Inside a $45,000,000 Los Angeles Modern MEGA MANSION

Inside a $45,000,000 Los Angeles Modern MEGA MANSION

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- What's up everybody? It's Enes here. Welcome to another episode. This week we're in Brentwood, California, and about to tour this incredible modern home right behind me. Few months ago, we had a chance to tour this property in its construction stage. And today we're getting a chance to tour the finished home. This home was designed and built by Ramtin Ray Nosrati with Huntington Estate Properties has amazing outdoor spaces.

Car gallery down below. Infinity edge pool. Rooftop deck. Beautiful interior square footage. We got a lot to see today. So I'm really excited for today's episode.

Now specs on the home. We got 7 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, approximately 18,000 square feet of interior space, built on a 54,885 square foot lot, with an asking price of $45 million. As always, we will leave more information about the property down in the description. And before we start our tour, I wanna thank the developer and the designer Ramtin Ray Nosrati for allowing us to tour his amazing new development. Now let's begin our tour.

(bright music) (water splashing) (bright music) - You know, the whole design was kind of thought of that it hits everybody, right? You have something for him, something for her. You have something for the kids. If it's a boy, if it's a girl at different ages. Again it's a full lifestyle. One unique thing about this property is, we're sitting on a private street, with only three homes.

1.3 acres extremely private. I did a laser system around the whole property. And what that is is, you know, just for security but it senses if it's let's say a dog, a bird. It'll go ahead and sense it. And if it's a human crossing over, then the alarm goes off and then notifies the security booth which we have.

It has its own security booth, 24 hour security guard. And then, I mean anything and everything you can think of from a putting green, to the indoor pool, to the sports simulator room. - You have it all, - Got it all. It's a lifestyle (gentle music) - House is located on a quiet street.

And from the street level, we have the gate opening up to this massive motor court. Right off the entry, we have a security booth. And as you drive up here, as you guys can see the motor court is very spacious.

We got a couple of cars here. A Rolls Royce, Bentley, McLaren, and a Ford Rhino which is really unique, but plenty of parking spots. That's the covered section right there with the chef's entrance. And around here, you can probably park about 10 to 12 cars. And the last part of this driveway is right here where it goes down to the lower level and opens up to the car gallery, which is really impressive and we'll tour that later in the video.

Now, in terms of the house's architecture we have this massive water feature that kind of wraps around the exterior of the home and spills over the driveway, which is really unique. And the house itself has a beautiful, modern architecture. We have stone clad complimented with this IPE wood finish that really warms up the exterior look, walls of glass on the first floor and the second floor complimented with smoked glass railing throughout. Again has a beautiful, modern architecture. You can actually see the rooftop from here. We got a lot to see today.

And lastly, we have this covered entrance right here with a massive pivot door. Now let's go inside. All right everyone, here we are at the entry. We got this massive pivot door.

And as soon as you walk in, you see the amazing, great room and the staircase on our left hand side, going up and down. But first I'm wanna take you guys to this hallway. At the end of this hallway, we have this door right here opening up to a beautiful office with built-ins that opens up to the side patio with the Fleetwood doors and wrapping around, we actually have a gorgeous powder room right here with a floating vanity design. And this is where we have the elevator access for this level. Now, let me take you guys back and go straight to the other side. And this is where we have the formal dining room area.

Gorgeous table in the center that sits 8 people. This is really unique. They kind of have like a nice lounge seating section on the other side, almost like a couch. I love the flooring design here, hardwood floors on the outside.

And they have this kind of a stone inlay design on the center, which looks really unique, gorgeous chandelier above, and the cove ceiling light detail is complimented with the Venetian plaster that brings the darker tones. On the left-hand side we have floor to ceiling windows facing the front of the home and the koi pond. And right behind me, we have these beautiful built-ins with LED lighting, wallpaper on the walls.

And we have an opening right here that goes to the chef's kitchen, which we'll tour in a bit, so you have easier access and more of these built-ins on this side. Now this is really cool. 1,000 gallon, double-sided aquarium. How cool is that Mikey? - [Mikey] This has always been a lifelong goal of mine to have a big aquarium.

I don't know if 1,000 gallon is- - Is this the first time we're seeing a big aquarium now at a residential home. - [Mikey] I think yeah, I think it is. We've seen some small ones but this is a legit one. - Yeah, Mikey was telling me about a couple of the fishes here.

