INTERVIEW: Oleksandr Baiev (Hell:On) on Scythian Stamm, death metal, touring and more

INTERVIEW: Oleksandr Baiev (Hell:On) on Scythian Stamm, death metal, touring and more

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Hello you metal pilgrims, and welcome to get another episode, of our interview series, and today's is going to be a very special one for me personally, because for the first time ever we will have a ukrainian. Band on the show the front man of the death metal band, hell on alexanderbiath. Will be speaking about the band's latest, release, scythian, stamp. Death metal the process behind it and much. Much, more but as always before we start i'd like to take a moment and invite you to join the conversation. And subscribe to metal pilgrim channel on youtube, and join our communities, on instagram, facebook, or any other social media you actually hang out at to be the first one to find out what's inside. New, rock and metal releases, submit your questions for all future guests, stay tuned with the updates, and for more exclusive, rock and metal news so here you. Hey go. He's going man. Hi, nice to meet you you too it's great, yeah you too absolutely, man uh thanks for jumping in nicole. Um, i assume you're pretty busy like. Everyone, else is. Thank you for inviting, me. Absolutely, my pleasure, um, for those uh, who are watching us this is going to be quite, weird, i think for both of us uh just because me and alexander both are sitting in the same, city. And speak, the same language, yet we are not able to meet, uh because of the lockdown. And uh. Uh yeah so it's gonna be weird. At least we're not wearing, masks, that is true, i have mine somewhere right here. Actually. Throw it away. Oh yeah. Absolutely, but uh how are you actually in the band coping with the current time you know what's everyone up to now and how's it going actually. Actually, we're almost not open at all, because, we're in different, cities. And uh we have a material. Uh. With which we have to work, so we have uh we have. Uh, time, to make those things that we do not have time in usual life. So. Yeah very good yeah everyone's, safe right. Hope so, yes yes everything's, okay. Um i around four weeks ago actually hal on released, uh their sixth, studio, albums kitty and stam. Congrats, on finishing it up uh, do you know during these hard times, uh i know it can be tough, you know during the lockdown, especially being in different, cities. Uh could you talk a bit about you know the creative process behind, it and how did all of this you know kind of come together into this one piece. Yes. Actually it was rather complex, process. Uh, because. It was lasting for a long time. Usually, we make album, it's like we're going on touring, yeah. And. We. Spend time with some bands, and we have. Some kind of vision you may say like this, and uh, then we. Make, uh an album, in one set i i don't mean i mean one set, like for example, couple of months, and the album is done, this album. Uh, we, were, thinking about it i don't know for several, years maybe, three, three years and, uh material. Uh was evolving, all the time that's, good and that's also not good. Uh good because, you are evolving, not good because, new material.

Is, Becomes, different, uh from the old one. So, uh. But, in the end. Uh, i think. It is uh. Our coolest, album. Uh. For now. Um. Yes yes that's it uh because. I'm sorry, it's it's very complex. You know where could still, judge, your own work. When. We, make some album, i listen for several times and, i think. That's not good, that's really not good, we should make this we should make this we should make this. In this album, of course i have all these, uh. Thoughts, like we should make this and this, but uh. Until now it is the best. For me for me i gotta say i mean uh the album's been out for the past couple of weeks now and uh. You said that you know you have different, um. Material from different, ages right i mean from back some years ago and the modern one. I didn't hear that i heard that the album was pretty coherent, and very consistent. So. I think, it works as one piece so. Yes, because, uh because, i think that we have to thank our. Sound engineer, our guitarist. And our. Arrangement. I think that thanks to this, it sounds, all, complete. Yeah, absolutely. How do you actually usually you know write, uh the album what is your routine who is responsible. For what. Uh you know um, while writing new material. Uh, usually, it's like uh. One of the guitarists, uh brings, some reefs. Or maybe just one uh, central, reef yeah and then we start. We start, to. Jam. Them around the stream. And then. The main part of the song. Is done. After that. We. We, make, some souls, maybe some. Arrangement. Arrangement, that's that's very important. And uh. The vocal, is done, in the last. Okay, and uh are you the one who is writing lyrics usually or, is like a collective, effort. Uh. Yes usually, usually it's me who writes in lyrics. But in previous, album, uh. Lyrics, were written. Uh, with my wife. Yes yes, she she, doesn't listen to such uh heavy music but uh, she likes, uh, she likes the lyrics, that you have, that's pretty cool pretty cool nice. From the name of the album though it is you know it becomes pretty clear that it is an ode, to the scythians.

