Irish Defence Forces 24 hour ration pack 24 hour field test....Well almost

Irish Defence Forces 24 hour ration pack 24 hour field test....Well almost

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Hello, and welcome to Vinny's day off I, am. Fascinated with, 24-hour, ration packs, for. One thing is the exact amount of food needed. To. Maintain a person doing physical activity outdoors and, this is not just somebody's, opinion, but, it's the result of a vast amount of research and field. Trials I. Also. Enjoyed a history of ration packs and I, love to see what different people and, cultures put, in directions, the, French for instance will probably, include caviar, and roast wild boar or something exotic, this. Ration pack was given to me as a gift from a very good friend thank, you very much tom and. It. Was sold as an Irish Defence Forces, ration, pack. The. Irish Defense Forces by their ration packs from, the same company that produces, the British Russian. Packs and, they, have the very same menu, this, is probably, not a real Irish. Defence Forces, ration, pack one. Way we can tell this is it contains only two coffees and two tea bags as. The Irish drink vast quantities, of tea and nowadays coffee a telling. An Irish person they would only have two cups of tea for the day would, probably end up in a fistfight. However. It, has all the items from a number nine British menu and it is pretty much what the Irish forces would use it's, pretty indicative of an. Irish ration pack. This. One has the baked beans the sausage breakfast, and was, a great favorite with the Irish horses, eating. This will be accompanied, by many rude remarks, about beans and their effects which. We won't go into, here. Is a list of the contents, and I, have included, item ways and calculators. The Kyler calories per item so, you can pause and have a look at that if you like and here. Is a list of the brew kit you, can pause and have a look at that. Also. This is not the original plastic. Bag there was there was an indicate the, chap who gave it to me had a cunning plan for the bag so. Who was I to deny him hey so. I've laid back out pretty, much as I intend to users you have the chicken sausage and beans for breakfast. Peanut. Butter and just, biscuits, I probably eat them in the morning and, a. Grapefruit drink as well. For trail mix during today you have just nuts and just fruit I intend to mix them and use them as trail mix and a. Lemon flavor drink for during the day. For. Lunch there's vegetable, korma with a raspberry drink, and fruit. Flapjacks. Then. For a nighttime or evening spicy, sausages, and potato wedges a hot. Chocolate drink a tutti, fruity drink and happen, turnover, and a. Few puree I tend. To have that with the Apple turnover I like. Hot chocolate at night so I'll have that for lasting at night. My. Next problem is how should I review this pack. There. Are many people doing these already, and. As a wise man said there, are too many redundant, videos on YouTube. This. Is Vinny's the off where we do things in reality in the field so. What we can we review a 24-hour. Ration pack what. We there. Can be only one. We. Have to spend 24 hours outdoors. In the field by doing physical, activity this, is the only real way we, can evaluate these Russians.

