Inside a $25,000,000 Los Angeles Modern Home with Detached Guest Home & Tennis Court

Inside a $25,000,000 Los Angeles Modern Home with Detached Guest Home & Tennis Court

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- What's up, everybody. It's Enes here, and welcome to another episode. This week we're in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, and about to tour this newly rebuilt contemporary estate right behind me designed by our dear friend, Michael Palumbo. This home has exquisite finishes, beautiful details, an amazing backyard with a detached guest home, and a tennis court. And the house itself has 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 13,240 square feet of interior space built on a 30,333 square foot lot.

And this property is currently on the market for $24,999,000. As always, we will leave more information about the property and the property link down in the description of this video. And before we start our tour, I wanna thank the developers and the listing agents, Aaron Kirman, Verna Helbling, and Adam Rosenfeld for giving us the honor to tour their amazing listing and share it with all of you. And now, let's begin our tour. (upbeat music) From the street level, we have the gates opening up to this spacious motor court where you can park up to 30 cars if needed.

The whole front of the home is nicely landscape and all hedged. And focusing on this side, we have the house in front of us. Smooth stucco exterior, I really like the metal coping detail that they have throughout. Underneath the overhangs are all clad with this beautiful wood paneling that really warms up the exterior look of this home.

We have the three car garages on this side and the front door right here. Let's go inside. Now, we're at the entry. We've got this beautiful pivot door.

And as soon as you walk into this property, the first thing I see are these oversized glass tiles mixed with this black marble off of the entry. I love the pattern here. And on my left hand side, we have the staircase going up to the second floor. Right above that, we have a massive skylight bringing a ton of natural light to the entry of this property as well. And this whole space is complimented with this gorgeous chandelier right in the center. Now, before I leave the entry, right across, we have a spacious coat closet for the entry of this property.

And going to my left, this door opens up to a powder room located on this level. Same glass tile floors. Beautiful marble on the walls that goes all the way to the ceiling. We've got a fabricated vanity design here with a LED lit mirror. And right across, this sliding door opens up to the office. Very spacious, I love the built-in seating that they have right below the window here.

Ton of built-ins. And we're gonna see this detail throughout the property. A lot of these glossy lacquered finish wood paneling throughout. Spacious room, and this door opens up to a half bathroom dedicated for the office.

Marble walls all the way to the ceiling, and a gorgeous vanity design. Now I wanna take everybody back to the entry and right across, we have the formal living room area. This is without a doubt one of the most exquisite seating setups we've ever seen on this channel. The furnishings in this house are incredible. We're gonna see them throughout.

I love the sofa setup here, complimented with these accessories from Fendi. We have a linear gas fireplace right in the center with a mirrored wall. And I got to mention these chandeliers as well. Overall, very exquisite and elegant space.

Now, right next to the formal living room area, we have an additional seating section. They placed the piano here. Massive window facing the front of the property. I love this oversized carpet that they use in this room, gets ton of natural light. Another great space right next to your formal living room area. Now, I wanna take everybody this way.

We have a beautiful sunken bar set up here. All clad with marble. I love the bar seating on the other side. You have your dual elevation here. Sinks set up, dishwasher, flat panel cabinetry.

And I believe we have two wine fridges on this side. Another detail I wanna point out here is the wood paneling that they use as a back splash that runs all the way to the ceiling here. It's almost like defining the bar area, warms up the space. And Mikey, we got to talk about these floating shelf designs here with the subtle LED lighting. The gold colored contrast. And I love these gold bars.

Again, Michael Palumbo did a phenomenal job with accessories. It's something unique and honestly totally different. - [Mikey] Yeah, it looks really cool. Is that alcohol gold bar? - I think so, it's a gold bar premium blend whiskey, I believe. - [Mikey] Okay, I didn't know. - I did not know.

- [Mikey] I've seen those in a few houses, yeah. - Nice touch, now let's step out of the bar area. We have some seating section on the other side, of course.

And we are at the formal dining room area. This is without a doubt one of my favorite rooms in this house. I love this glass table design with the maroon chairs. Love the contrast, the color, the warmth. We've got a gorgeous chandelier right in the center. Such an exquisite space.

And Mikey, we got to point out this side. So we have the wine wall here. Temperature control, but check this out. I love these branded wine bottles, with Michael Palumbo's brand, Elite, the development company - [Mikey] Yeah, I think the last time we shot his house, they were empty, but this time they're full.

- They're full, right? - [Mikey] Yeah. - And just an elegant space. I love these glass doors. And right across, right on the other side, we have these automatic glass doors seamlessly pocketing into the walls, opening up to the backyard. We have the pool set up right there and we're gonna see that later in the video. Of course, we have the built-in speakers, recess lights, automatic curtains, everything you need.

