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but there's definitely real stuff that goes on jungle magic it's a feeling  that you need to experience   for yourself when you visit  us one day here at Uepi Hey guys welcome back. This episode is a little bit  of an update video. We're hoping that this gives   you a little bit of an insight into what real life  is like here as well just the day-to-day stuff .  Here we are at the welcome jetty. This  is the beautiful place that we live.  Okay so we're just back from a big trip away. We  have three episodes that we've just put up about   that trip and they're just jam-packed yeah  jam-packed full of spearfishing, free diving,   some cultural stuff and just hanging out having  a good time. Uh we got back and poor little Filly  

had a really bad ear infection. We are a few days  back from our trip to piava and settling back   into life. Just before dinner time the day that  we arrived back we were sort of rushing around   trying to figure out what medications we had to  treat an outer ear infection just, Otitis Externa.   That was pretty stressful we didn't  have the first choice that we wanted. [Filly] Eye Drops. [Jase] And then what did you let daddy do without crying what did daddy do afterwards?

No what did we do? [Filly] Torch. [Jase] Yeah did you let me  use the torch? [Filly] Yeah! [Jase] And did you get upset? [Filly] Yes [Jase] No you didn't, are you a big brave  girl? [Filly] No. [Jase] Yes you are and are you all better? [Filly] Yes!   We also came home with head lice which isn't  surprising. We were mixing with lots   of kids in the village and it's pretty common  everywhere. So it's been a pretty big mess here  

just with the skinks have taken over the house.  I don't know what's going on with skanks and   geckos at the moment but i think they  believe that they own this joint and   they're making a massive mess. In the nappy bag  one of Filly's cloth nappies was left over on   the deck. Over there in the sun for three days. I  vacuumed up a wet skink poo which was disgusting   and now my dyson is full of disgusting stinky  skink diarrhoea. Not really sure how i  

i'm going to deal with that. You know this is the  real life stuff that's kind of maybe people don't   realize happens when you live an idyllic lifestyle. Excuse me. I also seem to have the village flu. But there's definitely real stuff that goes on. It's also that time of year where we have lots of stingers. So Arlo got absolutely nailed by stingers when we're away.    And um yeah he's still recovering actually. But there's jellyfish everywhere here now too so.

[Jase] Uh yeah and then we had the vaccine rollout  start happening in our area, which is amazing!  Because we live in such a crazy remote area  it's just really really encouraging to see,   um the COVID teams coming out and rolling  out the vaccines to such a remote population.   Okay so today we're we are going to be heading  over to a village to get our COVID vaccine hopefully. We've had a few false  starts over the last couple of days. Currently they have small teams touring the lagoon  and trying to capture the population that way.

Because we're a small island here we're not  really we're not a village and there's very few of us here we have to go and seek out one  of those clinics where they're doing the vaccine. In the village to get a jab!! [Jase] What are you what are you doing?  Eating a cracker? [Katie] Oh there's a rooster. [Jase] Perfect [Katie] Done. [Jase] That was easy man. [Katie} That was super easy. [Katie] How, everyone good, is everyone happy? Be smart be safe yeah! And we took them some cake. Which was not super healthy but I think you know. Those guys are working so hard so   it was nice for us to be able  to do something fun for them.   Yeah and we're due for our next shot  in December. That's all. That's all. Cool.  

We moved locations. Okay we relocated that was way  too hot. So we also had some friends come to visit   which was really really cool. [Jase] OH that's a very  big earthquake! [Jase] That's a very big earthquake! All right I'm just gonna  go for Filly because Mirri's gonna be packing it! [Jase] Wow that's cool. She's in KIV. Whoa that was a very big earthquake.  That was very very very big [Katie] So remember a few episodes ago we were  diving a remote island situated just   45 kilometers from a submarine  volcano that was rumbling away...  

[Katie] Well the epicentre of this 6.6 magnitude  earthquake was about 25 kilometers from there   and approximately 80 kilometers from us here  on Uepi. [Jase] That's gonna be like a seven I reckon.

