Inside Clay Matthews $29,995,000 Calabasas Mega Mansion With Breathtaking Views

Inside Clay Matthews $29,995,000 Calabasas Mega Mansion With Breathtaking Views

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- What's up, everybody. It's Enes here and welcome to another episode. This week, we're looking at the breathtaking views of Santa Monica Mountains and about to tour this stunning modern Mediterranean estate right behind me.

This home is located in Calabasas, California and it has 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 14,021 square feet of interior space, built on a 71,216 square foot lot. And this property is currently on the market for $29,995,000. As always, we will leave more information about the property and the property link down in the description of this video.

And before we start our tour, I wanna thank the listing agents, Branden, Shana, and Nima for giving us the honor to tour this amazing property and share it with all of you. And now let's begin our tour. (birds chirping) (suspenseful music) (upbeat music) House is located in a gated community here in Calabasas, California and from the street level, we have the cobblestone driveway bringing us right here, where we had a round motor court. The gates on my left-hand side open up to an extra parking spot that leads us to the two car garage on this level.

We also have another driveway that takes us to the subterranean garage that's on the lower level that we're gonna see later in the video. Focusing back to the front of the home, it's nicely landscaped. We have a beautiful modern Mediterranean estate, smooth stucco exterior complimented with precast detail a lot of pillars and arches throughout. On top we have a slate roof with solar panels and now let's go inside. All right, everyone here we are at the entry. We've got this beautiful front door and as soon as you walk in, you're greeted by this spacious grand entry, wood paneled walls.

I love the coffered ceiling details here. And this whole space is lit up with the brass light fixtures, wall sconces and this gorgeous chandelier right in the center. Now, right in front of me we have the staircase, main staircase taking us to the second floor of this property and right where we have the staircase, we have this massive window assembly that runs all the way to the second floor and it brings a ton of natural light to the entry of this property. Now, on my left hand side, we have the office guest suite and a couple other rooms that we're gonna see later in the video.

But first I wanna take everybody this way and start our tour with the formal living room area. Beautiful hardwood floors installed in Chevron pattern. We have the seating section right in the center complimented with this gorgeous chandelier above, coffered ceiling details to cozy up the room. We have a fireplace here clad with beautiful marble and the room gets ton of natural light thanks to these steel cased windows and the steel cased curved doors that opens up to the front of the property.

Now, before we leave this cozy room, I wanna point out these built-ins. They even have the curvature on top and I love the handles and the hardware they used throughout. That looks stunning. Now I wanna bring everybody here. We have the main hallway, but first I wanna go this side and check out a powder room for this level. I love this colorful Swan wallpaper that they used in this bathroom that I think looks very chic and right here, we have a gorgeous marble vanity set up that is a pedestal sink with brass legs that looks stunning.

Now, let's go back back to the hallway and continue our tour. By the way, we have beautiful limestone floors throughout the entry as well as these hallways but really unique pattern. Another chandelier here and following this hallway on my left hand side, we have the secondary staircase going down to the lower level as well as the second floor of this home.

And as we continue the hallway, we have groin ceiling details, wall sconces lighting up the space as well as the chandelier's and the room behind me, opens up to the office. Now this is not the only office in this house. We have another great one off of the entry, but this room is currently staged as one but I can easily see this room serving as your formal dining room area as well since it's right next to the kitchen, super spacious, I love the wall to ceiling details here, beautiful wood paneling as well as the built-ins. We have another fireplace right here and a steel cased window facing the front of the home.

Now, let's go to the other side Mikey. Through this opening, we go straight into the kitchen and the family room. This is the heart and soul of this home. We have the family room, kitchen all opened up on this side of the home, beautiful Walnut hardwood floors throughout and right behind me, we have the informal dining area, beautiful tables set up with built-in seating, wood paneling, and again walls of glass facing your backyard and bringing a ton of natural light to the side of the home. Now let's cover the kitchen. We have the first island here, dual elevation, beautiful marble countertops.

And we always love these kick-out details that we see in more of the traditional homes. Right above we have a skylight bringing natural light to the kitchen with two light fixtures and on the other side, we have the secondary island. And to create a nice contrast between these white base and upper cabinets, they went with a darker green color for the secondary island here complimented with this butcher block countertop that really warms up and gives that family feel to this kitchen. Facing behind me, we have the espresso maker, small fridge and over here, we have the paneled-in fridge and freezer with a nice dark color contrast, TV right above.

