Is Australia The Greatest Place On Earth? | Ear Biscuits Ep. 157

Is Australia The Greatest Place On Earth? | Ear Biscuits Ep. 157

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Welcome. To ear biscuits I'm Rhett. And I'm, link this week at the roundtable of dim lighting. We're. Gonna figure out is, Australia. The greatest, place on earth, oh and, why. Are we qualified, to, explore. This question, well. Because, we. Went in there we spent it a little. Over two weeks there well. I think it was a little under two weeks we, spent a little under two weeks there, so that's two guys who spent a little under two weeks there, we. Know enough to come to a definitive conclusion, as. To whether or not Australia, is the greatest place on earth we, we've. Got a lot to, fill you in on because, yeah. We are fresh off of a. Record-breaking. Length. Of, vacation. We, have never in the history of our lives, well. I don't know about you but I know for certain I've never been on a three-week, vacation and. I. Mean when you tack on the fact that we also went to Fiji, i. Bragging, I'm just stating. We. Went to Fiji, after. Going for Sofia or Fiji Fiji, as they, say in Australia not exactly how you say it it's really hard to like get there the, rhythm, of how they say Fiji, they. Also put. Known. Fiji in Fiji I'll talk about the way Australian, people say Fiji oh yeah you're right they say Fiji Fiji but, that's still not doing. It right. Longest. Vacation, we've ever had and we, were we were both there for it. Yeah. Well. There with our families, in tow we've only ever done like a week at a time and. Because. We were able to make this a little bit of a work thing, with the tour stops. We. Were able to kind of justify, it we're like when, are we gonna be in this part of the world another time we're gonna be flying back, over, the, South Pacific over, all these beautiful, islands. Well you got to stop and feed you got to stop somewhere I mean you gotta get gas actually. You don't have to you can fly direct there but we flew directly there but you can't fly directly back when Fiji, is in the way right, you got to stop and so. We did of, course we didn't want to we had to it, was a bit of an experiment bringing, everybody along we'll talk about the ins and the outs of having, you. Know an is actually a 10 person group because we took our families but we also, took our assistant general with us and there was a lot, of, calculation. That went into I mean the, planning, I'm, not even talking about the tour component, I'm just talking about saying. Okay, over. Over, a year ago. It. Could have been like a year and a half ago we were talking about looking. Not. This summer but. Next summer, we're. Gonna take a long vacation, I remember we started to have those conversations because, you got to start protecting. Calendar. Time so it doesn't get eaten, up a stuff the past two summers were. Dedicated. To shooting. Filming. Buddy system, so. We. Knew we wanted to take some family times and then, once we had the the experience of the tour mythicality. And. You. Know it was a groundswell, of mythical, beast asking us to bring it down to the. Under hmm. Like. How you had already said down so you wanted to not say down under again I like that was a good recovery, thank you bring. It down to the under. That. Should be well I learned that from them that's how they talk about it well it should be like a slogan for some sort of Australian, business that we should open it or just the tourism, department bring, it down to the under I'm not gonna try to use an. Accent because I want all my favorite, people on earth now yep. So. This. Trip was a culmination of over. A. Year of planning and then of course we got into doing, the tour dates so let's.

Just Take a second and say, thank. You to all of you, mythical, beasts. Down there in the under who. Came out to our shows, Melbourne. Sydney. Brisbane. I gotta, say it was I thought they called Brisbane Brizzy and they, call breakfast, brekkie that, they have like a cute way of like saying things, well they shorten things in general even. Though those technically, are they shorten them in a happy, way right you know like oh you went to Brizzy you went up - Brizzy so yeah it was it was great you know what, about it but that's just how they talk in. A happy, shortened, way so. We're gonna talk all about our, experience, but we do want to talk about the mythical beasts who came out to the, shows on the tour of mythicality because, you. Never know what to expect I, mean having, traveled around the u.s. doing the show we. Always had great crowds some. You know there's a combination, of that, particular group of people and, the. Venue that you're in and, also how, we're doing as performers, that kind, of creates this unknown. Response. That you're gonna get in the moment and. You, never know if you're gonna be like this is an incredible. Super. Lively. Crowd that stayed engaged all, they got that joke and they got that joke and they were there all the way to the end when it gets really weird I gotta. Say the. Australian, crowd. Was. As. I. Mean this is part of this is one data. Point this is one point and the, whole argument that we might, be making that Australia's the greatest place on earth that we. Might be talking about at least. Amongst. The, best mythical. Beasts in the world live. There I mean they're all I'm not gonna say they got a great sense of humor but I will say that they seem to find us funny. We, felt. Completely. At home and listen we've been told that, that. The way that we think. About things or our. Style of humor appeals. To the certain, pockets in the world outside of the US and. We had heard that Australia, was one of those places but we did not really. Anticipate. The the level, of connection that there would be the, funny thing that we heard multiple times that I could. Never have expected. We. Have the. Meet and greet after each of the three shows and people. Would say again and again I, love. Your accents. You sound so American, and we're like well don't you listen don't you listen, and watch us like, a lot, and. They. Would say things like yeah, but it's it's it's so much more pronounced, in person, that's, what they would say and we've. Never been on the, receiving, end of that but as Americans, who. Have not true, we haven't travelled extensively. We. Try around the u.s. pretty extensively but not the world very extensively, and. There's a lot. Of people from a lot of different places that come to America and you know the old adage that if you've got of a different, accent that you're immediately, interesting. And appealing to Americans, yo yeah. But. I didn't know if it worked in Reverse but, it's the the response, was it was interesting it's like oh it you know or, the way I thought I think it would have been like it, sounds boring I roll yeah it's it seems boring, and like it, seems like a newscaster, from, Oklahoma, it's kind of where we sort of landed. In terms of the way that we speak but, I do think when we were when we interact on an interpersonal level I guess, I, I. Realized, that we. That our accents come out more when we're not in like a. Performance. Mode like when we're not on the show or something you know it's just we, would really let our hair down I'm just being really, get just real loose. With so nice to meet y'all, you're just such a good, good. Audience. That's. How we talk let's take a picture let's take a picture, together, anyway. Thank you all no Senate creepy for coming out we. Actually we met a lot of mythical beasts we, met.

