IPRH INTERNATIONAL WEBINAR (Social Media & Its Societal Impact)

IPRH INTERNATIONAL WEBINAR  (Social Media & Its Societal Impact)

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dear participant and viewers welcome to all in our live live online international webinar volume 1 presented by independent perception and research of bangladesh this is an educational public level here so each and every person feel free to join with us independent perception and research is an educational research and concentration center for the talent researcher and educational scholar for sharing their perception on different issues and facts the main goal of ip age is enlightening the independent perception of a individual part by the knowledge sharing providing research news training and research projects consultation with innovative ideas and organizing talk show with different research person from different areas around the world so interested true resources scholar are most welcome to join with ibra and share your innovative ideas and believe that and contribute to the society and the world as a whole because iprh always believes that knowledge is power our today topic for the international online library volume one is social media and its societal impact and today we have have two international guest speaker doctor lopamuda modern custom professor of energy university india she will cover the topic impact of social media on mental health and our another speaker is doctor often paul research fellow of iprh and faculty member department of master communication guru from college central india he will cover the topic expressing self media social media restructuring societal value and we have our webinar chair and discussing diameter professor dr nir kumar roy research fellow of iprh dean department thank you so much sir uh for giving me the opportunity to talk on this uh very important topic social media and its impact on mental health uh well um uh i shouldn't waste much time and start with my discussion so my topic is impact of social media on mental health social media is a powerful revolution that has changed our lives all around it has changed the way that we socialize conduct our business engage in political affairs and building professions and set job recruitments evidence suggests that social media can impact detrimentally on children and young people's mental health at the same time social media can be beneficial and have effects yes before we talk about uh the impacts of social media negative impacts of social media and mental health we'll be talking about a bit about the positive impact too virtual platforms of social media like facebook twitter insta etc significantly enhanced the virtual environment from past decades by facilitating users to interchange their feelings ideas personal information pictures and videos at non-presidential proportion with the use of platforms like facebook twitter and instagram people socialize has been greatly revolutionized it has made it easy to connect our family members friends and relatives on real-time basis that we can see in social media like facebook we have family groups or invert subject trade family groups and it makes very easy to connect with our friends and family members on real-time basis and which was not possible you know few decades ago we can connect them easily okay and it strengthens the relationship friends and relatives and business have the opportunity to share their skills and improve on different proficiencies additionally people get to make new friends and meet new people like we all have that advantage and like in the place like social media and facebook we get to meet new people and uh we can show our skill in social media uh if uh if someone is very much you know a good academician or uh you know job holder can search for a job or can show his skill or his proficiency in in linkedin or uh one who is a very good at dancing or any kind of culture activities can upload his or her videos in youtube and you know can get uh likes and subscribers and can enhance his skill so these are how these are the things how social media is actually helping social media lays substantial influence on different aspects of present digital life apart from online communication from marketing to politics to education to help to basic human interaction in many of these areas social media present clear benefits however social media phenomenon is relatively new number of empirical studies evaluated the overall influence of regular use of social media on wellbeing and mental health of its users now research suggests that social media use is far more prevalent among the young people than the older generation it's with all the countries if starting from india to the or usa or different parts of the world you will find that most of the young generation use social media than the old generation young people aged from 16 to 24 are the most active social media users with 91 percent using the internet for social media young people use social media to share their information to share their skill for entertainment purpose and to know grow their connectivity to get support and also health information now there is there is a study which is published on uh statista uh usage of social media in india as i am an indian so i will talk about i'll be talking about the usage of social media in indian context uh a bit you know uh i'll just give a rough idea then no worldwide usage how much it is used by sandhya keller in june 2 2021 said that in 2020 over 50 percent of india's population was assessing social networks it was estimated that by 2025 this penetration of social media would be 67 percent of the country's population this is because of the blooming telecommunication uh industry providing cheap mobile data with the reliance jio blazing the trial of digital community communication for average