Island District Expantion; Cities Skyline: Ep 17 Hindi

Island District Expantion; Cities Skyline: Ep 17 Hindi

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This car entered inside the temple and went with it to Kedarnath. There is no water here brother. What is this, who is this , where is this man. It's inside the temple We must have something like this in every episode, right? Hello friends. I am the Zalim Bunny and welcome to Cities Skylines. Before I turn back today's episode, I want to tell you a few things. I have done some changes off camera. First of all,

this Barges harbor here, which was connecting to this, I have removed. Because what was happening, there is some issue in that mod somewhere. Every time I used to load , I had to remove these barges harbour. New barges harbour had to be installed. That's when the barges were starting to spawn here So because it was not getting spawned, that problem I have perrmenantly removed from here and, now the problem was that if I remove barges from here then all these trucks were coming from this single road This is our only road, this is the only bridge, we would have come over it. So to avoid that, I have changed this is our cargo train track and you will see, we had already covered this railway line, which was only bringing passenger trains, in its place I have put cargo train station here. So now instead of coming through the sea, all this stuff will come by train till now. Which I think will be very effective and will be very good. The other few changes I've made are this, oh, there's a tree in it, wait. This

is the fire helicopter depot. Now because our city has grown, disasters are on and our city has many plants and forests. Look, it's on fire again. Such a fire seemed too much. In the last episode you saw that there was a fire in our nature reserve here. Things were getting destroyed, things have been destroyed in the university due to a lot of fire, because there are too many trees here, so that's why he had set up a fire helicopter depot And I have also added some things in the university, like some dormitories, liberal arts comecement office. Have added some statues. Due to which the attractiveness of our university, the

student capacity is increasing a lot, so I think now students will grow more here gradually. And one final change, which are minor changes. And there is a very small change but very interesting is that I downloaded this new train pack. Here you are seeing that these new trains come here and

stop at our station . And it is a very interesting train. looking good. So that's why I added these trains. Now my plane for this episode is, first of all, this is the hill, you can see on this hill . This is Anoupou's map. So they have already made this path here in the middle of the forest. This hill was made in a lot of detail, so I do not like it at all, that we should do something new by tweaking it. So first of all, we would like to convert it into a hill temple, which is a hill temple . The second one is this island. If you look, there is very little space to make here . Whatever the place is, it is very out-and-out. Which is a big island, it will take a long time for us to reach there . So to unlock new things, we have to use the maximum area that is available, and we have to. So I was thinking how to develop this island. So I'll work on that a little bit. And we have many waterfalls, and all this water, this water energy is being wasted. And we are running these two power plants here. One is this solar updraft tower which is paying its cost of 2.25

thousand to us, and it is paying its expenditure on 1 thousand. So I was thinking that by reducing these two expenses, can we set up a good hydel power plant here? So first of all I will start with this. I am also using a hydropower plant and I don't want the water to just go over it, and we will get a pretty good drop here, so by choosing this level I will try to put one here. And I think we can put it here only. Where are you getting the maximum? A lot of money is spent in this but now we have the money . So I'll just let it fill it. And maybe we will get a lot of power without wasting this waterfall . Waterfall should not be wasted. So while it's filling up with water, we come to work on it. Whatever it is, we have to build a temple on this hill here. So for the way to the temple here, we first choose the road. This tree road will be right. Let's put it right here to begin with. I will remove these things here.

Because Anarchy may not be on, these tree leaves always remain the same. They have to be removed separately. I have no other option. And then I am using these rural roads to go up from here. We have this two rod. I'll show you once. It is a road, and it is a road. So out of these two roads, I

think I like this road more. It's a slightly muddy road so it's not that good for here. So I will use this one in the road and take it till the top. This one became the road finally. And you can see that if it took me that much time to put this basic road here, then how much time would have taken to complete it to become a map. And deleting it like

this did not suit me at all, yes but it is an asset. I will delete it. Instead I have thought of it as an asset. That is it. I'll show you like this. Isco now and then we bring along our road. And this is our hill temple ready. After this, now it will have to be given electricity and water, plus there are other minor things. By then this dam of ours is full, but is it generating power? Not yet. What happened now.