We're. Leaving at 8:00 in the morning guys, don't be late. Well. It's not quite 8:00 I was, a little bit late getting organized it's. Almost 9:00 a.m. and. I've, arrived here this is my little shelter that that I built with my Swiss. Army knife check. That video out if you like, I'm. Going. To sleep here tonight. As. You. Can see I've been stockpiling, some wood, I'm. Going to stash my backpack, and sleeping gear here, and. I'm going to continue on with with a couple of hammer sex we're, going to do a bit of exploring today. But. First I need to get some breakfast I usually arise fairly, early and the, first thing I do is have breakfast so I'm pretty hungry now so let's, get breakfast time to go. Not. A lover of these hexamine stoves, mainly. Because I find it hexamine difficult, to source and. If I get it online it makes it more expensive cause I have to pay postage but I'm going to use it for this first meal because. It's indicative of what the Irish Army uses this is what they you is still nice, smoke, okay. And, also the mist end this is the French messed him I'm, not a lover of these either I. Find them a bit shallow and the, Henry gets hot as well but. We'll use this for the first meal. So. We're going to try to match this from the kit see, how these go. You. Guys pretty well. Burns. Out of it fast. Now. These hexamine. Cubes, are ancient. So. Let's hit them with the good ol big lighter. Mr., Burke. So. For breakfast we'll have chicken sausage and beans so as chicken sausages, and haricot, beans in tomato sauce, 300. Grams and. 411. Kyler calories. Proportion. I'm. Gonna get that on the go. Okay. For our drink it's morning, it's a grapefruit, flavor, drink. Powder will do us. So. Far our drink we need 500, meters of, water. To mix it. And. The directions stay to stir and shake. Let's. Give it a good stir. Smells. A, little bit like. Sickly. Sweet grapefruit. Not. Not too bad a little bit Swedish. Quite. Mild, just. A mild grapefruit. Flavor. Not. Too sweet or sugary as our. Refreshing. Little drink and. This. Has 176. Calories Kyler calories. I'm. Going to get some tea and go as well water over tea. I'm. Going to use my little homemade alcohol stove I. Pretty. Much favorite, he's from. Outdoor cooking these days. Our. Recipe tubes are about done so, I'm going to take this up. Kind. Of looking forward to this now I tell you. So. Here we have it just. Tastes like milder, beans. This. Is our spark of course. These. Sausages, are skinless and they cook very easily. Let's. Try some sausage and bean. It's. All pretty mild testing, just. Normal like. Normal beans, you. Would know that the sausage. Is. Not your usual pork sausage. But. It's quite acceptable. It's. A very soft texture. You. Just kind of melts in your mouth. Let's. Wash it down with some of our grapefruit drink. This. Is nice. Not. Overpowering. It's. Just like nicely flavored water just. A nice flavor without, being very strong. Kind. Of wish there was more of this pretty. Hungry now. What. Did that taste like it. Tasted like more to be honest quite. Nice I wished, it was maybe double the amount I'm quite hungry at the moment but. I was lovely tea. Time so, we have this type Ooty and I'm going to add some creamer and. Just ordinary, white sugar. You. That's. Our tea and sugar now and if you creamer, I like. My tea wise. That's. Nice it's just like English breakfast tea, different. What I'm used to how usually when Lions are our berries. Berries. Is a strong Irish tea it's, a nice mild nice flavor tea to. Wash down to tea I'm going to have this fruit flapjack. 224. Kyler calories, I believe. Just. Move this to one side. That's. Our food flapjack. This. Smells. Smells. Rich a little bit like Christmas cake. That's. What it reminds me of. Describe. It. This. Is made from oats and as, so. Tanners and raisins included, as well. Again. It's very nice. Mild. Flavor it's not overly sickly, or sweet. It's. Very acceptable, very, nice. It. Doesn't seem too rich or overpowering either, it's. It's a nice. Foodie. If you like kind. Of a kind. Of a treat. It's. Not really like a sweet or a biscuit, if you will it's more like ordinary. Food. Sweetened. Food. It's. Not too sweet or sickly at all quite, nice that. Was, a lovely breakfast, most, acceptable, and hit the spot I'm. Going to finish my tea and get ready to move out, we're. About ready to head off exploring, where.

