Inside a $65,000,000 Beverly Hills Ultra Modern MEGA MANSION

Inside a $65,000,000 Beverly Hills Ultra Modern MEGA MANSION

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(chill electronic music) (water burbling) - What's up, everybody. It's Enes here. Welcome to another episode. This week we're in Beverly Hills, California and about to tour this incredible modern home. This house was designed by SAOTA, has beautiful finishes, amazing architecture, gets phenomenal views, so I'm really excited for today's episode. Now specs on this home. We got 7 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 18,169 square feet of interior space built on a 24,916-square-foot lot, and this property is currently on the market for $65 million.

As always, we will leave more information about the property down in the description, and before we start our tour, I wanna thank the developer, Michael Chen with Luxford Group, and all the listing agents for allowing us to tour their amazing listing. Now let's begin our tour. (chill electronic music) (water burbling) (slow suspenseful music) (car engine starting) (car engine revving) (chill electronic music) ♪ You want this ♪ ♪ You want ♪ ♪ You want this ♪ ♪ You want ♪ We have the fence walls wrapping around the entire property. It's nicely hedged and private. And currently we're on the walkway that leads us to the front door.

And as you take a walkway this way, we have the four-car garage that opens up to the driveway. That garage has a beautiful cantilever roof line above. Exterior architecture of this home is stunning.

This house is designed by SAOTA, and we're gonna talk about some of their design elements once we go into the home. Now a couple more things I wanna mention here. We have a beautiful stone facade complemented with these bronze louvers, where we have the formal dining room and this entry. And last part of this exterior is the water feature we have on the left and right-hand side.

And this water feature actually spills over and goes down to the lower level, and we're gonna see that also in a bit. Now let's go inside. (water burbling) All right, everyone, here we are at the entry. We got this beautiful nine-foot pivot door that opens up to this incredible entry. And as soon as you walk in, you're hit head on with the incredible views of Los Angeles. We have the formal living room right in front of us.

Everything looks incredible from here. Right-hand side, we have the formal dining area, which we're gonna come to in a bit, but first let's go this way. We have this hallway here, and the first door opens up to the first powder room.

Same marble floors are also here. We have this darker marble on the back wall. Venetian plaster. So this is really unique. They've kind of recessed in the sink design into the wall and plastered around it with the Venetian plaster, so it has this beautiful seamless look, and we have this recessed-in section with LED lighting that looks really cool.

- [Mikey] Yeah, that looks really cool, And I'm kind of having a hard time wrapping my head around how they did this. I don't get it. - It is pretty sleek though. Now powder room continues. We have the black toilet here that opens up in a very unique way, and it actually...

I turned it off. It starts playing music as it opens up. It's actually playing it right now. Let me turn it off. So it creates that soothing vibe. They have black toilet paper here and this beautiful recessed-in section for you to store your toilet paper. - [Mikey] I've never seen black toilet paper.

- Never either. That's why I wanted to point it out. It's just unique. Now as we go back to the hallway, right around the corner, we have the secondary powder room. Pretty much the same finishes like the other one that we just toured. And continuing the hallway, this opens up to the first guest suite on this level. Very spacious room.

We have the king-sized bed positioned on this side. Beautiful oak hardwood floors, AC diffusers are nicely recessed into the floors, sliding glass doors that opens up to a patio space facing the front of the home. And as we go this way, we have the bathroom here with these Rimadesio glass pocketing doors, nice tile floors, toilets automatically lift up, walk-in shower with more of these earth tones, and we have the floating vanity design right behind us.

Now around the corner, we have the walk-in closet here fully decked out. Beautiful built-ins. Just looks stunning. Now let me take you guys back to the hallway here and go back to the entry of the home, and right across, we have the formal dining room area. Same marble floors continue on this side of the home. We have this beautiful table right in the center that sits 12 people. I mean, we have glass sections and marble sections that are beautifully joined together with these brass legs.

