Inside a $41,000,000 Los Angeles Glass Mega Mansion

Inside a $41,000,000 Los Angeles Glass Mega Mansion

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(suspenseful music) - Hey everyone. It's Enes here and welcome to Bel-Air, Los Angeles. On this week's episode, we're touring this 16,500 square foot, newly constructed, modern home designed by the renowned architect Paul McClean. Now the house features six bedrooms, 12 bathrooms built on a 0.69 acre lot with an asking price of $41 million. As always, we will leave more information about the property down in the description of this video.

And before we start our tour, I wanna thank the developer, Vella Group and the listing agents, James Harris and David Parnes for getting us in here and allowing us to tour their amazing listing. And now let's begin our tour. (upbeat music) We're gonna start our tour from the front exterior of this property. Cobblestone driveway brings us right here.

It's nice and spacious, leads you to a covered carport where you can park easily four to five cars. Before we talk about this section, I wanna talk about the retaining wall here with the Oak screen details, which gives a lot of warmth as you're pulling into the property. Above the retaining wall, we have olive trees and coming back here, we have the covered carport, three car garage on the right-hand side, glass railing, so as you're pulling into the carport, you'll enjoy the amazing views that Bel-Air offers. Now, I really liked the cobblestone driveway, which gives it that nice Mediterranean feel. And we have a planter here with another olive tree, nice Corten Steel detail.

And now I wanna talk about the house itself, beautiful contemporary design. I love this limestone facade that they have on the second floor, which gives it a nice contrast between the glass and the stucco finish. And this property was designed by Paul McClean, who is one of the most famous architects we have here in the city. He's known for his contemporary homes, and this is another amazing one.

Now, we have the driveway actually bringing us right here. And this is a really interesting detail. We have a water feature that goes down all the way to the lower level, and it creates this nice tranquil sound, another olive tree there. And the lower level of this property is phenomenal, we're gonna see that in a bit.

Overall, very sleek design, and we have the front door here. But before we go inside, you actually have a fingerprint reader here so you can secure your home as you want. Now, let's go inside. As soon as we walk in, we have this spacious entry with a really unique art installation right in the center, double height ceilings, and sliding glass doors opening up and leading you towards the backyard.

Now, before we leave this section, we have a hallway here with a coat closet and the door at the end opens up to a powder room for this level. Now, I wanna start our tour on this side. And the first room we have in front of us is the formal dining room area. Oak clad walls, marble table right in the center. And what I love about the space is the fact that we have floor to ceiling glass walls on each side, bringing a ton of natural light to the space and it also frames an amazing view. We have the olive tree on our right-hand side located on the lower level.

And if we focus on the other side, we can actually see a perfect view of your backyard, infinity edge pool, and you can actually get a glimpse of the city view right there. And to benefit from this section, they also positioned a small seating area right here, right next to your water feature, great room, I love these Oak panel walls, which gives a lot of warmth to the space. Now Mikey, I wanna take everybody this way. This is where we have the formal living room area. Same limestone floors are also here.

And what I love about the space is the fact that it's really open and airy, furniture is very minimalist, but I love some of the pieces that they chose. I mean, look at this, we have an orange two chairs set up there, blue couch on this side, two lighter tone chairs, black one on the other side, and right in the center, we have a stone coffee table, it works so well. And we have a lot of bold art pieces throughout the property, which ties the entire experience together. Now, of course, no formal living room area is complete without a linear gas fireplace with a stone mantel down below, phenomenal space, and we have the sliding glass doors opening up to the backyard from here too. Now Mikey, we have the staircase on our right-hand side going up to the second floor and the lower level. And we're gonna talk about this design in a bit, but what's so amazing about this space is the fact that we have glass and steel from the lower level all the way to the top floor that way this floor can benefit from natural light as much as possible.

Now, I wanna take everybody here, we have this hallway taking us to the library. Now we see a lot of libraries and offices on this channel, but I really appreciate the fact that they have all these built-ins nicely recessed into the wall with LED lighting and they have definitely spent their time to stage it, it looks stunning. - [Mikey] Yeah, you know I love libraries in homes and I love offices in homes, but I really love the way they did this one with the LED lights and the use of the bookshelf, it's really cool. - They took it to the next level. I love it, I love the space. We have the desk set up right here, nice sliding glass door on the other side that tucks into the wall, that way you can open up the space.

