Inside FAVELAS of Rio de Janeiro - BRAZILIAN FOOD TOUR + National Dish of Brazil!

Inside FAVELAS of Rio de Janeiro - BRAZILIAN FOOD TOUR + National Dish of Brazil!

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Hey everyone hope you're having an amazing day at smart Queens I'm in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and. Favelas. Are a community. Of informal. Housing, which is a major, major part, of Rio as you drive through the streets you'll notice high-rise buildings, but in between the buildings and within the valleys and literally, on the, sides of cliffs mountains. You, will see you will notice favelas, now it wouldn't be right for me to not mention that a lot of crime does, take place in favelas, and some. Of them can be dangerous, in certain, areas especially. Without the right connection, however, the. Favelas, are also if, there's a totally, different side of the favelas, it's home to some of the most creative, some. Of the most hard-working and, some. Of the most heartwarming. Welcoming. People in Brazil as well and so today we're gonna take you we're gonna go on a food, tour of the favelas, of Rio we're gonna visit two different favelas we, are gonna eat some home-cooked food we're gonna eat at some street food stalls we're, gonna meet some amazing people I'm. Gonna share all the food with you and the entire experience, with you in this video. Let. Me good morning that's good morning and learning it up by Ella today. Very nice very good thank you so yeah yeah, yeah I have to meet you man who does get ahead and make get ahead of me yeah awesome we're, gonna jump on motorbikes home. It on. All. Right we're off, Mangia. Mangia. On, our way. You. Got to really hold on because these hills are steep men, what's. Amazing about favelas, is that I mean it is an entire community so it's like an entire city within a city with. In Rio de Janeiro's there's businesses, there's everything here. That's, Pete Matthew, obrigado. That, last bit was so steep I was sliding. I. Was, sliding off the motorbike. I'll. Have a new appreciation for, Hills they're so, steep even, just walking around yeah taking a motorbike is a roller, coaster experience. And then, walking around oh hello, chickens and, walking around is you, get a workout. Shackford. They just split it open all, the motorbike. Drivers are grabbing pieces and even people walking, by or just having a piece of it. That's. Very, very ripe it's good though really, really sweet. It. Supplies you to receive you guys retain you so long you know yeah. I'm. A born and raised in this pathologist football is the biggest favela in Rio I mean, like in Brazil it's a kind of city with, the city there, are three hundred thousand, people living years. Welcome. To my place are you gonna hang out together yeah, I'm gonna take like to some, really nice places. We. Have a lot of storage threshing so. It's. What. We have most yes, like a lot of food so the experience of all like food being really nice. Thank. You for taking us around this is the most famous cushio there oh cool one, of the Brazilians snacks on, the go, that, I haven't tried yet that, I'm very excited to try together. Didn't. Like a teardrop shape like in the press how heavy it is how dense it is like, you think it's gonna be like an airy, pocket. But that is dense you don't really eat it from the top or any way you like. From. The bottom yeah okay okay. It's, a personal choice again. Actually. Tradition. Comes and ask for the mana again. Says you okay. First and then and. Then even more bread on the top 20 okay he's the expert he said eat it from the bottom. Oh yeah. That's, amazing, hot sauce no. Matter the outside wrapper is made from cassava flour you can taste that it's kind of gummy kind, of sticky and very starchy the inside is a mix of chicken tastes a little bit like tomato, II but. Mostly just like shredded chicken that's just delicious that's part of you that it's packed with chicken and. Then that just came out of nowhere with a bottle of hot sauce and, drenched. My trench. To mine in it. With, that hot sauce, oh yeah, that's spicy, that's like vinegary that like goes up your nose that's a mousse you can and this is some of the cut you juicy comes your set comes with a Ksenia and, some the juice. Or nice is. It I do. Now give us a Casio drew back as the capsu fruit juice oh man. That's amazing. It's slightly fermented tastes very very, fruity very tropical not too sweet. It's, filling. It's so tasty really. Go. Don't, go to them. This. Place is called. So, I voted the Rocha.

Mm. No hoes up there so cool when you are here check, them out come have a snack that. Was tasty so in the favela how only. One main street that one, it's got started a guardian right but the majority of people live in little, alleys you have a lot of alleys Raya it's the most the most dangerous, thing that could happen to you in the favela is to get lost it's, a kind of a huge demand it's, a kind of huge maze most of the favelas most of the people live. Down side alleys, which, are only walking, only walking space so we're just going down a side alley right now. It's. What's. Amazing about favela is just the community and then everybody knows each other so you, you. Know, everyone. That owns the shops you know you have. Friends all over the place and so, there's a trust factor. Of. Everybody that knows each other, little barbershops, little, convenience, stores. Steep. Staircases. You. Can get your pet food. You. Can get your TV's. Fixed and your appliances, fixed, and. All. Within, a walking only. Little. Very small alley, with. Power cords running right above your head look. At the art -. Everything. Mixed. Race. Car, Gator. Heaven mr., -, so mr.. Time window idiot here those bungee. You. Step out on to the top of his house onto a patio, and it just overlooks. The entire valley. Ksenia. All the way down into the valley all the way to the sea, with the mountains, it's like an amphitheater, and then you can see just a massive, rock, face to the left hand side and even, more housing that goes up if you look around at the tops of the roofs you can see most. Houses all houses, have these big blue, water tanks, there are services, in this community there's electricity there's internet, there's water, but. It's sporadic right, sometimes it turns off sometimes, it's not. Sometimes. It just doesn't work so then, people do store water. We're. On our way now to go find some food. But. Then in the next fella that we go we've, also arranged, for some home cooking, so that's coming up as well.

His. Name is Anderson, he's, the chef here he's an amazing cook he's friendly, he's so cool my, father don't. Know. I don't blend out boy I usually, just, give you a quick little tour of this, restaurant, he doesn't all the cooking right here and it's literally like his, home, and, then if you come out of the kitchen, got. The little bar counter, right here with the drinks in it and a little, bit cold a little bit cold and then if you continue, out, here, this, is a little, dining room section there's 40. And. Then if you go up these, steps. Right here, this. Is literally the Howey, and. It's an amazing. Little spot he's so friendly a, room of those beans and meat cooking just like goes, down the alley I don't know how you could not stop when you're walking through here. Right. Here in the balcony on the table right moving out and. They. Do have the indoor section, where you can sit but he does have visitors like the VIP this is the ultimate seating, bar, counter seating along the alley he just sets the food right in front of you it's hot it's, fresh, it is definitely, cooked with love and like the but, it smells delicious try some of that beef first that beef rib its beef rib right. So. Tender Estella look. At that meat the jiggling, this event, that's. Just like falling apart tender. Under. Sun. Under. Sun. Salvador's. Oh oh. Wow. Those ribs are amazing, like they're, so tender they. Just fall apart that just it's, disintegrating, in my tongue on my tongue right now okay. Move into some of those beans and rice and there's, a little bit of like maybe. Like onions in there. And love how beans are so common in Brazil I love beans they're. Hard either nutritious. They're. Just good pasta, I'm gonna add in a little bit of that that. Um. Bottle, five. The. Mix of starches but most. Importantly. That. Beef rib is. Absolutely. Incredibly. Tasty. You. Did just bring us another plate of meat which is like beef maybe I like sauteed in a pan a. Little. More like grizzly catcher to a bite in a good kind of way just like stompy, flavorful. Beets. Try. Some of that fatty, fatty. Piece. Look. It's all good but that combinations, that beef. Rib the, tender fattiness, will. Just melt in your mouth please just get ahead of it down there how's their ribs men amazing. Good that's so good right yeah. Followed, by vin. Fantastic. Meal I'm. Just loving everything, about this. Move, over to God oh we. Thought they got. Here. We're walking, back down actually, to the entrance where we took a motorbike up at first we're gonna walk down. This. Is like underneath a tree underneath. Building. Underneath, the highway or the road and there's. A little tunnel back here taking. Some shortcuts I'm sure to. Get down this, goes for all of Rio de Janeiro and all of Brazil but the murals, the wall art the graffiti, it's, spectacular and, it's so. Colorful, definitely, a faster, route than the road that it has to go. Back and forth switchbacks, is just taking the staircase. Back. Out onto the main street this is the main street of Ksenia. Sushi. Bar. Man. These amphitheater. Views with the rocks and stones and mountains in the background, Wow. Oh in. The sea just stopping in to buy some water oh my god. Awesome, awesome people, and, this is their star it is just packed from. The roof to. The pillars, everything. You could need Oh buddy. Isla with over to go have. A great day and. We just got some water thanks. Again. They're. About tiny staircases, leading to, people's homes little, walkways, little, pathways, little. Like tiny spaces, and then all at once you emerge back onto the Main Street then as you get to the base of Ksenia. To the base of the mountain the base of the. Community. There's just more and more shops there's businesses, there's restaurants there's supermarkets, all services. You can imagine are all down here it was amazing, to visit, Ksenia. Thanks, so much to give head man for showing us around, that, was great meeting. Some of the people eating. Lunch eating, some food, yeah. Wow that was a learning experience and. It, was yeah. Cool man thank you so much open. Again see you next time see you next time man thank you. Holly. Oh you're on our way to another favela which is kind of a cross town yeah, there's like yeah, it's located on sound ryuko more with the proteins here bogota, from a residency after dancing and it's another favela where we're gonna meet a lady who's gonna home cook us a meal and she's gonna cook what is one of it.

Is The national, dish of Brazil. We. Made it to a downtown, area and from, here we're gonna jump, into it's called a cumbia it's like an old Volkswagen, van. Which, is going to take us up the hill to the that laughs oh yeah. As. We are. Okay. If we've reached the end of the route jump. Out here. Thanks, min no problem. This, is underneath. An abandoned. Or the with in an abandoned. Rail. Car. Kind. Of cable car station she. Is going to be cooking for us, but. She also maybe, has a bar called bar de Judah and her name is Judah. And. Following, Judah back, to her house she owns that bar, underneath. The abandoned, railway station cable, car station now we're going up to her house. Check. Out the Brazil logo. Awesome. I. Think. We made it to the house. Going. Upstairs to show her balcony oh cool, like a great view of. Another. Room up here on the second floor I could do other so be the negative away. A. View. From up here like, a hundred, eighty degree, is fantastic. And again just, the construction. Of the houses just going up the face of rocks, up the face of the mountain and. Even. Yeah this house is four stories high just, because it goes up it's, so steep I. Think. We spell up things she, spit Judah is gonna be making a dish called feijoada which, is it is considered, one of the national, dishes, of Brazil. It's an ultimate, dish it's an amazing, Hardy's dish and something, I didn't know before coming to Brazil is, that feijoada is a dish that's typically, eaten. On the weekends, Saturday or Sunday because. It's a heavy dish it's a dish it's one of those dishes that you want to eat and then, take a nap after you eat it so best reserved, for the weekend as a family, meal it's gonna get started now. This. Is a dish that includes, very, hearty it includes beans but. Much more he's go in. It's. All, Oh. Humidity. Pork, is a major major, part of feijoada but not just the meat but all pieces. Of the pig, she. Added in all the different parts there's you see some of the leg parts some of the hoof parts some of the, probably. The ears the, everything. So. That bacon, and then she just added between some olive oil is gonna, be for the photo fo which is she's gonna add some cassava flour, powder, to it that's one of the staples, of Brazil. You, know fuss about that's why. Hi, I'm a fishbone nailed us a pilot and now she added in a whole bag of like a self a flower powder mixing. That and working it in that, is gonna be ultra flavorful, autofocus, ready that smells delicious, she, like just had to slowly, stir, it so it gets a little golden, color without. Burning her incredible. Cooking, expertise. She's a master. Getting. A taste test of the photo file. We. Go oh it. Is hot. It's. Crispy. It's. Still flicker holding that pork fat in the bacon. Mmm. Another dish that she's gonna be making is yucky, it's called young yeah Yahoo np-hardness, Milky, Way, which.