A Lot of mythical beasts who didn't even know that, we, were there to do a show so, we learned our lesson on at the show on the street we might need to do better job at, advertising. We're. Gonna be a place but we're gonna be at other places in the future so go to two of mythicality comm if you want to see us in Toronto. Jersey, yeah and and those shows. More spot those shows were up for, four months, ahead of time so just just, remember just check check that site you, know. Let's. Get it to just, our overarching. Impressions. Of the. Continent of Australia, I think that you know there's this. There's. A stereotype that, the, people are nice. But. I'll say for for, a continent, that was, colonized, by prisoners, go, it's a really nice place I mean that's quite a strange juxtaposition, you. Know that I mean they're not there's, there's not they're not like in shackles anymore but also we learn quite a bit about the history its petty petty crimes and apparently. People who commit petty crimes. You, know short, of murder and like stealing horses, and stuff like that. Small, small crimes cuz stuff like that they would just kill you apparently. Execute, you as the word I should yeah apparently. If you if your ancestors, committed, petty crimes you're more likely to be just a generally, nice and. You. Know easygoing, person. Well. They would so the moral of the story is we should begin, committing. Petty crimes now so that generations, down the line the. You. Know the great-grandchildren will be will, be easygoing, people. Right. Know, oh I'm I'm not gonna respond to that all I'm gonna say. The P it, was just. The. The people were indeed nice I didn't meet anyone who was currently a prisoner, at. Least they didn't tell me that and we, were in and we were in cities I mean the you know there's 24 million people in Australia. The. Majority, of those people live in the, major cities. Because. There's not a whole lot of people that are like living in the middle of. The outback of course they. Kind of live on the coast but you know you've got, like. Almost 10 million people just between Melbourne, and Sydney so. You're getting almost half the country there and, people in cities that big tend. To be at least in America like once you'd get into a place that is really. Large, and becomes impersonal, and you don't really know that your neighbor and you don't know the people that you're walking past on the street people, just kind of become a-holes. And it's. Just a part of the culture I mean that's the way it is in Los Angeles, but. There just really was this Pleasant. Interaction. With, people at all levels of. Interaction. Like. Somebody. At a restaurant or somebody that was you. Know driving you around or whatever well and the, thing that we read was that. There's. A cliche, that they, think Americans, are too loud yeah. So I was cut I was self-conscious. About, speaking. Loud because. I think I was like well they're probably correct, and then. A, great. Test of that at least. How. Different, they. Perceive, conversational. Volume than we - is on, the television, oh gosh, Australian, television went so when, I was in the the hotel room I just, turned. On the TV I was like I'm gonna flip around this. Australian, TV yeah look at a shtetl cultural, orientation. Yeah come to the down come, down to the under and see what's on the TV does it work in that context, that, work yeah, that was great and, first. Things first, game. Shows there were like four game shows on there like 25, available, channels, and. But. The game shows were. I gotta. Say. Anti. Exciting. I'm not gonna use the term boring, because it's the greatest placeholder, but. The, most understated. Every. Everything, about them was understated, the way the hosts would just, to, talk about this volume right here but then there, was a game where. They, were just doing math or maths, as they, say like literally. They had like a whiteboard, I didn't there would be a couple of numbers and then you'd have to do, on your whiteboard like how do you get from this number to this number and, then they would turn it around and show their, math like they're in school and if they got it right the audience would be like good, maths but. They wouldn't yell be the good maths good, maths, I mean, gotta take a commercial break now but when we come back we're gonna have more math and then I turn - yes, I guess it was ESPN, or their equivalent, of ESPN, it was a sports channel and they were talking about footy which I learned all about and and fascinated. By a. Lot, like rugby but different Australian rules football and. They. Were analyzing. It but so just for. A perspective in the u.s. the way that all the sports channels, and all the sports shows have gone is, now. You've got to have a strong opinion in fact like half of the shows on ESPN, are based on the premise that there's two guys and they're arguing against, each other they don't even believe it it's just they know they got to conjure, up some sort of yeah you have to disagree, sharp a pin you have to have a strong opinion and you have to defend it well, it was just three guys sitting around talking about like this and they were just all agreeing, with each other you know you know, you.

Got A good point about that it's pleasant man. I. Got a minute I didn't continue watching, because, I feel like my sensitivities. Or my sensibilities. Have been tuned to, people just nearly. Killing. Each other about, every single possible, issue that's, the way we handle things in America so to see people just pleasantly, discuss things it's, boring to me but, maybe I could adapt um, something. That was weird, I don't, mean to complain because this is not a complaint it's just it's just an observation. I had I hit a speed bump trying to figure this out but every. Receptacle. I'm talking about a plug, like an outlet yeah, Qi plug your stuff into of course we had to bring adapters because their plugs are all wonky. Well, maybe our wonky, ever thought about that there's. A wonky, they go sideways they, like they're wonky, they go like this like and, by the circus, there are four degrees yeah, the, two top, slots. Little, walking. But. Above everything. Where. You can plug something in there's a switch you notice that yeah you can talked, about it you could turn the outlet on and off which is which, is tough when you're like you're plugging in your adapter. And then you're plugging, in your phone charger. Then you're plugging in your phone and then, well after I've done all that you, got to remember to also flick. On the switch. Above the outlet, every I didn't see it must have been like a a, law. Or. At some point it's part of the code yeah it's part of their code you got to turn on the receptacle. After. You've plugged into it I think I had something to do with being descended from petty criminals, well, let's say think about let's think about yes it's it's safety so that it's probably so a kid just can't, think. It's like a keyhole, yeah. But what if the kid just flips it on and then thinks it's a keyhole well then. That kid deserves ultimately, I think the American. Kids deserve, it if they put a key in but Australian, kids only deserve it if they're smart enough to then flip the switch to I think it is a superior system and I'm not just saying that because I want to build the argument for Australia being the greatest place on earth I think, is a superior system because if you have a device that, is. On. Wind plugged in and doesn't have a power switch like I don't. Know there's got to be one out there. Then, maybe, uh if you want to leave it plugged in hairdryer that's malfunctioning well, you know how like when you've got something plugged in here like I know that there's power like, going. Into it right now and there's some switch on it that's keeping the power from going, this is how electricity works, it's. Like a there's. A hose of electrons, they're just pushing their way into that hairdryer and they're on the tip in the hairdryer there's the tip gotta switch to keep on them and, they're building up in that hairdryer about to explode I heard you are getting blue by Walt all that electricity, pressure, to build up in the wall not, on my device right, cuz then we doesn't clearly what it is I, it's cuz, then when.

You Unplug it, either. Way you've still got a hairdryer, full, of electrons. Thing about you unplugging this is like they, go somewhere right well it that happens, either way man it's. Not better in Australia, you. Cut office days in the wall oh you're, saying you cut out once you're done with the hairdryer you leave the hairdryer on but you turn it off at the wall so it drains, all of its power, there probably make it sound like a garden hose they're probably saving cents on the dollar because of this technology do you leave water in your garden hose outside, of your house here in America. Yeah so it'll heat up and be like a warm bath the next time I got it on yeah well. You're talking about both sides you mouth now well, that's water not electricity, totally, different thing and the. Two shall not. Mix, well. I'm sorry I sent herself on that tangent you did you also notice that in public, places like airports and. Restaurants. I mostly, where are gets firmer, hold on let me say full of electronic airports. And hotels that. There was a dedicated, shaver. Outlet, that said shavers, only did. You see this I didn't even see that as, a man who shaves I would have thought that she would have tuned. Right into that there's, a shaver outlet, shaver is said shavers, only at the airport, and at, the hotel there was a shaver, only, and I, was so upset I didn't bring my shaver, well now I have a reason to go back. The, toilets, deuce, flush. The other way but I did not note that Christie. Told me that last night when I was like what's what are some of the highlights for you she was like flush. Good does go the other way well the reason I didn't note it and still, doubt whether or not it's true is because I got it too my wife told me all the toilets, that we used, didn't. Have a swirl they were just they. Were. It. Was like a trapdoor a little, man, a little, man came up and come on I mean we're talking about restrooms, and sucked it straight down there every restroom. That you went to and let. Me tell you brothers and sisters I went to the restroom a lot I had. A ball just a sermon I mean. That's. The plate cuz I need, to get some TP I need, there my. Budget and my TP budgets running low in the analogy, now. Clean. I'm not talking about no clean they were hand. Dryer oh the hand right they didn't have any paper products, I don't even think they have woods in. Australia, they must not yeah think about it did you actually we did see woods we. Did but they weren't having to turn it into toilet paper I Getty petty criminals, like to have their hands blown, right.

Big. Blow, off because they're constantly snatching, little insignificant things, and you, don't want to rough them up with paper towels you want air man Dyson, is from Australia, that's why Dyson. Is Australian, for vacuuming. Isn't that are you sure that Dyson is from Australia, pretty, sure look that up can you verify that I'm, pretty sure man the guy on the commercials, Australian. Anyway. Dyson, everywhere and you know all kinds of thing the air blades like you put you I, always. Have a crisis, of conscience about what I'm thinking, if, I like them or not like I really love, a, good Dyson. Technological. Advancement. But. It's a tight quarters for your hands like I felt like I'm really touching, the stuff that everyone else is touching but they had different things they didn't just have the blade head of all they had holes they had air hole they had air they. Had air fins they had it all man again. This is the same come everywhere. We went and yes we have confirmation, that, yeah. It's from us right yep, but listen if you're one of the next 30 people to. Agree what, you, also can say you were right first the place we dad he that Dyson, is from Perth now, on the end and for, other side of the car and shout out to the Perth Ian's I'm. Sorry came to the show and complained about us not going to Perth I mean I, guess, we'll have to check it out next time it's a big country it's on the other side but we talk about the rest shrooms yeah but just one last thing about the petty criminals because it to me because you're talking about sticking your hands and things like holes and slits, and different things yeah I think they're so they stick their hands into things without knowing it makes. Them constantly picking things out of each other's pockets I want, to continue that thing on with the. Sanitation. Sanitation the, drying yeah, petty, criminals I mean. We. Would at. The beginning of each show we would build rapport, with our with. Our audience by talking about how great everything. Was because it was just easy to come up with something and then, so, we we found ourselves talking about how. Clean, the public, restrooms were because, everywhere, we went especially, in Brisbane when we were like walking down the Riverwalk, and it's, just immaculate. Everybody's. Using stuff and no one's messing, anything up like nice, things are, staying nice we, go into the public restroom, it's nice I mean we were gushing about it on on talking. To Fallon yeah we're like oh we got a tell we got it we're, gonna we're.

