Inside a $34,900,000 CALIFORNIA MEGA MANSION with Ocean Views!

Inside a $34,900,000 CALIFORNIA MEGA MANSION with Ocean Views!

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(upbeat music) - What's up, everybody. It's Enes here. Welcome to another episode.

Today we are here at Newport Coast, California and about to tour this newly constructed, stunning, modern Mediterranean home, right behind me. Get ready to see some exquisite finishes, amazing rooms, six-car gallery and a primary bedroom suite that takes advantage of these incredible ocean views. Now, specs of this home. We got 5 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 11,671 square feet of interior space built on three combined lots totaling approximately 26,000 square feet.

And this property is currently on the market for $34,900,000. As always, we will leave more information about the property down in the description. And before we get started I wanna thank the listing agent, Hanna Karcho, for allowing us to tour her amazing listing.

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And on top of that, it's actually located on a cul-de-sac. So it's nice and private here. On our right-hand side, we have the driveway going down to the lower level where we have the subterranean garage.

That garage is currently holding some incredible cars and we're gonna see that later in the video. Now on our right-hand side, we have the walkway taking us to the backside of the property. Again, we'll tour that later as well. And now let's talk about the house itself.

Beautiful, smooth stucco finish on the exterior. House has a modern Mediterranean architecture. And I love these recessed-in arch windows and balcony details we have on the first and second floor. And to compliment the warmth of this exterior, they have these steel planters, shutter details and ornate light fixtures. And lastly, we have this entry here with the water feature and the front door right in front of us. Let's go inside.

All right, everyone, here we are at the entry. We have beautiful limestone floors, pretty much throughout this level. Gorgeous light fixtures above. And we're gonna see beautiful light fixtures throughout. On my right-hand side we have a formal dining area, but first let's focus this section where we have the formal living room area.

We have a beautiful seating setup, gorgeous chandelier right above, and to cozy up the room, we have a gas fireplace here clad with beautiful marble, bookmatched and I really appreciate how they put marble cover plates for your future TV setup. That's awesome. - [Mikey] Yeah, Mikey, let's get a close up of that.

- That's right. You already did. There you go. Now we have the built-ins here, small sink setup and you have a built-in fridge as well. And going this way we have sliding glass doors that pocket into the wall, opens up to a covered patio, and to the amazing views.

We're gonna see that later in the video. And right behind the formal living room we have this section right here and we have the double doors opening up to the secondary seating area. Just like the formal living room, we have these sliding glass doors pocketing into the walls, opening up to the covered patio space that leads you to your backyard. Same limestone floors. Nice cozy room. I really, really like the warm wood paneling that they have throughout as well as the ceilings.

We have the cove lighting detail, another gorgeous chandelier here. And just like the formal living room, we have a gas fireplace here with beautiful marble, with built-ins on each side. And lastly, we have these arched windows facing the front of the home, bringing a lot of natural light to this space. Now, as we go back to the entry, right on the other side we have the formal dining room area, beautiful table, seating for 10, gorgeous chandeliers above. We have more arch windows facing the front of the home and these sliding glass doors open up to the side of the property where you have more additional outdoor space.

Again, we'll also tour that later in the video. This door opens up to the chef's kitchen, which is incredible and we have a small wine rack design right here. Now, as we go this way, we're back at the main hallway. On our right-hand side, we have the staircase going down to the lower level as well as the second floor.

And I really like how they carried out the same limestone finish on the stairs as well with these marble risers and LED lighting. It looks very elegant. Now, right here, we have an additional hallway, small hallway closet, French doors opening up to the backyard, and this door opens up to an exquisite powder room, white oak cabinetry, beautiful marble countertops.

And they carried out the same marble as a back wall here as well with this recessed-in mirror design. And in fact, they carved out the marble to follow the lines of the mirror which is really unique. Chandelier above, wall sconces. And to top it all off, they have a concrete drop-in sink, which is really unique. - [Mikey] Yeah, I bet that sink weighs a ton, but I wanna know something about that marble wall.

That's not a single piece. Isn't that just like a kind of clad on there? - I mean, there's some cuts in there, but it's pretty seamless. Looks pretty cool.

