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All right so we are in the car on our way to. Alright. So we are in the car on our way to the, airport, flying. Out to Israel and about an hour and a half very. Excited, this is a trip. That was on my bucket list before, the opportunity, ever presented itself so very. Excited to go and see. All the holy sites and just kicking, with a lot of my favorite people, okay. We just made it to the airport and we were told that the game is about to close in ten minutes so we made. It by the skin of our teeth this, is my typical travel outside I like a hoodie. Sweatpants. You don't have to worry about a belt when you get on the plane I can just pull the hoodie up hold my hat down. All. Right say something Ariane I want to test my microphone, out. All, right just landed in Tel Aviv after. A 13. Hour flight with a two-hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany slept. A lot on the plane so I feel great. City-. Is, the theater that. They would have held different. Shows and there's hanging it. Okay, here we are at Mount Carmel, this is where our lives are called down fire from heaven. Slaughtered. 850. False. Prophets. Okay. Just got checked into our room and Tiberius and what. You're looking at here is, the. Sea of Galilee. That. Is. Where Jesus. Walked on water ladies, and gentlemen. Beautiful. View. So, just wrapping up our first, full day and, Israel. Excited. For the rest of the week we're going to spend a few nights here, in Tiberias before. Going to Jerusalem, for the rest of the trip our. Tour guide is really amazing. Guy named Tony he's been a tour guide for 51, years she, just knows everything, about the country all the history, he knows the Bible inside, and out and is really able to explain it all. Outside. It's. Like a Blood Moon right, over the sea. Huge. So. Right now we're in a town called Capernaum, this is our first stop of our second, full day here and this. Was the town that Jesus performed most of his miracles in, there's. Actually, a Peters, houses, here they were able to identify it as, where. He lived and they. Built like a church or something on top of it and there's a see-through. Floor which I'm gonna go into in a second. Oh behind. Me as the. See Tagalog still, in Capron um and, I was just talking to my friend and I was like it's, so weird being here it's like it's like, being at an amusement park except. It's real you know what I mean like it's just the craziest, feeling, the craziest, notion, and thing like this happened, you know what I mean the god of the universe.

Walked. Where I'm at right now you know the person the being that created that the, universe, and spoke it into existence was. Here you know what I mean it's just a it's, mind-blowing to be honest it it's. Just the strangest thing. You. Think the beatitudes, took place and, really, cool there's a church built on the spot. Catholic. Church and, they. Gave us about a half hour I just, kind of broke off to the side and, went. And found a quiet place where I could overlook the hill, where. You know they thought Jesus sat when. He taught and I read I read, the Beatitudes, and, it. Was awesome you know just, got. Some time alone to kind of reflect and think and, I. Was. Just kind. Of. Realizing. Like you know there's these Jewish kids his disciples, you know they were young they were mostly, I think teenagers, and you. Know they're sitting around or listening to him teach them no. Idea the significance. Of what's taking place you know what I mean and I. Don't. Know it's. Funny how you can be in the. Middle of something so. Important. And not not. Even realizing that when it's happening you know. We. Just got to the spot where they, say. Jesus fed, the 5,000, and as. You can see there's like tons of tourists everywhere it's, really wild because it's like Christians, from all over the, world. Come. To the spot and this is just probably a typical day here you know so. It's. Really neat no you don't think about it don't think about how many believers there are all over the world and. The places where. It all started. Do. You love me three times and. Then, he, says feed my sheep in. Other words what they catholic that is the. Sign that. This. Is it ladies and gentlemen. The. Most significant. Time in history. And. This is where it took place. All. Right we're about to go on a boat on the sea a galley. After. That shrimping. Was easy. I mean. I've seen miracles I've, experienced, miracles but. In times where I'm like it's. Got really gonna show up you know is. It really gonna happen like is he really gonna see me through like, the, vision that God has given me in my life, is it really going to come to class write all those down. I feel. Like it's just the, human side of articles. He's. Got Thomas shoes you. Slide back for, state local. We. Just got done walking through. The. Ruins. Of the ancient city of Dan from, about. Thirty seven hundred years ago Israelite. Kingdom you. Can see the walls here really. Cool history. Okay. So we're here at, the temple of pan which would be, in the Bible. Caesarea. Philippi, it's. The spot where Jesus took his disciples and. He. Asked them who do you say that I am and when Peter answered, them answered. Him you're the son of the Living God and, he said you know you're correct and upon, this rock I'll build my. Church and, the gates of Hell will not stand against it so we just really we, heard a really cool message about, the, meaning of all that so, this was a site of a. Temple. Where they worship, pagan god and they, used to do animal, sacrifices, and throw them into this cave I. Just. Walked by and. It's. 40 miles away from you. Know where. Jesus. And His disciples kind. Of reside it which is you know kind of a long way back then and he, brought him this, far, like. Why because, that's a pretty far distance to travel to why did he bring them here to make that statement. And. You. Know a lot of people think that he was talking about Peter when he says upon this rock I'll build my church but. With. A message that we just heard was that he was saying upon this rock meaning this place I'll build my church and the gates of Hell will not stand against it and you, know they could be used to call that pick this cave the gates of hell they would throw animals, into it into the abyss make, sacrifices, to him so he was saying like I'll build much I'm gonna go to my church on this place like. You know you think about. Like. The church or religion in general and you think about like God only wants to use good people you know he doesn't want to use. People, with the past or people that's made mistakes and you. Know Jesus, was making a statement he was like saying look upon, this place this place of. You. Know it's filthy, place a place that you. Know good Jewish boys would never obtain he's, like upon this place I'm gonna build my church and the gates of Hell won't stand against it and just kind of sends.

