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Hello. Everyone, welcome to another raucous kinds of you and as you can see we, are here with the legendary rock and roll, musicians. Then. And justin, from the darkness hello. Guys how are you doing, good. Thanks thank, you legendary. Legendary. Definitely, definitely. I have to start this interview with, compliments. Because I think that you are the. Most genuinely, entertaining band. I've ever seen but. I was, wondering do you ever think. That there are people who still misunderstand. That what you do or, or. Don't appreciate what, your hard work so much or, enough there's, definitely people that don't appreciate what, we do but and that. Makes. The enthusiasts. Even more especial, to us, you. Know can't, you can't please all the people all the time. And. We don't. We. Don't have a such. A broad. Appeal. That we, have to deal with people. That much you know we've got our fan base and, for. The last few years we've only been playing to them and, they're. Great. Better, people they understand, what we're trying to do. Excuse. Me I think, people who see. Us play live I'm lucky, when he saw see, his play live at a festival and they don't, know much about the band apart from maybe one. Or two singles, 10-15, years ago. But. Generally can be quite surprised to think. That's. Why it's good to play at festivals you, know you get people who just waiting. For the next band or. Who were just trunk in a field and, then you get a chance to sort of make make, some new, friends you, know. Cuz. We don't get on the radio you. Know me my with songs didn't get the radio people, don't listen to the radio. Especially. In Britain no we get on things like rock radio and it's very specialized, radio. Areas and. Much. As we'd like to, you, know our label would like us to be on the, bigger stations, it just doesn't happen for us so, it's really important that when we play at. Festivals we give a good show and then. People can discover us that way is, the only thing that matters to our. Business. Is is live work, you know it's. Where we don't. Trade all of our efforts and that's, what it's all about. Performances. Do. You give you, give, great performances so. Yeah. Thank. You, oh. Well. Besides, that you have also obviously a new album out pinewood. Smile we have it here, yeah.

There Are some all. Of it I would say yeah because it's um it's. A great album how. Much time, did it take you to you, know to work, on it like. Everything. Like you know from creating, and. Yeah. Until. It was you know out of the table and finished. That's. A good question, I, think last. Year. You. Know we, did a lot of live work last year and we. Sort of them. Every. Time we went. Somewhere nice we decided, to stay there and then try and write songs for it. And, if we had like a week where we weren't doing anything we. Would get together and write songs and, we'd either go to London, for a week or we go to, Cornwall. Which, is West, of England, and. Just. Try and create, the, songs. It's. Hard to say how long the process really takes because it's stop-start. Over time and, what. Do you reckon a couple. Of months of writing, yeah. Yeah. Months, of writing, and. Then and, in the recording, process was. About. Two weeks. Two. Weeks of the band recording. Sellout the drums Riven, guitar bass all together and then, I would sing the, song and. After two weeks all those parts were done and. In the second two weeks we. Spend doing things like guitar solos, keyboard. Parts extra. Percussion, backing vocals. That's. What we call the overdubs. Section. And. Because, we were quite well rehearsed. All. Of it was done in four weeks. It. Was quite fast as fast as we've ever done it from me, and. Then after. That we went on to her. Australia. And New. Zealand and, then while we're on Terri and. Adrian, Bushby who was the producer mixed, the songs and, then we sort of listened to them and said. Turn that up turn that down and then he was all finished. After. That it's. Going well for you right well. You. Know writing, new write new songs you, know and you. Have you have your own, way you have already, got used to know how things work and it's probably that's why it's going so well well, it's bad the process, changed a little bit because now we've got Rufus in the band so, with. A different personality, comes, a different methodology. And. Took. Us a little while to sort, of establish. Who. Does what you know what roles people, play in the writing process and you. Know it's a collective, effort but everybody does certain, things to. A lesser or greater degree, I suppose what, each, song is different but overall you.