And we have hardwood floors here that we're gonna see a lot throughout the second floor of this property. Great space. And I wanna take now everybody back to the hallway because we have two rooms that I wanna show here. First of, we have this glass floor opening up to the side of the property, they have a lot of olive trees and retaining wall there that we're gonna check out in a bit. Second powder room on this level, floating vanity with a stunning vessel sink, brushed nickel finishes and I like that they have plaster on the walls.

Now, I wanna take everybody this way. We have the first bedroom located on this level, and this one is pretty special because we have a really cool detail around the corner that I'll show in a bit, king-size bed, wall sconces, love the ceiling heights here, TV on the other side and quickly, we have the walk-in closet here, hardwood floors, and a full bathroom on this side with a floating vanity design and a marble back wall, goes all the way into the walk-in shower with a rain head. Now, what's great about this bedroom is this moment right here. They have this section which kicks up from the bedroom a little bit, floor to ceiling glass walls, in fact, ceiling heights are so high here that they had to actually custom fabricate another piece, which I'm assuming around two feet tall, to bring the glass walls all the way to the ceiling. I also appreciate that there are no headers here, that way you get the full experience. And Mikey, look at the view.

I mean, we have olive trees, retaining wall, crushed granite on the floors and I'm sure at night the space lights up beautifully. I would literally put a desk here, leave this door open and work out of my bedroom. - [Mikey] Yeah, nice place to have a little outdoor dining area too. - That's right.

Now Mikey, let's bring everybody back to the hallway. Beautiful property. And I wanna also congratulate the developer, Vella Group and the architect, Paul McClean for doing a phenomenal job, house is stunning and we're gonna see all these details throughout. Now we're back at the formal living room area. Again, sliding glass doors opened up. In fact, this home gets so much natural light that I'm actually gonna put my glasses on.

It's incredible. Of course we have the automatic shades throughout and now we are at the family room. Now I really like the furnishings in this house, we got this angular couch set up here, coffee table, and across from that, we have this Oak clad wall that goes up all the way to the ceiling where you have your recessed TV, below that you have your double-sided gas fireplace and I really like this raw steel clad that they have on this side. And right behind this wall, we have an outdoor patio space that we're gonna check out on a bit. Great space, we have the built-ins on the other side with a small wet bar and sliding glass doors open up and take you straight to the backyard.

Now the backyard of this property is stunning, every bit of space is well utilized. And first, I wanna tour the covered patio space right next to the family room. Same limestone floors are also here, we have a built-in seating facing the views, property's nicely hedged, and you can actually see those olive trees that I pointed out from that bedroom. You have your outdoor TV, double-sided fireplace.

So we are on the second side now, nice cozy little spot on the left side of the backyard. Now, right next to that, we have the outdoor dining area, built-in seating extends out to this section and we have another gorgeous olive tree in this, I'm assuming Corten steel planter. Just to clarify, it's meant to look rusted, but as it rusts, it actually doesn't lose it's structural integrity. So I wanted to mention that. Now, we have the lounging chairs here, sliding glass doors from the family room all opened up.

And this is where we have the formal living room area, so you have an awesome indoor-outdoor flow. Now, Mikey, let's bring everybody to this side, right to the center of this backyard. First off, we got this stunning above ground infinity edge pool that looks beautiful, has more of the darker finishes. Jacuzzi is slightly raised up and is definitely a good size and something about above ground pools, I just love them, I just think they're so contemporary and make the space feel very sleek. Now, this is another signature Paul McClean detail, walkway where we go over the water feature here and we can actually see the glass walls from the formal dining room and formal living room area.

Another gorgeous art installation here, which brings a nice pop of color to the backyard. And as we're going this way, we have another outdoor seating area. But first, I wanna actually turn the other side and talk about the exterior facade on this side. House looks very contemporary, we have walls of glass opening up to the backyard or to the views on the second floor.

I wanna point out this overhang detail, we have Oak cladding underneath which breaks the modern lines of this property and gives it a nice warmth. And I also like all the olive trees and the landscaping they have throughout, again, it kind of warms up the estate. And the last detail I wanna point out here is the exposed steel beam that we have on the second floor and on the roof line. And it's just a nice contemporary detail, we don't see it quite often, so I wanted to mention that. Now, this seating area is right next to the pool and you can actually see the steps which runs the entire length of the pool.