I Want to go today is to a block of Forestry, that's, outside, of my normal range too they haven't been to and I want to go there and explore that the dense cover I expect, to be traveling through today worn suet a backpack so. I've had, to bring along these two haversacks. I'm. Not sure what this is it's a gas. Mask, not sure what army is belonging to maybe Dutch. This. Is an oil 1937. Pattern. Small pack. It's. Been around a long time I tell you I've. Nailed down some seat. Belt just for a strap. It's. Got a good, big born here from battery acid. It's. A bit raggedy-ass but, it does the job it's. Perfectly, clean, ish. I was. Thinking of getting a nice badge to cover this hole maybe, like a red. Indian head like like some of the like. Some of the young fashionable, guys have. But. You, can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. So. Let's head off guys. We. Need, to head on through that. It's. Some fairly dense. Forestry. And brush. That. Was heavy going push, them away through the woods, so, I've decided to cheer myself up with a cup, of coffee. This. Is the rum, booze instant, coffee. Stick. Pack of coffee. Then. We'll have some white, sugar with it at. This thing I'm not really hungry I just need cheering up. So. There we go instant, coffee. Just. A little bitter. It. Slightly bitter, but. I'm I'm damn tired of it now I need a cover of something just to cheer myself up I'm going to have to do digestive, biscuits. And. I'm going to put the smooth, peanut, butter on them I, would. Normally eat these with bread or maybe crackers, not so much biscuits, but. This is the only thing I have to put them on. And. Let's see how that goes. So. They're at inish attend. This. Could. Our, little broken to. Just. Try bit on its own. It's. Nice again. It's on the planar side it's not over sweet. Let's. Try a little. Peanut. Butter. Oops. It easy that's. Weird icing anyway. The. Peanut butter and, the. Or tea biscuits. Go. Very well together that is lovely. Very. Tasty, is satisfying, when you're out here, with. The outdoors like this I. Would. Never have taught to eat I wouldn't eat these, these. Two items together like this, but. I must say they go very well. I. Must. Say this is the life guys. It's. A lovely day. And. It's nice to be out. Almost. Nice to be picnicking. Isn't. It nice hmm. These. Are my biscuits. Goodbye. I brought. Food for Dyson as well just. In case you think I'm leaving him aus he. Has his own food. He. Likes to nut trees don't you don't, you but. I'm. Not sure who produces, this peanut. Butter was. A very nice peanut butter. Nicer. Than I get in my local shop a tiny dot. Good. Hitting guys. Right. That dice, mm-hmm. But. You do. That. Certainly hit the spot. Pack. Up and move on. Well. We've arrived, let. Me just give you a little look around. You. Can see some of the countryside. Okay. This. Block of Forestry is, the, one I want to explore I've. Not been in there as. I. Say I've not been in there and I'm very interested to have a look around.

