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Hi, I'm Janine and I am Bora and we are the introduction coordinators of ISN Amsterdam and we are here to to welcome you to the city. Let's go. ISN Amsterdam is the student organization for international and exchange students at the Amsterdam University of applied sciences and the University of Amsterdam. We're here for you and make sure you'll have plenty to do in the city and our goal is to make Amsterdam for them feel like your second home. And if parties aren't your thing, we also have casual events such as Social Sports and other cultural activities like having City strips playing mini golf and fun bout tours. Or going to the nemo science museum behind us! Need personal assistance? We gotcha. if you join our buddy program, you get a local body and then you can discover the Netherlands together so we can all eat stroopwafels with each other.

gezellig he? Can't join physically? don't worry. We also have online events to keep you in touch with the rest of ISN Amsterdam Amsterdam is a big city. That's why we collaborate with local businesses, to give you amazing deals with the ESNcard You can get local and international discounts to make your life a little bit easier.

So don't forget to get your own card and check out our website for all the deals we have for you. So if you would like to stay in touch or have any other questions about life in Amsterdam drop by our office behind us, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our upcoming events. And if you want to help us out become part of our family by joining one of our committees so now you met ISN Amsterdam And we hope to meet you soon at one of our events. Hi guys, I'm Bora Fidan. And

this is Janine de Bart, and together we are introduction coordinators of ISN Amsterdam The Organization for all International and exchange students at the Amsterdam University of applied sciences and the University of Amsterdam, and we're also part of a bigger Network called Erasmus Student Network Network, which is all over Europe and Today will be your main host of ISN Amsterdam's winter introduction also called Wintro. For this online introduction also called wintro we have tailored an entire program just for you to make sure you get to know your city. You're going to be living in and the universities are going to be studying at. Yes. Thank you And also we couldn't unfortunately hold a phsysical event for you, but we set up an entirely online program for you to make sure you will still be able to integrate into the Netherlands and in Amsterdam make some new friends and be able to get a nice. prize at the end Our online wintro is separated in different parts of which you're watching on right now. and in the progress bar below you can see where you are in the program.

We also have some important information for you about where to go with questions. And we also have some guest speakers from both of these universities. Yes. And after we have the more formal University stuff out of the way. We set up an entire Amsterdam Survival Guide

for you where you can find lots of tips and tricks on the hot spots in Amsterdam and how to survive in the Netherlands and the Dutch culture and the best thing is Since this is just on our YouTube channel. You can always find us back at your own leisure. after this We also have several Zoom sessions today and we will teach you how to make sense to Dutch culture and how to be successful in a multicultural team work. And we also can learn some Dutch during the crash course dutch, where you'll learn to say how are you for example, which is "hoe gaat het" in Dutch. Yes, and finally we close of the day with several Zoom sessions with some speed friending, Q&A and announce the winner of the prize. And by the way, you can find the answers, in our videos of the Amsterdam survival guide and this official welcome part.

Well, that's a lot of stuff. but don't worry. You don't have to be glued to your computer screen all day because we have breaks in between so you can get ready for the next parts. Thanks for that Janine and by the way, this winter introduction is not just set up by us. We'd like to thank our fellow ISN Amsterdam board members as well and we would like to give them a chance to introduce them as well. So here they are.

Hello. I'm wietske and I'm the treasurer and partnerships coordinator. Hi Guys, I'm Dia. I'm ISN Amsterdam's activities coordinator at the moment and this year. I'm organizing International cultural events and sports events. Hi everybody. My name is Romy and I'm this year's integration coordinator my jobs offer you the opportunity to meet and connect with dutch students learn a bit more about our dutch language and even more about our life here in Amsterdam. You can check out the buddy program and our language Exchange program and I hope to meet you soon.

Hey, my name is Daniel. I'm the pr coordinator of ISN Amsterdam. I'm in charge of social media. So if you want to keep up to date with us, don't forget to follow our Instagram and our facebook See you guys around! Hi everyone. My name is Nathalie, and I'm the vice president and it coordinator. that means that I'm responsible for the website and I'm the one emailing you back.