india now uh another study published by uh uh don koski in april 14 2021 said that social media usage is one of the most popular online activities uh and in 2021 82 percent of the population in the usa had a social media profile representing like in it was like in 2020 it was 80 percent and when it was again studied they found that there was two percent increase in 2021 respectively according to the estimate the number of the worldwide social media users reached 4.2 billion in january 21. overall the overall most popular social network based on active users is the american market leader facebook in january 2021 facebook had some 2.74 billion uh facebook accounts uh and followed by youtube and whatsapp with the roughly 2.3 billion and 2 billion respectively and um the regions with highest penetration of social media users are western and the northern europe now coming to the positive impact of social media what are the positive impact of social media first uh first of all is socialization now uh how socialization it creates a positive impact gives a positive impact sorry um you know we can make new friends we get to know many new friends you know a new circle is created then uh it stands in the relationship like uh we uh as i have said earlier given an example that uh in social media we create family groups in whatsapp we create family groups we get to meet our relatives on real-time basis which was not possible uh you know a year uh decades ago so what happens in in in this run in this uh you know phenomenon we we get to strengthen our relationship then bring families together then we have business the second benefit is business business have greater uh greatly been impacted by social media from marketing to interacting with the customer on real-time basis the online platforms are less expensive uh way far way for business to advertise their offerings on a real-time basis and to attract more customers uh through interaction and feedback the uh the business person can uh connect directly with the customer they can understand the market quickly and adopt new strategies as well you know uh they can understand the uh you know customers tastes and demands like uh nowadays it has we can easily notice that there are live you know programs or no they come the maximum housewife they they are business women right now and they can show their product uh through by by coming live on facebook they can sell their product they can understand what kind of product a customer wants what you know now what is which product is very much trendy what kind of dress the customer want so this is very easy in social media business becomes very easy they can promote their product less expensive than news and politics nowadays social media is a place where people get all sorts of information like in some cases this is before the media house too before the media house publishes the news people get the information by social media the online platforms also allow people to air out their political grievances and to the political leader and demand for action to be taken like if we have any kind of diva demand or if you have any kind of grievances we can tweet uh and we can ask for immediate action then it is also a medium where mass political rallies are formed campaigns are carried out and even political unrest are most fit job hiring social media has impacted job recruitment significantly the major uh the majority of the companies make their hiring decision by uh on the basis of one's uh social portfolios like um example linkedin this is the event in the platform like linkedin where job seekers can create their profile containing their skills as i have mentioned already earlier and see what job opportunities recruiters are posting education 2020 has showed us that no online though offline on online cannot online education or online classes cannot replace offline classes or offline interaction but still somehow it has made easy for many students to participate you know uh in in uh in online courses that they can they can you know enhance their skill they can learn more uh with the help of online classes there is a massive increase in online learning where one can easily learn skill and build a strong profession around it other positive impacts are self expression coming communicating with long distance friend then self identity emotional support feeling accepted uh expressing creativity online and entertainment so these are the positive aspects of social media now uh we'll be know or we'll know about that what you know what drives us to use social media what makes us use social media we access social media via smartphones or via tabs and which is very convenient and to keep in touch also it is it is very easy to keep intentional and we can just text in uh you know in whatsapp and you know we can get to that person very easily and social media is always accessible now this round-the-clock hyper connectivity can trigger impulse control problems the constant alerts and notifications so affecting our concentration and focus disturbing our slip and making us slave to our mobile phone there will be continuously notification alerts and you know we will have the urge to see you know what's new in that you know something new maybe you know someone has texted me or or something something new and you know that that thing triggers us to you know assess social media as a kind of gambling or you can say this is how the company's strategy is to earn strategies to earn money so this is how social media actually no this is what triggers us to use social media now coming to the negative impact of social media the main topic that how social media impacts our mental health in today's world many of us rely on social media platforms such as facebook twitter snapchat youtube and instagram to find connect with each other while each has its benefits it's important