Apparently one of them is from Hawaii. They look really cool. - [Mikey] If you know the state fish of Hawaii leave it down in the comments section.

- Let us know in the comments section. Now we're back at the entry. Before we talk about the great room I wanna briefly cover the staircase design. It's a modern staircase with a steel frame, open riser, beautiful wood threads. I love that glass railing is seamlessly recessed into the threads and to compliment the staircase, we actually have a living wall on the back that brings that pop of color to this house, which is incredible.

That's also very unique and right in the center as kind of like the main part of this staircase we have this gorgeous chandelier coming from the ceiling all the way down to the lower level where we have a cactus garden. We have seen living walls before but this is not only a little bit on a bigger side. It's also on the interior. - Correct.

- Tell us a little bit about this feature why you wanted to put it on the staircase and how you maintain it? - So it's a three-tone moss wall, right? Beautiful part about the moss wall is, there is no water needed at all. - [Enes] Really? - Yeah. So you touch it up I would say two to three times a year just to kind of keep that green color, but I went with a three-toned different colors of green. It's beautiful. You can go ahead and put it straight on the wall. It goes all the way down to that lower level.

It brings life in. - Absolutely. Now let's cover this incredible great room.

I mean the ceiling heights here, the wood paneling detail, seating arrangement, this massive fireplace assembly. The scale in this room is crazy. I mean, obviously we have these Fleetwood glass doors that are automatic that pockets behind the fireplace.

But the second story ceilings here with the picture windows where you get all this natural light coming in and it's just the incredible view to look at. So impressive. We have the custom furniture here, linear gas fireplace, beautiful stonewall. And we're gonna see a lot of art throughout the home, like this one. - [Mikey] Yeah, really cool. - Now your great room flows to this section where we have a piano in the left, seating area here and this amazing bar set up.

I love this island right here with the gorgeous fabrication angles on each side, LED lighting with beautiful bar seating and lets actually wrap around Mikey to show some of the amenities of this bar. We have a wine dispenser here, wine station that's really unique. Let's see subzero fridge, ice maker our favorite and more. Let's see, we've got a sink, some open shelving, closet space and we have the back lit Onyx here and just beautiful displays to showcase your bottles of alcohol with LED lighting. Now there's actually a couple of details I'd like to point out that Ray does in his projects.

He brings a lot of the exterior wood elements to the interiors of the home to kind of warm it up. We're going to see this IPE wood pretty much throughout the all levels of this home. Another set of Fleetwood doors also here opens up to the side of the property and the staircase that goes up to the second floor and let's continue this way. So we have these Fleetwood doors, again all automatic opening up to the incredible backyard which we're going to tour in a bit but I wanna take you guys this way. This is where we have the first main kitchen. We've got a gorgeous island right in the center.

That's shaped like a T, which is really unique but of course it's fabricated with this beautiful stone waterfall edge, bar seating on each side, complemented with these chandelier's above. And we got some cabinetry on each side as well and wrapping around the kitchen island, by the way this is the first kitchen. First of the two, we've got let's see I think this is the freezer. That's nicely paneled in, all Miele. Got your Miele appliances and going this way, we have the induction cooktop your pot filler, vent above.

Again same stone was used as the countertops as well as the back splash and on this side, lets see, your dishwasher and they use the same stone to fabricate the sink. And I mean from here you're looking at your amazing, great room. You have the family room on the other side. Let's see we have the espresso maker here.

And this is your main fridge. Again, beautifully paneled. Overall, this kitchen is great. It has more of the minimalist lines but it's not as extravagant as you would expect from a house this size.

Because as we wrap around, we have more built-ins here. That's the dining room. And this door opens up to the chef's kitchen. This kitchen has more of the darker tones which is beautiful countertops. Again, waterfall edge.

We have a massive island right in the center. I'm already getting distracted. We've got this beautiful scale model of this project, by the way. We're currently on the first floor, somewhere around here.

But I mean, you guys can see the scale of this project the infinity edge pool, outdoor lounging areas, rooftop deck that amazing motor court, basketball court, you will see. - [Mikey] We don't want to ruin anything. - Yeah, we got a lot to see today. Now let's see, we've got more of the base cabinets as well as the uppers. Upper cabinets are brought all the way to the ceiling. We have the fabricated gorgeous sink right here.

