Insiders Guide to Vancouver Island 2018 - Full Length Feature in HD

Insiders Guide to Vancouver Island 2018 - Full Length Feature in HD

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Vancouver. Island is an oasis, of nature. Shaped. By its geography, Vancouver. Island is a natural, balance of ocean, ecosystems. Coastal. Rain forests. Mountains. And, human. Habitation. There. Is a mystical, quality, found here that evokes, a sense of balance that is, drenched, in life. Our. Island visit starts in the, city of Victoria British, Columbia, the. Harbour, of Victoria is one of the most beautiful harbors in the world in my opinion we, have the Parliament Buildings the, legislative. Buildings, right in the background one. Of the things that's, really interesting is, the capital, city of British Columbia is right here on Vancouver, Island the city of Victoria. And, it's got an incredible amount of history and against the the reason that there's some great art architecture, and, really, interesting, buildings to to see in and around the city. As well as the grand old Empress Hotel. But. Also a great walkway, along the harbor where visitors can walk, a good, amount of the distance seeing what's, happening out in the harbor which is always very active between, little, pickle boats running around and float planes taking off. The. Royal British Columbia Museum near the harbour has, a collection of totem poles carved in the styles of Aboriginal, peoples from, throughout British Columbia. If. You listen closely you. Can almost hear the ancient, tribal, whispers. Built. Between 1887, and, 1890. Craig. Derek castle, was constructed, for a Scottish immigrant, named Robert Dunsmuir, who made his fortune in the coal industry, it's. A marvelous accomplishment. Built from stone and fine wood finished interiors. Craig. Derrick stands proud with its exquisite grounds, overlooking, the city of Victoria a, visit. To Craig Derek Castle is like going back in time. Aptly. Named after the two beacons on mount beacon, beacon. Hill park is a Nature retreat right in the heart of Victoria. With. A colorful history starting. In the 1860s, the 200. Acre park was turned over to the city in 1882. And has, been in trust every since, the. Abundance, of life and peaceful. Flowing waters are, a retreat, for, the soul a, visit. To Victoria, would not be complete without seeing a horse-drawn, carriage winding. Its way through the park. The park has become home and habitat, to many animals such as turtles, many. Different kinds of waterfowl. The. Manicured, gardens are home to hundreds, of plant species many. Considered, threatened or endangered. Beacon. Hill Park is also home to the graceful, Blue Heron who, nest in the park safe haven. Fisherman's. Wharf is one of Victoria harbors most, interesting. Destinations. Visitors. Will enjoy the unique floating, homes that, each have their own distinctive, style. There, are great restaurants on the docks fresh, seafood and some. Of the local residents are, extremely. Entertaining. There, are great views of downtown Victoria, and the Empress Hotel from, this vantage point. A trip, to Vancouver Island, and Victoria, would not be complete without a visit to the world-famous, Butchart. Gardens which. Our gardens has, existed, for over a hundred years it, began in 1904. And. By. Jenny vote art puts. Our guards are still owned by the butcher's, family, so. It's now the great great granddaughter, of Jenny. Butcher, we began ado is now the current, current owner of the gardens, we. Are a floral, garden where a show guard we build it on the whole idea, that people are going to say wow when they come here and probably say it. The, area of winter garden suits best known for is a sunken garden where. That was the quarry the limestone was removed from that and Jenny boat art was one of the very early pioneers, in kind of greening, things up. Duncan. Is a pedestrian-friendly. Walkable. Community, with a mix of art and architectural. History that brings, you back in time, downtown. Feels like something out of an old movie with that small-town, inviting feel. The. Old railway station is still in use as a travel, hub for visitors and residents. What. Duncan may be best known for is, its tour of the totem poles of which it has many. Just. Follow the yellow footprints, in you're headed in the right direction. Jimena. Is world-renowned, for its larger-than-life, girls. Faced. With a failing natural, resource, industry, chemainus. Reinvented. Itself through, art and lots. Of it. Take. A stroll through the historical, downtown and. Take in the many wall murals that chemainus is known for. And. If. You're lucky you'll. Even get to experience a bit of the local flavor. Ladysmith. Like so many vancouver, island communities, has, a history, that you can still feel to this day.

