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Oh. Geez. My, brains blew up. What's. Up GQ sports I'm von, Miller and. Welcome, to my closet. Because. It is crazy and when, I built it I kind of like had that in mind like I wanted to be big but making. A big is just really, really. Spaced out to focus whenever, I'm going to wear something I always work saying stuff over. And over cuz this it's, so spread out like to go down the lawn and look at this and like really think about it's gonna take like 45 minutes to. Find something but I can do it in like 30 seconds just go to the same spot and, my closet I'll put a shirt switch shoes, come. Back through get a hat and I'll be good whenever I'm not dressing up whenever I'm not like trying to put. On the, fun image I just wear, the same stuff every day I. Got. A contractor, to just build, on to the house, you know I started, like in the storage room I thought about I'm, redoing, my old closet and I. Sat down and I looked at my. Needs and my necessities, and I just needed to hold another closet so they, built this closet and it's about 2,000. Square. Feet I wanted. To give. It a retail. Feel on. One of my biggest problems when I go shopping is not having. Clothes that fit and in this, store. Everything. Here I can fit in everything I can wear. On a daily basis I've, been with adidas for, 14, years now so the, majority of my stuff the majority of my shoes, adidas. Easy's. The, Pharrell collection I'm. A big adidas, guy on, this side right here I got my tour, tees. I got, everything color-coded. There's. Not me, I didn't, have enough time to do it but my mom she's such a supermom and my assistant, morning they, did an incredible job color. Coordinating, the closet. And I really appreciate you guys, he was jean-guy and from this section. All. The way over, all my. Mary jeans and, it's absolutely my favorite pair of jeans to. Wear they're, comfortable they're stretchy they're stylish, they're, unique and I, got a lot of them I also got a no-ball. Means Y chills. You. Know Carhartt, jeans I got pretty much everything with, the bulk of my jeans my. Community this, is the Hat section, and you're. Not from Texas unless, you have a couple, of cowboy hats and. I got a lot of cowboy hats you, know all type of grimms I got straw hats I got. Fur. Hats I. Got. All type of, styles. And all the type of unique. Stuff I have any words here but I got you. Know a little bit of everything in here, and. On this silver for years hats are what, make Volvo. So. I had to have space for glasses as well and I'm, gonna each of each aisle I had, them you, know make like a little glasses, frame, for me I've got like little hooks right here if I'm pulling, out you, know a shirt I can. Put the outfit together pretty quick and grab a pair of jeans and you know look at it right. Here on the rack to. Decide if I'm gonna wear it another I could put the shoes down here, so I wanted, a really, functional. Closet, and on this back side I, have, a a tailor's. Mirror. It's got like a three-sided mirror and it's elevated so, if I ever wanted to get fitted I can just do all of, this stuff right here in the closet I'm down this aisle I have suits, jackets. More. Shoes, I'm, we got robes. I got. Tata. Jackets. Trench. Coats onesies. Body. Suits. This. Is the cowboy station, camo jacket. Light. Jackets, too heavy, jackets. Redjac. Use American. Flag jackets. Purple, suede jackets, I'm. In Colorado so you need a lot of jackets you. Know I definitely have that I got vest as well. Camo. Vests. Leopard. This, fur. Vests I got. A little bit of everything when it comes to. Two. Jackets, this. Aisle is. The. Most popular aisle in, my. Whole closet I have shorts here I have sweats right here and I. Have hoodies. Right here and, it, doesn't really matter, hominy. Yah I'm a hoodie guy I wear hoodies all day at the summer time and I'll put on some shorts and I got shoes down here so, this. Aisle gets the most mileage it's quick I can just come in here grab some shorts, grab. A hoodie, put it on put some shoes on get the socks on her way out in the boom I can be in and out of here in 45 seconds, before anybody's, closet, the, sweat section, is probably the most popular section, and it's. Definitely. The truth for me get off the different types of switch from dope Swift's to adidas to. Vet. Marv Valentino, whatever. It may be and I'll just grab a hoodie on the way out it matched it with these shoes I don't even go looking around you. Know the closet for shoes I get some shoes from right here make it quick and easy I mean, another door. Like. Every individual, item from shoes. To shirts, the glasses yeah I say I probably like. Probably. Say like 12,000. Pieces. I'm. Really not a suit guy I really like you, know I would rather wear like camo like Carhartt t-shirt but it's always a time and a place for suits, I gotta start with this one right here, I had, a Halloween party and, I wanted to dress up like post Malone I looked at the suit that he had and I had at my suit maker, make me that same suit and that, suit was made by Union.