Now, Mikey, let's go this way. Before we step into the kitchen and family room, I wanna take everybody here. This is where we have the chef's kitchen right next to the formal dining room area.

You have your Miele gas stove, six burner, commercial vent above, two dishwashers. And I just love this stainless steel clad cabinetry with the countertops. It's all polyform. Even the sink set up here, Mikey, can we get a closeup? It looks so exquisite. It's blended in to the countertops.

We have some upper cabinets here, pantry space behind me. This is where we have the first paneled fridge. Your microwave, espresso maker, another one, and another fridge. Great chef's kitchen right next to the formal dining room area.

Now, I wanna take everybody back to this hallway. And we step into the kitchen area. This part of the home is all open. We have the family room right on the other side. And the first detail I wanna cover in this exquisite space, are these automatic sliding glass doors.

They are currently all open. Another signature Michael Palumbo detail. We have no headers above, meaning, from floor to ceiling, you have this entire opening all focused towards the views. That way you don't have that 8 to 12 inches of ceiling drop. You just have the seamless look. And in fact, let's hit this, Mikey.

We have the doors currently closing because they're all automatic. Now, right next to the kitchen, we have this informal dining room area, beautiful polyform marble table here. Chandelier above, I mean talking about contrast, this is it.

And now I wanna focus on this side where we have the kitchen. We have some built-in cabinetry here with open shelving on each side of these appliances. You have your microwave, two ovens, espresso maker, all Miele, you have your clad freezer and fridge on this side. Now focusing on this section, we have two massive islands that are the majority of this kitchen. All with waterfall edges, beautiful natural stone countertops.

And we got to talk about these mirrored cabinet fronts. It really goes with this sleek and contemporary lines of this home and something totally different. Right above, we have two Miele induction cook tops with pop-up vents. And going on this side, I know, Mikey, you may be fooled thinking that this is two different drawers, but if you actually pull, you have a Miele dishwasher. In fact, not pull. - [Mikey] Oh, there we go.

For the people, they love that. - For the people, right? We have the sink on my left hand side and I really like the fixtures here. They kind of have this coppery gold color. We're not used to seeing them, but again, it goes with the lines, kind of the color palette of this home.

Focusing on the other side, we have the secondary island. Let's see, it's either this one. Nope, I think- - [Mikey] There we go.

- Secondary dishwasher on this side, same fixtures. This one actually has a bigger sink design. And on this wall, we have some open shelving LED lighting.

Again, all mirrored with a TV nicely recessed. And focusing on this side, we have more base cabinets here on the island and they brought the same wood paneling detail that we saw at the staircase. And it actually wraps around, that's the entry hallway. And kind of serves as like a backdrop for this kitchen. Overall, very sleek kitchen. And I really like this two massive island approach that the designer did.

Now, going through this opening, we have the family room. It's a very cozy space. We have rift white oak hardwood floors here that are bleached giving you that warmth. Furniture set up here all facing the TV and the linear gas fireplace.

This whole assembly here is clad with this really unique tile design, mirrored wall on the side. It's a nice cozy room right next to your kitchen. And again, we have additional sliding glass doors here opening up to the side patio. Now, Mikey, let's take everybody this way.

We have a hallway here taking us to the back of the property. We got a few rooms to check out here. I'm gonna start with this one. I know it looks a little seamless, but it opens up to the movie theater. Dark carpet on the floors, vertical lighting on the walls. It's a nice cozy movie theater, but we gotta talk about the color contrast here.

These light gold electric recliner chairs, which are super cool by the way. Let me show everybody this real quick. There you go.

- [Mikey] Very comfortable. - Yep, and, Mikey, we gotta get a close up of this. In case you want that seamless look, you just close it off, push of a button, there you go.

That's your heated or cooled cup for your recliner chair. And I wanna talk about the color contrast here because Michael Palumbo, the designer of this home. He's one of the rare designers that I know can use so many different bold and interesting colors within the home and yet make them all work together.

And honestly, I don't know how he pulls it off. I would of never thought of putting a dark carpet here with these light gold recliner chairs, but it looks very exquisite and timeless. And honestly, he's the only one I know that can really pull this off. - [Mikey] Yeah, and just to clarify for anyone that may be new to our channel or anything, Michael Palumbo is the designer that designed the home in Calabasas that we toured. I think it's our most viewed video right now.

- Correct. - [Mikey] It has like 11 or 12 million views at this point in time. And it's kind of an audience favorite. - Yes, everybody loved that house.