And focusing back to the island, we have the first thing here with this stunning Chrome fixture, right above we have a ceiling mount, pot rack that looks stunning. And as we face this way, we have a built-in oven here, 60 inch Wolf gas stove, mirror backsplash, pot filler, and going with that contrasting theme, we have a darker clad vent design, right above. Now, continuing on this side, we have beautiful marble countertops, as well as the backsplash.

White cabinetry throughout, first dishwasher right here. We have the second one on this side and right in the center, we have this gorgeous farmhouse sink facing the backyard. And Mikey, we got to get a close up here. Why do you think they have this detail? - [Mikey] I noticed that when I got here. I have to assume that's for drying your dishes, right? - That is correct. Such a great subtle detail, right? - [Mikey] Yeah.

- I love it. Overall? Great kitchen and we're actually not done with our tour because right around the corner, we have the pantry space. I love the dark red color they used which creates a nice contrast throughout the kitchen. You have your base cabinets, uppers, more cabinetry here with a small fridge.

Overall great kitchen. Now I wanna take everybody back here to tour the family room. As you all can see very spacious.

We have the seating section right in the center, TV on this side, steel cased French doors and accordion doors all opening up to the backyard or the side of the property and to cozy up the space and bring more character, they have these reclaimed beam details on the ceilings that were brought from an old barn in Wisconsin and there's a reason for that and we'll talk about that a little bit later in the video. Overall, great space, super welcoming. I love all this natural light coming in.

We have a fireplace on this side and as we continue our tour right across from the family room, we have the game room. I love the darker tones here with the hardwood floors. Built-ins on the walls. We have the fireplace here with a gorgeous marble clad, TV on top and right in the center of this room, we have a refurbished Brunswick pool table that looks stunning and a chandelier above. And as we continue our tour, we have another massive window assembly here facing the front of the home.

And these are sports illustrated covers that are nicely hanged on this wall because this is Clay Matthew's house. - [Mikey] Yeah. I played linebacker when I was in high school.

Clay Matthews was always like a kind of icon of mine. It's kind of insane that we're in his home right now, touring it, but it's very nice. It's one of my favorite homes we've ever toured. - No, it's super nice. And we are honored to be here and a big thanks to Clay and his wife, Casey for giving us the honor to tour their amazing home. Casey, his wife actually designed the entire property.

So all the interior finishes or details or fixtures that you'll be seeing throughout the property, all have been chosen by Casey, which is super cool. - [Mikey] She did a fantastic job. - She did a phenomenal job. - [Mikey] Yeah. - All right, Mikey let's continue our tour.

Before we exit this hallway, let's go through this door to check out this powder room. We're continuing with the wallpaper theme. In this case, we've got punch of fish on the walls. It just makes these powder rooms a little bit more fun. Water closet here, vanity set up on this side with a gorgeous Brockway sink. Overall stunning powder room.

Now, let's get back to the hallway, and continue our tour. We have this door opening up to a courtyard that is located on the side of the property, beautiful water fountain right in the center. We can see all these pillar and column details throughout.

And following this hallway, this door opens up to the guest house. You walk straight into the living room area, hardwood floors throughout, seating section right in the center complimented with a fireplace and TV above and just like the family room, they also brought these reclaimed beam details to the standalone guest house. French doors are opening up to a dedicated patio space for the guest house and right across, we have a small kitchenette. Again, I say kitchenette but I mean, let's start. We have the fridge here. Another farmhouse sink, your oven, small gas cooktop, everything you need nicely done with marble countertops.

Now, let's go this way. Through this opening where we have these pocket doors, we go straight into the bedroom area for the guest house, nice and spacious king-sized bed, all facing the side and the backyard of this property. We have a walk-in closet here and through this door, we go straight into the bathroom, double vanity set up with marble countertops. I love this shelf design that they have on top as well, beautiful mirrors, Chrome fixtures. And right next to the vanity, we have the walk-in shower, brick pattern tile throughout. I love the bench with the marble clad, chrome fixtures, and we have the water closet here.

Lastly, we even have heated floors in this bathroom. Now that's pretty much it for the left wing of this home. Let's jump back to the entry and continue our tour.

Now we're back at the entry. We started our tour with the formal living room area, which is on my left-hand side and we're gonna continue our tour with the room right across which is the office. I love the wood paneling and darker tones in this office with the built-ins, coffered ceiling details. And we have gorgeous hardwood floors, again, installed in Chevron pattern with this brass inlay detail that we also saw at the formal living room area. Overall very cozy space.