See. If there's much game or see. What it's like, it's. Nice to explore new places we've. Covered about a little over five miles just to get here and we're not there yet. So. We're not a bit of walking to do we're. Just in the outskirts of the of. The strange wood and. I found a nice pretty, big stand of hazel i like. Hazel. We've. Got a little stream there as well. There's. My bags, I cut. Myself or here's to the pool I should. Have done that starting. Off. So. This is nice. Now. The main forest of course is commercial. The coniferous forest. Bush, further. Down I did see a fairly, big stand of natural forests as well so we're going to go. And have a look at that so. I'm going to spend a couple of hours exploring, here and. I see you guys for lunch okay bye. It's. 20 past 6:00 in the evening we're on our way back. Let's. See what the etrex says. Almost. Nine, miles so we've there's another two or three miles to go. But. I'm getting a bit peckish so it's time for lunch I. Must. Say these little matches are not bad they. Do burn fairly quickly though. Whoops. Spoke. To you soon I brought that one. I. Had. To jinx it. Over. Off we're working. Rd. Okay. So for lunch is the vegetable korma, vegetables. In a mild and creamy. Coconut sauce it says and. That's, 345. Kyla calories, 300, grams, let's. Get this heated up. For. Our drink this time we have their D raspberry, beverage, powder, this. One for some reason takes, 375. Minutes. Instead. Of 500. That. Smells lovely. Mmm. That. Smells really really good smells a lovely, raspberry smell. This. Might be the best ring sofa. This. Smells lovely, smells absolutely lovely. Let's. Try a sip. This. Is the best drink by far good. It. Has a nice, it. Has a good flavor it. Has a nice turkey kick to it. The. Other drink powders were very bland and, kind, of tasteless, in comparison, to this this is nice I like this we'll. See what the Karma tastes like but I'm thinking to add this hot sauce to it as well, give. It a kick. Time. For Dyson's rations as well he's, had double the allowance that he usually gets today, and. He's not showing back from it either. Let's. Get entirely yeah are you tired. Right. Take two were to karma the vegetable karma my. Sincere, apologies, guys but my battery died earlier. There. Was a major disaster did, it, never happened me before I. Believe. You me I was very very tempted, to Aegis and tell. You what it was like later, but. I had, no choice when you go home and charge my charge. My camera up so. It's a bit later. So. This is our karma I'm, gonna try this it, doesn't smell great to me I don't I don't fancy the smell of it let's. See what it tastes like. I'm. Not loving the taste of it either I'm. Just trying to think I think. There's celery in it I hate celery, that's. What that's what I think too the. Smell I don't like is. Right. We. Tried a hot sauce. Hopefully. This will help us. Mix, that in. We're. Back here it can begin obviously. Right. See, what the hot sauce does. Well. The sauce gives that you would hot pink I'd kick, it's. Like the hot KN sauce. Actually. It does it improves it greatly. Kind. Of I'm. Not a lover of this it's. Edible if you're hungry you'd be glad of it and I am. Midges. Are ours in style I don't know if you guys can see them. We're. Quite a small room around, I have. Insect. Repellent hopefully, and. We see the Russians were very filling. With. The breakfast the. Fruit flapjacks, the, mixed nuts and mixed fruit and, the biscuits and peanut butter I. Didn't. Feel hungry at all I was, just getting peckish there at 6:00. But. I'm starving, now. So. They're quite filling for, dessert we'll have this sesame, bear its, 267. Kyllo calories, let's. See what this is like. I've. Slipped into something more comfortable. Seeing. As how I lost my other, stick pack of coffee I just. Have some kinko instant, here as well. This. Is a sugary looking thing let's see what it tastes like. To. Me that tastes very gross. It's. Really really sugary kind. Of like hardened golden syrup if you know what I mean. It. Tastes kind of. Nothing. About this tastes good I can't, describe the taste of it. It's. Kind of like styrofoam I don't know. Kind. Of like styrofoam. Quarters. And sugar. This. Is I have. A sweet tooth I. Like. Chocolate. But. This is this is sickly, sweet and, this. Is the kind of thing I don't like it all, wash. It down with some coffee thank. God for the coffee. That's. Pretty gross. I'm. Not even going to finish this. Sesame. Bear, not. Like success for me anyway. Very. Very sugary and sickly, too, - way, too sweet for me.

