Inside Graham Stephan's New Las Vegas Modern Home

Inside Graham Stephan's New Las Vegas Modern Home

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(blissful music) - All right, that's enough. - Dude that was awesome. - That's enough, that's enough, that's enough.

- Awesome. - I get so embarrassed. - [Enes] Hi, everyone it's Enes here. - It's Graham here and today we are going to tour my house in Las Vegas. - Let's get started.

- Let's do. - Las Vegas. - Yup, Las Vegas. - How do you like it? - Love it; I love it. You get so much more space, everything is half the price. There's absolutely No traffic.

Parking is free, and so many people I know have either moved here or live here now. - [Enes] So you're in a gated community? - [graham] Yes. - [Enes] Tell me a little bit about the house. Did you pick the design or this was one of the layouts that they were offering.

- So I was in a bit of a hurry to move. So I bought the house that was already under construction. They had already finished pretty much most of it.

I just came in and picked a few final little things, and that was it. But I was able to purchase this and then move in about four months later. - [Enes] So I know you got a nice car in one of these garages; Ford GT. - [graham] So Because we work here, we just stack cars.

So we usually have two cars here, two cars behind them, two cars and this, and then another car here. - Well, Graham is certainly not living in Hollywood like us, parking on the street, trying to make sure our cars are getting towed or not, but it's pretty nice. - Thank you.

- Awesome, Do you want to check out inside? - Yeah, come on in. - So I want to, I want to briefly talk about how we met. We met you when we had 300 followers, subscribers, where we literally had to stalk you kind of in, like, I put the pieces together by like realizing that was your listing and it was brokers open it. And I was like telling Mikey most likely. - That's right. - Yeah, yeah And we basically stalked you, And I remember I came in so hot to that broker's open.

You were like, hey guys, welcome to, you know, welcome to my listing. I was like, we came for you. Like I almost came off as like a scary guy. And I can tell we threw you off a little bit at the beginning and you've probably realized these are just guys. Who are trying to make it in YouTube.

Then we met you again around Mikey, What? 70, 80,000 subs maybe. - Right before Corona happened. - Yeah. - Somewhere around there, and now we're at like, I don't even know how many subs we have now. - Let's just assume it was good though. - Graham off of the entry I see the aquarium.

I know you've been working on this for a while. Tell us the story here. - Yeah, So Top Shelf Aquatics actually came last night and brought thousands of dollars of like some of the rarest, fish and coral that you'll ever see, like for instance, these are long-tail Bantam, Clown fish. - Okay. You've never seen these before. I have never seen these in person.

There are two of them here. - Okay. And in addition to that, we also got, what's called the Jim Tang. It's going to come out as one of the rarest Tangs out there. This is my hobby. This is basically if I'm not working,

I'm tinkering with the aquarium. - This is amazing, awesome. And then right behind that, you have your living room and kitchen. - Yes.

- Tell us a little bit about it. I know you picked some of your design elements in the house. Yeah, take us through around. - Mikey, we need a mid roll ad right here. - I want to thank ritual for sponsoring this week's video.

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at checkout and feel your body, right. And now let's get back to Graham. How do you see Graham Stephan, your team and your whole brand moving forward in the future? What should we expect out of you. - Yeah I really want to build up the vlog channel. That to me is, is really special, because I feel like the last gosh, like 13 years I've worked nonstop.

So I have not had a chance to travel and experience like cool stuff, make sure to destroy the subscribe button. You got to subscribe, right? Because I've been inside all day and I love what I do, but there's a piece of me that I want to go and experience other things and I think building out the vlog channel, would allow me to still continue working, and like being just as productive. But then I would be able to monetize everything else. Like then I could go on a vacation, but it's not really a vacation, but you know, we could go to Hawaii for a week.

- You can do different things then. And vlog the experiences of like trying something new, and doing all the things that I've always wanted to do, but I haven't done that like a van life. It's a work van - A little bit. - I love it.

- Like I really want to do six months of an life and to be able to build out the vlog to the point where like, we can go and take a six month trip, but vlog the entire experience. So we've got a huge center island here. Big sink in the middle.

We got Wolf appliances, which is pretty cool. So it's completely open. which is something I've never had before. Like the house in Los Angeles, it was pretty like room, by room, by room. So it's, it's takes some getting used to, to have a space that's this big. - Now that you have this much space How does it feel Like, do you miss your old LA days of like cramped parking spots, tiny homes, because we're in that stage right now.