Just looks stunning. Gorgeous chandelier above. More of these Rimadesio built-ins on this side with reflective glass panels. I mean, look at the fit and finish on this one, Mikey.

Every door handle, everything, the wrapping on top, it just looks stunning. I mean, this is next level. - [Mikey] Yeah, and some people might think this is your wine cellar, but it's not. We have another one. - It's not. There's an incredible wine cellar down on the lower level that's stunning. Now I wanna point a detail out here.

There's two major components of this dining room. Number one is this glass wall right here facing the front of the home. And the louvers that we talked on the outside, you can actually get a crooked look from here as well.

And what's so unique about this louver design is, Mikey, I don't know if you can see it, but each one of the louvers are actually different thickness and they have different spacing in between because they wanted to mimic a piano with these louvers. And we're gonna see this pattern in the fireplaces and other parts of the home. How cool is that? Now another unique detail about this one, we are actually on a bridge right now. Right below us is a water feature that connects to the courtyard on the lower level, so technically there's nothing below us.

So you're kind of having your dining experience on a bridge, which is kind of weird to say, but you guys will see what that means later in the video. Last part, we're still in the dining room. We have this beautiful courtyard opening, all glass, and right down below us we have a beautiful olive tree that we will talk about. But look at this stone right there that's beautifully bookmatched right in the center with ton of veins and just so much character. And they carried out the same marble all the way to the column that we see on the inside. - [Mikey] Looks really nice.

Why don't we get centered right here so we can show it from this angle 'cause this is where you can really see it well. - Yeah, it's really cool, and wait till you see this section from the lower level. It looks even better. Now off of the entry, you have this wide hallway taking us to the formal living room area. On this side, we have this spiral staircase going down to the lower level, beautiful Venetian plaster, leathered marble walls complemented with these walnut paneling, just looks stunning, and we have this chandelier right in the center. Now let me take you guys this way to talk about this incredible formal living room area.

This is one of the most impressive spaces we have in this house: 12-foot-high ceilings, it's all open, beautiful seating set up here with all Minotti furniture, and the seating setup is facing this side where we have the linear gas fireplace with this beautiful marble wall. And just like the louvers that we talked about earlier, they have these bronze inlays to kind of break the pattern and give texture to this wall. Looks stunning. It has the leathered finish. And this space all flows to the outside thanks to these sliding glass doors that are automatic, and they pocket in on this side, opening this space to the incredible patio.

I mean, from here, Los Angeles looks incredible. We're in Beverly Hills, Trousdale Estates. It doesn't get much better than this.

And we're going to tour this patio space later in the video. Now as I'm wrapping around this formal living room area, just like the formal dining room, we have this courtyard and the glass assembly here, bringing a ton of natural light to this space as well, making this whole house so spacious, so airy. Now let's go around. We have Venetian plaster walls here. You can access your dining room from here.

This is your elevator access. I love the wood paneling they have. And as we continue, this door opens up to the kitchen, which we'll tour in a bit. We got a gorgeous powder room here with the same marble floors, floating vanity design, and this unique back wall. And right around the corner, we have the staircase going down to the lower level, it's like the secondary staircase access, and this door opens up to the incredible garage. Now this garage is stunning.

I mean, we've got beautiful marble floors, darker tones on the walls, high ceilings here, and, let's face it, if you own a home like this one, you probably have some nice cars to park. Even if you don't own 'em, you'll probably end up buying some. And in this case, we have a Ferrari 488 here and a McLaren 720S, thanks to our good friends in McLaren Beverly Hills. - [Mikey] Both very nice. What's your pick, red or blue?

- I like the Ferrari, but I'll probably go with a McLaren. It's a little bit more young. I like the light blue color. I don't know, something about McLarens. I like 'em.

- [Mikey] I used to favor Ferraris over McLarens, but ever since we got one for our Santa Barbara episode and got to drive it, I've liked them a little bit more than I used to. - They're pretty nice, right? - [Mikey] Yeah. Well, why don't you open it up? Let's see inside.