And of course they use the same countertops also as a back splash. Miele gas cooktop with a griddle, pot filler, vent above. This is your chef's kitchen.

You know, this is amazing. Look at all of these Miele built-ins, oven setups. I believe we have a freezer here. Mikey let's get a closeup on this one. We like these warming drawer.

- [Mikey] Yeah. What I really like about this chef's kitchen is its still is finished like a high-end kitchen you'd find at any of these homes. - Absolutely. - [Mikey] Sometimes chef's kitchens are- - Little, tiny little narrow. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's like, they're all stainless.

They're all like industrial commercial kind of hardware in there. But I liked that this feels like an actual kitchen. - This could have easily qualified as the main kitchen of this home without a doubt. Now, in my opinion, the best and the last part of this kitchen is this walk-in refrigerator. Just a nice amenity to have, you know. You're not gonna have any problems storing your food.

And let's see, we have this hallway here opening up to the covered parking spaces and access to the side of the property where you have the trash some built-ins here. And as we leave this section let's see that's a pantry space. And this door opens up to a gorgeous powder room more of the darker tones. I love the wallpaper here. And on this side we have the floating vanity with a fabricated sink.

And this is really unique. They have this wall facet that is attached to the side, which is not something we see quite often that compliments this vanity. Now, on the other side we have a staircase going down to the lower level. And again, on top we have these gorgeous modern chandeliers and this opening takes us to the family room. Another cozy seating area, gorgeous custom furniture.

We have the linear gas fireplace on this side, clad with beautiful stone, TV's nicely recessed in. And just like the great room. This room has these Fleetwood doors again, pocketing into the walls, opening up to the outdoors, cove ceiling light detail.

And let's go to the other side. We also have a small seating area over here. Let's see these doors are automatic. In fact, let's put them in action.

There you go, they're super quiet. - [Mikey] These are throughout the entire floor as well. Right? - Exactly. They're all Fleetwoods and let's step outside. And I wanted to take this door out because this is kind of like the one side of the backyard.

And we're gonna walk to the other side from here. It's super private. It's all hedged. We have gorgeous olive trees around. So right above us is the primary bedroom balcony.

But the cantilever on this balcony is incredible. I mean, this is probably about 20 feet out from the exterior columns. This whole thing is floating above you.

It's incredible, full covered with beautiful wood clad. We have the outdoor dining area here with the space heaters, recess lights, built-in speakers, all the good stuff. Now, before we go talk about the pool I wanna take you guys this way. We have more outdoor seating areas here and this whole flat section is AstroTurf.

And we have these walkways again, picking up the kitchen great room and opening up to this amazing backyard space. On this side, we have this awesome outdoor bar with dual elevation bar seating, gorgeous stone that we saw in the interiors, they also brought in here. Again has a dual island elevation. Open shelving here, your gas barbecue, outdoor fridge, sink set up, outdoor TV. I just realized they have a pizza oven here as well.

We like these maybe one day we get one of these - [Mikey] Maybe. - Maybe. And right above us, even the roof assembly of this outdoor bar is a cantilever that looks stunning. Same wood tones and Mikey can we turn around for a second lets show this. We have this side patio space again, off of the main floor here that goes all the way to the guest house. That's the second floor of the guest house.

We'll tour that later as well. Staircase going up to the second floor and we have the sliding glass doors here from the great room and sliding glass doors from the office. Now, let me take you guys and show you guys this incredible backyard and the focal point of this backyard which is this incredible infinity edge pool, looks stunning simple plaster, mosaic tile, all around the coping. We got the spa on the other side with the baja shelf this whole pool looks super inviting.

Mikey, we got to start bringing our bathing suits to these shoots and just look how nice this is. - [Mikey] I'm ready. Whenever, just let me know. - I mean this is awesome.

Looks towards the amazing views. You can kind of see the city behind hillside, Getty on the other side, super private. This property is so elevated that you get these amazing views but you get all this outdoor space pretty much throughout this level and the other levels of the home.

And last part of this backyard. I wanna talk about the exterior of this home from this angle. House looks stunning. I mean, we have floor to ceiling glass doors, again all opening up to the outdoors.