And we have great views, it's kind of hard to believe that this property is located in Bel-Air, from this angle I don't see any neighbors, all I see is beautiful lush landscaping. It's super private up here. And right next to your pool, you have an additional outdoor seating area. Right above us, we have the junior primary bedroom suite, which serves as an overhang detail, makes the space covered and of course, going with the angular lines of the home, we have additional sliding glass doors, all tucking on each side opening the space to the kitchen. What I love about the space is the fact that kitchen is really close to the outdoors, which makes it perfect for entertaining.

We've got a nice angular island design here, clad with natural stone, two sinks. And I wanna start our tour here, we have the fridge nicely paneled in, Miele, and we have the freezer on the other side, flat panel cabinetry and is nicely contrasting with this stainless steel finish right here, it's all poliform cabinetry, we have the induction cook tops right in the center, two gas cook tops here, vent above and all the uppers and the pantry space on the left have glass fronts. I love these built-in handles and Mikey we need to get a close up.

Look at the poliform drawers here, stainless steel with the built-in handle. Look at the inside of these cabinets, I mean, it's stunning. We have the microwave and oven here, beautiful kitchen, love the back splash with the book matching. And continuing on this side, we have the main sink, dishwasher, and wrapping around this island extends out with the bar seating, we have a small fridge here, your secondary bar sink, I believe secondary dishwasher, there you go. And we have our favorite here, ice maker.

- [Mikey] That's right. - And the last part, all this wall here, with glass fronts, it's all your pantry space. Now, I wanna mention one more thing about this section here. We have a nice informal dining area. Again, sliding glass doors, all opening up, that way, even from your kitchen, you'll enjoy your incredible views. Now, lastly, We have an exterior door here wrapping up to your car port and the secondary staircase that takes you up to the second floor.

But in fact, I wanna actually bring everybody back to the main staircase so we can check out the lower level. (upbeat music) Now, let's check out the lower level of this property, which is stunning. Staircase brings you right here straight to the seating area, two L-shaped couches, I love the massive art installation on the wall, ceiling heights are great.

We have recess lights, built-in speakers, and got an awesome bar area that leads to the wine cellar. And we're gonna check out all these spaces in a bit, but first I wanna actually turn everybody this way, where we have the staircase and this glass wall design. Now, we tour a lot of modern and new construction homes here in Los Angeles and every time developers design these lower levels or basement levels, their primary focus is to bring natural light and make these spaces feel spacious.

Now, this developer particularly here really went out of his way to design this massive glass wall which allows so much natural light to come in here and staircase is designed accordingly where it's very sleek and minimalist. You have open riser glass railing throughout to take nothing away from the natural light coming in. And it honestly works and makes this lower section of the home so spacious, so airy, and so inviting. So I wanted to point that out. Also, on top of that, he added this water feature here with a small pool and you can just leave these glass floors open, allow fresh air, natural light, and this tranquility to come into the space. We have another olive tree here that goes up all the way to the entry of this property.

This is awesome. I love this wall with a water feature and they use a texture tile there, So you can literally see water going down all the way to this pool. Phenomenal design. Now, Mikey lets take everybody back to the seating area, right underneath the staircase. We have additional small seating section another sliding glass doors opening up to the water feature. And right in front of me, we have the bar set up, natural stone countertops with a waterfall finish, your sink, ice makers, small fridge.

You get everything you need here. And this door opens up to a wine cellar located right behind the bar. This island actually goes slightly into the wine cellar, great space, and it makes it a perfect view for you to look at as you're sitting down on your bar.

Now, I wanna bring everybody back to the landing. We got couple more rooms to see. Again, it's all open hardwood floors and we have the movie theater here. Now, this movie theater is not completed and the developer will finish the movie theater according to the needs of the buyers that way they can design it however they want and the developer will do it for you.

Now, the lower section continues on this side. We've got an awesome glass ping pong table here. I didn't even know that they make these out of glass. My next home, I'm buying one of these. This is awesome. - [Mikey] Yeah, you know I love a ping pong table.

We might have to play a game later. - We'll do that later. Now let's bring everybody here, laundry room on my right-hand side, this door opens up to a powder room for this level and these glass double doors takes you to the gym. Now, if you look at the square footage of this home and look at the bedroom and bathroom counts, it may not seem a lot. But if you look at each one of the bedrooms and common spaces, they're all oversized. I mean, this might be one of the biggest gyms we've ever toured on this channel.

I love the rubber floors and I mean, you can fit so many gym equipment here. They have the same Oak wood paneling detail on this side with the mirrors, sliding glass doors opening up to a patio space on this level that way you can, again, allow natural light and fresh air to come into the space. You have your TV. And I really like the recessed in lighting detail that they have here with the strip right in the center. It looks super cool. And of course, no gym is complete without a wellness area.