- So they got these nice doors. Take a look at that interior. It's so beautiful. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's weird. It's like a perfect balance between sportiness and comfort.

- Absolutely. Now wrapping around, there's one more detail here I would like to point out. This is the control we have for this garage door. Now this garage door is not your standard everyday garage door. We have the mechanisms on the below. You guys can actually see the belts from here.

And as this thing opens, it actually folds and tucks up to the ceiling. The whole engineering assembly, the cost, everything on this garage door costs over $200,000. So I wanted to mention that.

It's not cheap to have a cool garage door, Mikey. If you wanna have one like this one, you've gotta pay for it. Now let's go back to the hallway. On the left-hand side, we have the formal living room flowing through this opening right here to the family room and the kitchen. This is another great entertainment space. We have the dining area here with a beautiful chandelier above, gorgeous marble table here.

And just like the formal living room, we have these sliding glass doors that are automatic, pocketing into the walls here, opening up to the incredible views and the patio space. Right across from the dining area, we have the family room, beautiful couch set up, gorgeous marble table. And just like the formal living room, we have another linear gas fireplace here with a beautiful marble wall with bronze inlays. TV's already mounted. And to bring more natural light to this space, we have two fixed windows on each side of the fireplace complemented with these two skylights above to make the space feel a little bit more airy and bright.

Now right in front of us we have the stunning kitchen, but first I wanna talk about some details. Mikey, can we point down to the floors for a second? We've got these beautiful marble slabs, and they have the AC diffusers just seamlessly recessed in with these cutouts. It just looks so effortless, and they have ton of details like this one throughout the home, like the ceiling reveals that we have throughout, fireplace assemblies. Everything is just so sleek. Now let's cover this stunning kitchen. We have this massive island right in the center, clad with this gorgeous marble.

And right on the bottom, you can actually see the reveal detail with LED lighting. Looks stunning. And a lot of the times when we see these island designs, they have either some sort of a bar extension or bar seating.

In this case, the developer wanted to leave it all sleek and make it look like it's a block that came out of quarry. So it's something very special to look at. - [Mikey] Yeah, I feel like typically they'd have some kind of cabinetry, something there, but I like it just sleek, minimalist, nothing but stone. - It's like they don't want you to sit here. They just want you to look and enjoy it, you know? - [Mikey] Just look at it.

Let's go. - Yeah. Just look at it. Now this marble island continues. Right on the other side, we have ton of cabinetry. We have, I believe, the dishwasher here. It's all Miele.

And they use the same marble to fabricate this gorgeous kitchen sink. You have a beautiful faucet here. And also from your kitchen, you get the amazing views. Now these cabinets are all clad with this stainless steel finish that looks super sleek and minimalist. It's all provided by Dada Kitchen.

We have Gaggenau appliances here with the induction cooktop. Behind me we have the paneled-in fridge and freezer here, again with the same stainless steel, kind of a matte finish that looks stunning. Gaggenau appliances. And that's kind of pretty much it for your kitchen.

And right above us we have another skylight bringing natural light. Now I say that's it for your kitchen because you go through this opening, and this is where you have your chef's kitchen. I mean, there are so many things to talk about in this kitchen. We have this massive island right in the center with eight gas burners. We have another additional eight on the other side.

Stainless steel countertops and these beautiful fabricated sinks complementing each one of the gas stoves, commercial vent above. And let's see. More base cabinets here. More on this side with the uppers. They are beautiful.

Again, provided by Dada Kitchen. And let's see. (hand knocking) - [Mikey] There we go. I am surprised you knew where those were. Just like the refrigerators in the other room, I can't find them. - So the first thing I missed, the dishwasher on the kitchen, the main kitchen, is also a knock like this one, and the way I locate 'em is simple: where you have the sink, it's either on the left and right-hand side. And I didn't know that there are two of these.