His height has decreased a bit. I think it is very high above the water level. If there is a source of water here, it will not fill that much water. But right now water is flowing from it and they are slowly making electricity. Yes. So we will give electricity to this temple, then we will give electricity from here. And this is a small power line, we will take it from it, without much effort. So I think it's fine! No. I try again Now water system will have to be given, we can draw Siddhi pipeline for water from here. It's coming our highway. A pipeline will come here from the highway.

And gave it water till the top. In general, the pipeline goes like this in the mountains. But with this there is one more thing I want to do small. And this is what you must have seen , there are temples in our India, whenever there is a temple on such mountains, then there is a place to eat and drink something small . And we do n't have to do anything to get the shops I want here . I will zone this. We name it Temple Hill. And for this we put a commercial specialization. This organic local produce. So the

shops it has, the shops that come from specialization, those shops are like what we see in India. Yes yes this first shop has started coming. There will be such a small shop, cold, biscuit, samosa, tea, cold drink.

So that's all we should do here. So I will add these shops here a little later. But for the time being this our temple hill is ready. Now it's our turn, we have to give this connection from here in some way. From this highway of ours, or from the road. So to give that connection I was thinking that I take this road again , and go straight from here, one, and then from here to here, And over here, wherever it allows us to go under it. Excellent! Here it has made us here. And it has become ours. And from here back we take the straight road.

And this became our road. hey what happened? Yes that's fine. So this has become our road now. Now again, we will turn them on the side a little bit. And similarly, what do I need to get from here? Nihi. One entry is enough. If need be

, we will put another line. And the area that has been created, the empty space that is available, here we can put more unique buildings. This Content Creators Pack, which is a Japanese pack, will take its buildings. And that's a good thing in that, like if you're coming this far. I remove this tree from here.

If someone is coming this far to visit a temple, then surely he will think of many other things that should be here, which he can take advantage of. Many people will set up shops there. So we try to set up some such shops here. One that turned out to be a service station where there would probably be subways, bathrooms, to-go, McDonald's, all that stuff. And some Chinese restaurants.

There should be some kind of shops here. And along with these bad shops, again some small shops which will be here right in front of the entrance. Till now we have got electricity and water till now. We have given water. Now again some more shops, smaller ones. We now see the power supply. Our dam is flowing well now and I think electricity would be producing coffee too. Good. Then it is doing so much electricity. And our demand is 269 and consumption hai 768 around. So this alone is

doing our work for the entire electricity generation. So first of all, now we give them electricity. From here we go here. here. And from here to here. Then they will get electricity. And is it connected from the front to electricity? No. Somehow we have

to connect this electric wire of ours to it. And now after adding that, we 'll turn it off. Because look now that both of them together give us at least 3250 expenses every week, and its alone is the same. But it's the same thing. So our much more electricity generation is almost double the electricity generation at the cost of same amount. It has become a very good thing for us. for our city. And it is ours that the entire temple area is ready. And all of a sudden there is a rush of people to come here. Everyone has to go to the temple. This ones. The shops are running well here

. There are cars there. And what happened to the car? Why is this car like this brother? This car entered inside this temple. Kedarnath happened with this. There is no water here, brother. Who is this? Where is this guy? It's inside the temple. Something like this should happen in every episode, isn't it? It's great it's great. Let's let them keep doing this. And we move on. So the next project is ours, and is us, now. You can see that our residential demand has increased a lot. And also commercial demand. And this is the island where we have a lot of space. We have this place too but,

because it's a lot ahead, if you see, it's all oil here, here's ore, again there's oil, there's forest, it's a great ideal place to develop the industry according to me . So I will put the residential here while going here but, a lot of planning will have to be done for this, to develop further. So before going there, I want that we can make good use of all the buildable land that is available where we have. And this is a place that we can use. So to see how this island

is first, I do this, and first remove all the trees from here. We will put this tree again after the area is developed, but for the time being it is very important to understand what is going on here. So it became ours. And it looks like a nice flat feature , where we. Now we have many roads. So one this I have downloaded another road which is this. This is a good road. And to develop it well, we will use

this quay wall without a fence. This became our quay wall. And it removes the stones. This is the submersible stone of the czardus. You can also hide them, you can make them disappear. And we'll remove the rest from here. Now

I take the terrain tool. And we take this height and make it all flat. Now this area has become something worth doing. And we will be able to use this space for this area . So here I put it too. First few quay walls. First of all we have to get people on this, before doing anything. So the best way I can see is by ship. If we take people here by ship, then there will not be much

trouble. We don't have to worry about traffic anymore. Put it here. Now we have to put this together too. Now that we have put this in, let's fix this road alignment. This has become our road. With touch this mod, we select this and this, so that we will change this road again

. The road is gone. Something wrong is happening, change it in a minute and see you again. So it's ours. We have made preparations to bring people here. Now we will make a ferry path. Let's connect them. The line has been created. It will also have to be given electricity and water. And the connection will have to be given to the road. So for this we take this normal road. and connect it. So this connection is done.

