Interview: DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER's Volk-Man on Band’s Come Back & "Der Rote Reiter" Album

Interview: DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER's Volk-Man on Band’s Come Back &

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Hello, this is Foreman, of the apocalyptan, writer and you're, watching noisy. It's, a pretty exciting duel play. Again. With. The band on stages. Across. The different countries and, uh, yeah. It's, it's it's really a. Intense. Feeling, to. Be back and. To perform. The songs to, meet fans again and be on stage and be on the road doing. All the stuff that we. Have missed for last months. And years and. Now. What the feedback, is is, great, and so. We enjoy every. Show and. Also. This trip is it's, very. Special, to us and, yeah. You're grateful we been. Able doing this. Well. There was not a single main reason, it, just became, but. Overall, feeling that after. 20. Years we. Came to a point where everybody. Was a bit tired and, we. Felt we did so many records and so many tours and, we. Had to schedule all the time for, the. Next upcoming months and years, for. Tours. And shows so, it. Felt, a bit like routine. So. We, decided. In early 2015. When. We. Scheduled. The festival, for our 20th, anniversary we. Decided. That, would be a good good. Time, to. Make cut kind. Of a break we. Didn't just said it's, a band split but, we. Definitely. Didn't. Want to play age any shows for, the upcoming months and years so. And. The. Band was put on ice so, and. So. The 20th, anniversary, was a very emotional. Show. Because, nobody knew it during. The show and after the show, if. This was, probably the last show of the band or not and. With the Ben P reformed. Or, reunited. And, little-bitty. Say members, stuff like this so. Yeah. But. Now. After the, break I had. The feeling that the decision, was. Absolutely, right because. Now. We. Have. Much. More passion, and energy. Doing. Depend, again, and, so. Everybody, in the band had time to. Do some different, stuff you know some. Went, on holidays, and traveled around the world or, did. Some. Other. Professions. You know what, they had maybe in mind for a longer time so. There was the first time after, 20 years that. We have a kind, of freedom to decide. On our own what's. Coming on up next, so. It. Took, off a lot of pressure from us and. Now. We. We. Felt that this. This. Time of relaxing, was. Also, a good a good, moment to to, get more energy you, know and you. All you also had a lot. Of, more. Distance to the business and to. All this, yeah. Circles, like, doing, records doing tours doing festivals so, it's going around all the time you have to negotiate all, the time with a lot, of different partners with booking agencies, with you, know with, tour. Promoters, and stuff like this so it. Was nice being. Off this, for. A while and. So. Now it's now. It's fun, doing. It again so it feels like a restart it's it's it, is a real restart. For the band. Different. Different, stuff not nothing, no nothing particularly unknown. Just. As I said we some. Of the bands did some some. Trips to, to. Cambodia. Or Thailand folks at night he was in Thailand I yeah I have, been for. Some some, time in Japan and. Yeah. Time it was with my family doing. Some stuff in the garden you know and yeah. Taking, care of my kids and my, wife and, so. It was some very, good. Time and. Folks. Had time to paint, yeah. Because. Yeah. Everybody. Knows he's, doing this and. Searchy. He. Joined another german, band called, blue. Polkas so, it's a. Melodic. More, melodic style, band so he's he played the drums for that band and played. Some shows with the with. This band and I. Yeah. I I. Was collecting whisky, for a long time and so. I am I started, a kind of a mayoral, shop. For both whiskey and I did some whiskey fairs and then some. Whisky. Tutorials, for. People. That are interested instead, that stuff so it was, a bunch of things, that we, were able to do so. I. Think. Multiple, reasons I, think we, tried. A lot of, progressive. Creative. Stuff on the last bunch. Of albums we read we. Took a lot of steps, in many directions. But. At the end it was a lot of brain, work you know and to, collective brain work with all, with. All the band members and it. Was it. Took a lot of time to. Collect all these ideas and also. Putting, this. In, more different emotions, of every member pent, member together, so. After. That last album. There. Was kind of breaking a cut and. Folks. Said. Let's. Maybe do an album like in the beginning you know where, I do the main riffs, everything.

