Inside a $23,500,000 MINIMALIST Beverly Hills Modern Mansion

Inside a $23,500,000 MINIMALIST Beverly Hills Modern Mansion

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- What's up everybody. It's Enes here, welcome to another episode. This week, we're in Beverly Hills, California, and about to tour this stunning modern home. This home was designed by Woods + Dangarian Architects and developed by one and only Viewpoint Collection. And the house itself has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, 8,679 square feet of interior space with an asking price of $23,500,000. As always, you can find more information about the property in the property link down in the description of this video.

And before we start our tour, I want to thank the developers, Viewpoint Collection, and all the listing agents for allowing us to tour their amazing listing and share it with all of you. And now let's begin our tour. (upbeat pop music) Before we continue our tour in Beverly Hills, I want to thank Skillshare for sponsoring this week's video. Skillshare is an online learning platform in which you can pursue your curiosities, explore new skills, and develop your existing interests. They offer numerous inspiring classes on various different subjects like marketing to management, or in the creative fields like web design, film and video. They're always launching new premium classes.

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And you're able to learn at your own pace. Which is amazing as it makes the classes on their platform suited for the people of every skill level. Another amazing thing about Skillshare is that they now offer subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Dutch, which is awesome and I feel like our international audience would really appreciate that. Now with that being said, our first 1000 subscribers to click the link in the description below, will get a one month free trial of Skillshare so they can start exploring their creativity today. Again, big thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. And now let's go back to Beverly Hills.

(upbeat pop music) The house was located in the hills of Beverly Hills and from the street level, we have the gate opening up to the spacious motor court where we have a cantilever carport right above us. This door leads us to the two-car garage and it's nicely clad with the siding detail. On the exterior, we have smooth stucco cladding complimented with bulls of glass and concrete walls. And now let's go inside.

All right everyone here we are at the entry. We got this beautiful glass pivot door. And as soon as you walk into this property, first thing you see is this long hallway that takes you to the outdoors. I love the space because on the left hand side, you have wood clad walls that leads you to two bedrooms and the primary bedroom on this level. And on the right-hand side, you have walls of glass, again, bringing a ton of natural light to this property, which is awesome.

Now, as we follow the hallway on the right hand side, we have the staircase going down to the lower level. I love the chandelier they have in this space with the marble rings. It's so chic and elegant, and this whole space is looking towards the lower-level courtyard, which is phenomenal. And we're gonna see that later. Now, Mikey, let's go this direction first.

We have some built-in closets here, and this floor opens up to a powder room for this level. I love the stone that they used here, with the texture and the organic lines, and they use the same stone as a half ways cutting as well as a half backsplash throughout with the reveal detail. And most of the walls in this house is actually stucco and you can see the texture here. Fabricated sink, marble wall sconces, natural light coming through the skylight, gorgeous powder room.

Now, let me take everybody back to the hallway and going through this opening leads us to the great room. Now I say great room because we have the kitchen, dining area, and the seating area within one space, it's all open, gets ton of natural light. And I love walls of glass here, opening up to the views and the outdoors. And we're gonna check that out in a bit. First section, I want to focus is a seating area.

We have beautiful furniture here facing this fireplace assembly. Now we're used to seeing a lot of linear gas fireplaces, but in this case, architects of this home went with a more of a box square design to change up the scene a little bit. And I love how they clad this fireplace assembly with steel panels, which gives it a nice contrast against these lighter tone walls.

Now, Mikey, there's one more detail I wanna mention here. This one is going to be a hard one to explain, but if you pan up to the ceiling, you're gonna see that the ceiling of this home is very clean and elegant, hardly any intrusions with the light fixtures and that's by design. If you look at the bedrooms in this house, you're not gonna see a lot of weird hallways or turns, everything is squared off, everything is clean and this roof line actually carries out from the interiors all the way to the outside.

And it's perfectly flat. They've even used the same finish on both sides to create the seamless look. Did I made sense there? - [Mikey] Yeah, yeah, you made sense. I think it's pretty, it's pretty easy to see inside that roof carrying out the same finish.

- Absolutely. In fact, they went as far as placing these tracks for your future curtains, rather than going with that recess and section that we're used to seeing where people place their Lutron's or the automatic shades, that way you just protect that seamless roofline, which is awesome. - Yeah. - Backyard looks really inviting. We're gonna check that out in a bit, but first I want to focus on this side where we have the dining room, sits eight people, beautiful chandelier design above that really, again, breaks the flatness of the room and gives it a nice contrast to look at. And right behind me, we have the amazing kitchen of this home.