Alright, I'm going to finish my coffee we get a little fire going. Okay, guys. We've. Been enjoying the fire for a while but now it's time for the final a main. Course it's, spicy potato wedges and sausage. So. Let's see what this is like, we. Have a few drops of rain falling as well. It's. Not bad it's, not grease. The. Potatoes are what I would describe as wet potatoes, in. Ireland we like dry or as we call them floury potatoes. These. Are kind of west like those weiss wet potatoes. That's. What it tastes like to me. But, it's much nicer than the vegetable korma. Yeah. No this is not bad at all. Plenty. Of potatoes as well. For. Our drink, we have tutti, fruity flavor beverage, powder let's. See how that goes, mmm. Smells, a bit kind, of sickly. Sugary again. Tutti. Frutti. It's. Not too bad mild. Mild. Kind of fruity. Flavor. Not too bad at all quite, acceptable. Get. Finished after the main course. Not. Bad. Not. Bad when you're hungry outdoors. For. Our final food we're having the hut hot. Chocolate drink mint, flavor, you. Mix this with 500, mils of water hot, water. And. Here's, our hot, water. Yeah. It's adequate storing. It. Smells nice and minty anywhere tell you that I like. Hot chocolate myself, so, with our hot chocolate we're, going to have. We're. Going to have this Apple. Turnover. Let's. Open that and see what it's like. There. We go I hope. Again snoops what is this. Do. Not eat we. Won't eat it. Anyway. This. Is our a pecan over I hope you can see it. And. This is the final. Final. Item in our. In. Our ration pack. Floating. Fun a few puree, I'm. Going to have this with the Apple turnover. Actually. Let's. Try the Apple turnover on its own. If. You're expecting apple pie it's not exactly. This. Is not it. But. It's quite pleasant it's, a little bit dry, but, it's sweet and it's flavoursome and there, is a bit of Apple in it. Let's. Try some, let's. Try some more puree with it, oopsie. The. Puree makes it moist and. Makes, it taste more like an, actual, piece. Of apple pie or. Definitely. Improves this. Let's. Try our mint flavored, hot chocolate. That's. Grand. That. Hits the spot now at nighttime this. Is one of the nicer Paris. Of the menu I think a. Nice. Finish off. Now. Guys I don't know if you can see the drops falling but I have I have drops of rain falling so, I'm going to finish up quickly and. I. Need to get my shelter started, okay, it's. Pretty late at night. It's. Almost 1:00 a.m.. And. I'm fixing. To go to bed as we, know these open-ended, shelters, work, very well in YouTube but, not so well in the real world, so. What I've done is I've taken the 58 pattern poncho as you can see and, I've, I've closed off the front of the shelter, there. Is a strong possibility of, rain tonight so, this should, see as bone dry now I'm going to have to sit up watch the fire for another while I'll, have to get some water eventually and quench it out because. I'm getting pretty tired now. So. That's our plan. Good morning guys I'm. Ready to go, mr.. Dyson is still resting, aren't you. So. That's my take on the 24-hour, ration pack if, you've seen my other videos, you know I got this sleeping. Bag so. Dyson, could share it with me it's a big bag so he could fit in and. He can indeed fit in well what happens is he gets too hot and he needs to come out and he wants to lie in my chest so, I can't close the bag so I get cold so. That's nice, we. Got him a fleece, blanket. And. I wrapped him up in that so he has his own sleeping bag and. He. Seems to like it pretty good. Giorgia. Dice. Buju. Sleepy. Head I hope, you enjoyed the review of the ration pack I found. That you, can be fortunate, or unfortunate with. Those some. Of it was very nice some of it was quite acceptable, some. Of some, of it was not nice. I'm. Not a lover of karma, and you're better off with with, the. Would. You drink powder. Mixes, you're. Better off having them a little bland, rather than having some strong taste, that you don't like, anyway. I'm going to get this fuller. Roused. Up tasty, dice. And dice. And dice. He's. Like a teenager, he likes his bed. And. Here I'm going to sign off I hope you enjoyed the video guys and thanks, very much for watching indeed, bye bye.

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You should be a food connoisseur!

Eh? I thought I was :-(

Nice video man. I enjoyed it. I like your way with words.

Thanks. I'm very glad you enjoyed it. I like your way with words too :-)

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BASHA Dweller well I often thought about doing a rat pack review and it always seemed to be the logical way to do it Shaun. You should try to get the little fecker to go out to the toilet when it is raining!

For some reason I never got the notification for this video, I found it by accident. Another good video, you have a style all your own Vinnie, very watchable. The ration packs look a lot better to carry compared to the '70s and '80s ones, we had tins of food in the '70s but they were mostly edible. Two of the things we had in them were hard tack biscuits and oatmeal blocks, crushing a couple of the biscuits with an oatmeal block, a packet of milk powder and a sugar, made a porridge for breakfast that had enough calories to keep you going most of the day, maybe not too healthy in modern terms but good if you had no u=idea when your next grub stop would be. I can see the tea situation is no better either, I seem to remember two or three tea bags (unfortunately not Barry's) and one sachet of nescafe instant coffee that was so small it wouldn't make decent coffee in an egg cup. I'm not much of a dog man but Dyson is a great little Jack, everything you want from a dog in a package the size of a large cat. If you are still trying different knives I can recommend the Rough Rider Bow Trapper, I bought one a while ago for $14, it's quite big and very sturdy a really good slip joint with carbon blades.