We have some appliances here with a fridge, open shelving, marble countertops and focusing on this side, we have the desk set up here. 800 gallon aquarium right behind me. And I was told that the owner actually, when he was occupying the space, he had fish from Australia, New Zealand, super cool.

Overall, something about these wood paneled offices that are always so opulent and kind of grand. - [Mikey] Yeah. Whenever we see these in homes, those wood clad offices or libraries or anything, they're always one of my favorite details. - No, I know exactly what you mean. Something about him.

As soon as you walk in, you feel successful or ready to work. - [Mikey] It's like class, you know? - Absolutely. We've gotta talk about this detail. We have this ladder that's mounted to the wall so that we can kinda wrap it around. And this is a super cool detail.

Ready Mikey? We have a button here. Let me open this up. That leads us to a safe room, obviously have your safe, some desks set up, peg boards on the wall so you can kind of decorate it however you want. It's just a nice storage space, nicely tucked in your office right behind this built-in.

How cool is that? - [Mikey] That's really cool. - All right. Let's fix the carpet and continue our tour. We are back on this hallway that is leading us to the right wing of the house.

These doors open up to a super cool covered patio space with cement floor tiles that leads us to the backyard. And continuing our tour, We have another round hallway detail here. This door opens up a spacious two car garage that leads us to the side of the property. And as we continue, wallpaper on this wall, again wall sconces and this door opens up to a very spacious guest suite on this level, carpet floors, king sized bed, nice crown molding details, TV on this side and again steel cased windows facing your backyard. I love the curtain details that we've been seeing throughout.

They're all automatic also. And wrapping around, we have the bathroom. For this room, gorgeous marble mosaic floors.

I love this kind of a dark orange color that they used in this bathroom. It certainly gives it that nice pop of color. We have the vanity set up here facing the backyard. Walk-in shower on this side, good sized bathroom.

Now let's get out of this bathroom, continue our tour. We got a couple more rooms to see on this wing. This door opens up to a gym. We love this rubber flooring. This wall is all clad with mirrors.

You have your ceiling, fan, recessed in lighting, wood paneled ceilings. And as you guys can see, this room with an accordion door opens up to the side of the property which we're gonna check out in a bit. Now I wanna bring everybody back to the hallway. And last door opens up to the laundry room, talking about pop of color here. This is it. I love this darker green that they used in the cabinetry.

Some butcher block countertops, raised washer and dryer. The drawers on the bottom, you have your farm sink, marble countertops. This room is so cozy. - [Mikey] Yeah.

And I assume they have this green and gold detail because of the Green Bay Packers, you know? - There you go. It's a nice subtle detail. - [Mikey] Yeah. - All right. Going through this door, we have the pool bathroom all open, stunning mosaic marble floors with this flower pattern, pedestal sink on the left, walls are clad with marble, and we have the brass shower fixtures here. Now I'm gonna take a really unique route and open this door right here to check out the side of the property.

And this is where we're gonna start our tour for the backyard. It's also really bright out today. So I'm gonna put my sunglasses on. We have five concrete planters here with electrical lines and the water lines. So in the future, not only you can light this up, you can put any vegetable or plant you want here.

Super cool. We have a nice Gazebo section on the other side with a concrete sink, super cool nice seating area. And they took advantage of that hillside. So they kind of placed that in where it's super private down there.

On my left hand side, we have the gym opening up to the side of the property. And continuing our tour, we go to the backyard and now the first section I step on is this wraparound walkway that basically connects all the rooms together. We have this grass section right in the center, which is perfect.

I mean, this property is definitely sitting on a good size lot and they really took advantage of it in the backyard. We have gray limestone here. And the opening on my right-hand side is a small covered patio. Off of the right wing, we have this massive glass assembly here where we have the staircase and going this way.

We have the covered patio space off of the family room. This section is super cozy and inviting. We have all the accordion doors and the French doors opened up to the outdoors, space heaters above, wood clad ceilings here. We have another outdoor TV, nice fireplace right in the center, dividing two outdoor spaces and it's dual-sided as well. And I wanna take everybody to this side.

We've got this incredible pool area here, same limestone throughout. So inviting. We have two small baja shelves on each side, spa in the center, dark blue plaster. This pool looks super inviting. On top of that, it has a pool cover as well.

And Mikey, I know it's a bit of a walk but we gotta take everybody here. We've got a gorgeous water fountain here and right behind this shallow wall, we have the incredible views of Santa Monica Mountains and the trails down below us. This view is incredible. I mean, I'm speechless.