Massive picture windows on the second floor small glass railing all around the outdoor spaces beautiful imported stone complimented with the IPE decking. I mean, this house looks stunning. We can actually see the rooftop deck from here. Again, we'll tour that later in the video and that's pretty much it for the first floor. Now let's go back inside, take the stairs, go down to the lower level and check out all the amenities. (bright music) All right everyone.

Here we are at the lower level off of the landing underneath the staircase. We've got this gorgeous cactus garden and right in front of us, we kind of have this entertainment section with a pool table right in the center. Coffered ceilings. And you have your bar for the lower level here with an island seating, LED lighting, same stone countertops are also brought in here. Mikey lets see.

There's a candy station here. Stay easy on the M&M's, I know you like them. I like them too. - [Mikey] They got sour punch? - They do. - [Mikey] All right. - We've got to stay focused.

All right, ice maker, this is really unique. So this is a Corian back wall. That's also back lit and you can actually change the colors. So this is a nice, unique texture detail to this modern bar. - [Mikey] Yeah, really cool. And I think he has some more stone that you can kind of change the color of pretty soon, right? - That's right. You're correct.

Now we've got more of these floating shelves. Let's see small fridge here and that's it for your bar. AV closet. Let's take a quick look at this Mikey.

Your wine room. Look at the piano finish on the cabinetry here, looks stunning. You have your open shelving.

Some closed shelving and chandeliers above. Of course, this room is temperature controlled complimenting your bar area. And let me take you guys to the room on the other side, this is pretty impressive. And it's the movie theater. Now this room is incredible. We have the fiber optic ceilings here that looks stunning three tier seating, beautiful furniture set up, padded walls with these custom wall sconces that picks the details from the chandelier off of the entry.

Massive screen surround sound. This is incredible. I mean, when you spend $45 million you expect amenities like this. And obviously most of the homes that we tour do have a movie theater but this one, the scale, all the finishing detail is amazing and it comes with a bar right here. So you kind of have your bar seating and some of your built-in fridge set up all that on this side. Overall, a great movie theater.

Now let me take you guys back to the landing of this lower floor and let's go this way. We've got a lot more to see. This door opens up to a powder room for this floor. Beautiful stone floors, floating vanity design with a fabricated sink and the room next door is the simulator room. - So this is the all sports simulator.

And it's got about 15 top games. Golf, basketball, football, baseball. - You have everything. - Yeah. This is actually one of my favorite games on the golf. Cool part about it. You can actually go out and play in different parts of the world.

Let's say you want to be in Dubai or Japan and play a course right there. The tree location are in the same exact location. That's actually on that course.

Or if there's a house there, picture of the same exact house Pretty cool. - That's amazing. - [Ray] Yeah. - Let's continue. Let's take this hallway by the way. Beautiful ceiling lighting, recess lighting on the left. We actually have the staircase around the corner that comes down from chef's kitchen or that section of the home.

This door opens up to the laundry room with base and upper cabinets. Two washers, two dryers. But this is the impressive part.

Yeah, let's go in. First off look at the stone work in this spa This is incredible. - [Mikey] Really cool. But some people might've seen our construction walkthrough a few weeks ago, a few months ago. - Yeah.

- [Mikey] They know why this room is cool but can we turn these on? - Let me do that real quick. Let's see Features. Then you go Pool, then you go Waterfall. - [Mikey] And here we go. - Now we wait and see. (water splashing) This is incredible. - [Mikey] Its really unique.

That's for sure. (water splashing) - So that was that. That's the water feature.

And you have a jet that you can swim against, your cold dip. This is incredible. - [Mikey] Yeah really really cool. - Let's continue. - [Mikey] There's more. - Yeah, so that spa opens up to a full bathroom here. Walk-in shower, floating vanity your toilet design actually Mickey why don't you follow me this way? It joins to your massage room.

This technically can serve as a bedroom. We have windows on this side. Nice, comfortable area to just lay down. - [Mikey] Has a bathroom, has a closet. - Everything you need. - [Mikey] That's right.

- Now let's go back to the hallway. Ready? I feel like there are all these doors full of surprises. Let's go take this one. And this is where we have the car gallery. So last time we were here, we could see the scale of this garage, but now this is the end product.