Gonna Devote precious Tonight, Show minutes, to gushing about the, cleanliness of Australian, public restrooms and that should say it all yeah, as opposed to what would happen if it was in America which we won't even rehash it because you can see that on our little Fallon segment. Okay. So we're gonna so you. You got our our, general impressions we're gonna talk about some specific, things that happen on the trip in. A second but first I want, to take a short break to let you know that your. Biscuits, is. Brought to you by this shirt that. I'm wearing right now we sell merch and you you. Helped make this possible by, supporting, entertainment. I've got on the dank it ends what do I have on. Diggin, is sink it sure I've got on the Dinka and sinking, shirt sinking. It has a mouth. On the front that says GMM, on the tongue it says digging sinking on the back it's just one of many t-shirts. That you can find at mythical, tot store go, over there and just browse around we, also have an Amazon store, we've. Got some, of the same stuff some different stuff oh man, it'll, surprise you. Oh man. It'll surprise you thanks for supporting internet tainment. So. We went to Melbourne first. Yeah. We. Had a friend who was just from the outskirts of Melbourne he was really building it up and he was like, you. Know I I always, gush about my, hometown and. But. It just you know just people kind of roll their eyes they just don't get it but I think. When you go you'll get it and. I do I think we, got it it's. A great place y'all every. Place we went is I recommend, going to Melbourne, every place we went is great but I think the family consensus. The consensus, between the two of us and the consensus, between, our. Wives and our kids is that. Melbourne. Was. The best they, got really good food I mean anywhere. You if you trip and fall you'll, land in a flat white which. If you've, been to Starbucks like, in the past year, or so they. Started pushing these things called flat whites which I didn't know what it was I was just okay Starbucks, whatever I'll get one, well. That's what that's the main thing they got down there it's, basically a latte without the foam without the foam which I was, like this is brilliant more.

Coffee Less, foam foam. Sucks, if you ask me and except. Just a flat little layer of it and, you could anywhere, you fell you'd land in one and it would taste anyway tastes good and it validated, my. My. Problem your. Problem, my addiction, to. Coffee. Well, as someone, who has, not. Been drinking coffee and been. Drinking mostly tea. Almost, exclusively, tea. Just. Cuz it kind of is a coffee messes up my stomach in my skin and stuff I still, like coffee more but, you know I'm cursed, I, was, like I'm not gonna go to this place and not have the coffee and I. Mean. It was a combination of, having. Abstained. From. Coffee. In general, so. I was getting like my first latte, in months, but it was, that. Way it. Was absolutely. Incredible and it didn't matter the. Cost, it didn't matter the level of the, place that you went it was, nice restaurant, huh great coffee in a little hole-in-the-wall had great coffee and it. Just, it. Is just it's, an abomination, what, has happened. I don't. Know how, America. Got to a place, where. Coffee. For. Most people, is this, thing that is just dripped. Into, this. Glass. Mug. That, is you've, been so snob a fight that is on a higher, flavor and is sitting there in a diner just, burning, and it's just poured out for you without, gas hands, and, like a convenience, store and it's just bitter, like, there's. Just something beautiful that they respect. It so much and they, give it to you in the, way that you want it and it doesn't well again it we're talking about prisoners, here they didn't invent it right you know they just said all right they. This, is done really well in other parts of the world probably stole their first batch if we're gonna sit we're gonna steal it. Stole. It they made it better not hard, if you're gonna steal something make. It better. That's. What you can learn from most really do something really steal it go. All the way yeah. And, then the food in general I mean, it all places but. The first meal, the first day and first of all the adjustment. Going, everybody, was like 14. Hour flight 16. Hour flight you're from, LA your jet, lag going. We'll. Be, ok. Your jet lag coming. Back will be the worst you've ever experienced, listen. We've, been back. Well. Over a week I've been we, went to New York and now we're back again that. Made it worse I am still. Out. Of sorts yeah I I. Cannot, sleep at night and I'll get like nauseous for, no reason yeah because. You're seeing the toilet go the other way thanks, I'm as Merai being hypnotized, by your own feces meat, pies.

Everything. Was great but. We got I mean we. Didn't get this until we went to Brisbane but I think it's everywhere you go to a bar and you can order chicken parm oh my gosh and you're not gonna believe they've taken, they've taken chicken, and they've. Schnitzels, it out they've, hammered it out until it's like as big, as I don't. Know a human torso yeah, it depends on the human probably a child breaded it up they've. Made chicken parmesan, and you. Might be like okay chicken parmesan, okay. Again but it's they. Didn't come up with it it's. Italia. Came up with a stole they stole it from italia, but they will avoid, it better and they serve it in bars and let you go in there and you get this giant, piece yes perfectly, if you yeah, breaded slamdown. Chicken, if you take it to go they put it in a freaking what appears to be a pizza box but, that's just for you and listen it isn't just it doesn't it's not this piece of meat with. A piece of cheese on it and then slathered. With marinara. No no no no this piece of meat was, it had a thin layer of marinara, sauce then, a piece. Of him. The things we're talking about piece of we, devote so much time to chicken, parm and receptacles. And then this is a piece of cheese that cover the whole thing and it was just one of like four different kinds you could get at this pub they. Got these things called laneways, which. Hey. Here's, my advice when going to a city that, you've never been to. Very. Early on like I'm talking day one many. Day to sign, up for a. Walking. Tour a highly-rated. Walking. Tour if you're into food make, it about food if you're into art make. It about art we took a street art walking. Tour in Melbourne, because they have streets. That are designated. It's. Cool, to to. Put what some people call graffiti but I call street, art or tagging up there and tag it. But. Then you kind of it's, a way to be guided, for a few hours to, then. Have. Your interest, piqued about other things that you can come back to we made the mistake one time in New York which we've, been a lot but we started doing we. Did a food walking tour which was great but we did it on the last day we were there and it it actually became very frustrating, because, we found a number of things that we wanted to go back to and we. Didn't get to do that so that's just a little practical piece of advice take a walking tour early. But. We saw, a few of these streets. That were like I mean everything's, really, spaced. Out and what we learn from the, the walking tour was that the architect, who, planned it he just made it really wide and like, he fought tooth and nail to make the streets as wide as they were he had a giant. Horse he had a really fat horse must have had a really maybe it was about seven, wide yes a seven, wide fat horse but now you. Can have you, can have both. Lanes of, car. Streets, but then still have plenty of room in the middle for trains which, you can hop on and off of for. Free and, I could get anywhere and still remember what they call those in common, they had a nickname, for him it, wasn't a trial reom cars or something is but basically it was like a San Francisco, trolley.