Another double glass doors opens up to the space. And every bit of surface in this wellness area is all clad with marble. I'm gonna take everybody to the walk in shower. I love the textures here. Nice gentle slope, brushed nickel finishes. We have the handheld, rain head above and this is an interesting detail.

So we have the fixtures on this side. That way we can adjust the temperature of your shower as you like and once you get it to perfect temperature, then you step inside. I wanted to point that out.

Now, right across from this walk-in shower, we have the steam room. Now this steam room picks up the same marble details that we have throughout the wellness area, even the built-in bench is book matched, ceilings are clad, we have steam outlets and your steam controls are right here. Now, of course, we have to have a vanity design, shelves on the bottom, stone counter tops with a built-in sink, brushed nickel finishes, and the Oak paneling that we've been seeing throughout, they have it as a back wall here with the LED lit mirror, and you have the water closet right around the corner. Now that wraps our tour for the lower level. I wanna take everybody back to the main staircase so we can check out the second floor.

(upbeat music) Now let's check out the second floor of this property. I still can't get over how much glass we have on this section of the home, spacious landing. First door on our right opens up to the primary bedroom that we're gonna check out in a bit and this hallway takes us to four spacious guest suites that now we're about to tour. Also, I hope everybody is enjoying this video so far, if you do please, make sure to subscribe to our channel.

Nice open landing. You see the views of the city and coming back here, we have two guest suites on the end. Mikey, let's go check that out quickly.

They have a nice patio space here with a pergola design above, dedicated to four guest suites. That way, if they wanna benefit from the outdoors, they don't need to go down to the backyard another laundry room on my left and this door opens up to the first bedroom, walk-in closet, full bathroom off of the entry. I love the picture frame window, and we have the bedroom itself here, hardwood floors, nice spacious room. And we have a half wall glass assembly here with a casement window and each one of these bedrooms gets a unique view. Now, Mikey, let's go back to the hallway.

Right next door, we have the second guest suite. This one is a little bit bigger, has the same design elements, and again, the art piece is the furnitures throughout. It looks stunning. This one has a full glass wall with a Juliet balcony facing this tree view that's super tranquil and it almost feels like we're not even in Bel-Air anymore. Full bathroom around the corner, same marble in natural stone finishes, and we have the closet right here.

Now, let's go back to the hallway. We're gonna pass by the balcony that we have on the second floor. This is the staircase that comes up from the kitchen to this level. And we have two more bedrooms suites right here. Third one on my right-hand side facing the side of the property, like the other two bedrooms.

This one actually gets a private balcony with a sliding glass door, king-size bed, built-in wardrobes on the other side, I like the ceiling is nicely flush with the cabinetry and around the corner of course, this one also has a full bathroom with beautiful natural stone finishes. I love the book matching and details, and it has a floating vanity design. Now, let's check out the fourth bedroom on this level. This one is the junior primary bedroom suite. Walk-in closet on our left, full bathroom on our right.

And I got to say the natural finishes and the textures they used throughout the property really stands out. I mean, each one of these bathrooms are so tasteful. All these design elements works so harmoniously and we've got a gorgeous full bathroom in here with a walk-in shower vanity with brushed nickel finishes. Now this is a super cool bedroom.

Obviously it's a great size. We have the king size bed, built in closets, same hardwood floors. It even gets a nice little seating area, but more importantly Mikey, we've got to show this detail.

So you have a sliding glass door here. Even the corners have glass panels, and they've got a really really cool Juliet balcony here with glass railing. And what I mean by Juliet balcony is the fact that you don't have a balcony to step into, but you have this glass railing that kinda of replicates the feeling, That way, you can appreciate the amazing city views that you get from this angle. We have the Bel-Air Country Club down below us. This is awesome.

- [Mikey] Yeah, this is really nice. - Now, Mikey let's take everybody back to the hallway, I guess what's left is the primary bedroom so let's check it out. Mikey, what's your favorite detail so far? - [Mikey] Favorite detail so far, I wasn't expecting you to come to me, but actually the bedroom we're about to see is really crazy.

We've seen a lot of large bedrooms in LA but this, I think is up there to top two or three in the scale and size of it. - You're absolutely right, now let's check it out. We have the door here but first, you have another fingerprint here, that way you can secure your primary bedroom suite.