Right I mean for those of you who don't know uh, about them check out metallica's. S m two concert. Michael tilson thomas gives an excellent, intro. Uh to who they actually, are it's actually really, a really cool one, but how did this idea. Of, you know write in a concept, pretty much album about them arose. It you know, it's uh always, for, for us it's always, uh, was interesting, to write about. Some mystic. Stuff. Like um. Okay mystic stuff and uh. When we started to. Deal with ireland of course. In our, musical. Life i mean because everybody. Was visiting, island of odisha when i was living in zappos. I was, uh. On this island several times a week. So i like it very much and we have a lot of uh. Let's say spiritual, places, there, like old, uh, ancient, uh. Um. This um, i don't know how is it called. Statue. Oh yeah like a bacon ground or something like that yeah yes yes yes. Exactly, pagan, and uh. We, started, to look in this direction. So we always. We were always, right in. In this direction, but there were no, uh, solid, um. Solid, uh, idea, of. All this and then we decided, just to include this, different, skip and. Material, into our lyrics, actually, i wouldn't say that. This exactly, about, skip and, uh theme. Uh it's just like you know. Like a lion. Yeah you can you can throw away this kitten, and the album, still will be solid. But uh, i i like it very much and uh, we uh, decided, for. A very long time. Uh skiff. What, should it be. And i like this idea of stun do you know some like, like bacterial, stumps yes yes, absolutely. And and i like this that uh, even if you live in your modern, life. Uh, even if you don't deal with this uh. Let's say [ __ ], that's all, you have this stunt. That's interesting. I, alright so i'm no, master, of history. Uh yet there were some instruments, played, you know, on this record which i'm not sure, actually. Um. I mean, i am not sure, i'm not sure. I'm not sure dude. Um but. That doesn't matter you know the what matters is, their. Atmosphere. That's, that's uh what matters, because of course. Skip and uh didn't have, electrical, guitars. So no i'm that doesn't matter yeah absolutely, absolutely, man, um and did he did. Any of the current events i mean log downs, and all the, craziest. Stuff that is going on around the world whether here in europe. Or you know in, in in the us, or anywhere else right i mean all this messed up stuff actually influence. This record, sound or you think, not really. Yes. It's. It was influenced. Greatly because. We. Were supposed, to, produce this album. I forgot, which. Which. Which records, but, it uh. Should be professional. And, with distribution. And so on, but actually. Because, they. Suggested, that we have to. Delay. This, production. For one year. We decided, to make it under, our own label. So that that that was a problem, but actually, i think that response, is great and uh, till now, everything.

Is Okay. Yeah and you know. I i i guess it's kind of hard to release an album during the lockdown, because you cannot do the regular, you know. Promo, release, tour, routine, i mean that everyone is used to. Yeah, uh actually, actually, yes promo, release okay, tool, there is no tool and, and we always, we have, touring, we, have, at least once a year. It's like a must, yeah absolutely so so yes, yes that was a problem and. No festivals. Um. We should have, several, great festivals, no festivals, no touring so that's that's bad but, that's bad for everyone, absolutely but actually. I saw several, uh concerts, uh like in currency, mode, yeah like with musk and so on that's [ __ ], i don't want to participate that's not metal, i mean let's i mean yes, yes that's that's [ __ ], like you know, one guy is standing, here, other guys standing to meet us away. That's [ __ ]. What about a slam how do you slam like that. Yes. Yes. Yes oh man but um where did you look for inspiration, in terms of the sound do you have any favorite bands that you think influenced, you the most while riding this record. Actually, yes actually, that's classics. Uh, like uh mobitangio. I don't know. Sepultura. Slayer. Of course, now we have, less and less of this i mean, simple to uh slay. Sound, but still, that's that's our inspiration. That's my inspiration, because, we have a little bit different opinions, now already. Yeah and. Yes yes that's, that's like it. And do you have a, favorite personal, track from the record, or. Just like, equally, all of them, like, like kids. You know, uh favorite tracks, always. Changes. Uh right now my favorite, track. Is uh, architects, temple. But. It changes, it changes. Okay pretty cool and actually. You did release a music video on one of the uh, one of the tracks actually a bonus track from this uh, from this album, and it became pretty popular, at least over here in ukraine, i gotta say, um for our followers. It's the song called the testament. Um, right and uh, for our, followers i gotta say that it is uh you know, the lyrics on this one are from the, legendary, ukrainian, poem, um. Uh that is like, that every ukrainian, knows more or less right, yes slated, into english though. Um so the question is why did you decide. To use an english version, and not the original. You know, that's maybe strange, but. I still, reckon that. The metal. Uh. Better, when, it is in english. I don't know why maybe maybe that's my personal, you know, like uh, like my personal mistake, or something like this, but for me metal. Should be in english. I, every everyone. From, hello, played in different bands and once i played, in my own trash band, uh. And i was, like a rheumatoid. And vocalist, and we tried to make, in that time, in russian.