Sends, A message to say like God wants to use. Broken. People he wants to use people that have made mistakes and screw-ups. And you, know people, that have just done things all the wrong ways he wants to build his church on those people you. Know Howell is not going to stand against it so, I don't know for me it was just really powerful to hear that message because you. Know lots of times I've questioned myself and, thought like Who. Am I why, would God want to use me you know like considering, my, past from the things that I've done people. That he does use so I was just really powerful. Alright, I'm standing here on the banks of the Jordan River about, to get baptized, if. You don't know this is where Jesus got baptized by John the Baptist so. Pretty, cool not. Everyone on the trip is doing it but a lot, of them a lot of us are and you, know I figured like how, often do you get to but, get baptized, in the same body of water that Jesus got baptized and so I don't want to miss it. There's. Jesus right there actually. You're. Trying to get frozen. Uh-huh. That's. What the last guy said. All. Right so we're in Cana in Galilee and this is the site of the first miracle this is where Jesus change the water to wine pretty. Cool a, lot of people here a lot of tourists actually, built four churches on this site, different. Denominations. Are different whatever. Sects. Of Catholicism. I think Greek. Orthodox. Armenian. There was a couple that some others you mentioned but. This. Is basically what you know where it happened in this general vicinity so. Billy. And Ariana just renewed their vows so did a couple other married couples and we. Held a prayer shawl over their heads it's supposed to be good luck for the single people so, but. Yeah. They. Have that back-and-forth. Offensive. Stuff to them they. Take him to the. Precipice. They. Try to throw him off, and. He. Walks right through the crowd and just kind of ignores. Whatever -. Yeah. I guess this is believed to be the top of the city. No. No you walk right through the crowd. Gangster. Gangster Jesus. That's. Nazareth, down there below. Where. Jesus was from. All. Right we just stopped at the grocery store now we're at Gideon Spring about, to have a little picnic. You. Should get down and lap it like a doll remember in the story in the Bible I. Told. Brandon, get. Down I said get down and lap up the water like, a dog like they did in the bottle story note. The story where they get down on one hear the people laugh it up and after, I did it totally good I don't know. This. Is the first round of. Now. That is, what you call a Scooby Snack. Rathalu. And Fievel. Okay. It's Saturday morning we arrived in Jerusalem last, night we. Just came out to an overlook, looking, over the, city of Jerusalem you, can see behind. Me is the Dome of the rock there's. The old, city. Walls, there, it's. Really breathtaking. So. Much history here. So. Many, stories. That I've read about in the, Bible took place right. There. It's. Really wild so. Supposedly. Like. Everything. That we've experienced, so far has been the appetizer, they said Jerusalem. Is the main course so really, excited to, see. What they have for us the next five days Wow, we miss you guys dearly, but we are here in the, greatest, city in the world the center of the world in Jerusalem, right behind us is the, Temple, Mount. And. The city is a melting pot of the world the holy. City. And, so man, we love you guys we, would love for you to experience nice also and so we invite you next year to join us here in Jerusalem, we got experiences for yourself so until.