A lot of stone and wood textures are used in this kitchen. We got a gorgeous island right in the center clad with marble all around, including the waterfall edges. And as we wrap around, we can actually see some of the base cabinets on this side, as well as the island. Mikey let's take a close look here. We've got some drawers. We have the sink design.

Let's see, we got the dishwasher and just more drawers. I thought that was the ice maker for a second, of course, facing the views right next to your seating and dining area. And we got some pantry spaces paneled, and freezer and fridge. And you may think, where is the induction cooktop or you know, the vent and all that? Well, if you follow me right behind the main kitchen, you kind of have like your chef's kitchen, but it really isn't because it's all open and it kind of flows to this space. You have your gas cooktops here, more ovens, Espresso maker. And I love how they concentrated this space with this gorgeous stone where you're kinda focused to your cooking.

Your vent is seamlessly tucked into the ceiling. You get another sink. And I believe there's actually another dishwasher on this side. There you go. - [Mikey] You know, I walked in the kitchen, didn't realize there was not a stove. I thought this was a chef's kitchen back there. - It looks so seamless there.

Didn't you realize? - I felt like something was missing, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. - Well, there you go. It's all tucked behind, which is kind of a unique approach, but it kinda makes sense. You're getting the all the dirty cooking here and kinda keep your island very polished and clean.

- [Mikey] For sure. And I love the wood tones. I mean like the whole place, even the walls are clad with the same cabinet design. You have a massive picture window here, pantry space, and going this way we're back at the kitchen area.

Overall, very seamless design, talking about seamless, we get these natural stone floors with the resistant AC diffusers. So you get that minimalist line. Now, Mikey let's step outside.

- [Mikey] Let's do it. - With the glass open up, we have the backyard for this property. On this side, we have an outdoor kitchen with a grill, fridge and a sink.

And following here, we got the awesome pool set up. Granted, this house doesn't fit on a really massive lot. So the architects made the best out of the lot by designing this sleek zero edge pool, dark blue plaster complimented with the mosaic finished throughout. You get a little Baja shelf here, again, zero edge, so it goes with the modern lines of this home and the views are phenomenal from this angle. I mean, you can see most of the city all the way to the ocean and downtown Los Angeles. Now, following here, we talk about this detail all the time.

They have these steel columns again, set to the outside, which allows this home to have all these glass panels towards the inside without having to have any columns or breaks in the design. If that makes sense. - [Mikey] No structural supports on the inside. - Yes, no.

You see, that's how they have this open corner design, where it leads us to another seating area, which is awesome. Same floors that we saw throughout the interiors. They also use it on the outside. So you get this seamless transition and I don't wanna miss this.

We have a spot on this side Mikey. I know I probably forgot it, but you have your spa of course, - [Mikey] Of course. - Or your hot tub. Now let's focus on the seating section. We got beautiful furniture here.

That's the backside of the fireplace design. And I mean, even here you have walls of glass looking down on the courtyard that we have on the lower level. We're gonna see that in a bit. And lastly, you have these glass panels or lower sections.

Then you have the clear stories above, to again, maximize the natural light coming into the property. All right Mikey this side. So the outdoor space continues. You have an outdoor dining area here, staircase going down to the lower level. And if you follow this kind of exterior walkway, you get an additional seating area and it leads you to the primary bedroom.

But instead of going this direction, I wanna take everybody back inside so we can see it through the hallway off of the entry overall great space, all open, beautifully designed. And I love the warm tones with the stucco finish and the wood paneling that we've been seeing throughout. Now, we're back at the entry. Again, everything's clad wood wood. This door opens up to the two car garage that we saw, walls of glass looking down on the courtyard at the lower level.

And this door right here opens up to the first bedroom suite, beautiful oak hardwood floors throughout. We have the best setup here, sliding glass doors opening up to the side of the property. And on this side we have the built-in closets. Now I mentioned that the great room, no rooms, or like everything is perfectly squared off.

And that's why for the most part, all the rooms have built-in closets rather than having walk-in closets that are half the size of the room. If that makes sense. - [Mikey] Yeah. You know what I realized the other day? And it's something that like is, is such a subtle detail, but it makes all the difference. In these high-end luxury homes. Built-ins like, you don't have to buy like dressers or like cabinets or anything.

So like rooms feel so much less cluttered. Like when I walk into my bedroom, I have like a dresser. I have a TV stand. - You've got too much going on.