Western. That, suit, led to this suit right here which is made by those guys this right here has got like rhinestones. All around it I don't go off trying to like do something bold and like craziness suit unless it's like a time of the place for my. Favorite, suit that I've ever worn will have to be probably like Super Bowl 50 gold shimmer, suit that event was memorable, for me, these. Two sims right here are great suits as well I'll have a foundation. Called, bones vision, and give that glasses contacts, I exams. To children in need and the, theme was Western. Was able to wear, these suits for a great cause, this. Suit is made by Ella V and I wore this to start the season off this year had high hopes was excited about the season and it's one of my favorite soups to start the season. This. Suit right here I think is one, of my favorite, Sue's. Ever it, just it just says me is made by Connor art 101, and, I've been kind of fish in my whole entire life so I make it soon out of that company. That I love of. Course nobody has is just one. Suit. But, these are these overalls, they fit me better than any hunting, overalls at our house I might have, to go hunting, in this tuxedo. Last. I have, Grammys. 2016. I had never been to the Grammys had never been to a Superboy had never been taken it's just amazing how fast like my life hangs in a matter like two weeks blessed and humble and, it feels great to just look back on these suits and to, reminisce or some rumors that they give. When. It comes to jeans and pants really just only rock one brand and that's Mike Amiri I guess that's why is easy for me every day because it were the same stuff every day see the Carhartt adidas, famiry, dope. That's. My life I. Got. These jeans in LA this, is right around like BT, Awards and I remember as a bt Ward's because I want like three days straight and they. Look good with everything it all wore so, probably. Not a good thing but, these. Are unique they're just so destroyed, that's. What anybody wearing these days like destroy pants and these are like super destroys I'm, going fishing hunting. The. Club, just. Up the street whenever. I can wear my jeans, just, rate to at, my community, section I got all type of marries I got am in red pink camo. Cheetah. Print glitter. These are from users. But. My, favorite, pair of jeans of, all time Amelia, of course I like Amelie for. One they're. Comfortable for, me to wear like a 36, 38 every 245. 250, pounds if the jeans don't stretch it's coming, it's, like it's a hard day I gotta have like the denim that stretches. In these these. Strips. Camel. Goes with anything so I can, just put, these cameraman song throwing.

Like A tour t-shirt, with it a trucker hat with. Some Adidas and I'm like that's ball right there like anybody ginger is like one whenever. I'm training and I have the most muscle mass that's, where you, know my jeans. Fit the tightest whenever like, the season is coming to an end or the beginning of years when I lose a little bit of muscle mass and that's where the jeans you know fit as, loose as possible but if they're micrometers it doesn't matter where I met during the year I can, fit all the jeans because they're stretch they're comfortable on top of all this stuff they're pretty cool. When. It comes to t-shirts, like I keep it extremely. Simple it's all tours t-shirts, or Carhartt, or adidas, hike I just, saying I don't know what I like this is fashionable, it's just me so I guess it's kind of easy that I'll have to go too far and try too hard to get my look I can just make, some of the ordinary, things and where I'm in extraordinary. Places so. This front, tour, t-shirt is Selena, she's. Like a legend, in Texas and I'm all about Texas, Texas. Has made me who I am, I believe maroon. You. Know I want to take the same whenever. I can throw a hometown or to, stay in there I'm gonna do it the vintage panties. Or in, writing that are so hard to find and that drives, the prices all the way up this, t-shirt. Normally, whenever was made in like, 1992. Or like three sir. Probably would have been ten, bucks now. There, are 200. To 500, bucks, for a vintage tea I guess, it, is kind of trendy, I guess cuz it's. All but, people. Don't dress like that anymore and then it's just like that it's hard to do to. Get oh like vintage stuff so I guess. I am carving out a niche for myself you, know, this. Is a Grateful. Dead tour. T-shirt from 2003. And I don't even listen to me, Greg food is easy but this is a cool. T-shirt he's a really cool t-shirt shout out we I got you I got you, my. Favorite t-shirt of all time one of these shirts. I'm, wearing it for more, than just fashion. Car, hard and wet um you, know the brand stands for what me and my family you know stands for hard work when.