The water is gone. And finally electricity. They got water and electricity connection. Now it is the turn of its water and electricity connections. For its water, I was thinking that why don't we put a water tower here. And from that we draw this water here and there. And for electricity, we have the dam right here

. Besides. At present, I am giving them electricity directly from here, but now as we develop it, we will also solve it. It will also get water and electricity connection. तो शुरू करने से पहले नार्मल जो काम रहते हैं वह काम सबसे पहले चालू करते हैं। वह है इस एरिया को डिस्ट्रिक्ट में कंवर्ट करना। अब इस district के लिए क्या नाम लेंगे हम इसको मैंने सोचा नहीं है। फिलहाल मैं इसको ऐसे ही छोड़ रहा हूं। लेकिन अब मैं यहां का एक रोड connection बनाने वाला हूं जो थोड़ा सा हमारे बाकी के कनेक्शन से अलग होगा. तो यह एक आ गया रोड ऐसे। यहां पर रोड खत्म हो रहा है। हमारी एक बेसिकसी plain grid बन गई। लेकिन बचा हुआ यह हमारा प्लेन तो हो नहीं सकता। जगह ही वैसी है। यहां पर अभी आगे क्या करना है, इस पहाड़ी के ऊपर, यह देखेंगे। लेकिन बचा हुआ एक गोल डालते हैं। तो यह हमारा ब्रॉड नेटवर्क गया रोड का। और अभी बारी है इसको zone करने की।कुछ छोटी-मोटी चीजे है, जैसे यह मैं सोच रहा था कि यह थोड़ा गलत हो गया है। और साथ में यह। फिर थोड़ा एरिया सही हो जाएगा। और बाकी चीजें हैं कि इसमें अभी हमको बस रोड कुछ access roads डालने है. ताकि हम चिजे डाल सकें.