- [Mikey] I mean, that must be extremely heavy. - Also, I mean, trying to make this work here and make sure all the lines are perfect, that's not easy. - [Mikey] Yeah, I can imagine. - Now, another unique detail about this powder room, they have these upholstered walls, which is really exquisite and we have the water closet here. Amazing powder room.

Now, we're back at the hallway. On our right-hand side, we have the elevator access here. And following this opening, we have the grand kitchen, family room and the dining area. This side of the home is all open, gets a ton of natural light. We have these sliding glass doors, all opened up to the amazing views. We have that perfect indoor-outdoor flow, dining area over here.

And right in front of me is this incredible kitchen. Dual islands, beautiful white oak cabinetry. We have the first island right here with the compressed glass countertops with a waterfall edge. This one is back lit, has seating areas on each side.

Right next to that, we have the secondary island, same countertops with the waterfall edge, of course, some extra storage on this side. We have the main sink here. And as we look to this side, we have the base cabinets here with marble countertops, mosaic marble backsplash with the chevron pattern. And I really like these upper cabinets with a glass insert.

In fact, Mikey, let's get a close up right here. They even have the recessed lights inside of the cabinets. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really nice. - It's a cool touch. - [Mikey] Although I guess you always have to keep it perfectly organized, you know.

- That's also true. - [Mikey] Everyone can see it. - That's also true. All right, now, as we continue, we have a 60-inch wolf gas stove here, six-burner, vent above, clad with the same white oak cabinetry. On this side, we have the main sink like I mentioned earlier.

Let's see Mikey, let's get a close up. We have the paneled-in dishwasher located here. And as we continue more base cabinets, more uppers. You have your espresso maker, microwave here, paneled-in freezer and your fridge.

And we have more base cabinets and uppers on this side kind of servicing the eating and dining area with a small fridge here. Lastly, LED lighting underneath the cabinets. Now, that's not it for the kitchen because we have this hallway here.

This is really cool. And I think any home above $20 million should have this. Walk-in fridge. - [Mikey] We really don't see these enough. - This is cool.

This is a luxury. Like I love this. - [Mikey] Yeah.

Yeah, we've seen like one, maybe two. - It really cold here by the way. I gotta get out, but it's just a really nice amenity you should have. I feel like any homeowner would really appreciate that. Mikey, let's step back for a second.

Let's see. We have a pocket door here opening up to the amazing chefs kitchen. We have the same white oak cabinetry also here with quartz countertops, open shelving, casement windows, that are facing the side of the property. Your sink set up. Let's get a close up.

We have the first dishwasher here, nicely paneled-in. Second one on this side. Right behind me we have this door opening up to the formal dining room area like I mentioned earlier. More base cabinets, more uppers. Vent set up.

You have an additional 48-inch gas stove here and there you go, additional fridge set up here. I mean, this chef's kitchen is great. There's one more detail here. I know Mikey loves this.

- [Mikey] Been looking forward to this thing. I don't know why I like these so much, but-- - Dutch doors huh? - [Mikey] Yeah. We don't see 'em that often. - We don't see 'em that often. It's a cozy touch.

But the reason I wanna open this door up, let's go check out the side of this property. It's not so common for properties in this neighborhood to have a backyard space like this one. This property sits on a really spacious lot. And on our right-hand side, we have the staircase going up to the second floor, backside of the property where you can access the guest suites. Now, as we follow this walkway, we have beautiful landscaping around. Again, this side yard is very spacious.

We have a water feature right in the center. And right behind me, we have these sliding glass doors from the family room opening back into the house. Before we go in there, there's one more detail I would like to point out. Instead of going with some sort of a gutter design, the developers went with this rain chain design instead of gutters which looks really unique. And during rain, water just runs over it. It's really cool.

- [Mikey] Yeah, I saw these around the house. I was wondering what they were, but I like that name, rain chain. - Rain chain, That's right. All right, now we have the patio space here. Same limestone floors goes into the property.

Another set of stacking glass doors opening up to this spacious family room. Nice, comfortable seating here. Same recessed lights, cove lighting detail. And on the other side, we have the gas fireplace clad with beautiful marble and built-ins on each side. There's one more detail I would like to point out here, these sliding glass doors behind me, including this open corner design, they're all automatic. With a push of a button, you get the seamless indoor-outdoor flow.