- [Mikey] Yeah, for sure. - So it's the same designer that also designed this home. Now, right across from the movie theater, we have a powder room. Same glass tiles on the floors, another exquisite vanity design here. And I love this mosaic pattern that we have on the walls. Again, making it a nice contrast.

Now, let me take everybody back. We have a small wet bar here with a fridge and sink. And this door opens up to a very interesting room.

It is the salon. And to be more specific, it's your hair salon. You have your salon chair here. Bowl to wash your hair, marble countertops, oval mirror, two washers, two dryers stacked on that side. And you have polyform sink here. It's just another great room, that compliments this home.

Now I wanna take everybody back to the hallway. We have the secondary staircase here going up to the second floor. This door opens up to the office we toured earlier, and this hallway leads us to the three-car garage that opens up to the spacious motor court. Now, we have the last door here opening up to a maids quarters on this level. Nice spacious room.

And right around the corner, we have a full bathroom for this room. And that's pretty much it for the lower level. Now let's go outside and check out the backyard. (gentle music) This backyard is incredible, super private. We have this massive grass section right in the center.

Detached guest home on the left-hand side, amazing pool area on the right. We've got a lot to cover on this backyard. First off, we're off the kitchen, sliding glass doors open up. PlasDECK decking, over this side. I'm gonna talk about this decking setup in a bit.

We have the family room all opened up to this section where we have the water feature and the floating concrete pads. It's just a nice setup. And focusing on this side, Mikey, let's go tour and talk about the pool area. And by the way, this decking that I'm on right now and on the other side of the pool is PlasDECK decking, meaning, or it's a type of decking they use on the boats. So it's super durable, it's way more expensive, and kind of fancier than the decking that we're used to seeing. But a good thing is you don't need to seal it, you don't have to do anything to maintain it, you just have to wash it, power wash it here and there once or twice a year.

- [Mikey] Yeah, anything on a boat, has to be super weather resistant. So, I'm sure it takes a long time to degrade. - Exactly.

Now, can we talk about this incredible pool set up here? So inviting, we have the dark blue plaster, mosaic tile on the coping, and I actually love how that deck kind of wraps into the pool as well. You have your spa on the other side. This is incredible. Again, the whole backyard is hedged. We have the outdoor seating section.

And at the end of the pool, we have an outdoor barbecue area with your grill, fridge, ice maker, and it's nicely covered as well. But I wanna take everybody to this side, to this walkway because we have this sunken outdoor seating area with a fire pit right in the center. But more importantly, we have this glass front. So it's a super cool view once you light up the fire pit. This is a vibe here. I love this.

- [Mikey] It is, I love a good glass pool. - I know, great space. Again, this backyard is just unbelievable. You have everything you need.

Now coming back up to the grass section right on the other side, we have this detached guest home. As soon as you step inside the first room we have is the living room area. Again, oak hardwood floors, we have the TV on this side. We've gotta talk about this window assembly here with the ethanol fireplace.

It's all open facing that walkway that we saw earlier. Just a cool space, right? We have the sliding glass doors open up. I know this is a detached guest home and it's a good one, but I can easily see someone using it as a pool house or an office.

Detached office, that'd be awesome. Now we have some built-ins here. Wet bar, marble countertops uppers. And going through this door, we have the bathroom here.

Obviously, this bathroom also serves as the pool bathroom because we have an exterior door here, stone clad walls, vanity set up here. This door opens up to the walk in shower. Very clean design. And right next to that, we have the water closet and Mikey, your sauna set up. - [Mikey] Love a good sauna. - That's right.

- [Mikey] And don't forget about the magnetic doors also. - I know, Rimadesio, right? - [Mikey] Yeah. - Now, this guest home is two stories because right above we have a spacious seating area for the primary bedroom. We have the wet bar on this side, you even get a microwave, espresso maker, small fridge, sink. This is great, with open shelving. Right around the corner, we have a full bathroom for the guest suite.

This one gets an oversized vanity set up here. Marble clad walls that goes all the way into the walk-in shower. Definitely a spacious bathroom. And coming back out, we kind of have a wraparound balcony here. First opening on this side, and this door opens up to the bedroom itself. King-sized bed here and definitely a spacious room.

I love the light fixtures right next to the bed setup. You have your built-in polyform cabinets on this side. And focusing here, we have another sliding glass door opening up to the balcony on the second floor for the guest home. And you get to look at your backyard pool area and the main house itself from here. And lastly, Mikey, we got to go out there and check out that incredible tennis court.

- [Mikey] Let's do it. (gentle music) - Now, this is really unique for Hancock Park. You have a championship sized tennis court within your property. It's super private, nicely hedged here. It's just crazy to think that that's your backyard right there. You just step up, boom, you can play tennis here.