एक पॉइंट नोट करने वाली है, कि यहां पर बाकी कनेक्टिविटी है नहीं। रोड कनेक्टिविटी बाकी वाली सारी बहुत खराब है। तो यह पूरा जो island है यह self suatained island होने वाला है। तो हमें उस हिसाब से इसको बनाना होगा। जो भी चीजें होनी चाहिए, वो होगी इस शहर में। वह सारी इसी island पर प्रोवाइड करेंगे। तो क्योंकि हम यह सारी Services भूल ना जये, हम शुरू करते हैं यहां नीचे से। पानी देना है सबसे पहले तो। पानी देता हूं। इसमें ज्यादा टाइम नहीं करेंगे और पानी हमारा आएगा भी शहर के उस तरफ से। तो मैं सोच रहा था कि यहा रिसाइक्लिंग प्लांट अगर हम डालें, तो वह काफी अच्छा होगा। तो रिसाइक्लिंग प्लांट डालने के लिए फिर से हम एक चीज करते हैं कि, एक रोड कि लेते हैं, और फिर यह रिसाइक्लिंग प्लांट यहां पर डाल देते हैं, दो। मेरे ख्याल से दो काफी होंगे। दो से ज्यदा की जरूरत नहीं है हमको। क्योंकि छोटा सा एरिया है। इससे ज्यादा चीजें यहां पर जरूरत नहीं पड़नी चाहिए। और अब बारी है यहां पर। ओके। अब बारी यहां पर हाउसिंग डालने की। तो हाउसिंग के लिए यह क्योंकि flat एरिया है। यहां पर ज्यादा access है, तो high density हाउसिंग यहां डाल रहा हूं। और बाकी सारी जगह पर नॉर्मल housing डालुगा। लेकिन हमको यहां पर चाहिए थोड़ी सी अलग। ताकि यह बाद में हम को प्रॉब्लम ना करें। तो मैं ग्रीन सिटीज के यह self sufficient बिल्डिंग और organic and local produce commercial specialisation इसको डाली है। तो इससे बिल्डिंग जो आएंगी वह भी वैसे आएगी। और हमें यहा ज्यादा प्रॉब्लम नहीं होगी। और इतना कमर्शियल फिलहाल इतना एरिया के लिए मेरे ख्याल से काफी होना चाहिए। ज्यादा प्रॉब्लम नहीं होनी चाहिए। यह रोड बनाते समय शायद इलेक्ट्रिसिटी लाइन हमारी टूट गई है। तो वह हम जल्दी से लेकर। अच्छा यहां से टूटी है। ठीक है। यह बनना चालू हुआ है। अब यहां पर घर आएगे. तो बाकी सारी सर्विस जैसे कि मेडिकल। एक मेडिकल क्लिनिक, एक चाइल्ड health सेंटर, यह एक elder care, और यहा मै सोच रहा था एक योगा गार्डन। परफेक्ट परफेक्ट। हो गया यह हमारा छोटा सा चौक। सरा मेडिकल फैसिलिटी है यहां। इस island क। किसी को भी आना है वह यहां पर आ सकता है। तो यह मेडिकल हो गया हमारा। प्लस यहां के जनरल हेल्थ और land value बढ़ाने के लिए कुछ और चीजें, जैसे यह sauna है, और यह जिम्नेजियम और कम्युनिटी pool। यह मैं डालना चाहूंगा कहीं पर, जहां से एक्सेस इसका ज्यादा अच्छा हो। तो यह रोड दिख रहा है कि यहां पर हम डाल सकते हैं चाहें तो। यह कफ़ी अमीरों का गाव होने वाला है। सारी चीजें यहां पर अवेलेबल है। क्योंकि अब यह होने के बाद में fire house. Fire हाउस मेरे ख्याल से एक काफी होना चाहिए। और यहां पर सबसे ज्यादा hustle bustle रहने वाली है, तो मैं यहां पर डालु, कि नीचे इस तरफ। क्योंकि कहीं पर भी डाला मैंने तो भी पूरा एरिया तो कवर करने से रहा। लेकिन यह चौराहे ठीक है। यहां से असल मे उधर जा रहा है। तो थोड़ा confuse हू मै। तो यहां पर fire house, अ, और साथ में एक पुलिस स्टेशन। तो यह दोनों साथ में हो गए अभी स्कूल। स्कूल के लिए तो मैं सोच रहा था कि यह एक हमारा ledge है, जो अच्छा स्कूल-कालेज बन सकता है। तो यहां पर स्कूल डालने के लिए हम को फिर से एक रोड खिचनी पड़ेगी। और यहां पर हमारा स्कूल आएगा। एक एलीमेंट्री स्कूल और एक हाईस्कूल। दोनो जुड भि गये है अच्छे से। स्कूल के लिए मेरे ख्याल से एक स्माल palyground और एक large playground यहा पर. footpath से यह सब कुछ कनेक्टेड होगा। और यहां से. अब बकि हम पेड़ों से भर देंगे तो हमारा स्कूल जनरली तैयार हो जाएगा। तो स्कूल हो गया है। इसके बाद में यूनिवर्सिटी देने की जरूरत नहीं है। बाकी पार्क तो काफी है। यहां पर park coverage है। अब ब्चे हुए एरिआ को हम zone करते हैं. तो सबसे पहले यहां. नीचे से चालू करता हूं मैं। और छोटे-छोटे रोड डलता हूं ताकि डाइरैक्टली हमारी रोड पर लोग ना पहुंचे। लेकिन जो ग्रीन सिटी बिल्डिंग्स के जो वर्जन है, इनमें आने वाला जो बिल्डिंग है वह बहुत ही आलीशान, रईस, रईस ,वाली बिल्डिंग लगती है। अब तो यहां पर मैं यह सारी बिल्डिंग डलना चहुगा। जैसे बिल्डिंग बनी, बनना चालु होगी तो आपको पता चलेगा कि यह कैसी आ रही हैं। और यह सारी छोटी-बड़ी सब कुछ मैं zone कर रहा हूं, क्योंकि अलग-अलग किस्म की अलग-अलग बिल्डिंग आएगी फ़िर यहां पर। यहां तक, बस। और यहां पर zoning नहीं है। यह हो गया। हमारी यह पीछे बच गया है। यह पूरा एरिया और यह पूरा एरिया। पीछे जहां पहाड़ी होगी वहा.