to remember that social media can never be the replacement for real-world human connection ironically the technology which was created to bring everyone close has now it's not responsible to make everyone feel lonely actually they're not bringing clothes you know if you go through it no uh this is a negative impact and you know it is designed for the people you know spending too much time and engaging with social media can actually make you feel lonely and uh isolated and excited mental health problems such as anxiety stress and depression one can feel left out too losing sleep and have negative experiences like cyber bullying now multiple studies have found a strong link between heavy social media use and increased risk of for depression anxiety loneliness self-harm and even suicidal tendencies like in the year 2017 or maybe 18 there was a game came out called blue whale or momo challenge where we saw a few kids committed suicide it's a game this is a challenging game and we saw kids you know uh they were cutting their hands and there were series of challenges given and it was actually triggering the kids to commit suicide the last challenge worked was you commit suicide you die and the kid have no it has to die or else you know some kind of data is well leaked and they say that it will affect your parents and it was actually affecting the mental health of the kid and kids were actually committing society it became a matter of concern for everyone so this is how suicidal tendencies come and even if you if you see some of the of some people what they do they come online and they talk about their problem and there was a number of cases a few years ago where they come online and they commit suicide so these are the negative aspects we'll go on thoroughly one by one inadequacy about your life or appearance first point if we scroll to the news feeds and if we find i know someone's life is very good very happening or appearance yes there are certain things where where we feel we get motivated if it's a fitness journey we get motivated if she can why can't i but in some cases it may also hamper like for example last year there was a uh post by our our bollywood actress anushka sharma where she posted her fitness you know style or you can say her fitness regime where she was expecting and she was trying headstand in the laptop online her expert was there and her husband our cricketer brad coley was holding her legs she mentioned that whatever she did was under the strict supervision of the expert and in front of her husband but uh there was a complaint of by few yoga instructors and fitness coaches that few ladies after watching those things who haven't practiced yoga for their you know if it was never into a fitness regime suddenly they started that what answer sharma did we want to do that or uh no it is they're not they're not judging it they're not evaluating that what may happen because the condition is different she had been practicing it since long time or or she is under the strict supervision now these these are the negative impacts without understanding without you know thinking critically people start following it and it may get affected then fomo fear of missing out while fomo has been drawn far longer than social media sites such as facebook and instagram seem to exaggerate feelings that others are having more fun or living better life than you the idea that you are missing out or certain things can impact your self-esteem trigger anxiety and feel even greater social media use sorry and feel even greater social media use like you might feel someone is you know enjoying more or you it might affect your self-esteem or you know you might feel anxiety by seeing that like she's she's enjoying she's going out she's partying and we are all at home especially during this pandemic we have these issues like if you want if you see someone going out and having a good uh you know time we feel that why we why we are we are also at home we can't enjoy anything this triggers an anxiety then fomo can compel you to pick up your mobile phone every few minutes to check for updates or you know or compulsively respond to each and every alert even if that means taking risk while you are driving missing out on sleep at night or prioritizing social media interaction over a real world relationship like we all have the tendency if there is no notification also still we have the tendency to just to pick up our mobile phone and start you know checking if there are any notifications or not or if you feel that no this this i can answer him or her later still we are having the tendency to reply immediate immediately no these are this is what fomo is isolation there was a study in the university of pennsylvania found that high usage of facebook snapchat and instagram you know rather decreases the feeling of loneliness but conversively the study found out that you means reducing social media use usage can make you feel less lonely and isolated and improve overall well-being the more will you know uh will decrease the use of social media the more will feel you know less lonely nowadays we'll have you see that we have so many contacts but we have no one to talk we have everyone to talk in social media but we have verbally video we have no one to talk on real-time basis so this is what happens depression and anxiety human beings need face to face uh contact to be mentally uh sorry human beings need face to face contact and it is actually you know a healthy habit nothing reduces stress and boosts one's mood faster or more effectively than eye to eye contact with someone who cares about you the more you prioritize social media interaction over in person relationship the more you are at the risk of uh risks for developing or executing more disorders such as anxiety and depression like for example if a person is already depressed so what is