And obviously, you can change it to a basketball court if you want. Another plus about this tennis court is that you have LED lighting, outdoor lighting throughout. So if you wanna play tennis or basketball at night, you can easily do that. Again, I'm just mind boggled that you have this at your backyard, how cool is that? - [Mikey] Yeah, it's pretty crazy. I feel like Hancock Park, it's one of the older neighborhoods in town and typically, they're kind of tighter lots.

They don't go this deep. So fitting a tennis court back here, it's kind of crazy. - Well, this property particularly sits on a really big lot. In fact, I wanna bring everybody to this opening here.

House from this angle looks super cool. Again, keep in mind, tennis court is elevated. We can kind of see the backside of the property.

We have that awesome guest house that we toured earlier. You can see the second story of the home. We have this massive balcony facing the backyard. Your pool set up. I don't know, this home is so cool.

I love the exterior clad again with the darker smooth stucco and the coping detail they have throughout. And that's pretty much it for the backyard. Now let's go back inside and check out the second floor. (gentle music) All right, everyone. Here we are at the second floor.

We talked about the staircase earlier, beautiful modern design with a skylight above. And on the right wing of this home, we have the primary bedroom and the gym. And we're gonna see that later in the video. But first, I wanna start on this wing.

As soon as you come up to the landing, you have the family room right in front of you. Super spacious, I love the U-shaped couch set up here facing the TV. And we got to talk about this sandblasted textured stone that they use on the back wall here. Have some cabinetry with LED lighting. Great space, and of course, just like the first floor, we have sliding glass doors here.

Stacking on this side, opening up to the massive balcony on the second floor facing the backyard, we have the same PlasDECK decking also here. Just a great space. And right on the other side, we have a full bathroom for this area, another vanity set up here. Stacked tile back wall continues all the way into the walk-in shower. Beautiful fixtures, good-sized bathroom.

Now, before we leave this area, there's one more detail. I love these built-ins on this side. These are actually desks, Mikey, you ready? Remember this detail? - [Mikey] Oh, yeah. - These soft opening doors that we saw at the Calabasas property. - [Mikey] Yeah, yeah, that's right.

- There you go, we have it here too. Now off of the landing, we have an additional seating area facing the staircase, and to compliment this room, we also have a wet bar here all polyform. Now, the first bedroom on this level is on my right hand side.

It starts right here and this is the junior primary bedroom. Same hardwood floors, good size room. I love the dark blue king-sized bed set up here. Again, talking about the contrast.

TV on this side, automatic sliding glass doors opening up to the same balcony that we saw earlier, and wrapping around on this side, Rimadesio pocketing glass door. Go straight into the bathroom, another vanity set up here. Marble walls goes all the way into the walk-in shower.

Just a great room, ton of natural light coming in, right? - [Mikey] Yeah. - Now, we have the walk-in closet on the other side. And going back to the hallway, we have the second staircase right here coming up to the second floor. Another bedroom on this side facing the side of the property. Built in desks set up here. Around the corner, we have the walk-in shower with same marble on the walls and walk-in closet here.

Now, I wanna cover this room, washer and dryer. We have the laundry room for the second floor and going back to the hallway, we have another bedroom on this side. The first thing I recognize as soon as I walk into this room is this dark burgundy, reddish back wall color here. This custom bed setup. Furnishings in this house with the minotti, polyform, they're so exquisite. So well appointed.

And this is another great bedroom. We've got a massive window assembly facing the front of the home. Mikey, let's take a look at the walk-in closet. This is great. Every drawer, everything just feels so exquisite. You have your shoe racks here with LED lighting, hanger space, all the good stuff.

And around the corner, we have the bathroom, mosaic tiles on the floors. Marble shower right there with 4 rain heads above reveal detail throughout. And Mikey, if you can get a closeup, mosaic tile actually has this like really cool pattern, almost like an earthy pattern. It's not all glossy and all that. Chrome fixtures, cold and hot, I love that little detail. Great bathroom.

Now, let's take everybody back. We have one more bedroom on this level. Let's take a quick look at that. It's right across. Another front facing bedroom. We have the built-in desk setup here with the TV, bed is on this side.

You have your walk-in closet. And around the corner, we've got another good size walk-in shower. I love these vanities that we've been seeing throughout. Just another great room. Now let's go back to the entry so we can check out the primary bedroom and the gym. (gentle music) Right off the landing, across from the primary bedroom, we have the gym.