I wish we had of captured  that ten seconds earlier. I had my phone out but that was almost knock you over That was a very big earthquake. Welcome to Uepi. [Grant] Well we're sitting here because we were all  just getting to our jobs for the afternoon and   suddenly the whole world started shaking  madly. I was at the main house with Kemuel here. Not Kemule, with Bobby and everything going shaking  wildly. I think people are almost falling over.   Building's almost falling over we have a really  big strong earthquake. [Jase] So why are we up here?  

Well we thought there might be a tsunami so  we rushed up here. But we found out that the   site was only about 45 miles away. So a tsunami  would get here in just minutes if there was   actually a tsunami. But we are looking out over the ocean  seeing if there's a rideable wave coming our way or not. It allowed us to switch off for a few days  and we went away for a nice little picnic.   Have different conversations with other adults. And we also scored a beautiful experience  with mantas which we're going to show you guys.

Uh we also went on a really beautiful trip  just with Mirri and the kids the other day. [Jase] What is this? So obviously what you guys get to see on our  youtube channel and all the big adventures that   we take. Is all the really fun stuff and behind  the scenes there's a lot still going on here at   the island. And quite a few people have asked us  now for another update on the building progress.  

Because we're currently rebuilding  um some bungalows here at the resort so. We thought we'd take you down for a walk  and show you a little bit of progress   that's going on there. So this just shows  you what's been going on behind the scenes   A bit more downtime at the moment yeah kinda we're  super busy just with other things going on. 

Um yeah the less crazy adventurous stuff and  more just normal life stuff for us so let's go. Can confirm that this beautiful magical pathway  in the jungle, is lit up by fireflies at night. Because we came up here tonight. [Jase] HEY!

[Katie] What? Oh, you'll find out next week. But it is beautiful! [Jase] Our magnificent new steps  have not gone in yet. But yeah here we are. [Jase] So things are. [Katie] I can't remember where we were up to. [Jase] I have no idea to be perfectly honest. I think we were sheeting. Anyway this is the first of the cabins but   they're all pretty much the same place right  now anyway. Biggest change uh in the last   week or so is these beautiful doors. So we managed  to get our glass from the capital and install our  

beautiful glorious hardwood doors. They just  like set up this last little bit of the front of   the house here because we just really wanted  to maximise the views and if you come inside.  Even though the doors are not clean because  we've been installing glass and polishing glass.  [Jase] You can just see the colors are just phenomenal.  So the front of the house yeah so the view off   the front of the house here is just amazing.  [Katie] We will hopefully take that scaffolding down.  

[Jase] Actually it can come tomorrow. [Katie] And then we should film some more. [Katie] But um yeah these bungalows are looking  incredible. At the moment we've only got   a couple of boys here so two or three boys at a  time. Just working on little projects little   finishing projects that they can do with less  supervision. So um it's been slow going but it's   all slowly happening which is cool. [Jase] So the cabins are all painted  

plastered. Sorry sheeted, plastered. The cabins are  all sheeted, painted. Sheeted, plastered and painted Um we've got a little bit of trim painting, we  have the floors down, we just need to actually do   the final sanding and seal the floors. Then put in our skirting boards and then all this is done.

And then basically just got a little bit of work  in the bathroom and we've got the furniture fit   out to go. And electrical fit out. Yeah so  this is the main room the bedroom over here   little table and chairs goes at the front  here. A little kitchenette in here and the   desk. And this is really designed just to be this  magical clean space all the time so everything   you bring on holiday with you has a purpose-built  little spot. That's at the back here [Katie] We like we like to think that we've thought of  everything but we'll see. [Jase] Um so we've got   a wardrobe space in here some closet space for  the laundry staff and then another desk .

Which is specifically for our underwater photo or our  photographers who need charging banks and space to   do all their camera gear. And then we have a  big massive magnificent bathroom so the Sub-floor for this is going to go in the next day  or so. And then that is all finished and close sealed off and then just waiting to be tiled.