So In stark contrast to, that you look down what, appears to be like a much, more narrow street, which. Was not planned by the architect, but then, as things, were built up they made these narrow streets which were, akin to what, you I don't, know what you might see in London I well, I've never walked around I have and but it's a European style so basically, these. The streets that you can, drive a car down them but, you don't anymore and it would be like one lane and there's, lots of cobblestone, lots of cafes, and the cafes like have their sister on like out into, the laneway no car at all I just I've always I don't know it just feels so cool well there's like this I had, this thing for nooks. And crannies yeah like I'm really in like when I see like I'm always, want to when I'm looking cranny man I don't know if it's because I'm so big and it has to be a big cranny for me to get into it but. If I can get myself into a cranny I will look it right up you would not believe it and and. So I I I. Don't know it really is but when, you get in now I'm like that must have been a cranny I absolutely. Love, getting into these small places that's one of the reasons, that New York is one of favorite places on earth because you can walk and then you look down there there's a freaking, door, down there and it looks like there's people down there having fun and there's people above them and that they're having fun you know everybody's, doing something and it's nooks and crannies man they almost called New York that sometimes I'll be like yeah I'll. Be in nooks and crannies land, and. I'll. Be like where's red and. I won't, see him area now I'll backtrack, a block or two and I'll just see him wedged in, what, I'm. Can. Is now a cranny yeah sometimes you have to lose like to get me out hey I'm. Break. Out the lube the cranny Lube right. I keep I keep a I, keep, a tube a cranny lube in my back I'm looked up here you gotta you gotta loot me out of this cranny when a big man likes crannies, you got to have Lube on hand Nick, Nick, Lube is, it, cranny Lube or nook a little they're both it's kind of like the tip sides of Twix no it's like left and right twigs we sell both at mythical dodge stores they're the same cleave and cranny little secret and they, reset, up this all mark anything where they're competing against, each other looking blue, versus cranny Lou your favorite is no clue but my favorite is cranny Luke. Not. To be confused with granny lube which, is something. We're not good at. You. Yeah but you just did. We, went and then we we. Booked a, day. Trip out of town we went on the great ocean road which. By. The way they, stole, from, us. The, PCH. Highway, along, the, the. Western. Coast of the United States yes, that's what the story is they stole that and put it along, their coast. Which is absolutely, beautiful he's not kidding because we went on a tour and the guy said hit about a knee the guy that. Came. Up with the idea, for the, great ocean road had, recently, visited, California. And saw the Pacific, Coast Highway and he saw appreciation, was like I'm gonna do that no so 12 apostles, is like the destination. But it it takes, from, Melbourne you're going further around, South I think I got my cardinal. Directions correct, but who cares, go, on West three hours you'll get. A 12 apostles which, they're. Not 12 Oh but. Basically it's giant. Rock. Rock formations. That used, to be a part of a some monolithic cliff. That began to be eroded. Down and, then there are these pillars that, we. Were told that at no time were there twelve but, because there were twelve apostles it was a cool thing to say twelve apostles but I think there's only six or seven at this point depending on how you define one and they've, like falling, down like a couple of them are falling down in the past like 23 years anyway. Actually. I follow, a couple of it's a it's a beautiful well I I've been following even before I knew we were gonna go I've always loved the idea of Australia, and I. Follow a couple of Instagram accounts one, is basically. Dedicated all this stuff on the great ocean road and so I've seen this on Instagram millions, of times me I got to, go and, check. This out and, so we went on this tour you're welcome with yeah, you set this up, thank. You for saying that we said, we went on this tour with everybody and then we were on a bus, with. You, know 20, other I don't know 15 to 20 other people, I'll apologize for, that part of it you. Told me that we were gonna be alone I thought, we were gonna be alone we're on a bus with too. Many people too much condensation, in that bus and that's why I was late to the bus man I was, late to the bus because you had told me it's just us and so, I was like I got.

Something That Mike Ranney I gotta get out real fast I had to take a dump cause of what another way of saying this and, and and, then but you know you know it's like I got. It first of all that's a misuse of the term cranny, like all of that all all. The collateral everything, we built like, we spent all this time building up. This great thing about nooks and crannies, it was like it was a high point in a pod casts re like I just thought myself thinking you know what we'll edit it out if, this podcast, sucks from here on out it'll be fine because of what we built from nothing with this nook and cranny thing and, then you decimate, it are you thinking about the whole you mystic ride it yeah sorry. You miss supply it has nothing, to do with that I had to defecate I'm sorry I should have just said I had to use the restroom but I wanted to give you a sense. Of time well, anyway, we, get to the 12 apostles and let me tell you that's why I was late to the buses it was what it was worth. Suffering. In the back of this bus I mean literally you and I were the last ones long as I was waiting for you I I. Said, in the last row, in a smaller seat I was also lower but it doesn't matter because I'm kind of like a giraffe but it was worth it because it was so beautiful and let me tell you we had a good time I had a great time, Christie, my. Wonderful, wife had a great time it was it we had a great time together I mean we just bonded, it. Was amazing, we were taking photos with our family, and it. Was it. Was just sound. Like you're setting up a do some juxtaposition. Was a milestone, event. For. In. My relationship, with my wife is just a bright. Shining beacon, of of. What, our relationship. That's. What we aspire for. It to be. You're. Saying this because you. Know that my. Wife and I had. A misunderstanding. While, on the tour. Yeah. It got it got pretty heated I, honestly. Do not remember exactly, what, the subject. Of the argument was that just. Made it worse. Well. No didn't learn, you know the specific I don't, know what you did but I know you did something wrong if she was mad we know it it was I. Don't. Remember exactly what I said but I said something that she took as me, being. Critical. And. She. Was like you don't have to you, don't have to parent, me or something like that I think it was related to. The. Taking, of photo no that, was so. No see we. Had an initial conversation, oh that. Was about something I had like corrected, her about and she. Got mad at me and. Then. I, asked. Someone. To take a photo it was your fault. No. You were already fine now that I think about it it was your freakin fault because I had. Made up oh you, know what I told her you know what I told her right before you you you you did that I, told. Her I said I am, NOT going to say one. Judgmental. Or critical thing, for the, rest of this trip and then you catch up with us and I'm like. Kids. Gather around, can. Somebody take our photo in front of the apostles. It's, so beautiful, and then. And then she was like oh I'll do it she. And I gave her my phone she gets up there to take the photo and here's what I here's honestly, what I'm thinking at the time I'm, like link, it's. Super. Particular about photos and I know exactly what, you want in your photo I know how, you, want you. The Headroom in the composition, you want this to be a special moment yeah so she's volunteered, to take and again, it was on this is yeah this is why it's part of a, is a problem and I have contributed it to contributed, to it in our marriage but, what this is why this is my fault no because I said. He's. Not gonna like that. And. He was like reaching for the phone to take the picture and.

She. Looked at me and. Just. She. May have given me the bird I can't remember exactly what. Happened but, if she got so, mad and she. Just walked, off it was a it, was this it was the straw that broke the camel's because, I just said that was a way to do it anymore and then you set me up man. You set me hold on, did. You guys do it was, it a setup for real no it, wasn't, so I'm sitting there chasing, after her thinking I've got to make this right and this is when you know Christy, says. That she. Actually told us later that she could, see other couples, was like she was in a place where she could see couples go past us and then, get close to you guys yeah because we were all walking back at this point and Jesse. And I were arguing and, it was like I was trying to apologize but then I got mad because she wouldn't accept my words. Like mad at each other and people. Like see us arguing and then, they started talking about us and you could hear the things that there yeah and then they would pass Christy, and she would hear man. They really upset. At each other but. The ironic thing is or the beautiful thing is that, it. Was a great picture that we got great pictures and my wife posted, to her Instagram and, Twitter, or at least her Instagram. She. Posted a picture of us a family, picture and she, was like you. Know life hacker tip, or the day or whatever she said always. Remember. No matter what, you feel like or even if you're in the middle of a fight with your husband smile. In your picture so you can look back on this memory and not, remember the argument or whatever it was much more eloquent. Than what I just said so she took this picture she likes smiled this beautiful. Smile for the picture and then herself as, soon, as the. Picture had been taken she was just back to. Well. It's funny that you said ironically. And you. Were telling I drew think but also I thought you were gonna say ironically, the. Picture she took was a good, picture oh well I was happy with the picture yeah oh good yes you have a problem man we. Actually continue to work through that throughout the trip and. It. Happened. Good thing that there was like another eight hours in the trip no no I mean that long I mean the trip. Oh hey, case you three weeks. Because. It, is something as she has pointed out multiple times it's something, that comes, out while. On vacation there's, a special, type of you. Know it's just the ingredients. For family conflict, wait. What is it. Me, well. First of all they're right from the beginning of the trip because we see we, I have travel anxiety, in a way that she doesn't so I'm the one who I'm like the quintessential, dad who gets the family to the airport 14 hours early you know what I'm saying like I'm like get up everybody we gotta get there through flying on Wednesday, you know I I'm, I have. This anxiety and, I'm not typically an anxious person when it comes to a lot of things but I'm. I get anxious about the parts, of a trip that I feel that I actually have control over so in other words, as. Soon, as I get through security my. Heart rate goes way down, because I don't care I'm not nervous about flying because, it's in somebody else's hands if we're gonna if we're gonna bring in to crash but. I do have, the power to get to the airport to, make. The right decisions about where we're gonna park or if a super, all right this is understandable, but how is this a problem it's a problem because.