It starts right here with this massive glass door. As soon as we step in, I have to acknowledge how futuristic this gym looks. With all this technogym equipment, you have your treadmill, elliptical, bike. This is phenomenal. The whole space is mirrored.

You have your recessed in TV with a speaker on the bottom. This is great. - [Mikey] Look at these custom kettle bells here. Pick one of those up. - Let's get a close up of this.

I've never seen a kettle bell this futuristic and cool before. Mikey, we got to show the dumbbells too. I mean look at this.

Look at the precision cut on these. Gorgeous, beautiful. - [Mikey] I don't think we've ever talked about dumbbells on this channel - On this channel before, right? I know.

So this is the gym right across from the primary bedroom. And let's take the hallway and start our tour of the bedroom here. Rimadesio door opens up. We kind of have this entry foyer with skylight and lacquered wall paneling that again welcomes you to the bedroom. And going through here, we walk straight into the bedroom itself. Look how exquisite this bedroom setup looks here.

This is stunning. I love the chairs up front. Again, lacquered wood paneled back walls.

These recessed in ceiling mount wall fixtures on each side of the bed. This space just feels so exquisite and elegant. And we have some built-in cabinetry here. Marble wall, linear gas fireplace with TV above. And this is another detail we have to talk about. You know these doors.

- [Mikey] Yeah, for sure. - So you can get that seamless look. You have another polyform sink here, small fridge, open shelving. And this bedroom also opens up to the second floor balcony that we saw earlier. - [Mikey] Yeah, and just look at the size of this bed.

This is bigger than the king. - Without a doubt, it's not a king sized bed, I agree. I feel like it's like two queens joined together something like that. - [Mikey] Like a California king, is that the term for it? - Maybe, maybe, but look how stunning it looks, right? Hardwood floors, just a great bedroom. And going through here with another glass pocket door, we walk straight into the primary bathroom. This bathroom is crazy.

So we have a freestanding tub here, massive window assembly, automatic shades, chandeliers on each side, and going through here, we have the first vanity set up here. All fabricated stone, you have some cabinetry on each side. I love the subtle gold brass detailing with their mirror fixtures. And Mikey, you ready for this? Look how incredible this walk-in shower is. We have a fireplace dividing freestanding tub area from the walk-in shower.

You have your bench design here. LED lit shelves, 6 rain heads above. We have another rain head on this side. Body sprays, beautiful fixtures. And I really like this stone tile pattern that they have, that pretty much wraps this wall all the way to the skylight above.

This walk-in shower is exquisite. - [Mikey] It's really nice. - It is really nice, right? Mikey, let's get out and come back to the main hallway. Right on the other side, we have the second vanity set up here. Of course, we have the water closet for both sides, just a great bathroom. And going through here, we have the primary bedroom closets.

Two of them, all polyform cabinetry. We're gonna start with this one. In fact, I'm gonna open up this cabinet here as you open up LED lights turn on.

Mikey, look how exquisite with the wrapping and interiors, and look at these drawers. Everything is so beautiful. This is the first closet. It has that clean look. Actually, let me close this one. We have another glass panel wardrobe there.

And following this opening or this hallway, we have the second primary bedroom closet. This one is definitely a little bit bigger. I love the massive island right in the center clad with leather on top, glass fronts. And we have ton of storage space or wardrobe space in this closet. We have the glass fronts here, some closed ones, shoe racks on the other side.

Massive window bringing natural light that is front-facing. Overall, a great size primary bedroom closet. Now I know that might be it for the primary bedroom, but I wanna kind of take everybody back one more time.

And we got to check out that primary bedroom balcony. Mikey, what's your favorite room or favorite detail about this house so far? - [Mikey] Kind of took me off guard there. - I know, that's why I asked now. - [Mikey] I like that there's a tennis court in the backyard. I didn't expect that for Hancock Park. That's pretty interesting.

- It is a pretty big sized lot, right? And the way they utilized it, honestly, I think they did a great job with pool on the right hand side, guest house on the left. You have that elevated tennis court and the views from here, from the second floor balcony is great. Primary bedroom opens up, just an awesome outdoor space on the second floor of this property. And that's pretty much it for our tour, but of course, we're gonna spend a few more hours.

Wait for the sun to go down so we can see this place at dusk. (gentle music) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. I hope you all enjoyed this video.

Big congrats to the development team for doing a phenomenal job with this build. Honestly, the whole house looks incredible, both during the day and at night. I also wanna thank the developers, the designer, Michael Palumbo, and all the listing agents, Aaron, Verna, and Adam for giving us a chance to tour their amazing listing and share it with all of you. As always, you can find more information about the property and the property link down in the description of this video.

Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, just make sure to give us a like. Subscribe to our channel, and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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