Welcome to Amsterdam. Hi I'm Robin and I'm the president of ISN Amsterdam I make sure we as an organization run smoothly and work well together with the universities at which you study. Yes, all these people and even more people behind the scenes are always here to help you and to answer any of your questions whenever you need help on that note. We also have someone important from the Amsterdam University of applied sciences. Who is there with a special message for you Yes you're quite the brave students to still go studying abroad in these trying times. And as we said before this can be more challenging for you and your mental health But don't worry. We also have some great people who can help you as we have the student services from both universities, and they also have a special message for you.

Hello, my name is Jeanette Eindhoven. I'm one of the student counselors of the University of Amsterdam. You're about to start your study at the University of Amsterdam or at the Amsterdam University of applied sciences.

And how do you do that in this time? How does the corona situation affects your study at either University. Are you still in your home country or have you traveled to Amsterdam already? studying online is different and will ask new skills if things do not go according to plan you feel lonely, have problems getting started. Or you see that studying is much harder than you thought ask for help.

We have student counselors, student psychologists and at the University of Amsterdam. We also have study advisors who can help you and that's what we're here for check the web site of either University for their detailed information and to help you a bit more. I'm giving the ISN Workshop studying in Amsterdam. We will discuss study skills the Dutch way, where to go to for help. How to study online so join the interactive workshop and sign up, I will see you soon. all the information about student services can be found on our website. But of course also on the website of the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University of applied sciences, and we also like to invite you to join the workshop to get to know more and ask more questions about your specific things in Amsterdam.

Well, that was a lot of information to digest but maybe you could already answer one of the questions on the form and if you can win the prize tonight, yeah, maybe you can win and actually guys that's already a wrap for this part's official welcome next up the Amsterdam survival guide Welcome everybody to our Amsterdam Survival Guide in this Survival Guide. We're going to give you lots of tips and tricks and everything. You need to know about how to survive in the city and the Netherlands and Dutch culture in general. we're going to talk about a lot of things today. But what are we exactly gonna talk about, Janine?

Maybe can you tell us? We're going to give you lots of tips and tricks how to survive in Amsterdam and also some background information on the universities. We're going to cover these topics. we're gonna introduce you to Amsterdam, of course talk about Dutch food and culture. Student Life tips, Transportation biking of course, Apps student life and of course studying in Amsterdam. So first of all, of course, we want to give you some more touristy information first before we dive straight into all the local tips because we've been studying here for years. But so first of all, we'd like to talk about Amsterdam itself. It dates back to the 13th century and some people even call it the Venice of the north.

And why did they call the Venice of the north because there's over hundred sixty canals in the city. And Amsterdam is also the capital of Netherlands. We have around eight hundred thousand inhabitants, and we have around a hundred thousand students, of which you will be one course and we have three main universities which are the University of Amsterdam. The Amsterdam University of applied sciences, and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

In this section, we're going to talk about Dutch food and culture. So you might have looked a bit online already as well about our Dutch food and culture, but we want to tell you from our local perspective and we're going to tackle some specific topics. It's in this section. Janine maybe can you tell us what's it about? So we're going to talk about who are the Dutch people, and especially who are the dutch people in Amsterdam because that's what's most relevant to you. We're going to talk about the Dutch language Dutch food and some problems you might encounter with the Dutch grading system. And we also have more things to tell you.

One important first thing though, you might have heard of Holland but that's not the same as the Netherlands. No, because Holland is the two provinces which are North-Holland and South-Holland, which is not the same as Netherlands so please call it the Netherlands instead of Holland. So now you're in Amsterdam and you're in the city and you're going to have your first conversation with a Dutch person. So how do we approach this conversation? Oh, wait, actually, hold on a moment. We first may need to talk about what you've heard about us first.

Maybe you've heard about us that we think you think we're very individualistic planning, punctual, very greedy with money, but let's talk about it so we can give you an example. For example If you've heard of the term going dutch, which means splitting the bill some duchies when they go out for dinner, they send you a payment request, and you have to pay for your part, what you ordered at the restaurants. Yeah, and even maybe if you went on a nice date you could may receive a payment request a Tikkie for drinks after your date. Don't be too offended. Another thing you might have heard is that the Dutch are more individualistic than other nationalities. Yeah, you might have heard maybe the Dutch are not really keen on making friends that they already have their friends from their work and from the university and from their Hometown and their not that really like keen to meet people.

and another thing you might have heard actually as well is that and you might have seen actually is that the Dutch are quite tall We have the second tallest women and the 2nd tallest men in the world. and of course, the main thing you've heard about us is that the Dutch love their punctuality and planning the professor's when they start at nine o'clock that they will not let you in after a few minutes that can happen in the Netherlands and speaking of time you might have heard of the infamous dinner time which is at six o'clock. So if you get invited to someone's house at 8pm don't be surprised when you do not get dinner, maybe grab something beforehand and also restaurants' kitchens might close at 10pm that's also not very uncommon here. But wait, while some of these situations are true and you might encounter them during your stay in Amsterdam. They are all very generalized for Dutch population and Amsterdam especially is quite different.