Come on in, this room is phenomenal. We have a lot of warmth in this primary bedroom suite, thanks to all these wood textures that we're gonna see throughout with the hardwood floors, Oak paneling right behind the bedroom set up. And I wanna cover this section in a bit, but first I wanna bring everybody's attention to the seating area. When I first saw the photos of this property, I thought this was a living room area on the second floor. It turns out it's part of the primary bedroom suite, I love the couches here, again, furnishings look so good in this house. You got a nice wet bar around the corner with some open shelving and we have the TV here with the linear gas fireplace, marble is beautifully book matched.

And Mikey, we need to get a closeup. So we have this modern baseboard detail throughout, right? And they wanted to mimic that or carried that line also here with the marble, and even though they have this reveal detail, again, everything is beautifully book matched. Now, let's pan the camera towards this side, beautiful area for you to sit down, enjoy the views, read a book because we have all walls of glass facing towards the backside of the home. Your pool is down below you and we have the first bathroom starting right here. We have seen a lot of stone in the bathroom so far, but this first primary bathroom takes the natural stone application and the spaciousness to a whole new level.

We have natural stone on the floors and a lighter tone, not just stone on the walls that goes all the way into this walk in shower. It's stunning, I'm gonna start our tour with a floating vanity design, beautiful cabinetry down below, you have the fabricated countertops here with a hidden drain, brushed nickel finishes and that stone back wall goes all the way up to the ceiling. We have the mirror above with two ceiling mount light fixtures and your countertops extends out to this side with another mirror and modern wall sconces. This is the area you sit down and you get ready for your day.

Now, coming back here, water closet on the left, we have the freestanding tub here with a brushed nickel tub filler and this natural stone back wall goes all the way into the spacious walk-in shower, we have gentle slope on the floors with a linear drain, brushed nickel handheld, and rain head above, shampoo niche, it's a beautiful bathroom. Now, I wanna bring everybody back to the bedroom. I mean, like you said Mikey, the size of this primary bedroom is something else, I mean, look at your king-size bed set up over there, you have vertical Oak paneling that goes all the way to the ceiling and behind this bedroom, we actually have the office set up that we're gonna check out in a bit. But what I wanna focus here, we have all these sliding glass doors tucking into each side, opening your bedroom straight to the views and your private balcony.

Now, Mikey, let's go this way. Right behind the bed setup, we have a built-in desk, same oak paneling detail is also here. And it is again conveniently located right behind the bed set up. Now, before we check out, the second primary bathroom, I actually wanna take everybody to the walk-in closet. We have poliform built-ins throughout the space.

I love this glass cabinetry design that has glass on both sides, that way, you can actually see through the other section of this walk-in closet. Massive island right in the center with this leathered countertops, open shelving, hangers, shoe racks, I mean, you'll literally have everything you need here. This looks like a bespoke retail store and above us, you have a skylight bringing natural light even to the space.

And Mikey, quickly show this section too. This is where you have most of your shoe racks. I mean, cabinetry continues, phenomenal walk-in closet. Now, what's left is the second primary bathroom. And it's actually right around the corner, we have a picture window here bringing natural light and this door opens up to the second bathroom. Same natural stone floor and wall application is also here.

Vanity has a little bit more of a darker finish, I love the countertops with the crevices and details which gives it a nice texture. Oak paneling on the back wall, we have the hidden drain here and bottom is actually opened up with this shelving design where you can put your towels, and all that good stuff. We have the water closet here with a bidet, and it actually has a skylight above that.

And coming back to the last part of this second bathroom, we have another open walk-in shower with same brushed nickel finishes, natural stone throughout. This is beautiful. I think the developer and the architect did a phenomenal job with the design finishes of this estate. Now, the second bathroom and the primary bedroom opens up to this private balcony dedicated for the primary bedroom. We have tiles on the floor, nice outdoor seating. Now, the cantilever design that we have above us, extends out halfway through the balcony, which creates a nice shaded area.

And the last part of this balcony is the phenomenal views, we have Bel-Air Country Club down below us. This is phenomenal, beautiful estate, and that wraps our tour of the home but of course, we're gonna spend few more hours here, wait for the sun to go down so we can see this place at dusk. (upbeat music) All right everyone, that's it for the tour. What a stunning property. I wanna give big congrats to the developer and the architect of this home for doing a phenomenal job. And I also wanna thank the listing agents, James Harris and David Parnes for getting us in here and allowing us to tour their amazing listing.

As always, you can find more information about the home down in the description of this video. And lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, just to make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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