Can Kind of say he does that he does that he doesn't you know and. So. I think part of the initial. Process is working out that side. Of it. But. Once you've got that it's, easy is, easy I mean it should be easy you. Know you're supposed to be making. Did, you have fun. At. Least a bit not always but I mean this heart is work you know I mean it, has to be. Honest. Like like, if you trying to say something with a song it's, not always fun you, know because you've got a message, that you trying to put across and you don't find a concise. Way to say it and so. It can be quite hard work you know to get the right approach. And there's, always arguments. Between the. Members about how to you, know about the finer the, finer points but. When it comes to sort of them, just. The emotional. Overall. Broad strokes, that's really good fun because, that's for guys in, a room game. Getting, a thrill out of playing music. That we know we're going to enjoy doing life you. Know, so. It's. Fun and then it gets to be hard work and, overall it's really rewarding and. Then, it's always fun if. You do if you get it right then it's always fun to play those songs. What's. Different, with this album is that this is your first cover, which. Is not Illustrated, why. Did it take you. Yeah. I mean why did the ticket so long to a fear you know on the front cover of. Nobody. I've, never seen anything like this before, that's. Good, that's why I like it I think it's like. Yeah. Free. Of the burn love it one of the band hated I'm not gonna say who. Confession. Okay. This, is also the first record, where a Rufus. Could show of his abilities, what. Did you guys know knew, about him before you met him personally and, what were the impressions once, you've met you know once he joined the band. Where. Did any changes, you know or did you have any. Nah, I mean luckily he fits right in. Basically. He was recommended, to us through. Brian Mays guitar tech. Who. When. He found out that Edie. Had left the band. He. Said you gotta try briefers out he said he's amazing. Drummer and in really good laughs so. When, the opportunity. Came. Find. Out Rufus and he sound like a really laugh and. Got a plane back, from Australia and was, playing with us within 48. Hours of that. Just, the second I met him that I just knew he, was a good laugh and very. Confident, and they're. Kind of two the most important, things, really you know he's a really nice guy. Yeah. I think it is quite important, to get, on with people by mean is. You. Have to coexist to, a certain extent for half of the year when you're on tour so. You know you can't have somebody in the band - do you think is a an. Anus. You. Know you'd have to really like everybody um. Especially. When the new. It's. Horrible - so I have somebody's personality unravel, before you and then you realize you don't like them.

So. It's good that he's great a great person but also like his playing is he, has. A great, feel. And. He's, really powerful, and. He's very technical as well so. He's, I, think he's the best trauma we've ever worked with. And. It's just a bonus that he's a really good laugh as well. Is, there a song on the album that. You have a special, bond with where, it's good or bad each. Of you. There's. One less than happiness it's not there. Yeah. Yeah. Okay well I mean again, that's a controversial, one I think we. Made that made, happiness, and. It's. One of those songs where we all, look to each other and said oh, we. Shouldn't be doing this because, this is gonna be a single and it doesn't really represent the, band you, know doesn't sound like us it's, a bit like blues, song - or something like that you, know it's kinda like the label immediately. Said oh that's the single and. We did and. We don't we didn't need morning on the album. So. He's gonna be a single. But. It's not on the album it's not on the vinyl he's on the CD and, he's, obviously on the download, and, it's on the deluxe edition but. We saw it was a bonus track really. But. Luckily it's, gonna have like. An. Animated. Video. By. A friend oh the band and. From. What I've seen so far it's really going to enhance the song and make it enjoyable for. Us. The. Singles are quite a friend you know each, one of them it's, totally. Family if you take. Strange. Beast at the moment because nobody knows. How to make us mainstream. So. You. Know if, the band had their choices I think, we'd. Argue about it even amongst ourselves but there's. No way happiness would be a single for us but you'll be things like Japanese, prisoner of love we. Would have Buccaneers. Of Hispaniola, and. Possibly. And. Possibly. You, know if. Frankie, was choosing he'd probably say why don't I give a cry I would say solid gold Buccaneers. In Japanese, I don't know which order for, those will be my choices. And. You. Know the. Big the partners, that the band has to enter with to make us a mainstream. Entity have, a completely, different listening. It's not even a compromise it's like if you want people who work for you to be, motivated. Then. Apparently the political, way to do it is to let them do that but, for.

Me If. A radio plugger says to you let. Me use this song to put on the radio because, it makes my job easier. My. Instinct, would be well why, should I make your fucking job easier. This. Is the single go put that on the fucking radio that's, your job, yeah, but we don't live in that world apparently I think on the next album we will live in that well because. We've. Been doing it, ass-backwards. None. Of us is a supposed to get back with we've been doing it woods we've been doing it ask for words for, a couple of albums and it's not it's not exciting for us you. Know this, is a great album. People. Should hear it so. Is there a saga do you have a specific bond, with I, don't. Know if it's if. It's realized - - writing the song or recording, is you know if you have I feel. Like this is a really concise album, fooling with no low points you, know when you have these nine tracks that we chose for the vinyl it's, a great album top, to bottom you can pick any one of those songs and then it's yes. That's. We're, proud of that and. So. I mean I think Japanese prisoner, of love is a really good indication of where we gain you. Know because it's got a really powerful, riff ludicrous. Lyric. Its, melodic and it has a lot of sort of layers to it in terms of the way it's produced and and, recorded, yes. Really in your face and it has quiet bits as well so it has dynamics, I mean. I think for me that's probably the one that. Says the most about where we are where, we're at, artistically. And. By love buccaneers as well because I always enjoy it when we do historical. Songs. You, know I like it when we need when I have to research to make a lyric, would. You like to have notes will record a concept album on some historical, topic have you thought about something, like that I think I would run out of things to say about a historical, topic are usually I'm usually able to get it out in one song. Yeah. A lot of time I make it up I just have an idea to. Rewrite it's good to rewrite history though yeah. Without. Any of making. Any sort of effort to rewritten. Well. That is a concept of yes gloating I. Heard. There is also documentary, being made about. The fans yeah how did it came around you know where. Who started with this idea so. Far, you are you know right now in the process he started working this photographer called Simon Emmett who is an incredible, photographer and, and. Internationally. Renowned. And. He. Did, a little photo shoot with us and we got really well and he showed us this film that he was making or then made. About. A lower league English football team and it. Was an incredible film like a human interest story really. Not. So much about football more. About people, that follow. And he. Basically said, he'd, like to start, to, make a film about us during this similar campaign, I think. He sees the darkness as a lower league football team yeah we've. Really intense about the, same sort of like intense, supporters, and whatnot. It's you can definitely see the. Celie, yeah. But so he's been he, and his berries. People. Have been on the road with us for years. Yeah. So that's it and hopefully, they'll. Finish it makes you. And. It's hard to find, the finishing point I think. For them so. They basically decided, to start editing. All the stuff they've got and see whether there's. A there is a an. End point in sight and if not and they'll just keep filming until something interesting happens. My. Last question, you know the craziest, season, of the year is around, the corner christmas. Is coming do. You have any special plans on, the darkness, song or. Christmas. Special, or something like that we're, gonna leave you, have a fellow year this year last year we had a Christmas.