So all the dutch people aren't all individualistic to clones, who don't like to spend money, eat dinner at six o'clock and don't like to talk to people. That's not how we are No. That's more of like a generalization and a stereotype but for example look at Bora a he's Dutch with Turkish Roots He's not that's that tall and he does not like the send tikkies after spending time with friends, but he's also very punctual. Yeah and maybe look at Janine, Dutch pretty tall, but, you know not always on time and especially Amsterdam is more diverse than Netherlands itself because we are home to 178 different nationalities.

Yeah and within our student organization you have the opportunity to meet more Dutch people like me and Janine and also people from other cultures like the one you are from and maybe one from Spain one from Turkey one from China, from wherever! in this way you can meet lots of different people and they can learn something from you while you can also learn something from them. And while you're learning for something from them. You can also make some new friends while you're at it too. So great. You're very excited to meet a Dutch person but maybe language might be your problem.

Well, don't worry because we have the highest Proficiency in English for a none native English country. But we do appreciate it. If you speak some Dutch. Yeah and aside from English and Dutch. English is actually not our official language. you can hear so many other languages in this country as well such as Turkish like me or Spanish speaking people and we also, The Dutch people, like Janine said like it if people speak Dutch we have Dutch language courses as well! Also, you can also check our website for that! finally as well. We also have a language exchange program so you can meet and mingle with people talking from different languages.

So, if I want to speak Spanish, I can match up with the Spanish-speaking person and they can match up with a dutch speaking person to learn some dutch. So now you know what the dutch people are like, how talk to them. But now you want to know what can you eat here? Well, we like talk about it. Let's go! for breakfast and lunch. We actually don't eat warm food. We eat broodje pindakaas (peanut butter) Hamkaas, ham and cheese sandwiches and hagelslag, which is like chocolate sprinkles on bread.

And then we also have our dinner food. Well Haring is more of like a snack, then we have some nice stamppot. And of course rookworst, this might not look that appetizing but is actually quite tasty. and for snacks. We have a Sweet Tooth, of course, you know the stroopwafel and we also have tompouce, which is the pink thing

and during the 27th of April you can get these in Orange because that is the birthday of our king of the Netherlands and orange is the national colors. You can see lots of orange year round and we also have some snacks that are more savory. We like to fry things and eat them So we have bitter garnituur and you might have seen the walls at FEBO which are like the ones you can get snacks out of the wall, which is really cool. And of course we have cheese because we love cheese. Though what we just showed you might look unappetizing but don't worry. Our supermarkets have everything you need from all

cuisines in the entire world from Turkish to Indonesian to Spanish to African food. So whatever you're looking for you can find it in supermarkets. Yeah, so you don't have to get homesick and think of your meal you eat at home because you can probably also make it here. Yes. I can make my amazing Turkish food also at home.

And of course we want to talk about our dutch grading culture, which is also very different than other countries. Well, first of all, we like talked about how our scaling goes, It goes from 0 to 10 with a 5.5 being a pass and a 10 being amazing, but I'm already going to disappoint you now, getting higher than an 8 is almost impossible. And you if get a 5.5 or higher you should already celebrate because already you passed because in the Netherlands it's getting very very hard to get higher than an 8 Yeah, but don't worry most programs don't use the bell curve so you can already help each other, as other ones grade doesn't influence your grade. So you'll be fine. You can help each other make new friends while doing it. Yeah, it's amazing. So while it's hard to get an eight, it's easier to get a passing grade in the Netherlands in my opinion.

What's also very nice for some people to hear. Is that we have resits and this is also very nice, because resits means that you can redo a test. so if you faill the exam the first time, you have an opportunity to do it a second time, so if you were sick, not slept well or you just didn't study because you had another big exam also in the same week, you have time to do it again since you're a student you also want to know what kind of fun things you can do in the city that's why we also compiled a nice place of hot spots and nice things to do in Amsterdam while you're here.