She. Does not exhibit, any sense of urgency or or concern. Or anxiety, at all about these things and so, what we kind of landed on is so what, I'm doing is I start getting I get mad at her and she gets mad at me for caring and I, get mad at her for not caring about these things and it just starts this tension that builds. So. Will, you assume, that she cares none, just. Because she's not at, a, height that there's like frantic, level that you are well I tell her and you start to what. Mean. You have talked about this before when we when. We work with people that we haven't worked with before and. We. Don't sometimes. We might, be might be somebody who's, directing, us or doing something and it's just like, they. Don't seem, to. Understand. The gravity of this in the way that we do and, it's not necessarily. True it's just some people don't, express, either. Anxiety. In the same way me. And you know when we were anxious about something so, yes, it isn't that she doesn't care anyway, I don't want to get into a. Counseling. Situation but. We. Actually made late we made some progress because. What. I communicated, to her is that okay listen I can't I've got to learn to not be critical and to and to point things out it be judgemental and let this tension build, and. What. She agreed to is to. Just, X not, let it feel, like it's all my responsibility for. All these things and for her to kind. Of go along for the ride but she's actually going to she sees that I have to signal, that I am concerned, about these things and just a just, an acknowledgment. That I am concerned about getting to the airport on time or, packing, right before the last minute. That's. Enough to put me at ease is just how does not apply to the to, the picture, though I know, I'm saying in general I can be critical but it starts, when we travel like Oh tension, is the. The, tension is increased you're on the edge and so now you're on the edge and so any little thing like that will just set.

One Of us off yeah what we get but we got through it and by the time I mean first of all and they both feel like you, were parenting, her as how she puts it like if it's like don't take a picture that way or we, got to get to the airport I get that yes what, can I do to. Help well, next, time you. Sense that. That is happening I didn't. Sense and you don't ask either, one of us I didn't do anything sir man just do a selfie, or get a stranger, get, a strange get a stranger, ask a stranger to take take. Your photo, then. We went to Sydney and. Met. I mean we, check in a hotel and then we walk a block and we're like we're. In the middle of a furry. Convention. Photoshoot. Yeah. Which. It was on our Instagram, well let's. Explain how this happened because first. Of all it was year the most controversial. Instagram. Photo ever posted, to the Rhett link count based on the number of the, amount of debate in the in the in, the comment section now. Let, we just walk we walked up to the fountain at the nearest park which is what was strolling around and, everybody. Is in full, head-to-toe. Mascot. Where and where, I mean we a medium is like I've heard of furries I, saw. An episode of CSI. The, original, mm-hmm, way back in the day featuring, furries, one of which I think was dead and it was it. Was weird. But. I never. Experienced, furries well. In person and you might have, been able to decipher this based on the look in my face look on my face in the photo I know, about, the. I, kind, of know about wrap, that yeah the reputation that furries have built and which. Is, that. There's just some stuff there's, some stuff that goes on I mean you you can look at the Wikipedia you can look at the controversy. Side of freedom and, on the Wikipedia page I'm, not gonna go into the details I'm. Not validating that, I'm not confirming that I'm not denying that I don't know anything about it but I knew about the. Reputation in some circles, you're also not condemning, it that's I'm I don't again, I don't know if it's a if it's a founded, reputation, I don't, know anything about it but I'm saying that as we were there I was like this is this will be funny people, will think that it's funny and something and it will start some comments, if we take a picture with first and I'm like as opposed to cool people. In full bodysuits. Fur. And, I think a lot of people on our Instagram, account thought, that we, were just completely clueless. Had no idea what we were doing it I'm not completely, clueless but you, know but I'll let me take it right now as a scene but I lots. Of those murdered attack lots of those furries were mythical beasts I mean. Literally in one sense which is enough for me man I'm in huh. Well I'm in, I'm. Not in I mean I don't have a costume, I mean I'd I will, say that I did have one I think, she was a squirrel or something I. Don't know what she was but, she was with her husband and she got, a low her husband was not in. A suit, he, was the photographer well, 8:4 talk she got a little fresh with me and. Well. I haven't. Use that term in a long time so maybe, you're not familiar with it all I'm saying is that I was taking a picture with her and she really. She. Got like like, a body like I was a I was a pole that she was holding on to in a tornado and. The, three that contained her nuts yeah it was and she really she got her leg up into a space, she. Really latched on but I got into my cranny not gosh, I should don't do that, it was my look actually but.

It Was she put her knee in my nook and. I was uncoupled it's not say she let's, say the squirrel because, I think yeah, because it was a squirrel I didn't mind maybe that's the whole thing maybe that's that's not just three that's what it is, hey, we're just animals who. Cares. Who. Cares if my wife puts her knee in your nook, she's. Just a squirrel as long as the composition, is good and you don't parent, me know how to take the photo properly, I think, this is a win-win. So. We got some we got some good traction on the Instagram which is really all that matters, mission, accomplished, you guys fell for it yeah you fell for it yeah it's great, Sydney. Is different, than Meldrick see my suit. Yeah. Link is now a furry you'll never know which one he is though. Sydney's. Different than Melbourne it's a little bit bigger not a lot bigger but it is more people smoke absolutely. Absolutely. It's, a. Beautiful. Place I mean you. Know you've got they've got this thing called the Opera, House oh yeah you know about that I actually thought it was really. Cool when I saw it I was like whoa it's. Just an amazing. Architecture, it's beautiful, the bridge is beautiful we'll talk about the bridge in a second the whole harbor, the bay there it's, it is one of the most beautiful places that. I've ever been took a real boring walking, tour right when we got there so it doesn't always work out I think that the, the. Density, in, of. Melbourne. And just the fact that every single experience we had was so great there and where while in Sydney it was kind of it was a little bit more hit, or miss it was, kind of the difference I don't know it, was a little more New York and I absolutely loved New York but it can feel a little bit like and I guess LA is the same way it just kind of feels like there's, so much here I really don't know exactly what it wasn't as distinct. It was more of uh. Everything. Is there kind of a thing yes. But, we we, decided to do the. Bridge climb which, well, this was Jenna's thing cuz like I was the one making all the things saying. We should do this we should do that and Jenna kept bringing up this bridge climb and I kept saying my house, I don't, know I'm. Cool with it I mean, I knew Kristie would not want to do that so like I, wasn't. I wasn't pushing it but like every time I turn out she was she mentioned that bridge climb and, then we finally did it and I'm I'm.