The. Railway and coal industry were central, to lady smith's beginnings, the. Town is known for its historical, stretch of buildings that look, like something out of a postcard. We've. Got some coastline, to cover so it's time to start moving up Island. Located. 111. Kilometers, north of Victoria, is Nanaimo. The, harbour sea. The. Waterfront is busy with naval civilian. And seaplane. Activity. The, seawall and the nearby islands, make for splendid, ocean views. Right. In the heart of the action is Maffeo, Sutton Park with, miles, of seawall pathways, this, is a pedestrian, friendly way to explore, Nanaimo oceanfront, and Harvard. Acres. Of greenery reward your eyes and, the smell of the fresh ocean air piques your senses. Nanaimo. Has a delightful marina, with ample shopping and restaurants. Visitors. Can take a leisurely ferry ride out to nearby prospect, island to, the world-famous dingy dot pub and restaurant. This. Completely, floating restaurant, is, a unique and tasty midpoint, on a short and enjoyable tour of the area. Heading. North we come to the picturesque community, of Qualicum, Beach this. Area, is known for its long stretches of beach and brilliant. Sunsets. It's, time to visit the western side of the island on. Our way to Tofino and you clue lit we come across the village of Coombs Coombs. Has some unique shops you won't find anywhere, else. And. You have to look up to. See what Combs is really, known for. Where. Else would you see a family of billy goats living in a roof these. Characters, certainly know how to put on a show. Some. Of the oldest, growth forests Canada, can be found here in the, cathedral droves of Macmillan, Provincial, Park. Towering. Giants, over 800 years old soar overhead, with an ancient, and commanding, presence. It's. Impossible. To witness these impressive Giants and not, be struck with a sense of humility. Luke. Charles take you through douglas-fir. Western. Hemlock and red, cedar rain forests seething. With the presence of life. This, is a magical, and spiritual place that will immerse, you in well-being and give, you a sense of place in a natural world steeped, in the wisdom of the Ancients. On. The, unprotected west, coast of Vancouver Island the. True power of the Pacific Ocean comes into play. Powerful. Waves and strong ocean winds have shaped a landscape, that is rugged and twisted, from the search. The. Village if you clue lit sits, on the edge of Pacific, Rim National, Park. Rugged. Ocean hikes take you along the edge of rainforests. Meaning, into the surf. Tidepools. Abound with sea life and lets you get up close without getting wet. Starfish. Sea, anemone and many. Other sea creatures within, reach and bring out the curious in all of us. Continuing. Along Pacific, Rim National Park we, head towards Tofino here. The land meets the surging ocean head-on, forests. Are shaped by the elements, where only the strong survive. Powerful. Winds big waves make this a Surfers Paradise. Long, Beach is an ideal place to walk along the beach or try. Your luck in the waves. Here, power. Meets beauty in a dance that has been happening for a millennia. The, town of Tofino suits on the protected. Inside edge of the peninsula, surrounded, by islands, and common, lands. With, up to 1 million visitors a year, Tofino, is one of Vancouver Island's most visited, places. The. Views here are incredible and. Like many places on the island there's. Lots of water plane activity, taking people to and from adventures. Tofino, definitely, has a surfer, town feel you'll.

See Many vehicle sporting surfboards, even. The. Ubiquitous, Volkswagen, vein it, may, get busy here but it, still feels like a small town. Well, watching is a popular, activity here. Jaime's, whaling station is a great launching pad for whale watching adventures. With. Professional, guides and state-of-the-art boats, it's, a safe and enjoyable way to look for whales and with. Over 22,000. Gray whales visiting, the area every year chances. Are pretty good you'll spot one. As the, day winds to an end, make, sure you head to the beach the. Sunsets, here are simply unreal. Let's, continue up to the northern tip of Vancouver Island. The drive-up island, is one of the most interesting parts of visiting Vancouver Island. First, stop Campbell, River the, Gateway to the north Campbell. River is a beautiful, Oceanside, city that still, has a small-town, feel. Located. Midpoint on the eastern side of Vancouver Island this. Is a community, connected. To the ocean with quaint, marinas, scenic. Beaches and an, abundant, marine ecosystem. The, salmon fishing capital of the world as they call themselves has. Become a major ecotourism, destination. With activities. Like whale, and bear watching. And started to get the bear watching trips four years ago when we started the company up. With. The idea of taking, people up to do it Inlet because. Of the reputation up there has. A pretty, long history of, being, a real popular bear, spot we've, been fortunate enough to do. Have some real good success over the last four years and, lots. Of people going in there and experiencing, the Bears and everything. That goes along with them so it's been fabulous for, our. Trip starts on the state-of-the-art boat built specifically, for Discovery marine safaris, the, tenacious three. The, trip to Butte Inlet takes, about two hours. Our. Certified, experienced, guide tells us about the wildlife we'll encounter along the way. Avoids. A scenic, and enjoyable. On, this trip the water provides many wildlife sightings such as sea lions. And a, group of dolls porpoise, that took, some time to playfully, ride the bow of our boat. They, really look like they were having fun. As we, pull into the Butte Inlet we, enter the territory of our hosts, the, Hamal Co Nation band. These, experienced. Native guides take, us by minibus, to raised bear watching platforms, where we can safely watch the Grizzlies hunting for salmon. This. Male is walking, in the water to get a better view. These, two salmon, don't want to be lunch just yet. This. Is an annual feast, that Bears have been making for thousands, of years salmon. Are high in protein and fat which is a great, chance to fatten, up for the coming winter hibernation and. Here. A mom, with two cubs passes, through cautiously, she. Senses the male's presence, and decides, to go somewhere else to fish. The. Cubs are vulnerable, to attacks by males at this age so it's, best just to move on. We, move up River and there's yet another male, he.