And to take advantage of these views, we have another outdoor seating area there with a fire pit and wrapping around, I wanna take an interesting route here. I wanna go through these gates, by the way, current owners have these gates because they have kids but in the future, you can easily remove these gates if you want to. Outdoor Gazebo area, slash bar, we have the dual elevation countertops, grill on the other side, bar seating.

And that's the secondary covered patio space, again off of the family room or that walkway where it joins the main house to the guest house. Space heaters, chandelier's above. And I mentioned that at the beginning of the video, this house has a modern, Mediterranean architecture with French influence. So we can see all these arches, column details and these circular windows throughout. Now, Mikey I'm gonna take everybody this way.

We have a half basketball court here with a adjustable hoop, this section is super private. The whole property is nicely hedged, guest house is around the corner here. It's super awesome that you get all these things in your backyard. Now, there's one more area I wanna show to everyone. By the way Mikey, there's something about this house that I haven't told you yet. They've just completed this home.

I know it looks very mature and kind of like, I don't know how to say all these details are so timeless that you wouldn't think that this house was completed only a year and a half ago. - [Mikey] Yeah. It kinda it doesn't feel lived in, but it feels very warm. And I don't know. It's like broken in almost, you know? - Yeah. Super inviting. So cozy, right? Definitely welcoming.

And while we're up here, look at these views. Aren't they breathtaking? I mean the trails down below us, mountains on the back, it's a little bit windy up here. I hope you guys are not catching that so much, but these views are so peaceful, so tranquil. We literally cannot hear anybody up here. I wanted to mention that. And also this is not our first time in this neighborhood.

We're currently at the Oaks of Calabasas, which is a 500 home gated community. Within the Oaks, there's a secondary gated community called the Estates of the Oaks which includes 64 homes out of the 500 homes. Out of the 64 homes, only 16 properties have a Ridge line view like this property. So these 16 homes are super special because they get to look at these incredible views. That's pretty much it for the backyard of this property. Now let's go inside and check out the lower level.

(upbeat music) - All right, everyone. Here we are at the lower level, we have this door opening up to the subterranean garage that can hold up to nine cars, polished concrete floors that opens up straight to the street level and it also has four Tesla batteries. So I wanted to point that out. Now, continuing our tour, we have this steel cased door opening up to the wine seller.

This is a really cool room. I love this brick pattern on the ceiling. Kind of built in for you to store your wine, right in the center we have three full-sized Sub-Zero wine fridges, great room. Now continuing our tour, we have a powder room on this level and it starts right here. Marble floors with this hint of brass inlay design, vanity over here, wall sconces, good size powder room.

Now the room next door, goes straight into the movie theater. This room is incredible. On the lower section we have this sofa set up here facing the screen. And right in the center, we have these electric recliner chairs giving you that movie theater effect.

And something I wanna point out in this movie theater, we're used to seeing a lot of these patted walls, but in this movie theater, they went with this current design which gives it a nice texture to this room. Top floor, we have a storage closet, bar seating right in the center. On the other side, we have built-ins, small fridge, sink right in center. Casey, if you're watching this, you did a phenomenal job with the design of this movie theater and that's pretty much it for our tour on the lower level. Now let's go back to the staircase and check out the second floor.

(upbeat music) All right, everyone. Here we are at the second floor. I took the secondary staircase because I wanna start from the left wing and work our way to primary bedroom.

And the first door on our left hand side opens up to the first bedroom we have on this level. Very spacious. I like the nice plush carpet floors, backspacing so we can see those amazing views that we saw earlier. Some built in desk setup. You have the walk-in closet here and right around the corner, we have the bathroom, beautiful natural stone floors with this really unique pattern, vanity it is set up here and this bathroom has a tub setup with beautiful marble mosaic walls.

Now getting back out to the hallway, right across, we have the second bedroom. Another spacious room, we have the bed setup. on my right, more built-in seating front-facing, cove lighting detail above with another gorgeous chandelier. Each one of these bedrooms have this built in desk set up with some bookshelves that again, compliments the room.

And as we get back out on my right-hand side, we have the walk-in closet, nice and spacious. And the door on my left opens up to the bathroom. Vanity design with this stunning marble countertops also used as a shallow backsplash, mosaic floors. This one also has a tub setup with a brick pattern tile walls. Now, getting back to the hallway and continuing our tour, again we have Walnut floors throughout the landing as well as the hallways, storage closet there.