Glad We did oh it. Was a highlight, Kristi didn't do it but, um. At. One point on the bridge climb you, the. Guys taking photos all along but at one point they. He. Says now I'm gonna take a little video I said well me. And the kids got together and, they, we, took a little video because they said put it on Facebook, because they like to promote the bridge climb I think and. We said, we. Gave Christian message we were just like I got. The kids to say hey mom, miss. You wish you were here, and I'm. Like yeah. This I bet this is gonna get me laid that's. What I was thinking oh cool, cuz that's my idea you know it's like we're up here having the time of our lives but we're we're, all we love you and we're only thinking about you that's what it takes for you I've. Gotta climb to a freakin bridge and make a video no but it but, it. Helps. You. Know you gotta always be thinking about it did it work yeah. Congratulations. I was like hey, I, got let, me show you the. Photos we took today up here's a little video from the family, I was. It was my idea I was really thinking about you yeah really setting the standard pretty hard to be with you just want you to know at the, height if she begins to it's a literal height of Sydney, I was, only thinking about you. Just, word to the wise though you, don't want to necessarily, set. Those expectations and, set that standard that, in order for there to be on a scale something business time you have got to do some sort of incredible. Display, of your, your. Love. The. Bars got to come back down yeah yeah yeah along with me at the bridge con. Highly. Recommended, though, absolutely. Fascinating, in, the way that they have the, engineering. Degrees, that we still have we. Don't use there's. A part of us that gets into this type of thing the, system, that they have established that gets, you on to this bridge climb and the way that everything is hooked, to your body on this onesie, with all these hooks and then you hook into this thing and you're literally, attached. To, this wire, the. Entire time, and you, the. Entire time that you go all the way up to the top of the bridge we come all the way back down we should clarify that it's it's. One, huge. Art, it, is an art it is the the. Longest. Single. Arc. Suspension. Bridge I don't know in the world whatever the type of bridge that it is is the longest like single span so at a certain point you're you're literally walking along, that top part, like that the. Tallest point on the bridge and we did the twilight so, we saw the sunset the sunset at the peak, of the bridge. Absolutely. Incredible, now one of the things I saw when we got. To the place was that you know this is an operation, that has been they've, been doing this for a while and they've, got. It's. A really incredible operation. When you walk in and there's all these photo, as photos, popping up on the screens of all. The celebrities. Who. Have been on the bridge, and. So in addict combat, you've got Will Ferrell, and. Basically. Almost every actor, or athlete that you can think of has been a dick come but has been on this bridge and taking a picture now. This. Is one of those situations where. I. We. Show up and I see all these pictures and I'm like okay. My. Ego my ego sets in a little bit and I'm like well. You. Know that they, know they got to world. Plaza youtubers, up in the house right now. And. I and I want to be like, well. You know what will it take for us to get our picture up there in the, in the Will Ferrell rotation, right but. Of course you can't be the one that says anything. And I'm not gonna let go tell Jenna, to say something to him so I just kind of didn't, say anything at all and, but. That was why, we. Didn't we weren't next to each other we had like our families kind of in between us or at least a couple of kids in between us because. You because once you pick, an order that you're gonna, latch. On and go on the route you can't change order because you're literally latched in an order right, and so but I was like, on. The off chance that, at some point someone, who works at bridge climb, might. Happen too he, figures out those. Guys are on YouTube, let's. Take a picture of the two of us together and that's where that picture, of. Us in the onesies together. Came, from and, listen, I haven't been back to bridge climb I don't know if you guys have put us in the rotation, you don't have to I mean yes. I'm. Happy but I'm, happy as I am I don't I don't need I don't need to be in the in the rotation, to fill it with to feel validated need high altitude, validation.

I Mean I've got cranny loop I don't I I don't need like, I don't need your system as I've, already established I got I got, what I came for. Exactly. And. My wife nothing to do with a screen my wife went with me. Hmm. Also. My youngest, son got sick remember that part yeah like coming. Down sudden, I realized every time he stopped he'd just kneel, he. Just started he'd take a knee and likewise. Shepherd, taking a knee and every, time we stopped I thought he's, queasy is it because we're climbing we were high up it was scary at first but he's not you know he's not he doesn't that's not his disposition he's, not one, to be. Shaken in that way so I was like hopefully. This is not something worse turns out it was something worse and. That's why he, was actually sick and that's why I had to stay home with him the next day yeah yeah, you guys took the trix day we did another day trip out to the Blue Mountains it was freaking beautiful out there there's like these like, vertical. Ravines, and you can go on all these different I don't build it up too much I didn't get to go to make. A serious indication devices, that take you on these, amazing. Beautification. Beautiful. Scenic. Routes. It's. Pretty awesome and then wasn't that great was it it was great, it was so great read and then, it wasn't like a highlight of the trip it was a highlight, man I mean at one point I'll tell you this we. Went into this they, called it a cultural presentation. But it was mr.. Cultural, imposition it was a Aboriginal. Information. Session. Slash dramatization. There's, a lot of is Asians and and they talked about well. They put on this dramatization, where the, guy he. Reenacted. The discovery, of the didgeridoo, like. Wind. Flowing. Through a hollow log that made a noise and then he picked it up and started learning how to play it and then this guy that's. How it happened that's I mean that's, what they say legend has it legend has it and then. He starts playing a didgeridoo in, this small, little theater, and. It. Was amazing man like I. Didn't. Anticipate that, watching. A guy, masterfully. Play the didgeridoo. 11. Feet in front of me could, bring me to verge of tears but, it did it's. In him that way it's amazing and in the way that he, they. Developed, ways to mimic, different. Wildlife. In the, outback where, the didgeridoo with the didgeridoo talked about all different types of birds and. All. Types of stuff man it was it was it was amazing and, artful and really, cool but. It wasn't a kiss it wasn't a canvas I would. Not have missed it if I were me were. You but. You did miss it and then, after that I, watched Shepherd watch Cartoon. Network all day and he literally, watched, the. Same episode, of. Some. Show four, times we, went to a. While I miss it was a camp mystic sanctuary. And you, could feed. Kangaroos. Just walk up to him and feed him which you can also do at Disney World but, don't worry yeah you can do that at Disney where they can do that in Florida that's well that's where I'll do it I was. At point-blank range with some koalas, and they smell funny, and. Then. Like how like. We're. Like, a musk like a eucalyptus. Musk kind of situation, actually sounds like a great fragrance, hey. But it is not that's the that's what I'm gonna start adding that to granny lube you could pay extra to feed the. Koalas. And you, and the Kangaroos which we did and then, you, go into the next section and there's like wombats, which are like God, awfully, huge, gerbils. I'm talking about like a pig, sized. Guinea. Pig really cute gerbil based, on the pictures of course I haven't seen him in person mixed, with like a beaver, in the face a little bit and, there's signs everywhere. We. Bite, you. Look any direction you look there's a sign it says we, bite. Do. Not feed, the. Wombats, well yeah let me give you my perspective on this because I get, a text. From my. Wife. With. A picture, of my son holding, his hand up and. It says lot got bit by wombat. Locke, tried to feed the wombat. Turns. Out they bite. Who. Would have known aggressively. I didn't. See it happen but I mean it was but I mean I saw blood, like I saw evidence of an, altercation it drew blood like, I'm. Talking about on the path I'm, talking about I didn't know I was, like I just I walk up the wombat station, and I see blood don't see Locke and I'm like and then, I start looking for, looking.

