I know it's amazing.

And also we got to talk about Zaha Hadid. She was one of the most renowned architects in the world. Her designs are iconic. And this was one of her last residential projects before she passed away few years ago. And when you look at the building from the exterior, you see these unique lines and this futuristic architecture with the design of this building. She certainly left her mark here in Miami.

- [Mikey] And when you see that building from the exterior and compared to the other ones around and the other one's on the downtown area, it's just strikingly different. - Without a doubt. And that's what she was known for. She would design these really futuristic unique buildings with a lot of natural curves. And I can totally see that kind of design element throughout this building as well. And they designed this building with so much glass and square footage and high ceilings, because look at these amazing views that you see pretty much throughout the entire building.

(gentle music) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. I hope you'll all enjoyed this video. This is a phenomenal penthouse located here in downtown Miami. And throughout the day, we really enjoyed these incredible bay and ocean views. In fact, let me take everybody outside one more time, where we can take a closer look to these amazing views.

People are on their jet skis, boats having a great time. And Miami is such an energetic city. And I feel like this penthouse and the lifestyle it offers really reflects that.

I also want to thank the listing agent for allowing us to tour her amazing listing and share it with all of you. And if you enjoyed this video, make sure to give us a like. If you have any questions or input, as always, leave us a comment down below. And if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to our channel and we'll see you guys next week.

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