And now we are at the main staircase looking down to the grand entry. On my left hand side and on my right, we have this glass wall facing the amazing views. Even from here, we can see the incredible views of Santa Monica Mountains. Now, while we're here, we have the main staircase coming up, same hardwood floors and continuing our tour, We have a washer and dryer here nicely tucked in to this closet. And I wanna go to the room on my right-hand side, which is another spacious bedroom, front facing, currently staged as kid's room. Again, custom wallpaper, built in seating section where we have the windows.

Another cozy room, we have walk-in closet over here and another stunning bathroom. Again, marble countertops, tub set up with mosaic marble floors. Right across, we have another cozy room. We have the built-ins on this side. I love the contrast between this kind of pastel green against the woodgrains.

Inside of these openings, we have the TV over here and I got to open up these doors because Mikey, I mean, look at this. We have the French doors opening up to a Juliet balcony facing your backyard and the incredible views. It's so quiet and peaceful up here.

This is phenomenal. All right, let's close these back so we can continue our tour. Back to the hallway, we have this door opening up to the primary bedroom suite. Now it's on my right-hand side, but first I wanna take everybody to this room. Attached to the primary bedroom suite, we have this small bedroom currently staged as kids room.

I love the wallpaper here, this beautiful plaster detail on the ceiling, some built-ins and going around this room has its own bathroom, beautiful cabinetry, marble countertops. We have the open shallow shower design with mosaic walls. And in case you were wondering, we have the water closet here but in the future, if you wanna expand your primary bedroom closet, you can actually use this as a hallway. They connect the primary bedroom closet to this space and turn it into a seating section, office for the primary bedroom suite.

Now we're back at the main entry and this door opens up to the primary bedroom itself. I love the volume and the light in this room, super spacious. We have another reclaimed beam ceiling detail here with the chandelier, bed is situated on this side. And we've been seeing these arched or curved windows throughout.

They have it also in this room, but to accommodate that curvature, they actually kinda plastered the ceiling accordingly. That way these windows are bringing a ton of natural light to this room. Right across from the bed, We have the built-ins and this stunning marble fireplace with the brass inlay, TV above. And we've got a really cozy seating section for the primary bedroom.

I'm gonna come back here in a bit. Now through these double doors, we walk into two of the primary bedroom closets. I'm gonna start with this one here.

This side has more of the darker tones, nice contrast between the frame and the cabinetry itself. We have shoe racks, open shelving, drawers, everything you need here and right across, we have the secondary primary closet. This one has more of the lighter tones. You have your mirror section here, open shelving, beautiful walk-in closets. And in case you wanna seal each one of these, we have pocket doors for each closet.

Now, secondary double doors open up to the primary bathroom itself. As expected, this bathroom is stunning. We have marble floors throughout, double vanity set up with a makeup area or prep area right in the center. Beautiful brass fixtures.

First water closet is on my left-hand side. As y'all can see, it gets a ton of natural light and we have the stunning tub set up here with the windows facing the views. Everything is clad with marble. You have your jetted, soaking tub, beautiful fixtures.

This bathroom is so timeless, this house is so timeless. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really, really nice. - Really nice. Right? Vanity set up here. First one marble countertops. You have the second one here.

Second water closet, heated towel racks. And Mikey you ready? This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful walk-in showers we've ever seen on this channel, the veins and details on this marble are so intense. It's so stunning. It's kind of aged nicely as well. It's bookmatched for the most part, you have the polished fixtures here, steam on bottom, handheld, nice oval window, clad all the way to the ceiling. I don't know, something about this marble.

It looks so stunning. Now, before we end our tour on this level, there's one more section in this primary bedroom suite that I wanna take everybody to. I briefly talked about it. We have the seating section here, nicely separated with these pocket doors. Some built-ins here, but more importantly, we have these French doors opening up to a small balcony for the primary bedroom suite.

Views are phenomenal. You look at your backyard. It's super private. The whole property is nicely hedged. And I mean, just imagine waking up to this view every single morning, or going to bed looking at this peaceful view, it's amazing.

And that's pretty much it for the second floor of this home but of course, we're gonna wait few more hours here, wait for the sun to go down so we can see this place at dusk. (upbeat music) All right, everyone. That's it for the tour. I hope you all enjoyed this video. Big thanks to Clay Matthews and his wife, Casey and all the listing agents, Branden, Shana and Nima for giving us the honor to tour their amazing listing and share it with all of you. As always, you can find more information about the property and the property link down in the description of this video.

Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, just make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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