his duty he he should talk to his friends you know face to face interaction should be there eye to eye interaction with the person whom he cares so what will happen he he he will be helped out by that friend or with the family members now suddenly he if if he doesn't want to share and he is more focused on social media what will happen he might get a few stories or he might come up with a post of a person who is also suffering from depression and it may trigger no more you know it may it may exacerbate his mental health more so this is not a healthy habit now coming to anxiety and uh depression in the present scenario during this kobe 19 time it uh covenanted pandemic so you will find that the depression and anxiety among the citizens have increased more a number of studies have been done on it the impact of social uh the many studies on the impact of social media during kovid 19 pandemic have been conducted and found that facebook is at the top of all social media platform then comes whatsapp like we get all sorts of information and we just pass it on without fact checking it and that actually creates panic during this crisis time uh because these two became the most powerful social media platforms fake news misinformation disinformation then it was credit now in social media some factual information was also there like the number of cases how many many cases have been increased then uh in the second beef when india was hit by second beef there was uh no we we got to know about which hospital uh is having bad for the patients are about the oxygen cylinders so these are the factory information apart from that many many fake informations were spread and it was creating crisis the study also indicated that these information had psychological effect primarily on younger generation because the younger generation has the has got the tendency to gather information from social media rather than you know uh gathering it from the governmental sources and people were also unable to understand which information is correct and which one is you know fake information and thus causing more panic and rumors about the true nature of pandemic for example uh if i gave an example from the first wave then there were some rumors that you know ginger tea may cure you from kobe 19 and in the second wave it was more about vaccination so these are the things which was actually creating panic among the citizens now abc news reported a poll claiming that in the age of social media anxiety about the coronavirus spreads faster than the virus itself river on bbc news posted that hearing a lot of information and news about kovid 19 has affected the public and created panic causing people to live with anxiety but on the other hand social media is also a practical platform for the spreading of public health messages and audiences yes when there is any fake information spread spread in social media by any any uh user then suddenly the fact checkers you know they they claim it to be a fake news then comes the most important thing and the most you know maximum people have faced it that is cyber bullying about 10 percent of the teams reported being bullied on social media and many other users are subjected to offensive comments if there is any if if any user find it finds any kind of any kind of post not in not their uh not in their favor they will just drop a abusive comment social media platforms such as twitter then facebook can be the hot spot for spreading hateful rumors lies and abuse and such kind of abuse you know uh leaves for lasting emo you know for a longer period of time it it it just it just leave a lasting emotion of scars on the on the netizens or on the person who is bullied now self absorption sharing endless selfies and all your inmost thoughts on social media can create an unhealthy self-centeredness and uh you know and distinguishes from of you from the uh real life connections you will find many people they just you know take a selfie and then they uh post it feeling uh blissful feeling this feeling that each and every update they posted in the social media that like it seems that they are more interested in virtual world than in the real world other unhealthy social media practices are like we we sometimes use social media as a security blanket when uh whenever there is a social situation social gathering suppose and we are not comfortable we are not you know especially it happens with the teams they're not comfortable they don't feel like talking to anyone they what they will do they will just simply sit in a corner and they just start scrolling their mobile phone and they give more importance to social media than face-to-face interaction now uh sign that is impacting our mental health uh and other indicators also which uh my from which we can understand you know social media is adversely affecting our mental health are everyone is different now i may use social media for uh suppose one hour or someone may use it and may use social media for two hours or someone just for the sake of checking notification it like it is not the same with everyone or you know frequently checking objects the one who is just frequently checks updates and you know having the tendency to you know check the notification even it's not important then it is an indication that no something is wrong with a habit so other indicators are spending more time on social media a one who is too much on social media really needs to check his habit then with the real world friends nowadays it has like you have a room filled with friends but all are busy with their mobile phones then comparing yourself unfavorably with others on social media if she can do which i have said anushka sharma if any can do it then i too can do it then uh just another small example i have seen uh you know few of them uploading their dance performances and youtube channel and uh i