Is Have her specialties potatoes. For. The shrimp you mixed in garlic, there's a little bit of cumin, vinegar. And lime, juice. And. Then into the potato went to, eggs and some flour and that's looking more like a like, a dough day for the pigs you want a pot she. Added, in she took off the cover she added in the ribs and the sausage, put, the cover back on that's gonna cook more this is some of the pork crackling, that she fried, up marinated. Again in some vinegar a little bit of cumin and garlic. She. Wants us to change that oh. I. Bet, you can hear that crunch on the microphone. Wow. Consciousness. Mortal. Beings oh oh it's. So crispy, the crispness of that skin the fattiness, of that meat the, flavor, okay. You. Just hooked us up with a couple spoons of chilies directly. On to the crispy, pork what a brilliant idea. Wow. A world-class, snack, Oh with that spicy you've been a guru sausage, now she wants us to taste it with photo Fah like, dinner, has not eaten the, meal has not even begun but we're just like snacking, on the different ingredients, she. She, wants us to and there's, no way I can say no to it. Oh. Dude. I. Know. The. Sun is going down but. She. Is still cooking the aroma of, the food is incredible, it should be ready pretty soon but, just take a moment to appreciate, enjoy. This. View an, amazing. City the. People we've come across today the food we've had this, is gonna be like one. Of the greatest meals ever in Brazil right now. Finally. She's squeezing that potato better through the through, the press I'm chopping. It off and formed a little bite size and you'll feel a little bit. I've eaten Nokia many many times never. Seen it made this is my first time. Or. The sauce. For the gnocchi which is it's. Gonna be a shrimp sauce but she added in onions, sweated down some onions then in some tomatoes. And green peppers and some tomato paste then some, coconut. Milk so it's really, gonna be Italian. Brazilian. But Judah's own style. Then. The shrimp goes into the sauce that's gonna be rich that's gonna be thick thickened with the coconut, cream and that's gonna be heating within yaki Oh show show show. How. Much it comes from her heart how much she loved it even dances. Who, enjoys cooking she, is amazing. An amazing lady. That. Is. Amazing. Yes. She. Is taking care of us like a mother. No. Idea. What. Dance that is no, show, it's like is. Everything fine. Me. And. Finally, shellfish sweats down some kale so it's done some garlic and, some kale, to, go at the pinata in order to honor both, of the dishes we're gonna begin only with the gnocchi so that we don't mix the two because they're almost like two whole separate, meals she's prepared for us then, you'll be with come at all that's her like signature, dish, that she's known for. But. Then the feijoada she, just, knows how to cook everything. Expertly. All. That is stunning. Like. Brazilian. Italian. Home. Cooking, you. Taste the coconut milk in there mm-hmm. Encase, those tomatoes, and peppers simmered. Down the. Gnocchi just melts in your mouth and then, the little like muscley. Shrimp insanely, delicious. That. Is just marvelous, in every, single. Way. That, gnocchi. Unbelievable. Finish. My plate of gnocchi before, moving on to the feijoada. She. Just might be the coolest lady in all of Brazil everything. Is falling off the bone it's that tender, all of the fat and then she separates, the meat with the juices, and the beans and then, she did a beautiful. Beautiful. Feijoada, dance for us. Shaking. Shaking, the, meat and you could just see it wiggling, oh we. Going meat cannot. Get better than wiggling meat fresh box. There's. Nobody, who could make a better single. Plate of the feijoada than, Judas oh he asked her to make a plate, added. Everything perfectly, with a selection of all the different pork the ribs that years the. The. Feet, the gelatin. He bits the all things. Included. With the beans with the rice with the kale with that thought over with the pork, crackling. Meal. Cooked from the heart I got, to begin with these like I got. To begin with those beans the, gelatin. In the oh man, what is that little what, is that little tube. Wow. That. Is like the, motion. All. Apart tender Pig what. The. Beans the starchy, beating stuff out although which has that like crunchy. Starchiness. To ever. Look, for robust. It's. So good it's so like crispy, it's like, breadcrumbs. Almost like but. With.

That Bacon, everything. Tastes like bacon oh yes. Moving on let's try another piece of this support you don't even need a knife look at that these. Like bits of meat just like look, at that with some of the crispy, pork with some of the chilies with Oh, men. It's almost too good to be true. It's. Unbelievable, and what's amazing is also the different parts of the pig because that one all, of them have different ation. Textures. All of them have different like. Jelly. Nice feels, to them the. The. Fattiness content, of, supporting. Us the, beams - most beautiful plates. That's. A jelly fatty fish. Your study, the. Only thing I might do. I'm. Gonna reduce, I'm. Gonna rebe knit. These. Beans are like literally like liquid, pork, insurance. Everything in bean juice because. It's actually like liquid. Pork oh. It's. Unbelievable. There's. Heavenly bean juice because all of those oils all the collagen, has just come out of the park into the bean juice oh. Dude. Look, I, was, like biting down way harder than I needed to I did. Not need to give it that much effort. Just. Slides off the bone. We. Have to say a massive, obrigado. Stunning. Beyond belief, mucho. Mucho. Bueno muy. Bonito. Sbarro's oh. It's. Beyond. Like. This. Is home cooking beyond belief. Like. More comforting. More. Comforting, than you could possibly imagine. I'm. Sweating. From that feijoada I am so, happy I am just like, that. Was, a hearty. Incredible. Meal. Where, every, single, bite, was just cooked with passion, and love it. Was such, a good meal in such. A beautiful place. I cannot. Even like I, just. Thank, you from. The bottom of my heart to Judah and Ileana, for. Cooking that incredible. Home-cooked. Meal here that, was just. Spectacular, and. So, we have come to the end of this favela food. Tour of Rio de Janeiro and I mean it was just one day it was just a taste of the life. In the favela and learning. About the favelas, of Rio, but. Again. Favelas. They don't get a good reputation and they, I mean that they definitely are, the center. Of where a lot of crime takes place and where a lot of organized crime happens, in Rio in Brazil but, that is by not even close, to the majority, of the, people that live in the favelas, that call the favelas, home I'm, happy, that we were able to show a positive. Side people. Making a difference and this. Is an experience, that I'll remember for the rest of my life and it was a privilege to have a chance to visit both, of these favelas today I don't even know if I can make it out of this after. That meal I, might. Need to spend the night here oh man. Okay but. That's it. Big. Thank you to get ahead man Rafa from Rio for fun real for food they run tours they're cool they make videos as well I'll have their links in the description box and everything we did as well and.

What. A day in Rio, we're. Gonna also be traveling, all around Brazil, so. I'll leave the link in the description box but you can check out all the videos if. You're not already subscribed to subscribe, and click the little bell icon so that you get notified of the next video that I published but then watch the entire Brazil series, we're learning so. Much about Brazil, travelling around Brazil, eating. The different food the diversity. Of Brazil. Will just it, will blow you away, Brazil. Is amazing, check, out all the videos thanks. Again for watching good. Night from, Rio de Janeiro see, you on the next video thanks again for watching.

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my grandparents lived in a sort of Favela in hong kong when they immigrated from china called the kowloon city, im sure ppl here have heard of it. Anyway, they told me all kinds of stories, and even though these favelas aren't as nice as the "regulated" parts of the city, the inhabitants create a civic structure naturally and for the most part basic needs are taken care of.

Hey Mark could you do a video dedicated to safely traveling in Brazil including how to get contacts within favelas? Thank you so much for the wonderful content you produce!

All I can think about while watching this video is Fast 5. Just me? xD

This is amazing I love this


Awesome vid Bro...! I’ve never tried dishes from Brazil.. looks really good.. Still watching from the Island of Guam..!

Nobody can hate beans ever.


Wow that place is the real definition of complicated

Mark, visit Recife to taste our stew, tapioca, couscous, green beans with chicken and more. Visit Market of Madalena. Welcome to Recife.

Man know wonders why Brazilians are good with their feets

25:46 shaking meat and boobs. Enjoy!

That dislikes shows that there are always some people out there who gonna not like you even tho you are best at what you do. Best video as usual mark . I binge watch your video and of course end up being hungry, keep continuing

i will never understand why i still watch your videos on an empty stomach. WHY ? btw mark please come visit FIJI very nice island

Thanks, my food will now forever be bland and without excitement.... Just kidding, awesome people and food.

obrigado mark wiens .. amor da india❤❤

C'mon Mark!!! Shaking meat?!?!?! Wiggling meat? C'mon man!!!!

Ohh...I can't stop watching you mark...I think you are the most humble people loving person in YouTube..your passion towards food taking you and us in amazing journey ....I love you so much

the american boy wearing green shirt looks so fake!

1:24 pistol in his hand ????

the gnocchi looks so good, brazilian style

Hi mark u need to travel to Cyprus and taste the food of my country

Missing Micah

Amazing the word 'Kaju' for cashew is same in India. This is an hindi word.

and so i paused this video to look for something to eat!

Best ever vlog,love you

Horrible living conditions, dear lord I wonder why Brazilians don’t rise up against this? You can’t just neglect the welfare of entire neighbourhoods like this. It’s a real tragedy how people live in the 3rd world and why I never want to here anyone in America, Canada, Australia or Europe talk about “poverty”. Because this to me is true poverty.

All those stair case no wonder why everyone is fit compared to America. Aha

UK health and safety experts would have a field day in cables hanging everywhere lol

Every time you upload I say to myself “this might be his best video”. I’ve been saying this for the two years I’ve been watching you. Thank you for always exceeding our expectations Mark!

Stay safe Mark

those who have less gives more, thank you the experience

Kkkkkkk parece q ele ta sempre noiado


This was maybe one of your best videos because you succeded to make a positive insight in the favelas, not to show problems but the ordinary day to day life in a special part of our world. Something I haven't seen on any tv documentary which often are very serious and have a guilt-blaming message. This was life-optimistic and joyful! Thank you!

You look like hererea ,Man U player

Can you know pump it up

that lady is so kind, making sure everyone has great meal just like a mother....salute to such mothers all over the world, love from INDIA

So much meat

I wonder if you just faking it.

Where's my dog?

Brazilian woman know how to treat a man right ;)!

there's no spoon? XD

The food looks incredible. Wow.

The guy at 10.20 does not look happy!

Mark this is a great video. You have let the world see that there are good people who live in the Rio area. All you hear is all the negativity of Rio. Gangs, murders and theft. Not much different than other big cities around the world. Look at Chicago for pete's sake. Keep up the great work bringing us all together with great food.

Bless your health Mark make sure to rest well and keep these wonderful videos coming

Again a gunman killed many people in Brazil just hot the news. Why is that wherever mark goes, these tragedies are taking place.

Não entendo por que o Guilherme não fala para ele que se fala muito bom! ele o tempo todo fala em portunhol muito bueno! Saludos desde Colombia

Hope you are having are great time

Mark , before a big lunch i dont need appetizers , i just watch one of your vids and then i can eat a whole bloody cow . Damn i always get hungry . Its the same with the "food ranger" (but theres nothing like u men)

What an amazing video again Mark !! You remind me of a video that the Late Anthony bourdain made in the favelas, you guys have the best vews on places you go but each on there own individual originality... keep up the great work

Mark show us street football Brazil we will enjoy more as we enjoying food


Mark sound sick

Man you are doing an amazing job. Everyday when I wake up I first check my YouTube to see whether you have uploaded any new video or not. Your videos are lovely man. Thanks for making us such great videos. Lots of love from India ♥️.

