Inside a $24,995,000 Los Angeles MEGA MANSION with a Massive Movie Theater!

Inside a $24,995,000 Los Angeles MEGA MANSION with a Massive Movie Theater!

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- What's up everybody it's Enes here. Welcome to another episode. This week, we're in Brentwood and about to tour this gorgeous newly constructed home right behind me.

Specs of this home, we've got eight bedrooms, 10 baths, 13,216 square feet of interior space, built on a 17,551 square foot lot. And this property is currently on the market for $24,995,000. As always, we will leak more information about the property down in the description. And before we start our tour, I wanna thank the listing agent, Santiago Arana for allowing us to tour, it's amazing listing and shared with all of you. Now let's begin (soft music) From the street level, we have the gates opening up to this half motor court which is nicely pavered. House was also nicely set back from the street level with this privacy hedging.

And let's talk about this beautiful home. It has East coast traditional architecture with the brick facade on the first floor and the second floor, complimented with the board and batten siding throughout the entire property. A lot of good details with these great windows, overhang designs and we even have a covered entrance with standing seam roof and bluestone floors here.

Now, let's go inside. Alright, everyone. Here we are at the entry. We've got this beautiful, solid wood door with sidelights, trans and window above, bringing natural light into the entry.

Two-story ceilings here with the gorgeous chandelier. And on my left hand side, we have the formal dining room. And on my right-hand side, we have the formal living room area.

Let's start here. We have this beautiful seating set up here, piano on the right hand side, grid windows are bringing a ton of natural light in, and we have this beautiful gas fireplace here, perfectly bookmatched right in the center. It looks gorgeous.

- [Mikey] We've never quite seen a design like that. That's that's pretty, pretty crazy. - It's pretty bold, right? - [Mikey] Yeah. I really liked that. - I love how simple they kept their fireplace designs. It looks really nice. We're gonna see more of this later in the video.

Now, of course we have a gorgeous chandelier here as well. And as we continue on the other side, we have the formal dining room area, beautiful wood-paneled walls, coffered ceilings, and we have this gorgeous chandelier right in the center and they use the same style of lighting pretty much throughout the entire room as wall sconces as well, which is really cool. - [Mikey] Yeah, something. Another thing we haven't seen before, is the way that these lights cast a shadow on the ceiling. It's really, really cool. - It gives it a unique character.

- [Mikey] Yeah, I really like that. - I agree. It's a nice touch. Now, they went with a little bit more of the darker tones here with the wood paneling and also Mikey, can we get a close up here? Obviously, we have the gorgeous table here, but there's also a service hallway that connects the formal dining room area all the way to the kitchen. So it's a nice short walk and we have plenty of cabinets uppers over here as well with a beautiful backsplash that has a brass inlay. Now, let's go back to the hallway.

Now, the same hardwood floors continue. On my left-hand side, we have the staircase going down to the lower level, which is the basement level. We have amazing entertainment space there. And upstairs goes up to the second floor where we have five bedroom suites.

Now, I wanna take you guys this way, going in we have a small hallway here and opens up to beautiful powder room, marble floors with brass inlay, water closet here, gorgeous vanity designed with wood tones, marble countertops and these double doors open up to the paneled beautiful office space. A lot of great windows. Again, same coffer ceiling details are also here. Actually, Mikey, can we get a close up? I just recognize the details.

We have to point this out. Can you pan up to the easy diffusers? Look into detailing on that. That's pretty cool.

And I liked that the nicely flushed that in as well. We have to show these details. - [Mikey] Always = Always. Overall great space and conveniently located off of the entry. Now, this hallway takes you to the family room and the kitchen and you can access to the backyard from there. But before we go to this side, I wanna take you guys to this hallway.

This is the service hallway that I just pointed out. And as we continue, elevator access that goes down to the lower level as well as the second floor. And here we have a mud room and this door leads us to the three car garage with epoxy floors that opens up to the mortar card. Now, more built-in closets, and this store goes into the laundry room.

Two washers, two dryers, plenty of upper cabinetry, as well as lowers on this side. Mikey, get a close up on this. This is unique. They kinda have this like shallow cabinet design over here underneath the upper cabinets.