Then Love, you guys for praying for you right. Here in Jerusalem City, of God and, I will see you guys back next week but. Nobody, said. Okay. So I'm here in the garden of gethsemane, and, this. Is where jesus prayed the, night before his crucifixion and, he, said basically. To God not, my will but, yours where, they say it's what a great Chuck drops the blood. With. His disciples and, Pastor. Chris just challenged, us to kind of let me get away and pray and talk to God and you. Know put. Ourselves in a position of, surrender, if there's anything that we're hanging on to maybe isn't God's will for our lives just to kind of let it go, basically. Saying I'm all well with yours so. Just, got. Done talking. To God having a little, time, with him and. I feel, like I'm in a position of surrender you know like. But. Then again I. Have. Ideas for the way my life will work out you, know whether at the city dam or home or, my relationship status, or my finances, or just, whatever. You know Nicaragua, all these ideas that I have that I'm striving to make happen and. I'm like, hey, God load the fist isn't your plan for, me I let it go you know I won't what you want from me whatever that is so, just. Checking my heart you know seeing, if. There's anything in there that, anything. That I'm holding back from him anything that I'm trying, to make happen on my own you, know that maybe he's not wanting for me and letting. Go of any, of it you know to say hey welcome singles. Forever if, I never had money if if, I you. Know citycam doesn't become a worldwide movement, if the book never sells another copy if you know, we don't build a mission house in Nicaragua, home never opens all those things don't matter it only matters what he. Wants for me you know that's it and to. Make sure that I'm in that position and that and then ultimately be, okay with it you know which is the real challenge because. There's. Been times where. Depressed. Or. Get. Into just a crappy my. Attitude, sucks and it'll be because my expectations, aren't being met really, like. This, isn't, working out like I thought it would or when I thought it would and you. Know, putting. Myself in a position where my attitude, is, good you know where I stay positive and I stay humble. You know treat people good regardless, of the, outcome, of, all that so that's. It. Thank. You so much for watching my video on YouTube I want, to take a moment here at the end to tell you about something that is not only important to me it's, important to the world recently. I wrote a book entitled why waiting works how fast sex prevents us from finding true love and long-term happiness it. Has an average five-star, review on Amazon and, it's written so practically, that even readers that didn't agree with my stance on waiting have told me it caused them to reevaluate their lives so. If you or anyone you know a single or if you or anyone you know is in a physical, relationship and, not married I am imploring, you to pick up a copy of my book it literally will take you a maximum of four hours to read it and has the potential to change the course of your life it's. One thing to do something that you don't completely understand, it's a whole different thing to do something when you know exactly why you're doing it and that's what my book is really doing for people so, I just want to thank you in advance again, this is something that's, important, to me but it's even more important, for, the rest of the world and I could really use your help to get the message out thank, you.

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@Lil Hels you sound like the DEVIL IN DISGUISE... Islam The Natural Way... The biggest TERRORIST are USA, UK AND IT'S ALLIES, ZIONIST... CIA... FIB... MOSSAD... ONE TRUTH... ONE GOD/ALLAH...

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