I Pick up this car hard shirt that's what. I think about I think about hard work getting your hands dirty there are starting, to be real common I see a lot of people wearing a Carhartt but I've, been wearing it my whole entire life you. Know it's just I'm, from in Texas like everyday to, school or practice whatever it is should be a mainstay, and then you, can blend it in with the camo pants the, camera on my committee pants or destroy your plans and. Put a trucker hat or a cowboy hat and then boom you got it it's, a utility shirt for any, situation, fundraisers. To, partying. You suck so this, one is a another. Carhartt camel, this, shirt definitely, gets a lot of mileage and it is long-sleeve - so it's pretty, comfortable here in Denver you don't have to worry about being took oh this. Is a Pink, Floyd shirt and, I just like the colors and on a base color brown I can wear this with you know pretty much everything as we'll get the sleeves they're not they're, not short-sleeved. But they're kind of short sleeves so you got a lot of muscle on and again. I don't, even listen to Pink Floyd but I like. This. Is a blue tank, tortie, I listen. To a little bit of wool tag, this. Is a bru, t-shirt, I really like bruise stuff, like, Ruby's clothing. A lot where there's shorts, t-shirts. Everything, I just like. What discharges, the balance got the American, Eagle on the front. Old-school. American flames, for, max feels smell, a lot of time at max feels shoutout though there's. Got to be like some free t-shirts. This. Is probably the bulk of all my clothes I probably got like. 7500, t-shirts and I got t-shirts all in the drawers and you know, everywhere it's. Really kind of sad I gotta get rid of some of this stuff this, is this is supposed to be a fun like shoot and I'm just looking at myself in the mirror like bruh you are a hoarder. How. Did I get into hats I think that's just kind of chose me if I was from you know Louisiana, it would be different but I'm from Texas, and nothing, says, Texas. Like a good cowboy, hat, not. Everybody can wear a cowboy hat you got to have confidence because, whenever you're wearing this big cowboy, head around like people are, gonna look at you like, you're, gonna get the eyes like why does this guy have a cowboy hat on this. Is a. This. Is a thousand, Knicks Stetson. Cowboy hat and there's no better brand when, it comes to make cowboy. Hats, missin, I stole my cowboy hats upside-down because gravity, is naturally, gonna pull. The, cowboy head down and if I had it like this it just take away the, curve over time so Oh duh. Old. Cowboy told me yeah when. I was young and it's been like that since day one my. Favorite, is the, straw cowboy hat you, can tell this is my favorite, because this is. Beat-up this this cowboy hadn't been through a lot of stuff it's been through Coachella. So, many different, for, the jewel oz birthday. Parties. Extreme. Heat and champagne. And beautiful, and, all the timeless levels been on this cab we had the. Gladys, Tammy's huh you know they're pretty expensive I think this. Is probably 400. All this before. I was right in there now to me it's not really about you, got a price of the, Hat even though sometimes a the, price is a indicator. Of quality you, know I really just try, to go for a cool cowboy hats or cool hats in general, this. NYX BK hat, it came with of. Course the you know I didn't find a match on, the side a card on the side and a feather but. I like this hat because it's so it's.