Now, as we take this hallway, on our right-hand side we have a full bathroom, natural stone floors, walk-in shower with chrome fixtures and we have the vanity set up right here. - [Mikey] I'm kind of curious. What kind of stone is that in the shower? That's pretty cool.

Go in there, show them. - I don't know. I think it's onyx. I don't think it's marble. It does look really cool.

Look at all the texture and everything. - [Mikey] It looks like little crystals almost. - That's right, that's right.

I think it's onyx. - [Mikey] Yeah, anyway. - If you know, let us know in the comments section.

All right, now we have this door opening up to the side of the property. Now, we're not done yet with the interior square footage on this level because we have another door from the family room opening up here. Covered hallway, and this door opens up to the first floor of the detached guest house. Come on in. First floor of the guest house is currently staged as an office. But before we talk more about this room, why don't we go through this door and check out the full bathroom, got beautiful marble floors, white oak cabinetry, marble countertops with the wall sconces.

And as we go through this door, we have the water closet here and that leads us to the spacious walk-in shower, beautiful marble walls. And they carried out the marble design from the floors into the walls as well creating this beautiful contrast. Now, as we get out of the bathroom, let's go check out this spacious room. Again, staged as an office. We have two French doors opening up to the backyard and the side yard, desk set up here and more built-ins on this side.

I appreciate that they put a small sink here, microwave, and I'm pretty sure, there you go, this is a small fridge. - [Mikey] It's almost like a little kitchenette, I guess. - And what I like about this guest room and the reason they staged it as an office is because it opens up to this side yard that we just toured, has its own patio space with the pergola design above. Mikey, can we tilt up to the ceiling for a second, to the pergola design.

We have the wood beams and right on top they capped it with the copper flashing. Looks great. It's a nice elegant detail. I wanted to point it out.

These columns. And I think I forgot to mention it earlier. What's so great about this side yard is let's say you have guests coming or you have people working at the chef's kitchen, they can go through the side yard and access to the kitchen. Or if you have meetings here, they can just take this walkway, come here, have your meeting, and they can just leave without going through the property. - [Mikey] Yeah, so nice to have. - I agree, I agree.

Now, this side yard kind of wraps around to the backyard. We have an outdoor dining area here and as we continue to the other side of the office, let's open up these French doors and go check out the incredible backyard. First off, secondary patio space off of the guest house. Look at your views from your office.

This is incredible. I mean, this place, the energy here. We're elevated, we see the ocean, we see the hillside. It's so nice. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really, really nice. And we've been in LA too long.

Like even this grass, I'm like, oh, it'd be nice to have grass. - Isn't it ironic? Every time we tour a property in Newport Beach or Orange County, we just keep complaining about living in LA and why we don't live out here. I mean, people are literally enjoying the ocean.

I see people sailing on their boats. It's nice. - [Mikey] We're not there yet. - We're not there yet. - [Mikey] Maybe we'll start a Patreon.

- Maybe (chuckles). Let us know in the comments section if you guys would support us. All right, now we have walkways here, beautiful water feature off of the guest home.

The second floor of the guest home might get some of the best views of this property. And again, we're gonna tour that later in the video. Now, let's take this walkway. That's the door that we just walked out of. And as we continue, we step up to the patio, limestone floors but right here, they have more of a leathered finish so you have a little bit more texture and grip.

Covered outdoor patio, the light fixtures and following the other side, this is where we have the outdoor dining area off of the kitchen. Outdoor dining table, your built-in barbecue setup, your gas grill, fridge, small sink. And I really appreciate these polished concrete countertops. Something about concrete countertops, I just really like. - [Mikey] You know what I like? - What? - [Mikey] They decided to put a vent above because it's not fully outside.

So they're like, you know - Well, it's close to the kitchen. - [Mikey] Yeah, they're like you have these doors open, you might as well put a vent. Get any smoke or anything else, yeah. - Smart. Smart.

Now, covered patio space. Let's step towards the pool area. Same limestone floors. We got a beautiful pool set up here.

Big jets are on. I mean, look at this lifestyle. This is really nice. Now, we continue. This is the French doors opening up from the hallway where we have the powder room.

On our left hand side we have an additional covered patio space. This is the formal living room area and that's the secondary seating area that we toured earlier in the video. Nice outdoor space.