I don't think we seen a detail like this before. - [Mikey] What do you, what do you keep in those cabinets? Detergent? - Detergent, probably. I'm assuming the logic behind this was, since we already have the washer and dryers here in the countertop, the space in between is about 12 inches. So they decided to fill that in with more cabinets.

- [ Mikey] Yeah, maybe it has an access to the hookups on the back of the washer dryer too. - Maybe, good point. Let's actually check that out and you're right. - Yup. - Good job Mikey. You're soon building a house, he'll do it. Alright.

- {Mikey] I need to start my own channel. (laughing) - Now, we have this store opening up to the outdoor access. Cement tile floors, more cabinets here, sink set up, good sized laundry room. Mikey. You've got to come in. We forgot one more detail. - [Mikey] Oh, did we? - Doggy wash.

- [Mikey] Ooh, that's really nice. That's just looks like a shower almost. - Almost. - Yeah. - I agree. There you go.

Now, let's go back to the hallway. Staircase going down to the lower level, again going up. This is the second set of staircase.

And right here, we have a spacious guest suite. Come on in. Building closets on this side, better situated right here. This room gets ton of natural light and we have the French doors opening up to the backyard.

And what I like about this room is that it's very secluded from the rest of the house. So this could serve great as a mates quarters or a good guest suite. And we have the bathroom here. Bathroom also has an exterior door because this bathroom can serve as the pool bathroom as well and seem to have cement floors, vanity set up and beautiful walk-in shower. Now, let's go back to the hallway, so we can tour the family room and the kitchen.

And of course, because we have more of the traditional lines, we have vync clothing on the walls, beautiful hardwood floors. And now, let's go check out the family room. Family room is very spacious. We also have these glass doors stacking into the walls, opening up to the backyard.

We'll see that in a bit, comfortable seating area, plenty of built-ins, more great windows. We have the secondary gas fireplace here again cloud with beautiful natural stone, TVs mounted right above and to warm up the space a little bit more. They have this beautiful wood paneling that continues from the family room, all the way into the kitchen. It's another comfortable seating area.

Now, before we toward the kitchen, follow me this way because family room has a sparse set up here, dual elevation, some seating areas up front. And I mean, you get your small fridge, all the good stuff, upper cabinets, and look at the backsplash with the brass in-lay. That's pretty cool. - [Mikey] Is that pretty difficult to install? Do they do that in the same with spacers? Like they would regular tile. - No, that's the mosaic, but whoever is manufacturing these things, they're doing a good job. Now, between the family room and the kitchen, we have this dining area right in the center.

This is the heart of your home. I mean, this is where you sit down, where you have your dinners. We also have a secondary French doors opening up to the backyard and we're gonna talk about the kitchen, but first we have a small desk set up here. That's the service hallway that I mentioned earlier as well. Some uppers here, Mikey, let's go toward the pantry. A lot of open shelving, spaces well utilized all the way to the ceiling, and check this out, Mikey.

Can we get a closeup? You have a fridge. Sub-Zero fridge in your pantry. How cool is that? - [Mikey] Well, it's new, small little details in the freezer. - It's a smart touch. I like it. The fact that you have in Virginia pantry, I feel like it's appropriate almost.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - Now let's talk about this gorgeous, stunning kitchen. I mean, plenty of cabinetry. Again, we see a lot of these timeless traditional details like the glass cabinets on the uppers, crown molding details. There's a lot to cover here.

I'm gonna start on this side. We have a panel freezer and straight set up here. Your built-ins, Wolf appliances. Again, cabinets are brought in all the way to the ceiling and it's the beautiful inset cabinetry with these timeless brass handles.

Actually. Let's see. That's what I thought. That's I got the hardware.

Oh, that's pretty cool. That's your lazy Susan right there. - [Mikey] We love these. - We love those. - [Mikey] Is that called a lazy Susan? - I just assumed that way, Mikey.

I didn't know. So I'm assuming they still call them lazy Susan. - [Mikey] Well, sorry to call you out. - Yeah, no worries. So yeah.