Sees. Something moving in the water. Success. Another. Female bear with a single cup passes, through the same area. This. Little cub is tired and decides. To take a short break. It's, not long before mom, says it's, time to move on. These. Picturesque, valleys, are another, example, of the abundance, of life on the canadian west coast. If. You. Drive up island to where the pavement ends you're. In Port Hardy, the. Small town sits on the edge of Cape Scott Provincial, Park and is a gateway, to many other adventures. Rotary. Park is a great place for an evening stroll and a view of one of Vancouver's most. Interesting. Town signs. This. Is a place where people are connected, to the elements. Logging. And fishing are the major industries, here and there's, a feeling here that is uniquely. Vancouver, Island. And. Because it's more remote there's. A very good chance of seeing black bears and bald eagles up here. You, just haven't seen Vancouver, Island unless, you've made it up island here for a visit and. Sunrise. Here is, particularly, beautiful. Heading. Back down island not far from Port Hardy a winding. Road takes you to the town of Port Alice we. Arrived on a particularly, foggy, day but this was a blessing there, is a spirit, here you can only experience, on the island in just, this type of weather. Looking. Out into the dreamscape of water and fading, islands my, seal pops its head up for a visit in the, stillness of this morning with just the two of us there our, mutual, curiosity. Was quite enlightening. Our. Last visit, on the island is the picturesque village of Telegraph code visiting. Here is literally, like going back in time the. Old lovingly. Restored buildings, sit, up high perched on the docks with a. History going back to the 1920s, what. Was historically a fish cannery in lumber mill has, turned into one of Vancouver, Island's, most beloved, destinations. The. Boardwalks, here bring you back in time and take, you away from the worries of the outside world. The, whale museum in telegraph, cove is, one of the most interesting places you will ever get to visit you can see full well skeletons, up close and get, a sense of the mammal that evolution.

Has Taken to the seas. There. Is an abundance of information here, so spend. Some time and take it in there. Are skeletons for many marine mammals here such as orca dolphin. And, even a giant fin, whale. Vancouver. Island's, oldest and environmentally. Ethical, whale-watching companies, calls, telegraph, cove home, stubs. Island whale-watching is owned and operated by, Jim and Mary Borromini, will built a reputation for responsible. Wildlife, viewing that has true, educational. Merit Jim has worked for 30 years to protect the whales through responsible, practices in, education. Both. Her grandsons, and her granddaughter's sometimes. A killer will family, may even have four generations, with great grandchildren. Traveling with the group as well, it's. A magical, world for them everything, they do is with sound they, navigate. They find their food they stay in touch with their family, and they find their mates all using sounds underwater. Our. Whale watching adventure, begins on the geek comedian lovingly. Restored boat, originally, built in 1954. To, the owner of the telegraph, cove sawmill. This. Wooden vessel with its natural warmth is just another piece of history, that brings you back in time she. Has a way with the water that feels so natural. We're. Very fortunate to have Jim as our captain's. Stubbs, Islands other vessel to Luke hua is heading, out with us - she's, newer and more technologically. Advanced but she, still has a spirit, about her that is uniquely, telegram, Cove, this, is a very steady platform, to view Wales from and a pleasure to be on. Whales. Have been spotted and the radio comes to life with reports from other boats. We. Respect the creature space and never get too close with our. Engines turned off these, giants come in closer for a visit these. Resident, orcas are beautiful, and travel as a family unit led by female, matriarchs. These, pods have been together for a very long time and. Even have their own unique dialects. These, powerful males have long or shaped dorsal, fins that are unique as fingerprints, and help researchers, identify, them with great accuracy, these. Top marine predators, are hunting for salmon and are very successful group hunters. A little, further up the coast and we're fortunate enough to see a humpback. The, signature, tail fluke comes up just before the whale goes down for longer dive. Canada's. Pacific west coast is a magical, ecosystem. Where mankind. And nature have found a balance that you won't find anywhere, else, here, power, meets grace and a dance that has been going on between the mountains in the ocean for, a millennium, to, visit the west coast is a life-changing experience, that, will give, you a sense of balance in an ever-changing world.

As. The Sun lowers into the ocean one. Can't help but think this. Is where, Beauty goes to rest. You.

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