We always had collies at home Chris although I never had one of my own. I was often tempted to get a good working bred collie preferably a cattle dog (they're bolder and more "saucy") but they need company and something to keep them busy and it would not be fair to leave them in boredom while I was working. Like you I want a short hair just because it would be easier for an indoor dog. There is no comparison between any dog from any working breed and Kennel club pedigree breeds. The kennel clubs have taken many once magnificent breeds and reduced them to misshapen dribbling fools

The Kelpie is interesting, I think I have heard the name before but didn't really know what it was. I had to Google it, they are a good looking dog and you are right they need to be kept on the go, I couldn't find any in Spain but there are a few breeders in the UK and Ireland. I do have a contact in Kent for a shepherd who breed Borders and occasionally he has the odd short hair, the good thing is all his pups are from working stock which I think is better. I think you'll like the Bow Trapper, because of the handle shape there is more room for a chunkier blade, I have a traditional RR Trapper and the Bow blades probably have getting on for 50% more meat, making it a real working knife. I like the black micarta covers as well, not a tactical scary knife just a good strong pocket knife. I will look into Kelpies a bit more, thanks for the suggestion Vinnie. Cheers. Chris

Rodger Chris, I had to get it backwards. If you like borders maybe a kelpie would suit you in the heat. I never had one but they are getting more common here. From what I have heard you need to keep them busy as they are very driven. I wish you the best of luck in your new home. I have ordered the bow trapper. It is a good looking knife and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Hi Vinnie. I'm moving from Ibiza, to the mainland. I retired on April 30th, now I'm discovering how much junk I have accumulated in 15 years here, trying to find a 20 cubic metre van to hire. The house I'm moving to is in the sticks so I am thinking about buying a dog, Border Collie and Jack Russel are the two that I would consider as they are such good dogs, the Jack may be a better bet for the summer heat with a thinner coat but I won't decide until I am settled in. I know a lot of people these days don't like carbon blades but the rough riders all seem to be titanium coated which helps with the staining. I find I quite like the tangy taste of carbon steel when you cut something like an apple with it, I know the edges on mine are incredibly sharp but I did have to take a burr off of one of the blades, I'm not complaining for the price and it's my current favourite pocket knife.

Hi Chris, good to hear from you. I suppose it is an impossible task to cater for all the different tastes, likes and dislikes that people have so making rations is tricky. I love the history of rations and how they coped in years gone by. Dyson is the third Jack Russell I have had in my lifetime and the other two were two of the best little dogs I have had the privilege of being owned by :-) They know how to manipulate you. A good Jack Russell is a superb watch dog, a great friend and they can hunt anything that walks the earth. They "box clever" too and take care of themselves, although Dyson is a bit of a kamikize. Thanks for letting me know about the carbon Rough Riders. I had not spotted those. Heinnie Haynes will be getting an order now! I thought about your seasoned hazel sticks when I was making that video. If I was organised I would have brought one of my own. A stick makes such a difference when you are on rough ground. Did you move to Ibiza yet Chris?

Pukka rat pack, Vinnie my nephew get me a couple now and then and they are far better that the one I had when I was in the army

Thank you very much Peter. Overall they are not bad at all and if you had a group fellas could swap stuff to suit their tastes, thank you for watching Peter.

Feature length Vinnie's day off!!!! absolutely loved the video my man but that shite looks like punishment, I'd not complain about the food if I was being shot at as I'd be too busy complaining about the noise. It's dodgy putting up long videos because it puts some folk off apparently but I loved every second, I've been sat on a 15L tub of glue for nearly an hour watching. You know for a tubby bastard like me I'd be interested in some Vinnie cooks 5 star Bacon and rabbit stew. Please thank the the ladies for the music, they did an excellent job.

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Hi Will. I rate the Buck 110 highly. I didn't show it on the video but I tried it against other knives including an Opinel and it was the best to slice through branches. I was gobsmacked. However I have ordered the drop point version in S30V which is a harder steel. I was kicking myself since that I had not gone for it originally. Will I ever learn? I ordered this knife from DLT Trading

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Thanks Vinnie :). Watching this video makes me wonder about caloric requirements. If you watch any “survival” shows it’s nearly impossible to get what you need to sustain or exceed caloric requirements under the conditions that they are in. You hiked a difficult trail and after adding up the calories in my head, it still didn’t seem like a whole lot. I know you mentioned that you weren’t hungry until later in the evening. Anyhoo, just some thoughts. I wonder what the military considers a healthy caloric intake for active people with boots on the ground?