- [Mikey] I have all this stuff, but like when you build them into the wall, maybe it's a little bit more expensive, but it just makes everything look so much sleeker. You know? - That's a good point. That is a good point. All right, ready to see the bathroom. Of course, the clean lines continue into the bathrooms, marble floors, continue into the walls. And we're gonna see this throughout the home. Instead of going with some sort of a drain design or a slope, they actually floated all the shower floors and they tuck the drains underneath it.

So each one of the showers has a perfectly flat marble floors. - [Mikey] Yeah, it looks really nice. - Beautiful right? Then we got the vanity design here with the same cabinetry that we've been seeing throughout. Same stone countertops.

Now we're back at the hallway. We got another bedroom here that we're gonna check it out real quick. Again, very spacious hardwood floors, floor to ceiling glass, bringing ton of natural light.

Even the furnishings in this house was very tasteful and we have the built-in closets, just like the other ones. So to make more sense of what I just explained there, rather than going with this design, normally people will put one half walk-in closet here, one half on the other side, one for each bedroom. But in this case, because they wanted to keep these flat lines they've actually did built-in rather than having a walk-in closet. - [Mikey] Yeah. And is that I guess where you put your TV in the middle? - Probably - [Mikey] Let's investigate. Oh yeah. Perfect.

- There you go. That's why these tuck-in and that's your TV. They already have the connections for you.

- [Mikey] Perfect. - Perfect. All right. Bathroom.

Pretty much same finishes that we just saw again stone everywhere. Beautiful vanity design. Good size bathroom. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Now let me take everybody back to the hallway.

A lot of times we tour the primary bedrooms last, but in this case, since we're on this level, we might as well, right? You got another glass pivot door that takes you to the backyard for the primary bedroom. Let's just call it that way. Again, views are phenomenal. Everything is nicely hedged. So from this point, you don't see any neighbors.

All you see is the view. And there you go. Pocket doors, sealing off the primary bedroom suite, I guess, make a list. Start with the bathroom.

- [Mikey] Different kind of format today. But yeah, layout of this house is a little. - Layout of the house is a little different, but it makes sense, as we tour you'll understand, you got the fridge design here, nice built-ins, LED lighting. Same buttons and another pocket door opens into the bathroom. Now the first thing I realized about this bathroom, hardwood floors actually continue to half part of the bathroom. Meaning the other half is the walk-in shower.

It's all marble, but in here to bring the warmth, they went with a hardwood floor design. We got the vanity here fully fabricated out of this gorgeous marble. I mean, it's stunning.

It goes all the way up on the walls. It carries out all the way into the walk-in shower. You got your dual sink designs here, but a really unique approach. I say unique because they actually have a dropdown sink within. I'm just assuming they wanted to create some sort of a contrast.

You have your wall fixtures, Donbach, which is a German brand I believe that's really known for a high-end fixtures. Freestanding tub, tub filler, glass windows. And what do you think of this, walk-in shower, Mikey? - [Mikey] The drains, the drainage designs kind of really changed the game, you know? - It has. - [Mikey] Yeah. - I mean, now this is an elevated experience.

You don't have to worry about your drains or that subtle slope. It's the little things, right? But now the surface is perfectly flat. You have all your drains underneath it. I was like looking for the rain head. You got a massive rain head above, you got two shower heads, two handhelds, everything you need.

And around the corner, we have the water closet. Now let me take everybody back to the hallway so we can continue our tour where the primary bedroom, again, stucco walls everywhere and going through this opening, which is another pocket door. It takes us to the primary bedroom closet.

Same wood tones that we've been seeing throughout they also have it here, but it is nicely built-in and cabinetry continuous from the floor all the way to the ceiling. You have LED lighting throughout, shoe racks, open hangers, island right in the center with the gorgeous stone countertop and the oval light fixture right above just gives it a nice touch. I don't know why, but it just kind of warms up the space a little bit. - [Mikey] Yeah. I really liked that.

- All right. Let's step back to the hallway. And this is where we have the primary bedroom. Now this primary bedroom is very understated. What I mean by that is you have these clean walls, very simple design, beautiful furnishings, but it's like the room is really letting the textures and the hardwood floors, and the views speak rather than having fancy pop of colors or just like, you know, overdone furniture.

It's just very clean, very sleek. And it just looks very relaxing to be honest. - [Mikey] Yeah. It's just like very elegant.

- Absolutely. And of course, this room is all about the views. We have walls of glass stacking on each side and seamlessly going to the outdoors. We have a patio space just for the primary bedroom.

You got this kind of a Louver design above us that brings a little bit of shade and carries out the steel and I-beam details of this home because the whole frame of the house is actually out of steel. And in fact, you can see that a lot on the overhangs throughout they left it exposed on the exterior and tying in some of that industrial and the textures and the warmth of this home. We've got a board form, concrete fireplace here, closing up the space and creating a nice contrast. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really nice. And there's a trails of light coming through that look really cool.