So there you go. I wanted to point 'em out. They're Miele, beautifully paneled in. And just like the island, we have the stainless steel countertops here also as a backsplash, and they use the same material to fabricate the main sink here. Now at the end of the chef's kitchen, we have a door opening up to the garage, and right around the corner, we have more built-ins, another paneled freezer on this side, fridge right here, and more beautiful Gaggenau appliances. Let's go back to the main kitchen and the family room.

Like we mentioned earlier, all these common areas open up to the beautiful patio space by these sliding glass doors. They actually use the same flooring material that we see throughout the home also on the outside. Inside they have the home finish; on the outside they have the more leathered texture for grip And to complement the views, we have glass railing throughout. That opening is right there where we have the family room, and now we have the formal living room opening up to this outdoor patio space. Beautiful furniture set up, this incredible gas fire pit, and, I mean, you would place a fire pit like this because why not? Look at these views. They're just breathtaking. There's one more detail on this patio space that's incredible to me, and this massive glass walkway.

The lower floor of this home is stunning and this allows to bring more natural light to the lower floor. We can kinda get a peek of the exterior architecture of this home. We got this massive cantilever here, off of the primary bedroom.

In fact, why don't I take you guys to the inside and take this hallway here which leads us to the primary bedroom. Before we go in there, we've got another massive walnut pivot door here opening up to the primary bedroom suite. As soon as you walk in, we have this comfortable seating area for the primary bedroom, beautiful built-ins.

I mean, the woodwork in this house is so immaculate. with this gorgeous brass inlay throughout. Gas fireplace right in the center. And these are actually cabinets.

I just realized, I like these glass holders as well. Nice little detail for the primary bedroom, you know? You wanna make it special. Now right behind this side we have the primary bedroom itself, but first I wanna take you guys to the bathrooms. Now these two bathrooms are arguably some of the best bathrooms we've ever toured on this channel. The stonework, the bookmatching, the simplicity but yet the elegance in these bathrooms are just immaculate. We have the floating vanity design on this side, beautiful cabinetry.

I love this marble drop-in sink that matches the marble theme of this bathroom. They use the same marble also as a backsplash. LED-lit mirrors. And right on this side we have a massive skylight, bringing a ton of natural light to this bathroom where we have the freestanding tub. And look at that bookmatch right in the center.

I mean, it's stunning. This is all Calacatta, by the way. And, Mikey, let's wrap around. Between the two bathrooms we have this massive, gorgeous walk-in shower.

I mean, this is impressive. We have two of everything, handheld, rainhead above, and this massive skylight above also brings a ton of natural light to this walk-in shower. Nice shampoo niche with LED lighting.

And also another detail I like here is that we have a bench set up and no drains because this whole flooring is kind of floating with drains on each side of the flooring. I wanna say something about the skylight. When I saw this skylight for the first time, my question to the developer was, "Is this motorized?" because it's calling for it. He says for, I think, $20,000, you can make the whole assembly motorized.

So next owner may do that. - [Mikey] It can be a rain shower then, you know? - Yup. Now we have the water closet here. By the way, these doors are magnetic, Rimadesio, and so you don't have the latches, but when you close them and you try to pull it, (door rattles) there you go. - [Mikey] These are really catching on. - Yes. And these doors, (knocks door) they're also glass.

They're not wood. We walk in to the walk-in closet. and this walk-in closet is impressive. I mean, the build-out here, the cabinetry, the glass, the simplicity, the elegance is...

I use too many fancy words. It's just impressive. I mean, I don't even know what to talk about. Everything is beautifully recessed in with LED lighting, cabinetry everywhere, skylights above, hardwood floors, drawers, shoe racks, hangers.

You got everything you need here. And the size of it, I mean, you got all this cabinetry on the walls, island set up right in the center, more cabinets here. This is incredible.

Now this door is actually a pocket door right here, opens up to the second bathroom. And this bathroom, or this side of the bathroom, is just as impressive. Same marble floors, and they carried out the same marble on the walls as well. This side gets this big glass assembly that looks to the side of the property, gets a ton of natural light. Of course, we have the automatic shades here as well. And this is the focal point of this bathroom.