found that she had delivered a baby just 14 days before and then she got up and she she danced it is maybe possible on her part because she she is an active you know what to say active fitness he's she's an active fitness regime and she can do it but it is not possible for any other woman a disclaimer should be you know posted or it should be you know uh people should know that no this might affect my health because body type deep differs from person to person comparing yourself unfavorably with others on social media experiencing experiencing cyber bullying which i have already mentioned that's more on twitter there is a you know trolling becomes a trend whenever you feel like you you start trolling that person and that that becomes a trend people don't think that what may happen to the person whom they are trolling it may create an everlasting scar or you know it may affect the mental health of that person being distracted at school or work whenever we are at work or in school we are always having the tendency to check the notification as i said it's just like gambling having no time for self reflection engaging in risky behavior in order to gain likes shares and post uh positive reaction in social media the most you know i find the you know best example for this is a kiki challenge uh there was no uh you just get out of a you know running car and you need to dance so just for the sake of getting likes shares and in this and in doing such attempts there were many you know accidents occurred even to pilots got you know uh i think everyone knows that it went viral also uh uh they were they were fired from the job because from the you know they they they just the plane was just moving and then they came down and they started dancing that was a kiki challenge the of course the challenge ruined their profession but this is just like a risky behavior just for the sake of you like shares and you know subscribers suffering from slip problem then worsening symptoms of anxiety or depression which i have already mentioned and explained now if there are so many impacts negative impacts of heavy use of social media then definitely there are certain ways uh from which we can you know keep ourselves safe from these impacts so we'll be knowing that how to modify social media used to improve improve our mental health first is we can reduce our time of of being online how we can reduce we can use a app to track how much time we are spending then turn off turn off the mobile phone at certain time of the day like after 9 00 pm we'll just turn off the notification or mobile phone will not use the mobile phone then we'll not bring mobile phone or tabs in front of our bed while sleeping disable social media notification many of us have done during the second week you'll find many of our friends have deactivated their profile just to get you know some relief because i i to have faced the teaching the second day whenever i used to scroll the news feeds of facebook i i used to get the all negative news and the deaf news and that to all near one and dear one and that was like actually creating more panic in within me so sometimes i used to feel like let me you know disable my facebook account and many have done that then limit checks as i have said for more you you might have the tendency to you know continuously check your mobile phone for the notifications try removing social media apps from your mobile phones then change your focus whenever you'll have the tendency now let me check even if there is no notification also even there is no bits on from a mobile phone still be you know just check it for no reason so we'll change our focus and we'll be concentrating on something else spend more time with offline friends i think this is the best thing one can do an offline friends can never replace online friends uh sorry online friends can never replace offline friends express gratitude now how as we are in total topic we gave we got to know that the maximum usage of social media are done by the young people the teenagers so these are the things how you can check now we'll we'll get to know how we can check our you know young generation from you know getting affected it is not possible to suddenly go and you know snatch their mobile phone and you know make them understand they might things may get it may not turn worse they won't understand okay so we need to check them now how we can check them we can monitor the limit of the social media use if you see your son or daughter is using too much time spending too much time you can limit their usage then we should talk to them about the underlying issues of social media and force social media break that during examination time you cannot use your social media or after you know certain period of time you cannot use social media which is restricted then we can teach our children or teenagers how social media is not an accurate reflection of people's life many of us we think that what is know what people post in social media is you know is the actual representation of real life which is totally fake that is a virtual world and virtual world cannot be a real world and we need to teach this to our kids if they see anything you know unusual they will try doing that we should make them understand no that is not the real world then encourage and exercise offline interests we can make them you know meet their own offline friends and uh we can encourage them for you know to go to the you know crown they can they can play offline activities so these are the things how you can check your you know teenage teenagers or your child from getting affected mentally affected from social media usage now what uh my last topic is what will be the responsibility of media educators and media experts as a media educators and media expert i just want to say that they play an important role both now and in near future