INSIDE EXPO 2020 Dubai | Premier - Terra Sustainability Pavilion | Job Opportunities in 2021-22

INSIDE EXPO 2020 Dubai | Premier - Terra Sustainability Pavilion | Job Opportunities in 2021-22

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So the future will be like this, Humans will destroy all the forest and will replace by... If you want to get job in expo 2020 you can see such a big site... Today i have come to the very new place and the latest attraction in dubai which is under construction from many years. And the name of this place is Expo 2020. And this area is called District 2020.

The name is 2020 because expo 2020 was suppose to held in October 2020. but now it's extended to 2021, Now expo will start from October 2021 and continue until next 6 months. But it will still be called Expo 2020.

Now i am at entrance gate. And this is sustainability district This is the parking area of sustainability pavilion. You can see few details here, everything is available here. This is Terra sustainability pavilion in front of me. So basically there are 3 pavilions in Expo 2020. Sustainability pavilion, Mobility Pavilion and * Opportunity Pavilion (corrected).

Every pavilion has different themes and different things to see. But for now only one Sustainability pavilion is open for visitors. which i have come to see here. It has opened for visitors form Jan 22 and will be open until April 10 (corrected). After that pavilions will be closed until October. Later main functions will start from October and continue until next 6 months.

Expo 2020 is a world expo (which happens every 5 years) and this is Dubai is hosting this expo, and dubai was preparing for this from many years. but had to postpone because of pandemic. for now only one pavilion is open so let's enjoy this. I will say about tickets There also would be ticket counters here, i will check inside.

I have already booked online. I will say how to come reach here To reach here you can use metro red line get down at jabal ali station then change other line for expo 2020 but for now as of today Feb 5, metro doesn't come until expo 2020 station. It comes till Al fujran station which is 2 stops from Jabal Ali After getting down you can take taxi to come here. I came same way.

If you have personal car then better. While returning to got direct bus for Dubai Mall It will drop me at Metro station. and this bus service is free. You don't have to swipe card, it's good.

This is a good update so i wanted to share. so let's go inside and have a look I'm very excited to see this new attraction. Please watch this video till end and enjoy.. I have already booked ticket online you can see .. so i just have to show barcode here after this there is security check here. i will have to let them scan may bag they just scanned my barcode and it was simple or else i had to stand i queue for ticket here some arabic program is going on they are showing some traditional dance So they have welcomed us so nicely Everyone is so humble here only they didn't allow me to record in security check in area otherwise you can do video recording everywhere here.

Right now i am near earth plaza at sustainability pavilion. you can see i entered from there and now i'm standing here. And this is Terra sustainability pavilion. So the future will be something like this Humans will destroy the forest and we will replace something like this with artificial sounds.

And 200 years later we will tell to our descenders that.. there used to be forest, animals and they make various sound. Like this we will keep our history alive. Let's enter into exhibition area Here is how world is transforming... which side should i go? Let's go to the ocean, We know very much about forest but less about ocean We just saw the beautiful side, Now here we see what humans have done for the ocean.

for animals in the ocean. We like to know about them but this is also the dark truth.. whatever plastics products we're consuming and throw .. it goes in to ocean and sit like this. you can see how plastics are hanging ground How nicely we enjoy eating then throw into this beautiful ocean.

good message here to change the earth for good. This whole area which actually looks like a huge machine This is actually like engine of a ship. We can see some structures here like theme of ship. and when ship goes into water then how it affects the sea life this is the message here. Let's play one more game There are amazing things on earth and we're unable to save it..

then what we would do by escaping to mars if there is nothing there This area explains about the possibility of our future ecosystem. How will we value the things in future How we will add ourselves with nature in future. and what will be the importance of science and technology in our life. you can see this vertical garden in DNA shape.

and i shown you there how everything will connect digitally in future. So we will be able to preserve the nature but in different formats. This is something in heart shape. So our future may look something like this. see i waved my magic hands and what happened.

So the future kids will learn like this. They won't have to read books like us. And how's the experience inside the forest you will get here. I looks like root structure of the tree In ocean we saw big mushroom structure and here we see the tree root. what happens under the ground in roots how plants grasp the energy from the ground See how transportation of minerals and water happens inside the tree Its shown here in visual. Basically we will know here how computer wastes water bottles and other wastes affects our nature.

And here also similar games Outside there are many food trucks and cafes for dining. And on solar plates above we can see the lightings now. And on solar plates above we can see the lightings now. Guys finally i saw everything and going back to home.

overall my feed back is its nice place knowledgeable and entertaining thing to see. Specially for kids its more exciting. And in our daily life of irresponsible we're being for nature and earth its important to understand this. I hope you liked my video then please like.

and subscribe the channel ..and yes, i wanted to share something about jobs. anyways i am sharing job related information in my Dubai job series videos. If you want to find job in expo 2020 then there will be more requirements of jobs here when main events will start.. So i can give some information about it. You can look on the website of expo 2020 and check for job vacancies there you can send your profiles. And if you're lucky then you may get job here.

other point, you can also job in volunteering program, i saw many volunteers are working here, But you have to have Emirates Id or UAE nationals can do it. It's also good to join as volunteer. So here also your door is open.

2021-02-15 03:12

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