We have this stunning, fabricated freestanding tub out of marble. Gorgeous texture in front of it. This is incredible. They had to crane this tub setup over here.

Probably weighs about like ton, ton and a half, or like maybe two, 3,000 pounds. - [Mikey] I really like this, and I love how this, it just looks like there's a marble slab just kind of resting on the back of it, you know? - It's for you to just sit down and enjoy life. - [Mikey] That's right. - Now cabinetry on this side, more of the darker tones, but the same floating vanity design, and the fabricated sink here with a hidden drain. Let's go back to the seating area for the primary bedroom and go to the other side so we can check out the bedroom itself. We have another sliding glass door here to seal off the bedroom section of this primary bedroom.

Now this bedroom is stunning. We have this beautiful king-sized bed setup on this side of the room. Same wood paneling that we saw at the seating area is also brought in here with the brass inlays. Looks incredible.

These sliding glass doors open up to the side patio space, and there's actually another access point to the seating area over here. Super cozy room. White oak hardwood floors. And to complement the room and cozy up the space, we have this corner fireplace design right here with the same marble that we have throughout the house. Now from your bed, you can look at these incredible views because this whole room has sliding glass doors with open-corner design, opening up to an incredible patio space and these views all the way to the ocean. But if you wanna watch TV, you can just drop it down from the ceiling. - [Mikey] That's right. You have the option.

- You have the option. Now let's go outside. Same sliding glass doors that we saw throughout is also here. Opens up to a beautiful patio space. This house was designed by SAOTA, and SAOTA is one of my favorite architectural firms in the world, and they always put these aggressive cantilevers in their designs. The cantilever that we have right above us is so aggressive.

This is probably one of the most significant ones I've ever seen. That's the column we have right there, and it probably kicks out about 20 feet. This is incredible.

I don't even wanna know how much it costs to just pull this detail alone. And the whole space, I mean, we have space heaters here, recessed lights, built-in speakers, nice seating area, same leathered marble floors here as a floating deck. Beautiful stone wall here.

And just because primary bedroom is on the top floor, not on the level where we have the pool, they wanted to complement the primary with a nice little spa where you can look at the views. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really nice. I gotta say, I wish I had a private hot tub spa off of my bedroom. - Maybe one day, Mikey. - [Mikey] Maybe one day. I doubt it, but maybe.

- Maybe. (Mikey chuckling) All right, everyone. That's it for the top floor. Now let's take the stairs and go down to the lower level and check out all the rooms. (chill electronic music) (water burbling) All right, everyone, let's go check out the lower level, but I cannot start talking about details here before I covered this magnificent spiral staircase. We have Venetian plaster on the inside as well as the outside.

This is a zero deflection spiral staircase, meaning it doesn't have any columns underneath to support it. Looks stunning, and as it comes down to the lower floor, it kind of reveals itself. And we have these beautiful marble stairs with LED lighting underneath as a reveal. And my personal favorite detail within the staircase is this stainless steel handrail that they have all around with the LED lighting. Just looks incredible.

Now before we go tour the main spaces, I wanna take you guys to this room first, and this is where we have the movie theater. Now I did not say a screening room. I said a movie theater because look at this space. I mean, the ceiling height, the volume here, the elevation differences, this 220-inch screen.

Dolby Atmos surround sound. This is the full experience. By the way, I just recognized the LED lighting on the ceiling here that kind of mimics the floor lighting. Looks incredible. And this movie theater feels this way and sounds this way because the whole room is cased in concrete, so you're truly getting the full experience as if you're in a movie theater, which is impressive. And we have seating areas here. Again, three tiers.