We have more natural stone countertops. They have the lettered finish here, timeless oversize, still wet house the glaze finishes also here. Uppers continue.

Now, this is really cool. They have this beautiful 16th gas stove here, built pilot conch, and it has all these traditional details and to tie it all off, even have a vent design that kinda picks up the same design elements. I think it looks gorgeous and it gives a little bit of character to this modern design.

Now, as we continue to check out the cabinetry, of course, every bit of space is well utilized, and your cabinets continue. We have the secondary sink here. By the way, I think I missed the first sink on this side. Dishwasher is right here, continuing secondary farm sink where you can see your backyard.

You can get some ventilation if you like. And this I believe is a secondary dishwasher. There you go.

And cabinetry pretty much continues. And of course, we have this massive Island right in the center with bar seating, gorgeous pendulum lights with the brass details as well. Overall gorgeous design. I love the cabinetry, natural stone, everything about this kitchen. Now, let's go check out the backyard, but first, Mikey, why don't you come right here? I'm wanna show a detail.

So, we have these glass doors stacking into the walls, but check this up. You know, actually, automatic. (soft music) - [Mikey] Yeah, these are really cool. I'm always curious why we don't see these at Morehouse's.

I know I've said that before, but-- - Well, they cost a little extra, but it's a good quality to have, I mean, look how easy it is to just open up, pocket and mint to the walls. And now you have your family room opened up to the amazing outdoor space. Well, first of the moment you walk out of the property, you have this covered patio with space heaters, chandelier's, built in speakers and the same blue stone floors that we saw at the entry. He brought it to this level as well, as well as the surroundings of the pool. But first, before we go to this side, I wanna take you guys right here. So, we're gonna see the basement level in a bit, but they also have an exterior access to the basement level.

So you have parties over here, have people, and you wanna take them down to the lower level. They can access it straight through here rather than going in through the house. Now, as we continue, of course, we have the outdoor barbecue area over here, wolf gas grill, you have your built-ins Concord countertops. They even use the same brick that we saw at the facade of the home over here to cloud this bar set up. And as we go this way, this is your amazing pool area, same bluestone pretty much continues. This pool also has an automatic cover.

And I mean, it's pretty good size, simple plaster. We have the spy here. It's an amazing outdoor space. And from here, you can see the rest of the yard. We have this massive grass section on the other side, property is nicely hedged, you get ton of privacy.

I mean, this is an amazing backyard to enjoy. Mikey, what do you think? - [Mickey] I really like it, starting to get warmer, summers coming. This pool would be really nice to have.

- I agree. I agree. And I mean, house looks gorgeous from here. Again, same brick facade, we have the board and band siding over here and that's pretty much it for the backyard. Now, let's go downstairs and check out the lower level. (soft music) Alright everyone, here we are at the lower level. Now, before we continue our tour, I wanna make a quick announcement.

Check out the link in the description because we also interviewed Santiago Rhino, who's the listing agent of this property. He's one of the most successful real estate agents we have here in the city. He has Walter knowledge. And if you wanna learn what it takes to become a real estate agent, his story and some of his secrets to his success, make sure to check out the interview. Now, right in front of us, we have the family room and the bar area.

But before we go that way, I wanna take you guys through these doors to check out the movie theater. Now, this is an extremely spacious movie theater. We have three tier seating here, screen on this side, everything is beautifully paneled, then we have the wall sconces.

I mean, I'm gonna take a quick walk here, but we have the carpet floors also. I feel like it's an experience to be in this room to watch a movie. We have the projector above and Mikey, let's get a close up here. I mean, look at these drawers beautifully staged with candies. I'm almost having a hard time controlling myself right now.

And of course, we have the bar set up on this side with these inset marble countertops. Overall, this is a another great entertainment space. And we're used to seeing a lot of movie theaters in homes, but this one definitely is one of the biggest and I feel like extravagant ones. Now, let's go back to the living room area. Off of the landing, we have the family room here.

Again, L-shaped couch, nice ceiling heights, plenty of built-ins, TV's mounted on this side, but most importantly, I think this is one of the unique elements of this basement level. That's the exterior access that I just showed it to you guys. And these doors open up straight to the lower level. We have the pool table right in the center.