Song And, it was shit. Oh really, exactly, and the video is. Nothing. But by the time we retire if we retire we've, got it out as well for Christmas songs I'd be very happy because, it. Just be Christmas. We. Had my dear foreign. Enter. Santa man weirdly like some covers of other people's great songs and what. Was the other one. Over. Some winter. Of 69. And. Then. Me and then we would do it as a different name and there are. The enter Santa man we were going to do as a, band like a pseudonym. Okay. So. Well. Have you ever thought about. About. Doing a cover song for, a bonus you know chat as a bonus track or something like they do for a regular, album, um. You. Know what it was things like a, bit of a shame, to. Do it seems like a waste of time to, like cover, songs song when there are so many songs that you write the. Jostling. For position on now it's. Like you, know it's. Better to create it it's. Better it's better to draw something than to color it in. Many. Colors. There. Aren't very many cover versions, in the world that I actually like wouldn't, mind having to go mustang sally', but I myself my solo album, dance. Solo up is gonna be called Mustang Sally Mustang, heavy. Put. The s close, to me. Maybe. Text, by a guy named buster, what about caustics. Oh because. You sometimes have a bonus, tracks which are acoustic once you had also on the previous album I think oh yeah. Yeah. Pretend. To kind of do that. If. Something's, like we've written a song acoustically. And and. It's. Changed. A lot of time is being recorded so sometimes. We like to sort, of share our fans that's, where that came from actually. You. Know we're surmising that sounds gives an. Acoustic ballad song and. You've, made. It something else. Society. And. Then yeah but you know, increasingly. Trying to get rid of like. Keyboards, and, and, acoustic. Guitars and well, for the lives. We. Always suffer, with a mid set low of, historically. And I think that's because people. Get tired when they were excited at the beginning of the show and, then they need to build, up energy for the 2012, and beer the end but. It's horrible when he goes like this. So. We, tried to sort of get it to cope with malaise ya. Know, this is something that I've heard also from other bands that I've interviewed that they they, just got to be dr. balitz you know in life set on the, lighted because you know they want to keep it dynamic all, the time one thing you gotta remember is you, can't just get rid of the balance because ultimately. People. Are. Drinking before the show a lot, longer. Then. At some point during, the show they're gonna be they're gonna need a piss right, that's. Why the ballot was invented. It. Was pissed. But, then ironically if it was a sensual. Ballot then they would be more difficult for the men to piss because they would have erections, the. Trouble is recently, ashes it appears, that people been going for shit. So.

Because. There's never any toilet paper nice then you I mean you know there, are people running out of venue embarrassed, because. One. Of the things you can buy on Birch's is toilet paper with the darkness cream on it so when bad. Stuff. No I lied, dammit, it's a good idea though. So. Yes okay if, you get rid of the ballots you get rid of the you. Know the go. To the bar section you toilet whatever you want to do in the toilet. You. Kind of have. To reduce the set length as well because what you're trying to do is keep, people there the whole time and, keep. Them smoking so hard they piss themselves or what about like done. This colostomy, bags. Darkness. Nappies, join, them the same thing isn't it duck. Miss timid. Pens, just. Some. Darts. And trousers, some plain trousers, so that if you've been in the most pain you weed yourself. Geek. You just gonna get. Yeah. Thank. You very much. Thank. You. Yes. We'll come to your country darkness, that band that ate some cheese that's right but. Coming back, toilet. DNA. Recession, for imaginary Filipina, of FFF or cara cara vodka sky.

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Ripping interview!

Thank you Linda.

I don't know what I like more, their music, or them personally. Great band.

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