So Customizable I, can't put all, type of stuff over this how I can put flowers, I could. Put a lighter up there I was like Coachella I pretty much just used my cowboy hat as a pocket everything, that I was supposed to have my pocket I had at my cowboy hat from hon it oughta be, to $2 bills to all, type of stuff when you're walking around you got all the stuff on your head it kind of draws our attention in that's. What you want at Coachella. So. These hats are the, mainstays, these, has make they, make me who I am this, camo hat is a pretty. Versatile. It. Just I can. Wear it when it's hot or cold or whenever I like it a lot and these two trucker hats the, sakes of seeing set and the, Bass, Pro Shops had really, identify, me as will Bass, Pro Shops was a huge. Factor in you know my childhood I would love to go to Bass, Pro Shops and get all type of lures you, know hunting gear to go hunting with my dad so it, brings back a lot of memories and it's, a pretty comfortable head this. Dope trucker hat is my favorite hat and, it says dope Never Dies and, pretty, much everything I have, in my closet this hat can go with it this hat is super, special to me I had it made about. A month before the Super Bowl Stetson, made this hat and I never got a chance to wear it until we won the Super Bowl and we had the parade, here in Denver and I just remember, wearing this hat driving, down downtown, with, millions of people out there Mosley. Manning was sitting with me that's a Peyton Manning's daughter it's a picture online where it's just me hair. Mrs., Bolen the owner's wife whenever. I see this head it just reminds me of good times and celebrating you know moments like that lasts forever, speaking. Of hats there's another accessory, that I really love. Glasses. I. Wear. Prescription glasses that's, pretty much the reason why I wear glasses all the time I started, a foundation called, Vaughn's vision my second year in the league and we give back glasses, I exams LASIK, surgery everything, when it comes to eyes to kids in need whenever, I started that foundation, so many kids got, confidence, from me wearing glasses and when I was a kid that really, wasn't the case wearing glasses me like he was a geek it wasn't cool to make kids, feel cool, about wearing glasses it. Feels pretty good so that's why I still wear prescription glasses Susan okay a lot of these glasses are bent and. That's because like I fall, asleep and I just roll over on them I had that issue when I was a little kid as well and my, mom she just used to then.

Back I used to go to school like being glasses every single day these are my beat glasses, and I haven't been back yet but I got a lot of good stories about these these glasses are, martin, pereyra moral, you know fashionable, sound you, know a lot of people know about these frames and I like him a lot because they fit on my, skull. Perfectly, they're not too big but not too small, these right here or the Gucci collections elton, john and. I. Just thought they were like super cool. No. Fines the phone always. In any other than john at all these, are glasses. Right here or terry. I don't, know Terry Brown but I have a great, story as best as they were initially shades. And I'm not the lenses out of them and we made a prescription, glasses and I put like a purple. Tip on them so, did you see unique unique, piece that I know, nobody, else would be wearing like. These love these, glasses right here are a pair of playboy frames from the 80s playboy, I made all type of a different merchandise and they actually have you. Know frames making 80s and I like these like they're kind of bent but. I like these are like they started off as shades. As will these. Are funky and fun video ma Oakley. Collab and, you got like the little spikes on the bottom these. Are pretty cool because they're, one of one my, guy at Cartier make these frames. Right here vintage. And. See. Like the little cuts. Around the lens that's so hard to do on the original cartier frames, or. What he's the coachella they got bent up to my heart hurts I'm gonna coach other three Tom and my favorite, egg will have to be postman all he's, just such a rock star I love postman law I'm Travis Scott had an incredible said his will just, I'm a huge fan of loud music it doesn't really matter the, shades, these are pretty cool like he's Balenciaga, this and, the lands that go all the way around. That's, pretty cool you, know it is crazy because I have all these different frames, and I've been wearing these frames for the last eight months, sure, like. Everyday you know sometimes when I mix them up and I might wear a different pair like every day for like them up just, to like show the guys in a lot hundred I have more friends they sometimes I might pick on me well you wear the same frames you got those glasses so sometimes I might like switch it up but for the most part I just like to. Be comfortable and wear a pair of frames that, goes with, everything and I feel like these do, all, my glasses where y'all feel they right you like this because you got like 10 pair, of frames you. Feel comfortable in there one frame that you can wear everyday this, with these glasses. Off, when it comes to glasses I'm not really worried about it it doesn't matter if I'm them the, guy