- It's ready to go. Yes, so this is what I call the fun cave. You got a 9 TV video wall, right over here sitting there watching the game, nine different games to be exact, or, you know you can have kids sitting here and actually playing nine different video games. You got nine different kids, you going to be good. - That's amazing. - Problem solved.

- I mean, this is so impressive. Or you can just have it joint and use it as a one big TV. - That's it. Yup, and then you of course got your little barbershop right there to get your haircut. - Now that's real luxury. The fact that someone can just come in and cut your hair at your own house and your own comfort.

That's luxury. - It's the lifestyle you don't need to leave. - You don't need to leave. And you kind of have a little bar set up there. - The bar section? - Beautiful, comfortable seating. But Ray, let's go check out the other side.

You got to tell us about this. So now you have your floors polished. You have your glass assembly here. It opens up, you got a beautiful car in there. - So this is the auto gallery.

This is where actually you're driving down, with the waterfall to your right. And you were driving down and then parking easy for about nine cars. - This is incredible.

You also have really nice high ceilings here as well even though it's a lower level. - Yep, and you got a detail. The ceiling has a lot of detail This basically like a showroom.

- Yeah. - While you're coming down here you got the showroom right here. And then just being able to look out you can sit in your car actually and have a little drive-in movie. - That'd be awesome. And I mean, let's face it.

If you buy a home like this, you're probably gonna have a couple of cars that are worth to show. Just park them here, look at them and enjoy them and enjoying their spot. - That's the plan. - Amazing. Now let's take this door which is on the other side, back to the landing and let's take this hallway on the left.

Let's see what we have here. We have the elevator access on this level and opening this door. We have the gym, nice, comfortable flooring. And I always love this kind of like flooring.

That's so soft and easy on the feet. Gym equipment, a lot of mirror walls, TV setup, cove ceiling light detail. And this incredible Muhammad Ali painting art piece right here. That looks so unique.

I mean, look at this. This is really interesting. I almost had a hard time explaining what it is. There's like newspaper articles. - [Mikey] Collage of Muhammad Ali's career. - There you go.

That's a good way to put it together. Thank you. - [Mikey] Sorry for stealing your thunder. - No, no, it's all good. And we have this. I forgot what they call these.

Smart... - [Mikey] Smart mirror workout thing. - There you go.

Yeah, Mikey's helping me with all my lines today. All right. Sliding glass doors stacking onto the other side opening up to a covered patio space off of your gym. And this covered patio space leads us to the half court basketball court at your own house. This is incredible. But before we talk about the basketball court I wanna show this real quick.

These sliding glass doors actually open up to a guest house that you can access from this level or the level above. On this floor we have the seating area with a small kitchenette, full bathroom. And the staircase takes you up to the second floor where you can use it as an again office, guest home, or a bedroom space. Now let's cover this incredible basketball court.

The way this is designed, the murals everything it's so special. The fact that you get a half-court in your house is incredible. So this whole basketball court is designed as a tribute to Kobe Bryant. We have the murals on the walls.

I mean, this is incredible. You can look at the Getty as you're playing basketball here and on the walls we have let's see Kobe Bryant. LeBron James, don't know that person. Jordan, Larry Bird, don't know that person either. And Shaq.

- [Mikey] Well we got Shaq. We got Dr. J Julius Erving. The man Larry Bird, Michael Jordan. Magic Johnson. LeBron and Kobe. - Okay. I actually do know Magic Johnson.

I just didn't know that was. - [Mikey] You probably- - That's how he looked when he was young. - [Mikey] Yeah, I was going to say you probably know him more as a businessman than a basketball player. - That's true. Now, since we are up here we got a basketball right around the corner, We got to at least give this a shot. Now keep in mind.

I'm wearing a pretty tight suit and I haven't played basketball in a while so I don't know how this is gonna go down, but let's see. And that was pretty short and I'm pretty sure I may have ripped part of my suit but that's pretty much it for this level of the home. Now let's go back inside, take the stairs go up to the second floor and check out all the bedrooms. (bright music) All right everyone. Now we're at the second floor.