Hi Wayne, This ration pack had 4,050 calories if I remember correctly. In fairness it is meant to sustain someone doing harder physical exertion than what I was doing. You would have to eat vast quantities of wild food to get that amount of calories. It does also show up a lot of bug out bag videos who only carry two cliff bars for three days bugging out. Seemingly there must be numerous McDonalds along the bug out trails. Three of these ration packs would take up a good deal of space too. Overall, it was high in sugar and the main meals were very processed and if I had bought them in a filling station, for instance, I would not be buying there again! Thanks very much for watching Wayne :-)

Far from boring Wayne. I love that kind of material. I like Mr Townsend's channel too. I was not aware of the link to the journals and I will be all over them like a rash! The account of the Lewis and Clarke expedition killing so much game reminded me of an account I read about a German man who traveled to America in the early days of the nation. He would kill a deer or bear and take only the choice cuts or enough meat for a few days. It seems abhorrent to us now but when you think about it he had no refrigerator and he was traveling fast and light. He had no way to keep the meat from spoiling and did not have time to dry it. Also there was a different attitude towards hunting then. They would shoot game just because they could. Lewis and Clarke probably had no weight limit on the meat ration unlike soldiers for whom the meat would have to be purchased, so they would probably eat all they wanted. They might have collected the hides too to make some cash on. I have some recollection of them returning with fur, correct me if I am wrong. Maybe with us outdoor people, we are still playing adventure stories for boys, and trying to relive the great adventures of the past in our own small way?

i think you are exactly right on the McDonalds remark.... lol Oh, and before i forget, you are one of a very few people to have such beautiful music on your videos, please pass along the compliments to the ladies :) I like the Townsends youtube channel, and one of the things they did some research on, based off revolutionary journals, was that colonial soldiers were given 1lb of meat per day; im not sure about the other staples. Jon Townsend is very studious about accuracy of what he puts on his channel and utilizes personal journals from the time period. Its an interesting channel. the video about the rations is If you ever want to read any journals, or anything else, there is a free online site,, and you can limit your searches to any kind of topic, author, time period or publish date. for instance, is a journal of a 24 year old man who traveled from england to america and his experiences were captured in his journal. His observations were uncanny, he was a loyalist(which is the main reason he went back to England), he witnessed slavery in both america and in barbados, where slave ships came in, he witnessed, and experienced sickness, indian lifestyle, life on the edge of the frontier, and colonial life. You can get information of documents published as far back as you can imagine. There are a lot of mountain men, and canadian journals that get very deep into indigenous peoples, their ways, and their relationships with the europeans as they came into the territories. What i like about the journals is similar to what you find on the youtube videos, but minus any novelty and flamboyance. it was real.. and with the journals, you can get it first hand :) Not to beat a dead horse about the calories and food, but i searched for the journals of lewis and clark. 40 plus or minus guys went on the journey and 6 to 9 people kept journals. the thing that stood out the most to me was the extreem amount of killing of game that went on. they would kill 8 or 10 deer, moose, or bear at a time and it was nearly on a daily basis. they didnt go into deep detail as to how they preserved or kept the meat. but if you imagine a man getting 1-1.5 lbs of meat per day for 40 men, thats 40-60lbs of meat per day. so 70% of a full animal is the field dressed weight, but that still contains the bones. and the bonless weight is yet again 70% of the field dressed weight. so for example a 200 lb buck would dress out at 140lbs. then the boneless weight, or edible weight is 98lbs. so 98lbs of meat could feed the men for 2 days. but if you read the journals, you see them taking way more animals than that along the trip. oh well, ive probably bored anyone reading this to tears... have a good one :)

Excellent review Vinnie, aye its often a love/hate relationship with what menu you get ! I recently used one on an overnight kayak trip the main meal being Moroccan bean stew which was grand. Hope all is well. Thanks again for sharing. All the best from Scotland. Garry

Ta Garry, Moroccan bean stew doesn't sound too bad! saw your email too.