The lady is amazing and enjoys cooking for guests, it matters most. Loved her dance ... meat shaking step

This is Brazil

Mark, if you ever plan on visiting Puerto Rico, please let me know. You will love the food and the scenery

+Ferreiraxd vergonha a gente fica do seu comentário preconceituoso e elitista. O Mark já visitou os países mais pobres do mundo, sempre com humildade e respeito. Daí vem vc aqui falar mal dos seus compatriotas. Shame on you!

I love your show

I feel the positive energy ,coming from the people around. I wish i could taste something from here. Respect and regards from Russia!

Mark Wiens how you protect yourself in that place

Much love from robstown Texas

obrigado por visitar o Brasil.

Great video Mark. I'm loving the food your eating because you make it look so good.


Goods news

Humilde e feliz, como sempre! Amei o vídeo. Obrigada por nos visitar e volte sempre!

You can't hate mark and his family. So nice people, hope the best for you throughout your life. Only love and hope you guys visiting Denmark one day like I want to visit Beautiful Brazil.

Our country its amazing ❤ except for some people...

Vídeo sensacional, obrigado por visitar o Brasil

ó o maluco no fundo só "filmando" 9:28 (Sensacional o vídeo, Mark - Amazing!)


That is one country i would never visit.

Hi guys, you need whatch " Rio 4 food " there are a lot favelas food and foods of all partes of Brazil.

Essa sim é uma feijoada raiz! Pqp

Essa feijoada tá perfeita. E muito bom esse convidado, come de tudo.

This feijoada is perfect. And the invited is very good, eats everything.

Fantastic!!! If you go to Minas Gerais, you can not miss Ouro Preto city. It is a historical city, packed with Portuguese heritage and the food is yummy!!! Enjoy everything!!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Excellent Mark! You need an award for this one. I’ve always wanted to see the favelas and what an awesome way to brige cultures and showing the positive side and the beauty within the people and culture via food. Great work Mark! Question: how difficult was it to secure a trust worthy tour into the favela where you could feel safe? Anything go wrong in the filming of the video?

Amazing video!

U happy=food taste better

Mark Wiens, you are a Legend - thank you for the HOURS upon HOURS of excellent entertainment you supply us with. We love your videos her in South Africa!

Adoro quando alguém de fora gosta da nossa comida podia visitar outras cidades do Brasil.. Curti ai galera

At the 15:00 Mark finds out he caught AIDS and reacts with the same face.

Rice, beans, pasta, robbed at gun point, catch AIDS, fresh fruit...wait, what?

Aw the lady is so lovely great video

I wish i can do this too

get a job and save money. Mark can do this because he has millions of followers and gets paid decent enough to travel from that and sponsorship.

27:05 Thank me later.

eww that kitchen area 8:58 is horrid!

the view at 7:27 Breathtaking!!!!!

When you are on diet and you watch Mark enjoying every food, man that's torture

Like Dominic toretto would say, Viva Brazil!!!!

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"Oh Hello Chickens"

Hey Mark are you married?My little sister said that she loves you forever and you are so handsome .

Wonderful video! You showed me a side of Rio I had not seen before. Wish it could have been longer as I wanted to see more of those alleys and their residences.

9:59 look at those kids

Go to Salvador Bahia brasil

Watching this from Manila... OMG! the place is like a Massive massive maze... I will definitely get lost if I was there. The food looks very very appetizing and delicious. thank you for sharing this food experience in this part of the world. Just wow!

Mark, you owe them a bottle of vinegar chilies

love to my family in Brazil xxx

30:54 Rio at night! So beautiful so wonderful that your vlog extended into the dark. There are not many other places as beautiful as Rio at night. Thank you Mark and to your hostess

27:09 SO worth waiting for

I love beans when they come in not so much when they come out

May I suggest of getting rid of the the light took the mood out of the video I would like to see the real atmosphere and colours not light shining of the food. Still enjoying your videos.

Hi Mark , would like to make a suggestion ( more of a request) . While you are on your food trips, can you please review halal foods as well in each of the countries ? It is very hard for us muslims to find halal food that actually taste good too . Thanks.

Everything looks amazing but the coconut cream. I can eat it but it's a real spoiler for me. Not a fan, coconut is a dessert in my eating realm.

Mark ; " Rrrrrrrrio ... " Lol ..


The gnocchi with shrimp dish made me want to crawl through my computer screen to get a bite. And that wonderful woman dancing with the meat dish. What a lovely and welcoming lady Jura was.

i really enjoy your content i find all of your videos interesting especially with unique foods you ying and mika must come to nz

Ele é muito simpatico com o pessoal local

I'm glad that you liked our food. I'm a fan of Asian food, even more the Thai or Singaporean food, but when I'm out of my country, I miss my beans, farofa and barbecue. You'll always welcome in Brazil, Mark. Greetings from Rio.

respeita nós Br negada

Do you want to die? or are you just waiting to get robbed?

There's some experiences I just have to appreciate from afar, because I would never take a motor bike ride like that. It was nerve wracking just to watch.


This guy's face while eating...

I love you so much

Brazil loves u

Reo De Janiero I love the way it sounds. It’s like hello there. Hi Mark, how come do you manage to stay smart despite of eating many, many dishes around the world. I am gonna keep posting on every video you have made, until you reply me.

Mark is simply the best of best food blogger, some I've observed tries to copy him.

what I wonder sometimes how Mark Wiens manages to eat so much different Stuff his stomach is something else or he must take shits like a bear

Been to Brazil

I’m just glad u guys came out breathing man. No offense to those guys who’s with u. Great content

Hi Mark Wiens I'm glad that your here in RJ Brazil... remember me I'm your follower more than a year now in I'm living here in Paraiba Brazil I used to live in Rio de Janeiro take care in God bless you in your lovely wife & handsome cute son ❤️

You have to come to the South side !

I don't like other people's food

I m in love with tracks playing in background, can anyone please let me know which songs r those...

Mark, you really have to try the Brazil's northern and northeastern food men... It's the food epicenter of all those that you ate... Have to try!

another amazing video Mark! I miss Ying and Micah tho.. Hi Joel :)

I feel kinda ashamed that a foreigner has the courage to go there, but not me (despite me being from Rio)

Thank u mark for showing us this beautiful part of brazil

I absolutely love your facial expressions when you bite into something delicious! I smile every time!

Oh Mark you are so awesome doing your vlogs.! Amazing people, beautiful city, fantastic amazing home cooked food! Mark I love how you do your foodgasm face! Mark you are amazing of what you are doin and enjoying all of your vlogs! So good to see your best friend JOEL! MORE POWER MARK! Take care of yourself I love your show!! God bless you always.


Mark Wiens, thank you for coming to show the beauties of our Brazil.

You don't keep to any diets. And still you are so slender! It's so amazing! Many people can only ,but envy!

One of youtuber who grows from the really bottom. That's why I like all of your videos and your effort to be like this now. Nowadays in my country by the rise of the potential income from youtube, many artist competing to become a famous youtuber. Unfortunately most of their content are absurd and have no benefit. Youtuber should be like you, consistent and totality.

What sets Mark apart from all the other food and travel vloggers , in my humble opinion, is that he radiates kindness , that of a heartwarming human connection, that feel-good vibe one can get after watching his videos leaves one wanting to see more

Love this video Mark, welcome to Brazil, btw you should go in one game of football.

you gonna try sarawak borneo malaysia you try kolok mee

That last meal look delicious!

Love the female cook enthusiasm and cogentiality.

Show show show show show!!!! (Dona Jura me chama pra comer aí na sua casa poorrr favvoorrr, hauhauahuahua

Phenomenal art murals.

Mad respect Mark.

The Fevala foods look delectable. Love those black beans.

Awesome Mark

I felt the love in the food and she seems soo warm

Wow......I often thought what the f culture was like.


Rio looks filthy.. & that first kitchen was filthy... taking your life in your hands bruva..

You guys sure love your beans food looks good!

Hey Mark my bro my pal get me Elianas number i like her

O bonito do Rio de Janeiro são as coisas mais simples, e no meu ponto de vista às pessoas humildes é quem se destacam nesta Cidade,

It takes balls and $$$ to get into the favelas

Brazillian food , The best World

great people love your video food looks very good bless you all . love from Suriname

Those chilis are malagueta or dedo de moca i love them a lot too.

You can tell that they're sweating their asses off in that lady's home. Food looked great especially the gnocchi/prawns. I want to try and cook that. Looks liked it took a ton of time to cook.

Respect to all....I personally could not live there or even visit....too overwhelmed

I think it's really shitty of you to keep pointing out the crime in Brazil but say nothing about the political corruption plaguing them. You want to sit here and exotify the fact that they're forced to basically live on top of each other and collect their own water but you won't talk about how poorly their government is taking care of them and the IMMENSE police brutality they face. Your commentary is lazy and one sided. You will sit here and go to these countries that are plagued with mistreatment and won't say a damn thing about why they're actually suffering, but sure "oweeeow" your way through every place that offers you good food. You did the same with the betel nuts, as if their DEADLY addictions are something to gloss over.


We are waiting for more to visit Spain and they are full of delicious dishes Success to wait for you keep going

Someone PLEASE tell me if Mark ever had a show on any PBS channel, if my memory serves me correctly, he did and it was my first Mark Wiens experience. Long ago.

Espero que você adote a opção da legenda em todos os seus vídeos em português Brasil...

Seja bem vindo ao Brasil... e que você possa apreciar a nossa gastronomia....

Hey you should come to denmark! i live in the most northen part and there is great places to eat, an all you can eat seafood buffet! i would totally show you around! Love from DK!

Your new restaurant should be called BASILICKA

When she says `` i have some nudes `` 23:52 lol

That food look delicious wish l was there...yummy

Come to Maldives

Ótima reportagem mais uma vez!!

Namaste Brazil lots of love from Nepal :)

Thanks for shotouting this part from our culture

Brazilien is King in NET. 200Millions....

that view from the balcony was breathtaking

I'm loving your brazilian trip so much! Food and people looks awesome!

'The most dangerous thing that can happen to you in a favela is that you get lost' lol right....

Partiu comilança feroz

Gracias por tus videos Mark son geniales y nos muestran mucho de la cultura y tradiciones de los países, en el minuto 11:04 es muy gracioso el tipo que hay atras...... Relax

Você é Fuego en la ruepa. Vai de Phoenix no Arizona até as favelas do Rio. You are incredible. Go from Phoenix to the favelas in Rio. Loved it

Your so lucky to be able to meet so many warm and friendly people.

Where's ying and Micah? Did they get to have some fun too? Also good video. Hope you come back to Vietnam or go explore more of Canada

subscribe me friends

Amazing mark! When are you going back to Vietnam ?????????

Wow this is one of the best ive seen from your vlogs..i love brazilians,good hospitality and auntie was the coolest doing home cook..❤️❤️❤️

I guess for u even the water taste delicious haha

Thank you Mark Weins for another video food tour in Brazil. I am grateful for the sightseeing that was done in this video, too. The culture of Brazil is definitely unique.

Food name tell in English

trust factor ...hmmm you better watch youre back bruvv

Another great video, food looks delicious! This lady seems so humble yet so much to offer. Much love and respect.



"Cannot get better than wiggling meat"

Sometimes we need to learn with the "gringos" how our contry is so wonderful and to stop to say only bullshits about that. Thanks by the video.

O Brasil tem um PUTA potencial turístico, Ansioso pelos demais vídeos!

love your videos mark, you sound lil sick. Hope you get well. and yes again, fantastic tour of brazil.