Overall, phenomenal space and the type of movie theater that we're just not used to seeing in homes. (water burbling) Now we're back at the landing. We have a game room, kind of a seating area on this side with a beautiful reflective mirror. And these sliding glass doors open up to a walkway where we have the water feature on the lower level. Now, Mikey, can you go to the other side so you can kinda showcase this courtyard area, which I'm sure it looks kind of better from that angle anyways. So we have the water feature right in the center of the lower level, with the center section where we have this gorgeous olive tree right in the heart of the home.

This is 150-year-old olive tree that was brought from Tuscany, Italy to bring life and just good energy to this house, right? Right where Mikey is, we actually have an open-corner design, glass doors pocketing in, allowing natural light and fresh air coming from the front of the home to the courtyard, all the way into the lower level. And to complement the natural theme of this courtyard, developer placed these beautiful marble slabs on the walls that are perfectly bookmatched right in the center. That brings that natural stone look and kind of mimics the trunk of a tree with all the veins and details. This is stunning. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really nice. I think this is one of the...

This house has a lot of cool features, but I think this stone wall and this tree and this little reflecting pool, I guess you could say, it's probably my favorite part of the whole house. - I mean, I agree. And they took advantage of this opening with the glass enclosure on top floor to bring more natural light, and where you can look down on this section.

It's so impressive, right? And we have this bridge here. On my backhand side, water feature off of the entry. And I don't know if you guys remember, I said dining room is kind of like a bridge on top of the lower floor. This is why, because right above us we have the dining room, and you get this awesome bridge connecting you to the other side where we have the office. Now this may not be the biggest office we've ever toured on this channel, but it's the type of office that I would personally like because it's kind of detached and it's kind of secluded from the rest of the house.

You take that walkway coming in here, you have a water feature on the left, beautiful view of the courtyard, your desk setup, some cabinetry here, darker tones. I don't know, this is my vibe here. - [Mikey] Yeah, and if you get tired of sitting at your office desk, you come out here and sit by your waterfall, you know? - I mean, there are a ton of entertainment spaces in this house, so that wouldn't be a problem. Now we have this walkway here. On our right-hand side, staircase coming down from the top floor, and at the end of this hallway, we have two guest quarters that are identical. They share a seating area in between, and each one of the bedrooms has twin beds and a bathroom on their own.

And right across from that, we have a small kitchenette that leads us to the laundry room for this floor. Let's go back to the hallway now. We have the elevator access right here for the lower level.

Beautiful glass assembly here. Looks to your wine cellar. And I know we have the seating area and bar set up here, but first I wanna kind of wrap around this hallway, tour the rooms right here. Mikey, you ready for this? - [Mikey] Oh, yeah. - So this is a temperature-controlled wine cellar. We've got a gorgeous table set up right in the center because this is not just where you store your wine; this is where you'll enjoy your wine as well.

And look at the piano finish on the cabinetry here. This is stunning. - [Mikey] Yeah, and it feels so nice in here. It's like about 20 degrees colder than the rest of the house. - Yes, and it's recessed in, so you have more ceiling heights here, nice cove lighting detail, and it's definitely chilly here for sure.

So (chuckles) let's get out. All right, now we are back at the same hallway, and we have two more guests suites on this side. Let's start with this one right here.

We have the built-in closets on the hallway, and that hallway leads us to the spacious guest suite. You have the king-sized bed here, beautiful oak hardwood floors, nice ceiling heights. I like the recessed-in light they have right behind the bed setup, cozying up the room. And just like the other bedrooms, we have the stacking glass doors opening up to a patio space where you enjoy these amazing views of the hillside. - [Mikey] Yeah, really nice views from all these bedrooms and from the pool, which I guess we'll see in a second.

- I mean, this outdoor space is amazing. We're gonna tour that in a minute. I hope I didn't forget this, but we literally have automatic shades throughout the entire house, all the bedrooms.

And right around the corner, this bedroom has a full bathroom with a built-in tub setup, marble walls, marble floors, floating vanity, and a walk-in shower. Now let's go out for a second. We are out on the patio now. This is one side of the backyard.