Is Coming from me so, you have this you. Have this from the beginning you have a strong, red, and red line by, the topic on an album and. We. Just rehearsed, and, it. Didn't. Take that, long as the, album's before so. We were pretty pretty fast, in writing, these songs so that, reminded, us a lot to, our. Previous. Very. Early albums you know that was kind of composing style when we did like only this love or have a nice trip and. And. Then we decided to change, to producing, team and, when. We invited the producers, to our rehearsal room, we. Said okay we have a bunch of songs check. It out but what's your opinion about this and we didn't expect that, they say guys. It's great stuff it has our energy. Don't. Don't, think, too long about changing. This or that part you know because it's. Already almost. There. So. They also, wanted. To catch this raw energy of the early albums and, that. Was also world our feeling. After. Working. So long with a lot, of progressive, elements, we. Came to a point where we just were hungry to do. Energetic. And grim. Album. Began, that. And it is the anniversary album, the tenth of the band, so. It, was kinda restored after to break so a lot of things came together but, now I, felt, we. Had from, the first from. The first moment. We had kind of magic. Moment, that. Everything. We, did, flew. Together. In. A good way so and, nobody. Has, something. To complain so. It. Was kind, of magic thing. Recording. And. Rehearsing. The songs and. That's. Probably the chemo two key difference, to, the. Previous albums you know I remember. Like. The 54 are more, violent Manson, we. Did a lot of trips, to, different places, in the world you know with all our recording. Equipment. Just. To be away, from home and just. To, start. Creative. Process. And. Yeah. Somewhere, in the mountains in a wooden house. Or, renting. A houseboat, being, an owner, we. Had someone river all and oh no oh no another on the sea you know but. The. Difference is that when you do such a trip then. You have to be creative on a click you know this. Time everything. Came just, intervals. On room, just. From, from emotional. Nothing. Planned. You know. Yeah. It's, always because, this this. This. Charts, of course these, days it's not anymore. Just. Very. Big number you know. Because. Everybody. Knows that, this. CD, sales. Decreased. For. Many years because of all this downloading, and streaming stuff. Like Spotify, and stuff but. Nevertheless it's, it's it, was a great honor and. It. Showed that there. Are a lot of fans there. That, were hungry for a new album and. And. Especially. When we, there. Was I. Remember. When we did the first announcement that we would be back. The. Reactions, were okay. So great, that you'll be back and stuff like this but. The real emotional. And, the. Kind of hysterical thing, was when we released the first song. Because. Then people, checked, out that this album will be different than the last ones and I heard. A lot of people and, I met a lot of people at.

The German tour dates, that, we did just finish the wait a week ago it and they. Told us we. Didn't expect from new album like this they. Probably thought okay the, band has developed, in, that direction it's, fine to me but I am can't. Really. Deal with that kind of sound and. Yeah. But depend is now. Back. From this progressive. Trip. I think and now. Much more rooted to our own history, and. Yet. Actually it's it's it's funny to bring. All this energy into. The songs and. Just. Let it look. Flow, you know all the energy just just, put, it out and. I think. You have, a good. Probably. One of the best countries in the world when. It comes to heavy, metal music because. There. Are many, many people there and you have a very good infrastructure, a lot of cities and. Also. A lot of big festivals, so. And even if it's not on. Every, day's media, but. I think. People. In Germany know that there is kind, of harder, type of rock music like heavy metal because, all this. Thing. That the rockin festival, did for, the. Whole scene. In, a way you know. That's. Hard. To describe I, think. Metal still is a. Something. Very very, unique. And. Closed. In. A way so, it has some, special. Rules and. You. Have to be a part of the scene or you are excited to see so, but of course with, this, let's. Say commercially, more commercial. Influences. A, lot of publicity, is, created. In the media even, in the normal medias so. You have like the. Biggest television. Companies. They're doing like like streaming, from that different, festivals, broadcasting. In television, and. So. I think this, overall. Recognition. Of. Metal. In. General, is, has. Increased, in. The, last decade. In. My opinion, and. But. Of course there, was still a lot of people that never, heard about heavy metal in Germany. So. I, live, in a very very small, little, rule. Wit. Willits. And. If. I tell them that I'm playing in the band and I, play, shows in Ukraine or Russia or America. Japan. Whatever. To. Just look at me and think what. The hell are you telling me you know so. But. I want to say. About this there was a lot of scenes in Germany, you have this. Traditional. Pop music, you, have metal music you. Have this cheesy, German. Schlager music you. Know and, I. Love. Scenes exist, in, parallel it's a lot of parallel universes, you know and. But. You can see, that a lot of people like. Music, that like us, or other bands like creator, or whatever, Amon Amarth you know because. When that bands, release, albums, then. You have a high chart entries, and sometimes. You look at the charts and, think okay hip-hop, hip-hop swagger. Music heavy, metal heavy metal so, it's pretty much mixed, up so. And but. I don't. Think that, the. Scenes each, other have, a clue what's, going on in other scenes you know so it's that kind, of weird. But. There. For us of course it was the highest entry, in the charts and German charts ever and. Had. Felt it felt a bit. Strange that that. The. Album just cracked the top 10 and, everybody. Was really happy and record. Company was happy and the promoters. Because. Of course all these. Business. People look. At the charts and say okay this band is crab because they are only sold. Ten, records, and they sold, 15. Records, good. Band I don't, know at, the end we don't care you know we, want. To play life and. Everything. That helps to support the band is good and of, course a good chart entry somehow, it's it's. Cool but. You. Can't buy anything from a chart entry you know you. Just have to go out. And. Now it's a show and. Play. And if. Enough people are, there then you know that the band is alive, and. There. Are so many artificial, acts you know with. High chart entries and nobody's, coming to a show so, at the. End you, know I. Can. Tell you it smelled old everything. Smelled very old and, old. Furnitures. You know old microphones. Very. Big rooms and, everything. Is. Like. A subway, station you know you have to go. Many many, stairs. Down. There. Is no light, no. Windows, just. Like a bunker, you know like. In. A, submarine so. And. Amazing. Your newest you see you see the waltz with, all this gold records. From. Well-known. Old. Heroes. You know from. Different scenes doesn't. Matter you, know a lot of classic. Recordings. Have been, recorded. There and so. Felt, very honored that we, had a chance to to record there and it. Was a very great.