और फिर इधर से वापस बिल्डिंग स्ट्रेट हो जाएंगी यहां पर। अब हमरी residential demand पूरी गयब हो गयी है। इंडस्ट्री डिमांड भी आएगी लेकिन उसके पहले हमारी एक commercial डिमांड को सेटिस्फाई करनी है। तो उसके लिए इस एरिया में एक्चुअली हमारे पास कुछ शॉपिंग के लिए है नहीं। और इसको बनने देने से पहले हमें एक चीज। pause करता हू ताकी कोई बिल्डिंग बन न जाए एकदम से। तो इसको नाम देते हैं civil lines. पॉलिसी इसमें एक डालना चाहूंगा पक्का, जो है ऑटोमेटेड टोल, ताकि हमारे टोल रोड है यह ट्रैफिक जाम ना करें। और इसके बाद themes में आते हैं। यहां पर करते हैं यह। तो यहां पर जो बिल्डिंग रहेंगे अभी, वह उस तरह की बिल्डिंग रहेगी। और यह क्योंकि हाई डेंसिटी बिल्डिंग है तो मेरे ख्याल से काफी अच्छी खासी होनी चाहिये। और साथ ही साथ हम, इसकी zoning हटा देते हैं। क्योंकि यह जो रोड हमारे है यह इस बड़े इंटरचेंज के रोड है। यह पूरा एरिया हमारा जो बना है यह सब कुछ इंटरचेंज के अंदर है. अभी speed बढ़ाने का टाइम आ गया है। अब इस area को हम थोड़ा सा और access दे सकते हैं। क्योंकि हम यह इतने नजदीक है इस डैम के। और dam पर यह रोड बन रखा है आलरेडी। तो मैं सोचा था कि काफी सारी चीजें हम यहां पर! इस को connection देने के लिए कर सकते हैं, क्योंकि dam से हम यहां तक भी जा सकते हैं और साथ में हम इधर से भी कनेक्शन ले सकें तो एक बड़ा loop हो सकता है, इससे आगे फ्यूचर में शायद इस Island के नीचे यहां पर कुछ अगर हमे इछा हुइ तो बना दें। तो मैं झट से यह बना देता हूं। और एक कनेक्शन हम इधर से लेंगे इसको। तो उसके लिए पहले तो यह रोड मै select करता हूं। और यह रोड बड़ी बड़ी आराम से यहां से इस पहाड़ का चक्कर लगाते। यह बड़ा shady सा connection बना है मेरा। लेकिन मेरे ख्याल से अभी मैं इसको ऐसेही रखता हु। लेकिन ये जो पतला रोड है यह ऑटोमेटिकली यहां का एक्सेस कम कर देता है। बस इसको थोड़ा कम स्लोप कर देता हूं फिर। मै इसके तरफ़ नहीं देखूंगा. छोडो। अब इससे ज्यादा अगर

कुछ करुगा तो शायद और खराब कर दुगा इसको। अब हमारा थोड़ा सा यह बड़ा है। और थोड़ी सी हल्की भूरी इंडस्ट्री डिमांड है जो मैं यहां पर चाहता हूं कि हम थोड़ा सा एक इस island का पर्सनल इंडस्ट्रियल एरिया बनाएं। तो बिल्कुल ज्यादा नहीं एकदम थोड़ा। मतलब बस। इससे ज्यादा कुछ नहीं। इतना ही जितना भी मैंने किया है। और इसी के साथ में हमारा यह वाला एपिसोड में खत्म करता हूं। अगर आपको अच्छा लगा होगा एपिसोड तो प्लीज लाइक कीजिए सब्सक्राइब कीजिए। यह बाकी चीजें सुधरेंगी धीरे-धीरे और अगले एपिसोड में। और थोड़ी सी डेवलपमेंट करेंगे। और अभी हमारा थोड़ा पैसा, क्योंकि हमें इतनी सारी चीजें डाली हैं, कमाई थोड़ी सी कम हो गई है। तो मिलते हैं अगले एपिसोड में। नमस्कार

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