So let's check the map. So this is the map of Amsterdam and most things as you can see is around this area where we have "de pijp" where you have nice bars and cafes and you also have the University of Amsterdam. and the Crea building we're going to talk about that later.

we also have the center over here where you can do all the touristy things with people who come visit you from abroad and we have a very nice hip and trendy area all the way up North at NDSM one fun thing to do with your new friends in a new city is of course going out and we love to go to Coco's outback on Wednesdays because that's where the international student night is. So if you wanna meet other international students the other International students go here to meet them. It's located at rembrandtplein And that's the place where also a lot of other clubs can be found. You can also go to leidseplein this is also a place where lots of clubs can be found and you can also find paradiso and melkweg here and these are both places where you can go to concerts with your favorite artist, so you can meet new friends even there. And of course we might get tired from all the partying and going to clubs bars and cafes face and we would like to get some peace as well and we have some nice parks in amsterdam as well especially my favorite park Vondelpark and we also have other nice parks such as sarphati park and also westerpark, oosterpark which are basically west means West Park and oost means East park So you can come here and relax another fun thing to do with your new friends and learn about your new culture is to go to museums and you can also get a card which is called Museumkaart and you can go to museums for a whole year for a discounted price and you can visit almost all of them in Amsterdam for free. So that's really cool.

And you can go to rijksmuseum, "van gogh" maybe or even Tropenmuseum and learn about our history in the 17th century. And of course ndsm, the area I, live which we just talked about is the very hip and trendy area where you have the one of the biggest flea markets in all of Europe so you can go thrift shopping here to find some secondhand clothing or some cool stuff for your new room. A lot of people in Amsterdam actually have some stuff from ndsm in a room all Trinkets and stuff. Like you can have nice decoration in your room Oh, yeah. I love going there like half my wardrobe is from here and it's also for a really good price. So if you're on a budget go here, is this the place to go

And of course, there's also at the ndsm area, a lot of festivals as you can see here as well where the entire area turns into one big party basically and if you want to have cool view over the whole city, you can go to the Adam tower. And if you go all the way up, you can go on the swing and even swing above the water which is called the IJ river and you can see you're very cool view of Amsterdam and make some photos while you're at it And finally, of course we recommend you as well to rent a boat and explore the canals yourself because it is allowed as a tourist, and also as a local person and as an exchange student or an international student whatever you don't need a boat license because these boats don't go that fast and then you can explore the nice canals of Amsterdam on your own leisure. Yeah, so you can see the venice of the north by yourself and we're also very well known to work with water. We've even made a province out of water which is called flevoland So we're pretty fond water, so if you could rent a boat, you can get to know it better.

And of course, we have a lot of organizations on campus as well, which you can do with them. So, of course there's us we have a lot of activities such as our buddy program and also lots of trips and events. local parties every weekend every month so you can join us and meet the international Vibe but aside from us, there's also many other student organizations on campus as well. Yeah, so if you want to find people that match you on your sexuality or like your religion or anything you can find them there and you can make new friends there as well. And we also have a buddy program where you can find people and be met up with a dutch student. So you can learn more about the dutch culture from them and also making friends while doing that

If you're more into sports than these Student Association there is also a very nice USC University sports center. This is for both Universities Amsterdam and University of applied sciences students and they have basically any kind of sport you can imagine here. yeah they even have pole dancing so that's really cool and if you want to show your more artistic side, we have the crea building we just talked about it's basically also from both Universities campuses as well where you have everything from making pottery to singing to dancing to Art and theater. It's also really cool way to meet new people who like the same thing as you have more clubs and associations, you can join also we have study associations. you can find people from your studies and meet up with them.

Okay. So now we told you about all these cool places to go. But how do we get there? Yeah. So one of the things you can get from A to B is by using the OV-chipkaart for public transportation you can get an anonymous or personal OV-chipkaart and you can use this for all public transport in Amsterdam the rest of the Netherlands.

Yeah, you can use it for the bus, metro, trains, whatever you can name it you can use this card and you can go there. You can also go by ferry in Amsterdam. It goes from the city center to the north of Amsterdam.

but you don't have to use your OV-Chipkaart because it's free. Yeah, so that's the nice and free way to get from the Central Station to this nice hip and trendy ndsm area. We just talked about and if you want to go home during a night, we have night busses that run almost every hour and they catch a lot of stops so you can probably get home by using this but wait Bora public transport can be pretty expensive and we're going to give tips from locals right? Yeah. Sorry. Maybe we should have talked about this as well.