- I know, right? Great space. And that's pretty much it for the main floor of this home. Now let's go back inside and check out the lower level. (soft pop music) All right, everyone here we are at the lower level. Now the lower level of this home is very special. It has two courtyards that brings ton of natural light to this section and a super day lit.

And I don't know, there are so many cool rooms here that we're gonna check out in a bit. First let's cover the steel staircase. Open rinds are beautiful modern design. We have glass panels from floor all the way to the ceiling, looking at one of the two courtyards, which is amazing. And following this way, we got a nice seating area between these two rooms that we're gonna tour in a bit, hardwood floors, nice ceiling heights. And this store opens up to a laundry room for this level, washer, dryer, upper cabinets, everything you need.

And this door right here opens up to the first bedroom. Look at it on the lower level. Now lower-level may have a bad connotation for being dark or not so inviting.

It's not the case in this house because we have two courtyards that are bringing so much natural light and giving so much life and breathing room to this house that I think is totally the opposite here. The lower level of this home is super inviting. We have the first bedroom here.

King-size bed, love the board from concrete wall, where you can actually see the textures and the grains of the wood that they use, which is awesome. Around the corner we actually have a walk-in closet here that leads us to a full-size bathroom. You have your deep soaking tub, clad with natural stone all around brushed nickel fixtures.

Vanity design here, good size bathroom. Now Mikey let's go outside, because I wanna show everybody these sliding glass doors opening up this amazing courtyard. I love the cobblestone that they used here. It gives so much warmth and texture to this opening. It makes me feel like we're in Italy. And right in the center of it, they got this awesome olive tree kind of encompassing the center of this home.

So you can see it from the walkway on the second floor, the top floor. You can see it in the heart of the lower level. You have a staircase coming down here. So amazing. - [Mikey] Yeah. I love, I love when they put trees

in the, I don't want to say the inside, 'cause it's not the inside. - Kind of is, almost. - [Mikey] Yeah, on the inside of homes yeah. - I mean, Mikey can you imagine leaving these doors open and just sleeping like that at night? You can easily do that here. It's super private.

And this is the view you look at, or you wake up to, so different, but so unique without a doubt. All right, Mikey, let's take everybody back. So this is the seating section that we talked about earlier. Going through here, we have the second bedroom, pretty spacious, just like the bedroom that we just toured. Same hardwood floors, king size bed, again, beautiful board formed concrete wall. We've got some built-in closets here and going through this opening, we got another good size bathroom, with a walk-in shower, natural stone, vanity design, everything you need.

Now this bedroom opens up to the second courtyard that we have, again beautiful cobblestone floors that gives you that texture and warmth. As if you're in Europe, you have the olive tree right in the center, ton of natural light and fresh air coming to the space. And in case something happens, you need an emergency, a ladder.

You can actually go up here. It will bring you up to the entry of the home. So different, so unique. I don't know something about courtyards. They are just really, really cool. - [Mikey] They're just classy.

- They are classy, right? Now that courtyard also opens up this spacious room. Currently staged as a gym but I can easily see this being another movie theater or a TV room or seating area. I say another movie theater, because this home actually has a movie theater that we're gonna see in a bit. Board form concrete walls, nice ceiling heights. Again, we have some built-in cabinetry here, TV, and this room is staged as a gym because going through this opening we come to the spa. Now this home is located in a part of Beverly Hills where you can only build single-story homes.

Now this is a really important fact because this home actually has a basement or a lower level. That's how they can get away with two stories. But it's amazing to see all these amenities nicely tucked into a lower level, but at the same time, it is still so inviting.

It's so refreshing to be down here. - [Mikey] Yeah. - We got natural stone floors. Mikey this would be our dream, right? Cold plunge, hot tub, beautiful walk-in shower with steam. You've got your vanity here. They're still tying up some details, and I mean, you got your sauna.

This is amazing. - [Mikey] Yeah. It's very nice. And I gotta say, come back to this cold cold plunge for a second, that thing is deep. - Oh my, yeah it is. I actually didn't realize that. - [Mikey] Yeah. That's like six,

six, seven feet deep probably. - Amazing. I love that they also left the board formed concrete wall here too. It's so great. It's nicely tucked into the lower level. Now let's connect the dots, Mikey.

We're back at the entry. So we just did a full loop on this wing and came back to the entry and following this hallway here, it takes us to another cool section of this home. We've got a very open grand seating area and a bar set up here. Honestly this would be my favorite spot in this house because since you're tucked into the lower level, but yet you have all these glass doors opening up to the courtyard that we saw earlier.