Feeling And. Yeah. So, it. Was a lucky circumstances. Doctors the Daleks and a hiker. Our producer, team at. Possibility. To to rent dead, rooms for this recordings. And. It. Turned out really really great was a great time being, there we had to go to, good. Flow, and safe flow issue. Is. Pretty. Inspirational. Because. We went to the studio with. 99.9%. Ready. Written. And. Because. I said, we, don't compose, in the studio that's the time grated process is. Finished. Usually, when you enter. The studio is just small, things that you will dry. Out but. We. Just went in and record it straight and then we him by. Done with it. So. You decided to produce so, they album by yourself so why do you make a choice. It's. Natural, you know it's. Just. A creative process. Is. Something that belongs to the band you know nobody, outside. Can. Feel what we feel and. Yeah. So I think, it's um. You. Don't have to explain it, to another people, because other brains translate. Your emotion, into another thing you know we, want to, have our emotion, directly. Transferred. To a CD or to a vinyl or to. A stream. So. This. Is. Hard. To say but probably, it's a. It. Makes it like if, you have a message you know and I tell the message direct, to anybody, then. The. Emotion, is transferred. Directly, if. There is something in between, then. This. Person. Translates. Your emotion, and then brings, it to the audience so I think the. More people are in between the. More unclear is the original, intention, of the band so I, feel. Let's. Do it straight forward because, we all depends and that there. Were defense and it, should be direct connection. And. What about new future just. Think to continue producing yes, yeah, definitely. Yeah. Hard. To say. Advantages. That you can, be very fast and very. Direct and you. Don't have to discuss that much and. A. Disadvantage, is that you have. Always. The chance. To. Interrupt. A process. And to. Redo, something. Because, you feel okay maybe it. Was not good enough let's do again let's do again let's do again so. From. Time to time you lose the focus, and. You. Get out of this time schedule, so, you work, too long on an album. Because. I think, that album, always is a document, of a special time and if. You produce an album for too, long time, it. Gets, fuzzy you know you can't catch the original moment it's, it's blurry, you know and, so. Therefore you, have to make a red. Line and say okay I'm, working on that album until, this day and after. It it's finished it's done. It's. Not possible to change it anymore, because if, you can't make this.

Yeah. This. Click in your head then. You would probably, work on every. Album for years because of course, you, could do it here. And there there. Are some little things that you always, think, you. Should change again. What you. Should not. In, a way dirty a direct writer you know their hotel writer it's it's, a, it's. A topic from the book of revelation from the Bible you know so it's kind of written the. Red Rider is coming down from. From. Heaven you know with River, Rats word you. Know and. He's. Destroying, everything. So. And for me, this. Thing. Of destroying, things it. Has something it's. A very epic elliptic topic, of course and what. Iowa I always was my opinion is that this destroying. Thing there's, also the aspect of. Renewing. Things and cleaning, things, up you know so. For us I. Think. The Red Rider is. It. Has become a synonym. For. Yeah. Start, again for. Breaking. Things down and. Do. Something new to. Set energies, free to. Rethink. A lot of stuff and, to. Just, focus. On your emotion. And go ahead and forward and I. Think in a, way this. Also reflects. Our. Own personality. Because. Not. Only depend, I think every. Band member in. The last three years has. A lot of inner struggles, you know with. Thinking. About the, whole thing you, know you. Sit alone, at. The evening somewhere. In, the world you know and, you say okay we I did we spend for like 20 years and now I decided, to make a break, why. Should I restart, a thing what's, my, intention. To. Be back on a stage why. Why. Do, I want to record, some new songs all, these. Key questions, you know and I. Think it. Was necessary, for everyone, in the band to get the answers. Some. Found the answers quick. Some, not and, so. It's. Kind of philosophical, thing you know he could speak, about this for hours because, I, came. Especially. When, we just announced, the break and we did a final show then we went to some holidays, and we, had a lot of experience. There but then you came to a point when you, did. A lot of thing, things. And. Started. To think, about. The, band, future, what's, going on and this. I think. That mome this, weeks and months were very important. For, myself and, I. Can. Imagine that every guy in a band has also, this. This. Times when. You. Just you. Are alone with, your thoughts. That's. A and. You don't have to explain it in a moment you know you can you. Can have this thing. Or feelings and thoughts for many many days and weeks or months and then. You can see, if there's a progress. I, was. Not really sure if the band would be a back, I. Think. The first meeting after the break and the first rehearsal, that. Was the key moment for this album and the band because. Everybody. Was hungry for music and making, music together and. We. Felt we, should do something and, so. It. Is, something. Like this is always, an emotional decision. It. Was just do, it or not and everybody, was let's go for it and I, remember. Getting, so hyped the opening track of. The album it was the very first song of the album folks. Came with the riffing and they were in the chorus. Line and, everybody. Wasn't firing the band and so yeah. We, didn't work with them in the past already. And, for. Us it's quite convenient because it's, only like a three hours drive through, our place though to. Reverse laughs and in, western. Poland and a. Very. High professional, a. Bunch of creative. Cameraman. And.