And as we continue, let's talk about this bar. I feel like developer, one of the, put an amazing movie theater, as well as this amazing bar. Look, how many seating spots do you have on that side? Dual elevation, beautiful natural stone countertops with this lettered finish. Of course you have the pendant lights above and going this way, we have the sink, ice-maker, even get a dishwasher. And to top it all off, while you're sitting at your bar, you'll look at this amazing view with this picture windows, looking into your wine cellar. Let's take a quick look.

This whole wall is your wine cellar, temperature controlled, beautiful cabinetry. And I mean good use of space as well, and something pleasant to look at as you're sitting in your bar. Now, as we get out, by the way, if you guys are wondering where would your TV go? You already have your TV wiring right here. Now, from the landing we can actually see these picture windows looking into a gym area. In fact, let's go check that out.

Before we go in there, enter powder room for this level, marble floors, beautiful vanity, textured countertops and these double doors open up to the spacious gym. Same old hardwood floors are also in this level. Every gym equipment here, it's nice and open because we have all these windows, again bringing light and kind of making the space feel more spacious. And it extends out right here.

You have a little massage area, and this store opens up to the sauna. So over the years I thought I go into a sauna to show people how these rooms look. But then I also realized I liked them because I like to smell fresh cut of wood. So there you go.

Now, let's go back out. And right here, we have the elevator access on this level. Continuing in, we have mechanical room, extra storage.

This door opens up to a bedroom suite on this level with carpet floors, eagerness access, and a full bathroom with walk-in shower. And as we continue, another closet, another one right here, second bedroom suite on this level, again with carpet floors, eagerness access, and a spacious bathroom with walk-in shower. Now, let's take this staircase, which is the secondary staircase, and go up to the second floor, and check out all the bedrooms.

(soft music) Alright everyone, here we are at the second floor. I actually took the secondary stair case. This is not the main staircase because I wanted to start from this side of the home. And this store right here, opens up to the first bedroom on the second floor. It's a spacious room that is facing the back of the property. We have the French doors here opening up to the balcony for this bedroom.

Walk-in closet right here. And this door opens up to the bathroom with a cement tile floors, beautiful vanity, marble countertops and a walk-in shower with a timeless subway tiles. Now, as we go out, and go into the other side of the second floor, we have two bedrooms here and a seating area. This is obviously oriented as seating area for the kids. We have these beautiful built-in desks setups that open shelving. This is like where they will have your computer or do their homework.

And we have two bedrooms here. Starting with this one, Tray ceiling detail above this bedroom is front-facing. Again, every single one of these bedrooms are extremely spacious, better situated on this side with this beautiful shiplap look on the back. Right here, we have the walk-in closet and going in, we have the bathroom right here, marble floors, same solid vanity with the inset cabinets, this one actually gets a tough setup.

Now, as we go out, let's go check out the secondary bedroom or a secondary kid's room, which is right here. Again, extremely spacious room with penal back walls. This one actually has a really unique ceiling detail that I really like, gorgeous chandelier. It's a desk set up, walking closet there.

And also just like the first bedroom, this one gets a front facing balcony with the same bluestone. Now, let's go check out the bathroom, which is on this side. I also really like how they use different kinds of materials to differentiate each one of the bathrooms.

This one also has a cement tiles with a set different pattern, walking shower with these oversized glaze tiles, marble floors. And we have the vintage set up right here. Now, let's go back to the hallway. And of course, just like the first floor, we have these coating pretty much throughout. This is your elevator access on the second floor, smaller laundry room, washer and dryer, and some upper cabinets, again, it's a nice convenience to have because we were on the second floor.

You don't have to go down to the first floor. And this door opens up to the primary bedroom which we're gonna tour in a bit. And right here, you guys can see, this is the main staircase coming up to the second floor.

Now, last bedroom before we toured the primary bedroom, come on in. This one is also a front facing bedroom, we have the voltage ceilings with wood panels and other gorgeous chandelier. Like I mentioned, all these bedrooms are extremely spacious. And of course this one also gets a walk-in closet, nicely paneled in your drawers, hanger space, everything you need. And as we go out to the other side, this one also has its own bathroom. Hexagon floors goes all the way into the walk-in shower.