For Locke because he's the best candidate, for that yeah he, had a couple of accident, I mean you're feeding kangaroos, then there's a wombat you know you, don't look at signs okay, whatever, I keep, throwing your family under the bus you. Mainly, you and your son but I. Got. A story I'll throw a Lando under the bus. In. A little bit because we haven't even got to Fiji, I mean this is VG yeah Fiji, we should move to that but so. We. Did our shows we. We patched up the kids who, needed patching, up Locke. Namely. Yeah. And. We, left Australia thinking, we. Will come back I mean it's just. It's. Like the greatest place on earth as, far as we're concerned I'm really, interested in going into the outback like, I want to do like an off-roading, thing, yeah well like I want to do I want it also race, with Hamish, and Andy, we'll see who can get across the continent, first well of course we'll cheat well because we ain't got time to actually do it you're gonna win without a doubt but. Yeah. I'll say that we went in the peak of winter, which, first of all is really, mild in Australia at least where we were not. A bit the weather was incredible. I would, like to go back in the summer last people said go back in the summer so, we can like to experience the beaches in the way that they are intended to be experienced. But. I'm gonna say that I've been to some incredible places. It. Was also the fact that we got to experience multiple cities, and we got to be there for an extended period yeah that helps. But. I gotta say that it is. My. Favorite vacation favorite. Vacation and favorite place that I've ever visited it. Was and I haven't been a whole lot of places but it right. Now on, my, list, Australia. Is my favorite place on earth it was my favorite place and I think it was my favorite trip, because. We, did such. Intense, sight scene in I. Mean we only spent one day in Brisbane but that's where we got to chicken parm and did the show family, didn't come then we flew back to Sydney where they were. But. It. Was intense, active. Site, scene and. Just. Out on a song would have just been exhausting. So the fact that we had five, full days in, Fiji. Oh. Man. That would that just really that. Was I loved the arrangement, of going. Hard, for. Sightseeing and then going, light. Yes. And with with just on the beach just. Sprawl, out and let it happen to you and let Fiji, happen to you and you know since you encouraged, me to thank you for you, know the excursions, of which one I didn't get to go on the. This, thank you for choosing this the stopping, and the in Fiji, brilliant, and, and picking. The specific, place Rhett was that was that was based on always been. Obsessed. With island islands are my there's like a long awkward, pause in, our. Life he's, gonna he's probably gonna bring up an island, well the funny thing is is now I'm beginning to see I'm really into nooks and crannies and I'm really into islands and I got to both is, there an eyelet island give all of you nooks, and crannies, because. That would be, absolutely, incredible we, flew into Fiji on the mainland and then we took a what. They call a speedboat, just a really fast boat that still took 30 minutes to go it was dark so it's hard to tell exactly what, we passed. Some. Islands and then we went to the, island called. Castaway. Island which. Is basic I don't know if that's the proper name of the island but it's the name of the resort on the island which is the only resort on the island which. At. Low tide. Just. To give you an idea how big the island is you could hike all the way around the island in an hour, so it's pretty small it's, the only resort on the island and there's, like 60. Individual. Huts, where. You can stay that's all that's the extent when we were planning this trip the, ice. First, of all you know Fiji has over.

300 Islands, and. And, I've always wanted to stay on an island, that small I felt, like I was stranded, right you think it might be the the, the. Huts, on stilts, that are over the ocean. Water but that's like Bora Bora that's a defeat there well there are some we did pass a few there's some but that's not really what it's known for but, are the travel agent that we were using actually was like well. You guys have got kids you probably should do a resort on the mainland, you know cuz they're gonna get bored or whatever and, I was like listen I don't, know if we're ever gonna go, back to this place I want, to do I don't care how bored the kids get I want. To live like. Robinson Caruso on an. Island. That I can walk around and that's, why we chose this place and so. The. Boat pulls up to the island, and the guy is like it's, gonna be a wet landing, and we're, like hahahahahaha. And then, we realized that there's no dock. The. Boat and. We had all our luggage the boat just pulls. Up to the sandy. Beach yeah like two foot of water and. We have to literally, take, our shoes off and roll our jeans up and walk. Into, the ocean to get onto the island because, there was not a dock I mean that's how Island. This island is but there's resorts on

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“I saw an episode of CSI” Oh no. This is not going to go well


The funniest thing about this is that here in Australia we don’t really consider our cities or public restrooms to be clean. So it’s pretty surreal to see other people talking about how nice they are.

For some reason, I have never ever seen a picture of all of you guys with your wives and kids. I'm pretty sure I've never even seen a picture of your wives. Such a cool picture.

Hi my name is jakk I know you'll probably never see this comment but I'm Australian I do vlogs and I just want to say I'm so glad you like our country and I can't wait for you to come back

this was such a good episode! it was so personal and interesting

I was so excited to go to the show in Melbourne, but Something came up and i wasn’t able to go so I gave my tickets to a friend. Apparently she had a great time though so that’s good. Still sad that I missed it.


Is there even such a thing as a place were the people that live in it *don't* have accents?

On behalf of all Perthians, we forgive you. But come next time because we always get left out

The furry convo killed me! And link would be a tiny pony with antlers. And Rhett would be a tree.with cra-nooks.

Respect on the pronunciation of the Aussie cities guys! Also, thanks for the kind and realistic appraisal!

Should have gone to WA

Lol @ lil fallon

well shit .

wait. you don't have switches on your outlets???

Dude, wasn't so sure about Australia when I went there (but we hit some iffy weather there), but FIJI FOR THE WIN!!!!!

I thought a flat white was a latte with a very specific constancy on foam? Like thick foam?

from Australia EASE up on the prisoner stuff

the powerpoint is a energy saving thing

Of course Australia is the best country, and love the way you pronounced the city’s right, oh and in form brissy

Am from the UK o have always suffered with anxiety low moods in the past over the past few years I'm feeling amazing with myself part of that is thanks to use always making me laugh thanks guys


Yeah so the streets are really wide so that back in the day the horse and carriages could turn around!

Nobody ever talks about Adelaide

aussie for the win

in europe its the same,we do have different plugs for shavers,since they use less volatage than regular plugs...

as far as my knowledge goes,in europe we do not have those switches as well and we have almost same volatage in plugs as you in Australia have :)

Lost in Space You can obviously afford to eat and not be homeless? Then it’s not expensive. Your expectations are just too high. Venezuela where people can’t afford food despite working full time = expensive.

As a person who has spent their entire life in Australia I can say they are correct

I have a new opinion of link and his bridge climb


Only if Australia didn't have Tasmania

Our game shows may be shit but the Today show makes up for all of that

Those power outlets are pretty standard but what they're really used for is things like ovens. The main power for the oven goes via the power point. The power point , for kettles and whatnots, is up out of the way of little kids and the center on/off switch is usually for the oven which is of course usually within reach of little kids. The oven can't be switched on at the controls without first switching it on at the power point. which is out of reach. Also it's an energy saver. People are in the habit of turning all their appliances off at the wall rather than standby mode. So rather than fight the plugs and double adaptors to get to the left and right on/off switches that send power to your TV, DVD player, Xbox and so on. You can simply use the on/off switch in the middle. Though of course remote control power point on/off switches are starting to replace even that.

Go to Singapore. Its amazing, and that's coming from an Australian who was born in New Zealand

The Aussie mythical beasts are great cuz we want other youtubers to come to Australia. Meet and greets are once in a lifetime man

My god Rett’s big son is just too handsome

Of course Australia is the best country, and love the way you pronounced the city’s right, you also need to expirence the greatness of Brisbane, honestly so great

Dude even our hungry jacks and macas coffee is good

thank.. god he said Melbourne right

I’m Australian

Nook and cranny

Don't go to perth to swim one animal great wight shark

Aussie people are ok to let steryo Aus if you like Aus

Advance Astralia fare

I have had an amazing few months of working in Aussie and this brings me back to all the good times I have had there. Great to hear your stories because they are so common and relatable. Thanks for this trip down memory lane!


Majority of the population are descendants of immigrants, that paid very little to come here. Only a small portion were criminals.

I’m Aussie AND Fijian - and I loved this a lot


What kind of mics are you guys using??

Tasmania=island full of nooks and crannies. There's even a very small town called Nook!

It’s AWESOME to know you guys enjoyed Australia! Even more so melbourne! Getting to meet Rhett was honestly the highlight of my year. The photo I got with him became famous at my own school

Or perth...

Wanna hear a joke? NBN!

No, i just find it weird.

Pops to Rhett for pronouncing Melbourne correctly!

you can't adapt to Aussie tv. its all always boring

Rhett, Link I need too know one thing... Did you discover the wonders of a vegemite sandwich, bunnings snag and fairy bread?

Are you telling me they don't have switches on power outlets in the US? like wtfffffffffff

Australia is trash

Rhett kind of looks like a white Muttiah Muralitharan.