But the dutch people use a lot of bicycles to bike around everywhere. So we don't even use the public transportation that much we love our bikes, we have more bikes than people here in the Netherlands because we have one and a half by bike per person in the Netherlands and we have a lot of cycling roads. So it's totally safe to bike here. Yeah and you know, another main thing is why we all cycle to everywhere is because the public transportation we just talked about is pretty expensive, but we first need to talk about something before we gonna talk about how to bike itself. Yes, because first we have to get a bike of course. So we even have a subscription for bikes which is called swapfiets and you can get a bike for a discounted price every month and if it breaks down you can get it repaired so if you get a flat tire or something, they will repair it for you and you'll be fine.

Another place to buy a bike is waterlooplein You can find lots of bikes here and for a discounted price and you can use it for the rest of your study so it's a good investment Yeah, and of course there is also many other places to buy bikes like local bike stores from every shop but these are all scattered throughout the city. So if you have any problems with your bike, you bought yourself you can also just go to the bike store like hey, can you fix my flat tire? Hey, can you fix my lights or whatever you can do there but do watch out though when getting a bike to not buy it from people of the streets. Yes, because most of the time when you get a bike from someone randomly on the street, they stole the bike and you can be, police can actually give you a fine for that so. That's not what you want to do, you just want a bike that's legal and nice and probably last a long time.

Yeah, and because we just talked about it as well, when you get a bike do lock your bike as well because your bike will disappear in less than 5 minutes, if you did not lock your bike. Yes. So now that we got a bike. It's time to talk about the rules for biking. Yeah. So before we tell it, this is very very important because International students, they think they can just bike immediately, but we have a special rules of conduct in the Netherlands, so we're going to talk about about them Beware of the tram rails. Don't become a tram yourself. This is a very important one we put this as first because a lot of people fall on their bicycles because they don't watch out for the tramrails.

Also, it's important to not stop in middle of the road because it's also very dangerous. Just look where you're going. Look who else is biking the road and make sure you're safe use your bells to pass, act like a local if you want to pass someone in a bicycle lane use your bell thring thring then a person in front of knows. Oh somebody wants to pass me. So you have plenty of space and room to pass the person

and also do not bike if you're drunk or stoned because that's also really dangerous and you probably won't have a grip riding your bike and probably fall off. So, do not do that. all the crazy stories you might have heard about Netherlands generalizations as well. Not everybody cycles drunk or stoned here don't use your phone while biking actually this was allowed but since a recent time it's fineable as well. So if you check your phone while biking you can get a fine from the police as well. And it's also super dangerous. So don't do it. Yeah, like we said before always double lock your bike because they're thieves and make sure you check where you park your bike because sometimes you cannot park it where you think you can park it and then the government takes it from you then you have to pay them money to get your own bike back. So just check out for the signs on the road and on the ground.

Yeah, and there's actually many many more rules like using your hands to indicate and and all of other rules of conduct you will figure out as well when you're cycling in Amsterdam. Thank you for listening to these bikings rules. But you know, then you want to bike somewhere but your heard that it rains a lot in the Netherlands and luckily, we have a lot of useful apps in this country. Yeah. So if you want to check this gonna be raining

we recommend using by buienradar or buienalarm, they both show you when it's going to rain how much rain there will be and for how long it wil last so maybe you can check it and see if you have to wait five minutes before going Somewhere so you can get their dry safe. Yeah, and of course, you might ask yourself the question. Well, I need some more help aside from this. Don't worry. We have some other useful apps in this country for you as well. for food, we have or in dutch we call it thuisbezorgd where you can get basically all the food you want at home. same goes for deliveroo. uber eats, and we also

have another app for food which is too good to go which is almost spoiled food, but it gets then sold for a very discounted price because it's of course to good to go. So, if you don't want to cook and you want to save money then too good to go is a very easy good app and you if you want to go to a concert or maybe an event or something, but it was sold out. You're too late to buy ticket then maybe you can find a ticket on ticketswap and you can buy it from someone else and still go to that cool event and we love to plan our get togethers, so we use datumprikker for that. probably if you meet up with Dutch people you find that you get a link for datumprikker if you want to meet up you can fill in your availability and then pick a date or "datum" to meet up together and as we talked about, going dutch. Maybe you want to send someone a payment request then Tikkie is the most common app to do that And if you for example went on a trip together with your friends or you have like a list with your roommates of who paid what we use the app called wie betaalt wat also called "splitser" And you can see how much everybody owes each other and and if you set the balance you get an overview of what you have to pay other people. So that's really useful.