together they must work to adequate media consumers on what constitute good and reliable information and have to critically think through this information like if they get any kind of information they should fact check it they should critically think it instead of posting or sharing it or with their friends since younger people are the most consuming information from social they mostly consume information from social media and they spread it to their friends and family members so where these young generation meet universities and colleges so as a media educators can you know design courses or uh you know and symposiums uh which will make them you know understand or which will help them to find out which information is correct uh how to find out healthy information in the cases of epidemic pandemic or any other process situation and for the social media users uh use especially the young generation for them uh your social media use use may be problematic if it causes uh you to neglect face-to-face interaction distract you from your work or your school or leaves you feeling and envies or angry or depressed and similarly if the user find it that i need to post that pic a particular pic or post or whatever update just because he or she is poor or lonely or just want to post something which will make others jealous or you know upset then it is the high time to reassess the social media use it and change the social media habit and and that can help uh him or her to come out of those social media impacts so with this i conclude my topic i hope i could cover a bit of this uh topic because it's a very you know large topic and many things needs to be discussed here with this i conclude here thank you so much so you're on uh so you need to unmute yourself thank you uh doctor love fortunate for your great speech and it's also a important speech for the social media which is related with our mental health and uh in the attendant and the audience who have any kind of question related to this topic feel free ask your question in our comment box our expert will give your answer later after this word now i would like to invite our next speaker dr arpan paul but unfortunately today uh he's tried a lot of trying to connect with us but for the technical problem it is not possible for me to connect with us so we hope that in our uh next webinar we will invite him uh for giving uh his lecture and now i would like to invite our today's session chair and his cousin uh professor doctor um roy uh to discuss and uh about this uh topic and uh uh before uh dr mihir kumar roy started uh his discussion i just uh said that uh dr meer kumar roy is a prominent professor uh and he is the research fellow of iprs dean department of business uh administration city university dhaka bangladesh so i am inviting you sir please give your important speech and uh discussing the topic and conclude the session please sir floresio thank you uh do you hurt me do you heard my speech yes yes yes yes sir yes please congratulations who is the founder and the ceo of independent uh perception and research uh for arranging a very interesting uh interesting uh uh presentation an international volume one on the issue of social media and its impact impact probably there are two religious persons supposed to present their speech and and the first one is various aspects very holistic and very adversarial presenting the social media and his societal impact [Music] he has made many issues the social media of the critical position of our life and relation about working with a very nice uh uh issues of the impact of our social media uh in our mental health in our social fit from a digital life marketing policies that were human interactions business business issues marketing etc and and our social social life etc and in analyzing the this issue he has also he has also studied uh and mentioned many research research papers findings regarding the the social media and this societal impact in the society is is a very diverse area and is a such type of discussions and resources are probably the same phenomena especially in the context about region especially in in bangladesh is is a recent phenomena and there are little discussions is found in our media or the research arena or the research scholars or in the talk show regarding this issue etc the positive impact of uh the positive impact of the social media is is diverse diverse etc we can use social media especially to express our views uh especially using a very in a shortest possible way with a minimum or even no cost etcetera we can also communicate our message especially in the business arena regarding our product product marketing uh product uh customer satisfaction server uh customer satisfaction the customer's loyalty and and using this as a as a platform regarding regarding uh our product diversification product innovation and black product selling etc so in our there are many positive aspects of the positive aspects of uh social media as mentioned by dr uh and and and it is it is especially in our in our social life we can communicate any messages especially in their social media in whatever it is it may be our societal issue it may be our national issue or it may be the issue that are very uh quite important in our society as you know that recently for the last year one and a half years we are severely attacked with kobe 19 and its impact in our society is very much regards many people lost their life and many business magnets and business farms have lost their businesses and many people are now unemployed especially in the commitment effect which dr is also mentioned in its presentation so about this global issue by india or bangladesh and we have to face this global issue uh globally especially in the in the area of research arena uh recently many of the research farms and the pharmaceutical industry for universities