With the worldwide heat waves You should be aware of Hyponatremia, the loss of electrolytes, salts and essential minerals from excessive perspiration. I attended a desert refresher course and a few people drank plenty of bottled water and still became ill. The US market is awash now in 'smart water' and powder mixes as awareness grows. I imagine the three fruit drinks address this. I was told  IDF rations included Kendall's Mint Cake? I  bought a  family bar from the UK ( expensive with shipping) out of curiosity and wound up melting some in  hot cocoa.Jam or jelly is the classic pairing with peanut butter for a PJ sandwich.I buy bulk loose tea from Harney's and Sons and have taken to pack smart water for hikes. People think me mad drinking it or Hawaiian coffee in the heat while they drink obnoxious Gateraid.

Rodger that Christopher. There were four drinks and I am sure they do address those needs. I know they cannot cater for all tastes so I would endeavor to make them as mild tasting as possible. The last "tuti fruti"drink tasted absolutely vile to me and I would not like to be stuck relying on it. Kendal Mint Cake was indeed a staple of IDF ration packs. I don't know if it is still used in them. To me it tastes just like mint flavored sugar. It is not commonly available in stores here. IDF ration packs are basically the same at the British packs and I don't see Kendal Mint Cake listed these days. The Irish Defense Forces sell almost nothing on the surplus market and I believe that pack was simply branded IDF just to sell it.

I would agree with you that you should put aside food that is to your taste and liking. My overall impression of that ration was of very processed very sugary food and I would not like to be eating it long term.

Hero Candy in West Yorkshire ( website stocks it but even there it sells out quickly. I'm no 'Prepper' but living in earthquake and firestorm country have some emergency supplies on hand. The military kits are fun if expensive. I realized an emergency situation is not the time to play games with stomach's and have a rotation of familiar foods with some shelf life. Lars @ Survival Russia has reviewed many service food packs.

Hi Vinnie only just found your vids, cracking stuff all the best Will

thank you Will glad you like it

I'm near Dundrum in Tipp. I will have a good look at that video about the stone. I will have to travel out because it is all soft crumbly stuff near me. A simmer ring is used to cover the jets and will reduce the heat. The alcohol stoves can overturn and spill burning alcohol everywhere so mind yourself that way

thats some nice woodland where abouts are you if you dont mind me asking ?

i can understand the cheering up part it can be boring alone in the woods

your not the only man with a burn in his haversack from a battery i dont but iv seen many a hole like that i dont lamp anymore im waiting to get a gun those haversacks are nice i have an irish navy rucksack for me outings right yoke so it is ill have an IDF one soon hopefully if me mate keeps it for me.

i turned me eye at the thought of one of those homemade alcohol stoves because i didnt think they worked that just saved me a fortune seeing you whip out one.

well i can tell you ill be putting one together i dont know what you mean by a simmer ring i assume its a stand of some sort raising the pot higher from the flame ill look into it thanks.

the alcohol stoves work well for stuff that cooks quickly like some types of rice, or anything that just needs boiling water. You would not be boiling spuds or stew. They are a bit too hot for frying on without a simmer ring. I love them because they are very light (and free) and they just work. I don't know about the Tipp accent. I have to try and pronounce things correctly or nobody would understand me:-)

im telling you one thing that tipp accent is gold you have a narrators voice and from one irishman to another i hope to bump into ya in the woods someday for a cuppa tea and a chat.

From my experience of eating the British rations as a cadet there are some menu options that are far better than others, there was always a lot of barter and trade going on. The Tabasco sauce was used as a shower gel additive as a prank, with predictable results and were confiscated after that. There are a few tricks with ration packs, such as putting the chocolate bar in your jacket so it melts and you have a chocolate spread for your biscuits. Probably the thing that sticks out the most is how incredibly good the hot chocolate was out in the field, when cold and exhausted, but when i opened a spare at home it was barely drinkable.

I never thought of tabasco sauce in shower gel

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