Yeah we have these beautiful floor to ceiling windows that open the back of the house up to the rainforest. We've got lagoon views on one side and beautiful rainforest forest on the other side. [Katie] It's quite amazing we're really excited to see these bathrooms come to life because they're gonna have tiles in them. Which is another slight delaying factor at the moment. Is in  order to complete these bungalows we need  

to get a tiler here. So that can't happen  just yet, to be confirmed. One of the things we've tried really hard to  achieve with the new bungalows is a little   more privacy for our guests. So bungalows  are a good distance apart but we've actually   planted out sort of dividing gardens which are  looking a bit messy at the moment but that's   for a reason. So that we can sort of tidy them  up and and have actual boundaries between the   bungalows. Each bungalow has its own lime tree  so that you have access to lime leaf to make tea   as well as fresh limes for your afternoon beverage.  Yeah it's all the landscaping has been really  

thought out so that you get that really private  feel but also everyone's connected to the beach.   Which is really awesome. [Jase] Plus the leaf house. [Katie] Yeah so we're also including with each bungalow there'll be like a little gazebo with a leaf roof. And that'll be a spot for the hammock as well as a little coffee table. A place to read your book and chill out and catch a bit of a breeze. This is the bungalow um the furthest into the jungle.

It's just it's absolute magic down here. I don't know it's hard to tell if you can see enough of it on camera but. [Jase] I don't think again [Katie] Yeah there's the bungalow here and then it's  just jungle magic. Yeah it's a feeling   that you need to experience for yourself when you  visit us one day here at Uepi. It's the jungle magic. So we hope you enjoyed the Ep guys uh  that's just that's what it's been like   the last couple of weeks. This is real life on  a deserted tropical island pretty much.

Yeah if you're new here please subscribe  if you want to follow along and be a part   of our island tribe. Um hit that notification  bell if you want to know when our Ep's pop up. Yeah we're pretty excited about next  week there's a very cool Ep coming next week.   We've had something um a little bit under wraps  and next week you're gonna find out. So make sure   you join us then and come and say hi on instagram  if you don't follow us over there. I'll put our  

handle down below. Yeah thanks as always for  watching have a great week guys see you guys bye. Put my sunnies up sorry mum i've had my sunnies  on. I actually have really bad   blepharitis. Which is good at the moment  but you've probably seen in a few episodes   my old red eyes. Anyway my eyes are  fine yeah so i guess we also wanted   to mention in this episode that. In the  lead-up to christmas we've been feeling  

you know all those emotions again. About being  far away from my mom and our other family and   friends who we care about dearly and we we still  haven't been able to see. We obviously we had our   trip planned in august which got postponed and now  it's been cancelled, until we know more information.   But at least now we feel like things are moving  in the right direction we've had our first vaccine.  And the Solomons as a country is moving forward  in terms of vaccinating the population. So   Although we won't be together for christmas we're  finding ways to make it special and involve our   family from afar. And enjoy this time we've got  together with the kids and Jill and Grant and  

our Solomon family. So yeah some it's also a time  we've been thinking a lot about other people who   you know are possibly in a similar situation.  Who still haven't been able to connect with   people they love. You know we're thinking of you  and all those people who've done massive stints   in lockdown. For the greater good of all of us.  To keep us all safe, so thank you to you guys  

in Australia and elsewhere around the  world who are doing the hard yards.  We appreciate you and I know that a lot of people  have also mentioned that our videos have come at a   good time they've been a source of entertainment. And people can kind of live vicariously through us as we adventure and explore and share our  beautiful world with you back home. So we're really glad that we can do that and it's just inspired  us to keep doing it more. So love to you all. [Katie] Oh my goodness, forest monsters. [Jase] I  gotcha you! You thought you got me but I saw your little feet. Also Mirri's going home today, sad face, don't  go Mirri. Don't go back to your actual family.

let's keep walking. Put together eps. I feel weird that you didn't say anything. Jump in  any time. [Jase] There's a few apps up uh previous about that it's got free diving spearfishing. [Katie] Few eps up previous about that it doesn't make sense. [Katie] What song? [Jase] Its the jungle magic!

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