Yeah. This is one of the very dutch stereotypes you do encounter in this country a lot. And of course we have zoom, which is very useful for you to talk to your friends and family from home. And also if you have online classes as well, and of course we can't miss social media on Facebook. There are lots of groups you can join for new exchange and international students Also our Facebook group. you can join to meet new people. We also are on Instagram and most dutchies use the app WhatsApp to communicate with each other.

So that's really useful to download as well. Well, we just told you a lot of things to do and to buy, but isn't amsterdam like really expensive. Well, we have some tips for you to save some money.

So as an international student, of course, you know, your pockets aren't infinite, especially your wallet as well. So we've come up with the some nice tips for you. So we're first gonna start off at supermarkets. here you see a list of supermarkets, Lidl Dirk, Jumbo, Albert Heijn and Marqt so these are other cheaper ones, but all of them are good quality, but these have like lesser known brands Jumbo and Albert Heijn over here. It's almost like a gang war yellow and blue in the city. You see them everywhere in Amsterdam,

and then you've marqt, which is more like a high-end where you can get very different kinds of stuff as well. And my favorite one is I have to say the Albert Heijn, but do know if you go shopping at the Albert Heijn. Get your bonus card, because if you don't use your bonus card, you don't get discounts and we also more tips to save money. Yeah, so maybe you want to get some supplies for University like notebooks or books to read. For your studies. Well, we would recommend using,it's like the Dutch Amazon and we also have markplaats which is like a Marketplace, so you can buy second hand items.

You can also find maybe furniture for your new room here for a discounted price, which is really cool. And if you want to buy more notebooks and stuff we recommend going to Hema, Bruna, or Action the Hema is like a dutch target where you can find almost everything there and action is like a really cheap store with a lot of of stuff so you could also find lots of things there. And of course, it's very important to know as well that housing is very expensive. So you need to know where to look

but of course we first want to recommend that you check with University. All the University Housing is the cheapest option and the best and safest way to get your housing but let's say your contract ended or you don't want to do with University Housing. We have several tips for you as well. private market? Start looking early because it's very very difficult to get housing here. And if you do find housing, it's incredibly expensive. So watch out for scammers, if you find 200 Euros at Prinsengracht

for 20 square meters you can forget it because it's more too closer to 800 to 1000 Euros per month. So take this into account as well, so best option is University. And don't worry. We also have some discounts for you.

So you can get your own ESNcard and you can come to our events with a discounted price you can join in our events as well. and we also have some other discount such as restaurants and stuff all around Amsterdam. So make sure to check out our website and get your own card because you will not regret it finally of course, you might have the last question to ask us or yourself. Where am I going to study do all my group work and assignments and to go to the library to study for my exams. Well, Janine, maybe you can answer this for me as well.

both of Universities have different campuses scattered around the city, for example, University of Amsterdam has the Science Park location, Roeterseiland and the campus around the city centre which one of the buildings from there is called oudemanhuispoort Of course the Amsterdam University of applied sciences has the Amstelcampus and also seperate buildings from business faculty like fraijlemaborg and the nice thing is the two main campuses the Amstelcampus and the Roeterseilandcampus both are the same Metro stop Weesperplein. So you can go from one University to the other very quick and also inside tip it if it's really busy at the University of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam University of applied sciences has more spots for you to study, so don't tell them that we said it to you You can still try and find a spot there. Well, that was a lot of information to digest. Yeah. It's definitely was but thank you so much for watching and making it to the end of this video. We hope that you will be integrated better. Thanks to watching this Amsterdam survival guide

and also you can re-watch any of this information anytime you want because it's always on our YouTube channel, and as always thank you and bye. Bye. Good luck with your studies, bye-bye. So guys thanks for watching the Amsterdam Survival guide and next up. We have the several zoom sessions where you can learn to work in a multicultural teamwork some Dutch and speed friending. So have fun guys!

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