And right next door, we have the second guest suite. Just like the other one, it opens up to the patio space. Same hardwood floors, king-sized bed, and we have these built-ins on this side serving as a closet space. Now let's take the hallway, and let's check out this bathroom. By the way, same pocketing glass doors are also here. I say glass because it's a glass finish.

So I don't wanna confuse anybody. Beautiful bathroom setup, just like the other side: built-in tub setup here, marble walls, floating vanity, walk-in shower. I mean the natural stone in this house is gorgeous. - [Mikey] These are really nice bathrooms for, I guess, secondary, third guest suites. - I would be totally happy to just stay in one of these guest suites. I wouldn't have any problem.

Now we are back at the main space off of the lower level. Beautiful seating setup, same marble wall that we saw on upstairs on our family room and the formal living room. It's kind of replicated here as well with the piano, staggered design, bronze inlays.

We have four TVs on this wall, and on the bottom, we have a linear gas fireplace. Just another great entertainment space. Walls of glass stacked on this side, open up to an incredible patio that we're gonna see in a bit. And to complement this entertainment area, we've got this gorgeous bar setup.

Now this island, I have to take a moment to kind of soak it all in, The cuts, the fabrication, the stone, the bookmatch: this is incredible. I think this is one of the coolest island bars we've ever seen on this channel. What do you think, Mikey? - [Mikey] I know a few things you're gonna talk about. I know you're gonna talk about these kind of cutout sections for sure.

It's really cool. - It's so different. I don't even know how they fabricated it, honestly.

Like, how do you get these cuts perfectly matched where it looks seamless? It looks like this is how it came out of the quarry. I don't even know how they do that. This is impressive.

Look, it's bookmatched also with the angle and everything. - [Mikey] Yeah, I don't really get that. - I don't get it, but looks stunning, needless to say. And you have your cabinetry here, your built-ins. This open shelving where you, I guess, showcase your drinks and bottles of alcohol, sink setup.

Just incredible. Now I mentioned it earlier, sliding glass doors open up to the patio space. We have the courtyard on our left-hand side, again, complementing the seating area. And lastly, we have this hallway where we have a couple more rooms. Let's see. Let's start with this one first.

We have a spa here. Natural stone floors, massage table in the center, steam shower. Well, it's not. There's no shower here. I guess this is a steam room. That's a better way to call it. Floating vanity and a dry sauna around the corner.

And just like all the rooms on this level, it opens up to the outdoor space. Other side, I don't know who would put this gorgeous pivot door that leads to a gym, but this developer certainly did, and come on in. Very spacious room, hardwood floors.

He did a very minimal staging here. We got some Pelotons on this side, massive glass assembly. That's actually sliding glass door. That's not fixed. That opens up to the side of the property if you wanna let some natural light and fresh air to this room.

Right on the other side we have another glass assembly that looks to the gorgeous spiral staircase. But more impressively is this Technogym. This is the shiniest, coolest-looking gym equipment I've ever seen in my life. - [Mikey] Yeah, I saw this earlier... What is that? Give us a demonstration. (chuckles)

- Look at this, Mikey. This is the dial. (Technogym humming) This is how you decide the resistance that you want. - [Mikey] Oh, wow.

- And then I guess you like pull, however you work out. I haven't been in a gym in a while. - [Mikey] Yeah, yeah, there's a lot of different options for working out with this, I can imagine - Obviously, but home this sleek deserves gym equipment like this.

This is impressive. Now, by the way, they have the louver designs also brought into the home. So unique. I just realized that. And we're back at the hallway. Let's see. This door opens up to a full bathroom for the gym. Nice natural stone floors, and they carried out the same floors into the walk-in shower.

I mentioned it in the gym, opens up to the side of the property as well. I mean, we have a door here, beautiful glass assembly, shower, floating vanity. I mean, this is a beautiful shower. I wouldn't mind working out in that room and taking a shower here. - [Mikey] Perfect. - Last room on this level.