with the most glasses or the coolest glasses I know what. My guys. Have done for me and for other people I just try to be fun, and I'm known for my glasses and, you. Know I just try to focus on their. Shoes. And, sneaker, culture is just so. Crazy random shoes, can't honestly, make or break the healthy you know people are know John Geiger so, much heat going on so I'm good friends with John so, I like to you know stay in a family plus not, too many people have the John Geiger so I like you know wearing stuff that you know people don't have no Balenciaga, they're just so, hot where, the most part of the shoes out when I step out into high fashion you know I really like the Christian Dior's and I like this, sneaker. They they may you, know it's kind of got like the Chuck Taylor field but their Christian, Dior so whenever. I go. To like that high fashion like sense it'll. Be Christian to you I'm not really like that guy you know I really like to be that guy like Gucci, you. Know Louis, V like I just try to dress to what makes me look cool and if it happens to be Christian, you, know it is ray it is the, purple, Louboutins. From, you, know the verge of collection, you know I know I said I don't like to be like trendy or like I don't like the boss I did everybody else's line but I had, to I had. To with these these are just so hot so cool and that, just doesn't wanted to change shoes that I have, these shoes are special adidas, made these for. Me when I got my hundred sack, it, just mean a lot to me to get a hundred sex, about a hundred sex and your careers so tough, to do and you, know for them to take time out and you know recognize that they'd be the guys that I wear all the time it really means a lot to me they have so many different athletes so many different people and then even just you know think about me and you know my accomplishments, and a lot. Stay. True to my roots and I. Rattlesnake, cowboy, boots. Just. Be you that, is my advice to you. Know everybody out there that's trying to seek some. Type of you, know fashion help, just be you it's only it's only one you and if you really master that you'll, be unique you'll be squaking, you'll be flogged you'll be exclusive.

Because It's only one you and you dressing, yourselves, so I try to do. Let's. Talk about bags you, know I can't really say like that the. Statement at I was saying really I just bought stuff to fit me because it's a lot of stuff I really I just bought it just because it was cool these to the. Your bags are definitely me grown-up, and Texas. Been around horses and, farming, I got it because it was a saddle. It. Just has that Western. Bob to it come, a gunslinger. I can't wrap it around and use, it as a backpack as well you know I really like you. Know what this bag says, is Western, it has like you know outdoor, feel to it just happens to be Christian Dior this is really my favorite bag that's that's. Out right now I have, a, chess. Reading with Alex you. Know camera with this chest reading I was like bro I gotta have it and it fit into like you. Know the western theme I just thought it was a cool unique bag and. Everybody has like the over arm like side bags or like fanny packs but. The, chest rig was just, so. Cool and it has so many different pieces I can fit my keys on here wallet. Money. Whatever I can. Fit everything in there and we haven't like a you, know like a long, night party and stuff you really want everything right here your chest it's, definitely, got a lot of mileage I could put my keys on here for them right here so I know where everything is, I'm, going through the airport traveling. Going overseas I got everything right here on my chest nice. The, Goyard bear saw. It on BET you know I got this in Paris this doesn't really fit in Vaughn, the outdoors man and you, know the unique trucker, hat cowboy it don't fit into that what it's just a cool piece and, I really like it a lot I think picking colors and, you know the style of bag what, are you really gonna be using it for means. More than you. Know the look, or the feel of the bag you want a bag that is, gonna. Get your, job done first, and then you just follow, along after that need a bag debts go hold my wallet myself, or my keys boom, okay I got this color and, then style and I just go from there I really don't try to make, my outfit, or my style around a bag, cuz it'd be it'd be extremely tough to do on, a consistent basis, I. Don't. Really have a grail piece or one piece that sets. Off you. Know my claws or anything like that but I do have, a piece that I want show you this is a shearling. Jacket I. Really. Like the color I like the way it feels and it just says Colorado, don't a cowboy hat with this or some cowboy boots or whatever it, pretty much says, bum, of the place with a diamond Broncos, it is cold outside and. I, really like that a lot you know playing football and being apart of the Denver Broncos football, team is so much of my identity you. Know I like to wear pieces that show, it. Well. That's it guys I showed you some of my favorite pieces shows, you the closet showed you some shoes glasses. I showed, you what I really made me me man and I appreciate, you guys taking the time out and spending, a moment would.


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