And we came here and it's like So nice. - Yeah, It takes some getting used to at first. At first I didn't like it because it was like too far away from everything. Now I'm used to it, now I'm like, this is average size now. So it's, amazing how quickly you get used to things. - Gotcha, tell us that art piece real quick.

- Yeah, So we got two of them. The first one, the Mario, this was from a, this was from an art dealer in Santa Monica. They were going out of business and just moving to Arizona. And so this was one of these pieces that I saw that was just so cool, he gave it to me at such a good price that I couldn't resist. So I got it and tried to find a good spot to put it. And then we got to smash the like button just for fun.

And it looks almost like Mario is smashing like button. - I love it. - So I just put it below it.

- It's on brand. - Exactly. - I have a confession to make. So I've been probably watching your content for the last four to five years. I used to watch your main channel pretty much religiously every single video.

Not that your videos are bad or anything, but eventually it's hard in the finance world to come up with new, fresh content every single time. So here and there, I have to skip videos. Stefamily and iced coffee hours, Never miss an episode - Really? - Because it's like after years of watching you, now I feel like I've personally known you.

So like vlogs are like, it's not even about a subject or topic or value. It's like, show us who you are and what do you do? We want to watch that. So I think Stefamily is a really important element of who you are. And I think we doubted that you guys should put more time into that. I know your main channel is like the main ship that drives everything, and we feel the same way about our main channel.

But I can already tell like with our second child, the versatility in uniqueness of what we can do, people love that. So we doubted it out, I think iced coffee hours and Stefamily has like a long. - Yes. - future growth projection. - But this guy, this, this I thought was really cool. This is a Costco.

- What? - Yeah, So they had this, apparently this, this is the year of the ox. So every year they have like a different sort of brandy. So I was walking by saw this.

Everyone was just picking one up. I was like, I got to get one, It's just too cool. I don't drink, But it looks really neat. - Yeah, those look really nice.

- And it looks like a bull, So I figured it's kind of fitting. Yeah, I would say the three channel of the graham, Steph, and the reaction channel. I could do that anywhere. I mean that, that's just as easy to do here as it is anywhere else.

The main challenge that the big time focus, cause I gotta be locked in a room, no distractions, eight hours minimum a day to be able to come up with enough content. But you're right. It's like day to day, there are periods where like three weeks goes by nothing interesting or noteworthy has happened, but I'm still making these videos for people to return back to and hopefully enjoy. But yeah, I would say every now and then you get those moments where it's like, you know, Dogecoin just goes, you know, blows up. ♪ Were going to take Dogecoin to the moon ♪ ♪ Dogecoin to the moon ♪ - Those are the times where I just, I get so happy.

Like yeah, something new happened, now I can talk about it. - Graham, play us something, Let's hear it. - Oh gosh. - No, this let's see it.

- Ah, man. - we believe in you Graham - This is the simplest. - The simplest thing here. - There you go. (blissful music) - All right, that's enough. - Dude that was awesome.

- That's enough, that's enough, that's enough. - Awesome. - I get so embarrassed.

- Graham, I'm going to ask you to take us outside, but first let's talk about the art piece. First of all, I really appreciate that you're paying all this to YouTube. You know, the platform that got us all in here in the first place. So tell us a little bit about that.

- I know, So first of all, if it wasn't for YouTube, like none of this would even be possible. so I owe a lot to YouTube and this is like, this is my shrine to YouTube. So we were looking to do something with this wall, but because the wall was so big, it became really difficult to find out what to do. So it was Amanza's idea to get like custom graphics, something kind of unique and contemporary to throw it up on the wall and we needed something that would stand out against the black and the white. So we figured the YouTube play button. - The pool? - Yeah.

- We've been in it twice so far. - Graham I know we're going to check out the hallway and go to the bedrooms, but let's talk about the living room seating here for a little bit. - Yeah, So we got this really cool Nickelodeon, orange couch. - Nickelodeon orange? - I love it, yeah well, I just made that up.

- it's perfect. - It's the Nickelodeon orange couch. And no one has an orange couch, especially with blue pillows.

So I think it's really, it's a fun, playful Las Vegas take on just, doing something a little different. - I liked that Las Vegas take, no, I get it. So you've got a linear gas fireplace and a full fake fireplace on the screen. - Yeah, And by the way, this is like almost a 90, I think this is 88 inches, it's a big TV and it looks somewhat small, in the big. - Well, you've got a ton of volume here, ceiling Heights and all that, awesome. We see the bedrooms first or you got something else in in mind.