Welcome to Brasil my frind - Brasil is that!!! Come do Pantanal - MS!!!!!

You should go to Salvador, Bahia!

I love how I haven't seen any of your videos in my sub box

So great Mark. Make yours my words. Hope you enjoy rio. Let me know if you're going to São Paulo.

blessed and luckiest man....

24.38...This is the essence of Brazil yo...pause and watch the expression on Mark's face from the food and the background scene.....wink wink

anyone knows what the title of the song backsound is ?

This is epic vlog

This was an amazing trip2Brazil!!

আসসালামু আলাইকুম ভাইয়া অনেক ভালো লাগলো ভিডিওটা ব্রাজিল আমার অনেক ভালো লাগে ব্রাজিলের পরিবেশ গুলো অনেক সুন্দর লাগলো আশা করি আপনি ভালো থাকবেন পরবর্তীতে আপনার আরো ভিডিও দেখব


Does Anything ever tastes nasty

Jura can you adopt me please ?

At espírito santo state, u can tasty moqueca capixaba.

Rio the Janeiro poor neighborhoods are the worst, most dirty and violent places in Brazil I hate Im from Brazil and I hate that shitty Brazilian state but I have to admit that that people really know how to kook and they have an amazing culinary!!!! I hope you visit the other Brazilian regions not just Rio.

Que cozinha limpa aos 8:30

Heartfelt ❤️❤️❤️ Love this vlog. Good job mark!

Who's that talkative guy in the blue shoes who hangs out with Joel?

Còmo và vócé

Brazilian people are very receptive! Specially with foreign people! They love to make you people impressive and well.. Looks like they did! What a great experience.

Hell yea mark

Você está de parabéns. Minha admiração por você cresceu exponencialmente depois deste vídeo. Grande parte do Rio é exatamente isso, não é mansão, não é algo glamouroso, não nada do que se mostra na televisão. Mas não deixa de ser bom, aliás, muito melhor e mais limpo que a podridão da classe rica, que só estraga tudo. O Brasil é formado por gente assim, que apesar do parasitismo dos ricos, ainda consegue fazer muito de bom. Parabéns.

Great to see you around. Quick comment: "muito bueno" is Spanish. In Portuguese is "muito bom"

Lil' Zé is that you???....

Great video and cool people but I have never seen such a dirty kitchen at the second restaurant. I cannot imagine Gordon Ramsey stepping in this kitchen.. :)

10:02 Even the guy in the background had to raise his eyebrows in confusion at this dudes faces....Something about the way he eats, and the faces he makes pisses me off to no end, and I dont understand why

He like to show his ultraboost uncaged shoes! LOL


Awesomeness. ..254

How do you eat all that you do in a day?? In an hour? Geesh! Love your videos but worry you will get sick!!

Definitely beautiful and such loving people. Food made me hungry as always lol. I am going to visit soon!!! Thanks Mark ♥

Amazingly there wasn't a shoot out between cops and gangsters in the favelas on the day of your visit...

hi mark great content as always. i wonder would u have been able to get inside the favelas without local guide?

Can't believe you are here in Brazil!!! Me and my partner are your "fans". We follow all your experiences around the world and we are inspired to visit many places and flavors that you share. We hope you and your staff are enjoying our country.

Joel showed up for one set of videos and never left love it. Glad to see you have another traveling companion Mark. The series is great as well love it.

I love them ladies

please come to Bangladesh for our request




Actually Feijoada's roots are from the north of Portugal , from a region called Trás-os-Montes, although they are now part of the culinary traditions of almost all of Portuguese former colonies .

Além do nosso ouro, os portugueses querem roubar a feijoada também?

Too many thieves in Brazil. Stay safe. Not a tourist place.

In Portugal this is our thing also, but I really don't like that farofa stuff, is much better without it

Wow great

No Brasil!!!! Yes!

cara ta achando legalzinho mas n faz ideia da merda acontece ai

U should definitely come in Georgia

I am curious as to how you can stuff so much food within a short period of time and still have that look that says it’s delicious. You did the same thing two years ago in Germany. So much meat in that short period of time , should make one feel a bit nauseous. I know one can “munch” a bit throughout the day, but you weren’t munching , it’s literally stuffing food in. I am truly amazed.

One of the best videos till date.....Brazil the Mecca of football


Why am i watching this while i'm on a diet?

i’m following you. ❤️❤️❤️

Há lugares melhores para comer... Comida simples também... precisa conhecer a culinária de Minas Gerais, do Sul, do Centro Oeste, Nordeste e Norte. Brasil não é só Rio. Acredite terá excelentes experiências.

Amazing videos!!! Brazilian food is so delicious. You definitely need to go to Goias. The food there is amazing.

The chill junkie will never invite you to eat at his house but will eat you out and fly away.

Risking his life for a snack. Man is dedicated. Lol.

Wow, the sandwich was put back in the case after the customer touched it.

why no drone view ? ...

Good stuffs!!

Joel is awesome!!!

Please visit my hometown St johns newfoundland sometime!! You won't regret it. It's beautiful and great culture of food !

Not a fan of wet beans

Poor Joel waiting for his first bite while Mark already on oh wowwwwww number 6... he’s a good friend


Is this guy the same with the guy in The Food Ranger channel? i am confusion

Please please please add bit longer clips of Micah! He's so cute! So cute!!

Nice mark nice place nice food pls notify me thanks

3.55min is a beauty blender snack:)

muito bueno....?

Hey mark if u ever reply love to get too kno n travel wit u I'm a hard working man need a vac man love to eat love to travel wit u please hit me up love spicey food too thanks

I travel for spoon food? OK

Olá, você me deixa com fome com este vídeo de comidas. Rsrsrs

The best video in this chanel Mark, Brazil is amazing place!!! when you come to China let me know, IM are in dongguan and can show you many amazing place too. take care.

Why is he not fat?

the landscape of favela looks amazing, so does the lady in red 20:27

Come to India in your next visit come to North East in Nagaland in the month of December there is a big Festival starting from 1st Dec till 10 th of December called the HORNBILL FESTIVAL at Kisama

Sorry to repeat but the face you make is monotonous and irritating, never have seen you criticise any food items, please give a honest view, if you are given free food than it's understood.

Helo chikens,,lough

Jackfruit is my country's national

I’m drooling

you're so positive, it's contagious.. and I thank you for that hahaha

Андрюха, че у тебя глаза-то красные стали после обеда?

Eu amo brazil e amo as pessoas. Esse video da comida me da saudades da comida brasileira. No vejo a hora de visitar brasil denovo.

Even though you're not feeling well,,,it's obvious in your voice but you never disappoint us to give this wonderful video you make,,,may the Lord bless you and your family

O melhor seleccao de todos os tempos!!

This is the 1st video I have seen in my life of 35 yrs that showed something good about favellas. All I have seen before is negative portrayals of favellas through almost all of news channels. Thank you Mr. Mark for covering the humility, hospitality and heart of people of favellas which is generally not shown by main stream media. Best Wishes from India.

Love my country

I am an Australian 70 y/o man who would just love to follow in your culinary footsteps. This whole video looks just so good to have experienced. What a feast. And what a great place to visit. May I experience something like this before the grim-reaper comes. Litle miss bbq é mais gostoso

Love from India.... I'm a big fan of you

DAAAMN Mark i never thought you would be in my city! Nice!

Beautiful video! Everything looked so delicious!!!

Kkkk tá doido

Que prazer. Abraço do Brasil.

That Pakistani asshole accompanying you

Amazing people!

Brazil I Love

Which cities you will be in Brazil? Will you come to south? We make here in Rio Grande do Sul an stunning barbecue, where we bake a half, or even a whole, rib of cattle for up to 12 hours, you'll love it.

Such a nice person, you gotta come to Bahia dude, more 1 sub

Waiting you here in Minas Gerais, you must eat our Pão de Queijo!!!!

Come to Morocco

One of the best videos, thank you Mark! Really enjoyed the Italian-Brazilian meal, lots of culture there!

Loving seeing u eat my loving food ❤❤ I'm brazilian, and I must say that "Muito bueno" it's not right haha You have to say "Muito bom", "bueno" is in Spanish. Love u ❤

I bet you slept for days after that feijoada dish lol

Sooooo awesome. I so loved this! Mark you’re so blessed. Thank you so much. I really travel with you. ❤️

Love you Brazil, from the Philippines!

South America country they have the best people

Feijoado e vida tudo de bom Mark Wiens volte sempre no brazil.....

Wow its so yummy, I gonna try that at home fantastic bro....

e uma honra ter vc no brazil Mark Wiens sucesso meu amigo

God bless you Mark and than you for your videos

Cadê os br ?

Favorite moment 25:45 In America, we refer to our "Favelas" as "The Inner-city, or The Hood". And of course, it's the same, you'll find the best of some things, and the worst of others. And, you've found the best!!! Thanks for sharing!

Gratitude Mark for this wonderful video. Salvador is waiting for.

What’s the name of the song at 1:07 ???

Such a great video representing a culture behind the tv shows and news report! I am a brazilian guy and i feel so great watching this video... Thanks and thanks and thakns, Mark!

Met ur channel while I was living in Japan and u were there just tasting the Japanese food and now u r enjoying the wonderful food of my country - hope u r enjoying!!!!

The meal by J looks like garri

I don't even know what exactly it is. But for the whole video i have a big smile on my face :D Love the kindness and positive vibes in this video. Amazing food but even more amazing people! So great! :) Thanks for sharing such great moments and all the best! Greetings from germany

"Chef "Anderson kitchen walls are a bit dirty,and runny

nao é por nada,mas a culinaria do rio nao chega nem perto da gastronomia amazonica

Portuguese hint: Pronounce any "R" in the beginning of any word as an "H" in house. When the "R" is double "RR" you can also pronounce it like the "H" in house. That works both in Brazil and Portugal. It sounds really rough when you say the RRRRRRRR in Portuguese. It's like a saw on a metal

And I've got cheese on toast dinner

Love that lady.n Brazil

Dang that huge dish only 2,5$. The food in Brazil is not that expensive.

In Jura's sauce, I'm assuming that was parsley added in and not cilantro correct?

Men how can you it all that food

Your tasting expression is fabulous

u never get fat

The crazy pepper man!!!

Look at that booty

Some of the food looks good but calm down,not every scrotum, anus and eyeball is delicious . You don’t have to be so patronizing dude. Good show otherwise.

Kappa and beef.

Cade os Brs aqui :P, Quem acha que Mark poderia visitar outros lugares como o nordeste, Mg e experimentar outras culinárias , da um curtir ae :D

Obrigado por esse video Mark, muita gente no Brasil só fala de favela quando vai falar de drogas ou crime, mas esquecem que moram muitas pessoas lá por falta de oportunidades e não é porquê o lugar é humilde que não tem carinho e comida boa, sempre acompanhei seus videos mas agora te admiro como pessoa.

Been brasil 30 times in 15 years love it ..Love traditional food...I've had the best sushi in brasil too in sushi leblon restaurant.. district leblon Rio.

hello mark plzz do visit INDIA and taste our food

So good I wish I could go to her house

Culo grande Brasileirinhas!

I love it mark thank you as always

Max Payne 3 had a Favela level. Was badass.

Dona Jura fez um banquete foda

The only RULE is: FIRST THE RICE THEN BEANS! hahahhahaha So the rice can suck it up the beans juice

Mayuko Neko you can suck. it. good.

WOW ------- ------- WKW

Food always tastes good when it's cooked with love!