I love the marble mosaic back wall. Then it is set up right here. Now, let's go check out the most important bedroom in this house. Primary bedroom. Also at the landing, we have these built-ins as well, grid windows bringing natural light and this big door opens up to the primary bedroom suite. Come on in.

Now this is a very spacious room. We have the King size bed situated on this side. A lot of grid windows are bringing a ton of natural light, of course, better situated in front of the gas fireplace, cloud beautifully with marble.

We have the TV above and as we pan up, we have this gorgeous ceiling treatment as well closing up the room and you have your seating area here, more windows. You can actually see your pool area from here. It's a very spacious bedroom.

And following in, we have some built-ins over here and two closets. Let's start with the first one. This one has more of the lighter tones, but again open shelving your shoe racks, hangar space, drawers, everything you need. And going to the other side, we have the secondary closet.

This one has more of the darker tones with pretty much the same finishes. Now, this store, I feel like we went through a lot of doors, this door opens up to the primary bathroom, which is incredible. The scale in this house is simply stunning. All the rooms are so spacious and I mean, take a look at this primary bathroom. We've got so much space right in the center.

Beautiful chandelier, double vanity set up. I guess let's start with this one. We have marble countertops also used as a backsplash. Inset cabinets, your sink number one, right on the other side, secondary sink. Actually the other side has a makeup area as well. And two water closets, beautiful marble floors with a herringbone design.

And let's take a look at this gorgeous marble walk-in shower. I mean, you have double of everything, your shower heads, hardware, rain head right in the center just gorgeous all the way to the silver, all these molding details. Lastly, the freestanding tub, which is positioned right here where you can take a look at your backyard, beautiful hardware.

I mean, what can I say? Overall gorgeous primary bedroom suite, and a bathroom. (soft music) Alright everyone, we have Santiago here, who's the listing agent of this property. Santiago, thank you so much for making the time and sitting down and chatting with us. We got a couple of questions for you and I wanna start off with the property itself. It's a beautiful property.

We're here in Brentwood park. It's a new construction. We already got a chance to tour the first floor, second floor.

There's a lot to see here. So do you mind telling little bit more about this property? - Of course, thanks for having me by the way again, this is awesome. - No worries. - Yeah, we have the privilege to be doing this interview here at this incredible estate that is just, just got finished. It's a brand new construction, but this property is very special.

These developer is a very, very detailed oriented developer. I've sold properties for him before, actually around the corner I sold appropriately for him for almost 22 million. There was kind of similar certain changes, but very similar. So I had the opportunity to work with him before, but it's a beautiful home, is got, it's a combination.

It's kind of like a transitional, right? You have the traditional shell of the house. And then as you walk in, you see a lot of more contemporary finishes, right? The doors I use that we're gonna look in a little bit that is light, and this appearing into the wall, remote control, bigger spaces, cleaner cats, cleaner materials, lines are super clean. So, great home. I mean, this is a little bit over 13,000 square feet sits on you just under 20,000 square feet lot, perfectly flat, rectangular. - You made the best out of it.

- Exactly. And then you do have, it's double gated, very private from outside, pool with automatic cover, big grassy yard for the kids to go and play out there. Kinda like everything you really need in a home.

So, those are kinda like the most important features of this house. I don't think this is gonna stay in the market for a lot longer, I'd love for people to come and see it. It's an incredible house.

- Alright everyone. That's it for the tour. I love this house. It has a beautiful floor plan, amazing indoor outdoor flow, and you guys saw it earlier. You have all that entertainment space down below. And upstairs, you get five spacious bedrooms.

It doesn't get much better than that. I'm glad we got a chance to tour this amazing property and shared with all of you for that. For that, I wanna thank the listing agent, Santiago Arana for allowing us to tour his amazing listing. And I hope everybody enjoyed this video.

If you did, make sure to give us a like, if you have any questions or input, as always leave us a comment down below. And if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to our channel, even hit the notification bell, and we'll see you guys next week. (soft music)

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