- Yeah. You know what, let me show you this side of the house first while we're here. And then right here, actually, this is one of my favorite pieces. It's an uncut sheet of fossil Pokemon cards and in really good condition. So I figured it it's a worthwhile investment.

- I was going to say it's probably a good investment. What was it? How much did you buy it for? How much do you think is worth right now? - I bought it for six. - Okay. - I'd say it's probably worth the low end is six.

High end eight, So I would say like worst came out, not losing any money. - Gotcha. - [Graham] Yeah. - [Enes] Nice investing advice invest in Pokemon cards.

- [Mikey] Graham do you like to cold? Or do You just like the heat? - I, between heat and cold, I prefer heat. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Yeah, There's something about being cold. It's just like, I don't like it.

- [Mikey] It's inescapable. - Yeah, I don't mind the heat. - [Mikey] Yeah. Like this to me is not, like this is weather that you could sit out in the backyard and just relax.

So let's see the primary bedroom. - Let's do it. - Cool. - [Graham] We got Macy here. - Hey Macy. - She's watching Kevin's 32 hour straight livestream.

- [Macy] Yeah, I just Sent him coffee, so he's like freaking out. - [Graham] Oh, you did. - [Enes] Really? - Yeah. If you see somebody else's coffee got thrown in there too. Cause he's like that's Kellen sent me coffee.

I was like, No. - [Graham] Wow. - [Enes] Awesome.

- [Graham] Yeah, So we did the same brick that was in the office in Los Angeles. I wanted to bring that here, And I think it adds a really cool, like a lofty sort of like cool vibe to it. So yeah, we did the brick here, the bed and the sides I believe were custom made. This is again, another piece that she just had done, and made for this room. - I love that, it ties all the way to the ceiling. - Me too, I thought that was really unique.

And then we got Ramsey space over here. So this is his kingdom. - He got the window too? - where he likes to sniff out the window. And what's cool is that we had these huge windows that really overlook the backyard.

This gets so bright in the morning. First thing like 5:30 in the morning. As soon as the sun comes out, it bounces off the hillside into the bedroom.

- I believe it, So you have the shades above. - Yeah, So we have blackout shades. - Awesome, No, it's a great room. Can we see the bathroom area? - Yeah.

- Awesome, Let's check it out. - It's not perfectly cleaned, but you know, it's lived in this, unfortunately because it's glass, you know how difficult that is to clean. - Oh my god that's a pain in the butt. - Yeah, if you clean it once there's no point, because then as soon as you use it again, it's it looks like this.

- Exactly. - And this, unfortunately I think is really impractical. I thought it looks really cool, but because of how open it is, you don't get that like showery sort of like steam.

It's almost cold, as soon as you turn off the shower, it's like, you're freezing. It's weird. So I actually prefer something enclosed, even though this looks cool.

Okay, So we got the cup here. Ah, here we go. we got our ice and then we come over here. - Okay. - Freshly made. Just the right amount.

- Awesome. - Don't want to overdo it and then grab, So I'm running a little low on coffee creamer, but I got the Trader Joe's coffee creamer, the French vanilla. - [Mikey] What's your creamer of choice? - It's the Coffee Mate, the Coffee Mate coconut is so good.

- Okay. - but it's I here Coffee Mate is bad for you - Yeah. - So we switched to Trader Joe's French vanilla.

- It's the Trader Joe's does it right though. - There we go. Sufficient.

Give that, give that a shot. - Alright I'm a big coffee guy, so thank you. That's pretty good, that's pretty good.

I like it, I like the coffee. Mikey, give it a shot. - Spit it out. - All right Graham take us to the next room. - Cool, awesome, so now we got Alex's office slash.

- Is this the famous laundry room office? - This is the laundry room - go in there, We got to see this. Okay, You know what? Graham, this reminds me our place. Our place is a mess. - Yeah, It's it's all about utilizing your space as efficiently as possible. So this side, we have laundry. on this side we've got business.

- And I love that mouse pad. Mikey, can you see it? - [Mikey] When you have like a load running in the dryer, it must get pretty Warm in here, Right? - Alex does it. - Yeah, we try to, so I've asked Graham if possible, try to do laundry on, off peak electrical hours when I'm not in the room. - [Mikey] That's how he frames it off peak electrical hours.

- I love how everybody's so on brand. Like everybody knows the code around here. - Yeah, listen if we could save an extra 20 cents, we will.