Uh, That [ __ ]. Okay so it is just a person. But. But that's only my opinion, that's only my opinion, um, that's, maybe because i, i was. Growing, with this. English, version of metal, i don't know okay, so i i i know guys who make ukrainian, metal, and that's cool, but when i try. I somehow, i don't like it. Okay yeah i mean that's my sin that's your. Uh your opinion man. Any plans on actually, you know. Going on tour in support of this album anything confirmed for the next year or. Like everyone else everything is in the fog. I i think that, we don't we don't have any plans for now and we're not planning, anything but i think that. The, moment, walk down, is the way, we're going on touring, immediately. Yeah like, like, like immediately. Uh. I mean, everybody. Manage, their jobs and we go through, it absolutely. We all just have to do our part on this one though wear a mask i mean don't lick, freaking. Trolley. Entry. Doors, or something like that i mean just be, be normal people i mean this is, this is just my outcry, that i mean we have to do our part and don't be stupid, about, this covet stuff because it is real and we just need to get over it, as as soon as we can. Yes. Absolutely, absolutely man, all right going away from the album itself, um, do you have any personal. You know vocal, heroes, any vocalist, whom you admire, and you look up to and kind of. Actually. Uh, the. My favorite vocalist, always changed, uh two, really uh for very for very long time my favorite, vocalist. Uh attention, was, james hadfield, oh really really for, a long time. And actually, when i played in this my trash band i tried to copy. Exactly, james cattle a lot of years after that. Yes, yes, yes, until, until the moment he started to sin with his uh, totally clean vocal, okay. Because because he has a lot of concerts where where he sins with clean vocal and that's not uh i don't like this. I don't like very much this i like this but so so, okay uh, then. It was max cavalera. Then it was, uh. Fiona selmo. But but i even. I even didn't try to sing like him because, i think that i don't have such. Physical abilities. But. For example. Yesterday, yesterday, i, accidentally. Turned on my player, and, there was. This album, of monotheists. By celtic, frost. And like this local too. Nice, okay, so, yes. Pretty cool pretty cool man, um. Any, any new bands that you can point out and you think you know that are absolutely, great, and um. You know that. Deserve, praise, and deserve, for, being known a little bit more than they are at the moment. Uh, you know. It's a complex, question because. There are definitely. New bands which should be noticed, but i cannot, recall them immediately. So maybe, maybe while we will. We will, we are going to talk maybe i will remember. But. I can say right now, but definitely. Definitely, the robots but uh i don't have uh you know. I don't have such bands which are in my playlist. So i couldn't. Say them immediately, actually i don't listen, to much music. Lately. And this, actually. Leads us to a new segment. We are going to be doing. On the show and asking, everyone about this. What is your guilty, pleasure. And a favorite, song, and artist, outside of metal and you cannot say that you don't have any, um, uh, what are you blasting, when you're drunk. What. But. Wait a second wait wait a second wait a second that's a cool question. Uh. If. It depends, it depends, on uh. Uh. With whom i'm drunk you're drunk, you're non-metal. Friends, and you cannot blast metal what do you blast. I i want to say i want to say for. Firstly i want to say about, metal friends actually, my, my guitarist. And. This is a cool story, i think that, some people. Know the story but, this really cool story. Uh when, we had run with my guitarist. Alex. You wrote him. Firstly. We always, listen, to, show must go on, always. Always. Once, uh actually, we have two, two, we have a lot of interesting, stories but two that i recall immediately. Once we were in some. Polish, club or, german, club, after party club. And there was this machine, you know when you it's what yes it was german. Yeah, machine, where you uh put two euros, to euros. Or maybe one euro and you order a song yeah yeah. And uh we ordered, a show must go, on five times in a row. And, guys. And. Guys who were sitting there they came to us and say, please. Put another, stone. And, we were listening to this song and helping, freddie to see it. And the second, the second story. Is about. We also were in germany, and we, were living, in uh a house of uh old-schooled. Uh. Metal fan, it's actually a. Metallic, family. So the father who is was about, around 60, he was listening to black metal.