etc institute of india they are trying to innovate to address the issue uh accordingly uh and and the social media is very the most important area in which we are acquainted with many of the many of the informations and communications that are generally happening especially in our country or even in the third world what's happening and what is the status and what countries in in which stage and which uh but presently we are in a very awkward position in our in our life especially life and livelihood etc so social media it is possible for the social media to gather knowledge about the the whole world about any issue of national importance within the shortest possible time and and the researchers that are done especially on the social media this is a very time consuming among deserving issues especially in the context of uh social life and socialization et cetera online short from etcetera etcetera and and these are these are those there is some phenomena but still then not at all uh it may be a recent phenomena in our context but these are not the recent phenomena in the context of developed countries of the world and we are also accustomed to this technology especially then other though there are many positive as for example if you want to make make any that makes you make to make any harmful effects to a particular particular person or legal or to an issue of the communal or any political issue and if we post it in a social media by any unseen name then this will create the confusion among the society and even uh it can create many confusions among the many religious groups or even even the social groups and and and this may be many harmful effects in our social life these are some of the negative issues also but we are also always positing towards the positive aspects of this issue negative the case of business or even in the case of socialization or even in introducing the one's effort and to make a post in the social media regarding regarding any any information they can get this message within the shortest possible time so that we can readily get the news what is happening in the world what is happening in our surroundings or what is happening in our country as a whole in every stretch of life so the presentation is given as given by uh dr uh [Music] the social media is very much very much even very much effective very much [Music] another uh minimum [Music] on this issue will be benefited especially the first person and gets benefit see you and and uh his uh okay yes not that [Applause] um there is a internet connection problem uh we are not to hear you clearly uh one of the question uh is come to us for dr lopa mudra recently say that children are very addiction uh mobile games such pubg etc please explain in this affect our society so yeah mobile phone or any kind of video game is very much effective you know very much it affects the mental health of the kid uh i did during my master's day we did some research work on the effect of you know mobile phone uh that was there at the time mobile phone gaming was not that much popular among the kids but video game was very much popular so now those video games have replaced mobile phone games was replaced by is replaced by mobile phone games so it actually affects uh you know if it's a violent game then what happens the kid will become more violent you will see some changes in them like um if there is too much of you know violence and you know killing and you know hitting each other then the kid will develop the tendency of hitting his partner or suddenly we'll see some certain kind of changes so apart from you shouldn't allow like there should be some restrictions in those games you shouldn't allow kids to play those kind of games if it is at all necessary to make them play or if it is at all necessary to you know to distract them then you can you know give them games which are very much you know from which they can learn something you know maybe you know puzzle or kind of things and so many games you know good educational games on such kind of games can be you know you can make them to play but violent games or so these kinds of game pubg is actually a violent game and it it actually affects the mental health of the clift there are you will find certain changes uh on the kids behavior or you will find no there are at the time i don't know about whether it's aired in bangladesh no cartoon comes keep watch them and they they consider themselves to show up and they start fighting though though this this kind of things may affect a bit to the kids so it's with video games with mobile games also the same thing happens thank you so much uh dr lupa mug and also give our honor to dr um professor dr kumar roy uh sir for your presence we are honoring you and also we give our special thanks to dr lopa motherhood for coming and give your great speech in this kind of international session and dear participants we are almost end of this session hope that you earned some educational perception and thoughts because iprh always believes that knowledge is power be happy be healthy and always join with iprh by following our facebook official page and subscribe our youtube channel and those who are participating in this international webinar please fill out the registration form for your e-certification so we hope that you are be happy you are be healthy and you are always in a good mind and good health so thank you all so being with us this kind of international webinar and thank you dr lopa mundo bhattacharjee from iprh and also thanks our eminent professor dr meek kumar roy sir we are very much pleased that you come to our uh international webinar as a session chair so thank you all be happy so next time iprs will arrange more international webinar and we hope that you will join at that level thank you very much

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