And as we go this way, following this walkway, more outdoor seating. Your spa set up, incredible views and we got more to see. Let's continue.

On the left-hand side we have this flat grass section here. Additional, I feel like I keep saying outdoor seating area, but more outdoor seating area with a fire pit right in the center. I mean, this backyard is awesome. Views are even better. The whole vibe here, I'm really enjoying. What do you think, Mikey? - [Mikey] I really like it.

I could imagine this being an awesome house to see at night but I guess we'll do that later, right? - We'll do that later. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Also, a little bit of information about the neighborhood. This community has rec center with basketball courts, tennis courts, hiking trails and we literally had to go through three different gates before we arrived at this property. So you're nice and secure in this neighborhood.

- [Mikey] Yeah, not to mention you're like five minutes from the beach. Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Balboa Island. There's just so much to do there. So many restaurants, so many bars. Like you're in the heart of it.

- I agree. Amazing location, phenomenal views. And that wraps our tour for the first floor of this home. Now let's go back to the staircase, go down to the lower level and check out the entertainment space. (upbeat music) All right everyone. Here we are at the lower level.

Like we talked earlier, staircase brings you down here to this spacious landing. We have beautiful hardwood floors here. Piano on the right-hand side. The whole entertainment space is on this wing.

But first, why don't we go through this door and check out this incredible car gallery. We have checkered pattern garage flooring here. And since this garage is on the lower level, we have this concrete driveway bringing us to here. And I really like how they lit up this entire concrete driveway with these modern wall sconces and the recess lights on the floors. - [Mikey] Yeah, can we go in there actually? It's so unique, it's like, you know...

- It's different. We don't see this quite often. - [Mikey] It's like pulling in like Iron Man or Batman or something, you know? - Exactly. I mean, it's pretty intense, but it's nice to see that it's all concrete. Your cars are nice and secure here.

Now, as we go in, obviously this car gallery is very spacious. Currently, they have six cars here, but you can easily park probably eight or nine. But I love how they kind of left it all open and let's face it, I mean, if you own a $34 million home, you probably have some nice cars. And in this case we got a G Class here, Bentley, another Bentley, Ferrari California, you gotta have Tesla and an Audi.

- [Mikey] Wait, is that a Bentley or a Rolls? - That's a Bentley. That's Bentley Mulsanne. - [Mikey] Oh, okay. - It's a pretty nice one. - I thought it was a Rolls, yeah.

- Overall this is an incredible car gallery that compliments the motor court upfront. Now, as we go back into the landing, let's go check out the lower level. Right here on our right-hand side, we have the elevator access again going up to the top two floors.

And this opens up to the main space on the lower level. We have a seating area, pool table, and the bar set up on the left-hand side. Let's start with the bar setup. We have a dual elevation island here. Same glass compressed countertops that we saw in the kitchen island is also here. Chandeliers above, sink set up in the center, plenty of built-in cabinetry here.

And as we continue, Mikey, let's get a closeup here. Of course, we gotta check out our fridge set up here. Another one on this side.

Let's see, ice maker? There you go, they have it. - [Mikey] You gotta. - You gotta have it. Microwave setup. I like these simple countertops, TV on this side. And again, this bar setup is all about complimenting this amazing entertainment space.

Pool table right in the center, and they carried out the same light fixtures on the bar also here. We have the TV set up on the other side. Before I talk about here, why don't I take you guys to this side. This door opens up to a small room. They currently staged it as a gym area but you can use this for storage. There's actually a small closet here as well.

Now, what I like about the seating area is, number one, it's all open. We have a gorgeous modern chandelier above, two egress access. One of them is an exterior door, one of them is actually French doors, allowing natural light and fresh air to come to this level. But in the future if you wanna utilize this space as a gym or an office you can simply close off this section with a glass enclosure or a wall to create some separation for this area. Now, as we continue we have more built-ins here. And talking about a gym, this door opens up the very spacious, incredible bathroom.

We have the vanity set up here, quartz countertops, complemented with the beautiful white oak cabinetry. I really like this back wall design with the stacked tiles, wall sconces. And as we go this way, we have the water closet here with the same tile wall as a back wall. Now, right on the other side. This glass door opens up to extremely spacious walk-in shower, clad with natural stone around the walls.