ⓞⓞⓗ  ⓦⓞⓦ

M Iu are such a beautiful human being it was like I was also enjoying the meal to

We want more videos from Brazil !!

*Hail Ivo Holanda*

That platter of meat looked nasty tho!.

Did you get to kick a ball in Brazil ?

*Mark seja sempre bem vindo ao Brasil*

Love your excitiment in this video. Yes Brazilian food is delicious. You should visit Cape Verde and Angola next. Love your Channel. you´re the best.

You are such a BLESSED man Mark. Knowing God walks with you on every step is what gives you the confidence and what shields you from every harm. The average person wouldn't go to a Favela. Known as the most dangerous communities in Latin America, its true they have awful reputation, but just as you showed us here, they also have a lot of hidden food gems to share with the world. God bless you Mark and thank you for gifting us with your travel adventures

Damn foodgasm!.

mark , peruvian food delicious. welcome!!! a peru

4:10 always from the bottom in brazil


Mark, if you like beans, you need to go to Colombia. AWESOME video, i love your positivity!

I love what he due please envite me need a vacation love to be with mark

i am Brasilien but i live in Philippins, i miss Brasil s feijoada

pls subscribe to my channel: Jelo, Gem & with their Family TV thank you!love love!

So much respect for mark for being humble and happy every vlogg he made and will be making.hope you visit us again here in the Philippines

This guy so friendly

Mark sounds like he is sick


Wow man! This video is so incredible to show the other side of the favelas! Thanks for sharing and being such a respectful and complete human being.

Bacon cooked in olive oil. You know it's going to be good! --- watching Mark Wiens new episode

The love of Cassava. Lol. Seriously 3$ lunch so cheap.

That is a super crowded place with tiny spaces and many stairs. Be careful drunk people.

Brasil? I hope something bad doesn't happen to you man. I wouldn't go there ever

And dont forget mark is good on the hood he be always in the heart of the slums, ghetto, hood" he give 2 F-#* about the crime anything for good food also a brave man.

Man good food beautiful women . A man Paradise. . I'm Asian but I love my spainsh women... So spicy and hot.

Muito legal!

still your trying to be cute while eating dude... be natural, the is food good again as i said to your other videos... don't smile trying to be cute while eating...

Gran video Mark. Afortunado!!!

you always welcome here... come back soon BRAZIL!!!!!

My love

Deu água na boca muito saboroso

we have the same sweet dish in the smaller size like a pear shape round one here in Pakistan known as guji its a mithai basically

It is clean. Unlike other parts of the world where poverty means messy, smelly and dirty.

Saludos Brazil

Essa é a relida de todo o Brasil favelas e mais favelas!

bienvenido a sudamérica

Love from Pakistan to Brazil

Very nice and interesting Brazil....But I am too old to travel over there....the stairs....ough

Mark, welcome to Brazil! My name is Adilson. I follow Guilherme and I am following you too.

Obrigado por nos visitar. Sou seu fã.

Great food & Great people!

Imagine what Chef Ramsay would say if he ate there. I shudder to think.

rio de janeiro representando o brasil no que há de pior!

Mark what a nice video. I hope you gave Juda some money for the food she spent on.

What an amazing video , Mark. Thanks for showing us the beautiful Brazil and all its wonderful food. I look forward to going there one day.

"Show de bola" Mark! Acompanho seu canal a tempos, fiquei feliz saber que veio ao Brasil e está na minha cidade RJ. Aproveite!

22:58 she wanted to kiss mark

18:28 Érikének a faszát

5.58 WHAT? The most dangerous thing that can happen is for you to get lost in the FAVELA? jajajajajajajajajaja!

What an amazing video. So happy to see you visiting my country. I'm from São Paulo, but I loved Rio when I visit there. And sure, the Costela is delicious

Oh boy youve got no idea how good is that feijoada

Do you pay them after food..?? Or just a free treat

Have fun

Ei mark i live on rocinha, and i live on the top of the ramp called LABORIAUX on 2:20, amazing to see you around here!

Caipirinha e feijoada, uma boa dupla para o almoço de sábado. Muito bom Mark!!

This is hands down the best food channel on YouTube. You're such a nice and respectful person :)

The narrow lanes of the favela remind me a lot of several cramped lanes of Delhi, especially Old Delhi. The only difference is that the favela wins with the view ❤️

rice n beans aka Moros y Cristianos global dish

The food is So similar to that of the Caribbean

gnocchi look so good.

Oh my goodness the hospitality and love

I cant stand his "energy", oh and his smile. Great video though.

Unfortunately he was killed the day before yesterday..

It's a shame that you trivialize poverty by taking a tour of Brazil's most miserable area. This video is garbage

Beautiful people. Tender food.

I'm very hungry now!

You kind of deserve an amazing meal after climbing the stairs of death 30:16 :-)

oi Mark já assisti quase todos seus videos no youtube, e fiquei emocionada em ver você aqui no Brasil, vejo que adorou nossa culinária, e comeu nossa Feijoada, é uma delícia, esse nhoque maravilhoso, essa senhora caprichou nessa comida para você, fiquei muito feliz em ver esses videos seus aqui no Brasil.

*I'm coming Brazil*

Im seeing my papa in Jura the best people from ph

Jura is like my father when cooking super goodvibes fan from philippines

Parang si papa magluto si jura Fan from philippines

I want to go and try all that food he just had

+Ronald Mugo clock ticks for all, you included.

tick tock

OMG I wish I was there with you

Thanks for sharing great video like always

Watching Mark build that connection with people who doesn't even speak the same language is delightful! Jura is such a generous soul, bless her!

shoo! shoo! shoo! i love it, i love the food

Is it only me that is living my dream life through him.

The best food vlogger. Love from Portugal

Never seen mark this scared before lol, you can see it in his face.

You say you gana show us the favelas but you just go to a house and eat dinner..lame video thumbs down.

Go to Argentina please

Mark, i forget tha name of the breadrolls that Brazil eats for breakfast. They are delicious. I have searched for the recipe, but to no avail. I have been in Thailand fo 27yrs.and would love something similar. Loved the vid. Thanks mate.

The guy in the back on the beach chair doesn't seem so impressed by this

BraziIians are so hospitable and friendly.. such describes a face of humanity.!!!

The people are so nice

I wanna travel for food!!! *throws a tantrum

1:56 hoe alert

You have an amazing life bro.

Aí sim! Primeiro gringo que eu vejo comendo uma feijoada de verdade!

20:25 what cristiano ronaldo's son doing there ?

Hi u come to India u have different taste of yummy food..

Love this video! The passion of the food and the people, amazing

13:19 " peraiii tem que pagar " kkkkkkkk


And that's, gringos, is how we roll around here!!! Thank you Mark, for showing our beautiful country! Be welcome, and come back as long as you want!! You should come to Minas Gerais, we have a special cusine waiting for you... It will blow your mind. Be prepared to have the best coffee of your life!! One unique place I recommend is the "Cultivo" Restaurant in Tiradentes, an historical city with a great gastronomy service and amazing nature.

My anxiety just kicked in to the max

Love You

You just ate all the real brasilian food, rice, beans, pasta, farofa, cassava, coxinha, the best food in the world! Loved the video!

Equivalent to Tondo in the Philipines

What an amazing view from that patio WOW. Very interesting place and nice views everywhere. The food looks awesome

Loving the music a very welcome addition.

Boy in the blue pants is THICCCC af

8:27 Super clean kitchen!!!

Muito bom o canal, parabéns!!

Bem vindo Mark, tem muitos lugares para você explorar e fazer seus vídeos aqui no Brasil, muita região do sul ao nordeste, das praias a Amazônia, dos mais simples aos mais estrelados. Existe uma diversidade na culinária brasileira que o mundo não conhece, espero que você e sua equipe faça esse tour gastronômico por esse Brasil

That experience with the brazilian family cooking Feijoada, it was the real brazilian experience of your whole trip! I miss the weekends with my grandma and my mother cooking Feijoada and Farofa (my favorite brazilian food for sure). You're lucky!

Norme igieniche un dettaglio, in quelle pentole mancava solo na bella pisciata. Mortaccivostra sti magnammerda. Sto rincojonito sa solo dire amazing amazing amazing, magna n’artri po de facioli così te scureggia pure la lingua.

Loved the nice 'Blue buns!'

damn a view like that would cost you an arm and a leg anywhere in the US..LOL

Be more clear Mark. Entering Favelas without PERMISSION from the "Boss" and a guide can be rather deadly to put it bluntly.


i feel so silly while im hungry and keep watching Mark Wein's video

You should try Tonga Island LOL.. just a thought

I love Rio! Great food, great country, great women!

murder music

I like your videos very much. Brazilian food is very good.

Seja bem vindo ao Brasil, gostei de mais de ver vc em Manaus e elogiando toda a culinária.

Mark explores more things he can eat with chillies

14:36 ele tirou o tennis ficou só de meia kkkkkkkkkk


Let’s get this man a towel!

tem que levar ele na feijoada da mangueira

Definitely not handicapped accessible lol!!!

really great insight mark great video

Hi Mark. Just to let you know that in Germany, the ads are getting out of hand. 3 times 20 sec unskippables now. plus 5 other 5 sec clickovers. Love the channel!

Quem e do Br e tá vendo rsrsrds meu Brasil Amo muito ❤

Oh Mark. I do love your work. Never change.

Muito bom que você veio ao Brasil, espero que um dia vá ao nordeste também provar as comidas de la.

Adoro a "cara" que você faz quando come algo gostoso, muito simpático ... Adorei o vídeo, muito sucesso

Mark...Your voice seem you are sick...

Seja Bemvindo ao Brasil!!! Acompanho seu canal a muito tempo, sucesso!!!

good to see Joel in Brazil foodies episodes! loving it Mark

plllls come to Newzealand and try our food Pies boil ups and our hangis

Imagino esse cara andando no morro com vários tráficantes armados com fuzis,,só conseguiram filmar e andar por conta do guia que tá fechado com os bandido

Love your videos bro!!!

brazilian cuisine is a disrespect to all cuisine technique pff, what a fkn insult. Yes right, combining such a flavorful pasta (and very poor executed) which it is meant to enjoy its singularity to mix with a strong flavor like a shrimp... makes complete sense.... NOT. I can see italians facepalming with this video... hundreds of years of perfection for this XD

Brasil hermoso su gente, su cultura todo thanks. You and your team are just amazing. Continue saying this your show should be included in the cooking channel. Amen!

For Indian followers of this channel, Brazil has so much similar to India, like aunt made a tadka, she made that sweet which is eaten in India, he also had something similar to Samosa 4:56 they also have a drink known Kaju juice. Rajma Chawal.

You should have visit Bangladesh.. There are so many delicious meal that made your day awesome.. Food ranger also came here and enjoy the culture of Bangladesh ❤❤

Mark looks like has AIDS and I wish he got shot in the favelas.

Os gringos se impressionam

He get happy any time he eat food

Incredible and amazing video !!! Many thanks ......!

come to Newzealand pllls and try our pies boil ups and hangiz

Thanks my friend to treat my beloved country with such honor and respect.

Awesome episode, esp the second half. Ur back in form, from ur Sri Lanka series!!

i'd give $2K usd to that cook. what a lovely lady. so generous. watched the video because of her. hope to meet her soon!

What an incredible video this was wow. Just couldn't wipe the smile off my face, i love everything about this place. I will go there one day for sure.

7:20, imagine having that for a view in the morning! It's my dream to go there.