We've got this massive skylight assembly, right above us bringing natural light to the landing as well as the great room. That side we have a door opening up to an outdoor deck space, which we'll turn a bit. And on this side we have the front facing balcony and that hallway right there takes us to the primary bedroom. We will tour that in a bit but first let's take this hallway here.

Go all the way to the end to check out the first guest suite we have on this level. By the way, we have these massive picture windows, looking towards your motor court and this door opens up to the first spacious guest suite. We have the bed situated on the left, nice seating area. And this guest home also opens up to an outdoor space where you have the fire pit a little bit of a cantilever, palm trees, and around the corner we have the bathroom but the gorgeous stonewall that's bookmatched and the floating vanity. Now, as we go in we have the second guest suite right here again facing the side of the home same Oak hardwood floors bed set up, nice spacious room has a full bathroom around the corner. As we continue, we have the third guest suite right here.

This room was also very spacious, same hardwood floors, walk-in closet. And this one has an incredible bathroom with this crazy stone that's bookmatched throughout all the way into the walk-in shower complimented with a floating vanity. Now let's go back to the hallway and tour the last bedroom which is around the corner right here, again good size room, hardwood floors, walk-in closet and has a beautiful bathroom as well with different type of stones. So each one of the bathrooms has a little bit more character and personality, a lot of good bedrooms in this house. - [Mikey] Yeah. Something y'all can experience though.

Every bedroom smells a little bit different and it's fantastic. I feel like I always say that for these really nice homes but- - You're bringing the sensations into these videos my friend. - [Mikey] All these people around the country, around the world they don't realize that these developers, they don't only think about the construction phase and this, but they also think about the experience. They want each room to have a unique smell and they want walls to have a unique texture. And there's no other price point of homes where like, this is kind of a reality, you know? - No, also there's one more the element of that that we never feature is the music.

A lot of the times when we walk into these properties there's always a subtle background music but for copyright reasons obviously we don't play them our videos - [Mikey] Copyright, yeah. - And the last part of the second floor landing is the seating area. We have the couch set up here, floor to ceiling windows looking towards your motor court. And we have the built-ins on this side with linear gas fireplace, TV, LED back lit bookshelves looks great. - [Mikey] It does.

- Now the last part of the second floor is the primary bedroom. I mean, look at the walk you take as you go into the bedroom. It's nicely detached from the rest of the house. Rest of the rooms, this massive door opens up to the spacious primary bedroom suite. Now this bedroom is incredible. So spacious.

We have the king sized bed situated on this side with a nice padded back wall, lights coming down from the ceiling on each side of the bed, nice cove ceiling detail. And they brought the same wood paneling that we see pretty much throughout the home here but a little bit more of the darker tones. Overall, this is an incredible bedroom same hardwood floors, linear gas fireplace, TV and automatic doors are actually also here.

There you go. Do you want to take a quick walk outside? - [Mikey] Yeah, so this is that cantilever design that we saw in the backyard. I know you liked that. - Just because it's cantilevered. We have to check it out.

You know, let's go outside real quick. So your primary bedroom gets an outdoor space like this one, outdoor furniture, fire pit. There's a secondary cantilever right above us.

It's a nice outdoor space that compliments the primary. And it's just for the primary, by the way we have automatic shades throughout this massive picture window right here from your bed. You look at the Getty. This is incredible. I mean, rare amount of homes gets a view like this one, this is special. Obviously this bedroom kind of comes with a seating area as well.

More picture windows, looking at the hillside and going through this opening right here. We have the primary bathroom. Now this bathroom is really incredible because a lot of times bedroom sizes dictates the size of the bathroom that you're gonna get. And at best you can see bedroom size being equal to the bathroom size.

But in this case, this bathroom and the walk-in closets here are probably twice the size of the bedroom itself, which is just incredible. And we have the stone floors, floating vanity design with these beautiful built-in wardrobes with LED lighting, modern water fixtures, and more built-ins and they carried out the stone pretty much throughout. While we are here, let's take a quick step in this walk-in shower with steam handheld, shower-head rain-head above and look at the stonework Mikey. This is incredible. - [Mikey] We can't talk about the stone enough in this bathroom.

It really is insane. And now, yeah, yeah. - I mean you got your bench design and let's actually go back for a second. The same stone wraps around here where we have the water closet and wraps around this wall as well, beautifully bookmatched as if it's looking at you literally.