Even the ceiling is nicely tiled. We have the same tiles also on the floor. We have beautiful fixtures here, steam shower. And I really like this bench design here with the quartz finish. And they use the same quartz also for the shower sill as well. Creates a nice contrast.

Now, as we go back out to the lower level we have the first seating area here and the second seating area on our right-hand side. Beautiful staging. I really like the light fixture right in the center with this oval cove lighting design that warms up the space. And as we continue here, of course, we have an additional gas fireplace here clad with marble. And talking about those arch details, we have two recessed in built-ins on each side with beautiful white oak paneling another cozy seating area. Now, same hardwood floors continue.

Right here we have a powder room. We have gorgeous marble floors installed in a herringbone pattern. Looks stunning. And we have the same white oak cabinetry, marble countertops, fabricated sink. And I really liked these light fixtures on each side with a round mirror and around the corner we have the water closet. Now the last room on this level is right here.

These double doors open up to the incredible movie theater. Come on in. Very spacious room.

We have three tier seating, nice couch setups and walls are wrapped with this cloth that also serves as a sound insulation. Screen on this side, built in speakers, cove lighting detail above. And on our left-hand side, we have a small bar set up here with a fridge and a sink. Overall, it's a great movie theater.

Mikey, what do you think? - [Mikey] You know, movie theaters are always my favorite details in homes. And this one is really nice. - I agree. It's a good one. All right guys, that's it for the lower level.

Now let's go upstairs to the second floor and check out all the bedrooms. (upbeat music) All right everyone. Here we are at the second floor landing. We have a skylight right above letting natural light all the way to the lower level complemented with the chandelier right here. Now, right in front of us we have these double barn doors opening up to the seating area on the second floor.

Nice, comfortable seating, casement windows on this side and we have accordion doors right here facing the views opening up to a private balcony for the seating area. It's another great setup. And actually Mikey, can we pan up to the ceiling real quick. We have this nice vaulted ceiling detail with the beams. And to compliment it all, you have a bar set up right here, microwave, white oak cabinetry, small fridge, sink with this gorgeous marble countertop and the backsplash with the leathered finish. Looks stunning.

- [Mikey] Yeah, it's really nice. - Now, we normally tour primary bedrooms later in the video but you know what, it's right here. Why don't we go through these double doors and check out the primary bedroom.

We have the first bathroom on our right-hand side. But first let's go through these doors and check out this spacious, incredible primary bedroom suite. This room is very inviting. We have the king sized bed on the right-hand side, chandelier above, two ceiling light details. We have cove lighting right in the center and I really liked this recessed-in LED lighting all around the room, kind of cozying up the space.

Same beautiful hardwood floors. And right in front of the bed we have a seating area. As we look to the other side, this room is complimented with a small sink right here. And I love how this section is kind of arched and recessed-in, kind of carrying those Mediterranean details.

Gas fireplace, clad with marble, with a TV setup. Of course your primary bedroom comes with a small fridge. And to compliment it all, these sliding glass doors pocket into the walls over there, open up to this covered patio space.

You enjoy the amazing views not only from your bed, from this outdoor space as well. Nice seating set up. And we actually have a secondary sliding glass door opening up from the bathroom to this covered patio space. Same limestone floors are also here.

Like I mentioned, very cozy, inviting and spacious primary bedroom suite. Now, these double doors open up to the primary bathroom. We have the makeup area here, vanity set up, beautiful marble countertops. This is really unique. They have this textured tiled back wall here with round mirrors, recessed lights. Right on the other side.

Mikey, is this oval or circular I guess? Circular tub? - [Mikey] Circular tub, yeah. But it has a little bench almost in there also if you can see that. - Like a sitting section, right? - [Mikey] Yeah.

- It's cool. So it's a freestanding tub, circular freestanding tub. We have the chrome tub filler here, beautiful marble floors. Right above, to carry out that circular design element they did this like a ceiling treatment with the chandelier above. Looks great.

- [Mikey] Yeah, that's really nice. - Now, I mentioned it earlier, opens up to the balcony and right behind me let's check out this walk-in shower clad with marble. Everything is beautifully bookmatched. Same chrome fixtures are here. Shampoo niche, your bench set up. Mikey, I need you to come right here if you can.