Directors. And. It's. Easy to interact with them with her Skype or, yeah. Facebook. Whatever so. We sent. Them to the ideas they sent to the. Screen. Screen. Ideas, of how, to shoot and. For. Us it's easy. Because we when it's, always like we go for one day to Poland, we. Set yeah. We do. The filming's, you know and. One. Day later we are back home and two weeks weeks, later we. Get a final result and it's. Always. Going to be good so and. It's, quite affordable for us it's. Not because. Usually. The record labels don't spend any more big. Budgets for videos because, there is a lot of I, think. More important, than the budget is the idea. You, have because. Nowadays on, YouTube. Times you. Get bombarded, with all, this clips. And I, have. The feeling almost, all ideas, have been now caught on one film already. So. Yeah. It's a kind it's a good promotion tool to have a good video but we wouldn't. Spend. Hundred. Thousands of euros, for it it's it's. Just these days because you, can't even do a nice. You. Just go with the camera out and Kiev you know filming, us doing. Some hot cuts and put it together and it it will get a lot of attention on YouTube. It's not it's not a matter of how. Expensive the video was in the. Producing, process just. Be creative, you know and try, to show your emotions and I like, all this disguise, with hemic. Cameras doing extreme, sports you, know it's it's fantastic stuff you know and it doesn't cost that much but. It brings a lot of emotion, and chose what's, all about being. Skiing. Or cycling. Died and that's. Good and the same attitude. I like in the music just. Show. Something, interesting. And, it. Helps you because. I think, this it's. Important, promotion. Tool to. Be on a mobile phone you, know because all the world now, the. Whole promotion, process. Has so, much changed, I can, tell it because when you started we. Had tapes, you know cassette. Tapes we. Had fan. Signs with. You. Know. Yeah. So there. Was big big magazines. With printing, advertisements. And that's. It for, promotion, and now you, can also promote by yourself on, the YouTube, Facebook whatever. And. Yeah. It's, always a bit it. Depends on yourself you know what you are what. You want to do on, tour you know someone. Prefers to sleep all the time and just to. Be. Awake for the shows and for the, parties. Or I. For. Myself I like the, discovering. The areas where I am so. Waking up early and doing, some sightseeing or. Meeting other people that live in that area say, hello I'm here, can. We have a meeting or stuff, like this so because. You always are. Far, away from home and we have so many friends all over. All. Over Europe and the world you know and. Some. Is reading a book or doing some yoga you. Just have to find something. That. That that's interesting for you that, keeps you, away. From all this silliness, and just, away from drinking and eating all the time, because. This is a big risk for for musicians, being. Alone for hours with, a fridge full of beer and vodka you know then, of. Course you can you can have a beer and a vodka or two or three but, if you do it for months you know you, will be a. Fucking. Yeah. Alcoholic. And. It. Will ruin your health and that's. That's not that's. Not that's. Not good just. You. Need you, need to make compromises all the time. Free. Country three cities it's it's it's crazy you know. It. Was too much I think. One. Of the, crazy. City is Tokyo in Japan because. All. These people it's it'd be met. Impossible. To imagine how large the city is and everything. Is so so. Clean. Well-organized. The. Complete, opposite is. Is.

Mumbai In India. It's. The. Chaos it's, absolute, chaos. You. Can't imagine how much chaotic, it is and. Yeah. And what. Still. I'm, very grateful. That. We had to change so many times to visit crane. And Russia are doing all this, great. Shows in Kiev. For in Moscow. St. Petersburg and, rest. Of you. Catherine Borg. Because. You, know we came from each part of Germany and rooted, very, much to, pre-soak, Union times and, we. All run to Russia in school, so. When it's always nice to be back in. That time and, yeah. So that impressed. Us a lot yeah. Thank, you. Yeah, thank, you.

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