And His chil that his children were listening to also to some kind metal and, the next generation. Was listening to power metal or something like this. He had. He had a lot of uh, this veneers. Uh, discs. Only, metal only metal and we were already drunk and we was uh, aloha. Came to. This own old house and say, can you please put, show must go and he said, in this house, we play, only, measure. And, with no metal friends, uh you know i listen, uh to. Very different music, very different, at all, for example, i, like, john coltrane, i like telonius, monk that's just, music, that's. Free jazz music, that's uh, like my brother says, uh, that's tuning, of musical, instruments, yeah, so it's not like like a music so i like this very much, i also, like, uh, if you know this russian band although. I'm not really familiar, with them but i i think i heard about them but yeah, yes, yes yes that's that's really cool i like. That, is amazing. So, uh. There are a lot of non-metal, bands which i like. Okay sounds good man, sounds good um i i'm conscious of your time so just couple of more questions if you don't mind yeah, okay okay on the previous, records, you, have collaborated. With um, you know with several, musicians, and this kind of has been the trademark, of hell on for a couple of records, consecutively. Yes um yes. Who anyone, whom you would really want to, you know, collaborate, in the future, any bands that you think, you personally, held on will sound great with. Um. First of all i want to, want to say that. I want to, look at, this question from, another, side. For me. When, we, recorded, uh, the song with uh andrus, kisser. When pisa, made solo for our. Power song. It was like you know. Like, something that could never happen. Because. If somebody, would tell me when i started to listen, to simple tour that, andreas, kisser. Would. Write solo for my, band, in some. Future, i wouldn't believe. At all, at all on this, so, for me this is the best part. And. If we could record with anyone. With anyone. I would, actually, i would and uh, my, uh.

Colleagues. Know this i would record with, some, psycho, just musician. Like some saxophone. Player yes yes uh do you know this material, with, john zorn. Yeah yeah. Yeah something, something like this but. Even more crazy, this is amazing, yeah absolutely, my granddad is into jazz and i've been listening to jazz for. You know for years, when i was little kids so. That's. Actually, would have been a pretty cool color, collab between death metal, thresh, you know old school, and uh and jazz, this. Yeah that would be pretty cool yes and, and actually. We would um. We would, perceive the mood. So if if. You can choose correct musician. You can, you can follow the mood of the album, yeah. Okay, sounds good. That sounds good. This is this question, the the. I mean, the last one uh for today but this is something we do always, by the end of the show. If you could tell just one. Messed up crazy, touring, story, or just one time you know one show that. Got absolutely, stuck in your head and, just you remember, the most, uh, this would be absolutely, i i. I. Maybe i, maybe, every event. Has such a story, but. But i remember. But i remember, this story. When uh we were sleeping in some club. That's after partying. Sleeping. And at some point. And uh. We were not sleeping, actually, we should sleep there. And uh. It was, six. In the morning. And uh. Apartments. Were already, dead. And we were, selling, ourselves. Uh, from the bar stand. And they all know the clan. Club came and said, guys. I think you should go. And. At it's six o'clock, we were starting to park, uh, since, and, a lot of guys were not happy with this because not everybody, was, taking part in this. So um. That's that's first, first show that came into my mind but. After party, what about, show, uh. I i can remember sure, we were playing in graduate school, maybe, some czech uh, some czech city. And um. The guys, were so crazy. There was a full club that's what not, was not big club. Uh maybe. 100, 150. People. It was full, and guys were so crazy that, they took. Everyone. From the scene, and they started, to, uh, carry. Uh all musicians, around, so like i was standing, and then they just grabbed me and they started, like, uh, holding, holding, and carrying me out then, they put me they took guitarist, and they took everyone, except maybe, a drummer. And, that that was crazy and those guys were really huge like two meters, high and they really pick and they. That was crazy that was really massacre. This is a pretty cool, uh, crowd surfing, experience. Yes, yes, yes. Absolutely, man, well thanks a lot for your time any last message, for, your old fans, and for new ones who will be watching you. I. My message, is. Is simple, i always wish luck and happiness, for everyone, but i want to meet in person. I want to meet with, with our friends in person, so it's not only, fans but also, friends, and all peoples who care about us and for. And people. About whom we are we're caring, so i would love i would love to meet in person, absolutely, i don't mind. And i agree with you mettle. Lives, uh, not in digital, world metal lives, in real clubs in real, festivals.

And In real that sweaty crowd, that uh you know. Yes yeah your name and drinks beer, or whatever you drink juice, we don't care. But absolutely. Mainly juice, yes. Yes. Absolutely, man, uh i, just remember hal owns um, scythian, stem, is already out so you make sure you check it out at this great album, it is true it is metal, it is aggressive. And it's, everything you want to hear from a, thresh, uh, death. Metal. Album, so you make sure you check it out alexander. Thanks a lot man for your time um, appreciate, it and i hope to see you, live, next time. Especially, because you're a couple of streets down the. Road. That's, that's crazy, that's crazy, absolutely, i'm sorry i'm sorry about this. No you're not. You're not to be sorry about that thanks a lot man thanks for your time keep. Rocking.

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