Show the audience, what kind of views you get from your walk-in shower? It's amazing. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really cool. You can see all the way North up the beach.

- [Enes] Incredible. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Now, let's continue our tour. On this side, we have the water closet with small upper cabinet here and this door opens up to the first closet. They carried out the white oak cabinetry in the closets as well.

I mean, you have your hangers, shelves, LED lighting and I love how they utilize the space all the way to the ceiling. There's one more cool detail here I would like to point out. So obviously we have more cabinets here.

Check this out, Mikey, this looks like a shallow cabinet here, right? - [Mikey] Mm hmm. - So as part of Mediterranean architecture you have these recessed-in windows, which means from the exterior wall you have about 8 to 12 inches of setback and that's where you would position your windows. And because you have all that wall cavity, that allows you to utilize it. That's how we can have these.

- [Mikey] Full-sized drawers. - Full-sized drawers. This one is actually even cooler. Look at this. Look how shallow it looks. Check this out.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - Pretty nice, right? - [Mikey] Deceptively deep, yeah. - There you go.

Now, let's go back to the bathroom, go all the way to the other side to check out the second bathroom and the closet. Which starts right here. We are back at the hallway. Let's see. There you go. We have another set of pocket doors here opening up to the secondary bathroom.

This one has a little bit more of the darker tones, marble mosaic entry here with marble floors throughout. But first, Mikey let's show this. This is the first time we're seeing this.

This is a water closet. - [Mikey] Oh yeah. - And then we have, how would you word this in an elegant way, Mikey? - [Mikey] I don't know if I have the class. I would call that a urinal though. - Honestly, it's a nice amenity to have.

As a man, I feel like I would probably use it. - [Mikey] Yeah. So I'm gonna assume this is his side of the bathroom. - Yeah, let's assume that, right? Chandelier above and going to the other side we have, this may look like two walk-in showers, but it's not. This is your main walk-in shower. Same marble floors are here.

Beautiful marble slabs on the walls. Your fixtures. A little bit of more of a flat tone. This is not chrome.

This looks some sort of a satin finish. Because this is your main shower and this is your steam shower. How do I know? Because you have your steam control here and your outlet down below. So you essentially get like two walk-in showers. - [Mikey] That's cool. - Now, right on the other side, we have the white oak cabinetry, your vanity setup right in the center.

Marble countertops and the mosaic tile that we saw on the water closet, they used it as a back wall here. Cabinet starts on this side and we have this open closet space right here with LED lighting and hangers. Now, that is pretty much it for, let's see, am I forgetting anything? We also have these French doors opening up to a small patio off of the primary bedroom suite. I mean, it's extremely spacious, super warm and cozy.

And then I really like that it has two bathrooms. Now, we're back at the landing on the second floor. This is the elevator access right here. - [Mikey] Why don't you open it up? Let's see the inside.

We haven't opened it yet. - Let's actually do that. There you go. This is the elevator. They have the same wood paneling also here. Can you show the floors here real quick? I mean, they even have patterns on the floors in the elevator.

- [Mikey] Unnecessary, but it shows those lengths they're willing to go to, you know? - I respect that attention to detail. I love it. Now, same hardwood floors, also hardwood floors throughout. They're not just simple install. They also have this really unique pattern as well.

And this door on our left hand side opens up to the second guest suite located on this floor. Bed is situated right here with two fixtures on each side facing towards the amazing views. What I love about the bedrooms on this level, every single one of them gets a private balcony. I wanna show this real quick. Opens up to the incredible views. I mean, look at it.

This is just amazing. And Mikey, this is a weird place to show this but can we look towards the bottom right here. They have copper flashing throughout the entire property. I love that. They have copper flashing on top of the shutters on the exterior.

That is incredible. I mean, talking about attention to detail. And let's see, I think I mentioned but chandelier above. Barn door here opens up to your closet and your bathroom. Walk-in closet here.

Let me turn on the lights. There you go. Vanity setup here with marble countertops and they use the same marble as the back wall here as well with wall sconces. And right around the corner we have the walk-in shower and your toilet set up. Marble floors, marble walls, another good sized bathroom.

Now, let's go back to the hallway. We got more to see. Hallway closet.