It's like a perfect party spot. You can have your friends over here. Watch TV, have dinners, entertain later at night and keep your privacy. I mean, the list goes on and on and on.

- [Mikey] Yeah, or you could just, you know, hang out here totally alone and feel isolated. It sounds great. - I would be totally fine with that.

Super inviting hardwood floors. We've got a gorgeous island design here with natural stone countertops. But instead of going with a waterfall edge they did a nice reveal detail here. Pendant lights above.

Mikey let's check some of the amenities. We got an ice maker, our favorite. And by the way, Mikey, you know, every once in a while I look at these cabinets and I'm trying to sense where the appliances are. Let me give you a little hint.

A lot of times they have these very subtle exposed hinges. And that's how I know where they are. Not every time. But for the most part. - [Mikey] You're just giving away your secrets. - I know. Everybody doing these home tours,

they're going to be like, where are the hinges? - [Mikey] We're gonna see, we're gonna see like 10 videos where like little knocks on the, on the hinges. You know. - I know you got to give the knowledge, you know, what am I going to do? Keep it all for myself. You have your cabinetry design here. I love the wood textures and they use the natural stone countertops here. But on top they use this kind of a stain smoked mirror design that creates a little bit of reflection and just kind of gives you that authentic bar vibe. All right, continuing here.

Of course you have a wine cellar, temperature controlled. I know these look like a built-in kind of cabinetry, but this is a temperature controlled wine cellar. So if you're not about that life where you have a dedicated room, you can actually tuck in as a cabinetry and still have a wine cooler. - [Mikey] It's cold in there too.

- It is. As soon as I opened the cold air just came through it. And yeah, let's talk about this seating section here. Beautiful built-ins. Again, architects, Woods + Dangarian.

They really primarily use lot of wood and natural stone textures throughout. And we can see it pretty much everywhere in the house. I love the TV design here. Even the AC diffusers are seamlessly built-in to the wood paneling. So you get that effortless look, right? Beautiful furniture set up.

I don't know, something about this level I just love. I just feel so cozy and protected here. - [Mikey] Yeah, I think it's the color scheme. It's the quietness.

- It's the quietness. It's still like you can, I mean, this space is super private, you know? The only people that can ever see you are the people that are in your house. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Let's take a look at this powder room for this level or for the seating area, beautiful marble countertops again fabricated design. We got wall sconces.

We got concrete wall here. And right next to that, check this out. We got a movie theater. Now I'm particularly excited about this movie theater.

Number one, it has four tier seating, but the tier elevation differences are quite radical. So you really feel like you're in a movie theater, although it's maybe one tenth of a real movie theater size. - [Mikey] Let's show, let's show. - Yeah Mikey, why don't you step down? I mean, look at the elevation difference here.

This feels like a commercial movie theater, but everything is nicely padded, super quiet here. And I'm pretty sure since we're on the lower level, these walls are all concrete. So you can feel the difference on my sound. It's super dense here. This would be an awesome place.

Honestly, put a movie on, kind of disconnect from the world. Just enjoy the movie. - [Mikey] For sure. - All right, Mikey, let's bring everybody back. We got one more room here, which is the office, who puts a massive glass pivot door for an office? Well Viewpoint does, you know, to kind of elevate the experience, right? It goes in, look how much natural light is coming.

I can't even open my eyes almost here it's so bright. They left the concrete walls on the back with they provided ton of built-ins on this side with natural stone countertops, as well as the backsplash, you have some open shelving above you see diffusers are nicely built into the cabinetry. The desk set up, so cozy. Honestly, this should be an awesome office, meeting room, you name it. It goes either direction.

- [Mikey] For sure. - And that's pretty much it for the lower level of this home, but of course we can spend a few more hours here, wait for the sun to go down so we can see this place at dusk. (soft pop music) All right, everyone.

That's it for the tour. Now I love this house. It has such a cool unique architecture lines throughout. And the two courtyards that we saw at the lower level are such a unique amenities to have and bring so much natural light to the lower level of this home and big congrats to the architects and the developers of this home, Viewpoint Collection. And I also want to thank them for getting us in here, allowing us into their amazing development. I can't forget the listing agents, Sally, Tomer, Drew, again, big thanks to them for getting us in here and allowing us to tour this amazing home and share it with all of you.

And lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, just make sure to give us a like. If you have any questions or input as always leave us a comment down below. And if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to our channel and we'll see you guys next week. (soft pop music)

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