- Let's do it, all right what's next? What's up with the fireplaces in this place? Jack Selby lets talk about it, what's up with this obsession with the fireplaces? - It's not obsession, it just looks nice right? - Well, every screen we look at has a fireplace on. Okay, why we have this sound-deadening material here? - [Graham] Yeah, Jack. - [Mikey] Holy Jesus.

- [Jack] Yeah. So Alex and I tried to install all of these foam panels, and we use a different adhesive right there, then we use right here. And obviously you can tell one worked and one didn't. - [Enes] So did they like slowly one by one just fell off the ceiling? - Yeah, I've been hit in the head several times. - Wow.

- Like sitting right here and they just fall and, what the heck? Yeah. - Nice, well, is this where you edit and kind of run your part of the show? - Yeah, it's all in here at this desk. I, I'm not going to lie, I've slept on that twice. I've slept on that twice. yeah.

- It looks pretty comfy to me. - It actually is extremely comfortable. - Yeah.

Except the issue is we use these to attach them to the ceiling, so is there they're sticky. - Sticky. So I'll get up and there'll be stuck to my back. - [graham] Then we have the office.

- Let's check it out. - So this is where I work and it's, and it's been cleaned a little bit. - Okay. - but not much, but I'll open this a little bit.

- [Enes] Man I love how cozy your office spaces is. - Thank you. - Is this the famous office where we see all those videos? - Yes. - Gotcha, awesome. And then the famous towels that diffuses the light.

- I still use, the towels and a funny with this, I measured exactly what the previous office was, the spacing on the posters behind it, how far away they were exactly the same height. Everything was placed exactly the same. So you don't notice any difference.

- Gotcha, and Graham, I want you to tell the, the logic behind what, like, what is the authenticity about having the towel still diffuse your lights when you running it? Some would say pretty big business empire almost. - Why change what, you know, what's working. - If it's not broken, why fix it? - Yeah, exactly, so and really my job hasn't changed, but I'm still doing the same stuff as it was three years ago today, but now just the views are higher. So there's not much that's really changed.

And I like just keeping this myself, it's just like just a simple camera ring light. This was like a big upgrade for me to get like two separate lights with a little yellow. - Really? - That was a big upgrade for me. And you know what else is a big upgrade? Smashing that like button for these YouTube algorithm.

- Man, Graham we suck at this. You need to come through for us. Like, I needed to drop graham every once in a while in our videos. - You know what, cause you've got to give them a reward.

So if you guys destroy the like button in the next five seconds, you guys got to show them a picture of a baby giraffe as a thank you. - And Graham, let's talk about the Ford GT for a second. - Yeah, I loved the car. And I felt it was not so like ostentatious like a Lamborghini.

Like it's not So in your face. It's an older car. It's already seen the vast majority of it's depreciation from what, from what it did. And now this car is going up in value. So the original MSRP of this car was $150,000 back in 2005. Now they're selling between 300 and $400,000.

- That's insane. - So, and I think it's just, it's a classic car. Nobody could dislike a Ford GT. I mean it's heritage is there.

They were only making this specific model for two years. It's I think now it's got 7,500 miles on it. It's in a color combination that I really loved. And I just, it's just an all around great car.

And most importantly, the maintenance on this car is not so bad. It's got the Ford reliability behind it. And a lot of just normal Ford parts. - Graham show us the interior. I know the interior of this car is like really cool.

And it was super futuristic for it's time. Right? - Yup, so this is it. - Mikey take a look, I love this door design. - Me too. So what's neat is that the door was purposely built like this so that when the race car driver was to jump in with a helmet on, they could do it without having, to slide in. - Slide in.

Yeah, So from a, from a financial standpoint, I figured I would be able to buy this car, worst case, sell it for the same price I bought it for. So it's not really going to cost me any money and I'm using it in the backdrop, So you would be able to. And I bought, it really is just a business expense as a backdrop for, for the channel. And so, yeah, so I would be able to depreciate a portion of it's value every year. - Amazing. Now obviously I would pay that back when I were to sell the car for the profit, there's a depreciation recapture.

But at least in the short term it, helps offset some of the tax bill. - Awesome. - All right, everyone; That's it for the tour.

Graham, thank you so much for having us here. Allowing us to meet Bailey and the whole team. You guys have really good vibes here and yeah, Thank you. - Thanks so much. And guys, before you click out of the video, make sure to destroy the like button for the YouTube algorithm, destroy the subscribe button.

And if you've done that already make sure to hit the notification bell and we'll see you guys next week.

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