And another one of these walnut pivot doors opening up to the junior primary bedroom. Let's cover the bathroom first, which is right here. Marble theme continues also in this bathroom. Freestanding tub, chrome fixtures, gorgeous marble slabs on the walls, double vanity. Mikey, let's take a quick look here. Another beautiful walk-in shower clad with marble all the way to the ceiling.

- [Mikey] This thing is big. Walk in there so people just- - I mean, there you go. This is... Look at the size of this walk-in shower. - [Mikey] This is the size of a lot, like a lot of primary bedroom walk-ins that we see.

- Totally agree. I mean, this bathroom is very impressive. And throughout the house, I mean, just everything. By the way, water closet here. I feel like this tour is gonna be a little bit long because I covered all the stones, every little detail, but I have to talk about 'em. I mean, this is a $65 million property and we have to justify it.

Walk-in closet, ton of built-ins, LED lighting, drawers, shoe racks, everything you need. And back to the hallway, junior primary bedroom. This one gets a ton of natural light just like the upper bedroom. By the way, we are right underneath the main primary bedroom, so it's kind of in the same location.

And I can actually see some people appreciating this bedroom little bit more than upstairs because this one is a little bit more cozy, tucked into the home, sits on the lower level. Your pool is right around the corner. We have these sliding glass doors, again, kind of opening up to this patio space, nice and private. Cantilever design is also on this level. Now right above us is the top floor primary bedroom balcony that serves as a cantilever here.

Beautiful decking. And wrapping around, we have the raised spa here. I say raised because it's about maybe, what? Inch, inch and a half above the pool level for that heat separation if you need to so you can have your spa heated and have your pool cold, which is just a nice amenity to have, you know? At this price point, you may want to want everything you can get.

- [Mikey] Yeah, and I really like the shape of the pool. So if you're a lap swimmer too, it's a lap pool, regular pool, and you have a hot tub all in one. - Now this is a smart engineering to me because they managed to have the infinity edge and the wide pool, but they wanted to utilize the lot size so they have a junior lap pool on the side, kind of giving the both options to you. Nice, simple blue plaster.

I like the mosaic tile that they have around the spa as well as the edge of the pool, looking out to these amazing, amazing views. Again, we're in Trousdale, Beverly Hills. Having a two-story home like this with this kind of view and this much privacy is kind of quite rare, so that's one of the things that makes this home so special. They brought the same marble floors also to the lower level as well with the hidden drains.

Right above us is the top-floor patio, and I like how they kind of clad the bottom of this cantilever with these beautiful lines where we have the space heaters, recessed lights. It just gives texture to it. These glass doors open up to the lower-level entertainment space. That's your spa.

And we got an outdoor seating area here with a gas fireplace, outdoor TV. Again, this house is all about entertainment. Let's see what else we have left. We have a staircase going down to the utility room on the lower level.

And as you continue walking this way, we have those two guest suites that are back facing opening up to the patio space. This is incredible. I mean, this house is so gorgeous. So many details. I hope you all are enjoying the video so far, but, of course, we're gonna spend a few more hours here, wait for the for the sun to go down so we can see this place at night.

(upbeat electronic music) (fire crackling) (water burbling) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. I hope you all enjoyed this video. This is a beautiful modern home here in Beverly Hills, and it took the developers six years to complete this project. And I'm honestly not surprised why because there are so many intricate details about this build: the engineering, architectural drawings, all these automatic sliding glass doors, stonework, and we have that beautiful courtyard right behind us.

Overall, I love all the details, and I thought the whole project was very well executed. I wanna congratulate the developer, Michael Chen with Luxford Group, for doing a phenomenal job, and I wanna thank the listing agents, again, for allowing us to tour their amazing listing. As always, we will leave more information about the property down in the description, and I hope you all enjoyed this video. If you did, make sure to give us a like.

If you have any questions or input, as always, leave us a comment down below. And if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to our channel. And we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat electronic music) (chime ringing)

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