Você comeu a feijoada que muito tradicional no sudeste no sul tradição do feijão tropeiro e churrasco, Norte e nordeste muqueca e vatapá base de peixes e camarões, acarajé ( massa feita com feijão recheado com camarão seco e muita pimenta sua favorita. Nosso país tem uma variedade muito grande de comidas cada região com suas tradições. Venha mais vezes para que possa conhecer sempre será muito bem vindo.

Those are collar greens

Inide Marks' body everithing taste amazing, he is a glutton like me

Costela d boi e muito bom

That lady is the best she has such a vibrant fun personality! Love it

Cashew Juice !!! Wow man !

No final do vídeo a velha parece uma retardada gritando show show toda hora e que feijoada horrivel,,,

Devem ter se borrado ao encontrar tráficantes armados com fuzis,pena que não mostram kkkkkkkk

Único turismo que tem nesse rio de nojeira são as favelas mesmo,,,por isso os gringos acham que o Brasil é feito de putas, tráficantes e selva

Show Show Show Show Show

greatest video

that woman is a masterchef!!!!

Does google maps work in these favelas ? Just by curiosity. Nice video Mark btw

+Guilherme Yeghiazaryan Thank you

Yes. Also big favelas like Rocinha have Streetview

we love you mark

Those views are absolutely breathtaking

Meu Deus estou salivando !

Bem vindo ao Brasil..

O guia lascou a Gota na coxinha do cara

Looks like King's Landing

Take me with you after watching you I m hungry every time....its better I go with u and eat eat eat....

Falelas, are dangerous as FUC#

Glad you told the truth about the crime and deaths

There are dangerous gangs with guns

wow...flash back to Call of Duty games...

Viva o Brasil................. FORA Bolsonaro fascist !!!!

Não tem como não sorrir junto com a Jura !! amei o video, Brasil é tudo de bom !! gosto de pimenta...mas esse maluco é zica na pimenta..

You know it’s good when There NOT using the measuring cups hahah


Woww woowwww Mark, maybe because I’m Latino but this is by far my favorite video. Thank you million times for showing who these people really is and their heart.

Sao Paulo next?

cannot get better than wiggling meat lol man i gotta try to make that shrimp and gnocchi dish!


Damn.. you reallly are willing to die for good food lol ... take my hat off to that

I gotta stop watching your videos Mark, everytime I watch I gain like 5 pounds!!!!

Well, I'm Brazilian, I'm going to tell you a bit about the history of the favela. It all started when slavery ended. So all the slaves went to the favelas while the elite stayed in the noblest neighborhoods today. The favela is dominated by organized crime. Those who live there are usually a warrior. organized crime buys the inhabitants' rate and the government can not enter there if there is no shooting and those who are disadvantaged are the poor

haha im from brazil and a big fan for a long time, i know guilherme but didnt know you were here ! hope meet u next time... btw im a chef haha

Just remember to take it easy travallers, favelas are indeed dangerous If u do not know what you're doing. Do not go there by yourselves, take a brazilian friend or a guide with you, so you may be able to rejoyce such wonderfull home cooking we do have here in Brazil. Have fun!

Thanks you Mark Wiens for showing the real Brazil and the hospitality of its people. The news always likes focus on crime in the favelas.

Your in crack ville

1:05 love intro

Just a heads up, the subtitles say [Speaking in Spanish] but it should say [Speaking in Portuguese].

My daughter went to Rio de genero Si loved it but sd mum I couldn’t go out on my own as the crime is so bad But the some of the people are very friendly .. Hello mark hope u and family are well love from Italia

Queen of home cooking, she needs to be on chopped show

thank you for showing the love of brazil

Can you describe me how these breadrolls looks like and what they're made of?

Mark we love and your family we are in Pakistan

The road gave me anxiety

wish i have the work like what mark have


Wanna go to Brazil like right now

I like the funky music background,what is the tittle?

Mark was trying so hard to flip his frown into a smile talking about the situation in the favelas. I bet it's mad disappointing to see that people even have to live that way. Just walking down that alley was mad dangerous with those hanging live wires. Crazy. The people you meet are so kind, that ladies family was dope

Nunca vi uma pessoa tão feliz em está no nosso País

Tardó horas cocinando para un guiso con arroz y frijoles?

Ah, if only could feel the tenderness of that meat . Do brazillll.

Surprised you didn’t get mugged

Glad to see you enjoyed your fun filled trip to my native country Mark! I can see that the feijoada was cleaning out the sinuses...awesome! Even more glad that you went to my hometown city in Belem do Para! Awesome Mark! Brought back many memories from years ago. Blessings and Peace to you and your family! Continued success! Valeu!! Grande abraco!!

Man that’s a proper Carioca (Rio de Janeiro) feijoada!! Show show show

Hey Mark good job again. Just wondering about the flavelas how does EMS get to some one.?

Is that mark’s brother the one in green shirt??

Pfzão raiz, um desses dá pra aguentar o dia todo !! kkkkk

This was awesome

Parabéns Mark, você é show, um cara super simpático e humilde, é um prazer ter você aqui no Brasil! Na próxima vez, venha ao Mato Grosso do SUL, venha conhecer nosso maravilhoso Pantanal...seja bem -vindo bebê

Everything tastes good to this guy

Americans should be VERY grateful, no matter race if u live in America STFU & be grateful frfr

Who remembers Max Payne 3 ?

mark enjoy food he just make me hungry all ready such a nice guy anyway Brazilian food looks bomb


The girl at the end was bomb

Everybody knows you put rice first then you put beans

I just realized , at 11:40 your comapnion is definedly valentino rosi or even chester bennington look alike... lol

Hey Mark, nice trip to the best place of the world to eat a good food! I’m proud to be a Brazilian

Pasta and beans ....a

Ridiculous this is not Brazilian tradicional food. You didnt even eat the food in Favela, Mark

I love how optimistic Mark is.

Mark visit Kashmir too

Why do I feel everyone in this video is just tripping over something.

mark needs to make a shirt that says "Oh, wow"

this whole video made me want to sing sho sho sho sho sho sho!! lol Mark you are the REAL deal. so down to earth. Love your channel

love the way mark says rio....he rolls the rrrrrrr

Mark got some tail for sure

dando uma amaçada no feijão pra ele ficar "MAIS MELHOR"

Please, stop calling it Kale. The correct name is collard greens.

1. Mark: oo 2. takes a bite 3. Mark: OO 4. that's amazing / oh ja / it's actually not bad

que vergonha

Jura's food looks delicious! She puts so much love and smiles in her cooking. She's amazing! Loved watching her

I am very glad you are here visiting Brazil and tasting some of our real traditional food!! Enjoy our country !

Come to panama.

Amazing food.. Thankyu mama for feed mark ...

im hungry

Yes. Also big favelas like Rocinha have even Streetview

Mark, you have a strong stomach. I couldn't manage all that food. Where do you put it all, LoL

Go to south of Brasil, (Rio grande do Sul)

13:19 Perai tem que pagar, é brasileiro sendo brasileiro, hehehe

Show!show! Dona jura arrebentaria no master chefe ou qualquer outro programa desses de culinária. Dois pratos de chef cinco estrelas.

MEZE 99 classic

How do u keep in shape? It seems like u eat library

I like how you take a big bite

As a favela kid myself I think this is pretty amazing. Thanks for showing the community and the culture part of it. I am so hyped by these Rio series.

It's weird how the places with the most culture, always are some of the most dangerous places as well

good eatan....good people...✌

Obrigado amigo

Did you go to Cuba yet ?

Não foi assaltado ???

olá mark sou seu fã brasileiro você tem que visitar o Pára também abraço.

I would love to try Brazil’s street food

Saludos desde Puerto Rico, espero que nos visites en algún momento. Marks you're amazing!

Since my family is from the Caribbean and south america Guyana the foods in Brazil will look familiar to me.

5:49 അല്ലാഹ് അത് ഞമ്മന്റെ Ns200 അല്ലേന്

Love the song here

Go to Belgrade, Serbia:)

If Your contact wasn't there bro this would be a different video.



It’s so fulfilling to see an foreign showing the great side and the wonderful things in Brazil!! So many beautiful places and the most loving people!! I miss so much the warmth of my country!!

Nem eu que sou brasileiro, tenho essa disposição de comer tanta pimenta em um dia kkkk...

welcome ever and ever Mark in Brazil...

Parabéns marks wiens seja bem vindo sempre ♥️♥️♥️☝️

Amo a meu Brasil e muito bonito principalmente! As minhas comunidades! Valeu ROÇINHA BJSSS

That food looks good wanna visit Brazil.

Favela não! Comunidade obrigada !

I Will Visit Rio some day Soon.

Bem vindo ao Brasil

"Muito Bueno"

food for this dude is like a crackhead with crack

Man... I'm Brazilian, i was raised in Rio and i use to make a very good feijoada. But the one you had, seems to be the best! Thanks for the recipe! I hpe you come back here again. Obrigado.

Mark is Mark Abroad also your channel? or is someone else using you videos to create a channel?

the last meal looks like filipino food..

Come to Brazil we need tourism.

Brazil like indonesia country

Señora Jura es usted un encanto madre! Ya quisiera que me cocinara a mi tambien la feijoada

Chorando de emoção ao ver esse vídeo. Saudades do meu povo lindo!

I love it!! You make me so happy because this is so nice. I feel the people and your vibes! It's so cool! God bless you sr!! I love Brazil!

Brazilian people are so generous .

Food , people and soccer ⚽️ . Brazil

Cadê os brasileiros(@) nós comentários

The shrimp sauce that she put on the potato pasta is called “ moqueca de camarão”. Although there are variations from state to state, it is heavily laden with Indigenous and African influences. Typically it is eaten with white rice and lots of “malagueta” pepper sauce. It sort of resembles some of the Thai curries. The “feijoada” was born among the black slaves quarters. They were given to eat the most inedible parts of the animal. They cooked it with beans and whatever they had it on their garden and turned it into a delicious and nutritious dish. The manioc flower in its many incarnations is a ancient aboriginal starch source. It is what enabled the Indians to survive on the Amazon basin during the dry season. You need to visit Belem do Pará on the north of the country and taste the many aboriginal dishes.

_Brazilian food._ *Spectacular.*

Best one yet bro loved it

Who else fasting while watching this

I had the same reaction with my dinner My family drugged test me in the morning..

I come from Philippines

Thank you Mark for this amazing experience to get to know Brazil through you!

omg mark, its like a horror movie at 32:28, because of the lighting....jk man, you rock. go give us more!!

*cannot get better than wiggling meat* I have a feeling lesbians would disagree... ;)

i remember working on translation for a show where they're talking about those cable cars and how it's supposed to make life easier for the people in favelas (and i just read some articles that said it did benefited them in some ways). sad to see it abandoned now.

Mark. thanks for your presence in Brasil. I loved when you say "People is everthing!" I believe in this too. It's no matter where you live, or what country you are. I agree with you! Thanks!

Take care, I heard that there is dangerous cause of a lot of delinquency, any way enjoy that delicious food , have a great time

I saw not only food, but also family, brotherhood and kindness

shoud be [speaking portugese]

deu sorte q nao foi assaltado

Hey Mark, love your videos since you went to Portugal and tried all those nice foods in lisbon. If you ever want to learn Portuguese I would love to teach you and also, if you ever want to visit Porto I would love to show you the city. It is amazing and it has great food for you to try :D

You’re a brave man

I love to visit brazil..from pakistan

"She told us to taste it. There is no way I can say no to it."- Literally what we are to our moms!

1:35 "bom dia bom dia" *speaking in spanish* HAHAHAHAHA actually, that's *portuguese*, we don't speak Spanish in Brazil. Good video though, bro.

Sho sho sho sho sho sho sho sho!