Now this is really impressive. Another set of double barn doors opening up to laundry room. But I really like this laundry room. Why? I mean, you kind of have everything here. Beautiful cabinetry, I love that they even put marble countertops in this laundry room. Casement window bringing in natural light.

You have uppers, lowers, two washers and two dryers stacked, nicely organized, more cabinet space. Your second set here, more cabinets here. And I'm assuming this is where you do your like steam or use it as like a doggy wash maybe. - [Mikey] Yeah, I was wondering. I thought it was like a doggy wash but I don't know what that pole is above you.

- Like maybe you hang your clothes here, let them dry. - [Mikey] Maybe if you wanna drip dry or air dry your clothes, right? - That's right. Because that's why they have a drain on the floor. - [Mikey] Yeah, for sure. - But it's a really nice laundry room. So I wanted to kind of mention all the details here.

Now back to the hallway. Third bedroom on this level, which is right here. A little bit bigger than the bedroom that we just toured. Bed is situated here, gorgeous light fixtures just like throughout the entire house French doors opening up to the back.

We're gonna show that later. Another set of French doors opening up to the front-facing balcony for you to appreciate the incredible views. And right around the corner we have the bathroom.

Same style cabinetry, marble floors, marble countertops. And at this corner we have the spacious walk-in shower. Basically walls are clad with all these beautiful marble slabs. Now, this is interesting. So those French doors and the door from the hallway opens up to the backside of the property that we just toured.

Mikey, I know I'm taking you outside but this is where we have the closet. I feel like I forgot to mention that. - [Mikey] You did, you did indeed.

- Now we did. Now we covered it. All right, so we have this covered patio space shared by this guest suite and a hallway door. That's the staircase that I showed earlier from the side of the property that comes up to the second floor. Nice covered space. You have a seating area here.

And if we follow this hallway, although on the first floor it seems like guest house is not attached to the home, it technically is. And in the future, you can probably close off these walls if you want to kind of create a more intimate space connecting to the guest home. I like these columns, arches here as well.

And let's go inside. Let's check out the second floor of the guest home. Just like the first floor, second floor of this guest house is very spacious.

We have the beautiful hardwood floors here. King sized bed situated on this side. Nice beam ceiling detail with the gorgeous light fixture. What I like about this room is it gets ton of natural light because we have two sets of French doors, one facing the front, one facing the side, opening up to small balconies. So you get that perfect air flow in here. And I mean, from your bed, these views, Mikey, how many times did I point them out today? It's incredible.

- [Mikey] Quite a few. But whoever's living in this room is gonna be living right. With both these doors open I'm sure you get a lot of wind in here. It's relaxing.

- I mean, this is incredible. I mean, you have the ocean literally right in front of you. Now on the other side, we have the full bathroom. Let's take a quick look. Before you go to your bathroom, you kind of have a small bar area. Paneled-in fridge, some cabinetry, small sink, open shelving, and this door opens up to your bathroom.

You get your vanity, marble countertops, marble floors and we have the walk-in shower here with chrome fixtures. I mean, everything you need. Overall, I'm actually really impressed with this guest home because it has so many different uses. You can make it into a two-story office. Obviously it serves great as a guest home. And that wraps our tour for this home.

I mean, we toured the main home, we toured the guest home, but of course we're gonna do what we always do. We're gonna spend the rest of the day here so we can see this place at dusk. And after that, I'll summarize my thoughts on this house.

(upbeat music) All right, everyone. That's it for the tour. We spent the whole day here looking at these amazing views and got a chance to tour this phenomenal property. House is located in Newport Beach, Newport Coast.

Honestly, it doesn't get much better than this. And it took the developers five years to design and build this phenomenal home. I love all the wood tones, stones, marbles they used throughout. House had a very warm, inviting and humble feel to it. And for that, I wanna congratulate the developers for doing a phenomenal job with this build. And I wanna thank the listing agent, Hanna Karcho, for inviting us out here and allowing us to tour this phenomenal property and share it with all of you.

As always, we will leave more information about the property down in the description and I hope you all enjoyed this video. If you did, make sure to give us a like. If you have any questions or input, as always, leave us a comment down below. If you haven't already make sure to subscribe to our channel and we'll see you guys next week.

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