Australians pronounce it like fee-g

the only reason Australia coffee is so good is because greek and Italian immigrant came during 'the gold rush' ps- Australia coffee is rank the best in the world......and so is pizza

Love you guys but just have to point out Britain was transporting it's convicts to America for over 2 centuries before the first boat load arrived in Australia so all those convict jokes you made apply to you too lol

A lot of bad things go around about furries and the majority is just lies. The majority of the Fandom is family friendly

I love you ❤️

Why are they saying Melbourne weird....

straya is the best place in the world cause i live there. oh and also all aussie are thieves dont say u haven't stole something come on.

white neil dygrasse tyson

122 Kiwis disliked.


You mentioned meat pies... New Zealand is where you want to go.

I live in Sydney but I always love visiting Melbourne if the opportunity comes up. The laneways, food and coffee truly are the best in my opinion and I do LOVE those lil nooks and crannies as well. It’s a cool concept those laneways adorned with cafes and restaurants - the laneways in Melbourne gotta be the only laneway I actually feel safe venturing down at night haha I wouldn’t think of it in Sydney.

Wait how are plug holes in America

You've convinced me, I want too go now

When you come back please come to Adelaide :)

I literally thought every power outlet EVER had switches on them.

Can't call yourself a local pub unless you sell a giant chicken parmy.

The way I found this channel is I was at a cheap little pizza shop in Logan (City south of Brisbane) and in the pizza shop they would play a GMM playlist on repeat all day every day, and I mean *_every_* day, that's all you could watch on their TV while waiting for pizza

Maaan! I want to go to australia... although im afraid of all spiders except tarantulas and jumping spiders.

As an aussie, I can tell you the answer is YES

"You always gotta be thinking about it" - "Did it work?" - *nods smiling* "Yeah!" hahahahahah

Answer ~ yes ;)

Im here because of Chris Hemsworth XD

I’m proud. They both can say Melbourne properly.

Spoiler : ......... NO!!! - from a kiwi

Bob Blakinship

I know I'm late, but i love hearing them gush about my country

49:46 wait what?!?!...

achlan weinz not so much during the gold rush, but more the post war immigration boom...

This is the most amazing thing to listen to/watch as an Australian. Hello from Perth. Thank you for saying it’s the greatest place on Earth!

I was sad enough when they didnt go adelaide but then they only mentioned not going to perth so sad :(

Koalas are riddled with Chlamydia. I remember going to the Australian Reptile Park and I was like 10 and a kid was being pulled into the enclosure by a wombat. That kid might not have a hand anymore.

Yes Australia is the best place in the world

Nope Tax is a joke

G'day mate, have ya' seen my boomerang?

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi ! Go Aussie

Scream mask power sockets.

12:00 Lol he watched letters and numbers on SBS. Anyway, great video. It's nice getting outside opinion about Aus. Every backpacker or tourist I meet just says "Oh it's amazing here" and I'm like oh okay then.

"You're being hypnotized by your own feces" - Rhett McLaughlin, 2018

Brisbanites represent!

But the outlet switch can save power

Very weird indeed.

Aussie Aussie Aussie! *OI OI OI!*



It is the best place on earth and I have the right to say that because I have never left Australia

Is he from nope or dope

I knew straight from the title that convicts and our criminal past would be brought up

Most of these come from Britain

wtf is this XD

Mate, we're all so nice cause we're all mates. As our national anthem goes "we found this place to share" also I really hope you learnt of aboriginal Australian history because it is beautiful

tbh this is so funny watshing as an aussi

Finally got to see the wives!

Eyyy Aussie

That moment you forget Australia was actually a country

you guys havent been to yorkshire :D

Very few Australians are actually descendants of convicts :D also, the plugs are angled so they aren’t so easily knocked out of the socket.

You guys didn't even get to Byron Bay, 2hrs south of Brisbane - the most over rated vogue plastic hippie antisocial beach community on the planet!? That would have been the icing on the cake of your holiday mates!

its not aus straya its aus"Stra"lia

You guys really didn't visit Australia. You visited Sydney and Melbourne. From an Australian who has been to most of our country there are many places to go at different times of the year that you just didn't do. In winter you should have gone outback and up to the Northern Territory (Darwin). Summer is for the beaches and islands (Whitsundays is a must do). Also you didn't even go to a game of anything!! That's like a major part of our culture, especially AFL

I have to agree. and I haven't even been to Australia. All the people that I know who are from Aus. are the best people I know, hands down. Which is funny, because, some pretty big demon fanged spiders live out there.

OMG you definitely have to do something with Hamish and Andy, they are literally the Aussie rhett and link

dyson its british hoover is american shrimps are australian

Yeah it is the greatest place on earth Don’t come back again

ah, so you know what the furry fandom is... would u be a furry?

btw u can still be a furry withour a suit UwU

we don't really call Brisbane Brisie but we do call Breakfast Breakie, and footie that's AFL. and rugby is NRL or National Rugby League and AFL that's Australian Football League, so yeah it is football.

we don't really call Brisbane "Brisie" but we do call breakfast breakie

If you go back to Australia in summer time, use lots of sunscreen! The uv rays from the sun are really strong and you can easily get sunburnt, even on cloudy days

Australia is an island

Wait a second they didn't have flat whites in America until recently, you poor poor people

I love listening to ear biscuits while playing euro truck simulator 2

Pretty much everything that you said you love about Australia is stuff the British do

im aussie and Australia truly is the best bloody place on the planet. Ozzy ozzy ozzy, oi oi oi.

If you like crannies you should go to Venice Rhett they’ve got streets you won’t even be able to fit into

Ah the classic Melbourne trams. love em'

I’m Australian. I think the outlet design here is much safer because say, if you accidentally spill water on the plug, it won’t electrocute you if you are smart enough to have the outlet switched off.

It’s a tram btw

Are you from Australia because we’re goin down under


I'm not Austrailian, but I'm a Canadian. I'm a very close neighbour and your accent does stand out to even me. I know right away that a person is visiting from the states if they have an accent like yours or something similar.

i was there

you're saying that america doesn't have switches above the plugs??!?!!

whats about canberra

Australia will be the best place in the world once you visit western australia because that is probalby the most stunning coastline you could ever see.

You don't have switches above your plugs? They're the best! You can flick the iron off and not have to unplug it. FYI - the reason we have them is to prevent electrocution when you're plugging in and unplugging a device. Also, shaver outlets are lower voltage and only exist in hotels :)

I didn't realise Americans don't have switches above wall sockets until now. I thought it was normal.

Pop quiz do you pronounce Aididas aid EYE DAS if so stuff u

The title is true

Don’t use the false accent again PLEASE

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

Dont you diss on Letters and Numbers

In most homes in Canada we have an outlet in the washroom that says "razor" or "razor only" on it and people tend to use it for their blow dryer and other things. They shouldn't though because it's a limited amperage outlet that's meant for only electric shavers.


y r the young version of HG and ROY. american version.


Its BRILLIANT!U just need to get here!The only other country I want to c is France so I can go to Lourdes.We say Fiji which sounds like fee jee okay man!

ok so i live in Australia and and if you don't want to watch this like i cant be bothered here u go, Australia is the besststtstststst place ever ok lol there ya go mate

Im in australia and while watching this my telstra cut out rip

There's so much to see in Australia. If you like our cities, then you'll love our natural natural beauty, that's where we really shine! You didn't even get a chance to visit the tropic north, or see some of the oldest rainforests in the world! Next time definitely Cairns and the Kimberly region, or even Western Australia if you're keen.

I heard from a little fur that you met Sparky!

Go on a brige and say the n word

I heard about how you went to a furry con. I had to look it up and this popped up. I love you guys and I am 13 yr old furry. You are amazing

I'm glad they met sparky at a furcon

Furries almost had a good rep with gmm, but nooooo, a slutty little squirrel had to go and publicly ruin it for all of us.

I wish I can see you at Pine Fur Con 2019 in Maine! I know it'd be probably be super rare but I can still dream! I just thought it would be super cool because it'd be my first time but I know you'd probably be busy.

uh oh he saw that CSI episode

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