That brazil adventure is a great thing!! Wish i could be there

cara vc, come muita pimenta, muita pimenta mesmo caraca.... show show show

Rio four Fun.....

the seller at sabor is sooo hottt

nao acredito que o cara não só teve coragem de entrar numa favela no rio mas tambem de comer um panelaço humildão do morro, sem nojinho, com um sorrisao no rosto adorando tudo, impressionado

You are the best

Some of the poorest people but also the happiest.

Brazil!? Rice!? I wanna go there

Your sidekick can't make the face like you


Esse mark é um gato ❤

Que delicias

What can I say? People are people.

Eu acho que de todas as suas viagens você nunca vai esquecer do nhoque e dessa feijoada eu to aqui com água na boca .

best food ever and ever is in brazil!!!

It's like he said in the begining of the video: visiting Favelas can be quite fun but you need to have the right connections and you need to know where you're going. Not all Favelas are good for tourists so be careful with the one you want to visit. Despite all that, the food is really amazing, people is very cool with tourists and the landscapes are beautiful!

Isso não resume o Brasil, o Brasil é muito maior que apenas o Rio!!!

Ohhhhh meu Deus o Mark está aqui no Brasil!!!!!!!!

Brasil o/

feijoada bela

Bom saber que gostou de conhecer um pedinho do Brasil! Tenho certeza que irá adorar outras partes mais próximas como Minas Gerais e Sao Paulo. Fica a dica.

brasil é isso tudo cara ^^

The favelas are horroble and no one like them, that romanticizing is absolutely terible. The real Brazil is the catholic, from camp, the interior of Brazil. Cultures inherited by germans, italians, russians and of course, from the portugueses, they were our fathers, they brought our pilars in moral, architecture and the most important: the religion. Brazil isnt the marginalized society of favelas, favelas are a crime against the human rights. In favelas drug dealers are the dominant power, they dont reflect the real Brazil.

You are soooo cute, Mark!

Orgulho em ver um gringo amando nossas comidas !!!!!

Mark, please make a stop in Madeira portugal, you'll love the steepness and the food

O canal rio4fun tambem é muito bom

favela eu nao moro em rio janeiro mais eu amo essas favela i love you favela ^^

Another great one, missed you Mark.

"Its hot baby" ahah Dona Jura braba d+ Whats amazing is that feijoada was the rest of the meat given to slaves. We took that gave it some love and made poor food taste better than rich

É lenda, foi criada e servida nos palácios. Mas não fica bravo.

obrigado pela legenda

Wowww yo quería estar allí comiendo lo mismo

unfortanelly Gétulio Vargas create that image of soccer, listen, most of people like soccer but here this isnt that much important as they looked, we have a lot of great cultures: Caipira, gaúcha, Sertaneja, etc.

Terence Mckenna said culture is the enemy of consciousness. You play by the ego of culture, when what it matters the most are the people.

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I love you mark wiens

13:20 "perai tem que pagar" kkkkkkkkkkk

Huuummm...Yummy you ate "coxinha"! That's one of my favorite snacks in Brazil. Quase 20 anos vivendo fora do Brasil. Isso sim é comida de vdd. Coxinha, carne de panela... Valeu

Hello mark simple man humble and so kind my idol ur so sweet in eating i liked foods i liked ur t shirt mark pls give me a tshirt like your..godbless idol

Street, House, food, people all are similar like our India


Que comida maravilhosa!

Como esse cara não tomou um tiro, ou foi assaltado ? Eu também não sei, kkk ;-;

Anyone realize that man sitting behind mark look at his reaction when mark said oh wow 10:1

You should come to pohnpei island

Nos somos pica kakakaka nao tem pais melhor que o nosso brasil nao tem !!

Que porra de feijoada e essa aí. Horrível.

The hood negga

Catch 22, Mark Wiens is an international drug courrier

Caramba Mark, vc tem 4 milhões de seguidores? Doa um pouco para o Guilherme camucardi..

Thank you for this episode! Always wanted to see what abuelitas were talking bout in Brazil

Os gringo só vem no Brasil para comer mds

Impressão minha, ou ele ia saindo sem pagar a água mineral?


Nice video man !! Finally eating real brazil food

Vai ficar gordo kkk

Those are not ribs, my friend. You're eating the cow's tail. kkkk

your making me wanna move there man lol

Beautiful people and the food looks delicious. Come to Argentina Mark!

Essa feijoada está com uma carrinha muito boa!! Essa dona manda bem!!

"ta quente bebe" kkkkkkkkkkkk "is hot baby"

Awesome dude, glad you liked Brazil! Try going to Minas Gerais to try their traditional food, its the best here in Brazil.

Vídeo maravilhoso mostrando um pouco do meu Rio de Janeiro ^^ Parabéns pelo vídeo ....

Que fome!

this not favelas.

Where can I purchase the gnocchi press? Please. I have searched everywhere.

I love that he eats smiling

Is it me or does he always look stoned

Ensinaram o gringo a comer coxinha errado.

Give us Rafaella instagram account?

You can really eat man

O Brasil não feito apenas das Favelas do Rio de Jeneiro!

All the food you showed me, made me hungry. I loved all the people shown in this video.. such beautiful souls. I wanna go there and just eat .. hahaha

Muito bom garoto.. Vc é tao simpatico e carismatico como a maioria dos brasileiros... Seja sempre bem vindo ao Brasil!!! Muito bom o video

Isso sim é feijoada!!!!

I loved your Brazil videos! You have to visit Ecuador and try our traditional cuisine

Feijoada was created by slaves here in Brazil, that's why it includes all parts of the pig in it, these less valuable cuts that the owner would not eat, slaves used to put whith beans to cook.

here we all listen this story in history classes.



Eles já foram. O Guilherme já colocou no canal dele, falta só o Mark

Obrigado por apresentar o Rio de Janeiro ao mundo

Was that yuca with the meat dish ribs??

Muiiito bom o seu canal Quase deu vontade de ir aí Kkkkkkkkkk You are the best Mark

So cool Mark! Faz mais vídeos no Brasil vem aí Nordeste você vai se surpreender com nossa culinária

Gostei de ver o Mark se deliciando da feijoada da tia

Guys: Pause at 20:28 and thank me later

The Brazil is easy to visit if you live in USA ,Canada and other places, we have a "open border" for you ,you don't even need a passport if you will be here for less than 90 days. And your money is multiplied by 4 here.

+allen thompson and i agree with you said about the woman's family

+allen thompson of course, my word are for the Brazilians who does that things and for the strangers who don't know. The channel's guy is right.

i agree with what you said about favelas. But his channel is food channel so he only focus food aspect. But he did say there are lots of crimes in favelas, and it is dangerous to visit without a guide. He just want to focus lives of those good people who have no choice but live favelas. I bet if those people like the woman and her family in this video were given a choice to move, they definitely would

hhahahah Nossa comida é de verdade a deles de plástico.

Na visão deles é favela é um nome carinhoso , se eles falarem community não vai fazer sentido para eles.

Mark wiens your just an awesome person and the vibes tht comes from you and they way people love your interactions are just amazing

Note: These large blue tanks above the houses do not technically mean "water shortage" (although sometimes this really happens in the favelas), these tanks are found in any home or shop in Brazil, such as buildings, hotels, restaurants, everything! It is part of the basic sanitation and distribution of water. I am from the city of São Paulo and you will find these tanks throughout the Brazilian Territory. Congratulations on the work, your videos are awesome showing food from other places in the world!

dude i'm from Brazil and good job showing all sides of life

The Brazilian food is amazing. Definitely one of the best in the world.

tinha q te ido na boca

Hermoso video

Rio de Janeiro, samba, comida e desespero hehehe

Mark is so humble

Out of control food....very awesome! Viva farelas!

Amazing video ! I loved !

props for going into the favelas.

Hey Mark, I just move to Canada, Vancouver and I was living here so far. I`m originally from Rio and watch your videos make me miss my place so much! You show it in a native perspective and it was amazing! congrats!!!!

CONGRATS, MARK! I never have watched an foreigner youtuber that came to my country and have shown so deeply and truly our culture, food and reality. You explored every inch of it, and I just loved it!

Cara.. é o canal mais legal que descubro em tempos! Da gosto ver um vídeo tão bom como esse! Incrível! Assisti o vídeo todo sorrindo!

You look like MaxPain3 :)

Sopa do macaco

A Favella is a slum, not an "informal living arrangement," go at your own risk.

esse homi é magro de ruim. o bicho come pra caramba jesus..

Go to nordeste in next time

Favela não *COMUNIDADE*

Mark, I have to admit that you are aging very rapidly in your high-protein diet. I hope most people don't fall for it. It gave me chronic fatigue.

wiggling meat kkkk

Jura is amazing

Wow amazing cook she's so nice and Happy Mother

You should go easy with street food in Brazil and elsewhere. They lack hygiene and are badly or not properly preserved / maintained. Most of the time, they go without refrigeration and overall sanitary conditions are bad.

He lives in Thailand lol he must be used with it

this is absolutely not Brazil, this is the cancer that plagues Brazil

Show, Show, Show, Show Show, Show, Show, Show

Giggly meat.... That dance was EVERYTHING.... I want to go see this auntie

Esse cara e gente boa entra em qualquer lugar

E eu aqui na Holanda no meio da madrugada me babando todinha vendo essa arrumação.

haha, tá a muito tempo aí?

I think the thing I miss the most from Brazil is the food. It is sooooo good

Lmao is it just me or are places/people ready with chili for Mark? :D

The idea that I had from favelas is that was very dangerous place to be wow I am amazed to see you without no fears and walk around and eat

Hey Mark! I am a huge fan of your videos, I always watch it and enjoy the way you review. I would like to invite you to visit Kuwait. I would love to see you in Kuwait and exploring the Kuwaiti cuisine as well as other food here

Muito fofa aquela senhora q fez a feijoada

Awesome video again. Thanks for showing our food in all its authenticity. Insider tip: don’t leave without going to Minas and trying some comida mineira ;-)

His channel should be called '' I put pepper in everything (BRAZIL) ''

watching this after a good meal is less interesting than watching porn after a blast

Thank you for showing a good side of my country mark!!! you should visit more, we have tons of different cultures and food habits in Brazil.

Qual o nome dessa música com assobio?

Wowww really love it.. the place of my favourite player Neymarjr

You should visit Minas Gerais! They have some amazing food as well!

Você tem razão. Do you hear that, Mark? Gabriella is right! Don’t leave without visiting Minas.

Que linda la señora tan bonita.

Coxinhas are not traditionally eaten from the bottom. In fact, this is a major dilemma from our Brazillian Society: if you start eating from the bottom, you're an immediatist person; if you start from the top, you're saving the good stuff for the very last.

Subtiltes: "Bom dia, bom dia!" (Speaking Spanish) hahahahaha I believe you meant portuguese

e depois ele fala "muy bueno" e na legenda ta (speaking portuguese) kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Muito bueno

Essa Senhora cozinha muito mano ! Parabéns ! Só comida gostosa

Eu duvido que ele come toda essa pimenta, o bagulho é pesado demais

"Ta quente bebe" LMAO

VIP sitting!! LOL That was hilarious! Great video BTW.

Come to São Paulo!

not really lol Brazil looks nothing like India, maybe just this favela part that is kinda messy and crazy as India

Alexandrecostacosta Costa o Guilherme não chega nem perto do Mark. Só sabe dizer “ow aê tá esfumaçando, muito bom, deliciese, da hora” .. bem como a namorada.

+Lukas Lapa ele ta comendo rabada e chamando de ribs.

of course are ribs in feijoada.