It's incredible. Wrapping around, we basically have the other side, same finishes, bit of a makeup, prep area on the left, floating vanity. This is incredible.

Now I'm gonna wrap around before I go to the let's actually start right here. We have the first closet as expected, closets in this house are stunning. We have the island design right in the center with LED lighting, gorgeous chandelier above and we have the glass countertops here. You can actually see what's in your drawers or your top drawers.

And Mikey let's get a closeup here. Each one of the cabinet doors are wrapped up with leather looks incredible. We have more built-ins here with glass doors open racks and the shoe closets here.

Let's take a quick look. I know we talked about this at our construction walkthrough, but these are really nice. - [Mikey] Yeah. What do you keep back here? Just like your, your nicest shoes. - I guess seasonal shoes.

I don't know, Mike, I don't have stuff like this. So I'm not the perfect person to answer each one of these questions you know. It's just nice and we have more open shelving here and let's go out for a second. Let's go to the other side.

By the way, as you walk into your bathroom you have an espresso maker, small fridge, open racks. This is incredible. Now this is the second one.

This one has more of the darker tones again with an island. That's wrapped with leather, gorgeous chandelier above, even the back walls are nicely paneled. I mean every little detail is so dialed in in this house. All right, everyone, that's it for the primary and the closets. Now let's go back to the landing so we can continue our tour.

And following this hallway around the corner we have the elevator access for this level. And this door opens up to the outdoor space that we have for the second floor. Now this outdoor space is also very special because as you go to the left, we have the putting green which is incredible surrounded with these beautiful olive trees.

That's just another great amenity to have because why not? And around the corner that's the staircase from the first floor coming up we have more outdoor space here with a gas fireplace on the other side, surrounded by smoke glass. And that's the picture window right there. Looking down on your great room. So from this area, you can look down vice versa.

Now the last part of this home is right here where we have the staircase going up to the rooftop deck. Let's go check that out. As if all the outdoor spaces you get were not enough. You also get this space which is incredible. Outdoor seating area on that side.

TV's mounted here, speakers everywhere. And Mikey, before we continue this side I want you to come this way. You actually have a door right here opening up to the interiors. That's your elevator access right there for your rooftop. So from the first floor, all the way to the top floor you can just use the elevator.

- [Mikey] That's really nice to have. - That is. Now this is the skylight assembly that lights up the great room and the landing of the second floor.

Gazebos, fire pits and the space continues. I mean, almost the entire roof is a rooftop deck usable rooftop deck. You have a small bar section here clad with beautiful stone. You have your sink set up here, fridges and all that good stuff. Now outdoor dining area here.

Mikey, look at the views for a second. I thought that was downtown Los Angeles. That's how clear it is today. This is incredible.

- [Mikey] Yeah, it's really, really nice. We can almost see downtown. I bet if we hang on the edge of the building, we can see the just the tip of downtown, but- - Probably. - [Mikey] Yeah. - This is incredible.

Getty's right there. It's so peaceful and tranquil up here. And this is the last part of this rooftop deck, the planter.

Now this planter has some of my favorite greens besides the last one I'm about to mention to you guys. Starting here we have the tomatoes, broccoli, kale, I'm assuming purple kale, strawberries, lettuce, regular kale. And this right here. This is actually the real cannabis plant. - [Mikey] Yeah, that's not kale. So this comes from Mike Tyson's cannabis company, right? What's it called? - Tyson Ranch.

- [Mikey] Tyson ranch. Yeah. - That's right. - [Mikey] This is California.

I know some people out there and we have audience all over the world. They're gonna be like, what... It's illegal. But in California, it's legal so you can have it.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - And that wraps our tour for the outdoor space and pretty much the rest of the home. But of course, we're gonna do what we always do.

Spend a few more hours here, wait for the sun to go down so we can see this place at night. (bright music) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. What a stunning property.

We had a chance to see it during the day and now at night and with all the outdoor lights on, lights glowing through these windows, property looks incredible. I want to thank the developer Ramtin Ray Nosrati for giving us a chance to tour this phenomenal property and share it with all of you. And I hope you all enjoyed this video. If you did make sure to give us a like, if you have any questions or input as always leave us a comment down below. And if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to our channel and we'll see you guys next week. (bright music)

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