Thank you so much to show this an amazing part of favelas and I need this shirt dude kkk

Is sad I'm eating ramen soup but honestly i want to throw it away. I'm still hungry.

The favelas are so beautiful!

Nice video! You should visit Peru! Also great food

So the potato dumplings are gnocchi? Like Italian almost

O nhoque de camarão assisti babando aqui, pela cara parece delicioso *-----* e eu quero :D

triste de ver esses gringos dramatizarem a favela

What amazing experience! Thanks for bring a little bit of Brazilian food! Amazing

Feijoada para inglês ver

eu sou brasileiro e tô salivando com essa comida ai. hahahahaha

Mark... u are awesome!!!!! this is better than netflix

I knew it was a masterpiece meal when Mark eye$ games came through.

welcome to brazil.

19:02 ela fala como se ele entendesse kkk

9:59 a menina de olho na comida dele kkkkkkkkkk

5:28 dá pra ver as veias quando ele mastiga kkk

Esse cara tem uma cara de br kkk. Nem parece gringo

That's how we do it out here bro, spaghetti and beans all in one plate! Seeing you eat it that way made me happy

I love love love love ya, Mark! I found you and have been bingeing all of your videos. Thank you!!!!

Mark it seems you pretend food is tasty

Thank you for video

Hi Mark, depois de mix tudo isso, aprendeu o que é piriri?

Comeu as melhores coisas do Brazil. Q orgulho do meu país

i bet at night its so dangerours.

Que Deus abençoe esse cara, ele é muito simples !

I'm Brazilian and it's new for me too.

She reminds me of my aunty. That plate she made though????

All these come from the African heritage.. angola

A comida brasileira e muito singular...tem um misto de português e africano que amo muito tanto. Eu não curto pimenta, pois sou acostumada mais com azeite. Coxinha sem pimenta e outra experiência...o Mark comeu coxinha com Carupiry?

Your charisma is amazing Mark, good job. Brazillian food is unbeatable.

Estou impressionada com o numero de moradores da Rocinha com o inglês bem falado, que orgulho da minha favela! amei o vídeo

when i subscribe this channel only 1M subscribers now

I saw a YouTube advertisement on here about taking care of your hairy balls!

@Mark, come tô São Paulo! We can eat in free market

13:20 pera ae tem q pagar kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I hope you realise that 99% of brasilians are ashamed of favelas. They are filthy places full of crime. Try going to the more cultured places of this beautiful country.

Please visit Haiti!!!!!!!

Esse gringo é muito gente fina. Eu queria ser seu amigo.

Awesome video!!! Thank you Mark to show the other side of my state that doesn't show only criminality...

In indonesia manado (north sulawesi) we call this feijoada brenebon soup. Its the best i grew up on this soup. we also add some nutmeg spice on ours

The authentic food looks so good. Thank you for sharing your amazing moments with amazing people !

13:25 Perai tem q pagar kkkkkk

Mark, se ficar um mês no Brasil, vc sai daqui num avião cargo kkkk. Bom de boca. Parabéns pelo canal e obrigada pela visita. Arrasou! Welcome!

En un hogar humilde siempre te van a atender como un rey, los aplausos se los lleva la señora, que buen video ....

Ele come e não engorda kkkl

Eu odeio a cara que ele faz quando a comida é boa

25anos na Suíça ,

Thanks for going to places no sane person who cares about hygiene and sanitation would ever go to for food. We will live vicariously through you and take your word for it.

Wow, kaju means cashew in India too!!

Black beans +pasta = not a real good choice for me.

I love Brazil and Rio.. great memories of amazing people, places and food

coxinha with hot sauce is the bestttttttt!!

maaaan he has some courage to just go to a favela in rio lol, he has some great angels with him. Its good that he says we cant forget how dangerous it is, i would only recommend going to a favela if you have the right connections, it is unfortunately ver dangerous! Very cool that he shows another side of the favelas just imagine how it could be if there was no violence :(

chupa Curitiba... nos hotéis é raro ver alguém falando inglês e olha ai na favela em uma pequena venda o dono fala inglês...

wow! thats all i can say

Any brazilian call u chinky mark?


Melhor foi na parte da água ele saindo e dizendo "obrigado" e a senhora falando "tem que pagar..." HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Esse cara e doido poderia ter voltado pra casa em um saco preto.

MarwanGaming It is common for us, we put flour and pepper in everything.

There was a real gangsta behind you Mark in one point, trust me, I know when I see one ;) Sry for me beeing rude here but, You have balls man. Soooo flegmatic :) I would not enter without a gun... It suprised me how awesome people are there. Favela is great and cool acctually !! :) Im glad that you showed us the real thing, Thank you. It does not look that buisneses are paying "rent" to gangstas.

Mark Wiens hey my im brayan i live in the usa but i what you to do a program in my country dominican republic and a can show u alot food and nice place that people can go eat..

after watching your video,l want go to Brazil,so awesome,the night time more awesome. from indonesia

Man! Your heart-felt positivity brought cries to my brazilian eyes. You are blessed! Great respect.

Mostly all the food in Brazil are cook in oil

The one there in the store is handsome,

City of God

A gente que mora fora do Brasil nem podemos ver esses vídeos ...

Stop that fake face!!!!!

I love this...

Sweet lady

O cara caiu dentro do pf de peão sem frescura. Nutricionista deve pirar com esse combo macarrão + arroz + aipim . Mas o q importa é q a comida parece gostosa e o cara comeu amarradão

A favela é mt rica

Boca de largato fazendo sucesso.

It looks more like a traveling vlog lol.

Do you like food....this very crazy man..

Crtz que as expressões dele são verdadeiras, pois na gringa e difícil ver esse tipo de comida caseira feita na hora

Thank You Mark. . You came to my country with a lot of respect and affection. You showed the world the joy and truth of the people. You have been where life happens, where people and tradition still lives. And it did very well for all the favelas in Brazil. I'm from Recife, Pernambuco, Northeast Brazil. . Você veio ao meu país com muito respeito e carinho. Você mostrou ao mundo a alegria e a verdade do povo. Você foi onde a vida acontece, onde o povo e a tradição ainda vive. E fez muito bem para todas as favelas do Brasil. Sou de Recife, Pernambuco, Nordeste Brasileiro.

a senhora gritando tem que pagar ksksksk rachei demais

10:03 *Oh o Homem olhando*

4:52 *bundinha gostosa*

Dude is there something you did not like

Esses pnc vem para o nosso pais e a gente tem que falar a lingua deles, é foda

That was your best video yet, AWESOME!

Fiquei com vontade de comer a comida da Jura. Parece muito saborosa, parece comida de mãe.

Thanks for all they videos... For all they streat. Food

And we don't speak Spanish in Brazil and our capital ISN'T Buenos Aires !


Great video Mark! Thank you highlighting the Beautiful people and food of Brazil.

guy at 4:45 is THICC

Cara vem pra Minas gerais q vc vai ver o que é comida de verdade

Sou nordestino mas afirmo que o melhor do Brasil e o carioca.

É impressao minha q o chineizinhonta chapado o video inteiro ? KKKKKKK

Brazilian food ❤️

Sorry Mark, still ruining food with too much spicy chilli

Jesus I need to experience this! Is it true you need a visa to travel to Brasil?

+A T thanks!

yes, very easy to get. $45. go to your embassy website.

Os cara subindo o morro de Falcon roubada, tri massa haushasua

Favela? Vai tomar um tiro, pae!

Love this soooooo much

ai sim po, coxinha é vida kkkkkkk

The best the best

Coitado do mano, comeu tanta pimenta que ficou com os olhoes vermelhos.

Is there anything he does not find delicious?

Amazing, only one mistake, at 16.04 that is not Brasil logo. That is CBF Logo (Brazilian Football Confederation).

Hum a comida desta senhora encheu a boca de água

Uma coisa que não entendo por que os gringos acham que o Brasil se resume no Rio de Janeiro e em favelas? Tanta coisa maravilhosa no Brasil e eles sempre vão para os piores lugares do Brasil!

Caramba... caixa d'água não é uma coisa comum pros estrangeiros? Hahahhaha

Confesso, assisti ao vídeo com lágrimas nos olhos. Não de tristeza, mas de alegria por saber que o meu Brasil tem gente do bem e temos o melhor a oferecer ao mundo. Mark, thank you very much for showing a Brazil that few people know about.

Showwwwwwwwwwwww viva o Brazil

I wonder if you ever get sick with new food and places?

I wonder too but Mark doesn't really share anything negative.

We don't speak Spanish!!!!!

Look great

excellent stuff. Love the video

Ngga u look unhealthy as fk wth is up with u pale as face man eat a soup or something my god I fear fot your health

@Victor that packaged ramen is awful, low in nutrition, high in salt, designed to increase hunger. I never understood why they are so popular.

Mark Wiens Do you smoke Marihuana ?because you eat a lot my guy thats a lot of munchies brother

Quero ver vc en Salvador de Bahia comendo acarajé de 1 kl com pimenta

O cara comeu pimenta inteira kkk esse é bom mesmo

O bicho é chegado numa pimenta!!

Fiquei morrendo de vontade de comer a comida dessa senhora, que aliás é muito simpática por sinal e o gringo nem se fala!!! Ameiiiiiii

Over a million views and less then 900 dislikes. That’s honestly insane. That’s a sign of a high quality video.

Feijão sem caldo véio!

So everything he ate tasted amazing? What a joke.

What a great, lovely and respectful way to document a food trip inside a favela. That was great Mark. Well done.

An ALWAYS smiling hypocrite eating trash food just for making money with yt. AND advertises a very suspicious genetic test company...

How is he a hypocrite? Brazilian food is delicious, and you're just a cunt.

watching this guy eat just made me want to vomit yukkk

I've never been to Rio but have always wanted to visit...but this is what I want to see and be apart of...the food, the people, all of it seems so wonderful

Man, through the culinary culinary culture, you really understood the spirit of the Brazilian culture, I think that a few people can do this way when they come from a different background. :) All the best and come back, you're welcome.

In mexico

Que cara mais simpático kkkk incrível, quase impossível não gostar do vídeo

13:24 perai, tem que pagar!

Você foi no meu Paiz

I L-O-V-E your reaction eating Feijoada! Thank you for taking your time and visit this country

Esse cara é fod*! Mostrou a essência real da coisa! Muito massa!

Esse canal e muito bom.

Omg I can't wait to do the Favella tour. Sooooooo excited

Hope you survive! bring a gun!

Bro come to Trinidad and Tobago ill show you around and cook for you!!!!!!


What amazes me and confuses me is that Mark travels around these tiny neighbourhoods in Brazil without his wife and child yet in Pakistan which is infinitely more dangerous and life threatening to tourists he is quite happy subjecting his family , accompanied by armed security to travel in Pakistan at imminent danger, a country that all western tourists are advised not to travel into unless its essential

ola Mark eu realmente gostei do seu video, incrivel, vc conseguiu passar sua visao sobre a cultura e a comida Brasileira,e com muita emocao , Brasileiros avaliam mais as reacoes as palavras e vc e bom nisso,curiosamente ajuda ate aos Brasileiros a verem o Rio com outros olhos , sou Paulistano e tbm gosto de viajar para provar comida, a Indiana e incrivel,GRATIDAO

Olá Mark, bom vídeo, apoio de Macau

isso representa masi o brasil do que futebol e samba kkkk


You need a gun.

+2KGrind09 Some contries do not need a visa anymore because Bolsonaro change this.But only a few countries,maybe you live in one of theses countries.

I just loooooovveee Jura's spirit!! So genuine and kind and motherly. I hope to meet someone like her someday or maybe her personally All smiles from the philippines

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